Danita was a strikingly attractive woman as well as my wife. She was an animal in bed, and just a generally unique individual. She was a former high-class, top-rung, very expensive escort and had a fascinating collection of stories. She was half Brazilian and half Dutch which had given her an incredible advantage in her chosen field. She stood 5’ 9” and weighed 126 lbs, had perfectly unblemished tanned skin with light blonde hair. She had a voluptuous figure, with full 36d breasts that stood as only a 26 year-old’s natural breasts could, out high on her chest. Her stomach was flat, and firm, her arms and legs toned as only someone who worked out on a regular basis could hope for. She had earned an enormous amount of money in her life, but had married into even more, and so she had no wants. Danita’s only flaw was a mild arrogance, certainly justified, given her good looks and success in life, but nonetheless a potential source of difficulty.

To make matters even more interesting, Danita was always quite willing to experiment, she was essentially bisexual, as many high-class escorts are, and never refused an opportunity to try something. It was that curiosity which had led her into the world of female “combat” at the age of 19.

At that time, Danita had been offered 10,000.00 by one of her “clients” to “compete” sexually against another young woman in a sexual battle. Danita, an absolute tigress in bed, eagerly agreed. She had been flown to a hotel room in Germany, where by her accounts she was introduced to a group of people, including a 23 year old brunette woman from Spain who was to be her opponent. Danita’s version of the story was that within fifteen minutes of the sexual combat beginning, she had the young woman whimpering and begging for mercy. Danita’s story continues with her sexually dominating the woman much to the delight of her client for almost an hour more until the young brunette was essentially limp, and Danita was sexually sated. Needless to say, that conquest had introduced my wife (then not my wife) to the world of female “combat”. Having gotten a taste of it, she informed her bosses, that she was more than willing to partake in those types of things and word was quickly circulated among the clients who looked for those young women that a young, new competitor—apparently very skilled—had arrived and was in the “circuit.”

Well she competed and continues to compete in these competitions between women. She has never lost a “sexual” or breast-based battle (tit-fight), by her story and certainly since I have known her, and she has only lost one “cat” fight in her storied career. So from a 19 year-old upstart, upending the dominant woman (that 23 year-old back then was considered the “champion” of sorts) of “ladies combat”, she has progressed to become the dominant woman herself.

That brings us to the current story.

100,000.00 to compete in a “triathalon” against, could you guess? Some 18 year old German upstart who had been trouncing every other opponent she has faced in any type of female competition. Who could turn it down. Danita, with me in tow, was on her way to Germany to meet the offer of the client who had contacted her through the escort service. We walked into the club at about 1 in the morning, Danita, whose hair and makeup were as flawless as her body (she really looked like a tanned Torrie Wilson) was wearing a skin tight black v-necked sequined gown that laced on the side, exposing her all the way up and down and showing the most leg possible, no stockings or underwear, no bra (not needed anyway) and 6 inch black heels. Even in the dark, crowded club, filled with beautiful women, men and women stopped to look at her as we walked to the private, back room.

When we entered, the room was interesting. About 10 or fifteen men and women were standing or sitting, drinking, eating, smoking and in various states of undress. In the center of the large carpeted room was almost a ring but no ropes, and it was clearly not canvas, but a soft material with more give—like a gym mat with felt on it. There were several overstuffed chairs surrounding what was obviously the combat area. Our gracious host greeted us almost instantly as every person in the room was immediately riveted to Danita’s stunning appearance. My beautiful wife gloated in the attention. Rolf immediately escorted us to another back room, where we were (or Danita was) to change. It was also were Danita was to meet Heidi, her opponent for this two-night triathlon. When we walked in Heidi’s back was to us and she was speaking, in German, into a cell phone. She was facing a mirror and I could see her front through the mirror as well. Heidi was a vision in her own right. The young competitor was also blonde, although she had streaks of black in her hair (I couldn’t be sure which was natural and which was the dye although I was suspect that the black was the dye) and she otherwise looked very much like the British model, Jordan, otherwise known as Katie Price. We had been provided some information on Danita’s opponent, so we were not taken aback by her physical size. She stood at 5’ 10” and 134 lbs, with a 38d bust. Her body matched Danita’s in physical shape, except that rather than being perfectly flat, she had some muscular definition to her stomach. She hung up the cell phone and spun quickly to greet us, holding a glass of champagne in her hand. Her make up was also flawless and she flashed a riveting smile, with crystalline blue eyes to compliment it. I could feel the heat rise from Danita as she noted that I was impressed by her younger opponent.

