Judy had deliberated over her outfit for the evening with great care. She had stared at herself in her light blue bra and panties for half an hour, wondering if she had what it took to be in a fight. To her, her toned young body looked soft, delicate and girlish despite the muscle in her legs, hips and arms and her flat, smoothly sculpted stomach. She eyed her high, round breasts appraisingly, remembering when Kathi had looked right down at them as is she hated that part of Judy’s body more than anything. Judy had caught boys looking at her chest before and of course she checked out other girls from time to time out of curiousity just like the other girls, but she had to admit that all the popular girls were too busy checking out each others’ bodies to be much concerned with hers. She had never had such a naked stare aimed at her breasts, especially from another girl. She didn’t know whether to be angered by the look or embarrassed, and the fact that it had somehow goaded her into staring at Kathi’s bust only made her feel even more humiliated.

She had heard terrible things about other girlfights in the school but somehow she couldn’t imagine Kathi ever having been in a real fight—the blonde seemed as nervous at the prospect as she had. It was still warm out and the early summer nights had been muggy; she was tempted to wear sweatpants or some other loose, protective clothing but it was just too hot. She pulled on a pair of denim shorts and a small T-shirt and damned the consequences. Maybe Kathi would laugh at her when she saw her.

She was almost relieved when she saw Kathi herself wearing a pair of vertically-striped white shorts and a tank top. Maybe the other girl would call the whole thing off, she thought. But the meaningful glances Kathi kept shooting her throughout the game didn’t seem to make that very likely. Before she knew it the football game was over and she was numbly making her excuses to her friends. In the cattle-like exodus of the crowd from the stadium she lost track of Kathi, and she loitered long enough for her friends to disappear and then made her way towards the school across the back field in near darkness, the bright lights of the football field fading behind her.

The night was still warm but she nevertheless felt goosebumps rising on her bare legs as she made her way to the back of the gymnasium structure. She felt chilly and nervous, her heart sticking in her throat. She glanced behind her frequently but no one was following her. Maybe Kathi had just gone home. She had virtually convinced herself of that and was almost ready to turn around when she made out a lighter shape against the dark brick of the gym. She hesitated, not wanting to proceed any further if this turned out to be a stranger, but the shape quickly disengaged itself from the wall and began walking toward her. She soon recognized it as Kathi and reluctantly began walking toward her. Once the blonde saw that it was her she turned and walked back to the brick wall, then turned again to face Judy.

Judy walked to within a few steps of Kathi and tried to control her breathing. She didn’t think it was too obvious how scared she was, particularly given how dark it was. Kathi looked pale and ghostly in the reflected light of the now distant stadium, and for a second Judy found herself staring at the blonde’s round bustline, packed into her gray tank top. In the darkness she wondered if Kathi could even tell.

“So I thought we should settle this,” Kathi started. “I’m glad to see you want to, too.”

“Sure, whatever,” Judy said, keeping her voice down. She didn’t know if anyone was in earshot but Kathi was talking too loud for her. “How do you want to settle it?”

As if picking up on her concern Kathi took a couple of steps toward her until she was about a foot away. When she spoke again she pitched her voice lower. “How do you want to?”

“I don’t care. Just don’t call me and try to pick a fight unless you really want one,” Judy said, with more conviction than she was really feeling. She had entertained the notion of trying to talk Kathi out of fighting but she had to admit she was still very angry at the blonde girl.

“Well we’re all alone out here so we can do anything we want to each other,” Kathi said.

“Oh really?” Judy said. “You want to do something to me? Like what?”

“Maybe show you you’re not all that,” Kathi replied.

“I can show you the same thing, real easy,” Judy shot back.

“Think you’re cuter than me?” Kathi said tauntingly, moving closer. “Think you’re prettier than me?”

“So what if I do?” Judy asked. “You think you’re prettier between us?”

“Yeah, that’s right, Judy,” Kathi said, nodding. “Think you’re sexy?”

