When I made my way back to the dressing room, I saw Heidi's door open. I looked in, and to my surprise, she was mounted on some guy, fucking him! She had just fucked the shit out of Danita in an intense sexfight, and she still wanted more? She was an animal, and I was aroused even more. It was interesting that she had left the door open for Danita to see. I entered Danita's dressing room to see my wife storming around the room. She had already shattered a glass against the wall, and she was picking up clothing and putting it in a bag. She was now wearing a white t-shirt that was cut just below her big tits and a red g-string. Her make-up had been fixed but I could see she was fuming.

"We are leaving. Let's go!" she screamed.

It took several minutes and a lot of clever diplomacy to convince her that that was a bad idea. After a time, she was convinced to go back out and complete the "triathlon" in the only possible way she could keep her "title" and her reputation.

I went back out. In the titfight, the two women would be fighting in g-strings and six or eight inch heels--I wasn't sure but the shoes had been provided and were intended to make the fighters slightly unbalanced on their feet. That and their "top heavy" nature would certainly make for an interesting battle.

Again Danita came out first, looking a slight bit worse for wear, but still stunning as she strutted out in the red g-string and the towering heels. Her legs looked even more shapely than usual and her calves looked like they had softballs in them.

Heidi came out looking like she hadn't even competed yet. She was wearing a silver g-string and heels and her body was unbelievably flawless. As promised, all jewelry was out, but her nipples looked intimidating. She smirked at Danita and gave her the finger and Danita responded with a quick "eat me, slut" and then the rules were explained.

Tit versus tit, no hands, but bear hugs are allowed. First one to submit, loses.

The fight was on. The two women teetered unsteadily towards one another in the center of the ring and for the first time in my life, it looked to me like Danita was starting a competition a little scared.

Heidi slammed her tit's into Danita's and my wife stumbled. Heidi slammed into her again, and then again, and then again, knocking Danita around the ring and finally pressing her back against the wall.

Danita looked to me as I cheered her on. Her face was a mask of fear and pain as Heidi pounded her big tits with her own weapons.

After several seconds, Heidi backed away, rubbing her tits as Danita leaned over, hands on her knees, tits sagging down beneath her as Heidi yelled taunts at her...

the fight was clearly not going the way I had hoped...

just a tease... hang in there, more to come...

To be continued...