By Unknownfan

The exquisite softness of Maria’s fur rug served as the perfect situation for the two fighters to rest, as the two women laid there, for what seemed like an eternity. It felt like eons had passed by before Victoria finally opened her heavy eyes, to find that her rival was already up. Maria was sitting on a stool by her mini bar, admiring her sleeping foe. Victoria let out a soft groan as she forced herself up, and looked up at Maria, who grinned wickedly. The two women took a while to look at each other. Their eyes wandered, admiring each other’s heavenly bodies. Maria thought Victoria would’ve looked completely worn out by now, but to her surprise, the angelic woman looked as good as ever. Her firm, large breasts rested proudly on her chest, her pink nipples erected in pride. Her dark wavy auburn hair rested gracefully on her smooth, creamy shoulders. Victoria licked her lips sexily as she too admired her rival’s perfect body. Maria’s long brown hair flowed beautifully down her head to touch the tip of her breasts. Her lovely face looked cruel, determined, and unbelievably sexy. Her divine body sat tall and proud, ready to commence their epic duel. The fur carpet had completely dried now, which made Victoria realize just how long the two of them have been sleeping. Her once wet and slippery body now felt completely dried. Despite how long the she had been asleep, Victoria still felt incredibly drained, and the lovely woman wanted nothing more than to return to her slumber, but she knew she couldn’t. She knew she had to go on and to face the music, to finish her hated rival once and for all.

With a bottle of ice-cold wine in one hand, and two glasses in the other, Maria alluringly strode towards Victoria, who lay sexily on the carpet. Maria dropped to her knees and offered a cup to Victoria.

“Would you like some wine?” Maria asked casually, almost as if the two of them were friends, not bitter rivals. When Victoria nodded, Maria poured a full glass for the lovely brunette, who drank the nectar ravenously. “Drink up, bitch, because this night is far from over, and you’ll need all the refreshments you can get.”

“Mmm… I would drink up too if I were you. This body has never witness defeat and it’ll take more than what you’ve got to beat it.” Victoria purred in replied. “May the best woman win?”

“May the best woman win. I’ll tell you this - this body has never known defeat either – and it is determined to remain that way.” Maria whispered, as she poured herself a full glass of wine, consuming it hungrily, letting the bittersweet wine blissfully run down her sore, dried throat, to her heated belly. After finishing her drink, Maria took Victoria’s cup, crawled and placed everything onto a counter near the sofa. Bending over deliciously as she did so, to show off her awesome, toned ass.

“Quit showing off that ass of yours and fuck me with it!” Victoria growled, sensing her arousal returning at Maria’s sexy display.

“Oh I will, bitch… I will.” Maria murmured sexily as she crawled towards Victoria. Sitting herself directly in front of Victoria, the two took a moment to study each other’s beautiful faces as they prepared to face their rivals for one final time. Their eyes locked onto each other challengingly, daring the other woman to make the first move. Finally, Victoria closed her lovely eyes, and stuck her tongue out challengingly. Maria accepted the other woman’s challenge by clamping her mouth onto Victoria’s viciously, lustfully and passionately. They licked each other’s tongues and lips as they tried to prove to the other woman that she was the better kisser. Skillfully breathing with their noses, the two sucked and fucked each other’s tongue. Victoria felt Maria’s lips skillfully clamp themselves onto hers, allowing her no room to maneuver her tongue as Maria’s long tongue licked hers immobile one from all sides. Victoria involuntarily moaned from the pleasure, which forced her to pull back for, gasping for air. Maria smiled victoriously and she forced herself onto her ravishing rival, attacking Victoria’s cheek and neck with a barrage of hot kisses, forcing several groans of distress and pleasure from her foe.

“Bitch…” Victoria moaned as she felt Maria’s kisses led down all the way to her breasts, and the attacking brunette wasted no time to devour Victoria’s perfect bosoms. Victoria let out a gasp as she felt Maria’s wet lips clamp themselves to Victoria’s erect left nipple. For a moment, Maria suckled Victoria’s delicious nipple, licking it and the sexy brunette’s pink areola. Finally, Victoria ceased Maria’s onslaught by grabbing a handful of her opponent’s silky brown hair, and yanked Maria’s head back painfully.

“Can’t take it, bitch?” Maria hissed painfully, but at the same time, her expression was that one of triumph, not disappointment nor pain. “My hot wet tongue getting you off?”

