By JB57

The nude, voluptuous goddesses came together in the middle of the onyx slab. Their legs spread wide, their clean shaven pussies dripping with juice, their labia open and inviting, Brianna and Alex’s cunts slapped together, their succulent cuntlips pounding together like meaty drums.

“Aaaah god!!,” Brianna moaned, throwing back her head to moan in joy. She knew that her only chance of winning this battle was to give herself over completely to her sexual desire. It was not hard to do. She hated Alex passionately, but the redheaded aristocrat was a spectacularly beautiful and erotic woman. Enjoying and consuming the other woman’s sex, her luscious flesh, was something that Brianna could do easily.

“Mmmmmmm,” Alex groaned, her eyes closed, her beautiful face wearing a smile of rapturous delight. She bit her lip in agonized delight as she drove her ass and hips with greater force, thrusting her wet, hot pussy ever harder into Brianna’s seething cunt. The redhead braced her body with her powerful arms and thrust with all her strength. Her desire to penetrate Brianna, to devour the blonde’s boiling twat, was overwhelming. Alex had lusted after Brianna’s incredible body for months. Now, she had the beautiful archaeologist exactly where she wanted her and she had every intention of enjoying every moment with Brianna, of stretching out their battle for as long as she possibly could. She was going to wring every drop of cum, every explosive orgasm that Brianna possessed, out of the bitch’s incredible body. She was going to eat Brianna alive with her cunt; she was going to drain the blonde bitch. And then, when the whore was beaten and Cthaku came through the portal, Alex was going to take Brianna as her slave, her sexual plaything, forever.

This delightful thought playing in her mind, Alex drove herself into Brianna with all her power, her ass rippling with effort, her bountiful tits jiggling as her body shuddered with pleasure. Her twat spread, thick and tight, stretched lip to lip across Brianna’s welcoming cunt. The women’s genitals locked and fused once again, slick pink labia melting into one, their vaginal canals sucking at each other, their swollen clits pressing and locking head to head.

Brianna thrust back with all her power, grinding herself mercilessly into Alex, riding the other woman’s throbbing clit and driving cunt like a saddle, determined to drive the other woman insane with sexual pleasure, even as her own body shuddered and shook with erotic bliss. She wrapped one leg around Alex’s hip, holding the redhead in place as they pumped into each other.

The beautiful women panted furiously, their cries and screams of sexual ecstasy harmonizing, their massive tits bouncing deliciously on their heaving chests, their perfect, muscled bodies dripping with sweat. Their hair was wet with perspiration, matted to their damp foreheads. The women stared desperately into each other’s eyes as they fucked and fucked, riding each other relentlessly, each determined to force the other into a submissive orgasm.

Alex reached out with one hand and grabbed Brianna’s wet hair, pulling savagely at the blonde’s head. Brianna returned the grip, inflicting delicious pain on the redhead’s scalp. The women pulled each other closer, their massive tits coming together nipple to nipple. Pulses of erotic electricity raced through their bodies as their tits mashed and mated. The women grabbed at each other’s shoulders, grasped each other’s round, sweaty asses, as they crushed their bodies tight. They pressed cheek to cheek, sharing moans and gasps.

“You bitch, you filthy fucking bitch,” Alex moaned at her luscious enemy, her body vibrating with pleasure.

“Cunt, fucking, filthy slut,” Brianna cried, rubbing her sweaty cheek with the redheaded vixen’s. She licked Alex’s face, tasting the sweat.
They pressed their beautiful faces together, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, hot breath mixing. Their asses pumped harder, faster, as the women felt another devastating orgasm building and building in their throbbing, aching clits.

“OH GOD, OH FUCK!!,” Brianna shrieked, her clit seeming to expand to envelope her entire lower body, sending heat shooting up to swell her tits and enflame her nipples.

“YOU CUNT, YOU FUCKING CUNT!!,” Alex howled, her body exploding, heat radiating in waves through her quaking body.

The women’s streams of hot, steaming cum flowed together and mixed into a boiling froth as they ejaculated into each other, sharing their deepest ecstasy. They climaxed again and again, clinging to each other tightly, mashing their burning tits, their beautiful faces masks of orgasmic ecstasy and agony. They stifled their screams and cries by sealing their mouths together, tongues twisting, spit flowing between their mouths, swallowing back the other woman’s saliva as they sucked at each other desperately.

Alex gripped Brianna’s ass tightly, sinking her fingers into the tight, slick flesh. Brianna grabbed Alex’s buttocks, driving two fingers up into the redhead’s tight asshole, holding tight as the women spasmed and shuddered in concert.

Moaning, the women held each other in a tight grip as they rode out the pleasure suffusing their luscious bodies. Slick with sweat and other juices, they wrapped their arms around each other and shared each shuddering orgasm until, finally, the pleasure abated, leaving both vixens drained.

Groaning, Alex reached off to the side of the slab and grabbed the strap of her canteen. She pulled the canteen to her and took a deep swig. The energy flowed through her body, suffusing her luscious flesh with a comforting heat, healing the many scratches and abrasions on her body and restoring her to full health and energy, even as it fed her ravenous libido. As the power moved through her flesh, Alex smiled in blissful pleasure. She handed the canteen to Brianna, who took a deep drink. The blonde groaned as the power rolled through her. Alex saw the vitality return to Brianna. The women smiled at each other savagely, their mutual lust filling their voluptuous bodies to overflowing, their pulsing clits hardening into shafts of pure pleasure and erotic heat.

The women tightened their grips on each other and pulled each other closer. Their tongues played seductively, then their mouths locked and they began kissing passionately, furiously. Alex pulled on Brianna’s hair and succeeded in overbalancing the blonde. Brianna fought back. The black stone was slick with their shared juices. The two gorgeous women wrestled, their bodies shining with sweat and cum, slippery and oily as they struggled to overpower each other and take a dominant position. They slid and twisted against each other, gripping flesh, squeezing at massive tits, slapping and biting when they could. They soon found their bodies turned around, their faces looking into the other woman’s juiced up twat. Without hesitation, the women buried their faces in each other’s luscious cunts, feasting on each other like starving cannibals. The women licked and sucked at each other’s sopping wet twats, their hunger growing exponentially as they fought.

Moaning with unbearable lust, Brianna plunged her tongue deep into Alex’s pussy, lapping hungrily at the redhead’s flowing juices. At the same time, Brianna thrust two fingers up Alex’s asshole. The redhead twisted in erotic pleasure at the violation and sucked harder on the blonde’s throbbing clit. Sobbing with ecstasy, Brianna wrapped her lips around Alex’s clit and returned the favour, but she also thrust two more fingers into the redhead’s tight asshole and slowly twisted her wrist, working her hand deeper and deeper into the hot, distending flesh until she managed to shove her whole fist up into Alex’s straining ass. The redhead screamed and screamed, her own hand shoving wrist-deep into Brianna’s tight, wet cunt. The women attacked each other with wild abandon. They probed and fisted each other’s vise-like orifices as much as they could, even as they ate and sucked at each other’s clits and labia with all their strength. The women moved between fingering and fisting each other’s assholes to violating and working each other’s dripping cunts. Their screams, growls and cries of raw pleasure rose to a fever pitch. Finally, Alex and Brianna erupted together in a torrent of cum, spraying each other’s faces and upper bodies with their feminine ejaculate. Both women sucked back as much of their foe’s juices as they could, intent on violating and dominating the other woman completely.

They lay side by side on the onyx slab, their chests heaving, their bodies soaked in sweat and juice, recovering their energy. Brianna looked up at the ceiling. As she watched, the portal opened an infinitesimal amount. But, however small, the opening was still growing. At this rate, it might be days, weeks, until the portal opened completely, but it was headed in that direction.

Brianna was finding it hard to think. The sexual fire in her body seemed to be burning with greater and greater intensity the longer she and Alex fought. She suspected this pure, insatiable lust was linked to the water they were drinking to keep them going. She wracked her brains, trying to concentrate on the need to somehow close the portal, to somehow make Alex release more energy than she was releasing. But she could not think of any strategy other than the one she was already trying: overwhelm Alex with sex, trust that the other woman would eventually lose control and release the sexual power she was somehow holding back. But Brianna wished she had a better plan, some way to hold back her own sexual power, to meet Alex on completely equal terms.

Alex sat up and smiled at Brianna lasciviously. The redhead’s blue eyes glowed with unrestrained heat. Without a word, she rolled onto her stomach and arched her back, presenting her naked cunt and still slightly distended asshole to her blonde rival.

“Ready for more, cuntlicker?,” Alex purred.

Brianna could not resist. She rolled onto her stomach and pushed her ass hard into Alex’s matching buttocks. The women moaned in mutual pleasure as their thick pussy lips caressed and mashed, as the heat from between their legs flared into a blazing furnace. They wriggled hard, pushing back, spreading each other’s buttocks, smiling in joy as their assholes came together. Alex reached back and Brianna took her hands. The women grasped each other’s wrists and pulled hard, using each other for leverage as they wriggled and rocked, violating each other, fusing together, ass to ass and cunt to cunt. On and on they fucked, riding each other deliciously, screwing ecstatically. Finally, they came in unison, gripping the opposite edges of the onyx slab and screaming in bliss as their hot cum gushed down, soaking their thighs, squeezing up towards their assholes, slicking the altar even more.

Alex and Brianna descended together into a universe of untamed sensuality. Over the next several days, maybe more than a week, they fucked constantly, mindlessly, taking each other in every way they could imagine, drawing more and more pleasure out of each other with every delicious orgasm. They lived off of the temple water, which seemed to provide an inexhaustible supply of energy. At some point, Brianna vaguely realized that the canteen never seemed to go empty, but the realization was soon driven from her mind by an earth-shaking multiple orgasm. Both women lost track of why they were doing what they were doing; all that mattered was possessing and devouring the other woman’s irresistible body.

At some point, they settled into a luscious scissorlock that held for hours, days. They would lean back, seize each other’s thigh, and grind and pound cunts mercilessly, until they were deep inside each other, locked and sealed, their vaginal muscles rippling and straining together, their clits twisted into swollen knots of ecstasy that finally exploded in mind-shattering orgasms. Other times, they pulled each other close, nose to nose and tits crushed to tits, pussies undulating and grinding against each other, their hands gripping each other’s rippling asses as they ejaculated into each other, throwing back their beautiful faces to shriek in joy.

The giant oculus in the ceiling grew wider and wider, the forces beyond staring down on the beautiful, writhing bodies on the onyx altar, feeding on the libidinous power rolling off their straining, luscious flesh.

Alex and Brianna collapsed, flat on their backs, on the onyx slab. They were panting furiously, their bodies fused together at their cunts, their massive tits heaving with passion. They were slick and hot where their bodies were joined, cunt sealed to cunt, fresh cum coating their meaty intersection. They had just inflicted another devastating series of orgasms on each other and they both needed physical replenishment.

Brianna felt like she was floating on a cloud of erotic bliss and sensual power. Her entire body was throbbing, pulsing with sexual heat. She was in a fever of lust that could only be sated by Alex’s flesh. She felt the redhead stir and knew that Alex was reaching for the canteen. Brianna smiled, knowing that soon she would feel the water burning through her body, giving her back her energy, restoring her completely, and making her even more horny than she was now. She stared up at the portal in the ceiling. The roiling energies beyond were easy to see now, as was the terrible darkness at the heart of those swirling powers. The eye was more than 75% open and, dimly, Brianna knew that it would be completely open in just a few more days. Vaguely, this stirred feelings of distress in her, though she suspected it had something to do with the fuzzy realization that when the eye opened completely, she and Alex would stop fucking each other, at least for a time. Her memory of why she was fighting the redhead was all but lost.

Suddenly, out of the depth of the darkness pulsing beyond the portal, Brianna saw an eye, a true eye, a horrible red orb with a black and yellow pupil, glaring down on her with pure malevolence. The shock of making eye contact with the actual physical manifestation of the great, evil god beyond was just enough to shock the beautiful blonde out of her sexual haze. For a moment, Brianna’s mind cleared; she remembered why she and Alex were fuckfighting, she knew what was at stake. She knew this clarity would not last long; already, the sexual fever in her body threatened to reassert itself, to take over her mind and reduce her to nothing but the fuck machine she had become.

Desperately, Brianna looked around for anything to use, anything to give her some kind of edge in her battle with Alex. She noticed the steel ring set into the foot of the onyx slab. The ring was immediately to her right and a little down. It was what Alex had fastened one of her ropes to, when she had Brianna tied to the slab. Brianna saw that the rope was still fixed to the ring. She realized that Alex’s leg and foot, scissored around her torso, were also right in her field of vision. She had a plan, but she had to act quickly.

Alex was still reaching for the canteen, now slowly pulling her body away from Brianna’s body as she stretched for the water. Brianna reached out, grabbed the rope, and quickly twisted it around Alex’s ankle. She had it tied tight before the redhead even realized anything was wrong.

Brianna sat up, forcing her body to move, though it was still exhausted from the recent sex and not yet replenished by the water. She threw herself onto the unsuspecting Alex, grabbing the woman’s opposite arm, the one she was already stretching for the canteen. Brianna grabbed the rope on the upper ring and quickly looped and secured it around Alex’s arm.

Alex’s eyes went wide. “No!” she shrieked, finally realizing what was happening. She struggled to clear the fog from her mind. But Brianna had already secured two of her limbs and now the blonde and redhead struggled desperately as Brianna forced Alex’s remaining arm to the slab and, after much thrashing and straining, managed to tie it to the upper slab. Only Alex’s leg remained. The redhead kicked wildly, but Brianna had the advantage. She twined her leg with Alex’s leg and, as the women struggled in a quivering stalemate, she tied the redhead’s one remaining limb.

Gasping, Brianna rolled off the slab. Panting, fighting the sexual arousal burning in her core, she made her way around the slab, securing Alex’s limbs. Alex thrashed and strained, she screamed in rage. But Brianna could tell that the redhead was also fighting her own sexual fever.

Brianna grabbed the canteen and took a deep drink. As she felt the power rippling through her body, as she felt the energy coursing through her, restoring her flesh, feeding even more power and need into her libido, she smiled with pleasure. She tipped the canteen over Alex’s mouth and, in a moment, the redhead’s body was straining against its bonds with all of its power.

“You fucking whore, Brianna,” Alex gasped. “You’ll never be able to resist this. You need to fuck me just as bad as I need to fuck you. There’s no way you can just tie me down here and get me off without getting yourself off.”

Brianna smiled. She climbed back on the slab and straddled Alex, pressing her hot, throbbing cunt down on the redhead’s naked twat. The women moaned in concert and smiled lustfully at each other. Both wriggled their hips, sliding their pulsing clits together, and moaned in shared ecstasy, biting their lips in passion. Brianna reached down and filled her hands with Alex’s massive, swollen tits, then lowered her head and sucked joyously at each of the redhead’s nipples.

Brianna raised her head and gripped Alex’s tits again, massaging the meaty mounds. “You’re absolutely right, Alex,” Brianna said, her voice husky with lust. “There’s no way I can’t fuck you and fuck you and fuck you…” The women smiled at each other, their eyes half-lidded with lust.

“But I can do this,” Brianna said. She reached up and undid her necklace.

“No!” Alex cried. She thought fast. “The energy exchange won’t work if we’re not both wearing the necklaces,” she said.

“Maybe,” Brianna said, smiling as she placed her necklace on the edge of the onyx slab. “But I know a little bit about these rituals too. I know that they symbolized positive and negative forces, so having both forces represented in the ritual was important. It symbolized the negative overwhelming the positive. But that was just symbolism. I’m willing to bet that in this ritual, your necklace will still work really well even if mine is not sending in opposing energy. I think you’ve kept yours on so you won’t lose it and so that you could keep fucking me a lot longer.”

“You’re wrong, bitch,” Alex said, her eyes bright with helpless fury.

Brianna smiled. She slapped her cunt to Alex’s hot fuckmeat and slid her wet twat around and around on the turgid flesh. Alex gasped, then groaned in uncontrollable desire. “Let’s find out, baby,” Brianna gasped, her sexual fever burning brightly once again.

Brianna scissored Alex and thrust her cunt as hard as she could into the redhead’s succulent twat. The women groaned and then screamed together in utter ecstasy as their sexual cores mated and fused, as their engorged clits licked and then twisted together into a single throbbing knot.

Smiling in ecstasy and victory, Brianna began fucking Alex with all her power and all her lust, rocking her hips and thrusting with all the power of her ass. Alex pumped back furiously, matching her stroke for stroke, thrust for thrust.

Brianna threw back her golden hair and moaned in joy. She opened her eyes and stared up at the portal above her. She could feel the malevolent creatures on the other side, staring down at her in fury. She smiled. It would take a long time to close the eye, and she intended to enjoy every moment of it. She reached over, filled her hands with Alex’s bouncing tits, and began squeezing and kneading mercilessly.


It took several more days for the portal to finally close. In that time, Brianna and Alex descended into a sexual haze, their ripe, luscious bodies fused into one, their sexual hunger stoked to the point where the two women were insane with lust. Brianna was riding Alex hard, grinding into the redhead furiously, when she heard the metallic, echoing sound of the portal slamming shut. Alex shrieked in orgasmic bliss, Brianna joined her a moment later, and she forgot about the sound for at least another day.

Brianna would later wonder how much longer she and Alex could have kept going at each other, locked together in sexual fury, if the water in the canteen had not finally run out. She later realized that the powers beyond the portal must have been mystically replenishing the canteen. With the portal closed, that was no longer possible. The loss of the water meant that the two lust crazed women eventually passed out, Brianna sprawled across her redheaded enemy.

Brianna woke several hours later. Alex remained unconscious beneath her. Brianna felt the stirring of desire as her lush body moved on top of Alex’s voluptuous form, but the sexual fog had started to clear. Brianna rose from the slab and made her way to the moat. She washed herself thoroughly, washing off the filth from so many days of constant sexual struggle. She was careful not to drink the water.

By the time she returned to the slab, Alex was awake. The redhead glared at her viciously. Brianna ignored her. Instead, she found her clothing, which Alex had left in a neat pile behind the altar, and dressed quickly.

Brianna walked up to the onyx slab and glared down at Alex. The redhead glared back. Brianna picked up her necklace and put it back around her neck. The portal was closed and she had her necklace on. She could now leave this place.

“What are you going to do to me?” Alex asked. Her voice shook a little. She tried to be defiant, but she knew that she was at the mercy of the blonde beauty. If Brianna took Alex’s necklace when she left, the redhead would be trapped in the temple. She would be able to stay alive by drinking the water, but she might have to wait a very long time before someone else came to the temple.

Brianna said nothing. Then, she grabbed the canteen and walked down to the moat. She filled it with water, returned to the slab, and carefully poured the water over Alex. Alex shuddered in anger, but she soon realized that Brianna was trying to clean her, something that gave her hope. Brianna would not clean her if she meant to leave her behind. The blonde took a cloth from her bag and scrubbed Alex down, returning to fill the canteen several times. Then, she dried her enemy off, trying hard to resist her sexual urges as she did this.

When she was done, Brianna walked around the altar until she found Alex’s bag. She opened it and emptied the contents. She quickly found a needle and a vial of the tranquilizer Alex had used on her. Brianna examined it, then drew a small amount of the liquid into the needle and returned to her enemy on the onyx slab.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” Brianna said. “I’m going to inject you with this. It’s not a lot, so you should stay conscious, but you’re going to be groggy and in no shape to put up a fight. You’re going to get dressed, then we’re going back to our side of this place, wherever it is. If you’re right, not a lot of time has passed. We’re going to tell everyone that you were hurt in a fall. I’m going to have the team seal this place off.” She paused. “Once we’re out of this place, I don’t care what you do, but I’m not untying you until I’ve got you under control. There’s too much at risk to take the chance that you’ll try to start this whole thing again.”

Alex nodded glumly. Brianna injected the redhead, replaced the needle and the vial in the bag, then untied the other woman. Brianna had to help Alex off the slab then help her get dressed. The dosage of the tranquilizer had been small, but it was a potent drug and its effects were almost immediate. Finally, they were ready to go.

Brianna took Alex’s arm over her shoulder. The women’s massive tits crushed tight, side by side, and both women shuddered with pleasure at the luscious contact.

Alex glanced at Brianna, her eyes glazed. “You fucking whore,” she slurred.

“Cunt,” Brianna shot back.

The women walked up to the black portal they had entered through, Brianna almost pulling Alex along. Just before she stepped through, she turned around to survey the massive circular chamber where the fate of the world had been decided – at least for now. The giant beast looming over the altar glared back at her sullenly. Brianna felt a shiver run up her spine. She turned to leave.

