Beth Hillman simmered in the Y office in the middle of another late night shift. The Y closed at midnight, a lot later than some of the other health clubs, and every night she worked was another she couldn’t spend out painting the town red. That was the way her father had planned it. She’d messed up her college career with a lot of partying and now her father had planned a do-over, forcing her to work nights to make up some of the money he’d lost on her tuition and to try and force her to take a little responsibility and stay out of the bars. She wouldn’t be getting any more money until she finished and the humiliation was killing her.

That and Susan. Her frequent partner on the late night shifts seemed to always be in her face, which was a mixed blessing for Beth. The whole reason she’d fucked up college was because of too many feuds and rivalries with other girls, including a gang of athletic, competitive women she’d hung with. She’d now managed to stay out of trouble for several years while she tried to finish up her degree, but she could blow off a little steam with Susan while both women offered their services as self defense instructors. Susan offered grappling classes in the evening and often she and Beth would pair off at the end of the day for a few close falls. Both women were tall and substantial, athletically built but busty for that kind of body. Neither woman liked to lose, and Beth loved it when the wrestling matches went the full limit to a sweat-drenched, exhausted conclusion. She’d never pushed things beyond simple wrestling with Susan, since she knew that would just take her down the same ugly road she’d been on in college. And she could tell that Susan too sometimes seemed frustrated that neither woman would take things further.

That made her little discovery about Moira and Rachel all the more unnerving. She had taken notice of both women the minute each had joined the club: both tall blondes, lush, athletic and curvy, every bit so as Beth and Susan. There was something snotty and elegant about Rachel, while Moira had a smokey sensuality that intrigued Beth no end. She came off as quiet and unassuming, but Beth could tell she had the same competitive fire that often drove Beth to do crazy things. Right away it was obvious Rachel and Moira didn’t like each other, and Beth could see them subtly competing on the workout floor in everything from yoga classes to the weight rooms, each trying to outdo the other. She’d heard rumors about the two women having confrontations in the locker room, and Beth had even skulked around there a few times to eavesdrop, hoping to catch the two blondes in a face-off. But she’d never had the luck.

Part of her job was to run through the club’s surveillance cameras at the end of each week, which was usually a painful bore. But then one night she’d seen something that made her short, copper-dyed pageboy hairdo stand on end.

Somehow two women had hung out after hours and made their way to one of the grappling rooms with its raised boxing ring and engaged in a blistering, body crushing fight. Beth had jealously assumed one of the women to be Susan, “cheating” on her with some other bitch, but even though the low after hours lighting didn’t show much, after several viewings she could see both women had longer, lighter hair than Whit’s. Finally she began to recognize Moira and Rachel, locked up tighter than she’d seen two women press together in a long time. The struggle went on for over an hour, and even in the darkness it looked like the two women had stripped each other and fought onward completely nude, doing unspeakably dirty things to one another, anything to win.

She found herself far more fascinated by Moira and Rachel now than before she’d known about the catfight. Both women were intriguing just because of the way they measured up to Beth. She didn’t find many girls her height or weight, especially girls that were in shape…especially girls willing to put themselves on the line against another of the same sex. That always got her attention, even though she’d forced herself the past few years to avoid just such women. Susan was one thing—she could kid herself that it was her job to engage the busty trainer. But messing with paying customers was another matter.

So when Rachel showed up one evening asking about a training match, Beth had almost been reluctant to send her to Susan. As head trainer Susan had first dibs on anyone asking for instruction, and Beth knew Susan enjoyed sizing up other opponents. That particular evening she had snuck a flask of whiskey into work and had teased Susan into sharing a few swigs with her, enjoying the idea that it might loosen Susan up. She hadn’t suspected just how well the little gimmick would work.

There was a heat in the air that Beth could sense even as she left Susan and Rachel inside the sparring room—something Beth hadn’t experienced before around Susan. And sure enough, when she checked later through the narrow, grated door window, the match seemed to be fiercer, more intense than any of the casual sparring sessions she’d seen Susan engage in before. She found herself glued to the little window as she spied on the two women, watching as Rachel seemed to be pushing Susan’s buttons, goading her into something more like a real fight than a formal sparring session. Something more like what she’d seen on that surveillance video, she realized. She HAD to see how this turned out, she thought to herself as she watched the two women struggle, carefully keeping her face back far enough so that the light from the room wouldn’t make her visible to the two women—not that they were paying any attention to the locked door.

She suddenly heard footsteps and, cursing to herself, hurried back to the office. It was past 11 and there were usually very few other people left at the club. It figured she’d be interrupted now when something interesting was finally happening upstairs. She briefly tugged at her sports bra as it quivered, struggling to contain her two heavy, solid breasts, and then reached down to smooth her yoga pants that rode low on her heart-shaped, strong pelvis. Her smooth, muscular stomach and waist was bare—she and Susan both enjoyed displaying their toned, athletic bodies on the gym floor, showing members what they might be gaining if they took Susan or Beth on as trainers. Her patrician features set in a cold, professional manner as she rounded the corner to enter the office.

She almost froze when she saw Moira at the counter, leaning down and resting on her elbows on the counter, as if intentionally displaying her own full, impressive breasts that were almost spilling out of her black sports bra. She looked just a little damp with perspiration and had probably come from her evening workout. She seemed distracted, as if something was bothering her, Beth thought. Her soft, sensuous features and smokey gray eyes locked briefly on Beth’s sparkling blue ones and Beth caught her gaze flashing down Beth’s body full-length for a second.

“Can I help you?” Beth said innocently.

“Yes…” Moira said, almost as if she were stalling for time to think up an excuse for being at the office. “I was interested in your self defense classes.”

“Great,” Beth said. She took up a position opposite Moira at the counter so the two women were facing each other and spread the sign-up sheets on the counter surface between them. She leaned forward to match Moira’s pose so that now the two women both had the best possible views of each other’s bulging cleavage, and Beth was glad she’d picked the scooped-front sports bra that showed off more of her breasts.

“I was hoping to get in a session tonight. Is Susan available?” Moira asked.

Beth had to work to hide her disappointment. She hadn’t been this close to Moira before and now that they were face to face, Moira’s lovely features only a few inches from her own, the big blonde was even hotter than she’d realized. Her toned, defined shoulders and beautiful neck and collar muscles and thick, smooth biceps showed how her regular workouts were shaping her up day by day. She was very feminine, but her large hands and big-boned build made her look intimidating too. Beth pulled up he file on the computer and quickly noted her weight: 150, very close to Beth’s and Susan’s. Without letting Moira see what she was doing, she quickly pulled up Rachel’s file and noticed the other blonde weighed 149. Amazing.

She was about to tell Moira that Susan was occupied and that she would have to settle for Beth if she wanted anything this evening. Fuck her, she thought—I’ll show her I can give her a workout just as hard as Susan can. Then she had a deliciously underhanded thought.

Beth had always been manipulative—that had been one of the things that had gotten her in so much trouble in college. She liked provoking reactions and playing tricks, and she had just thought of a great one.

“That’s a good question,” she said, brushing her hair back from her face and taking a quick look into Moira’s eyes, so close to her own and so alluring. “Actually, come back with me—I thought she had a session going but she might be nearly finished.”

She exited the office and watched Moira round the corner to join her. The blonde wore her snug black sports bra and a matching pair of yoga pants, and like Beth she had her supple, toned stomach on full display. Her lush pelvis and thick, muscular thighs rippled as she walked toward Beth and the trainer had to keep herself from staring as the two walked side by side down the upstairs corridor toward the first grappling room.

“Did someone recommend Susan to you?” she asked, sneaking a glance at Moira’s quivering cleavage as they walked together. A lot of the hotter women at the club had implants, but Moira’s boobs looked full and very real.

“Yes, I was told she was the strongest trainer,” Moira said innocently.

Beth flushed a bit. Susan had the experience and the muscle all right, but Beth had trained herself until she was very nearly a match for the stylishly short-haired trainer. “I guess that depends on who you talk to. I actually do some of the self defense training myself. Oh, here we are.”

The hallway outside the grappling room was dark, just as Beth had left it, and she lowered her voice and motioned Moira forward. “Go ahead and take a peek. They might just be finishing up.”

Moira frowned, obviously finding the situation a little odd, but she did move forward after a moment’s hesitation and put her face up to the narrow window as if she was peeking through a keyhole.