“I can take anything that weak tongue of yours can dish out, and more.” Victoria replied calmly, confidant that she was just as skillful with her tongue as Maria was.

“Is that so? Why don’t we go sixty-nine then and see exactly how much you can take?” Maria smiled as she whispered her challenge.

“If it’s sixty-nine you want, that’s what you’ll get.” Victoria whispered hotly into Maria’s right ear, smiling confidently as she accepted the other woman’s challenge. “You’ll learn what it feels like to be licked by a real woman.”

Maria just smiled. Seductively, the alluring brunette allowed herself to fall backwards, her hand traced Victoria’s skin lightly as she lay down onto the floor. Spreading her legs sexily as she rested on her back, tilting her head forwards to look at Victoria challengingly, erotically, and confidently, Maria waited for Victoria to position herself for their next confrontation. Victoria gladly accepted the top position and quickly crawled towards her sexy rival. Victoria circled Maria like a lioness circling her fallen prey, before lowering her lips onto Maria’s. Victoria was positioned upside down to Maria, and as they kissed, she felt Maria’s delicate nose brush her lower chins softly. Tediously, Victoria began kissing her way down Maria’s heavenly body, travelling towards her final destination – Maria’s divine cunt. She tongued Maria’s chest and breasts erotically, and felt her opponent licked her own just as furiously. Kissing her way down Maria’s abdomen to her soft tummy, Victoria carefully licked the soft skin around Maria’s belly ring, kissing her opponent’s silver butterfly before moving on. She felt Maria mimic her attacks and licked her belly deliciously, correspondingly kissing Victoria’s own belly ring before continuing her journey to Victoria’s beautiful pussy. Victoria licked her way down Maria’s smooth pelvis to her rival’s shaven pussy – her final destination. The scent of Maria’s cunt was incredible, and Victoria felt it, along with the heat it was radiating, while she was tonguing Maria’s belly. Her rival’s glistening pussy was soaked with womanly juices.

“Are you ready, bitch?” Victoria growled challengingly as she finally positioned herself perfectly for their sixty-nine war. Both women were now completely exposed to each other’s expert tonguing.

“Suck my cunt, dyke.” Maria snarled in response, as she tenderly massaged Victoria’s inner thighs.

Maria let out a sexual hiss as she felt Victoria’s tongue violated her pussy, commencing their dirty tongue-fucking contest. Maria moaned into Victoria’s hot, drooling cunt as she parted her opponent’s labia folds with her pink probe. Maria skillfully teased her rival as she softly licked Victoria’s pussy, but never penetrating it. Maria groaned into Victoria’s cunt as she felt her rival’s unbelievably long tongue penetrate her labia, forcing its way into her cunt. Victoria licked Maria furiously, probing her tongue everywhere to find Maria’s sweet spot. Maria began quickening her pace by finally breaking the ice, sending her tongue plunging as deep as it can into Victoria’s majestic cunt. Her rival shuddered as she felt this violation, and quickly retaliated; bobbing her head up and down, and sticking her tongue out like a cock, Victoria fucked Maria’s cunt franticly. Maria couldn’t believe that she felt so much pleasure from her rival’s unskilled tonguing. Determined to show Victoria how to eat a cunt, Maria expertly traced her tongue inside Victoria’s in a circular motion, licking every contour of her opponent’s delicious pussy. Victoria’s sweet nectar flowed from her heavenly cunt into Maria’s mouth as Maria’s extraordinary tonguing skills took their tow. Victoria moaned into Maria’s cunt as result from Maria’s skillful tonguing.

“God you dirty bitch! You’re so… fucking good…” Victoria moaned surprised at what she just said. It was stupid, and only made her rival even more confidant. Yet, she felt good, saying that. Quickly returning her mind to matters at hand, Victoria quickly countered by attacking Maria’s cunt with renewed strength. She sent her pink probe into Maria’s wetness, cleverly mimicking Maria’s tongue, with much greater intensity. Victoria felt her clitoris stiffening at all of Maria’s stimulation, and within seconds, she felt Maria’s hot wet tongue licking it, sending undeniable sensation down Victoria’s spine. Sensing that her rival wasn’t much far away, as Maria’s clit too re-emerged from the sexy brunette’s pussy, Victoria quickly clamped her glossy lips around it and sucked onto it. With satisfaction, she heard her rival moaned against her dripping cunt. Victoria gasped in surprise and ecstasy as she felt Maria tongue once again entered her cunt, while her opponent’s fingers stroked her clit furiously. Hissing as she bored Maria’s incredible double assault, Victoria hastily plunged her middle finger into Maria’s cunt, and wasted no time fucking Maria’s cunt with a piston-like finger motion while she sucked her opponent’s vulnerable clit.

