By Unknownfan

“You’ll regret saying that,” Maria breathed, as she readjusted her position. Untangling their legs, Maria got out of their scissors-lock and sat herself on top of her rival. Both hands now gripping Victoria’s outstretched arm, Maria slowly sat up. Riding Victoria like she would ride a man’s cock, Maria began grinding her cunt roughly into her opponent’s cunt. Staring down at her rival, Maria hissed as she felt Victoria’s clit once again rise to seek its rival for another erotic duel. Each time the older woman grind the full length of her pussy against Victoria’s, Maria fucked herself against Victoria’s rising clit, and the sexy woman squirmed and bit her lips as she tried to hold off her squeals.

As Victoria arched her hips to pump her cunt upward against Maria’s, she felt Maria’s grips on her arms tightened, Maria slammed the other girl’s outstretched arms to the carpet with renew strength, assuring that her rival stayed down. Victoria attempted to align her clit against Maria’s, but the other woman expertly evaded her attack and enveloped Victoria’s sensitive clit in the exquisite silk-like softness of her cunt. Maria’s skillful evasive tactics were wearing down the pinned Victoria, who humped angrily at her rival frustrated, unable to wrestle control from her dexterous rival. Victoria knew that if she was able to bring her throbbing clit against Maria’s right now, she would be able to bring her rival to and orgasmic eruption within seconds. But Maria would not give Victoria the chance to, as she impaled herself against Victoria’s exposed clit repeatedly, letting Victoria’s clit taste the sweet heavenly softness of her cunt.

“Ohhhh… You fucking dyke… I’ll make you come so fucking hard… I promise…” Victoria moaned weakly, her juices flowing as she felt a second devastating orgasm threatening to emit from her cunt. The lovely woman tilted her head forward, and between her bouncing breasts, she saw Maria’s drooling cunt bobbing up and down, riding her glistening clit, which was now fully erected in all its majestic might.

“Your promises mean nothing, little girl.” Maria hissed, clenching her teeth in effort to remain in her dominant position.

“Bitch!” Victoria growled, her voice was more confident now, as the younger woman began drawing strength from her anger, which was borne out of her frustration. Victoria’s pumps became more and more powerful, and within a few pumps, she was sending Maria several inches into the sky with each thrust. Victoria could feel the womanly juices mixed with her own cum drip down from Maria’s cunt as the younger woman forced Maria’s cunt into the air, each time higher than the last. Suddenly, after the last thrust sent the sexy brunette’s dripping pussy high into the air, Maria kept it airborne for split second, timing her next thrust so that it met Victoria’s head on. Maria’s pussy dived downwards to meet Victoria’s upward thrust, with enough force that would surely force Victoria’s airborne ass crashing into the ground. But to Maria’s surprised, Victoria’s cunt held. Straining her ass muscles in effort, Victoria kept her cunt up high and proud, defying Maria. Hissing angrily, Maria brought her cunt up a several inches before slamming down again, using the force of gravity to help her, but once again Victoria’s cunt held its place. Now frustrated, Maria repeatedly dive bombed her pussy into Victoria’s, only to be unable to force her opponent’s cunt back down. Both women were clenching their teeth in effort as they used their awesome ass muscles to control their cunt war. Finally, Maria adjusted her position so that she was no longer sitting on the brunette, but so that she was leaning against her. Feeling Maria align their bodies so that they touched nose to nose, breast to breast, and belly to belly, Victoria braced herself for what was about to come. Ass pointing skywards, Maria’s clit now pointed dangerously towards Victoria’s. Both women let out an animalistic scream as Maria brought their cunts down with more force than she ever had. Their clits met head to head, and Victoria struggled to keep her cunt above the ground as electric jolts of pleasure flowed through her knees and hips. Maria brought her clit down into Victoria’s again, no longer caring whether the resulting explosion of pleasure would send her into an orgasm. Once again Victoria felt herself weaken, but she managed to hold her position. Maria herself was panting and gasping as she weakly brought her ass up one last time, before slamming her clit down like a meteorite with all her strength. Victoria’s gasps trailed off into a howl as she felt Maria’s majestic clit crushed hers for a second time tonight, sending the lovely brunette’s cunt and ass crashing down into the fur rug, completely exhausted. Victoria’s eyes bulged as she felt her floodgates opened from the resulting explosion of pleasure, and her belly quivering as warm gooey come jetted out of her pussy. Her hands helplessly opened and closed as Maria kept the thrashing, coming brunette pinned to the floor. Victoria gasped and moaned weakly against Maria’s face, and the older woman seized the opportunity to lock lips with her coming foe, who was desperately in need of air. Nearly choking on Maria’s long skillful tongue – which forced its way down her throat – Victoria managed weakly pull away from Maria’s cruel tongue in the last second, coughing. Although not as strong as her previous orgasm, this one was more devastating for the young woman, who was already quite tired from her first. Also, having come twice without ever making Maria come once was a great mental devastation for the seemingly defeated brunette.

