LOCKUP by A. Penman

Janet looked down at her moist, swollen pussy lips. Try as she might, she couldn’t recall ever being this aroused; this eager to fuck. The anticipation was almost unbearable. She then reached up with her hands in order to soothe her magnificent breasts. In them, she could feel soreness from a long, crushing duel with a pair of breasts that were easily their match. But the pain in her battle worn orbs was slowly giving way to renewed sexual excitement. Her entire body could now sense rekindled arousal emanating from her thick, saturated pussy.

The busty redhead and her lovely rival, a buxom brunette beauty named Paige, had decided to finally have it out in private. They had spent the better part of the afternoon in a motel on Lake Shore Drive in a small town north of the city. In order to keep the damage to a minimum, they decided that a body to body match would be best. It was, after all, what both of them truly craved. The much anticipated battle between their evenly matched breasts had been long and arduous. But it was also very sexually stimulating. She felt that her tits stood up to her rival’s fulsome breasts quite well. Now, for Janet, the real trial by fire was about to begin.

The need for this flesh on flesh body confrontation had been determined the day they got into a brief but sexy tussle at the health club. But even before this minor scuffle, when they first started noticing each other, there was heat between them in their body language and occasionally in their words. It had been building, gradually.

The exclusive club was for women only, and there was more than a bit of cattiness to be found there. Although it was mostly kept in check, it was quite noticeable in the open showers. In them, at any given point in the day under cascading waters, dozens of gorgeous naked women could lather, rinse and openly compare toned and voluptuous bodies with each other. It was almost a ritual.

But on that day, Janet and Paige could not contain themselves any longer. No one knew what set it off, but suddenly the two voluptuous beauties were rolling around on the mat in the main exercise room in their skintight leotards, with their bodies pressed together, squaring off with tits and bellies with their muscular, smooth legs entwined, cursing and screaming at each other. It was the physical manifestation of a couple of months of building friction between the two women. With their fiery eyes locked, the two women grunted and groaned, hurling vituperations at each other. They even threw in a bit of hair pulling for show. That prescient encounter set the tone for what would follow between these two gorgeous young women with strikingly similar bodies.

During the tussle there was some crotch bumping. It was subtle, but it was telling. The skirmish lasted only a few minutes before the two women were separated by the staff and some of the other members. It was over for the moment, but they both realized that this was much deeper. A mutually satisfying resolution could only come with a private, woman to woman showdown.

Interestingly, a number of the women were disappointed when the fight was stopped. Several of them actually became aroused by the sight of two such sexy women physically entangled in such an erotic manner.

“Now that was hot!” A blonde named Paula expressed.

“You know what I think? It would’ve been even hotter if they were both naked.” Stated Callie, a hot brunette.

“Oh my god yes!” Her sister Kimberly agreed.

Indeed, almost all of the witnesses agreed that the brief battle seemed to have more sexual tension than actual anger. And, without exception, both the staff and the other club members agreed that they would have preferred to see these two beautiful women fight it out skin to skin. It would have been so much more sexually exciting.

With visions of the two women rolling around on the mat together in such a heated body lock still fresh in their minds, a number of them went home that night and pleasured themselves. Next day, by the water cooler, several of them met to talk about Paige and Janet’s sexy roll-around.

It was this encounter that set the tone and ground rules for this private meeting between the two sexy rivals. They too had compared bodies in the club showers. And even though they didn’t like each other very much, neither of them could deny the other’s extraordinary attributes.

That night, after the exercise room cat fight, they showered across from each other once again. The two women lathered and rinsed themselves, caressing their own bodies in unspoken taunts as they exchanged looks of hate mixed with lust, each of them recalling the sensations of having gone body to body just moments earlier. No, this definitely was not over, they both thought to themselves.

They resisted the strong temptation to go at it again in the shower because they weren’t alone. But as the two women glared at each other, their voluptuous bodies silently agreed to meet again. Afterwards, Paige approached Janet in the locker room.

“If you’d like to finish this in private Janet, I’m more than willing.” Paige offered, dulcet toned and dusky voiced.

“I’d love to meet with you privately, Paige.” Janet replied, matching Paige’s sexy tone. “But only on the condition that nothing comes between us.” She added.

“Meaning?” Paige felt her loins tingle over what she hoped Janet was suggesting.

“Meaning only if you’re willing to finish this in the nude, Woman to woman. I have a feeling that’s what we both want anyway.”

