By Spear

Before the relationship with my fiancée Susanne began, I was dating Annette, a co-worker. We slept a few times together but not much followed and soon after I met my girlfriend and now she and I are planning our marriage.

A few days ago I showed holiday pictures to a few colleagues. Annette was one of them. She stood in the back and seemed only mildly interested.

Later that day Annette came into my office and locked the door. Before I even realized what was
happening, she had jumped on my lap, wrapped her legs around mine and started kissing me. My hormones took over and without thinking, I kissed her back. After a passionate minute I came to my senses and broke the kiss. Annette just grinned. She turned herself around in my lap, pressing her firm ass down on my male parts and grabbed the computer mouse.

I was shocked and fought against my arousal. My mind was racing. I thought about my future fiancée and then I realized that I apparently was not the only one. Annette had opened my holiday pictures and stared at every image of Susanne with intense concentration on her face and a cold gleam in her blue eyes. She zoomed in to view every curve on my fiancé’s body. Suddenly she stood up, went to the door and before opening it she gave me an intense look and purred, “I want you and I am better than her!”

On my way home I thought about the incident and finally decided to be honest to my girlfriend. I felt that I hadn't done anything wrong after the first moments of shock. The picture part seemed so weird to me that I kept quiet about it and ended my confession with me ending the kiss.

Susanne looked long and hard at me with her wonderful green eyes. The expression on her face was unreadable for me, something between anger, disappointment and to my astonishment a little bit of lust and a tiny smile around her lips.

“Did she say anything?" she asked.

“Yes, she said that she wants me and....”

“Yes, go on…”

“She said that she is better than you!”

My fiancés reaction was really strange.

“Do you have pictures of her?“ she asked with a little bit too casual voice.

I opened my laptop and showed her the files from our last Christmas staff party. She sat down and inspected every pic of Annette intensively in the biggest zoom possible. She stared a long time at a pic where Annette stood in the background with her back to the camera. She had zoomed in so big on Annette's round, jeans-clad ass that it filled the whole screen – which made it approximately life-sized.

Susanne suddenly took the laptop and went into the corridor. I followed her slowly and found her in front of the big mirror; she held the laptop beside her hip and obviously compared her butt to the picture. I was puzzled and horny, the two asses looked very equal and I started comparing them in the back of my mind.

Susanne put the computer away and almost jumped at me. Then we had sex right in the corridor. Susanne had seldom been so wild before. When we where done she was lying on top of me. She looked
into my eyes and said to me in her bedroom voice, “I am the better woman!” I assured her that she was.

The two incidents weren't mentioned again the next few days. Our home life went on as it had previously and Annette was friendly but distant to me at work.

Saturday morning Susanne went to her favorite beauty parlor and hairdresser. In the afternoon she spent a long time in the bathroom and I found her rummaging in her closet. She wore her sexiest black underwear and I started to get the feeling something strange was going on. I watched her while she put on her tightest jeans, the pair which made her ass look best and while she carefully compared all her tops I finally asked what was going on.

She answered in a much too sweet voice, “Oh, nothing darling. We will get a visitor later, and by the way, could you please put the mattresses from the bed on the floor and please push the bed into the corner?”


“Oh, nothing, please just do it… for me?” She gave me that look that I could never resist.

Later I was sitting on the couch. Susanne paced up and down the living room. She had finally decided what to wear and had put on a tight, green, sleeveless top, it emphasized her breasts.

“Baby, please, what the hell is going on?” I asked.

Before she could answer the doorbell rang. Susanne almost jumped, she was so nervous that she almost lost her voice when she whispered, “Darling, please open the door.”

Curious, I went to the door and with a last glance at Susanne opened it. In front of me stood Annette!

She wore very tight jeans and a sleeveless, tight top. Her face was bright red from excitement and she was shaking with anticipation. Without a word she jumped at me, wrapped her legs around my waist and rammed her tongue into my mouth. When she finally let me out of her grasp I was forcefully turned around and my girl wrapped around me like never before and kissed me as wild as Annette.

Then Susanne pushed me to the side and the two women stood toe to toe. They stared at each other with intense hatred. Their eyes seemed to shoot sparks; the air was bristling with emotions. Both stood upright and prideful, their arms at their hips, only their rapid breathing betrayed how nervous both must have been.