“I thought you were going to make me cum?” Maria whispered mockingly into Victoria’s ear, who just laid there, chest heaving, mouth gasping, cunt coming, The lovely brunette’s blue eye lids were half closed, as Victoria laid in a semi-conscious state. Releasing one of Victoria’s lifeless hands, Maria scooped up some warm come from the puddle right in front of Victoria’s shaven cunt, and brought it to her mouth. Feasting on her opponent’s cunt victoriously, Maria watched in delight as her rival finally gave her response.

“I promise you… You’ll regret fucking with me…” Victoria groaned feebly, but her actions contradicted her tone of voice as she roughly humped Maria, challenging the other woman to continue fucking her.

Slightly amazed by Victoria’s endurance, will and stubbornness, Maria gladly accepted her challenge by repining the fallen brunette’s hands, and began grinding the full length of her cunt against Victoria’s. Clenching her awesome ass muscles, Maria drove her clit deep into Victoria’s cunt, before grinding forward, travelling across the full length of Victoria’s labia before slashing the entire length Victoria’s clit viciously from its bottom deliciously. Victoria hissed as she felt her rival’s clit lick hers deliciously, reawakening it and Victoria’s cunt. The younger woman welcomed Maria’s vicious grinding, spreading her legs and encouraging the other woman to fuck her harder. Victoria was a bit shaken up by her previous two orgasms, but some how, she felt confidant that she could take anything the other woman can give and more. Victoria’s weak humping slowly grew in strength as the lovely showgirl drew power from her hatred for her rival. Their slippery bellies and breasts rubbed together as they continued their sensual fuck war. Maria kissed Victoria’s cheek and ear hotly, necking the lovely brunette as they fucked. The skillful woman was rewarded with soft moans of pleasure coming out from Victoria’s mouth. Victoria knew that these little erotic acts could mean the difference between victory and defeat, and quickly, the lovely auburn-haired woman responded by kissing Maria hotly every time the other woman came into reach.

Their bodies were perfectly aligned, touching large breasts to large breasts, soft belly to soft belly, wet cunt to wet cunt, toned legs to toned legs, every part of their bodies fought for sexual sovereignty. As her thrusts grew stronger, the panting Maria’s body began lifting itself off Victoria’s. Victoria watched in delight as Maria’s firm, large breasts bounced up and down, banging themselves against the lovely brunette’s beautiful diamond necklace. Seizing the opportunity, Victoria caught her skillful foe off-guard as her mouth plunged forward, locking itself to Maria’s exposed nipple. The lovely brunette squealed in ecstasy as she looked down in horror to see Victoria sucking on her vulnerable left nipple, sending waves of undeniable sensation throughout her body. Her light squeal became an orgasmic moan as she felt Victoria’s lengthy clit lick her majestic clit deliciously.

