By JB57

The next day at school, Teresa had great difficulty concentrating. Her mind and her body kept going back to the events of the previous night. She had been humbled and sexually overpowered, completely dominated, by Cynthia. Cynthia had thrust her great tits to Teresa’s orbs and ground the girl’s nipples flat. She had forced Teresa to the mat and slid her naked, burning sex along Teresa’s matching twat, grinding the teen’s labia apart and violating her feminine core. Cynthia had dragged her enormous, powerful clit along Teresa’s throbbing sexhorn until the teen had shrieked and sobbed in ecstatic sexual release. But Cynthia had not stopped there. She continued fucking Teresa hard, pulling one aching orgasm after another out of the beautiful girl until Cynthia reared up, her back arched, her tits driving down on Teresa’s like boulders, her nipples piercing Teresa’s boobs like spears, and injected her steaming woman cum deep into Teresa’s welcoming twat. After her body stopped shuddering, Cynthia pulled herself off of her newest pupil, slipped on her robe, then calmly sipped tea and waited while Teresa struggled to regain her strength. The young beauty had never been so completely fucked over in her life. But the experience had been fantastic. She remembered the delicious, electrical feeling of Cynthia’s hard, wet clit sliding against her own, the fantastic pleasure of her multiple orgasms, the delirious sensation of her hard tits crushed and rolling against equally powerful breasts, the sensations of her body twined and interlocked with the yielding, voluptuous flesh of another woman, and her cunt became so wet that she was afraid she would soak through her tight thong – which she did.

It was near the end of the school day when she encountered Martha. Teresa was just beginning a study hall period and was getting her books from her locker. The hall was empty of people and so she heard the sound of someone approaching on the tile floor. When she looked up, Martha was walking towards her. Teresa turned to meet the teacher, her back to the row of lockers.

The blonde teacher was dressed in a loose-fitting green dress and blazer, a thin white blouse, and flat-heeled shoes. Evidently, she was coming from a special class or a meeting and had decided to change out of her usual gym attire. Her impressive tits bounced enticingly as she moved, and Teresa assessed those jiggling jugs with a more experienced eye. They looked solid and heavy, but were they enough to crush and conquer her own meaty boobs? Would their nipples prove to be hard enough to match her fleshy spikes? Would Martha’s areola be as tight and rough as her own? She could not wait to find out.

Martha stopped beside Teresa’s locker, her tits only inches from Teresa’s thrusting rack. Teresa was wearing a calf-length dress with spaghetti straps, revealing enormous amounts of cleavage. Her feet were shod in leather sandals. The women locked eyes.

“So, are you going to be ready for Saturday night, Teresa?” the teacher asked archly.

“Oh, yeah, I’ll be there, Martha,” Teresa responded, hostility dripping from her voice. “I’m going to fuck you up, just like I promised. Then my boyfriend is going to ream your cunt until you can’t stand.” The girl smiled smugly.

“Really?” Martha asked. The blonde beauty’s eyes flashed with a sudden sexual rage. Then she stepped forward, aiming her nipples directly at Teresa’s, and pressed her massive tits hard into Teresa’s powerful mammary glands. Teresa gasped. She had not expected this, and she found herself suddenly slammed into the locker, pinned to the cold steel, tit to tit. Her nipples hardened instantly and pulsed furiously against Martha’s engorged nips, even through the intervening layers of clothes. The teacher reached out and grabbed Teresa’s wrists, pinning her to the wall. The women’s massive boobs crushed tight, throbbing with electricity, their firm flesh squashing and resisting their compression. Their bodies rammed into the lockers with a bang.

“Maybe I’ll be the one doing the fucking, little girl,” Martha gasped, as she struggled to control Teresa. She pushed her face close to Teresa’s beautiful face, and the women exchanged breath and almost touched nose to nose. Their bodies writhed and trembled, Teresa’s bare legs thrashing as she struggled to gain footing, her calves and thighs sliding under Martha’s dress and against Martha’s smooth, equally naked legs. Martha had leverage on her side and used her powerful legs and her flaring hips to ram her tits hard to Teresa’s resisting boobs. Teresa arched her back to push back, increasing the tension between their struggling tits, even as she fought to free her arms. At the same time, both women thrust hard at each other with the power of their pectoral muscles. Hard tits drove together and held in quivering stalemate for several seconds as each beauty sought to squash the other. For a long moment, the tension in their dense titflesh, the pulsing ache in their battling nipples, was almost too overwhelming. Then, with a gasp, they broke apart. Panting, eyes glaring, tits burning with heat and tension, Martha and Teresa pulled back, released each other’s hands, and regarded each other from a few feet apart.