Judy couldn’t figure out what Kathi was getting at but the blonde was really getting under her skin. If she was going to throw this kind of bait around Judy didn’t mind taking it. “Let’s put it this way,” she said heatedly, “I think I’m a hell of a lot sexier than you are.”

“Is that so?” Kathi said, squaring her hands on her hips provocatively. “Well if you’re such a hottie why not come here and prove it.” The blonde extended one leg and kicked idly at the ground between them as if drawing an imaginary line.

Somehow the blonde didn’t look ready for a fight. Judy’s heart was fluttering but she decided to call Kathi’s bluff; she stepped forward easily and moved until she was right in Kathi’s face. “Okay, I’m here, so you show me who’s the hottie between us two.”

Kathi eyed the redhead coolly, flicking her black lashes down and briefly eyeing Judy’s mouth. “You kiss good, Judy?”

Judy swallowed. She felt like something threatening was approaching her, something invisible whose shape she couldn’t make out in the dark. “I kiss just fine if it’s any of your business.”

“Really,” Kathi said coquettishly. “That’s interesting because I’ve been told you’re not very good.”

“Sounds like they were trying to make you feel good,” Judy replied uncertainly.

“Oh they made me feel VERY good. But they said you weren’t much at kissing. I guess you just don’t kiss sexy. Like I do.”

Judy felt herself bristle hotly at that. “I doubt it,” she said thickly. She knotted her fists a little, certain that Kathi was trying to goad her into doing something first. But the blonde was taking an odd tack at it and Judy felt herself flushing as she wondered a little bit just how good Kathi really was at kissing. How much was there to it, really? She wasn’t surprised that boys liked Kathi. Even Judy liked watching her on the balance beam or running around the gym. Now that her eyes had adjusted to the light she could see the way the blonde’s skin glowed, and her tank top showed off her well-sculpted arms and shoulders. Judy wondered if her bare arms looked as good, and she flushed hotly once again as she saw Kathi’s mascara’d eyes flicking over her lean body.

Suddenly Kathi stepped in much closer to Judy until their faces were only a few inches apart. When she spoke again her voice was barely above a whisper. “Well I think we should find out, priss.” Judy stiffened at the sound of that.

“What do you mean, find out?” Judy asked.

“Let’s find out who kisses better, Judy.”


“How do you think? Let’s compare kisses.”

Judy still didn’t understand. Kathi had her hands on her hips and as she eyed Judy appraisingly she bit her full lower lip. She glanced down at Judy’s mouth and the redhead felt she was being measured and weighed like a cut of meat. When it became clear that Judy still didn’t comprehend what she was talking about Kathi said “If you think you can outkiss me then just try it, Judy. Let’s see you kiss me and show me who’s better.”

“You’re crazy if you think I came out here to kiss you,” Judy snapped hotly, wondering what in hell Kathi was trying to prove.

“Afraid you can’t take it?” Kathi said, stepping forward until she was well inside Judy’s personal space. The two girls were almost nose to nose now and Kathi’s striking face filled Judy’s frame of vision. She was wearing some kind of perfume Judy had never smelled before and the fact that she had worn perfume at all on this night when she must have known she wouldn’t be coming across any boys struck Judy as strange. Kathi was trying to prove something all right but Judy didn’t know what it was. But she could feel herself burning inside every time the blonde made some smart remark. With Kathi this close she could really only see her face and her chest, and she was uncomfortably aware of the other girl’s bust very close to hers. She couldn’t see much of Kathi’s hips but the other girl’s wide-legged stance seemed to be an open challenge as well. Did she really think she would make Judy flinch away just by moving her body up so close?

“I thought you wanted to fight me,” Judy said finally, uncertain where else to take this. The idea of kissing Kathi infuriated her, but she couldn’t help thinking it might be preferable to a violent catfight, something she’d never experienced. Yet now she almost found herself arguing for the fight.

