“You wanna feel then let’s really feel!” Kathi snarled, tears streaming down her face. She dragged her nails roughly down the front of Judy’s blouse, tearing the buttons away and raking down the redhead’s smooth, creamy belly. Then she dug into the front of Judy’s shorts and curled her fingers around the waistband of her panties. Judy gasped as the blonde tugged upward and she felt the red satin slip between her buns and force its way between her soft labia before pressing hard against her bush. Kathi glowered down at her madly nose to nose and Judy desperately fought back as the blonde’s fist twisted her panties around itself. She clawed her way down Kathi’s shorts and slipped her fingers inside the other girl’s underwear, grabbed a handful of soft blonde pubic hair and tugged upward, grinding her knuckles into Kathi’s hot mound.

Locked into an insane impasse, Kathi and Judy glared into each other’s eyes, snarling, and for a few crazed seconds licked at each other again tongue to tongue. Judy didn’t know what she was doing but she could feel Kathi gyrating against her ferociously as if something was coming to a head, and she could feel her own body bucking under the blonde’s dirty attack. She felt as raw as if she’d been rope-burned all over herself and her clothes were hot and damp with sweat. But she still wanted to make Kathi scream.

Both girls managed to clamp their fingers down on each other’s mounds and twist pubic hair and in a second they separated, falling back against the cold gymnasium wall, gasping for air. Their shorts were unsnapped and open to the air; Kathi’s tank top was ripped and Judy’s blouse had been torn open and was now buttonless. Their faces, necks and arms were red with scratches. As if on a signal Kathi lashed out and slapped Judy across the face as if in violent rebuke for the redhead’s attack on her crotch.

Judy took the blow, her head ringing from it, but returned it instantly and sent Kathi staggering back. Blonde and redhead now stood up away from the wall and faced each other with a new, dangerous ferocity. Judy’s red-bra’d breasts were still hidden in the shadows of her ruined blouse but she arched her back and spread her legs wide as she faced Kathi down, daring the other girl to make a move, and Kathi matched her, the two girls crouching like panthers, sweat and tears glimmering off each other’s faces and bodies in the moonlight. Judy stared at the blonde and wondered what would happen now. There had been something terrifying but also safe about the perverse little kissing duel, but there had been no denying the violence of the encounter’s last few minutes. Judy glared defiantly into Kathi’s eyes, but the tears on both girls’ faces underlined their uncertainty and fear. Judy didn’t know if she was ready for this kind of fight.

Kathi took a single step forward, extending a perfect, bare thigh, and Judy braced herself to renew the conflict, her heart pounding. But then something seemed to collapse inside the blonde. A new well of tears streamed down her face that she struggled to blink away. Suddenly she turned away and her body shook with sobs. Then Kathi marched away defiantly into the night while Judy watched.

Alone in the clearing, Judy waited for Kathi to disappear before she too allowed herself to wash the experience away with a burst of tears. After the heat of the fight her scratches and abrasions were starting to make themselves felt, and she knew her clothes were ruined. She checked her watch and saw that it was past midnight. She had no idea how long her encounter with Kathi had lasted.

She snuck home and managed to get up to her bedroom without waking anyone in her family up. She longed to take a shower but she knew her parents would find that odd, so she hid her filthy outfit and cleaned herself up as much as she could in her room. She lay in the darkness and far from trying to forget the fight, she wound up replaying every instant of it she could remember in her mind. She had no idea why Kathi had wanted to start this showdown between them but she hoped she had given the blonde more than she bargained for. As terrible as it had been there had been something empowering about standing up to someone like that physically. But at the same time she had never imagined the meeting would take the turn it had. It stunned her, and even infuriated her, that Kathi seemed to have had something so dirty planned for her all along.

For every moment of anxiety thoughts of the skirmish produced, however, Judy had an equal moment of satisfaction. She really hadn’t been ready for Kathi at all, yet she felt she had more than withstood this attack on her womanhood. She peeled her ruined blouse off and slipped out of her shorts and for a moment admired the luminous, beautifully curved, athletic body in the mirror. She was bruised and even cut in some places but to Judy her young body looked somehow more feminine than it ever had; even her striking red hair gave a more eye-catching contrast to her creamy face and neck now when it was tangled in sweaty chaos. She wondered what Kathi looked like now, if she was eyeing her own body the same way Judy was. She knew she would certainly never look at Kathi the same way again.

Now she would have to go back to school and face her every day, Judy realized. Every time they passed in the hallway they would share this secret from the world. Kathi had started all this yet she had been the one to retreat when things came to a head, Judy realized. She wondered how the blonde girl felt about that. She cupped her aching breasts, feeling the tightness at their points. Her bra still felt hot, tight and abrasive over her boobs and she reached behind herself to unclasp the garment. She felt cool air and an almost elastic feeling of release as she peeled the cups away from her tender breasts. She flinched as she pulled them off the tips of her breasts then gasped as she saw what lay underneath the bra cups.

