It was still impossible for her to get any leverage with her lower body, however. She began to pour all her strength into freeing just her fingers. Tendons and knuckles cracked as an almost microscopic battle was waged between the redhead’s hands and hers. “You’re not going anywhere, honey,” Rhonda grunted, and to Christina’s satisfaction there was real strain in her voice as she struggled to maintain her twin grips. “I’m going to keep on controlling you and I’m going to humiliate you once and for all.”

“You just suck my tits, baby,” Christina snarled. “You can’t keep this up forever.”

“I’ll do more than suck these big sweet knockers before I’m through with you, Christina,” Rhonda groaned back at her. With the wooden shelf abrading her shoulder blades the brunette was afraid to move her upper body too much; afraid the unpainted wood would rip splinters deep into her unprotected flesh. But she was beginning to see that it might even be to her advantage to be pinned this way because unlike Rhonda, she was the one who had something to push against. She managed to raise her left shoulder several inches and was greeted with a painful scraping against the wood behind her. Ignoring it, she focused on the position of her left breast and nipple; closing her eyes she managed to slowly work the distended shaft until it was almost twisted around Rhonda’s own engorged rod. When she was certain she had her nipple above Rhonda’s she jerked her shoulder downward and was rewarded with a hiss of pain from the redhead.

“God DAMN you!” Rhonda growled, flinching backward just a little. Christina instantly snapped her sweating right hand out of the redhead’s grip and whipped it up into Rhonda’s thick mane of hair. Rhonda immediately dug into the tangle after it but Christina had already twisted ropes full of the silky red strands around her fingers. She curled her fingers inward and gave Rhonda’s hair one good jerk backward until the redhead’s chin was level with Christina’s nose. “Oh, you fucking bitch,” Rhonda growled dangerously. “You really want to play this way?”

“I’ll play any way I have to, cunt,” Christina said. She knew she was in a risky position but her back was quite literally against the wall now. She continued to twist hair around her fist, making sure she had too much of a handful to easily dislodge. Suddenly Rhonda’s hand flashed forward and buried itself in Christina’s own soft brown curls and she felt her own head jerked violently backward until she was chin to chin with the redhead.

“Now let go of me or I’ll bash your head against these shelves,” Rhonda growled.

“Fuck you—I’ll do the same to you, bitch,” Christina grunted back. Christina realized suddenly that her back was no longer against the shelves, that her initial hair pull had tugged Rhonda’s body off of her and that they were now at equidistant positions from the shelves behind each of them, facing each other in the center of the aisle. It was tight enough that Christina could make good on her threat: Rhonda’s head was no further from the shelves than Christina’s was. Rhonda’s legs were still spread a little and Christina took the opportunity to widen her own stance a little. Their breasts were still touching one another, but almost gently now, Christina realized, their nipples tracing soft lines on each other’s skin, tingling as circulation returned to all four mammaries after the crush. The stalemate continued for a few seconds before Christina realized the initiative was hers to take. She forced her own body forward, sensing that Rhonda was waiting for another hair pull, and momentarily knocked the redhead off balance and back against the shelves behind her. The brunette quickly consolidated her position, pressing her upper body down onto Rhonda’s and now taking her own turn on top of the redhead’s chest. She took a second to reposition her nipples to what she hoped would be the most uncomfortable position for her opponent and then pressed forward with all her strength, to the tune of a groan of protest from the cocktail waitress. Rhonda tugged brutally at Christina’s hair, forcing her chin back upward just as she was considering landing a bite on Rhonda’s face, but Christina still had the upper hand.

“Now let’s see how much pressure your big jugs can take you fucking cow,” Christina said. The pain from the hair pull was excruciating, but no worse, she thought, than the bite of unpainted wood into her back and ass had been. She clamped her legs around Rhonda’s and forced her stomach and pelvis down against the other girl as the redhead bucked against her; the hair pulls and the danger of the bare shelves kept both women from moving too violently. “You like feeling my hard nips inside your big bare tits, bitch?” Christina taunted. “Like feeling that wood against your ass?” She even flicked her hips against Rhonda’s a little, knowing the redhead’s little thong offered absolutely no protection for her behind. She was feeling a little better about her choice in underwear and realized she would probably be well scraped on her buttocks if she hadn’t worn the nylon shorts.

