(By Rexxx)

Sex. When one thinks of sex, "Making love" are the words that come to mind. Two people, usually in love, will make passionate love to one another. It IS the most beautiful act one can engage in. But, for two women, whom are rivals for whatever reason, over a man, over a woman, etc... sex can be used as a weapon. As a means to dominate and control the other. A woman, in particular, can be vicious in her conquest to defeat another woman using her sex. Breasts, legs, hands, mouths, tongues, teeth, cunt, ALL can and will come into play when women sexbattle! Catfighting, a form of sexfighting, is often used to soften up an opponent. Hair pulling, slapping, punching, titfighting, all are used in this endeavor. But, down and dirty fighting between two women is a sight to behold! When two women develop a "Bloodlust" for one another, the results can be devastating! Women will go far beyond what men will do in their quest to defeat another! There are unwritten rules of combat that men follow but women do not adhere to. When you apply ALL of these aspects of fighting together, you get the "Grudge Match Spectacle."

Gina and Lindsey HATED each other with a passion not heard of for some time. Their scheduled "Extreme Sexfight" was being received by the other women with mixed feelings. All the previous grudge matches had ended with the women being carried out, their bodies too depleted to make it under their own power! Bodies that were so broken, some had to be hospitalized! There was even a death involving a woman who fell comatose in the hospital, never regaining consciousness! Both Lindsey and Gina had vowed to kill each other! And there would be NO outside interference! This was the final battle between two beauties whom despised the other so much they were willing to put their lives on the line!

The "Grudge Match" room is forty feet in diameter, round, completely enclosed, with eight closed circuit cameras positioned at equal intervals, twelve feet above the arena. There are two doors, one on the south side and one on the north. There are no inside door handles. There are no weapons of any kind in the room. No padding on the floors and walls, NOTHING but a War Zone where the women can settle their differences once and for all, using nothing but their bodies and minds! No spectators were allowed inside, there is no seating. This is a "Fight to the finish!" The doors are locked and there is no leaving for either combatant until the victors hand is raised!

Spectators can watch from the privacy of their rooms or in the bar on a large screen monitor. All the other sexfight rooms are closed out of respect for the battle. Gina and Lindsey stand waiting outside their doors, heads down, stark naked, bodies oiled, hair pulled back and braided in a ponytail, eyes closed, concentrating, preparing their minds for the onslaught of the other and their own bodies! Their hearts pound in their chests, the sweat already beading up, their cunts actually wet with anticipation!

The doors of the arena are opened and both women step inside. Automatically, the doors shut and lock, the moment has come! Raising their heads, making eye contact, their faces contorted in hate and anticipation! The women charge each other!! Thudding together, they punch, slap and kick the other in a wild melee of arms and legs!! Hands grappling with the other, struggling around the center of the room, trying to gain an advantage for the sex battle both would soon rage on the other!!

Lindsey throws a forearm into Gina's tit, squishing the massive orb!! Gina grabs Lindsey around the back of her head, pulls, kneeing her in her right tit!! Lindsey dives forward, taking Gina to the floor!! The women roll back and forth, punching and slapping heads and faces!! Already bucking their hips into the other, attempting to make contact with their snatches, wanting to use their pubic bones as weapons!! Hands find necks and violent choke holds are applied, the women fight to breath, thrusting into their cunts as hard as possible!! The pain almost unbearable if not for the sexfighting lust and animal savagery felt by both warring females!!

Gaining the top position, Gina bangs Lindsey's head onto the floor, again and again, digging her thumbs harder into her neck!! Lindsey knees Gina several times in her cunt, causing her to break her stranglehold!! Now on top, Lindsey wraps her arms around Gina's head in an attempt to smother her, squeezing with all her might!! Gina rakes her nails down Lindsey's back, leaving deep scratches and blood!! Hands to faces, both women desperately scratch the others cheek and forehead, biting down on chins and necks, trying to gouge the others eyes!! Gina bites down hard on Lindsey's left tit, forcing a shrill scream from the fighters lungs!! She then throws Lindsey off, both bolting to their feet!! A wild breast scratching fight ensues as both women rip and tear at the others magnificent orbs!! Nipples and areolas bleed profusely as the women, with no regard for their own breasts, savagely tear at the others!! Coming together body to body, the women grab the others pony tails and yank, forcing their heads back!! They wrap their long legs around each other, breasts pressed together in a death struggle, pulling with all their might, attempting to yank out the hair!! Both grunting and screaming in pain, tears rolling down their faces, eyes closed, grinding their pussies on the others leg, fighting to maintain their balance!!