“Who says kissing isn’t fighting?” Kathi said quietly. “I think that’s just the kind of fight you and I should have.”

“Why is that?” Judy demanded. Just what was the blonde implying?

“Because I’m sure you’ve always thought you were prettier than me and now I bet you think you’re sexier than me. That’s what we’re fighting about, isn’t it?”

“So what if it is?”

“So if I beat up that cute little body of yours that doesn’t mean I’m sexier than you. But maybe if I make you beg me to stop kissing you you’ll admit I’m the hotter girl.”

Judy stared at the blonde, overcome for a moment with a cold fury. She was appalled by what Kathi was suggesting and equally angry at the implication that it would be Judy rather than Kathi who would be begging for mercy if they kissed each other. Up until now the entire concept of kissing as a fight or a contest had made no sense to her, but as Judy had listened to Kathi and felt an instant flood of jealousy and competition, she had a flashing vision of locking her lips up with the blonde’s and somehow ravishing her into a whimpering, beaten woman. She didn’t know if it were really possible but at least for an instant she thought she would like to do that to Kathi, that it would serve the big snotty blonde right.

She could feel her heart pounding now in the middle of the clearing, with only the sound of crickets and distant barking dogs between them. She knew somehow that whatever she said next would settle the course of what was about to happen, and she knew also that leaving with Kathi’s challenge unanswered wasn’t an option. She had never liked Kathi but had always found something interesting about her. Now she was beginning to see the blonde as an enemy, but of a kind she’d never encountered before. The other girls at school either ignored her or accepted her as a friend, a harmless companion. Kathi clearly saw Judy as a threat and there was something empowering about that. Maybe she thought she would invite Judy out here and intimidate her with a few well-chosen words, shock her and never have to lay a hand on her in order to establish her dominance. But as well-behaved and unassuming as she was, Judy had always had a hot temper and a good deal of resentment of the popular girls who ignored her. Maybe she couldn’t get their attention without making a fool of herself but she felt she was on more than equal footing with Kathi. She didn’t have to let the blonde get the best of her.

Judy took a deep breath and stepped into Kathi’s space slightly until her nose actually brushed the blonde’s. Her mouth was dry but she swallowed and licked her lips before saying “If we ever kissed you’d be the one begging for me to stop, Kathi.”

She both heard and felt Kathi’s deep breaths quicken at that, and for a moment the two girls simply stared into each other’s eyes and breathed raggedly and nervously – to Judy it sounded like they had both just emerged from a few laps around the track. She closed her mouth to shut off the sound and almost subconsciously pursed her lips. She saw Kathi lick her own when she glanced down at the other girl’s mouth; she hadn’t meant it as a punctuation to her challenge but the fiery look Kathi returned made it obvious that was the way the blonde had taken it.

“You think you can outkiss me, girlfriend?” Kathi said hotly.

“Yeah.” Judy shot back.

Kathi’s rejoinder was equally quick: “Prove it,” she said. “Come on, let’s kiss.” The blonde cocked her head backward, thrusting out her lower jaw arrogantly. Almost for the first time Judy noticed that the blonde was wearing bright red, glossy lipstick that made her thick lips glimmer slickly in the moonlight. Judy often wore red lip gloss to complement her bright red hair and she had done so today without even thinking. She too was tilting her head back as Kathi came in nose to nose with her, delicately feinting face to face with the blonde. Kathi kept leading and started to press her chin against Judy’s little by little. Judy kept her nose against the blonde’s, maintaining a last safety zone between her mouth and the Kathi’s. The girls were circling slowly, carefully maintaining their balance in the dark. All either had to do was slip past the other’s little nose to plant her lips on her rival’s.

“Come on, Judy,” Kathi goaded.

“YOU come on,” Judy said.

“You’re afraid of me,” Kathi said.

