By JB57

The next day after school, Teresa and Grant drove to the northern part of the city and into one of the wealthier neighborhoods. They stopped at a beautifully appointed brownstone. Teresa checked the address twice, as she looked up the formidable structure. It was four stories high, red brick, and set back from the street by a small yard with a tiny but beautiful flower garden.

“Are you sure this is the place?” Teresa asked, taken aback by the obvious wealth.

“Yeah, I’m pretty positive” Grant responded. “This Cynthia chick is supposed to be pretty rich. You know, the bored, idle rich kind of thing. That’s why she’s into kinky sex.” Teresa glanced at Grant, a little surprised that he was capable of such complex thought. She decided she would need to keep a more careful eye on him.

The young couple walked up the stairs and rang the bell. After a moment, a woman’s voice addressed them from an intercom set beside the double-doors.


“I’m Teresa Carlton, I’m here to meet Cynthia.”

“One moment.”

A few seconds later the door opened, and Teresa and Grant were confronted by a beautiful young woman wearing a French maid outfit. Her bountiful tits were pushed high on her chest, an impressive cleavage revealing more than half of her lightly tanned boobs. The skirt was short, barely touching the top of her shapely thighs. Her legs were covered in fishnet stockings and 3-inch high heels set off her beautiful calves and pushed her forward, tits first. Her hair was jet-black and curly and hung just slightly below her shoulders. She was as tall as Teresa, so with the heels she towered over the other girl. Her brilliant azure eyes met Teresa’s and a shock of electricity passed between them. The woman smiled, her ruby red lips turning up in slow, mocking amusement.

For a few seconds, the three young people regarded each other. Teresa felt herself becoming instantly antagonistic towards this woman, and she tried to fight back the feeling. She needed Cynthia’s help, after all, and she could not be fighting with every beautiful and voluptuous woman she met.

“Are you Cynthia?” Teresa asked, after another moment had passed.

The other woman smiled. “No, my name is Yvonne. But I will take you to the mistress. Please follow me.”

Yvonne led Teresa and Grant into the house, down a long, wood-paneled corridor. The gleaming wooden floor of the hallway was shining in the afternoon sun, which poured in from skylights in the three-storey foyer. Large windows in the salon just off the main foyer admitted even more light from the quiet street. The house was richly appointed, with classic wooden tables and expensive works of art decorating the corridor. Teresa did not know anything about art, but she could tell that she was surrounded by considerable wealth.

They walked towards the back of the house. Yvonne opened a door beside the kitchen entrance and led them down to the basement. The maid opened a large door just off the landing. Light shone out of the open door and the deep groaning animalistic sounds of two women locked in sexual combat came pouring out.

The trio entered the room quietly and stood just inside the door, which Yvonne closed. They were in a large room which was bathed in a soft light. The floor of the room was covered with exercise mats. A couple of leather couches were pushed up against the far wall, facing a coffee table. A large standing closet occupied the far wall. A doorway beside the closet was open and revealed a full bathroom. Otherwise the room was bare.

On the floor, two young women were wrapped together in a knot of sweating, heaving flesh. One girl was a brunette, the other was blonde, and both were well-tanned. They were joined in a 69, their mouths sealed over the other’s cunt when they were not ramming fingers violently into the other’s vagina, seeking to stimulate each other to the point of collapse. They clawed at each other’s solid, round asses, spreading their hands on the smooth muscle and sucking furiously at the other’s clit. Their solid tits were crushed tightly to the other’s belly, and one or the other occasionally reached down to squeeze a nipple or knead at the taut flesh. The women were moaning and sobbing, erotic whimpers of delight coming from both until, finally, the brunette on the top screamed and bucked. The blonde held on, redoubling her efforts and, a moment later, the brunette shrieked like a cat in heat and erupted, cum spraying over the face of her competitor. The blonde rolled her convulsing foe over onto her back and took the top, dominant position. As the brunette sobbed with pleasure and exhaustion, the blonde finished her off with a few more licking kisses and two more forced orgasms. Finally, the blonde rolled off of her enemy, licking her lips with satisfaction, panting with her exertions, a smug smile playing on her face. The mat was wet where they were lying.