“You’re absolutely right, Janet. Listen, your body is hot. But so is mine. So yes, I’ll love to lock up in the nude with you anytime.”

“Excellent Paige. Let’s do it soon.”

“You’re right. It’s best to meet while our bodies are still so impassioned. Is tomorrow good for you, Janet?”

“I can’t wait to tangle with you, Paige.”

Still quite aroused, they agreed to meet the following night. They also agreed to meet on neutral turf so that neither would have a home bed advantage. Janet stipulated an out of town location for secrecy and privacy. Page suggested the “Lakeside Motel” in the next small town to the north, about thirty minutes north of the city. Janet agreed.

Now, for nearly two hours, Janet and Paige battled. With their mouths sealed together and their tongues entwined, they rolled around with their nude bodies pressed firmly together in this physical/sexual assignation that they had been building up to for months.

For nearly two hours, the highly anticipated battle of breasts raged on. Paige used her tits skillfully against Janet’s wondrous breasts. She’d longed for this tit to tit match up with the gorgeous redhead. Now their breasts were fully engaged. Paige was delighted with the fullness of Janet’s breasts, and what a great match they were for her tits. The four large globes of female tit flesh crushed and rolled into each other. Stately, erect nipples fenced at length, causing both women to thrill in this sexual bond.

Then each impassioned nipple would bury itself deep into soft tit flesh for several minutes before reconnecting in their intense duel. Firm yet smooth bellies, the happy result of many months of exercise, were finally slapping, pressing and rubbing together in yet another highly anticipated encounter. It was now acutely apparent how much these two beauties wanted and needed this nude body confrontation. Both women gladly opened their thighs to each other, in order to bring together their overheated crotches.

Bumping and grinding, alternately hard and then soft, each woman proudly giving her best body to body fuck stroke to the other, hoping to bring forth an orgasm as their wet, meaty pussy lips rubbed together. Janet was in a state of sexual bliss she’d never known before. Paige wondered if she had found her perfect fuck match. Both women were in a state of fleshly ecstasy.

The two evenly matched, locked bodies glistened with sweat as they continued to roll around on the large bed. But there was no letup and no clear victor. Finally, both women agreed that the ultimate duel was necessary.

“Are you read to settle this, pussy to pussy?” Paige asked.

“Let’s get it on!” Janet replied.

After stopping for a mutual pee break and some revitalizing energy drinks, the two combatants slowly clambered back into the king sized bed. While getting into position, they assessed each other for signs of fatigue and/or weakness. Nothing was apparent to either woman. Paige was excited to see how well endowed Janet was. This promised to be a great match-up, as Paige herself was quite well endowed. Both women found the evenness of their pussies very exciting. Both women were justifiably proud of their luxuriously appointed female genitalia. Their fulsome labia gave promise of a meaty, succulent battle.

Now, as they slowly scissored their long, shapely legs, they both thrilled at the feel of their naked thighs sliding into each other.

Janet briefly recalled a few female friends who had told her of the unimaginable pleasures of this type of womanly confrontation. As recently as a couple of weeks ago her friend Antoinette had asked her if she had ever”rubbed” with another woman. Slightly embarrassed, Janet said no. But then, on the condition of strict secrecy, she admitted that she had often fantasized about it. She confessed to wondering how her pussy might fare in a sexual lockup with another woman’s cunt. But she never acted upon it for fear of the labels that are often attached to such trysts.

Antoinette honored Janet’s wishes and said nothing to anyone. But she did suggest that if she was curious, she should stop worrying what others might think and just go for it.

“Paige is dying to lock up with you. I can tell. I’ve seen the way you two check each other out in the showers.” Antoinette revealed. Then she said something that touched Janet deeply.

“Look, don’t concern yourself with labels. All you can be is who you are. That was a hard one for me to get over too. Then I met Brenda, and all that changed. Life’s too short not to satisfy all of your curiosities.” Antoinette said, sagely.

Those words ran through her mind now, as she scooted along the bed to meet her sexy rival, about to engage in her very first pussy battle.

She was about to find out how much of a woman she really was. The resolution to her long repressed desires and the answers to all of her most intimate questions lie wet, willing and eager between the silky thighs of the delicious brunette she now faced. It would all come to a head when the lips of their naked cunts met in first full contact. Paige’s luscious cunt would teach her all she needed to know about herself and her desires.