Finally, both pony tails are ripped by the roots from their heads!! Screaming in pain, the women fall back, hitting the floor with much force, laying there, motionless!! Holding the backs of their heads, feeling the crimson ooze between their fingers, the women stagger to their feet, lightheaded from blood loss!! They slowly circle the other, blood dripping from their breasts, then, suddenly come together, left arms wrap around the back of the others neck, and jam their right hands, fingers and thumb together, into the others cunt, digging in as hard and far as possible, their juices still flowing from the heat of battle!! Violently, in and out they fuckfight each other! A guttural moaning escapes their mouths through clenched teeth!! Eyes shut, both women grind down on the others hands, relishing in the fingerfucking !! This is part of the battle, not giving in to the sensation fuckfighting brings!! When you fuck back, you're telling your rival it means nothing!!

"Bring it on BITCH!! I'll FUCK you raw!!" Grunts Lindsey!!

"Fuck me all you want, CUNT!! You're MINE!!" Gina spits back!!

The women lip lock, thrusting their tongues in their mouths, sucking them in, biting their lips!! Faster and faster the women pump their fingers, sweating profusely now, breasts swollen, nipples sticking out over an inch, rubbing and stabbing the other, helping to build the sensation of the oncoming orgasm building deep inside their souls!! They pound their cunts onto their fingers now, their hands in up to their wrists!! The pain and pleasure builds to a simultaneous, explosive orgasm!! Their cunt juices flow down their legs and onto the floor!! They remove their hands from their snatches and pull each other down to the floor, scissor locking their legs, sitting back on their hands and slam their pubic bones into the other with great force!! Ass's off the floor, they rear back and bang their holes together again and again, screaming with each contact of bone!! Blood trickles down from their vaginal openings, intermingling with their sex juices and sweat!! They continue forcing their cunts into each other, committed in their vengeance and hate!! Once they see the blood, both women cement their pussies together and gyrate and grind with no regard for the pain it brings, wanting their blood to intermingle with the others!!

Lindsey looks at Gina with lust then slaps her hard across the face, sneering!! Gina returns a slap of her own, sneering back!! They slap the others face wildly, again and again while pushing and vibrating their sex into the other!! Wrapping their arms around each other, the women cum again, slamming their pussies together, the pleasure and pain overwhelming, both women sobbing but still fucking as hard as they can!! Lindsey head butts Gina! Enraged, Gina head butts Lindsey back!! Blood trickles from the fresh wounds on their foreheads! A bloodlust envelopes Lindsey as she sinks her teeth into her rivals cut!! Gina, screaming in surprise and anger, franticly pushes Lindsey away but, again, Lindsey forces herself forward, biting down viciously on her head, causing more blood to flow!! Grabbing her by the hair, Gina pulls Lindsey's head back and sinks her teeth into HER cut, gnawing at the opening!! Their cunts still grinding away!! More orgasms wrack the women as they continue to work on their heads!! They take turns punching the cuts on their foreheads, the blood running down their faces!! Gina, once again, sinks her teeth into Lindsey's forehead as the bloodlust takes over her mind as well!! Pulling her head back by the hair, Lindsey head butts Gina again!! Wild eyed, Gina head butts her back!! They fall left, rolling over and over in a bloody death grip of arms, legs, and mashing cunts!! All the while biting and clawing at their faces!!

Several of the spectators, sickened by this display, were trying to get in to stop them!! Some of the other women, stimulated by the bloodbath, were fist fighting with the women that objected, cussing and screaming at each other!! The bouncers were busy stopping the fights, trying to round everyone up! Never had so much blood been spilled before!! Never had two females fought in this manner!! A true hatred had evolved between these women and it would not end in anything less than death!! Both fighting females wouldn't have it any other way!!

Still scratching, clawing, and biting each others face, the two women, having scissor locked again, continued to smash their ravaged cunts together!! Openly weeping now, the tears flowing down their cheeks, stinging the wounds on their faces!! With all thoughts of civility gone! Like primitive cavewomen! Both females were mad with sexfighting desire!! Neither, in fact, thought of the other as a human being anymore, just a hated CUNT, which had to be destroyed!! Hands around necks again, the women choke and fuck with renewed animosity, the desire to kill the other stronger than ever!! Grunting like savages, the women bear hug and bite their necks and shoulders, leaving deep teeth marks and more blood!! Bucking her hips wildly, another orgasm rips through Lindsey, a strong one this time, unconsciously, she lets up on her bear hug just long enough for Gina to slam her back and straddle her, pussy on her mouth, forcing herself down, in an attempt to suffocate her!! Grabbing her hair, Gina pulls her head into her cunt harder! Lindsey's eyes bug out, the first look of fear in them!! Using her teeth, Lindsey gnaws at Gina's labia, not with much force, but enough to get her attention!! Lindsey grabs Gina's ass cheeks and increases the pressure, shaking her head back and forth, rubbing her teeth and gums on her opening!! That's all Gina can stand, forcing herself off of her enemy, she rolls away, stopping, hands massaging her raw cunt, in extreme pain!!

Fighting to breathe, Lindsey sits up, chest heaving, recuperating as fast as she can! Covered in blood, bites and scratches all over their faces and bodies, sporting deep cuts from the head butts! Looking at each other, eyes glazed, both feeling that the end is near, forcing themselves to stand, stagger towards the other, spitting in each others face!! They fall into the others arms, heads on shoulders, and dig their long nails up their enemies back, leaving more scratch marks and new blood!! They rake their nails across their cunts, screaming as they do so!! Again and again they tear at their pussy flesh, leaving bloody trails!! Both women sobbing, tears flowing to the others shoulders!! Gina grabs Lindsey's clit between thumb and forefinger and pinches hard!! Startled and screaming, she pinches back!! Both women continue to pinch the others clit, shrieking as they do so!! Lindsey smashes her nose on Gina's, an excruciatingly painful move for both females!! Gina smashes back!! Blood flowing freely from both women's noses!! Their faces masked in their own blood, the women continue to maul the others cunt, ripping and tearing!! Their sex juices still flowing!! Their lust for battle still strong!! Both wanting to inflict as much pain as possible!!

Coming together in a dual bear hug, the women bite at the others mouth, chewing and pulling on their lips!! They roughly grind their pubic bones together!! Rub their breasts back and forth, nipples forced painfully over nipples!! Their bodies welded together, squeezing, fucking, and biting, putting everything they have into this finale encounter!! In anger, both women push away, frustrated at the stalemate!!

Gina weakly says, "Lets finish this once and for all! We pound our cunts together, until death do us part!!"

Lindsey, tired, halfheartedly snarls back, "That's what I was hoping you'd say!! I AM going to kill you!!"

Gina, her loins burning, replies, "I WILL kill you!! No one interfere!!!" She shouts in anger!

Covered in blood down to their waists, the women come together, grappling and wrestling, their arms and legs snaking around each other, squeezing together, vibrating their cunts, clits rubbing together!! Their breasts sliding back and forth over the others, their blood and sweat intermingling!! They lick each others face, tasting the blood of the other!! They look into each others eyes with a deep, animalistic hatred! They, again, spit in each others face, a mixture of phlegm and blood spatter, and then their bodies weld together in one final bloody death grip!!

Clutching the others ass cheeks, the women painfully ram their pussy bones together! The muscles in their arms straining with each brutal impact of cunts!! Both women fighting to keep their balance as they sexfight the other!! Again and again they thrust their holes together, grunting with each impact!! Slow, burning, orgasms build deep inside the souls of both combatants!! Slamming their cunts together, they grind out simultaneous orgasms, screaming in ecstasy, fighting to keep their balance as another wave of orgasms hit them both, feet slipping over the blood and cum, then, finally, crashing to the floor!! Bodies still knotted together, the women fight to get the top position and finish the other off!! Punching and slapping the others head, faces, and breasts!! Biting at their faces, lips, and necks!! Their legs struggling against the other, their hands trying to force the others legs open!! Like a pit-bull, Gina grips Lindsey's neck with her teeth, shaking her head, cutting through her jugular vein, the fresh taste of blood in her mouth!! Lindsey lets out a guttural scream, fighting to push her away!! Gina thrusts Lindsey's left leg up and throws herself on top! Her cunt crashes into Lindsey's, pounding her pubic bone directly on the pussy lips!! Causing more blood from fresh cuts to flow!! Lindsey shrieks in pain, crying uncontrollably now, frantically scratching Gina's breasts!! Bleeding profusely from her neck!! Using her last ounce of strength, Gina brutally bashes her enemies pussy, ignoring her own pain, and then smashes her fists again and again on Lindsey's face, breaking some of her teeth!!

Body falling limp, Lindsey loses consciousness!! Gina continues pounding wildly onto her pussy, tears of pain running down her face!! She explodes in a violent orgasm, her body shaking and convulsing, screaming in victory!! Her juices pouring from her cunt!! Weakly, she pulls herself over Lindsey's torso, straddles her, and savagely pummels her face and breasts, cursing and screaming at the top of her lungs!! Her fists bloodied!! She rubs her pussy on Lindsey's belly, bringing another spastic orgasm, slipping and sliding her cunt lips side to side, gripping her enemies breasts, riding her like a lover, her ass cheeks jiggling, eyes closed, relishing in the moment, the final and somehow soothing cum blast raises goose bumps all over her body!! She collapses over Lindsey, completely exhausted!!

Lindsey lays there, no longer breathing, her battered body convulses involuntarily, the last rasps of air leaves her lungs! She is dead. The spectators, some staring in horror, trickle down to the grudge match room, waiting to see if Gina will emerge under her own power or will have to be helped. Gina, crawling, finally stands and walks very slowly to the north door. As it opens, she falls into the arms of Marie. "Help me take her to my room." She says. "I'll take care of her."

Three women come forward to assist. Some in the crowd start to move slowly away, some excitedly talking about the fight, others saddened by the death of another. A few of the women look into the "Grudge Match Spectacle" room. There is blood spattered everywhere. Small chunks of skin, clumps of hair, and the two braided ponytails litter the floor. A truly gruesome sight. A couple of rival women look at each other and sneer! "I can beat you!" One says. "Maybe we'll see!" Says the other.