Beth carefully maneuvered behind the other woman until she was close enough to almost feel the heat rising off Moira’s body. She could still feel the burn of whiskey in her gut, loosening her inhibitions, and it was all she could do to keep from gripping the dirty blonde’s upper arms from behind and pressing into her broad, muscular back. This close to her she picked up a familiar aroma, quite apart from the arousing scent of the other woman so close to her. It seemed like the cool fumes of alcohol coming off Moira’s breath—or was she just sniffing her own buzzed aroma? She moved a little closer, her cheek almost touching Moira’s soft blonde hair as she peered over the other woman’s shoulder into the grappling room.

Susan and Rachel were locked in a trembling, sweat-drenched tangle of arms and legs on the mat, squeezing, clawing and tugging at hair. She could almost feel Moira stiffen in a cold fury in front of her. From their vantage point it wasn’t totally clear but it looked like the two women had already worked their way out of some of their workout clothes, allowing hot, sweaty skin to plaster against skin. Even through the locked door she could hear grunts and moans of effort, pain and frustration as the two women struggled to overpower one another. And just as she’d suspected, there was more than an added element of primal lust in Susan’s and Rachel’s moans.

Moira suddenly straightened, her broad, muscular back pushing right into Beth’s breasts. “Excuse me,” the blonde said embarrassedly.

“Looks like they’ll be a while,” Beth said with a cruel grin on her face. Moira’s expression twisted with disgust and she shouldered her way past Beth rudely, walking back toward the office. Beth walked behind her, smiling tightly. “We can always schedule something for another night.”

Moira was walking quickly and angrily, and Beth hungrily admired the other woman’s sacral diamond, the anchoring point for her back and gluteal muscles in the small of her back just above her pelvis. Her muscular ass flexed sassily as she walked, gyrating the seat of her yoga pants as the stretch fabric clung to her. Just as it seemed the blonde was about to stalk angrily past the office and downstairs she paused and caught her breath for a second.

“Did you say YOU were available to train tonight?” she said with that absent, innocent tone she had down so well.

“Hmmm,” Beth said, eager to tease the angry blonde just a little bit more. “It is pretty late. But I might be able to spare a few minutes for a fall or two. We have another sparring room at the end of the hall. Would you be interested?”

“I’d be very interested,” she said, extending her right hand. “My name’s Moira.”

“I’m Beth,” Beth said, taking the other woman’s long hand in her own, but not before stretching her fingers out across Moira’s, lightly brushing them against the other woman’s strong fingers so that both women’s long, strong digits briefly measured themselves against one another. “Good thing we’re both dressed right.”

She let go of the other woman’s hand and led her down the hall to the second sparring room, flicked on the lights and again checking out the blonde’s body as she walked into the room ahead of Beth. She closed the door, careful to lock it, and walked over to where Moira was climbing confidently into the little ring as if she’d been there before—which she had, Beth realized. This was the same room where the camera had caught her and Rachel having it out.

“So you’ve sparred before?” she asked innocently as she climbed into the ring.

“A little,” Moira said, brushing her soft blonde hair away from her lovely face.

“We can just practice a few basic holds, nothing to get worked up about,” Beth said reassuringly.

“Oh don’t worry about me, I can handle myself,” Moira said confidently, stretching and cracking her shoulders, momentarily thrusting her full sports bra out at Beth as her muscular back arched. Beth shook herself out a little, stretching a bit herself, just as eager to show off her own toned bod to her new opponent. She could feel a growing tension in the air between them, something unspoken even apart from her own secret knowledge about Moira.

“But you don’t want me to go full-on,” Beth argued. “Someone could get hurt.”

“No no, don’t let me off easy,” Moira said. “I’ll never learn anything that way.”

Beth shrugged. “We’ll see.”

The two women circled and Beth could already see that Moira was no newbie. She eyed Beth confidently and moved with a smooth, catlike grace on the mat. She even made the first move, lunging forward and gripping Beth’s forearms before Beth managed to twist out of the hold, her arms tingling from the feel of Moira’s powerful fingers digging into them. She went after Moira and tried to maneuver behind her to pin her arms but the blonde slipped free—then suddenly spun and tackled Beth. She suddenly found herself off balance and slammed to the mat with the blonde’s heavy body crashing on top of her. It was ON.

Beth rolled to her side, pulling Moira with her, and the two women’s powerful thighs thrashed against one another. She continued the roll until she was on top of the blonde and she felt a rush as her pelvis, then stomach, then breasts contacted Moira’s. She felt the other woman’s bare abs squirm against her own, her pelvis flex and buck underneath Beth’s, and her own heavy breasts momentarily weighing down Moira’s plush pair, their sports bras cramming their jostling cleavage together for one delicious moment as they struggled together. Then Moira’s crushing thighs wrapped around her waist, forcing the breath from her body as she threw Beth sideways and rolled on top of her in a dominating schoolgirl pin. Beth bucked angrily but it took several wild attempts to throw Moira off, and both women crashed to the mat, rolling away from each other before regaining their footing to face circling in a crouch, both gasping for breath.

“I guess I won’t go easy on you after all,” Beth panted, trying to sound playful.

“Good,” Moira said, all business. They clashed again, both gripping one another’s arms, grunting as they pushed and pulled at each other, upper bodies leaning into one another. Beth was impressed, if not a little unnerved. Moira was a lot stronger than she’d expected. No wonder Rachel was giving Susan such a rough time at the other end of the hall—the two blondes had obviously goaded each other into really hitting the gym big time, competing with each other to see who could build up the most muscle and stamina, and taking it out on each other on the mat after hours. She could admit now that she was jealous that Rachel had seemingly goaded Susan into the kind of fight she’s been secretly hoping to have with the other trainer for months now. She had locked up with Susan in some pretty good matches, and once in a while tried a dirty move or two that both women had laughed over. But somehow she’d never gotten Whit really angry, not angry enough to lower her inhibitions where truly dirty moves were concerned. She’d never taken the snotty Rachel for such a comer. Of course people thought that about Beth too, her patrician features always making her read a little cold and arrogant. But Beth was a trainer and everyone knew it. Rachel was a surprise.

She managed to twist in closer to Moira and the two women gripped each other’s shoulders and necks, crushing their upper bodies tightly together for a moment or two. Without gravity on her side, Beth’s boobs flattened up against Moira’s heavy pair and she felt the tell-tale points of hardened nipples digging into her breasts, creating an equally stiff response in her own nipples.

Beth had to suppress a moan of pleasure as she felt Moira’s chest press against hers. The contrast between the other woman’s steely grip and the feel of her soft, supple breasts was electrifying. Beth had been a good girl for a few years now and had avoided instigating anything with most other women, but now the old feelings of lust for combat and bodily competition were resurfacing with a vengeance. Even worse, she was having difficulty handling Moira physically. The pretty blonde was really taking the fight to Beth, and her attacks were intensifying, as if she were looking for new ways to cause Beth pain. Her eyes met Moira’s in the close upper body grapple, the other woman’s hot breath blasting her face, and she saw a deadly fire in the blonde’s smoky blue eyes just inches from her own. And damn if she didn’t taste the sting of alcohol on Moira’s breath for certain now—they were both buzzed, she thought; ready for anything.

Moira suddenly thrust forward and the two women toppled to the mat again. Now Moira’s thighs and arms encircled Beth, crushing her into a brief submission. “Think this is what Susan’s getting back there?” the blonde hissed into her ear, pinning Beth’s arms behind her back savagely. “Is that part of your little game?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Beth growled back as she wriggled desperately in Moira’s grip.

“Didn’t you want me to look in there and see what was going on?” The blonde sounded unhinged, Beth thought—crazy.

“Why should it matter to you?” Beth demanded, even though she knew full well what Moira was getting at. With one desperate move she managed to slip out of the blonde’s hold, twist around and mount Moira’s thrashing body. Now it was Beth who put her thighs to work crushing Moira’s waist, forcing the breath out of the other woman for almost a minute before slipping her thighs downward to join the blonde’s in a clamping battle of attrition while both women wrapped each other’s upper bodies in a tight, sweaty bear hug, each struggling to control the other, each gasping and panting against her opponent’s sensuous mouth, glaring challengingly into each other’s eyes.