Watching all of this was a beautiful woman who was sitting on a chair beside the mat on which the battle was being fought. The woman appeared to be about 25, but she could have been even 10 years older. She was dressed casually, wearing a bulky green sweater and pair of slacks. She was leaning forward, studying the two fighting women closely, with an almost clinical detachment. The woman had long, dark auburn hair, which was now tied up in a ponytail and hanging over her shoulder. Her face was beautiful and patrician, her eyes a dark green. She had a flavor of the exotic about her. Teresa realized that this must be Cynthia.

“Very good, Denise,” the redhead said to the victorious blonde. “And Mavis,” she addressed the brunette, “you’re improving a lot too. Both of you have a lot more control over your bodies than you did a few weeks ago. Now, go clean up and I’ll have some more pointers for you when you get back.”

The blonde and brunette thanked the redhead. Then the blonde stood up, pulled a robe off a hook on the wall and walked, naked, to the bathroom at the back of the studio. She had a lovely body and Teresa was momentarily distracted by the flexing of her bare ass. The brunette plucked her own robe off the wall and walked towards the door to the room, evidently planning to use another bathroom somewhere else in the house. She gave a tight smile to Yvonne as she passed and her eyes flitted appraisingly over Teresa. Teresa could tell that the other woman was impressed with what she saw, and a little bit jealous. Teresa smiled smugly, more than happy that her fantastic body could evoke such antagonism. She loved the idea that other women wanted what she already possessed.

Cynthia walked up to Teresa and extended her hand. She was barefoot but she seemed as tall as Teresa. The school girl could not make out too much of the other woman’s figure through her bulky sweater, though she had the impression of some truly formidable tits.

“I am Cynthia,” the redhead said, as she and Teresa shook hands. “You are Teresa, yes? And you,” she said, turning to Grant, “must be the young man who arranged this meeting.”

“Yes, ma’am, I’m Grant,” said the boy, somewhat nervously. He was already aroused from the sexfight they had just witnessed and he was very conscious of the fact that he was now surrounded by three very beautiful women. While they talked, Yvonne went and cleaned the mat, spraying on a disinfectant and wiping it down with a cloth.

Cynthia turned her attention back to Teresa. “Well, young lady, tell me what you want to learn and why I should teach you.” She gestured to the couch against the wall. “Let’s sit and talk. Yvonne, please bring us some tea.”

“Yes, mistress,” the maid replied and she left, her marvelous ass rippling and her hips swaying as she headed out the door.

Teresa, Grant and Cynthia sat and Teresa quickly explained her situation to Cynthia. “I’ve agreed to a sexfight with an older woman I know this Saturday. If I win, then Grant here gets to fuck the bitch – she’s a lesbian, so I figure that will really humiliate her, on top of me fucking her into the ground. If she wins, I have to be her sex slave for the next year. I really hate this bitch and I really want to beat her – beat her bad. I’m a trained kickboxer, so I know how to fight, but I’ve never had sex with a woman before, let alone fought another woman with my pussy and tits. I’ve basically got four days in which to get good enough to beat her.”

“Hm.” Cynthia nodded. “Is this woman an experienced sexfighter?”

“I don’t know, but I think so. I’m sure that she’s done it before, otherwise she wouldn’t have suggested it.”

“Alright,” Cynthia said. “Please strip.”

Teresa looked a bit startled, then smiled. She was wearing a short, tight, belly-baring t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans and some sneakers. She rose from the couch. She removed her shoes, then slipped off the jeans, revealing her black thong. She crossed her hands at the front of the t-shirt and then peeled it up over her head. The shirt caught her heavy tits and they bounced exuberantly as the shirt pulled free and she dropped it to the floor. Then, she slipped off her thong, revealing her shaved pussy, naked except for a narrow landing strip, and stood before Cynthia, totally nude.

As Teresa undressed, Yvonne returned with the tea on a tray, which she now placed on the coffee table. The maid stood beside Cynthia’s side of the couch. Both women let their eyes wander hungrily over Teresa’s beautiful young body, fixing on her stupendous tits. Cynthia evaluated her with an almost professional eye. Yvonne could not hide her look of hunger.

“Very nice,” Cynthia said. “You certainly have the body to be a good sexfighter, but the question is do you have the self-control and discipline to use your body to its fullest potential? Let’s find out.”

She turned her head to Yvonne and smiled. “Yvonne, would you care to run our newest student through her paces?”

Yvonne grinned. “Yes, mistress, I would love to do so.”