Both took a deep breath and moved forward. I could sense that it took all their courage to do it.
First their tits met each other and pressed together, their flat bellies met. Between their tops and trousers a tiny amount of each girl’s flesh was not covered and skin met skin. Both women shivered from the touch. Long jeans-clad thighs aligned length to length.

At last, very, very slowly both moved toward the other. They stopped and cringed. I realized that it had been the moment they had felt the other’s breath on their face. Then they moved again, the tips of their noses pushed against each other, both noses flattened a bit until the glass of their spectacles touched.

Their eyes where locked in a staring duel and their small lips were half open just millimeters apart as they breathed quickly through their teeth. I could not believe what I was seeing. What was going on here?

At first I had thought that they just stood there, and then I realized that they were actually pushing against each other with their whole bodies. The lack of movement came from their similarity in build and strength as both tried to push the other one back.

Slowly I started to enjoy the sight; I could not help it but I started to compare their two bodies. Their legs and waists were the same size. Their full apple shaped butts stood equally proud; I could compare the curve of their asses perfectly from my side position. Even their hair had the same length, Susanne's a bit darker and Annette's with a slight reddish hue.

But the thing that strangely fascinated me the most was their arms. Thin arms of a similar, very white skin tone. Their hands were clenched into fists and the little girlish muscles of their upper arms were bulging from their struggle.

I stood very quiet. Not knowing what to do I decided to enjoy the moment while it lasted. After some time they accepted their stalemate and separated.

“Everything ready?” Annette asked with a nervous voice.

Susanne just nodded. I was even more confused. Then both beauties looked at me, each took one of my hands and then led me to the bedroom. They smiled at me, kicked away their shoes and very slowly and sexily circled each other on the mattresses, eyes locked to each other.

“Girls, what the fuck is going on here?” I finally burst out.

Both smiled without breaking their gaze. “We've decided to fight, honey!” Susanne told me.

“Over you!” Annette added.

"What? Are you both out of your mind?” I stammered.

“No, we talked it through!” Susanne said.

“We agreed on the rules.” Annette said.

“No punches, no scratching, no biting.” Susanne explained.

“Just wrestling,” Annette added, “and Stop means Stop!”

“There are three ways to win: making the other one say “I quit”, holding the other one flat on her back to a ten-count!”

“It's your job to do the counting, baby.” Annette added.

“He's not your baby!” Susanne snarled.

“Sit down and enjoy the show!” they said in unison.

Flabbergasted, I sat down at the edge of the mattresses and watched as they walked toward each other, wondering a little what the third way to win would be, but I figured that if it had been an important one they would have told me.

Both immediately went for the other’s hair and sank their fingers into it. Their bodies bumped together and their foreheads collided, both bared their teeth in a snarl. A small screeching sound made me realize that both still wore their glasses that now scratched over each other.

“Stop, Stop!” I shouted.

Both froze but each held her grip in her enemy's hair.

I gently took each woman's glasses, and then I untangled their hands from their hair and removed rings and wrist-watches. They let me do it without breaking eye contact or separating.

“Please, be very careful!” I said sincerely. “Please don't hurt each other!”

I took two hands and kissed their fingers, half of my mouth touching each girl's skin. They broke their stance to look at me. Green and blue eyes fixated on me and both promised to be careful. I sat down and watched them circle each other. Both were extremely nervous, their faces had red spots from excitement; each started a few fake attacks to test her opponent.

Then, finally it was on. Both rushed forward and secured a hold around the others neck, they kicked at each other to unbalance their opponent, but their legs just wrapped around each other, they lost their grips and were separated.

Again they circled, this time much nearer together, both had become more confident and fight-lust sparkled in both women's eyes. They attacked and caught each other in a side headlock. They struggled hip to hip and tried to unbalance the other with their jeans-clad legs. Denim rubbed over denim and their shapely, round asses moved side by side up and down. In their eagerness to bring their opponent down they entwined their legs to the point where both could not hold their footing and they crashed down in a tangle of blue jeans, white arms and brunette hair.

By chance Susanne landed on her back while Annette landed on her side. Momentarily the air was knocked from Susanne's lungs and she needed a second longer to recover from the shock. Annette almost jumped on top of my girl. I heard the muffled sound of their bodies clashing together and of the air being pressed out of their lungs. Annette immediately tried to grab Susanne's arms and pin her down but Susanne fought back ferociously by wrapping her legs around Annette's and, struggling against the soft body on top, she managed to turn them over.