The women stepped through the portal. On the other side, Brianna let Alex down and walked up to the doorway. The men were still clustered around, though some were working on making the entry to the passage larger.

“Is everything alright, Miss Brianna?” the crew foreman, Modi, asked. He seemed surprised to see her back, which made Brianna believe they had not been gone long.

“No, Modi,” she said to the man. “Miss Alex had a fall inside the temple complex and it looks really dangerous. Could you help me get her out?”

The men scurried around and, in a few minutes, had cleared enough of the entryway to be able to lift Alex out easily. The redhead had passed out, the full effects of the drug finally getting to her. The workers put her on a stretcher and carried her back to her luxurious tent, where her servants could take care of her. Brianne made sure to take Alex’s necklace before she was taken away.

As the men carried Alex to her tent, Brianna asked Modi how long the women had been gone.

“Oh, about 10 minutes, I think,” Modi replied. “I suppose that time feels different when you are discovering something for the first time.” He smiled encouragingly.

“Something like that,” Brianna muttered. She could not believe it. She and Alex had been struggling against each other for at least a week, maybe 10 days.

Brianna ordered the men to dynamite the entrance to the temple and start working on filling in the excavation and doing whatever was necessary to make it difficult for anyone else to find or access the temple in the future. She knew that someone would eventually find it again, but she was going to make that as hard as she could. Brianna was already considering which records, maps and artifacts she would need to steal and destroy to make the trail to the temple as obscure as possible.

The crew was shocked by her orders, but they were obedient. She dropped just enough clues to make the men believe that she had seen or felt something on the other side that needed to be contained. And, of course, that was the absolute truth. She had all the men swear to secrecy; they promised not to share what they knew about the location of the temple. She knew that someone would talk eventually, but she hoped her other precautions would be enough to keep the temple hidden well into the future.

Epilogue II:

That night, Brianna treated herself to a hot bath in her tent. She leaned back in the tub and let the smooth heat sink into her lush flesh. She felt great. She suspected that her use of the mystical water in the temple might have had some lasting effects on her health.

She heard a sound at her tent door and opened her eyes. A moment later, Alex slipped into the tent. The redheaded women was barefoot and wearing only a short cotton gown. Her incredible tits swelled against the white cloth, her thick nipples piercing the material. Her long hair flowed down her back. The robe ended high on the thighs of her long, beautifully muscled legs.

“Mind if I come in?” Alex asked pleasantly. Her blue eyes were dark and hungry.

Brianna felt her loins stirring, her nipples growing taut. “Not at all,” the blonde vixen replied.

Alex walked up to the side of the tub. She undid the robe slowly and pushed it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. Brianna’s eyes ranged hungrily over the other woman’s incredible body.

Alex stepped over the edge of the tub and settled in, facing Brianna, who spread her legs to allow Alex more room. Alex slid into the water. She moved her legs, slipping her left leg over Brianna’s right, her right under Brianna's left. Both women pushed their hips forward, settling just a little deeper in the rising water, deliberately moving their bare, slick cunts, so that their genitals pressed together, thick and hot and juicy, under the water.

Alex moved her hips just slightly, rubbing her pussy with Brianna’s cunt. Brianna pushed back, sliding her twat so that it moved with Alex’s cunt. Both women were already panting with excitement. Their clits began to swell, growing thicker and harder every moment.

“This isn’t over between us, Brianna,” Alex whispered, her eyes shining with lust. “I will free Cthaku one day. I will have my revenge on you.”

“You can keep trying, you little whore,” Brianna whispered back. “I promise I’ll be there to stop you every step of the way.”

The two women glared at each other hatefully. Then, they could not take it anymore. They reached for each other. Thick, heavy tits mated, sliding together in the steaming water, nipples sparring and grating before sinking together into dense titflesh. The women’s ravenous mouths locked, spit-slick tongues twisting together, swallowing back their moans of pleasure. Alex and Brianna seized each other’s asses and pulled each other in even harder, their hips and asses moving as they began rubbing and grinding their cunts together with wild abandon. Swollen clits jousted furiously before they knotted together and swelled into a single unbreakable fusion of erotic flesh.

The beautiful women fucked and fucked deep into the night, moving from the tub to the bed, to every other part of the tent. Their battle in the temple had been decided. But both women swore that their war had only begun.

The End