Thirty-Five Years Brings Déjà vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 19

Lisa had seen what had happened since her demise. She knew what was coming. She had, in an academic sort of way, already accepted her fate. But the emotional reality of Jean striding towards her right now was in another league of realization altogether. She was NOT ready in her gut. Her tummy ached at the notion. She felt almost nauseous and nervous in anticipation of what was to come. She had taken one of the chairs brought by Alicia and sat semi-curled-up as Jean made the rounds with the nine guests.

And yet; and yet; even with the anxiety of anticipation she couldn’t quash some tiny twinges of desire returning. Her sexuality had not been wiped out by losing. Au contraire; her sexual hunger would not be stifled so easily. Her “alpha” feelings had been shed, maybe not for ever, but for now it was submerged beneath other emotions. Her libido was not totally submerged. Just enough remained that as Jean’s dripping cunt approached she momentarily acknowledged her own twinge of lust at the thought of lapping that slop.

“OK bitch! Now you can really get a taste of a real woman; a taste of the pussy that makes her who she is. I out-fucked you in front of all your horny friends and my husband. It’s time you faced the fact that you are a two-bit lousy slut and the only thing you really deserve is to service me and my husband at the same time.”

“Brent,” she nodded for him to approach, “get over here!” She loomed over Lisa who didn’t even pretend to smile.

“Get on with it whore. I’ll live up to my end of the bargain, but you’re no God-damned queen. You just got lucky, that’s all!”

“Whatever. Just make sure you make us both really happy.”

Jean instructed Lisa to lower the back of the reclining chair to horizontal. As soon as Lisa lay back Jean was astride her face and lowering her crotch, still damp and sticky from her gooey fuck frenzy with the surrounding clan of hedonistic voyeur/participants. Brent stood close by, eagerly awaiting direction from Jean.

Jean’s pussy dripped a few drops of human cum onto Lisa’s nose just before her slippery twat pasted itself squarely on Lisa’s mouth. “Ok girl; do your thing.”

Lisa was anxious to get this over with. Despite the humiliation of what was happening, that glowing ember of horny lust was definitely not extinguished. The sliver of desire and glimmer of pride that she still retained motivated her to do more than just “get the job done.” She determined that if she was going to eat Jean’s pussy she was going to give it her best. So it was that the two of them merged their wet orifices into one slurping, humping, grinding, licking, probing, twisting, tasting, lurching, biting, nibbling, sucking mass of lesbo flesh in front of ten onlookers. Lisa’s nose buried itself in Jean’s cunt as her tongue danced circles of pressure all around her mushrooming and reinvigorated clit. The proportions of Jean’s love-bud may not have been any larger than earlier, but the woman who sprouted it was finally ready to let go and very much ready for an orgasm. She had nothing more to prove and it was time for her to relish her championship glory. Lifting her hips just often enough to allow Lisa an occasional breath, she relished the feeling of pressing her sperm-soaked cunt hard into Lisa’s face; the jizz of both men seeping into her mouth and covering her nose, chin, cheeks and dripping down onto her neck and shoulders too.

“Ok Brent. Get over here and stick your cock in her pussy. Give her a good hard fucking, one she’ll never forget.”

Brent, having been dutifully patient and obedient throughout the afternoon, was not about to reverse course and disobey his wife. No sir, he was ready for this!

He grabbed Lisa’s ankles and lifted them high and wide, exposing her precious and beautiful pussy to the perils of penile probing. Lisa knew what was coming and it didn’t faze her at all. Being the cock-happy woman that she was the notion of servicing both Jean and Brent’s double-team was really arousing, despite the intensity of her humiliation.

Brent pressed his hips forward and his hard cock probed the thatch-covered foyer to Lisa’s vagina. Her labia remained moist. Her pubic hairs still twisted this way and that, matted with the partially drying lubricants that had saturated them earlier. Brent used his dick-head like a brush, pressing down and around every square inch of Lisa’s hair, teasing both Lisa and himself with his tubular manhood. After a minute or so of exploring her forested mound he stationed the tip at the mid-juncture of her puffy lips. Pressing left and then right, he peeled her lips apart, millimeter by millimeter. Her pink inner folds incrementally became exposed to the outside once again. Mara Jane, who had volunteered to take over camera duty, zoomed in close to capture Brent’s weapon poised at Lisa’s entrance. Brent grinned as Lisa’s hips wiggled just a little bit forward, enticing him with her instinctively perfect gyration to plunge in.