Beth’s body was on fire, both from muscular strain and excitement. No one since Susan had given her a battle like this in a long time…Moira might even be stronger than Whit, she thought. She managed to force the blonde’s thighs apart to consolidate her position and then allowed her damp crotch to lower itself down onto Moira’s pubic mound, thrust upward and exposed as Beth forced the blonde’s thighs into a split. She nestled her hot, spandex-covered vulva down onto Moira’s, careful to mask the move as a simple pinning tactic even as she luxuriated in the feel of the other woman’s firm, provocative pussy pressing against hers. Moira took the pressure and Beth felt the other woman’s body twitch underneath her as their vulva mingled. It was obvious neither woman wore underwear beneath their yoga pants, and the stretch material transmitted every subtle sensation between their warring Venus mounds as the two women squirmed slowly against one another.

Moira finally thrashed and reversed their positions, planting her own crotch firmly against Beth’s, hardly shying away from the contact at all and bearing her heavy breasts down onto Beth’s. She pressed her forearm against Beth’s throat, gripping Beth’s coppery hair with her other hand until Beth was helpless. The two women stared at each other intensely and Beth felt her arms slip from their tight grip of Moira’s back and neck and travel downward helplessly for a second, searching for purchase anywhere on Moira’s body. She glared into Moira’s eyes as she found herself gripping the blonde’s big, firm ass for a few seconds and she thought she saw a look of satisfaction soften Moira’s expression for a second. But her iron hard grip didn’t loosen.

“You wanted me to see Rachel in there, right?” Moira hissed.

“Fuck YOU,” Beth growled, infuriated at her own helplessness no matter how temporary it might be.

“Fuck YOU,” Moira snarled back at her. She held her death grip for a few more seconds before finally sagging down on top of Beth’s body. Beth felt a wave of exhaustion hit her and she realized that they had both been going full bore for almost 20 minutes now. Even as strong as Moira obviously was, Beth doubted she could keep it up much longer.

Even as their bodies began to give out, both women maneuvered, maintaining their holds, Beth’s arms locking around Moira’s waist as the two fresh enemies slowly wrestled each other up onto their knees, still locked chest to chest.

“I don’t know what your problem is, bitch,” Beth panted into Moira’s soft blonde hair as the two women held each other in a hateful embrace.

“Is this how they’re fighting in there?” Moira breathed against Beth’s ear. “Tight and hot like this?” For a moment the two women simply gasped against each other’s chests, and Beth squeezed her eyes shut, feeling out Moira’s breasts as they hardened against hers with every inhalation. Then Moira slowly ground her big glands sideways across Beth’s big pair, letting the four tightly pressed globes jostle for position. “Are they fighting like this?” Moira whispered.

Beth couldn’t suppress her groans now. “Is this how you like to fight?” she whispered back, shifting her breasts downward until she forced the blonde’s boobs up until they almost bulged over the top of her sports bra. Moira immediately retaliated, grinding her breasts downward so that Beth felt the other woman’s jutting nipples cut across her exposed cleavage before slicing downward to prick Beth’s angry brown rods through the material of their bras.

“You fucking whore,” Moira groaned as she met Beth’s stiff rods head on, both women crushing their breasts head to head against each other, measuring toned, defined abs against bare abs and each feeling the roiling heat of the other woman’s crotch bare centimeters from her own.

Beth again let her hands drift downward to grip and squeeze Moira’s perfect ass. She felt the big muscles tighten under her fingers and Beth’s pelvis squirmed eagerly at the response. “Feel my ass,” she ordered. Moira’s head pulled back so that she could stare Beth down coldly as her large, strong hands caressed, then gripped Beth’s buns tightly. Beth glared at her as she too flexed her gluteal muscles under Moira’s fingers, proudly displaying her power. Both women squeezed firmly, their fingers exploring each other’s big muscles as they stared each other down. Then suddenly Moira shoved Beth away and stood over her furiously.

“Suck my tits!” she hissed before spinning to show Beth her back as she stalked toward the door. Beth couldn’t believe it. The blonde had been teasing her!

“Wait a minute!” she yelled, leaping up from the mat. But Moira was already out the door. Furious, Beth stalked after her until the two women were marching down the dim hallway outside the sparring room.

Moira shot a hateful look back at Beth as the trainer followed the blonde. “Go interrupt THEM if that’s what you’re looking for!”

“Don’t you talk like that to me!” Beth snarled at Moira’s back. “I know what you two have been up to!”

Moira spun to face her. They were just outside the office—it was nearly midnight now and Beth knew the gym would be practically empty now. Glaring at Moira spitefully, she marched over to her desk and called up the appropriate video file on her computer. Moira stared coldly at the screen, her face clouding over with red as she made out the figures of her and Rachel struggling hotly on the mat, looking very much the way she and Beth had only a few moments earlier.

Beth moved back into Moira’s face to deliver the coup de grace. “I could REPORT you two for this. I could have you kicked out of the club, maybe even charged with trespassing for doing that after hours.”

Moira glared into Beth’s face furiously for a second before delivering a stinging slap to Beth’s face. Beth took it, her ears ringing for a second, then she viciously returned it, rocking Moira until the blonde had to shake the soft hair off her face. Beth bumped her chest into Moira’s and pushed her out of the way as she headed toward the door. “I’m heading for the showers,” she said nastily, throwing a final look to Moira before heading out of the office.

She didn’t have to look back to know that the blonde was following her. Just as she suspected, the female locker room was empty, and she made a show of stripping off her sports bra as she strode down the locker aisle toward the showers. She paused, putting one magnificent leg up on the aisle bench as she pitched the damp sports bra into her gym bag and shook her big, full breasts free, showing Moira her superbly muscled back and ass before slowly peeling her yoga pants off her like a snake shedding its skin.

Moira marched past her, glaring over her shoulder as she too stripped off her top, and then bared her superb ass and legs, tossing her damp workout gear into a locker before striding nude toward the shower, tossing Beth another challenging glance as she marched into the shower cubicle. Beth had kept her upper body turned away so that neither woman could see the other’s breasts, but now she abandoned her own workout gear and strode toward the shower room nude, her ample boobs rippling, thrust forward bravely as she marched across the tiles. Moira had started her own shower as Beth entered the square room. The shower room sported four spigots, two on each wall, with a decent amount of tiled floorspace and draining grates between them. Beth watched Moira’s nude body from behind, admiring every perfect curve, from her strong, sculpted back muscles to her tapering waist, broad, flaring pelvis and pear-shaped, muscular ass and equally muscular thighs and calves.

Beth turned on her own shower, taking the one catty corner from Moira’s, and she began to soap her body, giving Moira an equal view of her own muscular back, ass and thighs. Both women glared at each other over their shoulders for several smoldering moments before Beth turned to display her chest, stomach and pelvis to Moira. The blonde shot her glance up and down Beth’s soaking wet, glistening body and Beth purposefully lathered her breasts, her long brown nipples jutting out wetly in Moira’s direction.

The blonde quickly rose to the challenge, pivoting to show off her own superbly toned, tawny body, lather and water flowing downward to embrace every curve and womanly bulge as she posed for Beth, chest thrust out to point her supple, pink-nippled breasts toward Beth’s mammary display. Her stomach with its deep, large navel and supple abdominal muscles rippled as she breathed and flexed her broad, tan-lined pelvis, her nest of dark blonde pubic hair framed by her thick set of pale, sleek vulva. Beth’s butterscotch-furred cunt displayed itself starkly as she took a cocky stance and watched Moira slowly soap her impressive breasts, squeezing her thick nipples between thumb and forefinger as she stared coldly at Beth.

Fucking cunt, Beth thought to herself, unconsciously mouthing the words as she glared at the blonde. What a big cunt tease. The blonde had goaded her into the kind of behavior she’d sworn off for years, and now it all looked like some spiteful trick to get her back for showing Moira the fight between Rachel and Susan. Every nerve in her body itched to march across the shower room floor and jam her slick, soaking wet body against the blonde’s and really compare, pound for pound, who was hotter and harder. And she could see the same desire in Moira’s eyes. She wanted to fight, probably wanted much more—but she was holding back out of pure spite.

Both women continued to glare at each other while they flaunted their bodies slowly, each squeezing and handling her own full breasts, presenting them like trophies, weighing them, then releasing them and allowing their firmness to show as they barely sagged once released from their owner’s grip. Beth traced her wet abs and navel, then put her hands on her womanly hips and watched as Moira matched the gesture, tossing her soaked blonde hair off her face aggressively.

“Big bitch,” Beth said finally.

“You big-assed whore,” Moira replied.