“Get the fuck off of me!” Rhonda snarled, and Christina could hear real fury in the redhead’s voice now. She was enjoying her revenge but she knew that they had both gone far a field of their original rules and that their building anger and the intensifying violence of the struggle could explode into something very dangerous.

“You want me to back off, I’ll back off,” Christina said quickly. “We agreed this was going to be just our tits.”

Rhonda shook against her but Christina could feel the redhead fighting to keep herself under control. “So?” she said furiously. “We’re tit to tit.”

“No hands,” Christina said emphatically. “Not even finger locked like this you bitch. If you’re going to pin me against these shelves you’ll have to do it with those fat jugs of yours, not your hands.”

The girls breathed sweatily against each other for long moments and Christina winced with each inhalation as her boobs swelled up against Rhonda’s. Obviously the cocktail waitress was trying to rationalize a way out of the standoff that would keep her dignity intact and Christina too was not about to let the redhead free until she could guarantee she was not going to be assaulted. She could almost sense Rhonda mulling an argument about who had locked fingers first. “All right let go of me and let’s get back to me outdoing your weak little tits, Christina,” Rhonda said finally.

Christina instantly felt a flush of anger at the taunt, amazing even herself by how easily the big redhead could manipulate her. She could have easily taken the cocktail waitress’s suggestion as a surrender but Rhonda had turned it into a challenge. Slowly, carefully, the girls relaxed the death-grips each had on the other’s hands and hair; Christina let her hand twist free first and she let it slip down until it had found a purchase on Rhonda’s stomach. Rhonda herself let her own free hand lower itself to fall on Christina’s hip. Christina swallowed, flexing her fingers against Rhonda’s stomach as she felt the circulation return. She relaxed the vicious grip she had on Rhonda’s hair but neither she nor the redhead fully disentangled their hair holds, just allowed their fists to unclench and lay relaxed in the other woman’s warm locks. Rhonda twisted her grip until she was holding the nape of Christina’s neck and Christina let herself do the same; she could resist letting Rhonda’s soft, silky hair slide around her fingers and palms and she felt a shiver when she brought her hand to rest on the redhead’s own neck.

Both girls let themselves relax and recover for long seconds, still breathing against each other. Rhonda attempted to move backwards out of Christina’s grip but Christina instinctively tugged at the redhead’s neck, holding her closer, and she felt Rhonda’s stomach muscles tighten against her palm. “Don’t,” she said simply. Rhonda’s face was against hers, the redhead’s mouth just beside her own as she pressed into the cocktail waitress’s cheek.

“Don’t fucking order me,” Rhonda said very slowly and quietly against her. “You’re not boss here yet.”

“I will be,” Christina muttered, unable to resist.

“You think you’re so fucking hot, clicking around in those fuck me pumps all night,” Rhonda purred. “All those loose blouses and tight tops, squeezing your tits out at me every chance you get.”

“What about you and your tight sweaters and hooker shorts, bending over the ice cooler every night and sticking that ass in my face every time you come behind the bar?” Christina growled back. “Oh, you knew what you were doing, didn’t you honey? Trying to show me up in front of everybody and get your rack out in front of mine all the time.”

“Don’t fucking tell me those tight shorts of yours weren’t just as small as mine,” Rhonda said. “I could see every bit of your ass and you did your share of bending over back in that bar too, honey.”

“You’ve got a nerve calling me on my shoes when you wore stilettos yourself, whore,” Christina said. “You just wanted to make yourself look bigger and sexier than me.”

“I don’t have to do one thing to make myself look sexier than you, Christina,” Rhonda said. “I’m bigger than you where it counts and I always have been.”