“Hello,“ said Heidi, walking over effortlessly in her own 6 inch, clear plastic heels. In fact, everything Heidi was wearing was see through except for her sequin G-string. Her sheer silver negligee was only there for decoration. I could see that both of her nipples were pierced with pretty gold loops and that she had a sunburst tattoo around her belly button, which was also pierced, similar to her tongue. She also impressively spoke with only the faintest hint of a German accent, “Oh, I can see your anxiety sweetheart,” Heidi continued, her voice now dripping with a patronizing tone, “Don’t worry, I will take all of the piercing out for our competition. I have been looking forward to this for too long for anyone to use any ‘foreign body’ comments to explain my victory.”

Danita, for the first time in her life, was momentarily caught off guard. She recovered quickly though, “Honey, I am not sure what you think is going to happen on that rug out there, but I have been doing this since before you had tits. If you wanna fight with those hoops in your nipples, be my guest, but let’s get one thing straight. I have been beating women with more physical and sexual experience than you for almost 8 years now, and in case you don’t realize it, I started just like you are. I am being paid and invited to be here because I am the woman to beat—I am the best in the world at this stuff, so before you end up whimpering to your boyfriend or sponsor or whatever, you best know who you’re up against.” Danita took a slight step forward, her nipples now rock-hard and jutting through the fabric of her gown as I gently grabbed her wrist.

Heidi stepped up to face her, standing eye to eye with my wife. Heidi’s nipples had become fully engorged as well and the two pair were only a hair’s breadth away from touching. Heidi hissed, a fake smile curling her lips, “Listen, you old has-been slut. Just the same way you trounced that chick back then, I am about to do the same to you. This weekend is the changing of the guard. Out with the old skank, in with the new model. This pussy had been fucking cocks and pounding pussy since about the day you started in this little world of female competition, so don’t think for one minute you’ve got anything on me. You just bring your best to that floor so I don’t have to hear you whining afterwards that you were “jet-lagged” or “sleepy” or “under-the-weather.” The only excuse I wanna hear from you is that your old, smelly twat was outclassed by my sleeker, tougher version…….Bitch.” And with that, not allowing Danita another word, Heidi spun and exited through a door on the side of the antechamber which led to what was apparently her dressing (or undressing) room. Danita was fuming and red-faced. It didn’t help that Rolf and I were both smirking.

“That CUNT!” screamed Danita, who I promptly calmed down. She looked at me. “I am going to tear her pussy apart and crush those flabby tits. She is going to wish that she never set foot in this club in her life. She has no idea what type of challenge she is up against!! That BITCH!”

Rolf then explained for us again, the way the triathlon would go. The first match would be a sexfight with a two-headed dildo, very common and something Danita was very skilled at. The second match, which would also occur tonight would involve a pure, breast vs breast titfight no hands at all. Again, something Danita enjoyed immensely. And then, depending on the desire of the girls, the third contest would be a hands on titfight, degenerating into an open catfight with no attacks to the face. All matches would be naked and the girls would have one “time-out” allowed in each of the first two contests but not in the third. Danita was satisfied and began to disrobe.

She touched-up her make-up, looked at herself in the mirror and threw on her satin robe, leaving her heels on. She flashed me a smile and blew me a kiss through her heavily colored lips, dark red and complementing her dark complexion. The knock came at the door and we exited. The room was a bit darker, with most of the light focused on the mat in the center. The small crowd was slightly larger than when we had arrived and the room had gotten a bit smokier. It was obviously a high-class crowd by the way the patrons were dressed. The bartender continued to serve top-shelf liquor and the music from the club was piped in at a slightly lower decibel. The crowd applauded generously as Danita was introduced including her overall record. She dropped her robe as she entered the “ring” and received and considerable ovation. Her body still continued to amaze me, her lines flawless, her skin unmarked. Her pubic hair was completely shaved and the only hair she maintained was that on her head. Her nipples and large dark areolae were instantly erect on her large, firm breasts. She smiled as she relaxed in her corner.

Heidi was introduced next, and she pranced down the aisle with her own air of confidence and fanfare, receiving an equally gracious introduction and generous ovation. She quickly dropped her robe, revealing her shapely body. I was impressed. Unlike Danita, Heidi appeared “younger”. She wore her body jewelry to the ring, taking it off only to the delight of the crowd, her large nipples becoming erect to incredible proportions as she removed the nipple rings. Her pubic hair was also shaved, and surprisingly to me, she was not pierced in her labia or clitoris. She had more than just the sunburst tattoo, sporting a rose on her ankle, a ‘crown of thorns’ around her left bicep and a design in the small of her back. This all contributed to her wild appearance, which was compounded by her thick black eyeliner, bright red lipstick and the way she had teased her hair a bit while waiting backstage.

Our host took center stage as both women removed their heels. He held a very interesting double dildo. It consisted of a purple gelatinous material. He began, explaining the triathlon to the patrons. Then he demonstrated the dildo, with two identical heads and a sort of cuff in the middle. He squeezed one side and the other side swelled considerably. “I had this made for this type of contest, between two gifted young women. As you can see, it will not only be a test of sexual fortitude but also physical strength—vaginal strength. When one woman squeezes her side, the other woman will either have to squeeze back equally or be engorged by a fuller cock. This will make the contest even more competitive!!” The crowd cheered.