Just as Beth was about to step forward to cross the distance between them she heard footsteps outside the shower room. She stiffened and locked eyes with Moira. Both women waited and watched until they saw Susan, sweat-drenched and bruised, step warily into the shower room.

“Hey,” Beth muttered casually.

“Hey,” Susan acknowledged, stepping slowly up to the shower spigot next to Beth. Susan eyed Moira warily for a second before turning the shower on, dousing her stylish, short hairdo and beginning to lather.

Ten seconds later Rachel walked into the shower. Beth saw Moira’s stare lock furiously on the elegant, haughty blonde and her perfect hourglass figure, platinum blonde pussy and superb breasts as she stepped up to the shower spigot next to Moira. She too was slightly bruised from her struggle with Susan and now Beth noticed a few bruises on Moira too. No doubt she had a few herself.

Rachel’s beautiful face with her sparkling, daring blue eyes stared intently at Moira as she soaked and lathered herself, and Beth watched the woman’s perfect ass and slender waist until Rachel turned to face outward, putting her incredible rack and smooth, tanned stomach on display.

All four women faced each other now, eyeing one another, coolly studying every curve, every muscle, and every sexual characteristic being shown off in the steamy heat of the shower. Beth had seen Susan nude, but never Moira or Rachel, and of course neither of them had ever seen Beth or Susan in the raw. Beth was proud of her body and it was obvious they were four of the tallest, most solidly built, most toned and strong women at the club. Rachel’s face was striking, the face of a merciless, arrogant mistress; Moira’s was softly beautiful but hiding a secret strength that Beth was only just now discovering. Susan still looked the playful party girl, but her encounter with Rachel had uncovered a wellspring of anger that she was struggling to hide. And Beth knew her own face must be showing the raw lust that Moira had unleashed in her.

Beth marveled at the other three racks glistening on display around her. Susan’s mammoth tits were still the biggest and sported shocking aureoles over three-inches across, her dark nipples pointing slightly skyward as her pert knockers supported them. But her size advantage was slight and Beth noted that Rachel’s intimidating boobs made for a very close second place as they quivered and glistened wetly, making for an arresting, meaty contrast with her elegant, limber body. As she stared hotly at Moira she noted that she and Beth seemed tied for third in this very close contest, their breast sizes a tantalizing match as she had learned only too well during their grappling match.

She saw Rachel send Moira a strangely triumphant, taunting stare, as if she’d won some little victory over the other blonde, and Moira stared daggers back at the other blonde, seeming almost to blink back tears at some betrayal. Beth thought the two naked women might come to blows right there but then Moira turned her hateful look toward Susan.

The head trainer glared back defiantly, but Beth could tell Whit was frazzled by her fight with Rachel and confused by this new apparent enemy. Beth couldn’t believe what was happening. She could feel that the gym had emptied and that the four nude, athletic women were now the building’s only inhabitants. The old, electric thrill of forbidden combat was making her every nerve ending sing and her heart pounded at the possibilities gathered around her. At the same time she felt sidelined by the tension in the shower room, which centered around Moira, Susan and Rachel.

“Do you have a problem?” Susan said finally as she returned Moira’s cold stare. “Moira, right?”

“That’s my name,” Moira said, reaching behind her to turn off her shower spigot, her glare never leaving Susan.

Beth looked at Rachel and the haughty blonde’s expression was smug and satisfied. Glancing around at the other three women, Rachel turned off her shower and eyed the others coldly, locking eyes with Beth for one arresting moment, her eyes raking up and down Beth’s nude body display suspiciously. Beth realized she was at an advantage now, as she had the goods on all three women in the shower but Rachel didn’t know a thing about her. She also came to another instinctive realization—Rachel was a cruel, manipulative trouble-maker, just like Beth—a secret sadist who enjoyed pitting other people against each other. She stared back into the platinum blonde’s eyes knowingly. That’s right, bitch, she thought to herself—you and I are natural enemies.

Susan turned off her shower now so that only the pathetic sound of Beth’s faucet filled the little room. She fumbled back and turned the water off, leaving a shocking silence in its wake disturbed only by the quiet, determined breathing of the three women and the music of water droplets raining off their bodies and hair onto the wet tile floor. Moira and Susan continued to stare each other down, each silently daring the other to make the first move. Beth and Rachel still eyed each other warily, but the building confrontation between Susan and Moira was quickly dominating the steamy atmosphere of the shower.

Susan continued to stare hard at Moira as the other big blonde glared at her. Susan seemed stunned at this out-of-left-field challenge, but she was still obviously in combat mode from her long scuffle with Rachel, and she didn’t seem prepared to brook any verbal abuse from some other tall amazon at the gym right now. Susan shot a glance at Beth that seemed to indicate she more than suspected that Beth had a hand in the developing situation. Beth met her stare defensively, and for a moment the ambiguous, frustrating friction between the two trainers trumped the standoff between Susan and Moira. As they locked eyes Beth wondered what would happen if she and Susan were ever to go after each other for real.

Before she could entertain the notion further Susan turned back to Moira, glancing down at the blonde’s bare chest and the two firm globes and their erect nipples pointing directly at her. Susan looked almost embarrassed by her own hard nipples and tight, aroused breasts—as she saw Moira glance down at them it was obvious she saw Susan’s tits as another provocation. But Susan also clearly couldn’t help proudly sticking the two heavy glands out a little more.

When Susan spoke it seemed like a weak attempt to defuse the situation. “Listen, Moira…I’m warning you…you do NOT want to mess with me right now.” But somehow the words came out much more like a challenge than an excuse to break off the confrontation.

Moira immediately took a couple of steps forward, hands on her hips in dead serious anger mode, until she and Susan were only about a foot apart.

“I have a little warning for you too, Susan,” Moira sneered, glancing back furiously at Rachel. “Stay away from her.”

Susan took a step forward and both women warily eyed each other’s breasts and jutting nipples as their glistening boobs hovered within a few inches of one another. Susan studied Moira’s long nipples intently, gauging the distance between them and her own stiff weapons. It would only take a simple move from her to touch her tingling rods against Moira’s. Beth could barely believe what was happening, and the awesome sight of the two magnificent women facing off, their big, glistening bodies in perfect opposition.

“What is she, your girlfriend?” Susan taunted. “Don’t worry, if I need a lesbian date I can do better than her.” Beth shot a glance at Rachel, watching the glamorous blonde’s face tighten a little at the insult, losing her attitude of manipulative superiority for an instant.

“She’s not my girlfriend, you big bitch,” Moira said dangerously. “Whatever I have with Rachel is between me and her and none of your business.”

Susan circled slightly to the side, as if trying to get free of the wall behind her, and Moira countered, maintaining the close face-off. “Do you two fight?” Susan said quietly, airing out her suspicions and giving Beth a start, causing her to shoot another sharp look at Rachel. Had Susan somehow checked out those security cam recordings?

“That’s private,” Moira said in an equally low voice. “But if anyone’s going to pound Rachel it’s going to be me.”

Susan huffed derisively. “From what I got tonight I have my doubts you could handle her,” she said, glancing gamely at Rachel.

“From where I’m standing I don’t think you have the body to handle her either,” Moira shot back. Susan flushed at that and Beth suddenly realized that the head trainer must have lost her sparring match with Rachel! She glanced at the elegant blonde with new respect and Rachel returned the look with a cool, haughty confidence.

“That’s between me and Rachel,” Susan said, as suggestively as possible. Beth realized Susan was trying to keep the other blonde angry and confrontational, milking the face-off now instead of trying to defuse it. Susan managed to move a little closer to Moira, her nipples now dangerously close to brushing against the blonde’s. “But it’s for sure you don’t have the body to handle ME.”

“Maybe you could have said that six months ago but right now I’d match up against that body of yours GLADLY, Susan.”

Susan stared down at Moira’s chest, taking in her toned shoulders and thick biceps as well. “Yeah, you’ve put on muscle in the past few months for sure, but you know something, Moira? No matter how much you pump I’ll still have bigger tits than you.”

Moira eyed Susan’s big pair hungrily. “Bigger, maybe. Firmer, I’m not so sure.”

“Believe me, girlfriend, you do not want to find out,” Susan said.

Amazingly, despite the presence of Beth and Rachel—the very woman they were arguing about—Susan and Moira seemed completely focused on each other, shutting out the rest of the shower space and the two naked witnesses to their developing conflict. Beth’s heart was pounding as she watched the two tall amazons move closer together. The atmosphere of erotic violence in the muggy shower stall was electric.