“I’ve wanted this to happen for some time. Even before we got into it at the club yesterday. But our sexy scuffle convinced me.” Paige reminded Janet. “And then afterwards, in the shower, I had all I could do to keep from jumping you. I wanted to lock up with you, body to body. I wanted our pussies to tangle right then and there.” Paige continued.

“Facing you in the shower afterwards was difficult for me too, but I’m glad we waited.” Janet replied.

She then reached out with her hand. Paige took her hand and compressed her palm tightly to Janet’s palm. The two lust crazed women looked into each other’s eyes as they pushed their hips forward. And then...SQUISH!!!

Janet’s lungs took in a sharp, audible gasp. Shock waves of pleasure rippled from the epicenter of the two heated cunts up both women’s bodies. Janet closed her eyes and absorbed the new sensations as her luscious pussy lips opened up to the wet kiss of another woman’s cunt.

Squish! Smack! Slurp! Sloosh! These became the only sounds she heard as the two sets of opulent labia mated deeply, both outer and inner lips sucking together. Janet had to admire the obvious skill with which Paige sealed off their two hungry cunts. It was like her cunt could not escape, even if it wanted to.

At this point, she thought to herself that this was Paige’s show. She wondered once again if her pussy could handle Paige’s highly skilled pussy. But she quickly realized that because this felt so fucking incredible, and because the heat between the two cunts was so ardent, that this wasn’t really about winning or loosing for her. It was about fulfilling her long latent desire to experience for herself a cunt to cunt sexual encounter. It was also about two cunts that had long been on a collision course, finally colliding. It was about fate, about karma, about inevitability neatly wrapped in carnal lust.

So, she laid back and absorbed the prurient thrill of two pussies fucking softly but emphatically. Fucking came naturally to her, but this was another level of carnality altogether. There would be much sensual lotus eating here.

There was also a wealth of knowledge and experience to be gained here. Paige would be a good teacher. She could provide her with the skill set needed, should she decide to immerse herself in the world of sensual female fucking and fighting; a world that she was beginning to discover, was frequented by oodles of beautiful women. Hell, maybe Antoinette would be willing to lockup with her. That would be nice, since Toni had such a great body. Wow...Janet thought. Body to body with Toni. Now that would be hot! But then again, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea since Brenda was working on her black belt in Judo and would, no doubt, twist her up into a pretzel if she fucked Antoinette. It was a nice fantasy, however.

Janet struggled to keep up initially, but she gradually found her own rhythm, stroke and style. The more she began to take initiative, the more Paige moaned. She reasoned to herself that she must have been doing something right.

Flat on their backs, they rubbed their cunts into each other for about twenty minutes. Paige’s sumptuous cunt was invading her own swollen pudenda, locking up gently and aggressively with her thick labia, sucking her inexperienced cunt into a moist battle that fused Janet’s full labia inexorably with hers, sealing them into a kiss of prurient fire and satisfying her long suppressed desire to experience this most intimate form of sexual bonding that could only be shared by two women. It was a rush like none she’d ever experienced. It was both at once pristine and filthy, heavenly and incredibly sinful. It was more profound than she ever imagined. The nexus of a universe of sexual pleasure was at the juncture of the two tightly fused pussies. What the other girls had told her was true. Sweet Jesus, it was TRUE! Janet never wanted their pussies to separate. She wanted to fuck this cunt with her cunt all night long. She wondered if she had the stamina or control for such a monumental endeavor. But whatever was going to happen was going to happen. She no longer cared to worry herself with details. She just wanted to fuck, for as long as humanly possible.

The two women now rose to their elbows to assess each other. They rotated their pelvises, grinding deeply into each other.

“You’re going down, bitch.” Paige taunted, glaring at Janet.

But Janet knew that Paige wasn’t in as much control as she pretended to be. “Bring it, you slut!” Janet responded. And with each passing moment, her confidence grew.

They then dug in deeper, moaning simultaneously. Each woman was steeped the lascivious sensations of the two locked cunts.

“I think you’re enjoying this just a little too much, Janet.”

“You’re absolutely right Paige. It’s more incredible than I ever imagined!”

Paige paused. Then it dawned on her. “Wait a minute! Is this your first...?”

“Yes, it is.” Janet interrupted.

“I’m almost flattered.”

“You should be, Paige. How often do you get to lock up with a pussy as hot as mine?”

“Like I said, rookie. You’re going down!”

“And like I said, slut. Bring it!”

“Careful what you ask for, bitch.” Paige retorted.