Both girls had trembled against each other during this line of talk and Christina suddenly realized she had given the redhead some maneuvering room in the chest area. Only their aureoles and nipples were meeting each other now, perhaps a bit more titflesh as each girl inhaled and expanded her chest. Rhonda had begun a slow but insistent rotation of her boobs, some give and take with her shoulders as she subtly began to goad the brunette back into the breast conflict. Christina’s mouth had gone dry again and she could feel the sweat evaporating off her body in the darkness as she and Rhonda moved against each other almost gently now, as if they were slow dancing.

“Why don’t you just feel my big soft tits then, if you think you’re so big?” Christina whispered, instantly feeling Rhonda press against her a little more in response.

“You feel mine,” Christina said, slowly grinding her boobs against Rhonda’s, bringing first one, then the other all the way up from underneath Rhonda’s heavy load until they had crossed the redhead’s nipples and perched themselves on top of Rhonda’s breasts so that she could let the full weight of her glands settle on her rival’s. “Just feel mine weighing yours down, bitch.” The girls wrestled their bodies against each other slowly, each able to force her rival backward up or down the dark aisle only momentarily before her opponent managed to stop her progress and start moving her backward with her own muscle. It required incredible concentration to maintain the strangely soft, massaging contact between their big breasts, especially in this total darkness: Christina had to sense Rhonda’s body position and anticipate the momentum of the other girl’s breasts as well as her own. She was nose to nose with the redhead and each girl still sought to psyche the other out by hovering in close to her and maintaining a sensuous, provocative body contact between them. Christina wanted Rhonda to feel every part of her just so she could know what she was going up against. But she couldn’t deny that the feeling of Rhonda’s warm, quivering, bare breasts against hers was making her shiver with sensory overload. The tangy, sweet scent of the redhead’s breath kissing her face and the tickle of the cocktail waitress’s soft, luxurious hair, the glide of her thighs across Christina’s made for a constant flood of sexual signals for her body to interpret. She felt her nervous system responding as if to a lover, and she had to keep reinforcing in her head that this was a contest, a fight.

For a moment the two tall girls skirmished at exactly the center of the corridor, and the only sounds in the darkness were their labored breathing and the slide and hiss of breast skin against skin as each girl fough0t to dominate the encounter. Christina’s neck and shoulder muscles were beginning to ache with the effort; she was really beginning to realize how much weight she carried around on her chest every day and how difficult it was to maneuver those jiggling, heavy glands with precision. She could feel a mist of sweat breaking out again between her shoulder blades and in the small of her back, and she could sense the effort in Rhonda’s grunts and her deep, long breaths as the redhead wrestled against her. Christina finally slipped and let her left breast smack against Rhonda’s with a thick, liquid impact. Rhonda hissed and suddenly smacked back with her left breast into Christina’s right and the brunette winced at the stinging slap of flesh on flesh. “I can fight that way too if you want, bitch,” the redhead growled. Christina almost started to deny she had intentionally titslapped Rhonda but before she could speak the cocktail waitress arched her back and smashed both boobs roughly into Christina’s chest.

“You fucking cunt,” she found herself saying, leaning in and directing her own still shaking breasts back into Rhonda’s rack. The sound was like muffled cannon fire as their four breasts collided head on; it was so loud in the sheer blackness of the storeroom that both girls hesitated and withdrew for a second, each cradling their own tingling bosom and glancing up at the overhead windows to see if anyone outside had heard them. But the streets seemed empty and silent.

“You want some more of me, pussy?” Rhonda’s voice emerged out of the darkness. Christina immediately stepped forward until she was matching bodies full on with the redhead and both girls slowly pressed and measured their bare breasts against each other.

“If you want to keep smacking tits just say so Rhonda,” Christina said purposefully, her mouth almost caressing the redhead’s lips. “You said you were going to beat my tits so here’s your big chance.”

“If you want to play rough with what we’ve got I don’t have a problem with it,” Rhonda said darkly.

“Let’s play rough then,” Christina said, jabbing her boobs a little against Rhonda’s.