“I wouldn’t mind finding out, honey,” Moira now moved forward and gently engaged her nipples against Susan’s. Susan froze for a second, struggling to suppress a gasp. In the aftermath of her fight her big breasts were obviously raw and swollen, her nipples aroused and stiff as they braced themselves against Moira’s. But she clearly wasn’t about to retreat and she moved forward herself until her nipples scraped hotly across the blonde’s and began to press into the other woman’s dark aureoles.

The two women began to maneuver closer gently, slowly increasing the pressure between their four heavy, gleaming boobs, tit flesh beginning to press and compact as they moved nose to nose. “You really want to do this?” Susan said, easing first her left, then her right mammary gland more tightly up against Moira’s. “I could press yours flat.”

“I doubt it,” Moira said, adding to the tit pressure herself. “You’ve got big fat ones but mine are firmer.”

“In your dreams,” Susan purred. “Is this what you and Rachel do?” she taunted, sending a sneering look at Rachel. “Press your big titties together to see whose are better?”

“Keep your nose out of my private business,” Moira growled. “Right now we’re talking about your boobs against mine.”

“FINE,” Susan breathed, and with that she angrily butted her big breasts into Moira’s. The dirty blonde’s breasts rippled at the impact and she stumbled backward slightly while Susan’s massive rack quivered, water droplets spattering off the two mammoth glands as she shook them tauntingly at Moira.

“Cunt,” Moira snarled as she stepped forward and sent her own heavy trophies back into Susan’s breasts with a dense, splattering smack of thick tit flesh against tit flesh. Beth felt a shiver of pure carnal electricity shatter through her, shooting from her heart down to her throbbing sex as she watched, heard and FELT the four quivering breasts collide and smack together. Moira tossed her thick, wet hair back away from her face as she placed her hands on her hips and led with her chest, meeting Susan head on in a clash of glistening, soap-slick boobs. It was true Susan had the advantage in mass, but Moira’s aggression was making up for the difference, and Susan was recovering from a hard-fought sparring wrestle with Rachel. Beth studied their bodies, noting their basic equivalence while taking in their differences, from Susan’s sharp, stylish short hairdo, dark roots frosted with golden blonde highlights and her the almost black triangle of fur between her legs and Moira’s soft, dirty blonde locks and dirty blonde, thick pubic curls. If Susan’s tits were bigger, Moira had the superior pelvis, broader and more flaring than Susan’s trim, athletic but still quite powerful hips.

The two powerful women shoved each other back and forth across the little shower arena, thrusting their jiggling, supple tits together, banging the hot glands against one another fiercely, snarling into each other’s faces as the battle intensified in the center of the shower. Beth’s mouth was dry as she drank in the sight of the two awesomely matched women pressing and smacking together chest against chest, naked muscles flexing and coiling along their legs, asses, backs and stomachs as they slammed together.

Beth could see Susan’s fury growing and Moira’s cold glare turning murderous as their breasts reddened and nipples lengthened with the stinging impacts. “You fucking cow,” Moira snarled, glaring hatefully at Susan’s intimidating tits.

“You big jealous bitch,” Susan growled back. The two women now closed into a tight, angry clinch, Susan reaching for Moira’s hair while Moira, frustrated by the trainer’s short hairdo, clamped her arms around Susan’s muscular back and neck to hug her in closer. Beth watched as Susan jabbed her fist into Moira’s stomach, dull smacks ringing out in the shower as her knuckles punched into the dirty blonde’s flat abs. She was obviously trying to bring the struggle to a quick conclusion but Moira’s supple abdominals were clearly stronger than they looked. The two powerful women’s big breasts rippled and jostled against one another as they locked their arms around each other’s necks, fingers grabbing at hair, until their soaking wet knockers began slapping together like church bell clappers, nipples pointing toward the floor now as the women wrestled together with their upper bodies almost horizontal, muscular backs rippling with effort as they strained against one another.

As both women’s thighs spread wide to maintain balance and leverage, Moira paid Susan back with a sharp fist jab into the trainer’s stomach. Then both women adjusted their aim, sending their free fists plunging into each other’s exposed, hanging breasts while they clinched roughly together, gasping and swearing against each other’s shoulders. “Big whore!” Moira growled as she smacked her fist into Susan’s swinging tits.

“Fucking lesbian tramp!” Susan spat. “Is this how mad you get when I mess with your girlfriend?” Suddenly Rachel sprang forward. “Shut your mouth!” she shouted, and before Beth could react the elegant blonde locked her arms around Susan’s waist, reaching around to yank at the trainer’s dark, exposed pubic fur.

“Get the fuck off me!” Susan snapped as she and Moira continued to trade vicious punches to each other’s breasts. Beth quickly lurched forward and grabbed the back of Rachel’s scalp, yanking her off of Susan before she could consolidate her grip. Rachel immediately got in Beth’s face and Beth found herself nose to nose with the elegant blonde, Rachel’s lovely features suddenly twisted with jealousy and outrage.

Rachel tried to force her way past Beth and Beth instinctively met the other woman chest to chest. She felt another electric shock of erotic desire rock through her body as her naked, slippery breasts met Rachel’s startlingly firm and dense glands. Beth’s own breasts had been pounding with blood flow as her excitement over the growing brawl mounted, and at the touch of Rachel’s boobs against hers she felt her nipples harden to inch-long daggers flicking against Rachel’s equally stiff pink rods, and her heavy, twin orbs grow stiff and firm with arousal at the feel of the platinum blonde’s pert behemoths contesting with hers.

“Take your hands off me!” Rachel snapped, tearing her arm free from Beth’s grip and forcing their struggling breasts into even closer contact.

“Let ‘em fight!” Beth growled warningly. “You started this shit!” she added, knowing that it was only half true. She and Rachel were equally complicit, equally manipulative—and her body was itching to find out how equal they were in other matters.

“Get your weak little body out of here,” Rachel snarled into Beth’s face, her elegant features still twisted with an oddly desperate emotion. “You don’t rate fighting with women like us!”

“You fucking full-of-yourself bitch,” Beth said as she strained against Rachel chest to chest. “You think I’m not good enough for you? I’ve whipped more snotty sluts than you’ll ever tussle up with, honey!”

“You don’t know the first thing about real power,” Rachel hissed, hot spit spraying from the platinum blonde’s elegant mouth onto Beth’s lips. “When I fight I fight to dominate—whether it’s a weakling like Moira or your big tough trainer friend, and I’ll have you know I dominated that big chest of hers not ten minutes ago!”

“Is that right?” Beth said, angered in spite of herself as she thrust her firm chest roughly against Rachel’s. “Well I fight anyone I want to, and that includes your precious, pretty Moira—and as a matter of fact we were having our own sweaty little sparring match in the room down the hall while you were pressing tits with Susan, so suck on that.”

“You cheap hussy,” Rachel snarled, shoving Beth back against the slippery tiled wall with a sudden thrust of furious power. Before she knew it her body was pinned by the platinum blonde’s hot, shockingly hard muscle and the stunning contrast between her python-like thighs and biceps and her seductive, supple tits as they squirmed and jiggled against Beth’s. Rachel pressed cheek to cheek with Beth and she suddenly felt the elegant blonde’s pelvis press against hers, her hot platinum fur briefly searing against Beth’s butterscotch bush.

Beth coiled a powerful arm around Rachel’s waist, locking the aggressive blonde’s body into position against hers. Now that she’d entered the fray she could no longer resist the potent mix of female violence and sexual tension in the damp air, and she knew that here and now no bodily weapon was off limits.

Eagerly, she jammed her hot fur aggressively against Rachel’s and felt the blonde pant hungrily as she returned the thrust, both women measuring their coarse pubic curls against one another. “You hairy bitch,” she snarled into Rachel’s ear as she matched her throbbing jungle fur against Rachel’s.

“Rough cunt,” Rachel hissed back at her as the two women angrily rubbed cunt against cunt.

“Don’t ever tell me I’m not good enough to match up against a woman like you—or your cheap gym girlfriend!” Beth snarled, baring her teeth against Rachel’s mouth. The encounter had already progressed past her wildest fantasies, and Beth could feel all the old sensations of womanly combat and tight competition flooding back into her nervous system.

“You’re nothing but a gutter tramp,” Rachel moaned, her elegant mouth twisting in hate against Beth’s lush lips. “Your body’s no match for mine and it’s no match for Moira’s!”

