The health club had been officially closed for more than an hour, but, there were still two or three members in the gym finishing their showers or getting into their street clothing.

Nancy and a new member, a girl in her twenties named Joan, were the last ones in the shower room. They stood there, soaping their gleaming nude bodies, neither saying a word to the other. But, eyes were not as quiet, with each covertly examining the other's splendid figure.

"You've got great muscle-tone", Nancy heard the other girl murmur softly, almost as if to herself. Nancy looked over at the girl and let her gaze travel slowly up and down Joan's long body, liking what she was seeing.

"Coming from you, that's a compliment", replied Nancy with a smile. "From the looks of your physique, you are a fitness competitor, right?"

"No, I'm a fantasy-wrestler", Joan said. "That develops your muscularity in a far different way than weight-lifting or doing fitness aerobic routines."

Nancy's jaw dropped, and her hand stopped its soaping action across her upper torso. "WOW! Do you mean that you wrestle for money, like with men?" she asked. "Hm-mmm, so isn't that just like being a prostitute? Nancy said with a snide grin.

The girl's eyes glinted with sudden irritation, but, the smile did not leave her lush lips.

"Yeah, I wrestle for money. And yes, I wrestle men . . . but, most of my regular clientele happen to be women. As for being a prostitute, well, that's a matter of opinion. Sometimes the session is a sex-wrestle, sometimes it's just straight falls for exercise. Either way, I get paid the same. . At least in terms of money."

Nancy looked at the beautiful woman, once again taking in the sculptured muscularity that rippled along the tanned length of her body. She found herself wondering just what the girl meant by "in terms of money". Hm-mmmm, for that matter she wondered what she meant by "sex-wrestle". But, before she could pose the two questions, the other girl spoke again.

"Let's just say that depending on my 'workout' partner and the way in which he or she wrestles, I sometimes don't even charge for the session. I don't know many prostitutes who will give it away for free, do you?"

Nancy held up a hand in a conciliatory gesture. "Hey, I didn't mean any offense. Actually, I'm really interested in what you mean by a sex-wrestle, and by 'the way' your opponent wrestles so that you don't charge?"

The tall, athletic girl let her eyes glide slowly up and down Nancy's nude body. The shower had left Nancy's flesh glistening with millions of tiny droplets of water, making the surface of her skin appear like gleaming latex rubber, a golden rubbery layer that was molded into clefts and curves of smooth, well-toned female flesh. The girl felt herself becoming erotically aroused by the obvious athletic strength and superb muscularity Nancy possessed.

"Tell you what," the girl murmured in a soft tone of voice. "It looks like we are the only ones left in the gym, so what say we try a fall or two over there on the mats . . . au natural. That way I can show you what I mean. You do know how to wrestle, don't you?"

Nancy had almost ALWAYS known how to wrestle. Growing up with three older brothers, none of whom seemed to have realized that she was supposed to be treated differently than the "boys", she had learned to defend herself at an early age.

She might not have been as strong as they were, but, Nancy quickly discovered that her natural agility and quickness compensated for their greater male strength. She also had learned every sneaky wrestling hold in the books . . . how to apply them, how to break them, which holds would most likely result in a submission. So, by the time she reached her teenage years, Nancy could more than handle anyone her size. And this stunningly attractive girl who had just challenged her was certainly in her own weight class.

"You mean wrestle naked?" Nancy replied with one eyebrow arching to underscore her question.

"Sure. You don't mind a little skin contact, do you?" the girl said in a lazy voice. Her eyes were still cruising up and down Nancy's wet body; sliding slowly across the thrusting mounds of her solid breasts, down across her flat-as-a-board belly, and along those sleek hips. She almost shivered with excitement as she surveyed the sinewy strength of Nancy's thighs and calves. She found herself wondering what those long legs would feel like locked around her own body.

With a slightly bemused smile, Nancy turned the water off, and then reached for a towel.

"No!" said the girl. "Stay wet, it's more fun that way. I really like the feel of wet flesh against mine when I wrestle. It feels so . . . erotic."