Susanne was in the upper position now but after just a short while Annette managed to turn them back over again. This time they were side by side, arms entwined and legs trapped between each other’s crushing thighs. They struggled and snarled at each other with their noses almost touching. A small strip of their lower bellies was visible, a centimeter of alabaster skin between jeans and top. I was almost hypnotized by this. As they moved back and forth their bellies came closer together and further apart but finally, to my deepest pleasure, skin touched skin.

Both women yelped at the unexpected contact of soft flesh and they broke their hold, rolling away from each other. Gasping for air they were laying apart for a short time, and then they sat up on their knees in front of each other with wicked smiles around their sexy lips.

“Had enough?” Susanne asked playfully.

“Not yet, not as long as you keep on fighting back!” Annette answered with a cold smile.

Their hands rose like claws they circled, waiting for an opening, a sign of weakness to explore. But both were too determined to give any opening and they changed the game again. Very, very slowly and mistrustful they moved their hands together. Their skin touched as long fingers tangled around each other, nails dug into the back of hands and their girlish muscles bulged a little bit as they tested their strength. Breasts slammed together as their upper bodies moved forward at the same time, their outstretched, dueling arms trembling from the strain, heads over each other’s shoulders they struggled with every fiber of their bodies to push the other one back. To no avail, they were true equals in strength, stamina and power.

Exhausted and frustrated they separated again, their eyes met again and both nodded in mutual understanding; and then side by side, they turned toward me. They made a summoning gesture with their index fingers and I walked over to them.

“Undress us.” they whispered.

I realized that they must have agreed on this beforehand. I wondered how much contact there had been. Both flung their arms around my neck and pecked me on the lips. They had to go cheek to cheek to do this and I had the incredible sensation to feel both women's gentle lips on my own at the same time. My hands caressed their asses and then I fell to my knees. I am and have always been in love with the female belly button. The chance to see and feel both women's navels together made me very excited. I looked up at their faces and both girls, knowing my obsession, nodded.

I positioned their waists in the right position to each other and very, very slowly pushed their shirts up. My mouth got dry in anticipation. The first strip of very white skin became visible. I pushed the girls together and their tiny strips of skin touched. Both shivered.

I could now compare skin to skin, both bellies were the same shade of white. I ran my fingers from one belly to the other, their softness was equal. I did the same with my tongue and both tasted like heaven.
Gradually I pushed their shirts higher until the lower rim of their navels became visible. My index fingers crawled under each shirt and traced the rims of both navels, then I pushed their shirts up and their deep round belly buttons became visible side by side.

Shivering in anticipation I positioned their flat sexy bellies right in front of each other’s. The tiny hairs on their skin touched as belly was in front of belly. I pushed them together and navel kissed navel, both women moaned a little bit. I guided their hips a little bit away from each other to get a good side view of their navels right against each other, they where rim on rim and the same size. I was really horny right now but tried not to show it too much, after all they were fighting and that's nothing to get aroused about, right?

I stood up carefully (because the space in my jeans had gotten a little tight in the last minutes) and moved their shirts over their heads one after the other. As they were still belly to belly, their bra-covered breasts were right in front of each other. Susanne's tits were much smaller but better shaped and I thought about their nipples and which one would be more beautiful. I walked around the pair and compared their now bare backs to each other. All the time they were silently staring at each other.

I turned them around until jeans-clad ass pressed against jeans-clad ass. Then I went in front of each woman and opened their jeans, with each I shared a few seconds of privacy in the process. Both smiled at me lovingly but with a tinge of fear in their eyes. I pulled their jeans down to reveal their panties and beautiful long legs. Buttock skin was now pressed directly against buttock skin. I could see that both flexed the muscles in their behinds to press deeper in to their rival’s ass.

Taking each woman's hand I gently turned them around until they were facing each other. The intense expression on their faces right from the moment their eyes could meet again told me that my part in this was over for the time being. I went back to my spectator position at the side and was torn between fear, excitement and curiosity about what they had planned next.

Obviously they had arranged a scenario with different levels of escalation. Should one phase of their fight end without a winner the next phase would follow. I wondered where it all would end and silently, with a hint of guilt, hoped that they would again prove equals just to see what the next level would be.