Yvonne began undressing. As she did so, the blonde girl came out of the bathroom and, a few moments later, the brunette walked in the studio door. Both were fully dressed. Cynthia took the female combatants to a corner of the room and, standing, began to quietly provide them with advice on how to improve their fighting abilities.

Yvonne removed her earrings, placing them on the coffee table. Then, she removed her short skirt, revealing a black thong and garters, which attached her fishnets to her legs. She slipped off her bustier. Her impressive tits spilled out of the garment, round and firm, with dark brown areola and thick, hard nipples pointing like daggers. She unclipped the garter. She carefully removed her shoes and slid the fishnets down her thighs. Finally, she pulled off her thong. Her pussy was almost bare, her thick pussy lips pink and wet, a thin wedge of pubic hair arrowing up from her cunt slit.

Teresa and Grant had watched this display with increasing lust. Teresa had disliked this girl from the moment she saw her. Now, the opportunity to meet this woman and beat her sex to sex filled her with lust along with nervousness. She knew that there was a very good chance that Yvonne would humiliate her, instead. Grant ran his hungry eyes over the black-haired beauty before him. Her body was fantastic, just as beautiful as Teresa’s. Yvonne’s breasts were maybe a little smaller, but not by much, and appeared just as firm. But, he realized with a thrill, he’d soon see that for himself.

Teresa and Yvonne stood facing each other, hands on hips, letting their eyes examine every inch of the other, letting their mutual hostility build. Yvonne continued to smile, what Teresa saw as a look of smug superiority. Cynthia finished talking to the other two girls and showed them out. Then, she returned and grinned at the silent, sexual confrontation going on between her maid and the new girl. She sat down in her chair beside the mat and gestured for Teresa and Yvonne to approach her.

“Alright, Teresa,” she began. “Sexfighting is all about control – control of yourself and control of your opponent. You said that you know how to fight, so you should be a natural at this. The point is to take on another woman, cunt to cunt and tit to tit, and show that you have more control, over your own body and over hers.”

Cynthia motioned the two young women to the mat in front of her.

“You and Yvonne try to force each other to the ground. Then, we’ll see what you know and what we need to teach you.”

Teresa and Yvonne faced each other, each grabbing the other’s forearms. Their formidable tits compressed between their arms, hard nipples pointing straight at each other. Teresa was nervous, yet excited. The heat between her legs was maddening, the throbbing in her tits gave her an ache in her loins.

“Begin,” Cynthia said, and Yvonne suddenly batted Teresa’s arms aside and leaped onto her naked opponent. In an instant, Teresa found herself grappling and rubbing naked tits to tits, flesh to flesh, Yvonne trying to trip her. Teresa was caught off guard by the sudden, erotic sensations. The pressure of the beautiful maid’s tits on her own was electric. Stunned by the delicious sensation of her hard tits struggling with the dense titflesh of another woman, Teresa found herself flat on the mat, Yvonne on top.

Yvonne twined her legs through Teresa’ powerful limbs and, wrapping her arms around the other girl’s back, grabbing Teresa’s brown hair, she began grinding herself into the beautiful student, rubbing her tits around and around on Teresa’s powerful, firm rack. The women’s nipples pierced and rubbed, digging into the sensitive flesh, sending shocks of electricity through their matching tits. Large brown areola grated and abraded, fuelling the delightful sensations. Yvonne’s belly slid on Teresa’s firm stomach, their legs interlocked and strained, thighs and calves pressing and caressing. Teresa wrapped her arms around Yvonne and squeezed back. She tried to imitate what the other girl was doing, though her position was not as good.

Yvonne was an experienced sexfighter but, even so, she found herself very quickly becoming excited and stimulated far beyond what she had expected. Something about Teresa’s beautiful body – the remarkably strong, well-packed tits, the hot flesh slapping against her own, the heady scent of aroused pussy – soon had Yvonne wet and hot, her nipples throbbing with tension. She slid her tits against Teresa’s, slipping them in and out and around the brunette’s cleavage, and groaned with the electric pleasure that rippled in her nipples as they dug into Teresa’s dense titflesh.