“Fine,” Rhonda purred. “No hands unless I say so.”

Christina didn’t have time to think about the ramifications of that before Rhonda shoved her away with her chest. The girls immediately lunged forward and butted each other chest against chest, the collision sounding with a thick report of dense meat against meat. Like dueling mountain goats the topless women smashed together, separated, gathered themselves and smashed together a second time, then a third. Christina’s breasts were throbbing but she refused to give way to Rhonda’s massive globes and she continued to thrash forward blindly, trying to seek out the redhead’s breasts with her own, going as much by heat as by the feel of Rhonda’s boobs displacing the humid air around them. She poured all her energy into her tensing, lithe thighs and after several moments she could feel Rhonda’s body giving way. She realized she was actually driving her enemy backward now toward the blind alley at the end of the aisle. The redhead fought even more viciously as she seemed to realize what was happening and Christina moaned as shattering impacts of flesh on flesh rocked her shaking breasts. “You wanted this tit contest, bitch, and now you’re gonna get it!” she snarled into Rhonda’s wincing face as she pressed forward her bosom assault. Rhonda was staggering backward now and she cried out as her back hit the shelves at the end of the aisle and Christina’s sweating body smacked up against her full on. Christina reached out to grip the shelves on either side of Rhonda’s body, mindful to avoid grabbing the redhead herself. Using the leverage available to her she slammed her upper body into Rhonda’s once, twice, three times before finally pinning her enemy against the shelving, taking care to position her nipples for the deepest penetration into Rhonda’s retreating breasts. She pressed her abdomen and pelvis against Rhonda’s and clamped her muscular thighs around the other girl’s, holding her in place as the redhead writhed helplessly against her.

“Get your hot tits off of me you sow!” Rhonda groaned against the brunette, jabbing back at her opponent with her own substantial weapons. Christina’s tits were throbbing despite the fact that she’d finally taken the offensive, and even with her leverage advantage she still grunted in pain at the shock of Rhonda’s heavy, temporarily outmatched boobs ramming back into her own. The redhead thrashed furiously in her full body hold, sweat lubricating the contact between the two girls’ tight bellies, flexing thighs, and compacted, bulging breasts. Christina growled into Rhonda’s face as she compressed her left, then right breast even deeper down onto Rhonda’s, but the four jiggling, superheated glands were already becoming slick enough from perspiration that it was impossible to get the brutal, steamroller effect she was going for, and she could feel her breasts slide across Rhonda’s—not harmlessly, for she still got the benefit of the redhead moaning in humiliated fury against her, but not with the devastating impact she’d been going for.

Rhonda suddenly bucked violently with her hips and Christina stumbled back a bit, and the redhead took advantage of the breach, violently slapping her breasts back up against Christina’s naked chest and throwing the brunette backwards. Christina struggled to right herself and Rhonda spring on her, smashing her sweating boobs back into violent conflict with the brunette’s pair. Christina began to throw all of her own vicious energy into smacking back with her jiggling bosom and a long and uncompromising tit-boxing match began. Again and again the two girls butted breasts, sending loud, heavy cracking sounds echoing through the empty storeroom. A spray of sweat splattered Christina’s already wet face as her boobs thudded off Rhonda’s and she hissed and grunted as she forced her agonized tits into direct contact with her redheaded rival’s bare breasts again and again, each girl trying to force a louder moan of agony from her opponent as the battle raged up and down the long, narrow aisle. Christina could almost locate Rhonda by body heat and by the intense smell of girl sweat souring her cheap perfume. Several times both girls swung their tits wildly from side to side, feinting with enough savagery that they hit nipples only in lightning-fast, flicking collisions. Finally Christina tried to throw all her strength into one massive thrust with her upper body, leaning forward into the collision only to find Rhonda taking the same tactic. The fighting women hit chest to chest in a terrible, smashing collision that flattened all four quivering breasts nearly flat. Christina heard her own roaring moan of pain almost drowned out by Rhonda’s and both girls fell into a staggering, vicious embrace. Christina’s face was buried deep in Rhonda’s thick, sweet hair as her head lolled on her enemy’s shoulder and she felt the other girl doing likewise as both combatants sank to their knees, each unwilling to let go of the other.

