Beth and Yumi have been lovers for 2 years. They lived together in their own house near the lake. Although Beth was Chinese and Yumi was Japanese, their appearances were almost identical - both were 22, 5'6, had slightly tanned skin, dark brown eyes, straight black hair down to their shoulder blades, and slim, beautiful bodies. The only differences were that Beth had 36C breasts, while Yumi has 35C breasts, and Yumi had slightly rounder, wider hips. People always mistook them for sisters, and they were okay with.

On a Friday afternoon, the girls were in the kitchen preparing the desserts for the party they were giving the next day. Delicious sweets and many ingredients were scattered all over the side and centre counters. There was jell, chocolate pudding, cream, icing, milk, flour, oils, sugar, cookies, and tons of other things. Although they enjoyed baking and making desserts, both Beth and Yumi were getting quite frustrated and impatient because their progress was very slow. Finally, at around 6:00 p.m., their patience ran out. Apparently, they were both working on the cake when only one was supposed to be going that and the other was supposed to be working on the cupcakes.

“What the hell are you doing, Yumi?! You’re supposed to be making the cupcakes,” Beth started.

“What on earth do you mean? I thought it was clear that I’m supposed to bake the cake. You’re supposed to make the cupcakes! I guess this shows how you never listen to anything I say,” Yumi replied angrily.

“Well, that’s because you never have anything interesting to say! And, I think your brain’s up your ass. I’m baking the cake, so you stop wasting time and start making the cupcakes,” Beth shot back.

“Screw you! After all these hours, and now you expect me to stop what I’m supposed to be doing and do what you’re supposed to be doing?! No friggin’ way, bitch!” Yumi screamed.

“Well, fuck you, bitch! You’re a bimbo just like when I met you!” Beth yelled.

“Fuck me? You wish! You can’t fuck even if your life depended on it! I can’t believe I’m actually living with you!” exclaimed Yumi.

“Well, I wish I never met you, cunt!” Beth screamed.

“Well, I wish you were never born. You’re a waste of flesh and air!” Yumi shot back.

Well, neither girl could take any more of this verbal warfare. They quickly undressed to just bra and panties and then, with loud screams, jumped at each other, latching onto each other’s hair. They spun around the kitchen shaking each other’s head and ripping patches of hair out by the roots. While they were doing this, they bumped into the cakes they were working on and the cakes splattered to the floor. Both girls screamed in rage at seeing their work destroyed. Yumi let go on Beth’s hair and, grabbing on of the bowls on the counter, dumped chocolate pudding all over Beth. Beth retaliated by dumping milk onto Yumi. This food fight continued as the girls threw anything they could get their hands on at each other. In a few minutes, the girls and the kitchen were covered with food from jell to flour. Now the girls were really upset. Not only would they have to make all the desserts again, they would have to clean up the mess they made, and neither wanted to do that. Not wanting to further ruin their already stained bra and panties, they removed them, and then faced each other completely nude. They circled each other a few times and then, as if a bell had sounded, they jumped at each other and slammed into a mutual bear hug. They gritted their teeth as their breasts mashed together, their stiff, hard nipples digging into the soft tit flesh. Suddenly, Yumi slipped on some jell and the girls crashed to the floor in a heap of limbs. They quickly revived from the shock and then grabbed a handful of each other’s hair. Then, they began rolling around the slippery floor.

First, Beth was on top, and then Yumi, then Beth, then Yumi, on and on until they stopped at a cupboard with Beth on top. She sat on Yumi’s stomach and then grabbed two handfuls of Yumi’s breasts. Yumi screamed and moaned in agony as Beth twisted her tits from side to side and up and down. Then, Beth pinched and pulled Yumi’s nipples, trying to rip them off. Yumi’s screams became more and more desperate as time passed and her tits were being tortured incessantly. In desperation, she picked up a hard chocolate chip cookie and smashed it into Beth’s face. Beth screamed as some pieces got into her eyes. While Beth was interrupted, Yumi practically threw her off into the cupboard and then jumped onto her and smashed her ass over and over again on Beth’s breasts. Beth had the air knocked out of her continuously and Yumi bounced up and down on her tits. But, because of all the food and grease on Beth’s body, Yumi soon slid down until her pussy was over Beth’s face. Beth saw an opportunity and sank her teeth into Yumi’s cunt. Yumi’s eyes immediately filled with tears and she fell to her side crying and holding her crotch.