Her nipples had somehow stiffened and lengthened to twice the size they were normally. They stuck out like antennae and Judy swore they must be sticking out more than an inch from her aureoles. Gingerly she touched the tip of one and flinched at its sensitivity; it was rubbery and warm, reddened from being twisted up and confined inside her bra. At the same time, she saw that the front of her red silk panties were shiny and dark with moisture. She thought it might be sweat but as she peeled the underwear away from her crotch she saw that her coppery pubic hair was glistening with a pungent due. And something pink was peeking out from the tufts of curly hair like a little tongue. Judy shivered as she realized it was her clitoris, actually extending out from the soft folds of her labia like a horn. What was happening to her?

Kathi slunk into her parents’ house as quietly as she could. Unlike Judy’s, her parents had a roomy basement and a shower, and she knew she could clean herself up there without waking anyone else in the house. She soaped herself in the shower, feeling a mixture of elation and crushing defeat. She had finally dealt with her long fascination with Judy, and in some ways it had gone far better than she could have ever wished. She really hadn’t planned out the encounter, but she knew she was going to force Judy to face up to the physical relationship they had always danced around. She had thought Judy might run away from the idea, but she also knew there was something in the redhead that would never back down from a challenge. Judy thought too much of herself to let herself be bullied. Kathi had chosen that route at her own risk. She had wondered if she might have to just fight Judy in order to feel out her creamy body but Judy had amazed her by responding to her challenge to the kissing duel.

She stared into the mirror at her dark, hard nipples after she got out of the shower. They had always been overly large as far as she was concerned but tonight they were like weapon muzzles, thick and stiff. And there was a new tightness between her legs, too, something straining against the pubic fur down there.

She slipped into her bedroom and turned on one of the dimmer lights, then immediately dug out her collection. She had hundreds of sketches of women’s bodies, some from her art classes, some she’d done in private, some she’d collected. And there were photos of Judy cut out of yearbooks, even a few color ones she’d filched from the yearbook staff. Kathi had always been drawn to women’s bodies and something about Judy had always held her interest even when she was younger. The redhead seemed so similar to her, the same athletic build and pale skin. They had even hung out together for awhile when they were still awkward adolescents trying out for different athletic teams at their high school. But Judy had drifted away from her, if she had even ever noticed their friendship in the first place. Kathi had forgotten about her for awhile, but as she felt her body fill out and her female hormones driving her crazy she had found herself thinking of the redhead more and more. Kathi didn’t consider herself a lesbian—she didn’t even like hearing the word. She hated listening to her friends talking trash and exchanging dirty secrets about each other or their boyfriends. But there was something about the way the sight of Judy’s body and the outfits she would wear affected Kathi that she had to understand.

There was something about Judy that reminded her of herself, Kathi knew. Maybe it was just the other girl’s body, her height, the way she carried herself. The fact that she seemed awkward in some situations…and the fact that she seemed to have a hair trigger temper that she wanted to hide from the world. Whenever Judy looked at her she had that expression that said she felt she was looking at an equal, someone who might want the same things she did, and someone who might be motivated to prevent Kathi from getting what she wanted for that very reason.

Kathi had been grateful for the party and the opportunity to press at some of the buttons she thought the redheaded girl had. And she had been delighted when Judy hadn’t backed down. She honestly didn’t know what she had planned for their meeting but somewhere she’d heard of Judy bragging about what a good kisser she was. And she’d wanted to force the redheaded girl into a confrontation that would test her threshold of modesty. She wanted to see how far Judy would go before she would back down. And she wanted to dominate Judy somehow, whether with her body or the force of her personality she wasn’t sure.

Be SHE had been the one who had backed down. Wrestling up against that wall in the dark, Judy had somehow overwhelmed her physically and emotionally. She’d pushed Kathi farther than she herself had wanted to go. She could tell just from looking into Judy’s eyes that the redhead was as unsure of herself as Kathi was, but there was something maybe even Judy wasn’t aware of deep inside her that pushed her onward, something that beat against Kathi during the fight, a primal inner presence that intimidated Kathi. She would have to find something similar inside herself if she was ever going to face Judy down again.

She eyed herself in the mirror: cleaned up but still marked with bruises and cuts, ghosts of the smeared lipstick and mascara she’d come home with still there on her face. Her body was sculpted, maybe as good as any of the other girls she’d seen at school, although maybe still touched with a little awkwardness and angularity, the mark of a girl rather than a woman. But there was also a new hardness in her eyes, a knowing look that others would pick up on if they studied her closely. Kathi had now crossed a personal line that she could never retreat back across.

Kathi returned to school, grateful that she didn’t share any classes with Judy. She passed her twice a day down the high school’s long central hallway. The first day after the fight she sighted Judy’s bright red hair all the way down the hall and glanced at her furtively as she approached. But she could see that Judy wasn’t going to make eye contact with her and to be truthful she wasn’t sure she could return the redhead’s stare up close.

To be continued