“You don’t impress me, girl,” Judy said smoothly. She managed to keep her composure but the words and the face-off were flooding her body with adrenaline. Every time she or Kathi spoke their breaths came in rasping, trembling bursts. Judy could feel herself shaking, her heart pounding, as she tried to work up the courage to touch her lips to Kathi’s. She knew if Kathi kissed her first she might flinch away and cede some of the psychological battle to the blonde.

“You’ll be impressed when I kiss your mouth raw, girl,” Kathi promised.

Judy snorted a little and rolled her eyes. “Please,” she purred. “I’ll kiss your cute little mouth off.”

“In your dreams you will, honey,” Kathi replied. She pressed in harder with her chin against Judy’s and suddenly Judy felt the light pressure of the blonde’s chest brushing against hers. She trembled and felt a flush of pleasure tingling through her back and shoulders. She had never, ever had another girl’s breasts up against hers, not even accidentally, and in the middle of this tense showdown the sensation only compounded her feelings of excitement. She felt for the first time that she was doing something secret, something incredibly forbidden. Maybe she’d have felt the same if she and Kathi had started making out some night, but she didn’t think so – she’d had her little fleeting moments of fun with girls and it had been exciting, but nothing like this. Something about the hostility, the rivalry between her and Kathi made this encounter different than anything she’d ever experienced.

“Are you ready for me, you bitch?” Kathi whispered. Judy felt her heart pound and her respiration flutter at the sound of that first, dirty word from the blonde. She didn’t dare herself to speak; instead she only gave the slightest, slow nod of her head and pressed her chin even harder against Kathi’s. As if on a silent, agreed-upon signal the girls separated just slightly, giving each other a tiny amount of room to move. Judy even arched her back a little and kept her bust in contact with Kathi’s as the two girls tilted their heads slowly in opposite directions. She could tell that Kathi was trembling in anticipation by this point too, and she glanced nervously down at the girl’s parted, red-glossed lips so close to hers. She knew she should just grind into Kathi, bite her or even knee the other girl’s crotch which was now wide open to attack, but Judy was mesmerized by the idea of the contest that was now mere seconds from beginning.

Kathi’s head was now at almost a forty-five degree angle to her own and her nose slipped past Judy’s as she snuggled in closer. The blonde’s cool breath filled Judy’s mouth and the sound of their mingling breathing climbed in volume as their parted lips came within a hair’s breadth of touching. At the last second Judy tilted her head forward and put a tiny bit of distance between their lips before whispering “I’ve been ready for you for a long time, you dirty slut.”

Something between a gasp and a snarl bridged the gap between the two girl’s mouths and then Kathi feinted inward and Judy took the bait. Neither girl quite intended it but between their two moves their soft girl lips brushed and then held stickily. Judy felt the warm tingling soak her back with a cold sweat that spread quickly to her buttocks and thighs before settling deep in her groin. Kathi’s mouth was on her, hot and moist, sticking to her lip against lip. And they were still only dancing, giving each other the lightest, caressing touches. Judy could feel Kathi’s tank top gliding against her chest, could feel the other girl trembling against her and knew she must be quivering against Kathi too. Neither girl had dominated the other yet; in fact Judy wondered whether the contest had really even begun. If this was the beginning she truly wondered whether she would survive the end.

Suddenly something impossibly slippery, warm and wet snaked across her lips. Judy immediately recoiled, almost slapping her hands across her mouth in shock, then suffering a wave of humiliation as she realized what had happened. Kathi’s eyes were bright with triumph as she stared at the redhead.

“You’re not too tough with your tongue, are you, Judy?” she demanded. “You really ARE a priss, aren’t you?”

Judy was furious, both at herself and at Kathi. She had been so absorbed in the mere touching of lips that she hadn’t even thought of what would naturally follow that. She composed herself and hoped she looked less flustered than she felt. She knew she would have to act instantly if she was going to keep Kathi from taking advantage of this and her own anger helped her to snap out a curt response to Kathi’s taunt: “At least I’m not a pussy like you!” She felt a flood of adrenaline even as that one dirty word passed her lips, and the hot flash that moved through her body gave her the strength to immediately close the distance between herself and the blonde once again.