But before Beth could get on top of her, Yumi grabbed a handful of Beth’s pussy hair and yanked them out hard. Beth screamed and crashed to the floor in pain. They lay where they were for several minutes and then began full-scale attacks on each other’s pussy - ripping out hair, pinching clits, scratching inner pussy walls, pulling and tearing pussy lips. But, this did not last long, for in only 10 minutes, both girls were lying on the ground and crying uncontrollably. Of course, neither was willing to give up. They began to wrestle on the floor, slipping and sliding all over the kitchen as they slowly rolled over each other. Soon, they regained some of their strength and the wrestling became violent as they added bites, punches, slaps, kicks, scratches, breast mauling, and cunt tearing to their attacks. Each girl screamed, moaned, screeched, cursed, and cried at every new attack, but neither would give in. After about a half an hour of this, they found themselves whimpering in front of the fridge.

They had scratches, bruises, and bite marks all over their bodies, especially on their breasts, faces, necks, pussies, and asses. Then, a plan developed in Beth’s mind as they rested. As Yumi was observing a deep scratch on her tit, Beth quietly opened the fridge and took out a large cucumber. Then, with a loud cry, she jumped onto Yumi and slammed the cucumber as hard as she could up Yumi’s ass. Yumi’s eyes widened and then began watering from the deep and forceful penetration. Beth smiled as she slid the cucumber in and out of Yumi’s ass while Yumi just laid there and cried. Luckily for Yumi, she was close enough to the fridge to reach inside. As Beth became more and more confidant of winning, Yumi grabbed a zucchini and, before Beth could realize what was going on, Yumi stuffed it into Beth’s pussy. Now it was Beth’s turn to moan and cry. The girls continued to ram the vegetables in and out of each other as they cries grew louder. After several minutes, though, the cries turned slowly into moans of pleasure and then, suddenly, both girls came hard, their bodies shaking with each wave of pleasure. When their orgasms finally subsided, they slumped to the ground breathing hard.

“So, you want a sexfight, huh bitch?” said Beth.

“Yeah, that’s it. I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t move anymore,” Yumi replied.

“Ha! You couldn’t do it in bed and you won’t be able to do it now. Honey, when I’m done with you, you’ll be begging me for more!” Beth shot back.

“Well, why don’t we lock up woman-to-woman and see who’s the best - scissor style?” Yumi offered.

“I could beat you with any style, bitch!” stated Beth.

With that, the girls moved together, crossing their legs one over the other in a scissors. Then they began smacking and grinding their wet, greasy pussies together hard. Their clits fenced as their pussies locked in a wet, sticky French kiss. The girls moaned louder and louder with each thrust and grind, nearing orgasm every second. On and on they went until they both screamed and shook violently in mutual sexual climax. Then, Yumi grabbed the cucumber and they stuffed it, like a double-headed dildo, into each other’s pussy. Beth smiled and put the zucchini into their asses.

Now they were joined in 2 places. They began push the vegetable into each other, grinding harder and harder. As they reached orgasm again, they sat up and locked into a hard embrace, mashing their breasts together. Then, while continuing to grind their vegetables into each other, they forced their lips together in a passionate French kiss. Now, they faced the ultimate test of their womanhood. They were locked together in all possible placed. There was no turning back. Minute after minute, hour after hour they ground their womanhood together, their bodies rubbing and messaging making wet, squishing sounds, the taste of sweet sugar, chocolate, and jell in their mouths as they kissed, their tongues sliding around each other, girl-girl spit running down the sides of their mouths. Every few minutes, one or the other or both would scream out in orgasm, her body quaking from each wave of pleasure. Finally, at 5 o’clock the next morning, both girls were too exhausted, physically and sexually, to continue. They fell to the floor side-by-side, their pussies and asses still connected, their bodies still in an embrace, and their lips still sealed together.

Later that morning, Beth and Yumi woke up to find that they were still locked together as they had been. But, it was worse since the grease and food had dried. They spent several minutes to pull apart and then they stood up and looked at each other. Suddenly, they broke down laughing, but the laughter soon turned into tears. They embraced and kissed passionately, not as enemies, but as renewed lovers. They postponed their party until the next week and then spent the rest of their weekend making love in the kitchen. They had gone through an experience that very few would ever come across, and it was the best sex they had ever had. They were one, and nothing would ever come between them again... except when they were in the kitchen.