Now almost naked they hesitated much longer before entering into the fight but finally they charged at each other. With a loud smack flesh collided and their fingers interlocked into a test of strength. They struggled to push the other one backwards but to no avail. Then their legs came into play as they tried to get their opponent to the ground, long legs intertwined again and again and white skin rubbed over white skin.

Both lost their footing and the pair tumbled down onto the mattress in a tangle of limbs. A frantic struggle for the top position started as they rolled back and forth in an entwined ball. Their legs were interlocked and the inner sides of their thighs were rubbing and stroking each other. Slowly their strength diminished and the rolling got slower while the panting and grunting got louder. At one time Susanne's ass was in the air, in the next moment Annette's. Both were grunting and sweating.

I didn't know with whom it started but suddenly each woman's hands were in the other’s hair. Their grunts were replaced by cries of pain as they viciously pulled at each other’s strands.

“No, no, keep your cool!” I shouted. They separated and sat up, gasping for air.

“Sorry darling!” both said.

“Don't call him that, bitch!” Susanne hissed. “He's mine!”

“Get used to it, bitch!” Annette hissed back. “Soon he's mine!”

For a moment both looked as if they would punch each other, their fists were clenched and their jaws locked.

“Girls, no,” I muttered weakly. “Please.”

They stood up, still glaring at each other and, with a deep breath; they opened their fists and turned in my direction again. They slowly walked towards me, hips swaying and a predatory look on their faces, I swallowed. Four gentle hands fondled my hair and my face. I gripped both women by their full asses and pulled them closer to me. Two warm bodies pressed against me. Both tried to get their face in front of mine, cheek pressed against cheek as they battled for position.

I grabbed their chins and positioned them carefully. Both followed my guidance until the corners of their mouths almost touched each other. Then I lowered my lips until they brushed against both women's. What a feeling! Both moaned into my mouth, their thin lips felt wonderful. My tongue reached out and caressed their lips. Both waited to learn which mouth my tongue would enter but I declined to make that decision, then their tongues came out to meet mine.

Their warm tongues started a savage battle to keep their enemy away from my tongue. Their two pink muscles fought each other all over my tongue as they tried to keep the other away from my mouth while kissing me at the same time. Things got very heated and I slowly backed away from the three-way kiss and left them to tongue fight each other. They did it long, wet and fiercely until their tongues became too tired to keep the pressure up. When they finally separated each girl’s mouth was covered in spit from the wet war.

They stared at each other a long time. It looked like they were pondering a decision they had agreed on but were still unsure about. Suddenly both nodded and they marched forcefully towards me, grim determination on their faces. They grabbed me, pushed me to the mattress, shoved my shirt over my head and went for my jeans.

With a lot of shoving against each other and fingers fighting over each button they opened my jeans and pulled it down. My dick went up rock-hard and the two women's faces were on each side of it, so near that I could feel their breath on my skin. Slowly their tongues came out, touched opposite sides of my penis down at the root and slowly moved upward licking the whole length until their tongues met over the top of my glans. Then each fighter tried to get my dick into her mouth but they were very effectively blocking each other. With a cry of frustration and rage they separated and stared at each other angrily, their heads a short distance over my glans.

Susanne charged forward, her mouth aiming for my cock, but Annette had reacted quickly and so their foreheads crashed together right over my glans. Both protruded their tongue as far as possible but neither could reach my glans. They shoved and pushed forehead against forehead. Then both grabbed my shaft, fingers entwined around it and tried to bend it towards their mouth. I started to get a little bit worried, it looked like they were arm-wrestling but my most sensitive body-part was trapped between their interlocked fingers.

Susanne managed to pull my penis towards her side, her lips and tongue embraced my glans. Slowly Annette got the upper hand and dragged my shaft into her direction. The look on their faces was so intense that veins bulged under their red sweaty skin. My penis left the reach of Susanne's tongue and had gotten into the reach of Annette's. I watched how Annette's pink tongue licked my fiancé’s spittle from my glans and finally her lips engulfed it. Susanne pulled harder and my penis was jerked back to a middle position as both increased their pressure.

“Um, girls,” I stuttered. Both started pulling really hard with both hands. “Girls, stop!” They tugged so hard that their heads were jerked around violently. “GIRLS!” I screamed.

Two shocked faces turned in my direction. I could see in their expressions that they had almost forgotten about my presence. To get the prize had been the only thing in their minds, the prize itself - me – had become second rated compared to winning.

“Be gentle, it's not a gearshift, you know?” I said angrily.

