by JB57

The next morning, the three lovers woke in a tangle of beautiful limbs and succulent, sweat-damp flesh. The two women were on either side of the captain, but their long, tanned legs were entwined across his body and their arms were interlaced on the captain’s barrel chest. Minerva opened her eyes, to stare directly into Darielle’s startling blue eyes. From opposite sides of the captain’s body, the two women studied each other, their mutual hostility growing with every passing moment. Minerva moved her left leg, which was overlapping Darielle’s right leg, to rub and caress the other woman’s supple flesh. Darielle stroked back with her leg. Their bare feet caressed. The women twined their fingers together and squeezed, testing their strength, locking their palms. Neither said anything, but their hearts began to pound harder. Their eyes blazed with hate.

Reynald began to stir, and the women released each other immediately. Minerva shifted her body, pushing herself up onto Reynald’s chest, her left leg slipping down between his legs. She kissed him on the side of his lips and, as he smiled with pleasure, his eyes still closed, she moved to mount his naked body. Before she could do so, however, she felt Darielle’s voluptuous body pushing tight against her own, the courtesan’s powerful right leg pushing and then tangling with her left leg between Reynald’s thighs. The dark-haired beauty had no intention of letting Minerva claim the first fuck of the morning, at least not without a contest. Darielle began gliding her powerful body up the other side of Reynald’s body, pushing her tits into the captain’s chest and side, rubbing herself against the man like a cat even as she slid up his body, going in for a kiss.

Minerva had had enough. Placing her left hand on Darielle’s shoulder, bracing herself with her right elbow, she shoved the beautiful woman as hard as she could. Darielle was not expecting the move or Minerva’s strength. She went flying, rolling away from Reynald before she could fully register what had happened. She got on her knees in a fury, prepared to rip into Minerva, prepared to fight for Reynald’s affections. But it was too late. Minerva used the momentary victory to slide her wet, hungry cunt down the length of Reynald’s hardening shaft, deeply impaling herself on the captain’s cock. She squeezed his shaft with gentle undulations of her internal muscles, teasing and caressing him, feeling him expanding to his full size and hardness while deep inside her core, his growing cock pulsing against the tight, elastic flesh of her vagina. She squeezed him harder and harder, and smiled with delight as he groaned with pleasure.

Darielle watched in a rage. She knew that dislodging Minerva from her position would be very difficult.

Minerva straddled Reynald and enjoyed the feel of his powerful spear lodged deep and tight and filling up her cunt. She worked her hips and continued massaging his manhood with her deep internal muscles. She did not want to do too much bouncing on top of him. She was afraid that Darielle might use one of her upward movements, when Reynald’s cock was not fully lodged in her pussy, as an opportunity to shove her off and take her place.

Reynald smiled and moaned. He reached up and filled his hands with Minerva’s beautiful tits. The auburn-haired beauty smiled and moaned with ecstasy. Minerva ran her fingers through her thick, luscious hair and arched her back like a cat. She placed her hands on the Captain’s chest and rocked her hips and ass gently as she squeezed and massaged his shaft vigorously. Minerva groaned with pleasure as the growing tension in her core fed the erotic sensations radiating out from her overfilled cunt.

Even as Reynald and Minerva strained together in ecstasy, Darielle considered how to make her presence felt. Reynald was caught up in the delightful pleasures of Minerva’s beautiful body. He would certainly not appreciate having his enjoyment of the auburn-haired beauty’s flesh interrupted. Darielle smiled wickedly. Quickly, she moved behind Minerva’s rocking body, as she straddled Reynald’s gently bucking form. Darielle sat on Reynald’s legs and pressed herself into Minerva’s sculpted back. Darielle pushed her magnificent tits into her rival’s back. At the same time, she slipped her hands down Minerva’s taut belly and into the thicket of her dense pubic fur. The black-haired beauty slid two fingers up into Minerva’s tight, wet slit, feeling Reynald’s thick shaft where it filled Minerva’s cunt to overflowing. Minerva’s marble-sized clit was rubbing vigorously against the top of the Captain’s cock. Darielle began rubbing and stroking her rival’s throbbing sexhorn in earnest.