Kathi backed off slightly but tried to meet her again, again pushing her chest and chin against Judy’s. Both girls were breathing hard now as they jostled against each other; Judy grabbed Kathi’s bare arms in order to pull her closer but the blonde instantly shrugged out of the hold and smacked her grasping fingers away. “Don’t you call me a pussy, honey,” she said threateningly.

“I’ll call you a pussy if I want to!” Judy snapped.

So far Kathi was keeping her effectively off balance and it infuriated her. The wetness from the blonde’s first lick was still fresh on her mouth and she wanted payback immediately. She made another grab for Kathi, this time snatching a belt loop on her shorts and smacking her other hand around the back of the blonde’s neck. Kathi grunted as Judy yanked her in close and Judy’s forehead butted against Kathi’s roughly as she sought out the blonde’s mouth. For a moment the girls hugged and strained against each other and Judy flashed her tongue out, stabbing it against Kathi’s moist lips several times and even slicking across her teeth before the blonde broke the hold, gasping. The girls staggered back away from each other and Judy saw Kathi’s boobs jiggle a little under her tank top.

She was suddenly struck by the size of the other girl’s breasts; they almost seemed bigger now than they had at the beginning of the encounter. She knew Kathi was wearing a bra but she thought she could see the shadows of the blonde’s nipples poking through the cotton tank top fabric. Almost unconsciously she glanced down at her own breasts in her short-sleeved, collared shirt. They didn’t look quite as large but her shirt wasn’t as tight. In fact her breasts felt heavy and tight, throbbing against her bra, and she could feel a new tightness at their tips as her own nipples strained against her bra cups.

She had always avoided showering after gymnastic practice and gym, preferring to do that at home in private, so she had never seen Kathi naked, but she couldn’t help wondering how the other girl’s body compared to hers. The girls were circling each other, glaring into each other’s eyes with a mixture of daring anger and nervousness. Judy was still tingling all over, not just from Kathi’s tongue attack but from her own tasting of the blonde’s lips and teeth. Kathi feinted in a little closer and she stumbled back warily. She was beginning to wonder whether she could really handle what might be coming. If just touching her tongue against another woman’s lips made her feel like this she wasn’t sure how she’d react to anything more.

“What’s the matter, Judy?” Kathi said huskily, as if she was reading her thoughts. “Can’t take it?”

“I can take anything you give out!” Judy shot back. The response was automatic but she honestly didn’t know whether she believed it. She felt panicky and overheated; she had never been involved in anything of this intensity before.

“You want me to show you how I kissed your boyfriend, sweetie?” Kathi said, and Judy felt the uncertainty dissapate in a cloud of fury.

“Come on and show me,” Judy said coldly. She stood her ground and put her hands on her hips slowly. As Kathi stopped and stared at her Judy idly undid a button of her blouse and spread her legs a little, taking a wider stance. “I said come on and show me, Kathi.”

Kathi approached slowly, almost stalking forward for a moment as if expecting a lunge from Judy. But she managed to composer herself and, eyeing Judy up and down provocatively, she put on the same sultry pose, slowly placing her hands on her hips and extending a leg out gracefully. Judy waited for her coolly, stealing another look at the blonde’s bustline as she approached. Kathi caught the look and returned it with that same bitchy, contemptuous glance at Judy’s breasts that she’d given her earlier that day.

“Oh I WILL show you, Judy!” Kathi hissed as she moved within a few inches of the redhead. “I hope you’re ready because I will lick you till you can’t take it anymore!”

Judy licked her own drying lips before replying. “I dare you to lick with me, Kathi. I just dare you.”

“You think you’re better than me, honey?” Kathi demanded.

“I think you’re a cheap tramp,” Judy said flatly.