She, too, had turned off her own shower and was walking over to where Nancy stood. Joan reached out with one hand, letting her fingers trace along one of Nancy's arms until she came to her bicep. Then she squeezed gently, as if testing a piece of ripe fruit. Almost without her meaning to do so, Nancy's arm flexed upward reflexively into a round hard ball of flesh to meet those fingers. The girl's other hand came up to cup the solidity of one of Nancy's breasts, a thumb reaching out to knead the nipple.

"You've got a really nice body, for an older broad," chuckled the girl. "I like the way you're built, especially in your upper torso," she grinned as she tweaked the nipple again.

Nancy slowly reached out and grabbed hold of the girl's arm, levering the hand away from her breast. The girl quickly grabbed Nancy's other wrist and the two women were suddenly in dead-lock. For a few seconds they stood there striving together in a silent test of strength. Sleekly curved muscles flexed along their bare arms as they strained, rounded deltoids bunched, deep clefts appeared along their backs in sculpted relief.

For a moment or two, they stood there straining face-to-face, their hips locked, supple bellies pressing together, the thick luxuriant pubic thatches between their respective thighs softly whispering as they rubbed together, their suddenly-hard clits sliding wetly back and forth. They began a slow, rhythmic pumping movement with their sleek hips, which caused the solid muscularity in their buttocks to flex and ripple. Their hot breath was now coming in quick gasps, hissing through clenched teeth as they grappled.

They both released their grips around one another's wrists at the same instant and their muscular arms twined around one another, hands gripping hard-tensed glutes, pulling them closer and more tightly together. But, then, suddenly, the girl pushed Nancy's slippery wet body away and stepped back.

"No, let's save that for the wrestling mat," she murmured in a tight voice. Her eyes were glittering with excitement, and her own jutting breasts were heaving from the exertion of their silent struggle.

Nancy felt her blood pounding in her veins, and there was a stirring down between her thighs. That brief grappling session had given Nancy a foretaste of the kind of wrestling the girl enjoyed. Well, she thought to herself, two could play THAT game. She looked at the girl and gave her an icy smile.

"Honey, you don't wanna clit-wrestle with me," Nancy warned the girl. "You try that when we're down on the mat and I'll show you just how far out of your league you are . . . ya got that?"

"O-ooo! The big bad momma thinks she can pin my ass, huh?" laughed the girl. "So is that the fantasy you'd like to play with . . . being a Clit Queen? OK, come on; let's just see how good you are, Queenie."

With that the two females turned and strode across the gym to the mats laid out on the floor. They stepped barefooted onto the yielding surface of the exercise pads and faced one another.

"So what about rules?" questioned Nancy? "Or do you want to go all out, no-holds-barred."

The girl was flexing her tall, athletic body as she unlimbered and got ready to wrestle. "I wouldn't want to see that pretty face of yours get all marked up, so how's about no punching or scratching," the girl replied. "After all, this isn't a catfight, its pure submission wrestling, OK?"

Nancy nodded her head in agreement. Then she sank down into a crouch, started slowly circling the girl, and beckoned the girl forward with both hands.

"Come on, let's see what 'ya got," Nancy challenged the young female athlete. And so they came together with a soft THUNK of wet flesh . . . and wrestled!

For a second or two, they whirled and spun on their feet, each attempting to gain a lasting hold. But, as quickly as one would apply a headlock, the other would slip free and slap on a hold of her own. Finally, off-balanced, they went down to the mat in a tangle of limbs.

Nancy quickly gathered her opponent into a combination of body scissors and a reverse full-nelson. Her long legs wrapped around Joan's waist like a pair of pythons, her well-muscled thighs squeezing relentlessly. At the same time, her clenched hands were forcing Joan's head forward as she put more pressure into her full-nelson. Nancy was on her back, pressed against the yielding surface of the wrestling mat. Her solid breasts were jammed against Joan's powerful sinewy back, and she felt every ripple and roll of muscle as the girl strained against her holds. Enjoying the erotic feel of flesh against flesh, Nancy lost her concentration for a split-second. But, that was all the time Joan needed.

With a soft grunt of effort, Joan powered down with her upraised arms against Nancy's levering forearms, breaking the nelson. Then, like a slick eel, she slid around within Nancy's scissors until she was facing her. Joan's hands reached out quickly to grasp Nancy's wrists, pinning them down to the mat. The two naked wrestlers were now stretched out, locked together face to face as they strained. Their solidly curved breasts seemed to be engaged in their own wrestle, sliding back and forth until their nipples were engorged and hard.