Minerva moaned and cried out as her body was suddenly exposed to far more pleasure than she had expected. The coruscating ecstasy of being impaled on the Captain’s thick, hard shaft was already overwhelming. The Captain was kneading her massive tits rhythmically. Darielle’s sudden assault on her clit was almost too much for her to take. Minerva began gasping and heaving as her body’s pleasure centers became overwhelmed with the sensations being forced onto her. Minerva reached down and attempted to wrestle Darielle’s hands away from her pussy, but Darielle dug her fingers more deeply into Minerva’s twat and crushed her clit. Minerva continued to work Reynald’s shaft, knowing that Darielle was trying to drive her to an orgasm before she could satisfy her lover. Minerva reached back to try to strike at Darielle, but the beautiful courtesan freed one of her hands and grabbed Minerva’s head instead, twisting Minerva’s face around until she could lock the auburn-haired beauty into a deep, probing, violent kiss.

Reynald opened his eyes and saw Darielle and Minerva locked mouth to mouth and Darielle’s fingers inside of Minerva’s tight, wet cunt. He smiled, delighting in the mistaken belief that the women were quickly adjusting to his desire to share his bed with both of them.

“Are you enjoying each other, my beauties?” Reynald laughed. He placed his hands on Minerva’s gently rocking hips.

The women broke their angry kiss. Minerva did not retaliate; her body was too wracked with ecstatic sensations and all she could do was pant and groan in response.

Darielle wrapped her arms around Minerva’s chest and squeezed hard, then slipped her right hand down to resume stroking Minerva’s swollen clit.

“Oh yes, milord,” Darielle groaned, her beautiful face lit with a hungry smile, “we are enjoying each other so much. Minerva is so beautiful and giving…” Saying this, she attacked Minerva’s clit savagely, rubbing Minerva’s sexhorn vigorously, smiling viciously as her auburn-haired rival bucked and trembled in a struggle to keep from exploding prematurely. Minerva groaned in fury, her body on the verge of betraying her yet again in her growing war with Darielle.

Minerva panted feverishly, her beautiful face a mask of agony as she fought to control her body. She stared down into Reynald’s excited face through half-open eyes and silently cursed the Captain’s obliviousness. She and this savage bitch were fighting for him, for control of his bed and all the status and advantages that came with it, and the idiot seemed completely unaware of what was going on, of how much power he really had over both of them. In that moment, despite the incredible pleasure she was receiving from his massive, throbbing cock, Minerva despised the Captain even more than she hated her gorgeous sexual rival. Still, Minerva sensed that even if they did not have to fight for the Captain’s favor, she and Darielle would probably still hate each other. There was a primal quality to their mutual antagonism, the tension that would always exist between two beautiful, sexually voracious women trying to establish which of them was the dominant bitch.

Overwhelming pleasure built in Minerva’s core as the sensation of being rammed full of Reynald’s meat combined with Darielle’s viciously effective stimulation of her burning clit and throbbing tits. Reynald reached up and filled his rough hands with Minerva’s boobs once again and began squeezing and kneading the heavy titmeat, delight and lust shining in his eyes. Darielle used the opportunity to slide one finger up Minerva’s ass, even as she redoubled her assault on the other woman’s clit. Minerva sobbed and groaned. She undulated her deep cunt muscles up and down Reynald’s dick, desperately trying to bring him to his climax before she exploded herself. Reynald moaned and bucked so hard that he almost threw the two women sitting on him. All three of the lovers worked their bodies more frantically. Darielle could see the danger signs, she could tell Minerva was close to getting Reynald off. She bit Minerva’s shoulder; she pulled her fingers away from Minerva’s cunt only long enough to spit on her hand, then returned to the attack furiously. Reynald increased the pressure of his grasping hands on Minerva’s massive tits. He suddenly shifted his grip, reaching up to grab her shoulders and pull her closer to him. He raised his upper body and, at the same time, pulled Minerva’s magnificent right tit to his hungry mouth. The Captain licked his lover’s nipple exuberantly, then suckled hard at her swollen tit.