Both women began moaning and groaning as they concentrated to focus on attacking on each other’s cunt. Victoria felt one of Maria’s hands run down the length of her back to softly stroke her silky mane, as if she was trying to ease the touch of Victoria’s tongue and finger. The two girls began panting and squealing as waves of blissful sensations ignited every nerve in their body. Their cunts began leaking uncontrollably, as their arousal entered its final stage. Victoria felt Maria’s grip on her hand tightened as the older woman neared her orgasm. Victoria herself was completely devastated by Maria’s assault, and was thrashing and shuddering from the superlative pleasure. Out of instinct, the younger woman began retreating, trying to escape from Maria’s dreadful tongue and lethal fingers. Defeated, Victoria ceased her attack and attempted to crawl away, desperate for escape. Slapping Maria’s hands away, Victoria managed to pull herself away from the range of Maria’s tongue. Sighing in relief, she weakly crawled forward, only to find that Maria had risen from the floor was now gripping Victoria’s thighs tightly.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going, bitch?” Maria hissed venomously as she reached forward, grabbing Victoria’s silky hair. With a powerful yank, she managed to interrupt Victoria’s reckless escape.

“Argh… *pant*…” Victoria moaned. She didn’t know if her body could survive one more orgasm.

“Bitch, it ends now…” Maria whispered, her eyes narrowed in determination. Drawing on her hatred and lust, Maria viciously brought Victoria’s drooling cunt down onto hers. With one hand in Victoria’s hair and the other in her thighs, Maria began riding Victoria doggy style, driving her clitoris viciously into Victoria’s defenseless cunt with each thrust.

“Grrr… You fucking… *Gasp*… Ohhhh…” Victoria growled as she felt Maria’s powerful clitoris invade her snatch. Her hands grasped the fur rug tightly as she received Maria’s potent fuck assault.

Their clits slashed against each other viciously, as both women gave it their all. Maria released her grip on Victoria’s hair to grasped her rival’s other thigh. They forced their clits against each other again and again, determined to find out who was the better woman. Their juices flowed as their cunts clashed. Their clits met head to head, and both women grunted in effort as they tried to force their rival’s mighty clit back. Neither budged. Hissing from the pleasure, Victoria clenched her ass muscle to bring her ass high into the air, before plunging it back down against Maria’s waiting cunt. Once again their clits met head to head, and neither bulged. Frustrated, both women slammed their proud weapons together. Their clits pressed head to head against one another, before the incredible pressure forced them to slide by each other, licking each other deliciously, pressing their full lengths together. They looked so evenly match, as both clits seemed to be exactly the same size. Both women gasp and moaned from the increasing pleasure, which threaten to send either woman to a blissful orgasmic defeat any moment.

“Take it bitch! Ride my clit!” Maria screamed as she fucked Victoria with all she had. As close as she was to her own orgasm, Maria had stopped caring. She was going to take down Victoria once and for all. The gorgeous brunette fearlessly rammed her engorged clit against Victoria’s heavenly sex horn, causing both women to squeal and shudder in pleasure.

“Bitch! I can take it! Fuck me!” Victoria proclaimed, defiant to the end. Her boobies jiggled up and down as she rode Maria’s clit. Her fear of defeat seemed to have left her now, and she willingly plunged her majestic clit down, towards Maria’s, going down fighting if she must.

Their clits rammed directly into each other, and both women screamed as pleasure overwhelmed them. Even with gravity on her side, Victoria’s lovely, hawk-like eyes bulged in shock, horror, and undeniable passion as she felt Maria’s divine clit crushed her majestic sex weapon for the third time tonight. Her delicate hands gripped the fur helplessly, as her body began shaking uncontrollably. Victoria tilted her head back and let out a piercing scream as her heavenly pussy erupted. Her cunt went supernova as Maria victoriously crushed her clit against hers. Her perfect, flawless body exploded in the single, most powerful orgasm of her life as Maria pushed her over her limit for the first time. Victoria’s beautiful cunt exploded with such intensity that the lovely young brunette’s body jerked uncontrollably, and Victoria let go of the fur carpet to grasp the air helplessly. Hot, milky goo began shooting out of Victoria’s seemingly defeated pussy as Victoria started releasing a prodigious amount of female come. Her cunt was like a volcano pumping out a limitless amount of lava; it was like a come geyser that never stopped spurting come. Victoria’s beautiful eyes rolled back, and her panting, lifeless body collapsed cheek-first onto the fur rug. Victoria closed her eyes and moaned weakly – out of breath – as her cunt continued to come. Maria weakly crawled towards her coming opponent’s face, hands stroking her clit proudly as she masturbated. The satisfaction of making and seeing her most hated rival come like that was what ambrosia must have tasted like. Maria jerked her clit off wildly as she pressed her cunt against Victoria’s beautiful face.

