Christina took a deep breath, realizing it was as much her responsibility to come forward as it was Rhonda’s.

The breath was enough. Instantly she felt the thick, rubbery points of Rhonda’s bare nipples flicking against the fronts of her own naked breasts. She snapped her mouth shut and bit down on her lower lip to keep from gasping at the sensation. That time at camp she had just been a girl; now she was feeling a woman’s big nipples, hard and aroused, jabbing against her. She pivoted imperceptibly and felt the even greater shock of her own brown buds striking against her enemy’s twin shafts in response. It was like two pairs of match heads striking against each other, flashing a firestorm of sensation through each girl’s breasts, shivering through her stomach, spine and pelvis. She felt Rhonda’s long, lean body twitch as the lightning bolt of wicked pleasure shot through her. “You big fucking bitch,” she whispered as she redirected both nipples back against Christina’s rapidly stiffening pair. The brunette’s brown rods had almost instantly grown from eighth-inch tall nubs to fully erect, hard cylinders almost three quarters of an inch long, and she instinctively feinted in a delicate motion to flick her newly stiffened weapons across Rhonda’s long pink guns. “You big, dirty fucking bitch!” Rhonda whispered to her again. “I’m glad you’re such a big hard slut, Christina, because that means we can really fight.”

“Oh yeah we’re gonna fight all right,” Christina whispered back. She had to squeeze her eyes shut for a moment even in the near blackness. She simply could not believe what she and this other young woman were doing to each other. Her stomach was boiling with stress and the two combatants had only just begun to touch one another. Christina wondered for a second whether it might have been easier after all just to punch it out with this woman. She was ready to put her fists on the line against Rhonda, but she had to wonder whether she was really ready to put the naked intimacy of the most secret parts of her body into direct conflict with Rhonda’s.

She had to will herself to continue this first, exploratory part of the fight. Rhonda raked her nips across Christina’s a second time in a way that might have seemed gentle or playful under other circumstances but in her present overexcited state it was like having a horsewhip slash across her aroused nipples. She grunted as the redhead’s oversized rods pressed their sides against her own lengthening shafts; time seemed to slow down as the rubbery points dragged across her hypersensitive nubs and she winced but forced herself to slice back nipple against nipple with Rhonda, and to her satisfaction she heard a hiss escape the redhead’s mouth at the contact. Then Rhonda led with her right breast and stabbed one long nipple right past Christina’s erect defender and deep into her aureole. Christina twisted and flicked her bent nipple back and returned the thrust, grunting triumphantly as she drilled her own stiff brown shaft back into Rhonda’s tit and felt it penetrate the soft, flushed skin of her aureole. She kept twisting forward and felt her nipple tangle up with Rhonda’s until her own aureole began to press down on the redhead’s and for the first time she felt a hint of the mass and weight of Rhonda’s right breast begin to make its presence known against her own quivering gland. Rhonda swore under her breath and twisted away from the nipple knot and suddenly Christina felt the other girl’s left breast smack lightly into her right one.

Even with such a light, kissing impact the weight of Rhonda’s boob made a sound almost like a muffled gunshot as it impacted Christina’s breast, and Christina felt shock waves ripple through her right gland and she fell back a step, both boobs jiggling in the dark. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness enough now almost to make out the milky form of Rhonda in front of her, long face framed by the dark redness of her hair, and a triangular hint of dark panty crotch—or maybe dark auburn fur—beneath her legs. Christina couldn’t make out the other girl’s aureoles or nipples in the dim light, however. She was deeply curious about the color of those features, but she guessed from Rhonda’s complexion and the fact that they were difficult to see in the dark that her nipples were probably pink, barely much darker than her pale, lightly freckled skin. She always thought to herself that pink-nippled girls were pussies and she held onto that notion as she and Rhonda positioned themselves to continue their duel.