The beautiful young women moaned, gasping with sexual need as their bodies shared heat. Cheek to cheek, groaning with the effort of their struggle, they cried out with pleasure. Teresa was in heat, her body thrashing with effort, her skin burning with delight, but her mind still firmly in charge of her body. The alien but thoroughly intriguing feeling of another woman’s titflesh crushed and rolling on her own and the matching of like to like was deliciously appealing. She felt her sexual power stirring deep inside.

Still, she found that she could not control Yvonne. Yvonne continued her wanton assault on Teresa’s body. Teresa found herself locked into a deep, sensual kiss with the black-haired maid, their tongues pressing and sliding, electric sensations rippling from her mouth down to her tits. She arched her back, rubbing her hard belly to Yvonne’s abdomen, trying to bring her heated pussy into contact with Yvonne’s matching cunt. The maid eagerly returned the favor, pressing down, then moaning as her slick cunt lips slid along Teresa’s engorged pussy. Yvonne worked her hips, rubbing her ribbon of cunt-hair into Teresa’s landing strip, wriggling as she tried to drill herself into the beautiful teen. She worked her pussy down into Teresa’s aching twat, spreading the teen’s thick, tight lips with her own throbbing cunt. Teresa groaned and thrust up to meet her attacker. The battling girls kissed hard, tongues tangling. Their arms squeezed tighter and Yvonne groaned into their locked mouths as she felt an explosion of pleasure reverberating through her compressed tits.

The women broke the kiss and lay, cheek to cheek, working their bodies together, grinding tits and cunts, hot sweat lubricating their sensual movements. As the battle progressed, however, it soon became apparent that Yvonne’s cries and moans of pleasure were growing far faster than Teresa’s. The girl’s aching cunts slid and slapped, hot cunt juice lubricated their writhing battle and, after a time, Yvonne felt her engorged clit pushing out of its hood. She thrust the hard little sex nub down between Teresa’s cuntlips, rejoicing as it slid deep into the teens’ hot, wet furnace. But Yvonne was also aware that, slowly and inexorably, she was losing control of this battle. The sexual desire of her body was building and working against her far more quickly than Teresa’s desire was working against her.

Suddenly, the black-haired beauty felt Teresa’s hard clit push into her cunt. Yvonne gasped at the sudden violation, but also at the extraordinary size of the brunette girl’s engorged sex horn.

“Unnhhh, you little slut!,” Yvonne gasped, amazed and enraged by this novice bitch’s sexual gifts.

“You’re the slut, fuckbitch,” Teresa moaned in reply. “I can feel your little clit. Let’s see what you’ve got, whore.”

Yvonne groaned. She did not want to match her clit to Teresa’s sexhorn. She could feel the girl’s power burning in her body. She continued to writhe and grind her fantastic body to Teresa’s voluptuous form, hoping to overwhelm the teenage slut. But she knew that a clit to clit confrontation was inevitable. Bracing herself, she slid her rock-hard clit against Teresa’s matching sex.

The women gasped, then Yvonne screamed as raw electricity shot through every inch of her sex-saturated body. Teresa moaned, long and loud, but she gritted her teeth and held on. She worked her hips and arched her back, driving her clit, head to head, against Yvonne’s matching nub. The black-haired girl screamed again. “FUCK!! Dirty cunt!” she cried out.

Teresa felt Yvonne weakening. The maid had to use all of her concentration to fight off the exquisite sexual power radiating from Teresa’s engorged clit into her own body. Teresa seized the moment to slowly, inexorably, roll the other girl over onto her back. The powerful teen quickly took the dominant position. She spread her legs, forcing Yvonne’s thighs further apart. She leaned forward hard, enjoying the feel of Yvonne’s beautiful tits crushing beneath her own. Then, aiming her clit at Yvonne’s sexnub, Teresa began stroking her sex into the other girl’s engorged clit, licking delicious sex tongue to sex tongue, slowly torturing the black-haired girl with sexual pleasure.

Yvonne gasped and screamed. Her hands spread on Teresa’s pumping ass and she held the powerful teen in place as her clit slowly, deliciously, surrendered to the sex of the mightier woman. The room echoed with the sound of taut, wet cuntflesh slapping in rhythm.

“That’s it, baby,” Teresa cooed, her will still in complete control of her burning body. “Let me fuck you, let me fuck you good.” Her ass moved in a slow, hard rhythm, her clit stroked and pressed and licked, sending sexual electricity blazing through her hard body. The pleasure was delicious, but something that she could still control.