“FUCK! BITCH, YOUR *GASP*… CLIT, FUCK!” Maria closed her eyes and moaned helplessly as she felt Victoria’s glorious clit slashes her from all sides, fucking it and the come out of Maria’s pussy. Maria began shaking uncontrollably as her body prepared itself to come. Releasing her grip from Victoria’s pinned hands, Maria sat up straight and grasped her thick silky mane, stroking it wildly as she came. Her belly button ring glittered as her tummy muscles rolled, spurting out her thick, milky cum. Victoria’s freed hands pushed the gasping brunette off her, and she wasted no time forcing the coming Maria onto her back. Spreading the sexy brunette’s quivering legs wide, Victoria jammed her clit vengefully against Maria’s coming cunt and clit maliciously. Maria’s eyes opened wide in shock as she felt Victoria’s unwelcome clit fucking the second orgasm out of her before she could even finish her first. Her defense comely broken, Victoria crushed her clit against Maria’s weakened one, easily forcing the buckling brunette to her second orgasm. Maria could only close her eyes and groan helplessly as her enormous orgasm chained into a series of smaller orgasms. The multi orgasmic Maria squirted out an inhumanly amount of warm gooey cum as she flooded the floor below their fucking cunts.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…you dirty, dirty little bitch…” Maria moaned and gasped unintelligently as she struggled to regain control herself. Slowly, her five senses began to return to her as she finally realized that she was lying on her back, with her hated rival sitting beside her, feeding on her cum.

“I promised you bitch, I promised…” Victoria purred sexily, quite content with the result of her handiwork. She inserted two fingers into Maria’s cunt and spooned out more gooey cum; feasting on it right in front of her opponent’s face, mimicking Maria’s action last time she made Victoria came.

“Bitch… This is far from over…” Maria grunted.

“Good, cause I’m not finished with you either,” Victoria smirked, slightly over-confident. She slowly climbed on top of her fallen rival, preparing to fuck Maria the same way she fucked her. “I’m going to make you regret you ever messed with me, you jealous, miserable bitch.”

Maria had anticipated this and quickly tapped into the reserves of her energy. With the speed of a cheetah, the sexy tigress grabbed a handful of Victoria’s silky dark reddish brown hair, and yanked with all her might. Victoria squealed in pain and involuntarily rolled off her rival. Maria quickly pounced up to mount her shocked opponent, but Victoria too quickly recovered, and briskly grabbing a handful of Maria’s thick mane, she used the other woman’s own momentum to yank Maria off her. The two rolled on the soaked fur rug, fighting for position. Victoria felt Maria’s freed hand sink its nails into her ass, making the lovely auburn-haired woman hiss in pain. Maria grunted girlishly as she managed to land on top of Victoria. For a moment, the two women quickly resumed their cunt pumping, grinding their labia deliciously against each other. Maria couldn’t believe that pleasure was actually building up inside her cunt; after the orgasm she just had, she was seriously wondering whether she would ever come again.

“Ugh, fuck you and your fucking cunt, whore,” Victoria grunted as Maria fucked her. Yanking onto the other woman’s hair, hard, Victoria managed to send both women rolling on the ground again, they rolled a couple of times and this time, Victoria managed to land on top of Maria. Panting in fatigue, Victoria summoned her inner strength to send a barrage of furious pussy slams against Maria with her own cunt. Maria gasped in pleasure as she felt Victoria’s pussy slapped hers once, twice, three times. Desperately, Maria arched her hips and met Victoria’s forth downwards thrust head on, knocking the other woman off her. The panting women collapsed side by side, completely exhausted. Looking into each other eyes, they passed off a silent agreement to finish their battle in this position, as both women released their grip on each other’s silky manes and proceed to stroke each other’s body sensually, massaging each other’s aching muscles. Their hard rubbery nipples lightly touched as their chests heaved. Their smooth lower bellies lightly caressed each other as they ground their wet cunts together. Victoria shuddered as she felt one of Maria’s hands reach down to her back, running it all the way down her ass crack. She felt Maria’s other hand gently traced the outline of her navel ring at her navel, sending erotic tingling sensations to her drooling cunt. Their grinding was slow and pleasing, each strokes long and satisfying, as both women fully opened up to each other, giving it their all and taking just as much. The girls let out uncontrolled whimpers and moans into each other’s face hotly, as they took each other’s assault, welcoming the other girl to fuck her. Victoria felt Maria’s aroused clit drive itself deeply into the younger girl’s steaming cunt. Now that she had opened herself up to her rival completely, Victoria felt just exactly how monstrously large Maria’s clit was. Her rival’s majestic clit stabbed into her cunt vigorously, daring Victoria’s clit to come out and fight it. Victoria felt her clit answering its rival’s call, as her sex button hardened and grew, sprouting out of Victoria’s cunt to face its destiny. Both women hissed as Victoria brought the full length of her clit against Maria in a slow, torturous grind.