Heidi played with her tits impishly. She looked at Danita, and said, “Can you handle that, granny?” The crowd chuckled.

Danita replied, now in her game-face, “Listen, baby-face, you just hope that your little twat can even take that thing once I get it loaded.”

The crowd responded again. Rolf went on to explain that as the result of a coin toss, Heidi would position herself first, and take the dildo first.

Danita turned to me and smiled. ‘Good luck.’ I mouthed. “I don’t need it.” she whispered, blowing me another kiss. Heidi had gotten down on her hands and knees, facing away from Danita. Danita turned to me, a look of her own being impressed on her face. My wife had taught me that women who took that position to begin a sexfight such as this were experienced as this gave them better control of the toy and the ability to increase the pressure on their opponent’s clits. When the dildo was inserted, Heidi purred and then apparently ‘flexed’ her vaginal muscles because the free end pulsed and swelled remarkably and the young blonde looked over her shoulder to her opponent who was preparing to take the mirror position. “You think you can take that big dick, tight twat?” cooed Heidi.

“Bite me, slut.” remarked Danita as she positioned herself also on all fours, ass to ass with Heidi and the cock slid inside of her wet pussy.

“I just might, if you’re not careful.” replied Heidi.

Both women were positioned and the crowd momentarily hushed. Rolf signaled the start of the contest and both women slammed their asses into each other, taking the big dildo deep within their pussies. They pumped at one another, grunting with exertion as they gave or took ground and moved about the ring. Their tits hung beneath them, and although firm they shook with the rhythm of the pumping. Both women continued at a good pace. Neither appeared winded, just intense. Heidi smiled and chided, “That dried up gash ready to quit yet, Danita?”

“Did we start? I thought I was fucking the warm-up crew.” Danita said, and smirked.

Danita continued, “You breathing okay over there, you sound like you’re gasping a bit…do you smoke?”

“I do Sugar, but stuff you can’t handle, they didn’t make the stuff I smoke when you were my age.” came Heidi’s reply. The two pounded each other harder, the smack of their flesh getting louder. Then Danita pressed deeply against Heidi’s ass and down, I could see Heidi’s face contort a little as she tried to control against Danita’s pressure, she tried to pull back to pump against Danita’s firm, round ass, but the Brazilian wouldn’t give way, instead increasing the pressure on Heidi’s youthful pussy. She winked at me as Heidi tried to adjust, but my wife’s move was too good at the moment…or so it appeared.

“How’s that pussy doin’ Heidi?” challenged Danita.

“Fine,” hissed Heidi as the two began to pump again. Heidi yielding a little to Danita’s powerful ass.

“Well let’s see what it feels like when it feels some real pussy muscles.” Danita gritted her teeth a little as she flexed her vaginal muscles, grunting a little from the exertion.

Heidi suppressed a little gasp and then taunted Danita, “Go ahead and flex anytime, bitch…” as if to say she didn’t notice Danita’s increasing the size of the cock between her legs by squeezing. Heidi smiled again, wickedly this time and continued to slap flesh, her own firm ass leaving red slap marks on my wife’s pretty round bottom.

Suddenly Danita’s look of satisfaction on her face changed to discomfort and she gasped uncontrollably. Her arms broke down and she fell onto her elbows, her face nearing the floor. “Now that’s flexing, BABY!” chided Heidi. Apparently Heidi had retaliated by flexing and had surprised Danita, who was now being pummeled in a position where she didn’t have much room to pump back as her face and upper body were directed towards the floor. She was forced to gyrate instead. “C’mon loud-mouth, squeeze me back!!”

I could see Danita trying to do just that as she gritted her teeth, grunted and gasped trying to pump the young bitch back into her place. Danita regained equivalent ground after several seconds of being in the submissive posture. Although I wanted to think Danita had earned it, I couldn’t help but suspect that Heidi had at least partially permitted it.

The two pumped again, but now I could see Danita beginning to work a little bit, I could hear her gasping and I could see sweat developing on her forehead. Even her big firm tits seemed to shake a little more as her face contorted a bit with the pounding. When I looked at Heidi, she looked as fresh as ever. Danita made a move, swiveling her hips and gyrating, a maneuver that made many women breakdown and almost come frequently. Heidi moaned and nearly lost her balance on her arms and this rejuvenated Danita as she performed the maneuver again and Heidi groaned with pleasure and submission. But Heidi regained her four point stance quickly, barely yielding to Danita and resuming the rhythm. Heidi’s hair was messier than at the beginning of the battle but otherwise she was barely breathing harder. Danita, much to my chagrin, looked much worse for the wear, sweating a bit for the first time I had seen in a sex fight, and looking to be a bit uncomfortable. Heidi began to pound harder.