“You dirty whore!” Teresa snarled, her body so aroused that it hurt, her cunt so wet that she feared she would soon be leaking juice down her bare thighs. Her nipples were like steel spikes and she wanted to throw herself into Martha’s arms and resume the titfight. Martha wanted the same thing, but she slowly brought herself under control.

“Little cunt. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more of that waiting for you on Saturday.”

“No,” Teresa demanded, “Fight me now!” Her body was screaming for more tit to tit contact. She was enraged that her younger tits had not flattened those of the blonde teacher.

“If you can’t control yourself in the hall of the school, then you don’t have any control at all, Teresa,” smiled Martha. “That means that fucking you over won’t be difficult.”

“Cunt! You’re the one who attacked me!”

Martha grinned. “So what? If you can’t handle the heat, don’t get into the kitchen.”

Teresa was prepared to hurl herself at Martha, to get involved in a vicious catfight right here in the school hallway. For the moment, the consequences of this did not matter to her. The only thing that mattered was tearing Martha to shreds.

But she forced herself to back down. Her massive chest heaving, her sex aching with tension, her eyes glaring with hate, she still forced herself to calm down. She knew that Martha was right. If sexfighting was about control, she needed to prove that she could master her own urges. Despite her body’s aching desire for contact, despite her burning need to assert her dominance over this beautiful bitch, she forced herself to pull back from the imminent confrontation.

“You’re a filthy cunt, Martha,” Teresa said, calmly. She walked forward and slowly, deliberately, pushed her tits into Mary’s matching boobs. “And on Saturday, I’m going to fuck your brains out. I’m going to make you suck my clit until I come all over your face. I can wait until then.”

Martha smiled and pushed back. The women’s nipples crushed tight, through their clothing. Both women pushed hard, slowly flattening their throbbing nipples. They gritted their teeth and snarled at each other. Teresa found the sex heat building, once again, to fantastic proportions.

“You’re a fucking whore, Teresa,” Martha murmured in her face. “And I’m going to make you my fuckbitch on Saturday night. Then I’ll teach you lessons about which of us is the real woman for the rest of the year.”

“My pussy is going to suck your cunt off, fuckface,” Teresa growled in response. “My tits are going to milk those old bags until they dry up.”

The women finally separated and, exchanging final glares of hatred, Martha continued down the hall and Teresa turned back to her locker. But her blood was boiling with rage, hate and lust. She went to find Grant and, locating him shooting baskets behind the school, she insisted that he take her to Cynthia’s place immediately.

“But what if she’s busy? We should probably call ahead,” he worried.

“She knows how little time I have and I think that she really would like to see me. Just call it ‘woman’s intuition’,” Teresa replied, rather annoyed that Grant wasn’t simply doing what he was told to do.

They pulled up in front of Cynthia’s place about a half-hour later. Yvonne answered the door, this time dressed in a black bikini halter, revealing most of her voluminous breasts, and tight jeans. The straps of her thong panties were visible, looping up over her hips from the waist of the low-rise jeans. A belly ring glittered on her bare, beautifully muscled abdomen. Yvonne gave them a smug smile, enough to annoy and irritate Teresa even more. Clearly, Yvonne had not been humbled by her experience the night before. The bitch probably enjoyed being dominated, Teresa thought.

“I’m here to see Cynthia,” Teresa snapped at the black-haired girl, barely restraining herself from throwing herself on to Yvonne’s body and starting a battle right there in the front foyer. But she did not know what the rules were for this kind of place, and she did not want to risk doing something that would get her thrown out.

“Of course,” Yvonne replied in her smoky voice. “Follow me, please.”