Her right boob still seemed to quiver a bit even from the partial weight of Rhonda’s as it had struck her. At this point it was obvious that they were going to fight with their tits and even though she hadn’t done it naked like this before, Christina knew any serious titfight would get rough eventually, and she would have to match Rhonda in weight sooner or later. She knew they were the same cup size and she hoped that meant that the redhead’s boobs didn’t outweigh hers, but she couldn’t be sure until they really came together that way. She thought that if Rhonda really seemed sure she out massed Christina she might just smash into her outright right away to establish her dominance, and that hadn’t happened yet.

Instead, Rhonda suddenly matched up against Christina nipple to nipple, holding her shafts right up against Christina’s shaft to shaft and daring Christina to break the contact. “How do you like that?” she taunted the bartender. “You like my big ones?”

“No; I think they’re weak,” Christina snapped back, flicking hers back against Rhonda’s with studied, intimate roughness. It took delicate control to keep her nipples aligned with the redhead’s while their big breasts quivered and shook, but she was managing it, she thought to herself proudly. “How do you like my hard nips, bitch?” she demanded.

“I think they’re fucking puny,” Rhonda snarled. They were taunting each other like schoolgirls, Christina thought. Well, that was fine.

“Well they feel pretty tough up against your limp ones, baby,” she said, leaning into Rhonda a little. She felt the whisper of the other girl’s thick hair mingling with her own brown curls as their faces hovered almost nose to nose now.

“Don’t feel so cocky, you goddamned cow,” Rhonda said, and Christina thought she heard some extra resentment, as if she might be getting to the redhead.

“We’ll see who the cow is between the two of us, honey,” she goaded. “We’ll see who the cow is and who the boss is and who’s on top and who’s on the bottom.”

“Yeah, well then why don’t you show me, bitch?” Rhonda said sharply. The big redhead moved forward and for a second the other girl’s face brushed against hers and she almost snapped at her, her soft lips drawn back in an animalistic snarl. She suddenly felt the redhead’s big breasts caress hers full on, both girls’ nipples disappearing into the ballooning round flesh of each other’s bosoms as they pressed tit against tit. Christina couldn’t suppress a groan as Rhonda’s heavy, soft boobs enveloped hers in a downy, erotic warmth. She had never, never felt such soft girl flesh against her naked breasts before and the sensation was overwhelming. Against her will she found herself backpedaling to escape that electrifying sensation and Rhonda followed, lightly slapping both her breasts back into contact with Christina’s as she caught up to the brunette.

“What’s the matter, you fucking cow?” she hissed, driving first her left, then her right boob up against their counterparts on Christina’s tingling chest. “You afraid of my tits?”

“I’m not afraid of anything,” Christina grunted, making a show of rubbing her own cool, hardening breasts back into Rhonda’s pair. Her nipples had now hardened to an almost brittle stiffness—they felt like the slightest friction or bending of their rubbery shafts would make them explode—and the skin of her breasts was taut with gooseflesh. She managed to lightly stab her nipples into Rhonda’s aureoles once, then twice, and was rewarded with a sensual moan from the redhead before her rival pressed both big tits back against Christina’s boobs forcefully, using her shoulders to maneuver her twin glands in an overpowering, massaging motion over Christina’s tender bosom. Christina held her ground, pressing in cheek to cheek with her enemy.

“Oh, you fucking cunt, I’m gonna rub the fuck out of those hard tits of yours,” Rhonda growled against her.

“You big, filthy whore,” Christina grunted, just barely managing to keep her boobs in play against the redhead’s. “I’ll press the milk out of those big things of yours first.”

“I don’t think so you hot little bitch,” Rhonda said against her, her voice guttural now. Christina’s back flushed with uncontrollable pleasure at those words and she winced and fought to bring herself back under control. The pressure between their four fighting breasts was building almost unbearably, but the sound of Rhonda complimenting her, admitting to Christina’s sexiness in the middle of this contest, sent waves of pleasure coursing through her. She realized all she wanted now was the big redhead underneath her, begging for mercy and admitting that Christina was the hotter, sexier bitch between the two of them. But at the same time Rhonda’s voice stroking her like this was driving wild. Oh well, she thought—two could play at that.

