SIBLING RIVALRY: The First Encounter

(By Andrea)

My name is Andrea. For most of my life, I have been referred to by other people as; that girl with the Italian temper. I do have a bit of a temper, but I also consider myself as being a woman who won’t be taken advantage of, and a woman who is not afraid to shove back when being pushed.

I am not a brute or a butch. I consider myself to be an attractive woman with long dark brown hair to my mid back, and with equally dark brown eyes. I’m five foot- eight inches tall, 136lbs, 36D-28-34. I eat right, and keep myself in good shape.

I have a sister Cathy, who was born eight minutes after me. We are not identical twins, but do have some very similar features. We are very equal in body size and shape, but she usually averages about two pounds less than I do. She must have a faster metabolism since she doesn’t need to really exercise to keep herself in good shape, and worse of all, she can eat all the junk food she wants without any worries. You have no idea how jealous at times I get about that.

I have my share of attention, but Cathy always seems to get it just a little more than I do. Her hair is a lighter shade of brown compared to mine, and she has always kept her hair at a shorter length to mine. Her hair reaches to the middle of her neck, and her eyes have a little more of a saucer effect, kind of giving her one of those baby faces.

Our parents were the typical old fashioned Italians. Basically, they didn’t want us around any boys. My father even had forbidden us to have friends of the opposite sex. So you could imagine the sexual frustrations in us while growing up in that prison called a home. We did try to sneak out at times to be with boys, but those times were very few and far in-between at times.

This also explains why I gave birth to a beautiful daughter at the age of eighteen. My parents were very mad at me, and even madder that I wanted to keep the child. Maybe things would have been different with me if they loosened up on the “reigns of strictness”.

Anyway, Cathy and I grew up sharing the same small room together. When we reached the age of fourteen, the room was too small for the two of us, and with our “Italian tempers” and stubbornness, it caused a lot of fights between us.

One day, our father caught Cathy and I in a bad fight in our bedroom. After he managed to pull us apart, he grounded us, and gave us both a serious "whooping" for fighting. It is very odd when you think about it; we got a beating for fighting. Maybe in my father’s mind there was some logic to it.

It was that night when I crawled over to Cathy’s bed (we both could hardly walk from our father’s beating), we agreed to finish our "disagreements" through slaps instead of fists from now on, and to be more private about it.

Our father beating us didn’t teach us to stop fighting one another; it just taught us to do it more in secret.

So our fights mostly consisted of slapping, a lot of hair pulling, and insults.

We knew if we used our fists on each other we'd be in a lot of trouble from our parents, so slapping may cause some red marks, but it was a lot better than to be covered with black and blue marks. A few times what started out as a slap fight, ended up in a fist fight. (Must be that Italian temper in us.)

However, we did quickly learn to just have the slapping, hair pulling, insulting fights since it would be less suspicious to our parents.

About two months before I got pregnant, Cathy and I had a fight that forever changed our fighting styles….

Our parents had to go away to Italy for a few days since one of our mother’s closest friends had died of a heart attack. Normally Cathy and I would have gone with them, but this happened during finals week at our high school, so we were trusted with the house alone.

The night after they left, I decided I was going to give Greg a surprise visit at his house. Several times I have secretly spent hours with him in his bedroom. He lived in the basement, so it was easy for me to sneak through his window, and then sneak out without ever being discovered by his parents.

It was almost 6PM, and I had taken a long hot shower and was almost finished blow drying my hair. I was getting pretty excited about my visit with Greg, especially since this time I’d be able to spend almost the whole night with him, and not worrying about having to rush home.

I finished blow drying my hair, and after a little touch of makeup, grabbed my silk half robe and smiled at the mirror as I tied my robe together. I was happy with my looks, and I knew Greg would be also.

I walked into the bedroom and saw Cathy had just finished buttoning the top to a light blue summer dress. The dress complimented her well, but the only problem was that it belonged to me, and it was what I had planned on wearing for tonight.

“Cathy, what are you doing? I am going to wear that dress tonight.”

Cathy was about to slip into a pair of matching light blue flats, but she stopped, still holding the flats she said, “You didn’t have it out on the bed, so how was I supposed to know you were going to wear it?”