“And you’re a cheap, stuck-up slut,” Kathi accused. Every time she heard one of these dirty words pass the lips of Kathi or herself Judy felt a wave of hot pleasure shoot through her. She had been raised very strictly and never talked like this with her friends, even as a joke. She could feel a fierce little flame burning deep in her crotch now, as if the soft little tufts of pubic hair pressing against her panty crotch were on fire. She wanted to hear Kathi say even more to her.

“Then let’s just compete tramp against slut, honey,” she said, almost amazing herself with her own growing, carnal imagination. “I thought you said you were going to out-lick me.”

“You bet I will, tramp,” Kathi said as she moved forward. The girls’ breaths quickened into panic mode again as they collided breast to breast and their mouths darted around one another, seeking the best mode of attack. Judy’s mouth yawned and Kathi lunged up against her – their lips smacked for a second and then Judy twisted to the left. The girls’ pearly teeth clattered against each other as they hit and locked for a second, clicking like castanets in the quiet clearing. Judy thrashed and dodged out of the kiss, felt her soft cheek press against Kathi’s cheek and mouth.

Kathi’s powerful arms suddenly encircled her waist, drawing her in close. “Quit trying to get away from me, priss!” she growled. Judy immediately grabbed Kathi’s arms and sank her fingers into the other girl’s thick, meaty biceps.

“I don’t want to get away from you, bitch!” she snapped, tugging Kathi closer. After a few short breaths the girls calmed down again, dangling their open mouths a mere tongue’s length apart, foreheads pressing together.

“Come on!” Kathi whispered. The girls were moving almost in a slow dance now as they focused all their attention on each other. Judy knew there was no escape now; she could feel Kathi bracing herself against her, controlling her movements, and she put real pressure on the other girl’s arms, trying to show the blonde that she too had real muscle to be put to bear in the struggle. Their noses touched and again Kathi dashed forward to land the first blow, slashing her tongue quickly across Judy’s pretty mouth. Judy flinched but as electrifying as the touch of the other girl’s tongue still was, it didn’t carry the raw shock of the first contact. She took the lick, trembling, and returned it quickly, getting a good, slick taste of Kathi’s mouth and lipstick. In between the licks their breath came ragged again; anyone listening to them without seeing what they were doing might have thought the two girls were lifting weights for all the effort that sounded from their open mouths.

For almost a minute the two combatants just exchanged increasingly longer and more spiteful licks across each other’s mouths and teeth. There was no attempt yet to engage tongues, and Judy was keenly aware of the fact that her tongue had not yet touched Kathi’s. She had almost acclimated herself to the mouth licking contest but she didn’t know what she would do when and if they went tongue against tongue. Beneath their dueling mouths she could feel the whisper of Kathi’s tank top rubbing its full load against her blouse. Her breasts felt heavy and hot; every time Kathi took a breath she could feel the other girl’s boobs harden like rocks and press against hers, and she began shoving forward a little with her own chest each time she drew in breath to see if she could push Kathi’s breasts back. She quickly felt Kathi responding to that challenge, grinding her bust against Judy’s more insistently.

“You still haven’t licked me for real, honey,” Kathi whispered, and Judy knew exactly what she meant.

“I don’t think your tongue could handle mine,” Judy said huskily, her voice raw with lust. She was bluffing but for all she knew Kathi was as nervous as she was.

“I can handle anything that pretty body of yours has,” Kathi growled, and Judy felt almost dizzy at the response. She felt hyper-aware of every curve, every soft spot and every stiff part hidden under Kathi’s tight clothes, just inches from her own body.

“Just because you’ve got that sexy body doesn’t mean you can handle what I’ve got,” Judy said, her eyes blazing into Kathi’s. Now the gauntlet had really been thrown down and Judy felt herself sliding into even more unfamiliar waters. She felt almost a glow about her at the sound of her rival’s voice describing her body as pretty, and the idea of telling another girl in the middle of a confrontation that she thought her body was sexy really seemed to cross some forbidden line. Judy had to struggle to define what was happening now. She seemed to be in a fight but there was very little fighting going on…or at least it was a kind of fight she had never experienced before.