“Fuck, oooohhhhh…..FUUUCCCKKKK!!!!,” Minerva howled as this final delicious stimulation broke her body’s orgasmic dam. Throwing up her head, she shrieked with passion and came hard. Darielle smiled, watching with satisfaction as a hard gush of pussy juice flowed down the part of Reynald’s cock that was not disappearing up into Minerva’s thick-lipped fuckhole. The gush of liquid coated Reynald’s crotch, matting his thick pubic fur, and soaked his thighs and belly.

Darielle grabbed Minerva’s body and pulled her back, falling back off of the Captain. Minerva tried to resist, even as her body rocked and convulsed in orgasm. Her cunt squeezed and locked on the Captain’s thick dick; the man groaned with pleasure as Minerva’s cunt clamped on his burning shaft.

Darielle refused to let Minerva have the Captain’s cum. She wrapped her arms around Minerva’s waist and then placed both her feet on the bed on either side of Reynald’s writhing body. With a grunt, the black-haired courtesan literally lifted Minerva straight up and off of Reynald’s fully aroused member. Minerva separated from the Captain with an audible pop as his dick slipped free; hot juices gushed from her open hole. Darielle’s move caught Minerva, still in the throes of her passion, completely by surprise. She may have been able to tighten her cuntgrip on Reynald’s cock if she had anticipated what Darielle was about to do. But she was too shaken with the orgasmic energy rippling through her body to think strategically. Darielle fell to the side, taking Minerva with her. Minerva was momentarily stunned by the sudden separation from Reynald. Darielle threw herself across Minerva’s body and rammed her tongue down her enemy’s throat. Minerva groaned in surprised pleasure at the sudden attack. Darielle pulled free and glared down into Minerva’s face, her blue eyes blazing, her black hair wild around her gorgeous face.

“Let me show you how it’s done, bitch,” Darielle whispered savagely. She lowered her face to Minerva’s chest and licked and then sucked ravenously at Minerva’s left tit. Minerva gasped as the spike of pleasure ripped through her. Then Darielle was gone, turning quickly to Reynald.

The Captain was lying flat on his back, his cock fully engorged, still waiting for its release. Darielle grasped the massive shaft in both of her hands and began to rub and stroke it teasingly, tantalizingly, drawing groans of sheer pleasure from the prone man. The black-haired courtesan quickly descended on the throbbing cock with her mouth, covering the head, using her teeth to gently stimulate and abrade the sensitive flesh, before sucking hungrily on the thick meat. She began taking the shaft as deeply into her mouth and down her throat as she could, giving Reynald head with all of the skill of years in the brothel. However, she did not waste too much time on this tactic. Darielle did not want to risk being attacked by Minerva. Even as the auburn-haired beauty regained her bearings, Darielle grasped Reynald’s dick, raised herself up, and then lowered her ravenous pussy down onto his rock-hard spear. Reynald and Darielle groaned as one as their bodies locked together, Darielle sliding all the way down on his shaft, her soft, yielding fuckmeat swallowing Reynald’s manhood whole. In no time, the two lovers were rocking together, Darielle squeezing and working Reynald’s massive cock. She knew he was only moments away from exploding. She rested her tits on his heaving chest and rubbed furiously, grinding her hard nipples into his pectoral muscles, even as she worked her hips and ass. Reynald filled his large hands with her clenching, pumping ass. With a cry of pure pleasure, Reynald came in an explosion of passion. As Minerva watched, Reynald bucked high and hard, but Darielle was wrapped around his body like a snake, her own body thrashing and grinding against the man’s with absolute passion. Darielle turned her beautiful face, which was delirious with pleasure, towards Minerva.

Darielle and Minerva locked eyes. The black-haired courtesan smiled viciously and triumphantly as she rode the Captain through his volcanic eruption.

Minerva raged in silent fury. It was only with superhuman self-control that she resisted throwing herself at Darielle in blind hatred and trying to tear the other woman apart. As Minerva watched, Reynald rolled Darielle over onto her back, their bodies still sealed together, and kissed her passionately. Darielle threw herself into the kiss, her own pleasure not yet satisfied. Minerva saw her opportunity to get back at her enemy.