Paige felt a renewed surge of sexual potency. Janet was virgin fruit, ripe and waiting to be picked. She then tried to take advantage of Janet’s inexperience. Paige summoned all her skills. She opened up the redhead’s pussy with her own, and then skillfully guided her engorged clitoris deep into the folds of Janet’s pussy.

Janet’s entire body shuddered at this intimate invasion. In response, her own equally impressive, equally engorged clitoris rose to the challenge.

“Oh god!!!” Janet moaned. Her body quivered involuntarily as she experienced yet another new, thrilling sensation. She could feel her clitoris willingly engage with Paige’s strong, powerful clit as though it was defending its “turf,” eager do sexual battle deep within the confines of the two fully sucked together vaginas. The fiery redhead groaned deeply in her chest as the two sex horns met fully. She now knew that the war was fully declared; that she was irrevocably locked in cunt to cunt sexual combat with her rival.

Paige grinned as she realized she had taken Janet by surprise, and then was wowed by Janet’s avid response. Janet’s clit was as large as her own. Paige had hoped that her seasoned clit would easily dominate Janet’s. But the redhead was proving to be quite formidable. This was still her show, but it was going to be a legitimate battle. She was quite impressed with the fullness Janet’s labia, and the responsiveness of her wonderful clitoris, but she truly intended to fuck this inexperienced cunt into submission; to fuck it to other-worldly levels of ecstasy with her own lush cunt lips and fully aroused clitoris. Janet would be easy prey for her. It would be nice to actually win one of these matches for a change, Paige thought to herself, as she felt her cunt meat being sucked deep into the folds of Janet’s pussy. Oh my goodness! This woman’s pussy was hot to trot! The enthusiasm with which Janet’s cunt locked up with hers turned Paige on like never before. It became apparent that she had better concentrate, or she could get surprised by this hot redhead and get sucked into her own cosmic vortex of orgasmic ecstasy.

Determined, Paige moved her luxurious cunt, working it thoroughly into the succulent meat of Janet’s pudenda. Both sets of outer and inner labia were now so tightly sealed that a kind of vacuum had been created. Inside this mating of cunts, two proud female warriors were joined irrevocably in a fight to the finish. Two fully erect clitorises were sliding together, front to front and side to side in an encounter that would eventually force one woman over that precarious edge.

But with every move Paige made, Janet responded with perspicacity. Her pussy responded eagerly to the onslaught of Paige’s more experienced cunt, learning with every move. First she would mimic Paige’s moves. Then, as she got the hang of it, she began to create moves of her own. Each new move shocked and thrilled Paige. Janet was obviously a quick study. Obviously very creative and skilled.

The pussy on pussy clash was now almost forty-five minutes long. Still the two beautiful pussies battled relentlessly. Paige marveled at Janet’s stamina and ability to quickly grasp the intricacies of vulva to vulva, locked sexual combat. No matter how she tried, no matter how diligently she applied the techniques she’d learned in many contests, Paige could not push Janet over the edge. Indeed, Paige now felt her nipples hardening and her body tensing up in a pre-orgasmic state.

How could this be happening? She closed her eyes and concentrated hard. She could feel the fleshy lips of her cunt being dominated and sucked deeply into the thick, sopping folds of Janet’s amazing cunt. She couldn’t believe it! There was a distinct possibility that she could, once again, loose a fuckfight. She battled intensely, trying hard not to succumb to the pleasure the redhead’s cunt was laying on hers with every delicious stroke. But the orgasm would not be denied for much longer. It felt like the two pussies were locked in a death grip, and only one would survive. It was a cunt fuck like none she’d ever known.

Paige had gone up against (and lost to) some impressive women. But never had she been overwhelmed by an inexperienced woman. She reasoned that it HAD to be the almost unbearable anticipation she felt about locking up with this gorgeous, big busted redhead. The inevitability of this fuck had been slowly building in their loins for months. Was it the realization of a long standing fantasy? Or had she had seriously underestimated Janet? Or was Janet was just that good?

Whatever the reason, Paige was now losing control of a battle that she thought she would easily win. She was loosing her grip and was rapidly approaching what she knew would be an orgasm of epic proportions.

“Oh damn!!!” Paige groaned.

“Are you ready to cum, Paige?”

“I don’t think I can control it any longer.” Paige admitted without shame. “Janet, your cunt is so fucking amazing! I’m about to explode!” Paige panted.

“I’m ready too. Let’s cum together.”

Janet’s selfless offer surprised Paige. “It’ll be a draw. No winner, Janet.”