Christina wrapped one arm into a snakelike coil around Rhonda’s waist, drawing the other girl’s belly in close. The redhead wrestled against her and she felt her competitor’s left arm do the same to her own slender waist while their breasts fought for position above their pressing bellies. Each girl tried to press her whole body forward but with their upper bodies wrapped up tightly together neither fighter could get real leverage now. They staggered back and forth only a step or two at a time now, tiring, a mess of tangled hair, sweat, and aching breasts. Christina held Rhonda’s hot body to hers as the competitors struggled in a stalemate, one hand in her rival’s hair, the other wrapped around her sinewy waist. Both girls continued to apply all the pressure they could bring to bear on each other’s mashed mammaries, their nipples still buried and tangled deep in hot tit flesh. Christina let her hand slip down onto Rhonda’s hip so that she could just begin to feel the swell of the redhead’s ass. She curled a finger around the elastic of the cocktail waitress’s thong experimentally, waiting for a violent protest from Rhonda, but the other girl only grunted against her. If anything she could feel the redhead’s free hand sliding around the small of her back, probing at her abrasive nylon shorts. The underwear had become a hothouse prison for her overheated jungle of dark pubic hair that lay matted and tangled against her sweating vulva, not to mention her flexing, sweating buns. Rhonda’s ass felt cool to the touch as the mist of sweat on her cheeks evaporated in the dark, warm air of the storeroom, and she envied the other girl the freedom even as she knew her choice of underwear still left her vulnerable to other forms of attack. If Rhonda wanted to get her hands anywhere near Christina’s crotch she would have great difficulty working her way through the tight nylon material.

“I hope you’re getting off on this you bitch,” the redhead grunted into her ear.

“You’re the one with the stiffies, honey,” Christina growled back into the tangle of Rhonda’s hair, giving her throbbing breasts a little shake for emphasis that forced a hiss of pain out of both women. For all of the dirty, naked fighting neither girl had addressed the sexual element of their fight directly until now, and Christina trembled against the cocktail waitress as she measured Rhonda’s and her own response to clearing the air. For a few moments the girls stood in a silent embrace, and the kissing pressure of Rhonda’s bare breasts against her own could no longer be denied just by the heat of battle. There was something electrifying about having the redhead’s hot body pressed against hers, skin to skin, in total darkness like this, undressing their secret rivalry in the dark.

“Fuck you, you little whore,” Rhonda said finally, obviously choosing to pursue the issue. “You probably wanted to get in my panties for real all this time.”

“Oh, don’t tell me you haven’t been checking out my body and my clothes ever since you started here,” Christina retorted, refusing to back down from the challenge.

“Just because I couldn’t believe the slutty outfits you were showing off!” Rhonda snapped.

“You bitch,” Christina said, curling her fingers around the waistband of Rhonda’s thong. “You mean like these little stripper thongs of yours?” She tugged the slender band of material up between the redhead’s ass cheeks experimentally and was rewarded with an irritated groan as she worked the thong up deep into the crack of her rival’s bottom.

“You fucking cunt,” Rhonda muttered, her nails scraping for purchase on Christina’s sheer underwear waistband. “Don’t you fucking wedge me, girl, or I’ll split your ass too.”

“You’re not gonna find much to hold onto on my shorts, honey,” Christina taunted as she yanked Rhonda’s thong up even higher. “Maybe that’s why I don’t dress like a whore.”