Quickly, she threw her body onto the other two lovers, rubbing her breasts into Reynald’s arm, drawing the Captain’s head around and locking him into a delicious kiss. Reynald turned to Minerva and, with a bit of effort, she was able to insert her body between the Captain’s muscular mass and Darielle’s voluptuous flesh. The three lovers rolled about on the bed, a twining, sweaty mass of interconnected, grasping, gasping flesh. Minerva succeeded in getting Reynald’s cock to pop out of Darielle’s hot body. She fell on the Captain’s shaft and was soon sucking and swallowing as much of the thick, rigid meat as she could. Darielle joined her and soon the two women were sharing the task of giving their Captain the most spectacular blow job he had never enjoyed, even as they fought for possession of his dick. When he finally erupted, nearly screaming in release, the women fought for the right to claim his cum. They were both left messy and sloppy from his discharge.

Reynald gasped with exhaustion. The two women collapsed on either side of him. All three lovers were panting furiously. Reynald wrapped an arm around each woman and squeezed a tit on each of them roughly. He could barely move in the immediate aftermath of his orgasm, but his strength slowly returned. As much as he wanted to stay and continue to enjoy the affections of these two magnificent women, he knew that he had duties that could not wait any longer. With great reluctance, he called an end to the morning’s lovemaking.

“I am sorry, my beauties,”he said. “I need to leave and begin the day. But we will resume tonight where we left off this morning.” He smiled, his expression a little dazed. Even a man like the Captain did not often enjoy this kind of erotic attention from two such incredible women.

“Darielle,” Reynald said, “Minerva will show you where to clean up. If you have questions, talk to her. I am sure she will be happy to help you settle in. In the meantime, I am sure that she will be happy to give you a robe and any other assistance you’ll need to get to your cabin.”

The women smiled at the Captain. Minerva was boiling with rage. But she had no choice but to conceal her anger.

“Of course, Milord,” she replied. “I will be happy to help Darielle settle in.”

Minerva and Darielle crawled off of the Captain’s bed. Minerva picked her robe up off the floor and slid into it gracefully. As she watched, Darielle gathered up some scraps of clothing that were strewn about the room. Minerva realized, with a flash of rage, that the clothing was the outfit she had lent to her enemy the day before.

Taking their leave of the Captain, both women kissing him passionately in turn, the two mistresses left his cabin through the door to Minerva’s cabin. The moment they were in the privacy of Minerva’s room, the two beautiful women dropped all pretense.

Minerva’s tits trembled inside her robe as she spun around to face her enemy. “You fucking whore,” Minerva snarled, her beautiful face contorted in rage.

“Cunt,” Darielle shot back. The black-haired beauty was every bit as furious as Minerva. The fact that Minerva had kept her from her own orgasm was eating at her, as she struggled with the intense frustration of being powerfully sexually aroused with no release.

With a snarl, Darielle’s right hand lashed out and caught Minerva solidly on her left cheek. Minerva gasped and fell back, her robe falling open and her breasts spilling out. Darielle threw aside the scraps of cloth she was holding and threw herself at her redheaded enemy. Minerva and Darielle sank their finger deep into the other woman’s hair and began pulling viciously, even as they held each other at arms’ length. They growled and snarled and spit at each other, but they both resisted shrieking with the rage and pain that they felt; neither woman wanted to alert Reynald to what was happening in the next cabin. After staggering around the room for a few minutes, Minerva and Darielle shoved each other away. Panting, Minerva stripped off her gown and stood nude, waiting for the next attack.

Crouching, hands opening and closing, heavy tits falling and jiggling deliciously on their chests, the two women confronted each other, murderous rage shining in their eyes. They examined each other’s beautiful bodies with a critical eye, each woman looking for flaws and weaknesses in the other that she could exploit and attack. The women examined each other’s massive tits, their narrow waists and curving hips, their long, powerful, perfect legs. Minerva and Darielle sneered angrily at the other woman’s perfect cunt, the thick pubic fur, the juicy cuntlips. To the frustration of both, they realized they were equally beautiful and voluptuous. The only advantage that one would have over the other would be her skill in bed, a skill that could only be tested in intimate combat.