“How you doin’, Danita?” chuckled Heidi, between breaths.

“Fine, skank, just fine.” responded Danita between gasps. Danita gritted her teeth and squinted her eyes, grunting as she flexed her muscles again. This time, Heidi barely paused as she apparently flexed back. Danita yelped and “Oooooooohh Goddddd…” escaped her mouth as she again collapsed down, this time onto her face, and Heidi basically sexually bulldogged her into the mat, pushing her across the floor for several inches before Danita was able to regain her composure and gather to all fours. The look on her face as she glanced at me was forlorn. She was being beaten at her own game and she was sure what to do. She continued to pound back at Heidi, who was finally starting to show signs of tiring. Sweat had begun to mat her hair. The fight was going on eleven minutes.

Danita then did something I had never seen her do. Her face contorted in pain again, as I presume Heidi flexed her powerful pussy muscles again, and Danita called for a time-out.

Rolf called time and the two women separated. The dildo was left in the middle of the ring. Heidi was in her corner, drinking some champagne and rubbing her large breasts. Danita dragged over to me, gasping to catch her breath. “What’s wrong?” she asked me. “Why am I not fighting well tonight? “

I was afraid to tell her my fears, that she was up against a better opponent. “Just concentrate,” I encouraged. “She’s tiring and I think at the very least you have more stamina and staying power than she does. Keep fighting your fight. Don’t succumb to her chiding. Just do it your way.”

“You’re right, but I feel like she’s fucking my brains out. I’ve got to concentrate. Okay, I’m ready.” She kissed me softly. “Thanks.” My sexual predator went back out onto her stage.

The two women began with a vengeance, pounding one another’s flesh. Danita drove into Heidi, eliciting yelps and moans from the young woman as she drove her backwards and occasionally into the mat. Danita was now firmly in control. I was happy my pep-talk had been so successful. The two were both back on their hands and knees again, pounding their asses into each other as Danita moved to do her swivel move. What happened next was impressive to say the least. But as Danita made her move, Heidi deftly countered, swinging her own hips and first, flipping Danita onto her side, and then in another move, flipping Danita flat onto her back. I was stunned. Danita was stunned. The crowd roared. There was no way Danita could compete from this position, as Heidi mounted her pelvis, facing away from her face and began to pound her from a superior position.

Danita moaned as she was fucked incessantly. She bucked, she thrust and she gyrated trying to gain a recovery from her talented tormentor. My poor wife’s face contorted in anguish as she was ravaged by her younger opponent. I screamed encouragement, as I helplessly watched my wife, my sexual predator dominated by a more powerful tigress.

Danita gasped, and she grunted as she reached the ecstasy of her first orgasm of this battle and Heidi taunted her as she pounded and gyrated on her foe’s pelvis. Danita’s legs were spread wide as Heidi dominated her and she came repeatedly—I counted at least five times that she succumbed to the pelvis of her opponent, her own sexual organ dominated by that of her young opponent. Danita’s head was thrown back and she looked at me, her eyes begging for help.

“Oh, oh God, Tomas, please, p-p-p-p plleeease, she’s fucking my brains out… I can’t stop her!!! Please….” Danita’s entire face contorted as she begged me for help and she exploded in an incredible multiple orgasm. She was physically being drained as Heidi continued to ride her and lead her to orgasm after orgasm.

“Please, oh God, please, I’m begging you to stop, you’ll break me in half!” she pleaded, bucking beneath the thrusting that had truly begun to invade her. “Oh…..oh…..oh no,” she sobbed gently….

Heidi continued to dominate and verbally taunt Danita as Danita was forced to yield to her more and more. Danita’s make-up ran down her face, a mixture of sweat, and now what I could tell was a few tears. I was desperate to help her but knew that I couldn’t and suspected that Heidi wanted more than a victory from this, the first of the events in the ‘triathlon’.

11 orgasms I counted, ultimately finding out it would be fourteen as the young woman forced my wife into sexual submission. The sounds of my wife begging her for mercy were strangely erotic for me.

I watched for the next several minutes as the young powerful victrix woman-handled my once powerful but now beaten wife as she succumbed to her opponent. In the end, Heidi mounted Danita’s face and gyrated until she came all over her, her sexual juices mixing with the running makeup, sweat and tears on Danita’s battered face.

Heidi stood, raising her hands above her head, smiling, gyrating like the stripper that she occasionally was and then she leaned down to her beaten foe and said, “You think that was bad, my tits are ten times better than my pussy, SLUT. So come and get me when you’re ready, if you’re not too chicken.” And then the young woman marched off, taking a man with her to the dressing room.

Danita curled up on the floor, quietly rocking back and forth. I comforted her and ultimately escorted her back to the dressing rooms….

To be continued...