By JB57

“You’re a fool, little girl,” Lady Alexandra whispered to Brianna. The women slipped their bare, powerful legs over and under each other, smooth, muscled limbs caressing as they slid past. “I can control my sex and my body in ways that you can’t even dream. I’m going to have you coming like a cheap whore in no time at all.”

“Fuck you, bitch,” Brianna growled back, her voice low and hoarse with lust. “You’re just a dirty slut who’s spread her legs so many times you think you’re something special. I’m a better fuck than you are and I’m going to screw your brains out.”

The women paused, their furnace-hot cunts only inches apart. The heat from their sex radiated out from between their legs like fire, warming their inner thighs. Brianna was dripping, her twat hot and wet and saturated with tension. Alex’s hungry pussy pulsed with heat and need, her pussy lips swollen with lust and throbbing with electricity. The women glared hatefully into each other’s eyes, neither trying to hide her rage or her lust. They leaned back, bracing their voluptuous bodies with their powerful arms. Their swollen, aching tits radiated heat and heaved with their excited pants. Brianna reached between her legs and stroked her engorged, grape-sized clit. She gasped, biting her lower lip as pure pleasure arced through her incredible body in response. Alex reached down and did the same, groaning as her clit replied. The women stared hungrily at the other’s distended clit, both aware that their pulsing sexhorns seemed equal in every way.

Brianna glared hatefully at Alex. Part of her was repulsed by the idea of sharing her most intimate flesh with a woman she despised so much. But she knew that the only way to win this battle was to exchange orgasms, to share raw ecstasy with her enemy until one of them was overwhelmed with pleasure and collapsed in sexual surrender. Another part of her was looking forward to the chance to prove that she could give and take more pleasure than her foe could endure, that her sexuality was stronger and more ravenous than that of the beautiful redheaded bitch confronting her. She was going to show this whore that she was the better woman and the only way to do that was to meet the bitch clit to clit and tit to tit and destroy her.

Alex could barely restrain her excitement. She reveled in the combination of hate and lust that burned through the most erotic parts of her mind and body. Part of her wanted to humiliate the blonde for daring to reject her advances. But the sexual beast at her core was ravenous with desire. She could not wait to break Brianna, to overpower the other woman with her sex, to prove she was the greater woman. She was going to fuck Brianna blind, she was going to grind the blonde’s filthy clit into paste, she was going to milk the cunt’s massive tits until they were floppy bags. Then, she would fuck the whore some more, fuck her until Brianna collapsed in complete and abject surrender. And then she would have the blonde as her sex slave forever!

Slowly, tauntingly, restraining their vicious desire to brutally pound their fuckmeat together, Alex and Brianna closed the distance between their twats, pushing their fat-lipped, succulent cunts into each other. The turgid flesh, already slick with lubrication, seemed to explode with electricity as the women’s slick twats slid into one hot mass. Swollen vulva lips mashed and fused. Brianna threw back her head and moaned with uncontrollable pleasure as the heat in her crotch became a nova-hot blast. Alex threw back her head too, gasping and crying out in raw pleasure, before she bit her lower lip, groaning in ecstasy.

“Oh, you BITCH!!,” Alex gasped, her beautiful face contorted with sexual agony.

“Fuck, FUCK!! You whore!!” Brianna cried out.

The women pushed with all the power of their voluptuous hips. Sopping wet cuntlips flattened to each other with a moist hiss, the sound of a sucking join forming between their luscious meat. Their pussylips spread, their soft, pink labia melted into one, sending spasms of ecstasy through the struggling women. Their massive, grape-sized clits crushed head to head, the women’s most exquisitely sensitive organs mating, fusing into one throbbing, nerve-rich mass of pure ecstasy.

Brianna screamed and screamed, tears trickling down her beautiful face as erotic electricity coursed through her incredible body. The pleasure was greater than anything she had experienced before in her life. Her entire body trembled with sensation and sexual tension. But, incredibly, she wanted more and more. Whatever power was in the temple was feeding her erotic desire and power, filling her with an unbearable lust.

Alex shrieked out in bliss, her entire body vibrating with more pleasure than she had ever felt before in her sex-filled life. She groaned, struggling to keep her body from exploding in orgasm.

Brianna and Alex shoved harder, fusing their aching, dripping cunts together. Their asses rose off the onyx slab as they drove into each other with all the strength of their hips, their torsos trembling with effort as the women struggled to penetrate each other as deeply as they could. Their lush, massive tits jiggled furiously, their nipples distended even further. Their arms holding up and bracing their powerful bodies, Alex and Brianna shoved together, fused at their cunts, and began moving their bodies in unison, thrusting and driving into each other, keeping their bodies locked tight as they fought to sexually overpower each other. Wave after wave of raw pleasure radiated through their incredible bodies, flowing from their grating clits to every cell in their luscious forms, pooling in their throbbing tits and enflamed nipples.

For both women, the incredible tension in their crotches could only be relieved by grinding their rock hard clits together relentlessly, an act that only added to the unbearable pressure suffusing their powerful bodies. Glaring at each other over their bouncing tits, Alex and Brianna drilled into each other. They fixed their eyes on their battling cunts, watching their cuntlips sealed to each other, their succulent fuckmeat mashed tight into a throbbing, unbreakable join. Locked within the fleshy arena, trapped together in the confined space, the women’s clits drove at each other relentlessly, fused into a single mass. Both women used their inner vaginal muscles and their thick cuntlips to squeeze and massage and torture their locked clits, inflicting ecstasy on themselves even as they hoped to force their opponent over the precipice.

Sweat dotted the women’s grinding bodies and their perspiration began to drip down to the onyx slab. Their breasts bounced furiously. Their hands became hot and sweaty and began to slip on the smooth surface. They lowered their asses to the slab. Each one seized the other’s thigh for better leverage. They fucked vigorously, furiously, their hips working in unison as they pumped each other relentlessly, their lush bodies jerking and undulating as one, keeping their hot cunts glued and sucked solidly together. The women’s moans and screams of erotic ecstasy spiraled higher and higher, harmonizing as the struggling Amazons rode each other mercilessly.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck you, slut!!” Alex gasped, her cries and moans of pleasure growing ever more intense.

“Cunt, whore, fucking bitch!!” Brianna groaned in reply, her ass working slow and hard as she drove herself into Alex’s luscious, incredibly tight, hot cunt.

Slowly, inexorably, the raw sexual ecstasy built in both women’s sexual cores until they were trembling, shuddering with the terrible effort of trying to hold the tension in, trying to keep their unbearably hot, hard clits from exploding in indescribable pleasure. Alex and Brianna were both determined to force the other woman into sexual submission; their pride fuelled their determination to fuck the other into oblivion. On and on the sexual duel raged, until both women were trembling uncontrollably, fighting desperately to keep their engorged, enflamed clits from exploding in orgasmic defeat.

“Come, you fucking whore, come!!” Alex screamed at Brianna. Her hips and ass pumped harder and harder as she struggled to push the blonde over the orgasmic edge before her own body gave out.

“No, you come for me, cunt!!” Brianna cried in reply, her body matching every one of Alex’s violent, powerful thrusts.

Brianna reached out and grabbed Alex’s thigh with both hands and began pumping and grinding even harder. Her pants and screams of rage and lust reached a fever pitch. Alex returned the grip and fucked back just as hard. The women’s long hair tossed around their heads, their tits jolted furiously, sweat spraying with each hard bounce. The massive chamber echoed with the shrieks and screams of rage and pleasure as the two vixens fucked each other mercilessly.

Brianna could not believe how good this mutual fucking felt. Her body was on fire, every inch of her voluptuous form was saturated with sexual tension. Her abdominal muscles were twitching, rippling, sending her the message that she had long passed the point of no return and needed to climax now! She could see that Alex’s stomach was rippling, too. In desperation, Brianna reached out, seized one of Alex’s massive, bouncing tits, and squeezed the enflamed nipple hard.

“Oh, FUCKING GOD!!” Alex shrieked. Brianna felt the redhead’s cunt tighten on her twat like a vise, then Alex erupted in a geyser of hot, steaming cum. The moment she felt Alex’s cum inject into her body, flowing over her lower torso, Brianna let go. With a shriek of pure bliss, she let her orgasm detonate inside of her. It filled her insides with incredible heat, flowed through her muscles like molten fire, released the unbearable tension saturating her muscles. Cum flowed from her convulsing cunt, mixing with Alex’s release to form an erotic blend inside of the women’s joined vaginal canals. What could not be contained squeezed out from the thick, meaty seal of their locked cunts and slicked their fat cuntlips and inner thighs. The women fell flat on their backs, arching as they screamed and gasped, lifting their hips and asses high off the onyx slab as they shared orgasm after orgasm. Alex reached down, desperate to grip something. Brianna reached for the other woman and the Amazons grasped each other’s hands. Holding on tight to each other’s forearms, Brianna and Alex pulled as hard as they could, ramming each other as deeply together as they could, riding out the incredible orgasms shaking their bodies. Finally, they released each other and collapsed onto the sweat and cum-slicked stone, their legs scissored, their twats mashed and fused tight, their tits heaving. Their magnificent bodies were soaked, gleaming with sweat and cum. Their hair bushed out around their heads, sopping with perspiration. Panting, exhausted, the women looked up at the iris in the ceiling through sex-glazed eyes. The portal seemed to shudder, almost as though it were hesitating. Then, almost imperceptibly, it opened a tiny bit more.

Brianna started. She had won the confrontation with Alex. But then she realized that it was not a matter of who won or lost; it was a matter of which of them released more sexual energy. The reaction of the portal seemed to show that Alex had released a little less sexual energy than Brianna. But Brianna had no way to measure this, no way to even know what counted as sexual energy.

Alex laughed gently, raising her right forearm to her forehead to wipe away sweat, before pushing herself up on her elbow. She glared across their locked bodies at Brianna, who pushed herself up to glare back.

“I’ve learned how to hold on to just a bit of my sexual power when I orgasm, Brianna,” the redheaded aristocrat purred. “That is the benefit of experience and planning. You see, my little bitch, no matter how good a fuck you are – and you are a really good fuck – I will still win. It may take days, it may take weeks, but that portal will open inch by inch and Cthaku will come in. Thanks to you and your hot little cunt.”

“You cheating whore,” Brianna spat back. But her mind was racing. If Alex held back some of her sexual release, where did the energy go? Did she release it in some other way? Did she store it somewhere? Brianna decided that Alex must be storing the energy. And if she was doing that, then it was possible she could be overwhelmed. Brianna knew what she had to do: she had to fuck the redhead as hard and as long as she possibly could, hoping that she could force the woman to absorb more energy than she could handle. It was a terrible gamble, but Brianna knew that it was the only hope she had of defeating Alex.

Alex sat up, separating her naked pussy from Brianna’s cunt with an audible pop. Mixed cum trickled down to the stone. Alex smiled and spread her legs, so that her feet hung over either side of the slab. She leaned back, supporting her body with her arms, and thrust her hips forward lewdly, thrusting her twat at Brianna. Her massive tits rocking seductively.

“Ready for round two, baby?” the redhead smiled.

Brianna smiled grimly, but she could not hide her excitement and desire. She began sliding down the slab towards Alex, eager to begin their battle again, determined to put her plan into effect. The fate of the world depended on her being right.