By JB57


Hours later, Martha awoke from a dream of intense sexual pleasure to discover the erotic reality. Teresa was sucking her left tit. The girl’s mouth was wrapped around as much of Martha’s titflesh as she could fit. She chewed enthusiastically at Martha’s long, hard nipple, covering the thick nub and the surrounding areola in spit, sucking for milk. At the same time, Teresa’s right hand was lodged deep between Martha’s legs. She was rubbing the teacher’s naked pussy, her index finger probing the blondes’ vaginal canal, her thumb working Martha’s hard, thickening clit.

Martha bucked and groaned, her body nearly paralyzed with pleasure. With a cry, she managed to bridge her back, then roll her body, throwing Teresa onto her back. Martha ended up on top, Teresa beneath her. Teresa was suddenly faced with the prospect of being suffocated by Martha’s massive tit. She bit the teacher’s nipple hard and, with a shriek, the older woman rolled off of Teresa, freeing her.

Martha retreated to the far side of the bed for a moment, fondling her wounded tit. Teresa pulled herself into a sitting position, facing her nemesis, panting with exertion and excitement. Their beautiful eyes locked, rage and lust flowing between them like electricity.

Teresa nodded at the bedside clock. “It’s only 12:30,” she said. “Lots of time for me to fuck you into a little splatter of cunt-juice on the floor, you old whore.”

Martha felt the sexual heat rising in her loins, suffusing her tits, filling her with an unbearable need to fuck and dominate this teenage bitch. She smiled and spread her legs, presenting her hot, dripping pussy to her enemy.

“Come here, little girl,” Martha cooed, as she pushed herself towards the center of the bed on her hard, round ass, her thighs open in invitation. “I think that my cunt is hungry and it wants to get a taste of your little twat.” Her majestic tits jiggled deliciously, her nipples hard jutting nubs of aroused flesh.

Teresa smiled and spread her legs, then pushed herself out to meet Martha in the middle of the bed. They touched the toes of their bare feet, shuddered with delight at the erotic contact, then pushed closer.

The women scissored each other, muscled right legs sliding delightfully, deliciously over lefts. They pushed up until the tips of their aching nipples just barely touched, until the heat from their cunts burned onto their inner thighs. They smiled at each other, their faces only inches apart, their nipples pulsing with erotic electricity with every beat of their hearts, their sweet breath mixing. Martha could swear she felt the milk-holes on her nipples sealing and sucking with Teresa’s matching pair. Green eyes met blue and a wave of raw hate and pure lust and desire passed between the women.

“I think that my cunt wants to teach your weak little cunt a few lessons, Martha,” Teresa murmured. “I think it wants to show you what the cunt of a real woman feels like.”

“I’m the teacher, little girl.” Martha growled in reply. “My pussy will be the one doing the teaching. Your little twat is just going to sit back and learn what it means to be fucked raw by a better woman.”

“You’re the teacher now, Martha,” Teresa replied with a vicious smile. “But, by the time this year is done, you’ll be calling me ‘Mistress.’ I’m going to make you beg for it. If you want me to be your slave, you’re going to have to beat me every time we fuck. And that’s not going to happen.”

“We’ll see, little slut,” Martha responded. “I have a whole year in which to break your cunt, and that’s just what I plan to do. You’re going to learn your place, and that’s as my fuckbitch.”

The sexual tension filling the air was like a living force. Teresa felt her swollen, sensitive clit push out of her sopping wet cunt. She pushed her pelvis forward just slightly, then slid her wet, hot clit up the length of Martha’s slick cunt lips. Teresa gritted her teeth as raw pleasure rippled in her core; Martha gasped at the contact. Then, the teacher twisted her hips a bit and worked the muscles around and in her vagina. With a trickle of hot cunt juice, her swollen clit, fully engorged, emerged. Martha pressed forward and placed her throbbing clit, gently, against Teresa’s matching rock-hard sexhorn.

It was like touching two livewires together. A pulse of unbearable ecstasy burned through both women, instantaneously filling them to the brim with sexual heat and desire, then continued to radiate aching waves of erotic power as their trembling clits remained in contact.

“FUCKING GOD!!,” Teresa shrieked, her head thrown back, her eyes wide with raw pleasure. “God, oh God,” she thought, “Yes, yes, yes, this is what I want!!” She trembled inside as she fully realized that she was on the verge of yet more unbearable ecstasy.

“OH MY FUCKING CHRIST!!,” Martha howled. Her head snapped back, her eyes wide with shock. “Jesus Christ,” she moaned in her mind. “This is too much, it’s just too good…” Like Teresa, her mind roiled with the sense of the pleasure to come, her loins ached with anticipation.

Panting hard, their equally matched, massive tits heaving and moving together, pressed nipple to nipple, the sexual rivals lowered their heads and locked their gazes once more. They smiled at each other, both sick with lust and need. Gritting their teeth, they rubbed their boiling clits up and down and struggled to hold back their sobs of rage and joy as the heat and pleasure burned through them in unbearable waves of ecstasy.

“You’ve got a nice little wet clit, Teresa,” Martha moaned. “I think that my cunt is going to love sucking it off. My beautiful clit is going to squash that little thing to jelly.”

Teresa smiled and gasped. “No more talk, bitch. Let’s see what you’ve got. Clit to clit, tit to tit. I’m going to fuck your brains out, Martha.”

Exchanging a final savage smile, eyes locked together in rage and hunger, the two women drove their bodies together. Arms wrapped around naked backs and squeezed tight, heavy, aroused tits crushed into one straining mound of taut flesh and struggled to overwhelm each other, nipples pulsed with ecstasy. The women’s bellies slapped together and they spread their legs wider, cunts opening and welcoming the other cunt, letting the other woman in as deep and hard as they could. Swollen clits squashed together and exploded in ecstasy as their ravenously hungry cunts sucked and sealed and flattened into one mass of throbbing sexual flesh. Mouths drove together, desperate tongues twisted and tied into erotic knots of pleasure. Their bodies merged, and soon were jerking and rocking together in a hard rhythm, the women locked together in sexual bliss, riding each other to as many devastating orgasms as they could force from each other, each determined to master and humiliate her rival.

The fuck war that Teresa and Martha craved was just beginning.

The End