“Did you see that?” he asked Jean who was getting a birds-eye view of the proceedings, even as she maintained her wiggly-hipped cowgirl ride on Lisa’s face. “I sure did. I think the slut wants your cock. I can’t say as I blame her. Be a good boy and give it to her.”

“From the look on your face, she seems to be doing a pretty good job of munching your carpet.” Brent leaned forward and gave Jean a long lip-lock kiss before pulling back and focusing his attention back on Lisa’s cunt which had turned even wigglier, aching to be mercilessly fucked.

He leaned forward, as slowly as his reflexes would allow him. His cock slid inch by inch into Lisa’s open slew. His eyes rolled back in his head and he looked to the sky, bellowing out a long sigh of pleasure, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Overwhelming emotions and thoughts burst into his brain. The intense feelings pulsing through his cock sent shockwaves outward through his nervous system and he was catapulted into the most animalistic guttural realm of his life. His instincts took over and his began slamming his cock into Lisa’s obliging cunt with as much vengeance as his fit body could provoke. In and out, in and out, in and out; pounding and grinding with a devilish grin. It felt so damn good he could hardly believe the lust that enveloped him as he fucked Lisa’s twat, even as Jean trampolined her face with her hefty hips and succulent pussy. The two of them fetched a rhythm of leaning forward and lurching back so that they could kiss and maintain a lip lock on each other.

The triangular connection of mouths and gonads gave the gathered clan more reason to squirm with delight. Taking it all in were the nine invitees, absorbing the fitting climax to the conflagration that had been their privilege to observe and delightfully to be part of.

Lisa, lying on her back raised her hands around Jean’s hips and snaked them around to Jean’s hanging tits. Her fingers found her Jean’s sensitive nipples and began pulling, pinching, and flicking them with deft skill. This made Jean grind even harder. With just enough air sucking in to her lungs with Jean’s occasional lift-offs, Lisa maintained a steady and delicious clit-licking, clit-sucking, clit-biting, wet, juicy cunnilingus rhythm. She recognized in Jean’s hips the insistence that predicted the inevitable orgasm. Jean let out a several breathless shrieks; “How fucking good is that? Ooooh, ahhh, mmmmmmm, that feels sooo good. Unnhhhh, unhhhhh, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, oh no, don’t stop, don’t stop, Oh God! Don’t stop.”

She continued blabbering like that for about a minute as her hips lost their rhythm but not their insistent motion. She pounded down and slid her pussy back and forth all over Lisa’s face, anchoring each movement with her clit poised on Lisa’s active tongue. Her insistence grew and grew, riding an exponentially escalating wave of cataclysmic proportions.

Brent, sensing his wife’s onrushing orgasm joined her with his own cresting pleasure. Lisa’s cunt grasped his cock on every outward motion and gobbled it in with every penetrating thrust. The pleasure center in Brent’s brain overloaded. A short circuit caused jolts of thundering pleasure to ripple through his body, surging from head to toe and then bouncing back into his groin. His penis collected all the wayward energy and absorbed the pleasure from Lisa’s gripping, grabbing, snatching pussy with complete acceptance of the inevitable consequence. Like a dormant volcano that knows there is pressure building deep in the core that MUST be expelled, his cock strained for every conceivable friction with Lisa. Lisa responded with her most eager and powerful thrusts yet; matching Brent’s every thrust with one of her own.

Lisa had felt the erosion of her humiliation. She accepted the inversely intense growth of lust as if it were normal. At this moment there was only one reality; Total animal lust that HAD to be fed. Her mouth and tongue ravaged Jean’s wretched cunt with a fury that she’d never felt before. Her pussy ached to accept Brent inside her, not just his dick, but she was imagining his entire body was being absorbed into her feminine orifice. She welcomed every furious thrust that poked at her innards. She pained at every withdrawal; clinging with every ounce of energy she could muster to his cock, begging it for another thrust. The moment seemed to lose its flow. It was as if Einstein’s Law of connection between space and time had formed a vortex of pleasure that wafted on and on and on and on and on.