“I feel your dirty clit bitch, and it doesn’t feel like anything compared to mine,” Maria hissed defiantly through clenched perfect white teeth. “You’ve got to do better than this to make me cum.”

“A brave thing to say when just two minutes ago… *gasp*… you were cumming like the whore you are,” Victoria growled back, gasping as she felt Maria’s clit once again slide itself against hers. Both women were once again leaking a tremendous amount of fluid. “You dirty, filthy, slut.”

“Bitch!” Maria gasped, glaring into her opponent’s eyes as she sensed Victoria’s clit jabbing into hers forcefully, forcing it back just a little. Her body quaked uncontrollably as pleasure threatened to overwhelm her.

“Cunt!” Victoria moaned shaking in pleasure as she felt Maria’s clit managed to bend hers slightly backwards. Returning her rival’s glance, Victoria sneered as she pumped her clit proudly into Maria’s, and managed to force her rival to hiss in pleasure.

“God, you hot, slutty little bitch… *Gasp*… fuck you and your sexy body…” Maria groaned, ever so close to coming. “Kiss me you stupid dyke.”

Their tongues collided into a war of their own, as each woman once again locked lips, ever so determined to find out just who was the better kisser. They tongue wrestled for victory as they jammed their tongues down their opponent’s throat. Maria’s saliva tasted unbelievably sweet against Victoria’s tongue, as they licked each other’s mouths fiercely. Victoria felt Maria grab her lush, sweaty ass with both hands, determined to take control of their clit war. Victoria quickly responded by sending her rubbing hands to Maria’s own full, slippery ass and grabbed a handful of the lovely brunette’s sweet ass meat. Finally, the two pulled away from their kiss war, victor still not determined. They tilted their heads back and gasped in pleasure and for air, while their clits continue dueling. Looking into each other’s eyes full of hatred, the panting women leaned forward once again, lips locking. This time, they bit each other’s lips sexually, and purred in pleasure as their rival returned the favor. Rubbing nose to nose, the pair Eskimo kissed while glancing down at their cunt war below. Their awesome ass muscles clenched in effort to force the final pumps that would decide the out come of this duel.

“See how… *pant*… my fat clit is bigger, longer, and harder than yours?” Maria demanded cruelly as she grounded her cunt cruelly into her shaking rival, forcing her sexy rival to gasp hotly against her face.

“Your- your clit… *gasp* is nothing compared to mine, see how easily it bends against mine?” Victoria replied confidently, slashing her clit against Maria’s viciously, confidant that she would be able to take any kind of fucking Maria gave her.

Their trash talking was cut short when their clits rammed into each other head on. Both women screamed in ecstasy as their clits forced each other back into their hoods. Both women began jerking uncontrollably, as their cunts exploded. Moaning into each other’s face, the two shaking women used their discipline and sexual prowess to force their cunts to remain together, keeping their crushed clits directly against each other as they seek to overwhelm one another. This resulted in setting off chain orgasms for both of the multi-orgasmic women. Screaming against each other’s gorgeous face, their cunts exploded like Chinese firecrackers, one explosion after another. Their tummies twitched against each other as their coming cunts shot their milky cum directly into each other. The two women held each other as they came, grips tightening as their milky fluid flooded their lower bodies. Cursing, moaning, weeping, both women sought to outlast their rival. Finally both women’s tensed muscles began to relax as their orgasm finally subsided. Victoria tried her best to keep her eyes locked onto Maria’s, but was unable to, as she felt her consciousness faded away. Maria managed to keep her eyes open a split second longer than Victoria, and was blessed with the sight of watching her rival fading into unconsciousness. It wasn't long before she too was overtaken by darkness.

To be continued?