I gave her a friendly smile, “Cathy, it’s my dress. There are other dresses in the closet, so pick one of those instead.”

Cathy smiled back to me, “I already have this on, and if I don’t meet my friends in fifteen minutes, they are going to leave without me…. So you can pick another dress since I need to get going.”

Cathy still holding her flats started to walk past me. My smile faded, and I grabbed onto her right arm, stopping her from going further past me. “No Cathy, I want that dress, you can quickly find another.”

Cathy dropped the flats. Her smile was gone also. She quickly jerked her arm back, breaking free of my grip. “No Andi, you can quickly find another dress. You don’t have a time limit to meet Greg; he doesn’t even know you are showing up, so just find another dress.” Her eyes narrowed a bit as she spoke.

I could feel the adrenaline stirring inside me. “You’re wasting your own time, you could have been out of my dress already and have another on…. And you’re wasting more of your time since you know I’m not going to let you leave wearing MY dress!” I gave her a glare, proving my seriousness.

For a moment we just glared at one another, not saying a word. Then Cathy tried to walk past me. I grabbed onto her arm, “Give me the dress Cathy.”

Again Cathy jerked her arm back, and as she broke free of my grip, she quickly gave me a push. It wasn’t a hard push, but it caused me to take a step backwards to regain my balance. “You go find another fucking dress Andi!”

I could feel the adrenaline rushing through me. I snarled at Cathy as I pushed her back, but with more force. “Don’t you push me!”

Cathy took a few steps backwards before regaining her balance. She glared angrily as she moved towards me, “Don’t YOU push me!” Her hands quickly landed on my chest and she shoved hard.

I stumbled backwards, trying to regain my balance once again. However, I was unable to and my back slammed into the wall, causing a low rumble in the room. “You fucking bitch!” I pushed myself off the wall, charged towards Cathy with my arms outstretched. My hands grabbed onto her hair and I could feel her hands grabbing onto my hair.

Both of us pulled at each other’s hair; our heads were shaking from side to side. Cathy kept one hand gripped in my hair as her other hand began to slap me. I returned the gesture, slapping her any way I could. Some slaps landing on our faces, some on our backs, and some at our sides.

In my rage, I grabbed onto the top of the dress. I began to pull at it. Cathy stopped slapping me and began to pull at my hair with both of her hands while I continued to pull at her top. After a few sharp yanks, and a sound of tearing fabric, several buttons popped off, one even hitting me in the face.

I was suddenly shoved away. I was breathing heavy, and so was Cathy. I very slowly moved towards her again, like a cat ready to pounce.

Cathy looked down for a second at the dress. It was torn, and more of her cleavage was showing than what should have been. Cathy yelled, “You stupid fuck!” She quickly closed the gap between us, giving me a slap to my face. She kept moving herself forward as she continued to attack me with slaps.

I covered my face after the third slap, I was trying to back away from her attack, but I lost my balance and began to fall. Instinct made me reach out to grab a hold of something to prevent me from falling, I gripped Cathy’s hair. She yelped loudly as I pulled her down to the floor with me.

Cathy landed on top of me. We were both gripping handfuls of each other’s hair. I was bucking my hips, trying to throw her off of me. Cathy just held onto my hair harder. She wrapped her legs against my hips, trying to maintain her balance. “Get off of me you fucking bitch!”

As I continued my squirming about, Cathy would let go of my hair every few seconds and slap my face, or my head. I would do the same to her, but most of my slaps would hit her back. “Fuck you Andi!” She said while breathing heavily.

I kept trying to throw her off of me, but Cathy was managing to hold on. I pulled on Cathy’s hair hard, tilting her head back. Cathy yelped, but just grabbed on tighter to my hair. Both of us were yelping as we continued our attack on one another. Through the strain of the hair pulling, I still tried to throw her off of me with my hips, but now in our awkward position, I could feel a strange but good sensation. Cathy’s hips were pressing against mine, which made it feel oddly pleasurable.

I pulled harder at her hair, even let go for a second to give her a slap to her face. I did not want her to know I was starting to enjoy my struggle with her, “Fucking bitch!” I gave Cathy another slap to her face. Cathy collapsed on top of me fully, her head next to mine, trying to avoid anymore slaps to her face.