“Sorry darling.” Susanne said.

“Yeah, sorry darling.” Annette purred.

Susanne shot daggers from her eyes. “He is NOT your darling!” she hissed.

“After tonight he will be!” Annette spat back. Their eyes blazed at each other and I got worried about my best part again. But they surprised me again. With sweet smiles they reassured me that they would be gentle. Still smiling they brought their faces to either side of my cock, ejected their tongues and started licking it slowly. Again and again their tongues licked over my shaft only to meet each other over the slit. With every moment the licking got more frantic until their tongues tangled into a fiery battle over and around my glans. Each pink rod tried to keep the other away from my pink glans. Every millimeter won was heatedly defended and the tide of battle swept back and forth. One moment Susanne's tongue triumphantly on top of the hill, the next moment Annette's had overwhelmed it and engulfed the top of my dick just to be driven back again by the fierce counterattack of my girlfriend.

I could feel the first drops of cum leaving my slit. Both girls suddenly dived in for it, their mouths smacked together, sealing shut with my penis between them and both started sucking with all the power in their lungs. Their noses were flattened against each other and soon both began to run out of air, their usually pale faces became quite pink as each woman tried to win the sucking duel. Finally, with a smacking sound they let go.

Both faces were full of anger as they caught their breath staring into each others eyes. Suddenly, Susanne slapped Annette right on the cheek. I was shocked. I just managed to move my most precious part out of harms way before Annette, with a scream of rage, jumped over me claws raised. Their bodies clashed together and tumbled down in a mess of slapping hands, scratching fingernails, kicking feet and knees and snarling and biting teeth.

Things had gotten out of control.

“Stop, Stop, STOP!” I screamed and tried to separate the wildcats. I managed to get my body between their fighting forms. Slaps and scratches were exchanged over my head and around me and I got my fair share of the damage but finally I managed to push them both backwards. Each woman landed on her hands and knees. They were panting heavily and snarled at each other like felines but for the moment had ceased to attack. Both had red marks from slaps and scratches on their fair skin.

“Stop the violence, you made rules!” I yelled. “You have to settle this another way!” Both had tears in their eyes when they looked at me.

“Come here.” I said gently and both women flung their arms around my neck and hugged and squeezed me. Their sexy bodies were pressed against me. The smell of their perfumes and hair mingled in my nose. I calmed them down with gentle words and slowly their breathing became steady again.

When everything got quieter, the sexiness of the setup came back and my dick erected again and found a very soft place between the outer sides of their full butt-cheeks. After awhile I gently turned the two fighters towards each other. The tension was back immediately as their eyes shot daggers at each others.

“Make-up kisses!” I ordered and (much to my surprise) they followed it and gave each other a quick kiss on the lips. In complete silence they looked at each other a long time. I dared not to breathe. Suddenly their lips smacked together again and again. Both stopped a few seconds and licked her lips then they started smooching again. Their arms flew around each other and their bodies slammed together. My penis was trapped between their flat bellies but I felt safe as they had clearly decided to battle with their female sex appeal instead of violence.

Carefully they arranged their bodies, leg against leg, belly button against belly button, red and brown pubic hair curled around each other. Their rock hard nipples touched tip to tip. Chin to chin and nose to nose their small lips were pressed together and their tongues fought a hard, merciless, wet duel against each other in the open space between their mouths. I suspected that they had chosen to tongue fight in the open for me to watch. The battle raged quite some time but in the end neither was able to beat the other. They separated and turned to me again. Showering me in kisses they laid me down on the mattress, pushing against each other as each tried to get on top of me but it was quite clear to me that this would lead nowhere. They were too evenly matched for this kind of competition.

I felt the frustration in them grow. They faced each other right over my chest and stared long into each other’s eyes. Suddenly they smiled and shared a look of mutual understanding. I got really anxious about what would come next.

Very slowly both moved down my body never breaking eye contact. Every move was really deliberate and each was tense and seemed ready to jump and attack should the other woman break the silent agreement they seemed to have had. When they reached my erect dick they positioned themselves with their pussies on each side of it. Their posture looked quite uncomfortable but neither seemed to care. Then both moved their hips forward and two sets of swollen wet labias engulfed my dick completely.

Susanne and Annette started to move up and down rhythmically, grinding their pussies into my dick and rubbing their bodies against each other. At first they moved very slowly up and down but their pace got faster and faster as each woman tried to outpace the other. I tried very hard to keep cool so as to enjoy it as long as possible.