Despite being the one who was caught in a wrenching, squeezing scissor-hold, Joan actually appeared to be dominant. She pinned Nancy with her supple weight, leaning forward until Nancy was almost jack-knifed. Nancy straightened her legs and pointed her toes, trying to bring every ounce of her superb strength into crushing Joan into submission . . . but, the position she was in made the scissors work against her. Her splendidly muscled opponent was grappled against Nancy in a way so that the harder Nancy squeezed, the harder Joan's broad chest pressed against her own. And Joan had managed to slide forward enough that their loins were now glued together, allowing their clits to engage in their own battle. Almost without conscious violation, the two naked women began a rhythmic pumping of their hips as their hardened clits grappled in their own version of a sex-wrestle.

Now their breath was panting loudly, the sound mingling with the soft moans and sharp hisses that came from the tightly enwrapped females. Their wrestling had changed quite dramatically in the last few minutes. No longer did they seem to be seeking holds that would force a surrender based on strength alone. They were letting their bodies wrestle toward an impending sexual-submission . . . where one or the other would finally bring her naked opponent to an orgasm first.

They still grappled furiously together, hugging one another tightly with every ounce of their fantastic muscular strength. But, it was now the kind of grappling which would maximize the feel of flesh against wet flesh that would permit each of the wrestlers to feel the ripple and play of female muscularity against their body. To an onlooker, it would probably have seemed more like slow-motion copulation between a male and female than a wrestle between two women. They exchanged the dominant position every few moments, with first one on top and then the other.

At one point, Nancy realized that Joan's face was only inches from hers. They were stretched out full length against one another, pressing their bare bodies together so tightly that they began to whimper as their muscular bodies bored into each other. Exhaustion was plain to see on their faces. Each of them was quite beyond pain; there was only the Amazonian contest. They had been locked in this titanic struggle for almost half an hour now, and neither seemed willing to yield to the other. In fact, they were in no hurry to have this wrestle end.

Each woman squeezed as tightly as she could, lying against one another, their eyes closed, two nude women locked in an almost primal test of female strength. Then, totally unexpectedly, their heads came together and they kissed, their lips and mouths fusing together, hot and hard, each trying to dominate the other with her tongue.

Each tried to overpower her rival with that long, lingering kiss. Each was trying to breath past the lips of the other, while still pressing their mouths hotly together and letting their tongues grapple as the strength of their entwined legs locked their lower bodies together. Their legs interlocked and flexed against each other, each riding the other's muscular thigh, both of them rubbing their clits against the firm satiny flesh of the leg scissored between their own thighs.

Suddenly, the two women shuddered and they screamed out, the strength in their arms and legs seeming to increase tenfold. The way they were grappled together it became harder to tell where one body stopped and the other began. There was no movement, other than the flexing of their splendid muscles as they grappled ever more closely together, each humping the other with a rhythmic pumping of their hips as they strained together. Then they climaxed . . . one explosive orgasm after the other, as they held tightly to one another on that sweat-slick wrestling mat.

As their orgasms slowly subsided, the two women rolled apart, legs still tangled, each too weak to move. They lay there on the mat, enjoying the soft backwash of their orgasm, smiling in complete satisfaction. Each woman knew that she had finally met her equal in strength and in passion.

"Well, looks like there's going to have to be a rematch", laughed Joan. "It seems as though this wrestle ended in a draw."

Nancy rolled over onto one elbow, propping herself up so that she could look at Joan. "Does a draw mean that I won't get charged your usual fee . . . this time?" she chuckled.

"No, you don't owe me a thing. The bill has already been paid in full," replied Joan with a big grin.

For a few more minutes, as they lay there regaining their breath, the two female wrestlers bantered back and forth. All the while, two sets of eyes were cruising slowly up and down the naked length of one another's body, taking in the delicious sight of rippling pumped-up muscles playing up and down their arms and legs.

The sight began to turn them on again, and a few moments later they had rolled together and commenced to wrestle once again.

Ah-hhhh, but, THAT'S another story, isn't it.

The End