“Oh yes, you big, sexy tramp, I’ll be on top of you before all this is over and I’ll be milking your hard tits.” The girls continued to skirmish, breast against breast, and Christina raised her voice as she felt Rhonda moaning under her own verbal attack. “You hear me, you fucking wicked hot cunt?”

Rhonda suddenly forced her body hard against Christina’s and the brunette was driven back even further. “Shut your fucking mouth you big bitch,” the redhead snarled, body-wrestling against her.

“Why don’t you try to shut it for me, whore?” Christina demanded, and for several intense seconds the girls mouths gaped and each tried to nip and snap at each other’s lips and cheeks, thrashing into each other like animals. Christina suddenly felt the unpainted wooden shelves on her right side bite into her back as Rhonda forced her into them. She groaned as the other girl’s big, willowy body pressed into hers and pressure between their mushrooming boobs really began to build. As they scuffled Christina for the first time felt Rhonda’s flat belly press into hers and she tensed her abdomen as she felt the redhead’s crunched, firm abs clench against hers. She’d seen Rhonda’s belly a few times and knew the other girl must work out, but now that the combat was starting to develop into a test of strength she was developing a new respect for the redhead’s body. Rhonda’s long thighs caged Christina’s in on either side as she pinned her back against the aisle shelves and the brunette could feel sinew and muscle bunching under the flesh of her inner thighs like steely snakes. Her pelvis wriggled as she tried to slip at least one of her legs out of the redhead’s grip but to no avail; the other girl had her pinned good. Christina reached up and tried to brace herself against Rhonda’s upper arms, and she again marveled at the redhead’s guns as her fingers closed around sleek, toned biceps.

“No you don’t, baby,” Rhonda grunted, reaching up and peeling Christina’s fingers away roughly. The two young women interlocked fingers as Rhonda forced Christina’s arms back against the shelves almost as if she were being crucified. Moaning, Christina almost slumped against the redhead’s cheek as Rhonda flattened her out against the wall, mashing Christina’s round buttocks, spine and the backs of her shoulders painfully against the shelving. The big redhead began to slowly rotate her shoulders and compress first her left, then her right tit slowly down onto Christina’s flattening breasts. She made slight adjustments and as Christina struggled to fight against her she could feel the redhead minutely repositioning her big nipples buried deep at the center meeting point of both their breasts, twisting them a little so they dug deeper and more painfully into Christina’s tit flesh. “How does that feel, bitch?” Rhonda said provokingly, continuing to alternate pressure on each of Christina’s boobs.

Christina groaned as she tried to retaliate and maneuver her own buried nipples so that they scraped against Rhonda’s. It was hard enough to control the volume of her soft breast tissue under normal circumstances, but with her body pinned and movement limited it was practically impossible. “You fucking whore,” she cursed, grunting against Rhonda’s hot face. “Get your nipples out of my tits!”

“What’s the matter, pussy?” Rhonda taunted her. “Am I too big for you?” She accented the challenge with her upper body, pouring on the pressure even more, until her stomach had flattened out so much against the brunette’s that Christina swore she could delineate every abdominal muscle bunching against her own. She could even feel the beginning of some pressure on her crotch; with Rhonda’s mound apparently crammed into the ‘V’ of the thong she was wearing and bulging out toward her own hot, irritated vulva. Despite the protection they offered she was already beginning to regret wearing the confining, hot nylon shorts that were now biting into her upper legs and pelvis on either side of her crotch, cutting into her belly and digging into the skin just under her buns. Between the fire around her hips and the crushing pressure on her chest Christina felt like she was starting to lose it. But she couldn’t…she couldn’t let this big, cheap cocktail waitress humiliate her in the dark this way.

To be continued