“Maybe I’ll have to tear those fucking things off your ass then, bitch,” Rhonda growled. Christina felt the other girl’s nails scraping her pelvis and she heard the bite of nails beginning to catch and rip on the nylon fabric she wore. Instinctively she backed off with her hips, trying to give the redhead less leverage to work with, and even though she had a much better hold on Rhonda’s thong waistband the redhead matched her move, leaning forward and allowing their sweat-plastered bellies to peel away from each other with a sticky smacking sound. Rhonda’s free hand slipped off Christina’s shorts and slid up her back as Christina leaned down even more, and the redhead growled in discomfort as the brunette maintained her hold on Rhonda’s thong. She still couldn’t see a thing but judging from the elasticity of the fabric and how high she had pulled the waistband up Rhonda’s flank Christina judged that the crotch of the underwear must be cutting right into her labia and grinding deep into her ass by now. With a jiggle of her hips Rhonda finally pulled the underwear out of Christina’s grip and both girls’ free hands now joined their counterparts in each other’s hair as they maintained the hot, head-to-head clinch. Christina’s breasts finally freed themselves from their crush with Rhonda’s and hung downward, quivering in the dark; she felt her nipples pointing at the floor, fully erect, and for a second Rhonda’s breasts bumped against hers as they swung back and forth on the redhead’s chest. Angrily she twisted and sent her own hanging boobs knocking back into Rhonda’s; she felt the collision travel like a wave, first the uppermost, thick meat of the base of her breast, then the thinning, inflamed flesh of the forward part of her boob slammed against its counterpart on Rhonda’s bosom, and finally their four nipples tangled and scraped violently together in a final whip crack collision and skirmish. The conflict was accompanied by a loud, liquid smack of rippling flesh on flesh, as if two hot water bottles had been slammed together.

“Keep those sweaty fucking things off me, slut,” Rhonda grunted, quickly returning the blow by somehow sending her left, then her right swinging thuddingly into Christina’s breasts. The impact was like getting a goading punch to each one of her breasts and Christina immediately felt her waning temper rekindling.

“You keep your gross titties off mine, you filthy whore!” she said, realizing that was the last thing either of them intended to do. The bartender immediately moved her boobs in a circular motion until they were whipping across Rhonda’s, catching her nipples at the last minute; that strategy lasted only a second as Rhonda matched her move in the opposite direction, leading to a stunning collision of both pairs of jugs traveling in opposite directions. The fighters groaned as the rippling sound of the impact echoed in the darkness.

“God damn you, if you want to fight my tits against yours than let’s fucking do it!” Rhonda snarled as she bore her breasts again into Christina’s. “I told you I’d beat your tits off tonight and I meant it.”

“That’s just what I want out of this,” Christina admitted, pulling Rhonda in tighter. “I warned you I’d be the one to beat your tits if we tangled up like this.” Snarling in fury, both girls thrashed against each other, using their heavy boobs like wrecking balls against each other, battering and smacking sweating flesh against flesh in an incredible assault of throbbing gland against gland. Christina could barely believe what they were doing to each other even as she recognized that their simmering feud had to be settled like this, by matching the asset each most hated in the other against one another in private. Christina could feel her breasts heating up even more at the friction and activity, almost as if the milk she imagined in each bosom was boiling under the assault. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she continued to bear directly into Rhonda again and again until she thought neither she nor the redhead could possibly take any more, yet each time the vicious cocktail waitress came back for more, mashing her quivering breasts against Christina’s tingling pair, smacking and knocking her boobs into Christina’s as if her life depended on it. Christina had never imagined her breasts could take or give such punishment, yet even as they throbbed in pain she realized that she could keep this battle going for as long as Rhonda wanted it. Every time Rhonda’s breasts collided with hers she ached to take the fight right back to her opponent’s vulnerable boobs and prove to her that she had the firmest, heaviest, most aggressive rack between them. The same hunger that had come over her when she had gotten into that first scuffle a month ago was now fanning into a flame inside her; she had seen the look of twisted fighting lust on the other girl’s face as they had tangled, even as she had dominated her and pinned her underneath her long body—the other girl had pressed into her eager for something more out of that fight, and Christina was only now discovering what that was as the sweat-soaked smacks of bare breasts beating together rang in the darkness around her.

To be continued