“I’ll match up against you or her any time!” Beth said, thrusting hotly against Rachel’s supple pelvis, tangling her searing pubic curls against the blonde’s.

Suddenly another hand yanked savagely at Beth’s neck-length hair and Beth found herself torn away from Rachel. Moira, her smokey gray eyes blazing with fury, loomed in front of her now, smacking viciously at Beth’s face as she dragged her along the shower wall. “Keep your fucking cunt away from her!” Moira shouted, jamming her fist into Beth’s stomach while she yanked her hair. The dirty blonde was straining to break free of Susan’s hold as the trainer tugged at her thick hair from behind and attempted to pin one of her arms back to keep her off Beth. Instead Moira twisted free of Susan and tackled Rachel, the two women thrashing into an ugly, scratching clinch as they took out their frustration and jealousy on each other. Now it was Moira’s turn to pin Rachel against the wall and Beth watched as the dirty blonde’s gorgeously curvy, supple ass flexed and throbbed as she thrust into Rachel’s waiting pelvis and the two angry blondes smashed their bare, soaking breasts together.

“Is this what you want to do to her?” Moira demanded as she smacked her cunt into Rachel’s, forcing groans from the platinum blonde as she pumped her steaming sex into the other blonde’s aroused cunt.

“Is this what YOU were doing to her in the other sparring room?” Rachel shot back, choking and hissing against Moira’s mouth as the two women struggled against each other. As they rolled against the wall the two women fell against one of the shower controls and a hot spray of water began to add to the steamy atmosphere of the room. Just as Beth was taking in the spectacle her face was rocked by another slap that forced her to whirl and face Susan as the other trainer now advanced on her, her mammoth breasts shaking until they impacted Beth’s.

“You set me up,” Susan snarled drunkenly, the sting of alcohol strong on her breath. Susan dug her fingers into Beth’s hair and slammed her back against the wall again. “You let that psycho bitch spar with me…just like you’re always trying to start something up between the two of us!”

“You’re out of your mind!” Beth lied, gripping Susan’s powerful forearms and trying to peel away her vise-like grip. “You think I’m so hard up I need to get off on your muscle, miss bad-ass?”

She felt herself slipping to the floor and the coursing water from the open shower spigot splashed around her firm ass as it hit the tiles. She pulled Susan downward and both women spilled onto the floor, thrashing furiously in a fight neither had wanted only moments earlier. She felt Susan pinning her, controlling her, her heavy mammaries weighing down Beth’s chest as she squirmed on her back against the slippery shower tiles beneath her. She managed to twist sideways and find one of Susan’s meaty breasts with her mouth, and she angrily bit at the sweet meat, happy to throw any remaining inhibitions to the winds. Moira and Rachel had thrashed their way down to the floor too and they now fought beside Beth and Susan, rolling over and over each other as their arms and legs gripped each other.

Susan forced her forearm down onto Beth’s neck as she bent down to return the tit bite, sinking her teeth into the puckered flesh of Beth’s aureole, threatening her erect nipple with her teeth. Beside her Beth saw Rachel and Moira locked together, straining breast to breast, fingers locked in each other’s soaking wet hair while each girl spread her opponent’s thighs and pounded at her exposed pussy in an attempt to defeat and dominate, each young woman wrestling her way on top of her adversary to grind and pump hungrily.

She suddenly met Susan’s brown eyes as the muscular trainer held her down and the two Y staff members glanced at the thrashing, fucking competitors beside them. Susan vengefully positioned her pussy against Beth’s and Beth squirmed, her abs tensing against Susan’s and her thighs locking onto Whit’s in anticipation as Susan growled, “Is that what you want you big cunt?”

“If you’re woman enough to give it to me,” Beth found herself whispering back. With a sudden burst of electric friction Susan’s cunt powered into Beth’s waiting snatch and for several long moments the two couples thrashed, pumped and fucked side by side in the half inch of water on the shower floor, all four women fighting for dominance and respect as they worked their jealousy and aggression out on each other. Beth found herself riding Susan for several minutes, feasting on the bottle blonde’s massive, meaty breasts as both women urged and ordered each other to suck each other’s tits. Beside them Rachel and Moira raged and stroked at each other, biting breasts and mouths with hunger and hatred, their two perfect, muscular asses struggling for dominance as each mounted the other, delivering stroke after sizzling stroke into each other’s waiting, ravenous pussies.

Beth felt herself come first underneath one of Susan’s pumping, muscular attacks, but she quickly reversed their positions and ground an equally intense orgasm out of Susan, delighting in her obscenities as she bucked and moaned underneath Beth’s muscles. Beside them she heard Rachel pant and moan through a shaking climax, gaspingly recover and then twist and mount Moira in carnal revenge until the dirty blonde bucked her way through her own orgasm.

Beth twisted up to find herself staring into Rachel’s face, shoulder to shoulder as they each thrashed against their quarry’s body underneath them. “You cunt,” she hissed at Rachel.

“Weak bitch,” Rachel sneered back. Beth quickly reached out to yank the platinum blonde’s hair and Rachel hungrily cupped one of Susan’s big breasts, digging her nails into the gland until Susan screeched in pain.

“Suck my tits you arrogant tramp!” Susan growled, bucking and squirming against Beth while she grabbed at Rachel’s arm and dragged her closer. Beth bit at Rachel’s shoulder and suddenly felt Moira’s hands on her breasts, squeezing and pinching them mercilessly. Beth managed to slip her free hand between Rachel’s thighs and feel where the platinum blonde’s burning hot vulva and pubic fur mingled with Moira’s. Viciously, she dug her fingers into both women’s vulva, twisting the soft flesh and hot fur around her fingers, digging her nails into the yielding, delicate petals of their competing labia until both women hissed and screamed in protest.

Somehow all four women’s upper bodies locked together, straining against one another in a hideous tangle of arms, quivering breasts, tangled hair and angry, biting mouths. Beth felt teeth scrape her cheek and neck, fingers tear at her hair, a knee smash into her stomach, while she scratched and squeezed at heavy, jiggling breasts, tugged at nipples and twisted at pubic hair. Rachel managed to clamp her fingers onto Beth’s cunt and take revenge for her attack on Rachel and Moira’s sex, and she felt Susan twisting her tits while the other trainer bit at Beth’s ear and neck. She sank a fist into Moira’s supple abs and then managed to lock her mouth onto the dirty blonde’s until both women moaned against each other’s lips and teeth, exchanging savage sex bites, gasping against each other’s mouths.

She jerked as a tongue entered her pussy, twisted down to see Rachel licking and biting her cunt. Grabbing the platinum blonde’s hair, she sucked on Moira’s tongue while Susan licked and bit at the dirty blonde’s breasts. She felt her ass smacked and scratched, stomach punched; she locked thighs with Rachel for one minute, then suffocated with Moira’s thighs clamping around her head for another.

The hot shower spray lubricated their tiring bodies as the thrashing, four way battle dragged on, Beth, Susan, Moira and Rachel snarling obscenities, dirty threats and challenges as they switched up, slapped and bit their way through the exhausting, marathon brawl. Finally Beth found herself beside Susan on her knees while they both faced Moira and Rachel, all four women panting, glistening with water and sweat, their bitten and abraded breasts thrust out at one another challengingly, hair matted, tangled and soaked, each dragging her nails up and down the curvy, supple torso of the woman in front of her, yanking hair, biting at necks and mouths. Somehow they had retreated to their original, twisted alliances, Beth flanking Susan against Rachel and Moira.

“We’re going to beat your pussies,” Susan panted, leaning toward Rachel as the platinum blonde sullenly aimed her big breasts upward to meet Susan’s.

“We’ll pound yours raw,” Moira gasped out her own threat as she wrapped an arm around Beth’s waist, dragging her in close until their breasts met wetly, hotly, hard nipples stabbing in a last contest of attrition as their exhausted owners pressed chins together and snarled their hatred against each other’s mouths.

“We’re better than you,” Rachel moaned as she positioned her own breasts against Susan’s, crushing her bitten, abraded nipples against Susan’s sore, brown rods, their four weapons slowly slashing and grinding agonizingly together. “Trainer or not, we’re going to dominate you here and now.”

Beth turned to mash her lips hotly against Susan’s in a searing good luck kiss before turning back to face Rachel and Moira. “We’re going to fuck you, you big cunts…right fucking now.”

As if on silent agreement all four women reached down and dug their fingers into each other’s hot, matted pussy fur, twisting the pubic hair around each other’s fingers until they all squirmed and hissed in pain. Then the women began to squeeze, knead and explore each other’s vulva and labia, finally slipping fingers, then fists up inside each other, twisting their knuckles inside those hot, slippery caverns to force sweat, moans, and shaking orgasm after orgasm from one another. Beth glared into Moira’s eyes as she violated her, and squeezed her own gripping vaginal walls around Moira’s fist, taking it inside her ravenously while she fucked her opponent. She listened to Susan and Rachel groan as they invaded one another, thrusting their slippery, throbbing breasts together and finally beginning to lick, suck and wrestle tongue against tongue in an attempt to overwhelm one another sexually. Beth felt Moira’s soft mouth caress hers and she too began to probe tongue against tongue, feinting and coiling her thick, long taste organ around Moira’s as they both fought to invade each other’s mouths, bite and lick each other into submission.

“Cunt!” she snarled against Moira’s mouth, and she tasted Moira’s hot breath as her rival snarled “Pussy!” back at her.

“Big, hot bitch!” Susan spat against Rachel’s mouth. “Cheap whore!” Rachel shot back. After that none of the four women were capable of speech, only animalistic moans as they pumped inside each other, hungrily tongued and bit, smearing burning breasts and nipples across one another. Beth felt wave after wave of pleasure shaking through her as she began to collapse against Moira, collapse against Rachel, against Susan, all four women sinking into a pool of arms and legs, of heaving, teeth-marked breasts and raw nipples, claw-marked asses and thighs, gasping mouths, tangled hair and sore, satisfied cunts. Beth rested against one of the other women’s breasts—she didn’t know whose.
Exhaustedly, she licked at a softening nipple while its owner twitched against her.

Slowly the four women withdrew, breasts heaving, exchanging wary, hateful glances, until the two tangled up couples faced each other seated, legs splayed and overlapping so they formed a rough circle with their backs to the outside. Beth had her right arm around Susan’s back; facing them, Moira and Rachel also embraced side to side, turning to glare at each other before exchanging hungry, hot kisses and slow bites.

Beth turned slowly to face Susan. In the heat of that last tangle they had touched, bitten and licked, but now that first rush of animal lust had subsided and cold calculation took over for an instant. Susan’s face was still slack with arousal, but there was a flicker of disgust and betrayal there in her lovely features as she sat nose to nose with Beth. Beth moved forward and Susan retreated for a second, then kissed her viciously. She nosed past Beth’s mouth, slid along her cheek and hissed in her ear, loud enough to be heard over the spray of water still dousing the four women from one of the shower heads.

“You wanted this. You’ve been pushing my buttons from the start, and now you set me up with that psycho bitch so I hope you’re happy with the fuck party.”

Beth pulled her closer, delighting in the feel of the other trainer’s big bosom, the breasts she’d longed to feel and compete with, sliding and pressing slickly against her own boobs. “Don’t tell me you didn’t want it, and you were happy to power fuck that snotty cunt so don’t tell me I’m not good enough for your body now.”

“Cunt,” Susan responded, tugging Beth into a mauling, hot kiss. Beth slowly thrust her tongue deep into Susan’s mouth, eager to taste the other woman for real, and Susan’s tongue met hers full on, the two thick, pink muscles powering against one another, straining to dominate and lick. Next to them Beth could hear Moira and Rachel moaning as they too licked and sucked one another in an aggressive, hungry clinch of mouths. Then she heard Rachel speak.

“You amateur bitches,” the platinum blonde taunted. “You don’t know the first thing about fighting and fucking.”

Beth pulled out of the kiss and shot the other two women a look. “We knew enough to make you two cum like nymphos, didn’t we?” she said angrily.

“Fisting isn’t fucking,” Moira growled, her cold eyes meeting Beth’s, slowly pressing Rachel backward. The platinum blonde’s thighs spread wide and Moira leveraged her slick, heavy breasts atop Rachel’s as she positioned herself, hovering over Rachel’s wet, waiting body. “You need an ass like mine to really pound a woman’s pussy good,” she said, cocking her pear-shaped, muscular ass in the air over Rachel’s splayed hips and upthrust cunt as she crouched beside Beth and Susan.

Beth felt an immediate flush of competitive fury. There was no doubt Moira’s ass was awesome but Beth had always considered her own buns to be the hottest, most toned and muscular in the gym. She turned back to Susan and pressed her backwards a bit, breast to breast, and positioned herself on her hands and knees over Susan as the other trainer reclined. Now Beth too flexed and flaunted her sexy, powerful ass as she crouched parallel to Moira. “You really think your ass has anything on mine? I can bring my woman off before you and make her cum harder than you ever could, honey.”

Both women glared at each other as they nestled down over their willing partners, Rachel and Susan both arching their backs, eyeing each other jealously as they displayed their proud, massive breasts for both each other and their partners while Beth and Moira flexed their asses, thighs and back muscles in a threatening, fiery display, their lush pelvises hovering over their partner’s, hot fur dangling less than an inch over the waiting, angry pussies below. “If you want a little fucking contest, bitch, bring it on,” Moira purred. “Think they have anything on us, Rachel?” she said, extending her tongue to give the platinum blonde’s mouth a lick.

“Not a chance,” Rachel growled back, glaring at Beth and Susan.

“Think we can outfuck them, Whit?” Beth said as she pressed her breasts into Susan’s.

“Any time,” Susan said, staring at Rachel.

Beth slapped her hips down onto Susan’s and instantly she heard the answering smack of Moira’s pelvis pounding down against Rachel’s. The double smacking noises continued as the two athletic women began to thrust and pump vigorously into each other’s lovers. Susan’s cunt was sticky and rough, and the heat and friction was unbearable at first—all four women hissed and gasped and Beth felt Susan’s claws grab her ass as she gyrated onto the other woman’s body.

She shot a glance down at Moira’s hot buns flexing and pumping before meeting the other woman’s cool gray eyes. “You think that ass of yours is so hot? I’ve been training these buns since before you ever hit a gym, honey.”

“I’ll match my buns against yours any time,” Moira hissed back. “Mine are stronger and sexier and they’ll outpump yours any day of the week.”

“Just show them, Moira!” Rachel snarled underneath the dirty blonde. “Show these bitches who fucks harder!”

“I can tell right now she pounds harder than you,” Susan taunted Moira. “Beth’s hotter and stronger than you’ll ever be!”

Beth felt a flush of pride and lust as Susan responded to her and supported her as the contest intensified. The four women began to buck and thrash and Beth felt Susan’s cunt growing slippery and inviting as her own slick labia squeezed, stroked and gripped Susan’s. She turned to glare at Moira and the two women angrily stared each other down as they continued to pound into the women below them. “I’ll fuck you into the floor!” Moira snarled at her.

“I’ll beat you off hard!” Beth growled back. Suddenly Moira reached out to yank Beth’s hair and Beth instantly retaliated, jerking the other woman’s panting face closer.

“Think you’re hot?” she snarled, tugging Moira’s face in so that she could bite at the other woman’s soft mouth.

“I’m a hundred times hotter than you,” Moira growled as she bit back at Beth. Soon Moira’s hot, lush lips were pressing against hers, almost stealing her breath as the two women matched mouths. She plunged her tongue into Moira’s mouth and the dirty blonde retaliated, both women moaning against each other’s lips as they kissed savagely. Out of the corner of her eye Beth could see Susan dueling Rachel’s mouth with her own, the two women dodging and feinting before locking into a biting duel just as heated as the one she was engaging in with Moira. The other woman’s bites were infuriating Beth, and even as she kept up her passionate stroking of Susan’s pussy she felt a savage instinct to engage Moira and finish the battle they’d started earlier.

As if reading her mind, Moira jammed a thigh between Beth’s and Susan’s hips, forcing Beth sideways. Beth thrashed with her legs and managed to thrust her pelvis against Moira’s and suddenly her throbbing pubic fur thrashed against Moira’s dirty blonde curls, and Moira instantly slammed her crotch forcefully into Beth’s, both women aiming their opposing thighs in the air and against one another while their free legs remained locked with those of their lover’s. Moira beat her pelvis against Beth’s savagely and Beth returned the favor, both women thrusting and struggling in the spray as they writhed atop Rachel and Susan.

Beth reached down to grip one of Moira’s ass cheeks, squirming against the other woman’s breasts and belly while Susan’s thighs gripped Beth’s pelvis, still feeding off Beth’s thrusts even as she directed them at Moira. Beth felt an answering grip on her own ass as Moira urged her closer as the pelvic duel continued.

“Is that as hard as you can pound, honey?” Moira taunted her as her soft mouth attacked Beth’s. “No wonder you and Susan have never fucked.”

“You don’t know a thing about me, bitch,” Beth snarled against Moira’s tongue. “Just because you got your first taste of girl fucking doesn’t mean you stand a chance against me or my ass.”

“My ass can outpump yours any day or night,” Moira shot back, “Maybe I should give it to your little honey so she can see what a real woman feels like.”

“Maybe I should teach that bottle blonde bitch of yours what a real fucking is all about so you can learn a thing or two!” Beth snarled into Moira’s mouth.

“Go ahead and try!” Rachel gasped as she pulled free from Susan’s mouth. “You couldn’t get me to first base!”

“If you want a shot at my pussy come down here and get it!” Susan spat up at Moira. “I’d like to see you try to do me better than Beth can do your little hussy!”

“Fucking get off of her!” Moira said, shoving her off of Susan. For a second the two women met on their knees over Rachel and Susan and exchanged vicious slaps, then locked in a tense hairpull.

“You want me to fuck your girl?” Beth taunted Moira. “I’ll give her the ride of her life!”

“Not before I beat the cum out of your woman, baby!” Beth snarled. She managed to thrust Moira backwards and they both landed on their asses in the shower. Before Beth knew it Rachel was on her and then Susan clashed with Moira next to them on the floor. The two couples wrestled but Susan and Rachel were both at a disadvantage from their long, earlier fight, and Beth quickly found herself on top of Rachel, the elegant, gorgeous blonde’s superb body squirming underneath her while next to her Moira pinned Susan, pressing the trainer’s sexy muscles and ass down against the shower floor tiles.

Beth began to pound hotly into Rachel’s supple pelvis and pussy, surprised by the vigorous bucking and thrusting the platinum blonde managed as Beth gripped the other woman’s wrists to pin her down. Beside her Moira’s lush, athletic body strained and flexed atop Susan and the two women’s eyes locked together again as they each began to savagely fuck each other’s lovers.

Beth saw Susan moaning and bucking, her back arching to present her magnificent tits to Moira, and the dirty blonde eyed Beth spitefully as she licked and bit at Susan’s big nipples, her hot ass jerking as she gave it to the trainer. As Susan convulsed underneath her Moira taunted her, making sure Beth was watching as she snarled, “Come on, admit I give it to you better! Has her ass ever whipped you this good?

Beth was making equal progress with Rachel, although the arrogant blonde fought savagely, her face fierce with hatred as she bashed her own plump breasts against Beth’s and dug her nails viciously into Beth’s ass. Beth recognized a fellow sadist in Rachel, another woman who enjoyed manipulating, teasing and hurting others, and for a few seconds she forgot about Moira and reveled in the damaging, burning battle between her own hot, furry cunt and Rachel’s. “Go ahead and fuck back, baby, because you know I’m going to do you dirtier than that soft bitch Moira ever has!”

“You’re nothing like her!” Rachel groaned, forcing her mouth against Beth’s.

“No, I’m stronger and hotter,” Beth said, shooting a taunting look at Moira.

“I’ll outlast you,” Moira panted as she stared back. “I’ll fuck her harder than you ever could.”

“I’m going to tease your woman’s clit,” Beth growled.

“I’ll show your girl mine is bigger than hers,” Moira snarled. “And yours!”

“In your dreams, baby!” Beth said, eagerly stroking as she felt her clitoris popping from its hood. “When I’m done with your bitch I’ll dominate your clit once and for all!”

For long moments the pumping, gasping and moaning intensified until all four women began to thrash with quaking orgasms. Beth stared murderously into Moira’s eyes as she came and saw the other woman’s face slacken with orgasmic pleasure, while Rachel and Susan screamed and thrashed underneath them.

“Like watching your little slut cum under me?” she demanded.

“Your bitch came twice as hard!” Moira snapped back.

All four women thrashed free of each other, slipping on the floor as they sat on their asses facing one another, legs overlapping. Unable to contain her fury, Moira reached for Beth’s hair and tugged her closer.

“Get off her!” Susan growled as she lunged between them. Beth locked her thighs around Moira but suddenly felt one of Rachel’s legs slip between them. Grabbing Rachel’s hair she gripped both Moira’s and Rachel’s bodies while Susan wrestled next to her. Once again the four slippery, bulging women’s bodies began to tangle and meld on the wet floor, squirming under the hot spray. Beth managed to scissor Moira while Susan’s thigh squirmed between their bellies, then Rachel’s pelvis somehow intervened to meet Susan’s. Beth smashed her cunt against Moira’s and watched as Rachel’s pussy met Susan’s. She ground into Moira’s cunt, then slipped and smacked briefly into Rachel’s snatch to meet her in a furious grind before returning to Moira, angrily seeking the other woman’s clit.

The four women wrestled over one another, body slipping and sliding over body, arms and legs locking, gripping and thrashing as they grabbed breasts, bit at nipples, tore at hair and bashed cunt against cunt on the slippery floor. Beth’s pelvis sampled Susan’s for one hot moment while Moira bit and sucked at her breasts an Rachel licked and bit at Susan’s quivering tits. For a feverish moment Beth lost track of the fingers and mouths attacking her body and the flesh under her lips and teeth. The moans, gasps, threats and curses issuing from all four women became a riot of pure animal expression as they clawed, hugged and thrusted.

Finally Beth found Moira and angrily hugged her in a full body clinch, spreading her thighs wide to match Moira’s as the two newly minted rivals fulfilled their promise to challenge each other’s clits. Beth’s sex organ had stiffened to a thumb-sized weapon in the heat of the battle and she was gratified to finally feel an equally thick shaft emerging from Moira’s labia, thrusting through the sticky, tangled and hot mess of her pubic fur to meet Beth’s. Beth pinned the other woman but Moira quickly matched her thighs and squirmed sideways, giving their two powerful asses equal leverage as they began to thrust and fence.

It had been a long time since Beth had met another woman on this intimate, filthy level, and the astonishing stabbings of Moira’s clit against her own, and her enemy’s probing of her yielding labia with that stiff pink weapon, was everything she had hoped for when she’d initiated this confrontation. “Feel me, bitch?” Moira hissed into her ear, as if reading her thoughts.

“You feel what I’ve got, cunt?” Beth snarled back as she matched the full length of her clit against Moira’s. With superb muscle control the two women began to slide and saw their clitorises against each other length to length, dodging past to invade one another’s pussies at every opportunity before returning to match sexual organs in an insanely arousing duel. On the floor next to them Beth saw Rachel and Susan engaging in an equally intense sexual tussle, Susan struggling valiantly and maintaining equal footing with the elegant Rachel as their bodies squirmed, hot asses flexing as they contested cunt against cunt and, Beth was certain, clit against clit.

Beth stabbed hotly against Moira, marveling at the other woman’s seductively soft and yielding yet muscular body as it opposed hers, their nipples tangling slickly, breasts mushrooming under tight pressure as they clinched, gasping against each other’s open mouths. Beth fought to press her clit against Moira’s, gauging the length and thickness of the enemy organ against her own and finding them shockingly similar, equally hot and hard as they stroked and bent electrifyingly against one another.

Her body shook with climax after climax as she gripped Moira, allowing the other woman’s orgasms to feed her own. It seemed like hours before her clit began to soften against Moira’s in time with the other woman’s weakening, their cunts stroking softly now as they each squeezed the last few ounces of pleasure from one another, while on the floor next to them Susan and Rachel too moaned and purred into a semi-conscious, orgasmically wracked state of oblivion.

For long minutes the only sound in the shower was the spray of water, cooling to a chill now, and gasping, labored breathing from the four combatants. Finally Beth raised herself on her elbows, staring across her soaking, ravaged breasts toward Moira and Rachel. Beside her, Susan took a similar, exhausted posture, eyeing Moira and Rachel warily.

“We should have kicked you two bitches out at the first sign of trouble,” Susan said grimly.

“Good luck with that,” Rachel said haughtily. “We’ve got just as much on you two as you have on us.”

“Fine,” Beth snapped. “Now we know just what to expect from you.”

“Any time you want another confrontation just you dare to get in my way,” Moira said pointedly to Beth.

“I’ll be waiting for you,” Beth replied coldly. “Just call me your personal trainer.”