Suddenly the pace slowed down again and I could see that each combatant had a hard time not to cum.
They stopped. Pelvis pressed as hard as possible against pelvis as they poised above me, eyes locked together and rock hard nipples shoved into rock hard nipples. Then I realized that not all movement had stopped. I could feel left and right of my glans each woman's clit swelling. Both grew to enormous size and pressed hard against my glans. Then each woman moved a little bit, their clits traveled upward, toward the point of my penis. I could hardly keep from cumming.

Finally, right over my slit, their proud, hard clits met tip to tip. Never could I have imagined I would be as aroused as I was at this moment. Then they pushed forward, clit against clit in a brutal test of sexual and physical prowess. Their clits moved back and forth over the tip of my penis. I tried to think of something not sexy in order to keep cool but it proved impossible. I tried to hold it back with every self control I had.

Then they reached a standstill. The tips of their clits were exactly over my slit again. I screamed. I trembled and my sperm shot out of me like never before engulfing and covering the fighting clits above me. Both woman moaned and screamed with me but their fight was not over yet. Still they fought, pressed and rubbed against each other.

I carefully removed myself from the triangle and crawled to the sideline completely exhausted but extremely satisfied. The two warriors were sitting on their knees, forehead to forehead; eyes locked together, teeth bared in a fierce snarl, tits flattened against each other’s with their arms wrapped around their rib cages to increase the pressure on their breasts with a brutal double-bearhug. While their upper bodies were kept in place by the stalemate of their physical strength, their full sexy hips were raging war.

Again and again they moved their hips backwards as far as possible in their war-hug. Then flat bellies, long slender thighs and sensual pubic areas banged into each other, pushing against each other as hard as possible while their vaginas tried to engulf and surround each other, their full round asses jiggled with each impact.

After a short while of pushing and shoving the usual stalemate was reached and their hips moved away from each other again. Golden-brown and reddish-brown pubic hair reluctantly disentangled from each other, each time a few hairs were so deeply entwined that they refused to be separated ever again, until one hair yielded and was ripped out, a trophy entangled in the enemy’s bush. The pain of these moments was clearly visible on both women's faces but it never reached their eyes that were cold and hard fixed into each other.

In one particular fierce clash neither was willing to give or move backwards. They pushed and pushed their effort so intense that they even broke their stare and their eyes closed. Their faces were twisted in masks of rage as they pushed and pushed, then they slipped and fell to the mattress. Immediately their long legs entangled and their pussies met slit to slit in a classic scissors position. Labias deeply entwined as their clits met again and rubbed along each other.

They rocked back and forth grinding into each other with rhythmic moans as they tried to outfuck each other. I could see that each woman was barely able to keep her ecstasy contained. Each fighter’s orgasm was right under the surface and each stroke brought them closer to their edge. Sheer willpower kept them in the fight.

Their pace slowed down and every millimeter of movement was now almost unbearable. I could see it in their shining red, sweaty, exhausted, overexcited faces. Very slowly their pussies and clits ground along each other until it became impossible to move even a bit without exploding. Their breathing came in rapid gasps as they brought their clits tip to tip and pushed. They screamed. Both girls were leaning back and they grabbed each other’s hands to increase their pleasure. They screamed at the other to give, they begged their own body to hold, their heads shook from side to side, and every muscle tensed and shook from the strain.

Suddenly the muscle spasms in Annette's body increased, her screaming changed to panic. “No, No, please, no!”

“Yes, Yes, Yeeah, oh Yeah!” Susanne screamed in triumph. For a second all movement stopped. Their gazes met, then spasm after spasm shot through Annette and she fell, overwhelmed by a violent orgasm. Tears streamed over her face, she shivered and rocked uncontrollably beaten.

Susanne was over her prey. Sitting upright she made sure that Annette's pussy could not escape. For a small eternity she glared down on her beaten foe in triumph and then she allowed her own orgasm to take over.

Annette was beaten. She was laying there crying but Susanne was glowing with pride and energy. She came to me, pushed me down and mounted my cock to fuck me like never before. She was riding me like a bull but somewhere through it she started to comfort her beaten rival by fondling her hair.

Annette sat up and Susanne hugged her and whispered into her ear while still fucking me. After a final orgasm both girls collapsed onto me and we all embraced and fell asleep.