Yvonne gasped and screamed, she bucked and heaved, but her body slowly gave way beneath Teresa’s more powerful sex. Finally, with a gasping heave, Teresa pressed her clit head to head with Yvonne’s clit and crushed the other girl’s sexhorn back into its hood. Yvonne screamed, spreading her legs wide in absolute surrender. Teresa shuddered, but held back her orgasm. She smiled as she watched Yvonne howl like a banshee, as she felt her inner thighs soak with Yvonne’s intense sexual discharge. The black-haired beauty bucked and bridged her back, her body shuddering as the orgasmic dam burst and a series of devastating erotic explosions rippled through her thrashing flesh. All the while, Teresa pressed down on her, clit to clit, the teen’s burning, massive clit crushing and bending Yvonne’s exploding sexhorn.

Finally, the beautiful maid groaned with exhaustion, her body spent. Teresa smiled, her own aroused sex still unfulfilled, and rolled off of her vanquished foe. She slid her hand onto her foe’s cunt, then bent her head to lick and nibble at Yvonne’s swollen nipple. She rammed two fingers up Yvonne’s wet snatch, stroking the beautiful woman’s still-hard clit. Yvonne groaned in delight and despair.

“Who is the better bitch, Yvonne?,” the teen beauty growled, then licked and nipped at the other woman’s nipple. Yvonne moaned in passion.” Tell me, say it, cunt,” Teresa insisted.

Yvonne sighed, then groaned with resignation. “You are. You are the better bitch, Teresa.”

“Yeah!” the brunette shouted, smiling. Then she mounted Yvonne again and, sliding her cunt slickly onto Yvonne’s wet pussy, licked and rubbed her burning clit into Yvonne’s swelling sexnub, forcing still more delicious orgasms out of the groaning, crying black-haired girl, stimulating herself to higher levels of sexual pleasure until, finally, Teresa reared back in ecstasy and injected her steaming cum deep into her enemy’s defeated twat. She screamed and shuddered with erotic joy, her nipples throbbing into Yvonne’s matching nipples as her orgasm exploded in her core. For the next few minutes, Teresa and Yvonne lay tangled together on the mat, panting, their voluptuous bodies plastered into one, the scent of hot sex wafting into the room. Then, regaining her strength, Teresa pulled herself off of the beautiful, sweaty body of the girl below her and turned an excited sneer on Cynthia.

“I hope this slut isn’t the best whore in your stable, Cynthia!”

The redheaded beauty smiled tightly, then rose to her feet. “Yvonne is a very good sexfighter, Teresa. But I think it’s clear that you have an innate ability that will allow you to go very far. But you need to learn to temper your talents and control yourself.”

“Well, I’m doing pretty fucking good so far!” Teresa replied, excited by the idea that she could probably fuck Martha into a coma right now! The blonde teacher did not have a chance.

Cynthia smiled again, then pulled her sweater over her head. Teresa was immediately silent. The redheaded woman was wearing a barely-there bra, which served to restrain her massive tits. Cynthia reached between her straining breasts and unclasped the front-end hook, then slipped the lingerie off. Her breasts were incredible, thick and taut, perfectly round, caramel-brown areola topped by thick cylindrical nipples. Cynthia’s tits hung unsupported, and seemed to radiate sexual power. They were at least as large as Teresa’s orbs, and seemed to glow in the sex-heated air. The woman reached down her muscled belly and undid the waist button on her slacks. She slid off the pants. She stood in a pink thong, which she quickly removed.

Cynthia’s pubic hair was shaped like an arrowhead pointing down to her cunt slit. Her pussy was naked and thick, juicy and hot and Teresa knew that she was confronting a truly powerful woman. Cynthia’s hips flared out then tapered into thick, perfectly proportioned thighs and beautiful sleek calves. Her belly was narrow and tight and her abdomen was shaded with sculpted muscle around her narrow waist. The woman was flawless. Her fantastic body seemed to pulse with erotic power.

Cynthia gestured for Teresa to come to her. As Teresa approached, Cynthia reached behind her head, pulled her ponytail around to her chest, and removed the rubber bind, letting her dark auburn hair fall free. She shook her head out, fanning her hair. Her tits rocked magnificently, their heavy weight and firmness evident from the way they rolled.

Cynthia smiled and purred. “I think it’s time for your first lesson, Teresa.”

To be continued: