Thirty-Five Years Brings Déjà vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 18

Jean slowly pulled away from Lisa, their bodies and pussies finally separating. Hours had passed and the sun was down almost 45 degrees from the time they had met on the beach. The spectators had been silent through the last round, with barely a word passing among them. Brent had managed a few pictures, but he, like the others had been transfixed by the spectacle and only now with his cock raging for release did he take a breath and sigh in total transfixed pleasure at his wife’s victory. The others, whomever they had been rooting for, were keenly aware that they had witnessed a staggering dual between two women of iron wills, and only by the narrowest of margins was one able to emerge victorious. But the margin of victory, however narrow, was not what either Jean or Lisa was contemplating. They had agreed before hand that there would be consequences for the loser and it was time for some of that to be implemented.

Lisa knew some of what was coming, but not all. Their agreement from the day before had specified some of the parameters of what would transpire, without complete determination. The winner was to be allowed some leeway and Jean was now preparing to utilize some of that leeway.

One of the spoils of victory was to be seated on the loser’s face for a long slow and well-earned cunt-licking orgasm. Jean grinned inwardly at the thought of Lisa’s face being her throne as she face-sat her rival and vanquished foe. But now she turned to her husband asking, “Did you like what you saw?” and before he could even answer, “Do you like what you see?” as she gestured towards Lisa, still lying on the blanket, legs wide and pussy glistening in the sun.

“Oh baby you have no idea how much I liked it! It was fantastic. She put up a hell of a fight but you whipped her in the end.” Brent willingly answered.

“Well then, I can see you’d like relief for that awesome hard-on. How does that look to you?” She gestured again towards Lisa and her succulent pussy.

“It looks DAMN good! But I’d really rather have your victorious cunt, sweets.”

“All in good time dear.” Jean was calling the shots. She put on her strutting-best ego-filled queenly persona. The others all watched and listened. “You folks; I’ll bet you’d like a piece of the winner too, right?” She looked up and down the line of spectators. They all nodded affirmatively some said “hell yes”, some a little sheepishly, but the stage had been set and their own arousals were so prominent, Bill and Bob were both inflated fully to the max and pulsing madly, the ladies all wet between their legs with nipples prominent and inviting. Their bodies each ached for release and the thought of finding that release with Jean was causing a real rush.

Jean turned back to Lisa who had just now managed to sit up. “You’ll get what is coming to you, don’t worry. You’ll get to taste my pussy and make me cum, as we’d promised. But first you’ll have to see me take more pleasure by fucking each one of your ‘buddies’ here.” She swung her arm around in a semicircle, indicating the nine friends that Lisa had invited.

Lisa gulped, knowing that her punishment and humiliation was about to begin. She was the one who had invited these nine people, expecting them to enjoy her glow of victory and share in her 35-year fulfillment. But now the shoe was on the other foot and her sense of honor being secure, she knew she would have to suffer the consequences that she had only imagined belonging to Jean for the last 24 hours.

Jean turned her head towards the gathering and indicated “I want to fuck every single one of you. I know how horny you must be. Well, if you think you’re up for it,” she spoke KNOWING they were up for it and eager as hell, “I’ve decided to take you on one at a time starting with the women youngest to oldest. Get over here Alicia.” She turned to Brent, recognizing the slight look of concern on his face. “Don’t worry,” she said to him, “you’ll get EVERYTHING you want before the day is over. But now I’m going to take what I’ve earned from this bitch over here.” She tossed her arm in a quick gesture towards Lisa.

Alicia was now at Jean’s side. “Get down.” Alicia obeyed. In a flash Jean mounted Alicia in the same manner as she had finished off Lisa and she began fucking Alicia’s wet young slit with abandon. Alicia, her overwhelming horniness apparent to all, humped back against the victor’s cunt and in just 60 seconds she had come. She felt like she’d just been steamrolled and her shuddering climax, while not loud, was vividly apparent to the others. Jean hopped off and with Alicia rolling away, gestured with her head for Carrie to replace Alicia beneath her.

Obligingly Carrie opened her legs as she took a spot beside Jean. Carries reddish fur stood in contrast to Jean’s brown fuzz and the two came together for a slutty dance of cunt-slits. Carrie’s 21-year-old pussy ached for the touch of Jean’s beyond-50 pussy and the consummation of that yearning was everything Carrie had wished for. Her lesbian inclinations weren’t what guided her. It was pure vanilla lust for the victor. She, like Alicia before her, was lifted towards ecstasy in rapid sequence by the torrid combination of mental and physical arousal. Jean’s pussy pushed into her cunt with the sort of power she’d only dreamed about before today. It went to her head in a surge of feminine submissiveness. “Take me, take me, take me,” she blurted out as Jean grinningly obliged. Jean had grabbed one of Carrie’s legs and lifted it up high, using it as a support for her grinding. She rode Carrie rodeo style until the wet juices of her cunt seeped downward into Carrie’s small opening and her clit became entangled in the tuft of reddish hair that supervised the northern boundary of her hole. She burrowed it beneath that entanglement and found Carrie’s small but firm clit reaching for her own. The two met and bounced together deliciously for a few seconds before Carrie’s screams rent the air and victim number three fell to Jean’s plundering pussy.

Like a bowling ball knocking down the pins, two had fallen and now without even being asked, Jade crept onto the blanket, trembling at the thought of having sexual relations with another woman, of having them in front of all these people, and submitting to the powerful winner of a marathon sex-battle. Jade was basically shy, and her tentativeness was apparent to Jean. “Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll be ok. You’ll like it, I promise.” Jean gave her a benevolent smile to try to put her at ease, and then added a kiss to soften her up before she took her lesbian virginity. Up to now, Jade’s only lesbian encounters had been fantasy. But she was ready. She kissed Jean back and before one could count to twenty she was giving tongue passionately into Jean’s mouth.

“Ok girl, you got the idea, but now its time to fuck!”

She set her down on the ground and told her to angle her legs 45 degrees and Jean slipped her legs, 45 degrees the other way, between them so that they were ready to go pussy to pussy. Jade surprised Jean by humping forward and initiating the contact. Her sparse straight black pussy hair lurking above her slit, she slithered her pussy right inside Jean’s still puffy and splayed-wide lips. Their wetness merged; and the 30-year generational difference between them notwithstanding, they had no trouble at all finding a sexual groove with delicate gyrations that brought pleasure washing through them. As Carrie and Alicia before her, Jade was overwhelmed by Jean’s sexuality and gorgeously adept pussy. Jean was receiving jolts of lust and arousal through Jade’s natural grinding, but that her sense of power and narrowness of focus were driving her towards a conclusion that only Lisa could provide. All else was for fun and she enjoyed it, but her orgiastic reflexes were on hold. Jade convulsed and convulsed again for two long minutes as Jean twisted her torso and overpowered Jade’s luxuriously smooth pussy.

Mara was next. The thirty-year old, with more experience under her belt, with both sexes, was not quite as overwhelmed as the other three younger women had been, but she was just as horny and wanted to taste some of what had made Jean the winner; literally, taste her. The giant grin on Mara’s face was not unexpected, but Jean still responded with a wide grin of her own as Mara sauntered over to Jean and offered to lick her pussy clean. Mara was a woman who relished a bit of kink in her life and an opportunity like this was too good for her to pass up. “I’ll give you only a minute, after that we’re gonna fuck,” Jean promised Mara.

“Oooohh! That sounds really good!” Mara exclaimed contemporaneous with her head diving to Jean’s crotch. She gave some quick and noisy slurpy licks up and down Jean’s well-shared slit. Moving upward she expertly sucked Jean’s clit into her mouth and pulled it tightly between her lips as her tongue gave it a good washing. Jean’s hands pulled Mara’s head tightly into her crotch and then as the minute expired she tossed her on the ground and mounted her in the same fashion she had used to finish off Lisa. In seconds her furry mound was pounding down into Mara’s wide-splayed legs. Mara was well trimmed with only a small patch of dark fuzz hovering above her cunt. The sensation was exquisite as Jean pummeled Mara’s cunt with juicy thrust after juicy thrust. Mara felt the motion and the inspiration rising in her and she fucked back with upwardly slamming jolts that inspired Jean even more, almost wickedly exposing Jean’s rising libido to the temptation of giving in to the wonderful feminine lust she was feeling. Mara’s beauty and sexual kink had triggered a resurgence of Jean’s sizzling libido, edging it higher and higher, but Mara succumbed first, after only three or four minutes of cunt-smashing fun. She groaned out her orgasm in long slow pants of labored breathing as her husband watched the joy overwhelm her face. Robert’s big uncircumcised cock drizzled drops of pre-cum as his hand stroked the 8-inch meat-stick while his wife Mara Jane came in delirious bliss.

Jean rolled off Mara Jane and motioned for Molly to come hither. Mara lay still beside Jean as Molly approached. Molly was a big girl, proportioned thickly from top to bottom with large balloon-like breasts, wide full hips and gorgeous big brown eyes. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail and her muscular legs strode towards Jean, mischievous delight twinkling in her eyes. She was as eager as the others to feel Jean’s grinding power and had hoped that Jean would give her a taste of pussy like Mara before her. But Jean wasn’t in the mood for more cunnilingus right now. She wanted a bit of a breather physically so she instructed Molly to take the top position, mounting her cross legged as a rodeo rider would hop a horse. Molly’s bald pussy displayed enormous thick lips that bulged outward towards Jean’s waiting cunt.

Molly settled in for the ride and the two ladies started slowly sliding their gashes this way and that, plump lips melting together in a gushy rhythm of lust. Molly shivered once, twice, three times as the wave of pleasure blossomed quickly into series of jerky hip thrusts. Molly angled her clit to meet Jean’s little dagger. The slippery nubs tested each other for plumpness and protrusion. Molly, for all the size and superb plumpness of her labia was actually owner of a rather small clit, but what she lacked in size she made up for in sensitivity. In three or four minutes she too was nearing orgasm and even though she had the greater degree of control of her movements than did Jean it was Molly who squirted out a gush of juice and jerked out of control with spasms of orgiastic pleasure. She grabbed her big bouncy tits and pulled her nipples out until they looked like they would have snapped. Jean let out a few “ooohs and aaaahs” with a sort of mocking smile/grin on her face as if to acknowledge the “feel good” nature of their pussy rubbing enterprise but also to put Molly in her place as a wannabe in the art of fuck-fighting. Molly missed the whole thing. She was so enthralled with the overpowering feelings of bliss to have even bothered to consider the intent of Jean’s grins and grunts. She rolled off and another woman hopped right aboard to take her place.

It was Felicity’s turn. It turned out that Felicity had a different agenda than Jean. Jean was rolling along with a high degree of confidence (and why shouldn’t she) after out-fucking Lisa and handily giving the other horny ladies a succession of quick orgasms of their own. Felicity wasn’t about to allow, if she could help it, Jean to have such a walkover as had happened with the other four younger women.

“If you expect me to cum like a little girl just because your hairy cunt thinks it is so special, you’ve got another thing coming!” Felicity growled a bit at Jean who was still lying on her back, legs out wide, awaiting another crotch-locking round of fun.

“Whatever,” Jean retorted with a clear element of disdain in her voice for the woman now crouching over her. “Give it to me good and hard and find out if you’ve got what it takes.”

“Bet on it.” Felicity’s bald pussy smacked downward into Jean’s waiting crotch. “Mmmmmm. I love fucking hot pussy. You’ve got one hot pussy too, but I do too.” She paused a few seconds and continued, “What do you think? Think you can make me cum like you did those other bitches?”

“Ooooooooh Yeeaaaaaaah,” Jean drawled out the answer with syrupy slowness. She let out a little gasp as Felicity screwed her hips downward with a heavy force. Jean’s lips had been splayed wide apart most of the afternoon and she felt Felicity’s outer lips drive in between her own and then her big mound crunch against her own mound in a clear show of force probably meant to intimidate her. But Jean was past being intimidated. Even with the long afternoon of exertion she still had energy left and she planned on using it. But first she allowed Felicity to do the heavy work. Felicity’s crouching stance was bound to tire her legs thought Jean. True enough, in only a couple of minutes Felicity had to change tactics, as pleasant and as sexy as their cunt-grinding was, Felicity needed to end the burning in her legs so she adjusted to lay back and arrange for some scissor fucking which Jean accommodated most willingly. The two stared devil eyes at each other and the grinding, now on more equal terms, renewed.

Jean felt Felicity’s pussy opening up and her inner lips sloshing against her own. Their clits danced in and out of each other’s slits and then tangled together at the tip of their openings. Jean felt like she had hit a plateau of pleasure way back with her hookup with Carrie. It was as if she settled in at about 75% of the climb towards release and then just hovered thereabouts for each successive woman. Felicity was doing her damndest to change that and Jean recognized the intensity of Felicity’s actions, but having already defeated Lisa, with whom their shared enmity had produced a much greater degree of motivation than Felicity could possibly have drawn upon, Jean felt her arousal remain at a plateau, barely creeping up at all. It felt good. It felt REALLY good, but there was no threshold being crossed and she gave back to Felicity in equal measure whatever saucy cunt-dueling grinds she felt come her way.

Then it happened. Even though it took longer than with her recent partners, the end result was the same, orgasm. Felicity crossed the physiological line that foretold an onrushing orgasm. Her eyes opened wide in shock (at least a little) and her grinding became more and more intense. She felt Jean’s hairy lips wrapping themselves around her own waxed lips and the ecstasy of the moment created her own multi-layered orgasm. She shuddered once, cried out, shuddered again and then in an escalating wail shattered the beachfront with her orgasmic shriek. She was definitely a screamer and that difference from the others struck the group and made them smile. The two ladies pulled apart. Felicity had given it a good shot, but she was not a match for Jean; at least not now in these circumstances.

Norma was next. She had benefited from watching the six other women fuck Jean and have great orgasms and even though Felicity had made Jean work a little harder than the others and had brought some contentiousness to the last groin-grind, she was only interested in one thing. She wanted to cum and cum hard in front of her husband. Their own role-play and fantasies of fem-fem competition were now being fulfilled and she was anxious to give her husband the type of show he’d been aching for.

“Get a good look,” Norma smiled at Bill as she got up to approach Jean. Bill grinned at her and offered his own assessment. “Just don’t wear out her pussy. Leave a little for me!”

“Well from the looks of things she can handle us both.”

This allowed Jean a grin, adding a momentary touch of levity to the sexy situation.

As Norma approached Jean stood up and waited. The two women eyed each other. They felt a flutter of emotion that differentiated itself from that which existed for the other women’s encounters. This flutter tugged at their heart strings. The little zap of lust that clearly sailed across the space between them was joined by a thread of affection. The detection of that sheen of emotion escaped the others, but not the two of them. Jean’s arms opened and she embraced Norma, the slender and fit tan-lined woman with the perky breasts, small nipples, and landing strip fuzz atop her smooth pussy. Her blond hair flew in the breeze as Norma returned the embrace. They kissed.

While kissing, their hands explored each other’s bodies gently, with smooth caresses. They felt their breasts collide and their nipples rubbing. Their hips came together and their mounds bumped pleasantly. Jean grabbed Norma’s shoulders and pushed their upper torsos apart. She lowered her head so she appeared as though she was looking over the tops of half-framed glasses as she offered Norma what she wanted. “You ready to fuck?”

“You bet I am!”

“Get down then,” Jean’s air of control remained, but these words were gentler and almost cuddly with tenderness.

Norma lay back, spread her legs wide, knees up in the air waiting for Jean to mount her. Ever so slowly Jean kneeled between Norma’s 160-degree leg-angle, lowering her tangled-growth of thatch towards Norma’s crotch. Norma’s labia were already wet with oozing thick glycerin-like emissions, anxious for the touch that was set to arrive. Norma looked up into Jean’s eyes, and having met them gazed longingly into their depths. ZAP! Their pussies gently revealed themselves to each other with soft, moist revelations of pleasure; Norma finding for the first time the long ached-for sensation of labia-mingling fun; Jean renewing the same hot libido-surging pleasure wave she’d been riding now for most of the afternoon. Norma just lay back and reveled in the glorious feelings Jean’s practiced rhythm produced; forward and back, pulsing downward and then gently pulling back so that their sticky lips clung tenuously to each other, stretching out an inch, then an inch and a half before unwillingly snapping apart. Several times Jean pushed her cunt down on Norma’s tight pink slit, smothering her lips with her own. Norma sported a tight little hole that was great pleasure for her husband Bill and now her pussy extremities were arousing Jean too. Her clit punched out of its hood and met Jean’s slithering protrusion with every thrust. They tickled each other mercilessly and Jean shivered with pleasure, but Norma was long past her point of control. Her orgasm exploded into a total body-convulsing event. Her arms flailed out to the side. Her head rocked side to side as her lungs let out a wailing cry of ecstasy. Her hitherto fantasy of lesbian sex was not a fantasy anymore and the reality surged with a deliciousness she could barely have imagined.

Bill had taken it all in with a huge wide-eyed grin as had Robert. The two men were hoping that Jean’s gyrations would soon be using their poles as an axis. Jean smiled coyly at Norma and hopped up to survey the two men gazing lewdly at her. Bill, reclined part way in his beach chair was the first to find out that Jean managed a cock as well as a pussy. “I want that cock in me… NOW,” Jean blurted out as she walked the few paces to Bill’s chair. “Fine with me,” Bill offered as Jean straddled his chair and immediately impaled herself on his thick cock which was topped with a beautiful bulbous head, round and shiny. But soon his cock was gone from view as she slid effortlessly downward until it was buried completely inside her expandable pussy. She rocked forward and back, guiding his cock to pressure the full inner dimensions of her soft, warm cunt. Up and down she rode and he pumped his hips up at her every time she slid towards the earth. The wet juicy friction felt so, so, so good to her. The kinkiness quotient of fucking another man in front of Brent and 9 other people was not lost on her and she tossed a glance backwards at Brent who was dutifully recording the event with low-angle shots from behind her pretty ass. The camera lens was close to the conjoined pair, capturing her wet hairs clinging to Bill’s cock as it slid inside her. The soft dew-drops of moisture that clung to her ass, inner legs, pussy lips and now dripped onto Bill’s balls and man-hair sparkled in the sunlight that came from a much lower spot in the sky than when the clan had gathered initially.

“Good boy. Keep it up Brent. I hope you’re getting all the shots.”

“Oh, I sure am. I wouldn’t miss this. I think I’ve taken over 400 so far. Now just shut up and fuck him good, will ya?”

“She is…. She is.” Bill grinned at Brent with a knowing and grateful glance.

He pumped his hips hard into Jean’s soaking snatch and soon the inevitable outcome prevailed. His body jerked, his hips rocked upward as Jean wiggled her ass hard down so that his cock embedded as deeply as it could inside her squeezing pussy. The first spurts of cum slammed into her cervix and then as the sperm juice emissions grew in volume they flowed down the lining of her cunt, lubricating his shaft even more deliciously for the last few strokes of his orgasmic insertion.

Bill let out about a dozen “Oh Gods” as his sperm shot into Jean’s sizzling mature cunt. She squeezed hard on his dick as she finally pulled off. Some of his jizz spilled out onto his balls and leg as her pussy hovered for a moment just above his dwindling erection. The shiny protuberance had jolted about a ton of pleasure through Bill to go with the visual thrill everyone else had witnessed.

Even Norma grinned at the look on Bill’s thankful face; knowing that he had powerful fantasies being fulfilled this day. She was just grateful they had been able to share them in such a powerful, stimulating, and intimate way.

Robert remained as the last of the nine “victims”. He hadn’t known why Jean saved him for last and he would never be told either, but Jean had her reasons. She had fucked several men before she’d married Brent, but it was clear to her from the very beginning that Robert was probably more hung than any of them. One other ancient conquest may have been pretty darn close, but Jean thought that her only taste of something as big as Robert was an inanimate toy that Brent had brought home once, and that wasn’t the same as a real flesh and blood penis that stood ten inches hard.

“I hope you don’t mind sloppy seconds.” The look on Robert’s face was enough for her to have known the answer, but he gleefully chimed out his answer anyway. “Not a problem for me Jean. I want your pussy real bad!”

“I took Bill from the top. I want you to climb aboard on top and fuck me hard.”

“Not a problem. I hope you’re ready.” Robert glanced and grinned at Mara Jane who winked at Jean and added her own encouragement. “Fuck her good Robert, she deserves it.”

Jean lay back on the blanket and Robert hovered over her for just a second as he rubbed his cock a few times, reassuring his self that it was his full-mast most glorious ten inches. “Quit dickin’ around and put it in me!”

“Wow, after all the sex you’ve had and you’re still anxious. What a slut you are!” With that he let the tip of his penis tantalize Jean’s pussy lips. They were splayed apart and had been for the longest time. He teased to the left and then to the right, Brent capturing the images on the camera, his own cock rigid and only inches away from the pair about to copulate on the beach. Robert was young enough to have been Jean’s son, and the age disparity was not lost on either of them. But when it comes to rutting and fucking once the hormones have taken over there is no difference. They do what comes naturally and Jean WANTED Robert badly to poke her good. He did of course, but not before some more teasing. “You nasty boy, quit being coy and stick it in me.” She had to urge him a second time after his modest touches had fired her up for more cock. Robert felt the lining of her pussy expand as his prick head snuggled inside her lips. The mingled juices of 8 women and Bill offered the most sublime and slimy lubrication for his thick meat to glide inward. His size was no problem at all for Jean as she accepted the first 8 inches as easily as if it had been a pint-sized wiener. The last two inches required a little more pushing, but they too wormed inside Jean so that their groins were in contact and no further penetration was possible. He lay still for a moment, allowing them both to relish the sensations. She breathed a deep sigh the glorious fullness invaded her cunt, pressing outwards against every surface. The stuffed feeling was heavenly. He too accepted the sweet, warm, gooey tightness smothering his dick with luxurious sensations. The motionless moment lasted about fifteen seconds and then Jean began to rock; at first just slight, teasing hip thrusts, and then a little more insistent and forceful.

Robert was on the same wavelength and soon the two had almost musically accelerated their gyrations as if under the baton of a great conductor. Uhhh. Ahhh. Uhhh. Ahhh. Uhhh. Ahhh……

They grunted and sweated and pounded at each other with all the muscle and energy that could be brought to bear. Jean, from below, arched her back and angled her hips forward and back, upward and downward, dictating the staccato rhythm that Robert had no trouble instinctively matching. His eyes were wide open as he gazed at her hazel pupils. She fluttered between open and closed eyes, lost in the total eroticism of the moment. The grunting pair created wet smacking noises that filled the cove. Robert amazingly lasted a full five minutes of totally immersed fucking before he crossed his manly threshold and blasted his youthful load of sperm into Jean. Several hard thrusts later he shivered his last spurt out and before his tumescence had subsided he pulled out, leaving Jean’s gaping cunt wide, wide open and glistening with the gobs of cum that had emerged there moments earlier.

With her pussy so well-fucked, by both the women and the men (except for her own husband) and the hour getting late it was time for the coup-de-grace.