“Don’t ever fuck with me again… Ahhhhhhhhh… Yesssss... Ohhh my god….” Maria moaned as she came all over coming rival’s face. Her pussy jetted out her warm gooey cum directly into her fallen rival’s lips, and Maria grinned cruelly as she splashed some of her cum onto Victoria’s elegant nose. Then, to seal her victory, Maria rubbed her coming cunt against Victoria’s face, smearing and spreading the come all over it. “Bitch… you wanted to eat my cum? God you sexy little bitch…”

Finally done with her rival for now, Maria weakly crawl towards the bottle of wine she had left on the counter prior to the fight. Maria stroked her wet locks as she drank the wine directly from the bottle, letting a portion of it to slip from mouth to drip down her sweaty body. She poured some of it into her wet, silky hair to cool herself down. Maria cupped her breasts and ran her hands across her smooth body proudly, as she stared at her fallen foe, amazed at how much come Victoria had ejaculated, and how stunning her rival looked, even in defeat. Suddenly, Maria saw something that she thought was impossible, and the stunning brunette looked closely to see if she was indeed hallucinating. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t.

Victoria slowly, weakly sat up, after an orgasm that might have proven to be fatal to some lesser people. But something seemed to be empowering the gorgeous young brunette, as she shot Maria a bloodthirsty glance. The gorgeous auburn-hair’s face was soaked with sweat and white strings of Maria gooey fluids, but Victoria had never looked so beautiful. Her glaze was truly a glaze of a predator. Her lovely hawk-like eyes squinted as she proceeded to wipe Maria’s cum off her face. White strings of cum stuck onto Victoria’s wet curls, which were soaked with Victoria’s sweat. Her lovely dark reddish brown hair was wild and sexy. Like a phoenix, Victoria had risen from ashes to continue fighting her hated rival. Brushing a lock of hair away from her face, Victoria smiled a smile not that a woman that has been defeated, but a smile of a woman that has been triumphed.

“When will you learn that enough is enough?” Maria said mockingly, but in reality, the beautiful brunette was shocked and… afraid. How could Victoria possibly even sit up after an orgasm like that? “You will never beat me. I’m superior to you in every way possible.”

Victoria didn’t respond, but her intentions were clear as Maria watched the beautiful brunette sink her fingers into her own pussy. Victoria began masturbating, stroking her clit furiously. Maria watched in awe as Victoria’s majestic clitoris stiffened from the stimulation, and slowly re-emerged from Victoria’s swollen pussy.

“This fight goes on, until one of us is finished… for good.” Victoria whispered.

“So be it.” Maria answered, slowly crawling towards her rival, to face her one final time.

Victoria spread her legs and presented her engorged clit to Maria, as the other woman slowly positioned herself in front of her. They were now sitting in the center of the rug, directly on top of the puddle of cum Victoria produced. Neither cared now as they were prepared to fight to the finish. Maria softly rubbed Victoria’s belly with one hand and her opponent’s thigh with the other as they positioned for their final showdown. Sliding her right leg over Victoria’s left, and Victoria’ right over her left, Maria arched her back to press their heated cunts together for one final time.

“You’re one sexy little bitch, you know that?” Maria whispered sexily into Victoria’s ear. Leaning forward, Maria pressed their heated breasts together, and smiled in satisfaction as she felt Victoria’s mushroomed around her harder, artificially enhanced boobs. “But incredibly stupid, to believe that you can even compare with me.”

“You’re too cocky for your own good, you know that?” Victoria hissed as she plunged her engorged clit into Maria’s waiting sex. Parting her opponent’s labia with her majestic clit, she sank her clit in as deep as she could, and was rewarded with a delightful squeal from Maria.

“We shall see… ” Maria hissed venomously, as she gladly accepted Victoria’s clitoris. Maria could feel her own sex horn slowly rising from its sanctuary to face its rival in their final duel. She has beaten Victoria’s clit three times now, and she knew that she could do it again. “We’re going to see once and for all who the best woman in Vegas is!”