Both women were shining with sweat and sexual secretions. Spots of the Captain’s cum dotted their flesh. Snarling with hate, Minerva and Darielle hurled themselves at each other, prepared to unleash their full sexual fury on each other. Their naked bodies came slapping together. They twined their arms around each other, crushed their massive tits tight to each other, and struggled savagely, each trying to control and overwhelm the other. Their long, powerful legs tangled and twisted together, muscles straining. Darielle and Minerva pressed their faces close, nose to nose, and snarled at each other in fury. Only a fear of escalating their battle into dangerous extremes prevented the women from biting at each other’s beautiful faces.

They cursed and gasped at each other as they tightened their grips, each woman trying to overpower the other. Minerva was amazed that the courtesan was as strong as she was; she could not imagine why a whore like Darielle should be so strong. But a part of her was delighted in the challenge. She intended to destroy Darielle and she did not want it to be an easy fight. Minerva felt Darielle’s claws sinking into her back and buttocks. She immediately returned the grip, her strong nails indenting Darielle’s firm ass.

At that moment, there was a knocking at the door linking Reynald’s cabin to Minerva’s.

“Minerva,” Reynald called out. “Don’t forget my love, I need you to help me with the delegation of dignitaries arriving this morning. They will be here soon, so please hurry.”

“Yes, my Captain,” Minerva replied in her sweetest voice. “I just need to clean up and then I will join you.”

Darielle and Minerva stood frozen for a few moments, giving the Captain time to move away from the door.

“We will settle this later,” Minerva hissed. “for now, get out of my room, you fucking whore.”

“Bitch,” Darielle shot back. But the dark-haired courtesan knew that now was not the time to take on Minerva. “You were lucky just now. But I am going to get you alone sometime soon, where there will be no interruptions. Then, I am going to fuck your clit out of your ass. I’m going to milk your tits until they are empty little bags. I’m going to destroy every part of your body, starting with your filthy cunt. Reynald is never going to look at you again once I am finished with you.”

“You cuntlicking slut,” Minerva growled. “I’m going to destroy you and every inch of you with my body.”

The women pushed close until they were almost nose-to-nose. They glared intently into each other’s eyes, drinking in each other’s beautiful face. They panted at each other with a growing lust. Darielle felt the unsatisfied heat in her body flare to new levels of arousal. Minerva felt an answering tension in her cunt and tits.

With a snarl, Darielle pulled back. She reached down to the floor and picked up Minerva’s gown where the auburn-haired beauty had dropped it. Darielle slid into the gossamer garment. It left nothing to the imagination; her thick nipples were fully visible under the sheer cloth. Nonetheless, it was enough. Turning on her heel, the black-haired beauty walked, barefoot, to the door of Minerva’s cabin. Just before she left she turned back to exchange one final glare of hate and lust with her beautiful rival.

“We will find time to be alone together very soon, Minerva,”she promised. “Then, I will show you what I have learned after 10 years in a brothel.” She smiled savagely, then left the cabin, closing the door gently behind her.

Minerva trembled, her naked body feverish with desire, shaking with adrenaline. She felt a touch of fear at the courtesan’s threat. There was no question in her mind about her own skills and natural abilities as a lover. But Minerva had not spent 10 years in a whorehouse, refining her sexual powers, training her sexual organs and her body to give and receive pleasure in all of its forms. She did not know if she was capable of defeating Darielle in an all-out sex war. But she knew that she would soon find out. She and Darielle had to determine which of them was the dominant mistress, the Alpha bitch.

Minerva entered the small washroom just off her main cabin and began to wash herself, careful to clean up all the signs of lovemaking. She gave herself a thorough sponge bath, then put on some delicate perfume. She brushed out her hair and then selected a revealing jeweled halter top and a long dress with a thigh-high slit which left both her long legs exposed and flashing as she walked. Part of her duty as the captain’s mistress was to meet and greet his guests. But now she started to wonder how long she would continue to have this responsibility.

She pushed these thoughts out of her mind, dressed herself quickly, and then examined herself in her full-length mirror. She saw a fantastically beautiful and voluptuous and desirable woman, whose sexual assets were on full display. But doubts about herself and her power as a woman continued to gnaw at her mind.

Darielle had to be confronted and stopped. And soon. With a final grim nod at her image in the mirror, Minerva left her room to assume her duties.

To be continued