The witness’s clocks hadn’t stopped. The second hands still moved. The wind continued to breezily send shore birds into dizzying and dazzling flight. The sun continued its fall towards the western horizon. But for the three on the blanket those realities were gone. The earth might as well have stopped. The only reality was the sexual ecstasy that enveloped them. Like the ocean that swallowed up Atlantis, Lisa, Jean, and Brent were submerged in ecstasy. Their loins were all locked in embrace with one another. Their consciousness had distilled into a singular “creature”, consuming their energy, demanding ever more and more of their physical and spiritual resources, until there was no more left to give. Their brains went haywire in unison. The overwhelming and total reality was this moment of hedonistic grabbing of pleasure that each person clung to in hopes it would never end.

The explosion smashed through them with a force like the tearing apart of a galaxy. It rent their bodies into convulsive contortions and fused their minds into a stew of pleasure they’d been unaware before now could even exist. Their orgasms pushed Jean and Brent to the limits of sustainability. Both thrust downward onto Lisa with force enough to snap the hinges on the chair she lay on. It broke and she plunged the six inches to the ground with Jean and Brent pummeling her at either end relentlessly.

Lisa desperately needed some air, but Jean was so intent on exploiting her pleasure that she rode Lisa’s face, smothering her nose and mouth with her cunt. Lisa didn’t wince or reject the danger from diminished oxygen. She embraced it and pummeled Jean’s clitoris with a wickedly intense tongue that only the devil could have duplicated.

Brent shot his cum inside Lisa. It spewed for what seemed an eternity, gushing pleasure from the inside of his cock to match the pleasure from Lisa’s powerful pussy on the perimeter. Her welcoming hole accepted Brent’s sperm juice as her own body convulsed with the wave of pleasure that ricocheted like bolts of lightning back and forth a thousand times between every nerve cell in her body. Zap, zap, zap, zap and zap again. Her fucking cunt and her munching mouth accepted the energy that flowed from the couple astride her and incorporated it into an aura of pleasure that permeated her like the stars fill the night sky during the new moon in Australia’s outback. The bliss was everywhere and everything. It was a cosmic experience; as it was for Jean. The bouncing energy seemed to coalesce in her pussy. Her thoughts were not coherent. They weren’t even thoughts at all, just awareness of pleasure. Her awareness was only in her crotch. It was as if her entire body had transformed into a giant pussy with orgasmic tentacles snaking everywhere, covering every square inch of skin, consuming every organ, tickling every hair, consuming every thought.

The witnesses recognized the power and immensity of the trio’s orgasms, even if they didn’t grasp the cosmic proportions that separated the trio’s consciousness from their own. It was a hell of a ride they all thought.

The mutual orgasm eventually subsided, receding slowly away like a tide that lingers long in a shallow place before retreating to the deep water. The laws of the universe remained unbroken.

Jean lifted her hips and Lisa, almost reluctantly sucked some air into her lungs.

Brent gingerly pulled his sensitive and spent cock from within Lisa’s tunnel.

Lisa relaxed her tense muscles.

The gathered nine let out their own breath of long-held air. Relief. They sucked their own new breath and gradually began to redefine their own awareness of their surroundings and circumstances. The gulls cried out and were heard. The trees whispered in the breeze and were recognized. The boats on the lake came into focus. The shore grasses bent to the wind and waved at them. The hour of the day intruded upon them. It was now past five and the longevity of the time span sunk in. They had been witnesses and brief participants and were both ecstatic and relieved to have been there. No coherent words had been spoken for nearly twenty minutes and it didn’t seem odd at all. The communication that had transpired was perfect and in accord with nature. There had been no need of words and in the recollections that followed over the years, not one would even notice the gap. All that was said was said with bodies and spirit. It was enough.