The two women slammed their drooling cunts together with increasing strength, as the sparks of lust and hatred seem to have re-ignited within their bodies. Maria felt herself becoming increasingly aroused as she rode Victoria’s clit deliciously. The beautiful brunette fearlessly impaled herself into Victoria’s might clit, and each time she pulled back, she could see Victoria’s clit glistening with her womanly fluid. Maria only realized how aroused she was when she felt her weapon reach its full length, sticking proudly out of her pussy and challenging Victoria’s to come meet it. The two women wasted no time pressing their most prized possessions together, sending waves of familiar sensations throughout their bodies. Their pants quickened as they increased their tempo. Both women’s perfect bodies were glistening with sweat now, and the scent of their womanhood filled the room. Both women smiled confidently as they brought their clits together to decide everything once and for all.

Meeting head to head, their clits once again battle for supremacy as both women tried to force the other’s back. The two women leaned backwards until they had to use one hand to support themselves, to increase the pressure between the two drooling cunts. Their clits met head to head each time, but neither would give way to the other, and the slippery nubs would lick each other as they slid and press their full lengths against each other. Victoria could feel Maria’s clit throbbing against hers as their proud weapons deliciously fenced. The women’s moans trailed off into sexual squeals as they started to repeatedly bang their clits together head to head. Glaring furiously into each other’s eyes, both women drew on the remainder of their energy reserves in a final attempt to crush her opponents in this one final, epic duel. Their clits met once, twice, three times, and each time both women would scream in pleasure, their bodies threatening to go over the edge and into an orgasmic heaven any moment.

“Give it to me bitch! *Pant*… ugh… Come on, Fuck me!” Victoria hissed her lovely hair flying as she pumped with everything she’s got. Her body was completely drain from her last orgasm, yet she some how managed to go on, drawing on her hatred for her foe.

“Take it dyke! *Gasp*… Give me all you got! I can take it all and more!” Maria growled defiantly, as she fucked Victoria back with all she had. Her divine body, drenched in sweat, pumped with equal ferocity as the beautiful brunette drove her clit fearlessly towards Victoria’s again and again.

Their majestic clits met head to head again and again, and as both women neared their inevitable orgasm, it finally happened. Their glorious, glistening bodies arched back in effort, sending their proud clits against one another. Their beautiful breasts jiggled as they sent their clits plunging fearlessly onward. Meeting head to head, Maria let out a wail as she felt for the first time in her life, her clit crushed against another woman’s clit. Maria felt for the first time in her life, her divine clit defeated, bested by another woman’s. Maria felt for the first time unbearable pleasure that could not be denied. The gorgeous brunette fell onto her back as she came, her glorious body shuddering in pleasure, her body pumping helplessly in response to Victoria’s furious humping. Her soft, perfect belly twitched and rolled as it squirted out a tremendous amount of hot gooey cum. Tears flowed from Maria’s beautiful eyes as they bulged wide in shock, fear, and unsurpassable pleasure. Never before had she felt anything like this, and Maria body jerked wildly as it struggled to comprehend what it was feeling. Maria’s lovely hands gripped the fur tightly as her coming cunt continue to jet her milky white come into Victoria’s victorious cunt. Maria’s wail of defeat trailed off into breathless moans as Victoria continued to fuck her coming cunt, sending indisputable pleasure down the already defeated woman to trigger a series of passionate orgasms. Maria’s eyes were half opened as she laid there, coming and jerking, her defeated pussy having gone supernova, consumed by undeniable passion. Consciousness faded from Maria, as her seemingly endless orgasm was too much for the beautiful young woman to bear. The beautiful showgirl just lay there, unconscious and totally annihilated. Her defeated clit, glistening with juices, slowly retreated back to its sanctuary in defeat as her once tensed muscles slowly start to relax.

Victoria moaned as she ground her clit against Maria’s coming cunt, bathing it in Maria’s defeat. She knew another orgasm might kill her, but she wanted it anyways. Weakly, she crawled over to place her cunt onto Maria’s face. Moaning, she rubbed her cunt against Maria’s beautiful nose while she continued to stroke her clit with her fingers. Within seconds, Victoria exploded in victory against Maria’s face, and the satisfaction of absolute victory and revenge was too much for even the lovely young brunette. Victoria weakly rolled herself off Maria before fading off into unconsciousness herself.

The End