“Maybe you think I’m sexy and maybe I think you’re sexy too,” Kathi groaned, “But I’m sexier than you and my tongue is sexier than yours.”

“I don’t think so, Kathi,” Judy breathed. “I think I’ve got the sexier and hotter tongue between the two of us.”

“Just try me, baby,” Kathi hissed. “Just try licking what I’ve got.” Her thick, blood red lips parted wide and Judy could contain herself no longer. She extended her tongue, let it dance like a snake outside her mouth, and beneath her nose she could see Kathi’s undulating out to meet it. Gauging her strike carefully, she snapped her tongue suddenly erect and lashed out, licking across Kathi’s. Kathi gasped and immediately slashed back, hugging Judy to her closely and curling her tongue around the redhead’s. The girls screwed their tongues together for a few sizzling seconds before breaking off again, gasping. Judy’s pulse was hammering in her ears.

“I knew you couldn’t take it,” Judy said contemptuously. At that Kathi lunged forward again and Judy immediately extended her tongue to meet the blonde’s. The tingling, wet probes tangled and clamped around each other and Judy grimaced at the waves of sensation shattering through her body. Kathi pressed her chest against Judy’s hard now and as she licked hungrily at the redhead Judy felt like her breasts were going to explode, like her crotch was being tickled with an electric wire. But she still managed to lick back viciously at Kathi and was gratified to feel the blonde quivering against her and moaning under her touch. The girls danced around each other, lunging and feinting with their tongues and gasping at each wet invasion of their sensitive, vulnerable mouths. Again Kathi wrapped a strong arm around Judy’s slender waist and drew her body inward and again Judy gripped the blonde’s rippling, creamy arms for support. The girls braced against each other, legs spread, and the action began to slow measureably as they pressed harder chin to chin and chest to chest. Judy managed to slash her tongue roughly around Kathi’s waiting mouth and the blonde returned the favor until their mouths and jaws were deep pink from smeared lipstick.

Judy’s left hand slipped up Kathi’s strong arms and shoulders, finally digging into her straw-colored, soft hair and curling it around her fingers. With her right hand she gripped Kathi’s lower jaw and put all her strength into controlling the position of Kathi’s face; for a second she saw the other girl’s exposed neck muscles bulge and flex as she fought against the redhead. But as if sensing what Judy wanted she extended her tongue its full length outside her mouth and Judy jabbed her tongue tip downward and ran it back and forth over the surface of Kathi’s bare tongue, tracing it from delicate tip to thick, fleshy base while Kathi flinched and gasped in ecstasy. The blonde finally forced her away and after a few minutes of sweaty, grunting wrestling with their upper arms she reversed the position—Judy felt Kathi’s hands in her hair and the tough grip of the blonde’s fingers on her soft face and jawline. Bending her backwards, Kathi descended in total control for a moment and Judy defiantly thrust her tongue outward, daring Kathi to ream her the same way she had done the blonde. Kathi obliged and slashed her tongue back and forth across the full length of Judy’s, sending waves of dirty pleasure through the redhead. Kathi switched her grip and again tugged Judy’s body closer to her, fought her mouth closer to her rival’s, and Judy hungrily responded, pressing chin to chin with the blonde once more.