She led Teresa and Grant down into the basement and into the sexfighting training room. The room was empty, but they sat on the couch and waited for a few minutes. Cynthia arrived 5 minutes later, wearing only a delicate Japanese kimono. The teenagers could see the outlines of her spectacular body through the silken material. It was evident that the redheaded beauty was completely naked under the robe. She was followed into the room by Mavis and Denise, both of whom were dressed in short terrycloth robes.

“Teresa.” Cynthia said, with a smile. “You are a bit early.”

“I kind of thought maybe I could train a bit longer today,” the brunette began, but Cynthia stopped her with a wave of her hand.

“I don’t mind,” Cynthia said. “In fact, it gives you the chance to train with some of our other students and more experienced fighters.” Cynthia formally introduced Teresa to the other two women. Then the training session began.

Over the next three nights, Teresa spent hours sucking clit and pounding pussies with Mavis and Denise. She quickly discovered that she had a gift for eating pussy. Even more, she began to discover the enormous sexual power and endurance of her body. Locked in a 69 with either Mavis or Denise sucking vigorously and expertly at her massive, swollen clit, Teresa found that she was still able to hold out, resisting her orgasm until long after she had forced the other woman to surrender. She also spent time fuckfighting with Yvonne, and won some very close battles against the beautiful black-haired woman. As she suspected, Yvonne enjoyed being dominated and Teresa enjoyed dominating her, but only after a hard-fought battle.

At the end of every night, Cynthia took her in a personal session. The redheaded beauty stripped off her robe, and ordered Teresa on to the floor mat, with her legs spread. Cynthia then mounted her new student, pinning the girl’s wrists to the mat, and slid her powerful cunt on to Teresa’s eager, hungry twat. Cynthia forced the girl’s wet cunt lips apart with her own sex maw, opened Teresa’s aching pussy to her violation, and thrust her massive clit onto Teresa’s engorged sexhorn.

“The point of this exercise,” Cynthia said on the first night, through gritted teeth, as she stroked her hard sex to Teresa’s engorged clit, “is to teach you endurance. Don’t fight back, just try to hold off your orgasm for as long as you can.”

Cynthia let her heavy tits fall on to Teresa’s waiting boobs and she began rubbing her chest around and around the teen’s rack, stimulating the girl even further. Her tight, hard nipples ground mercilessly into Teresa’s taut titflesh, her hot, bare belly flattened on to Teresa’s matching torso. But most of the women’s attention was on their mated cunts. Teresa concentrated with all her strength, she struggled desperately to keep from exploding. She writhed and moaned, she sobbed and snarled, she forced her body to accept greater and greater pleasure as Cynthia’s powerful, throbbing clit tortured her with ecstasy. In the end, Teresa held out far longer than Cynthia had believed any novice could. Teresa finally came with a scream of pure pleasure and gush of steaming cum. Cynthia rode her a while longer, until the redhead came hard, screaming in relief. She pulled herself off of Teresa’s beautiful, humbled body, but she had to admit that the girl showed remarkable innate talent and ability.

By Friday night, at the end of their personal session, Cynthia was shocked to find herself on the verge of a delirious orgasm, Teresa somehow managing to hold off her own orgasmic explosion until the redheaded beauty came hard, howling with passion. Moments later, Teresa joined her. The women locked up, writhing and fucking furiously, grinding several delicious orgasms out of each other, before they finally exhausted each other. They lay together for a few minutes, clinging to each other, gasping for breath and regaining their strength.

Cynthia rolled off of Teresa, smiling in amazement.

“That was remarkable, Teresa,” the redheaded beauty gasped. “It’s incredible for someone with as little experience at sexfighting as you to hold out so long. You’ve got great control. I think that you’ll do well against your opponent tomorrow.”

Teresa was elated. In a matter of days, she had come to the point where she could actually force her teacher into an orgasm. Now, she was sure that she would beat Martha.

“Yes,” she said, “I think that I will. I’m going to feed that bitch her own clit.” The teenaged beauty smiled savagely, her head spinning with images of humiliating Martha. “That blonde bitch is going to regret the day she ever got in my way.”

Teresa and Grant left Cynthia’s house around 9:30 PM on the Friday night after a long afternoon and early evening of hard, driving sex. Teresa felt exhilarated and rejuvenated, but she wanted to get a good night’s sleep before confronting Martha tomorrow, and she still had to fuck Mark in order to keep him happy.