Her hands were tight in my hair. My hands reached behind Cathy’s head where I held onto her hair deep and hard, giving it steady pulls. Cathy gave out a whimper as I continued my attack on her hair. My teeth were gritted and I was making wincing faces as she continued her attack on my hair.

Cathy’s deep warm breaths were hitting my ear. Then Cathy said in a low almost breathless whisper, “Oh…. Andrea.” She still continued her tight grip in my hair, but now I could feel her hips grinding against mine. It was very obvious I wasn’t the only one who was getting those good sensations from our struggle.

My hips began to grind slightly harder against Cathy’s hips. Cathy’s heavy breathing was becoming rhythmic to her light thrusts against me. Both of us continued our hair pulling attacks on each other.

I slightly turned my head to face Cathy. Her head was still buried deep into my shoulders, as she breathed deeply while thrusting herself against me. I was now breathing into her ear, both of our cheeks pressed hard against one another. My right hand let go of her hair, and began to slide down her back. My left hand continued its hair pulling assault. At the same time, I began to kiss and nibble on Cathy’s earlobe. Cathy was quick to do the same to me. Chills ran through me as I felt Cathy’s warm breath upon my neck as she began to nibble and kiss my earlobe. My legs spread wider apart, causing Cathy to slide against me more.

The lower part of my robe was opened wide, and as Cathy pressed herself against me, my right hand slid down to the bottom of her dress where I began to pull on it, raising it up. After a few steady pulls as we continued to grind against one another, Cathy’s warm, moist, panties was the only fabric between our bare womanhoods.

Cathy let out a soft moan of pleasure, her grip in my hair tightened as she began to hump me. Her nibbling my earlobe became a steady light bite, as she said between breaths, “You fucking hot bitch.”

My left hand pulled on her hair with a little more force; my hips began to thrust upwards against her, “Just shut up Cathy and fuck me harder you dyke.”

My right hand then slapped down on her ass cheek. I began to squeeze her tight ass cheek with my right hand as I ground my womanhood harder against hers.

Cathy began to hump against me harder and faster. Heavy breathing and grunts escaped both of us as we continued our sexual assault on each other. I could feel Cathy’s body starting to quiver as her grunts began to turn into steady moans of lust. My right hand gave her tight ass cheek a long steady squeeze, and then quickly returned to her hair as Cathy’s moans grew louder.

Cathy gripped and pulled on my hair harder, as she said almost breathlessly, “Oh my god….” Her hips began to thrust very hard against mine, causing slapping sounds to echo in the room. My hands were deep in Cathy’s hair. I pulled hard on her hair, tilting her head a bit to the side, my body starting to quiver, feeling myself reaching a trembling sensation. Suddenly I could feel Cathy’s body start to spasm uncontrollably above me. Cathy almost began to whine with pleasure and continued to thrust against me as her orgasm took control of her.

Cathy’s own pleasurable actions were quick to make me squirm and quiver underneath her. Both of my hands let go of her hair and slapped down on each tight asscheek. My hands kneaded into them as I pulled hard, forcing her to grind harder against me as my legs rose in the air, my bare feet against her hips.

I gasped for air as my orgasm came. My body shook as I yelped in delight. Cathy was still moaning in my ear; I ground myself hard against her. I finally stopped moving, and so did Cathy.

Cathy still lay on top of me for a few minutes, both of us trying to regulate our breathing. I was suddenly afraid to move. I realized I had gotten lost in the moments of passion with my own sister. I did not regret what happened between us, I was afraid Cathy might feel that way. I began to feel embarrassed.

Cathy then raised herself up slightly, still lying on top of me, but now facing me. She gave me a nervous smile, and I knew she was feeling the same emotions and concerns as I was.

I looked into her eyes, and said with a low whisper to her, “We need to fight like this more often.”

Cathy’s smile grew larger and she said to me, “Anytime bitch.” She then leaned in closer to me, gave me a peck on my lips, and then buried her head into my shoulders, cuddling up to me. I wrapped my arms around her back, hugging her, and we both began to laugh. Something new and magical was happening between us, and part of me was already getting excited for our next encounter.

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