Now Judy could feel Kathi’s thick lips brushing her own raw mouth, and she was able to force her tongue deeper into the hot pink cavern gaping in front of her. At the same time Kathi’s tongue snaked past her lips and entered her, violently exploring the inside of her mouth. Both girls managed to land soft but purposeful bites, catching tongue tips or soft lips between their front teeth and holding just long enough to wring a sharp squeal of pain out of her rival before letting go. For the first time she clamped her soft lips around Kathi’s and sealed their two dueling tongues off into their own private, steaming arena. Kathi’s tongue plunged deep into her mouth, almost choking Judy as it coiled around her tongue like a python, but Judy managed to slide her own tongue past it. Grunting, she rammed it like a piston deep into Kathi’s mouth and began a relentless pumping action, pounding her pink whip into her enemy again and again. High-pitched groans of pleasure and alarm peeled out of the blonde as Judy ravaged her, and suddenly Judy felt Kathi’s hands slip from around her waist downward, touching the tops of her pelvis and then suddenly swooping down to clutch and squeeze at her two firm, round buns.

Judy suddenly found herself moaning against Kathi’s tongue, answering the blonde in a subverbal language. No one had ever touched her like this before. She remembered the times she had checked out Kathi’s cute, strong-looking bottom and without thinking she removed one hand from the blonde’s hair and reached down to dig her strong fingers into one of Kathi’s pulsing, muscular buttocks. She could feel her swollen, abraded lips sticking to Kathi’s with a mix of saliva and sweet lipstick; for that moment she couldn’t imagine pulling her mouth away from the other girl’s. They seemed locked together in a way that wouldn’t allow separation. Both girls pounded away at each other with their tongues, each trying to outdo the other with this intimate, secret assault, each trying to lick deeper and more violently than her rival. Their bodies were pressed together tightly and Judy could feel every shift of muscle, every jiggle, every snarl of friction of Kathi’s body rubbing, pressing and grinding against hers.

Suddenly she felt something hard slam against her back, almost forcing the wind out of her, and she realized Kathi had wrestled her up against the brick wall of the gym. The blonde’s toned, beautifully defined thighs pressed between hers like two vises, forcing her own equally muscled legs apart and jabbing her strong, hot pelvis against Judy’s. She pulled her mouth away from Judy’s with a loud smacking sound and a gasp of air, and Judy could see Kathi’s striking eyes were bright with tears, mascara smudging around their edges. As hot and afraid as she was, she knew she was blinking tears back herself. She was glad to see Kathi was as traumatized by the encounter as she was. Her head fell against the blonde’s neck and shoulder and she could feel Kathi press against her, nestling into her neck and shoulders as well. She gasped raggedly, eyes squeezed shut, her mouth still on fire from the last few moments of tongue fighting, her breasts aching against Kathi’s. She thought she felt Kathi squeeze into her a little with her chest and she moaned as she felt her compacted nipples twisted inside her bra cups. The slightest movement of Kathi’s chest against hers produced a storm of sensation.

Suddenly Kathi’s hands left her buns and moved upward, digging between the two girls violently. Before she even knew what was happening Judy felt Kathi’s hands on her breasts, squeezing the hot globes and twisting their skin between her fingers. The feeling was agonizing, but Kathi seemed to be pressed too hard against her for her to retaliate. “Get your hands off me bitch!” she snarled into Kathi’s face, but the blonde wasn’t having it. Judy squeezed her eyes shut, tears streaming down her face as she felt her nipples being crushed between the fabric of her bra and blouse and Kathi’s powerful fingers.

“I’ve wanted to feel you out for a long time, Miss Priss, and now I’m going to do it!” Kathi growled. Any earlier in the fight and Judy might have been overwhelmed by the blonde’s down and dirty anger, but she could hear the quavering in Kathi’s voice and the touch of desperation in her efforts.

“Then I’ll feel you too!” Judy snarled, redoubling her efforts to force Kathi’s body away from hers. She managed to get one hand on Kathi’s left breast before she even realized what she was doing. It felt hot and heavy in her hand, deliciously yielding as she sank her fingers into it and Kathi grimaced in pain. Kathi’s crotch felt like a hot iron against her vulva and she almost felt the blonde girl press down a little harder with her groin against Judy’s as the two squeezed each other’s breasts.

To be continued