“Then we’ll just have to fuck some more. If you think you can handle more.”

“You are one hot bitch, Janet. But I can handle all you’ve got.” Paige said, through her heaving chest.

“Sit up, Paige. I want our tits to be together when we cum.”

Paige responded eagerly to Janet’s demand. It was the redhead’s show now. Both sex hungry women sat up and wrapped their arms around each other. Their breasts met and crushed together once again, battling with renewed intensity and pleasuring each other all at once. Smooth abs met once again, pressing tightly. They renewed a passionate kiss. Groaning into Paige’s mouth, Janet knew she was locked in the most incredible sexual embrace of her life. She mashed and rolled her massive tits into Paige’s full breasts. Paige’s tits responded passionately as the furious sexual challenge of the two overheated pussies raged on. The two cunts fucked and fucked. Both women had long ago passed what they thought was the limit of their sexual endurance and stamina.

And then...

Both women screamed. Each could feel warm cum from the other, shooting into her cunt. The slow grind of their cunts continued through the mutual orgasm.

“Oh fuckkk!!! Janet said, raspy voiced.

“I’ve never been fucked like this. Oh, Janet, will you stay and fuck with me all night?”

“I believe I said that I would.” Janet said, smiling at Paige.

“You were rather generous in allowing a draw. You had me beat.”

“Then shouldn’t we fuck to a decision?” Janet asked, softly grinding her cunt into Paige’s pussy. “I don’t want this to end yet. I’ve got more stamina and cum, if you’re up to it Paige. And, if you don’t mind loosing to a rookie.” Janet taunted.

“Well now. Bitch gettin’ all confident, and copping an attitude. Don’t get too cocky. I’ll fuck that hot cunt of yours into the next dimension.” Paige threatened.

“Well then, let’s do it.” Janet said.

“You are SO on!”

Both women eagerly accepted each other’s challenge, as they fell onto their backs. They lovingly took hold of each other’s right leg and pulled, forcing both cunts into a fusion of flesh that would keep them locked up long into the night. Cunt to cunt and clit to clit they battled. Cunt to cunt and clit to clit they fucked. The pleasure was excruciating. In the morning they woke up in each other’s arms.

“Who won?” A sleepy Janet asked.

“I did, of course!” Paige lied.

“You, dear Paige, are full of it.”

“You’re right, Janet. I have no idea who won.”

“Then, shouldn’t we continue.” Janet suggested, feeling horny once again.

“Bitch, are you crazy?”

“Crazy with lust!” Janet said, mounting her buxom brunette friend once again, crushing her tits into Paige’s, molding her body to Paige’s willing form, feeling their eager bodies respond heatedly to each other once again. A heated kiss broke off. Paige then reached for the phone.

“Front desk. How can I help you?” Came the soft female voice on the other end.

Paige recalled the woman from her check in. She was an attractive blonde woman in her late twenties, with flaxen hair, beautiful teeth and smile and icy blue eyes that were most seductive. Paige couldn’t help noticing the woman’s full breasts and observing that they were easily a match for hers. She was hot, for sure. Paige couldn’t help wondering if she was into the girl/girl scene. She seemed to cast a few sexy glances at her. When Paige leaned over to sign the credit card slip, she thought the beautiful blonde might have been assessing her tits.

“Yes, I’m looking for a couple local restaurant recommendations. Also, my friend and I are having such a great time that we’d like to stay for the weekend. That’s if the room isn’t already reserved.”

“No ma’am it’s available. You’re welcomed to stay. You can stop by the office any time and I’ll run your credit card through the machine. And while you’re here, you can also check out the book of menus from all the local restaurants.” Said the desk clerk.

“Wonderful. I’ll see you in about an hour.”

“It’ll be my pleasure, ma’am. And I’m glad that you and your friend will be staying with us for a couple more days.” The gorgeous desk clerk responded, and then hung up.

Paige felt a subtle signal from the girl at the desk. Some other time, she thought.

“The entire weekend? Now who’s crazy?” Janet asked.

Paige smiled a devious smile, then log rolled Janet and matched her body fully to the redhead’s soft naked flesh. She then opened Janet’s legs and angled her aroused cunt into the thick lips of Janet’s receptive pussy. She felt Janet’s fingernails dig into her ass and squeeze. Both women grunted as their cunts softly slid together in a fuck stroke. Their mouths opened up to each other and tongues wrestled.

It was on...again.