Cynthia was seeing them out. “I’m expecting my Friday night regular shortly – someone who is particularly gifted and serves as my…” she paused, smiling, “ sparring partner, if you will.”

“Really?,” Teresa asked. “I’d love to meet this person. Maybe I could compete for that position.” She gave Cynthia a hot, hard smile. Ever since she had successfully forced Cynthia to orgasm, her appreciation of her own potential had grown considerably.

Cynthia smiled, then nodded towards an approaching figure coming up the street. “Well, here she is now. I’ll introduce you.”

Teresa turned towards the approaching woman, gathering up all of her sexual energy, preparing herself to challenge this newcomer in the way she had been taught. She had been only half-joking with Cynthia. She was willing to test herself against another woman who, evidently, even Cynthia regarded as a formidable opponent. Teresa knew that she would probably lose such a battle, but she had improved so quickly over such a short time that even that was not certain, at least not in her mind. And she had time on her side.

The figure came closer, her high-heeled boots clicking on the flagstone sidewalk. She was dressed in a short, black leather coat and a matching cap, her blonde hair tied up under the cap, her hands in her coat pockets. The woman’s legs were covered in a skin-tight caramel-colored pant. The woman’s body and mannerisms seemed strangely familiar, but it was only when she put her boot on the first step of the stairs of Cynthia’s brownstone that the truth suddenly slammed home in Teresa’s heart.

“Martha!,” the stunned teenager blurted out.

The blonde beauty looked up at Teresa from under her hat. She looked momentarily startled, then her blue eyes glowed with realization and amusement.

“Well, well, what have we here?” she purred. “Are you getting some extracurricular help, little cunt?”

“Shut up, you fucking bitch!,” Teresa growled. But her heart was pounding with anger and excitement and no small amount of dread. Her victory over the gym teacher might not be as sure a thing as she had thought.

“Wait,” Cynthia interjected. “You two know each other?”

“Oh yes, love,” Martha murmured, a slow smile playing on her beautiful face. She moved up the stairs to stand on the landing with the others. “Teresa here is a student at my school. She’s a particularly aggressive little bitch, and I’ve decided she should learn a lesson about what it means to be a real woman. So, we’re meeting tomorrow night to settle things between us – cunt to cunt and tit to tit.”

“You cow!,” Teresa cried. “I’m going to fuck your cunt inside out, whore!”

“Hm,” Cynthia smiled, her green eyes shining with lust and amusement. “Well, I had no idea that you were the older woman that Teresa was training to fight, Martha.” She paused, thinking. “You know, a sexfight like this really should have a neutral referee – someone who can call the winner and make sure that the fight is fair. If both of you trust me, I think that I’d like to volunteer my services.”

Teresa gawked. “You mean, you’ll come and watch us fight? And then decide who wins?”

“Yes. I’m very experienced at this and I give you my word that I will be a fair and reasonable referee.”

Martha smiled. “Well, that’s fine with me. How about you, little cunt?”

Teresa smiled back, like a shark. “It’s fine by me, too, you big bitch.”

“Good,” Cynthia smiled. “I have the feeling that a sexfight between you two should be a very …memorable experience.”

With that, the women said goodnight, Teresa and Martha exchanged final angry and hateful glares, then the two older women disappeared into the house and the two teens walked down the street towards Grant’s car.

“Wow,” Grant said. “Martha must be really good…” The bulge in his pants grew larger as he thought about what Martha and Cynthia would soon be doing to each other.

“Shut up, Grant,” Teresa snapped. But she knew that he was right. If Martha was Cynthia’s regular sparring partner, then she was very, very good at sexfighting. On the other hand, Teresa had forced Cynthia to one involuntary orgasm. If she could take the lessons she had learned to the fight tomorrow, she should have a decent chance of winning. Her confidence was shaken, but not broken. Tomorrow, she would channel all her rage and anger and make Martha pay for every real and imagined slight that Teresa had ever felt. The blonde teacher had become the symbol for everything Teresa had ever despised. The girl smiled. Butterflies were still flapping in her gut, but Saturday night could not come soon enough. She knew that she was in for the fuck of her life, and she could hardly wait.

To be continued: