Chapter 6 - The Dance

"Hot Damn," I thought. There wasn't any way that I was about to get in my wife's way. She had put me in my place enough times already tonight and I loved every minute of it.

The band played a slow song for the lovers. The crowd was as thick as it had been all night on the dance floor. But most people didn't seem to mind the tightness of the space. They just held each other close and moved slowly and carefully. As the crowd thickened, we found ourselves directly beside the 'other couple.' Gwen and the blonde were touching at the hip and in less then 5 seconds the parrying began. I couldn't tell who pushed first, but I could very easily feel the pushing and bumping of their hips. Gwen's right side dueling with the blonde's left. The dancers movement caused us to angle away slightly a little at a time until the two women were exactly ass-to-ass again. Concerning whatever happened between them before, I had been blissfully ignorant. This time I was keenly aware of their battle. The crowd squeezed in closer and I was holding Gwen tight. Wham! I felt her pelvis thrust directly toward my groin, and I knew it wasn't of her own volition. The blonde had rocketed her ass back into my wife's ass, sending her challenging signal as rudely and plainly as could be. My wife retaliated with a jab of her own. I could sense her muscles tightening and then she banged her ass backwards into the blonde. I noted the surprised but not angry look on her husband's face as he felt his wife's pelvis bump into his crotch. I suppose he had seen the smile that must have stretched across my face moments before. This went on for a minute or two. The two women were fighting with their asses; pushing, shoving, bumping, tightening, and dancing. Gwen held me close and I could tell by her breathing that she was enjoying in a very erotic way the sensations created by the tension between the blonde and herself. When the blonde would shove her fine ass towards Gwen, causing her to lurch slowly into me even closer, I could hear her let out just a tiny little gasp. I was guessing that the blonde must have had similar reactions to the equally forceful thrusts she received from Gwen.

So far no words had been spoken, but the body language had most certainly kept the communication streaming between them. My wife looked into my eyes, and through the lusty haze, it was clear that a determination had set in that was as severe as any I had yet seen in her. The night was proceeding down a path that I could never have imagined beforehand, but one that was in many ways exceeding my erotic expectations many fold. Gwen licked her lips at me as she thrust her ass VERY forcefully backwards towards the blonde, just as the song ended. The dancers stopped to clap as was customary, foiling the blonde's option to retaliate in that next instant. She had lurched forward, nearly knocking over her husband, who didn't seem to mind at all. I was actually sympathizing with the guy, feeling that he must be in the same boat as me, so to speak.

The singer on the stage announced that they were going to take a break after the next song and that the last song of this set would be a little prelude of some of the songs to follow. Boom, boom, boom, the drummer began belting out a solid thumping beat, and the band hit the next song in fine form. A lot less jazzy and a lot bluesier, the song oozed sexuality from its beat and erotic textures. A bit faster than most of the tunes they had played so far, it sent a number of folks to the sidelines. Many people stayed however to get in some nitty-gritty dancing. We stayed, of course, as the other couple did. Thump, thump, thump went the beat and our bodies parted for the freedom necessary to move to the music. For the first 30 seconds we danced without incident, except for the icy stares that the two women managed as our bodies kept close to the other couple. If any of the other couples dared to intrude into 'our' space, one or the other of the two women would surely stifle the movement by deftly cutting in and keeping the tight quarters they seemed to need. I now got a really good look at Blondie's hefty tits. They swung and swayed to the pounding beat, two big melons proudly proclaiming their impressiveness. Gwen's tits made an equally persuasive argument for their own superiority. The massive mounds jiggled and bounced delightedly on her chest, drawing admiring glances from Blondie's husband as well as from me. Each lady seemed intent on emphasizing for all who looked that it was she who had the bigger, better, sexier tits. It may be worth mentioning that even though Mr. 'Blondie' and I were paying considerable attention to our wives and their confrontation, most of the other partiers were in their own little world and did not notice the character of their interaction. The party was going really good, and most of the people as couples were pretty immersed in each other. I'm sure that a few nearby folks noted the sexy nature of their dress and their playfulness, but I doubt if any of them suspected the angry edge lurking just below the surface.

I loved the sexy tension between 'Blondie' and my wife. I noticed Mr. 'Blondie' beside me grinning from ear to ear. We danced out the song, beaming at our wives as they shimmied and gyrated to the beat. As the song ended Gwen leaned close to me and whispered, "I won, didn't I?"

We headed back to our table, as did the other couple. We each downed our drink and ordered another before I needed to go to the bathroom. When I mentioned it to Gwen, she said that she needed to go too. I was a little nervous about leaving her, but with so many people heading to the bathroom I felt I could risk leaving Gwen to her own devices. As might be expected, the other couple was not far behind as we headed to our respective bathrooms. Fully aware of Gwen's admonition to me earlier, I watched her go in to the ladies' room, knowing full well that 'Blondie' would soon enter also. As luck would have it, Mr. Blondie ended up at the very next urinal to me. I spoke first, "It's a pretty nice ball, don't you think?"

"Sure is. I haven't had this much excitement in years."

"I agree. It certainly appears that our wives have found some reason to dislike each other. What do you think will happen?"

"I know that whatever it is it sure would look to be pretty damn hot!"

"For sure! By the way, my name is Hal and my wife is Gwen. What is your name?"

"I'm James and my wife is Sally. We came down here tonight for the party, but I had no idea things would turn so blisteringly sexy."

I told him that we too were hoping to spice things up a little bit and now that our wives were rivals, it seemed that maybe we ought to allow them a little more freedom to carry on their war without the public scrutiny of the other partygoers.

James answered in hushed tones, so none of the other men would hear, "I know my wife would love to. What do you suggest?"

I offered that we had a large suite with a fireplace and plenty of room for festivities. I emphasized the word 'festivities.' I suggested that if they hadn't already killed each other by the time we got back to our tables that we could stay a while longer in the dance and then offer to our wives to head up to our room where they might be free to settle whatever differences existed between them.

James readily agreed that the idea had plenty of merit. His grin gave away the erotic overtones inherent in our conversational topic. I doubt my face was able to hide my own excitement at the prospect of Sally and Gwen getting to know each other a bit more intimately. We agreed to give each other a sign as soon as we had talked to our wives and got what we were sure would be agreement with the plan.

We headed back to our tables and as I went I felt like James was surely a pretty nice fellow. I wondered what his wife was really like. We returned to our tables and waited. It was at least 5 minutes before the women returned. Gwen came first, strutting like a peacock across the room as she weaved carefully among the tables. Her look was one of stern beauty. I couldn't ever remember seeing her show so much confidence and authority when she walked. It was very impressive if I do say so myself. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she approached, giving me a quick smile, before sitting down. I glanced at my watch, which read 11:18.

I knew she must have something to say, so I waited for her to speak, preferring to let my conversation with James to remain a secret until I thought it was the right time. Gwen crossed her legs and began bouncing her one leg firmly up and down to the beat of some inner drum. Her timing was impeccable. Even without looking behind her I was sure she knew that Sally was approaching. Of course, my eyes couldn't come unglued from watching her sashay closer and closer. Just as she wiggled by our table, Gwen's bouncing foot smacked Sally's calf.

I don't know if anything was choreographed or if it was just the steamy expectations of the two women, but what was happening seemed almost scripted for my benefit. Sally stopped instantly and leaned over towards me. She squeezed her tits together with her upper arms, forcing her expansive cleavage to bulge out in a hugely prominent display just inches from my nose. "Oh, Hal," I now knew the two had talked, since she knew my name. "I think you ought to teach your wife some manners. She's a woman who just might find herself being taught some feminine manners, if she keeps it up." Of course I knew exactly what she meant.

I didn't have time to respond before my wife interjected her own twist on the challenge. "Hey slut. If it's manners that concern you, I'll be glad to give lessons: for free! See you on the dance floor, bitch."

"You'll be sorry, whore."

At the last remark Sally left and went to her table and sat down just like before. The wives could see each other directly across the space, but if James or I wanted to view the other couple we needed to turn our heads. We watched together as she bent low and whispered something in James' ear. Her ass was pointing directly towards our table. As she bent to whisper her ass did a sexy little shake and wiggle. It was quite a pretty sight I might add. As soon as Sally sat down she adjusted the fit of her dress, so that it was hiked up a few inches, allowing considerably more of her sexy thigh to show. In fact I do believe I caught a glimpse of bare skin visible above the top of her hose. She smiled our way, after all it was obviously meant for the two of us. It didn't take long for Gwen to make an adjustment in her own gown. More leg than I had ever seen her show in a dress (in public anyway) became visible and I finally had my own peek at the tops of her hose. Well, now I knew she wasn't wearing pantyhose. Her sexy legs were quite a distraction, with the exaggerated bouncing of her left leg over the right. I knew without looking that another woman's legs were just as vigorously active behind me. I ached to witness the next chapter in Sally and Gwen's feminine battle.

Finally, after my silence finally got to Gwen, she spoke. "I can't wait to fuck her over. That bitch shouldn't have ever decided to tangle with me!"

Without hoping to stifle any of her sexy anger, I offered up the suggestion James and I had concocted. She heard me out and quickly agreed to the idea of settling their differences up in our hotel room. I looked back towards James and Sally. James was looking my way. He nodded to me. I nodded back. Gwen indicated that she didn't want to leave the dance floor just yet. There was plenty of intimidation she intended for Sally and she could do it right out on the dance floor. I noted the band heading back to the stage and I also noted that the photographer was busy taking posed pictures of many of the couples. Her little sign indicated that she would take photos until midnight. A little twinkle must have shone through my eyes, because just as I was thinking about the lady photographer, Gwen asked what I was thinking. I didn't want to tip my hat completely so I just offered that before we left the party we should stop over by the waterfall to have our picture taken. She smiled her sly smile as the first beat of the drum signaled the break was over.

People headed immediately to the dance floor and we waited a moment until we could head for the floor behind James and Sally. As was now our custom, James and I let the women lead the way. The first song was a slow song. The sexy words were perfectly suited for the evening event. We might usually have held each other close, but the circumstances were a little unique, and neither Gwen nor Sally offered up their arms for close dancing. By just standing close and swaying to the soft sensual beat, the ladies were a little freer to shimmy and jive in proximity to each other without husbands getting in the way. I felt a bit awkward about it but it was worth it to witness the sexy competition heating up now between our wives.

They made the pretense of dancing with us but they were actually dancing FOR each other. Every move, and every thought was devoted to sending a message of sexy superiority to the other woman. Arms were raised overhead and gentle swaying highlighted the large breasts that took turns pointing at the men and then at each other. I nearly lost my breath the first time they turned their bodies towards each other and stared daggers, lithely swaying to the music, breasts just inches apart. Sally looked my way and licked her lips in a hungry way. Gwen retaliated by licking her lips as she stared at James. They continued their sexy dance right up until the end of the song. No act went unnoticed. No gesture went unanswered. No problem for me! I loved witnessing the intimate duel these two mature women were waging amidst the crowd of other dancers. The song ended and each clapped politely for the band. Gwen leaned close and said to me, "This is the best date I've ever had. Thank you!"

I suppose I should have been offended a bit, since it was obvious that her attention was directed towards another and not me, but as a confirmed lover of sexual tension between women, I was already in heaven and my instant response to Gwen was an explicit truth, "Don't worry babe, you are giving me the best date I ever COULD have. I love watching you show her what you've got."

I was so proud of Gwen and I could tell by her look that she appreciated my confidence in her. I don't think I was any way inspirational but it probably didn't hurt either. I had hoped for a livelier song next and my wish was granted. The happy partiers were slightly fewer in number now, but the crowd was still strong. Many of the patrons were getting a little drunk and a little frisky with each other, so our two wives' heated exchanges were somewhat muted in their public effect by all the other actions between lovers. They managed to keep up their scathing looks and thrusting motions without drawing undue attention to themselves: up till now that is.

When the song blared out its lusty beat and the husky voice of the diva echoed a few words about 'getting down and dirty' it seemed like a perfect segue into their little world. James and I were there dancing with our spouses and they returned to their earlier jousting with asses. Sally thrust her butt at Gwen who met the attack with gusto. They let their asses ride together and without separating they ground deliciously backwards and in small elliptical loops. I would have loved to be able to hear the silky fabric rubbing sound. But the band drowned that out. A few people noticed their ass grinding action, probably not aware of the intensity of the fight that it represented. I'm sure that most partiers expected that they were just acting out of drunken revelry. James and I knew better. We could see that every move was part of a master plan to diminish the sexual power of their rival. Finally they parted and began to dance with more abandon, with wilder motions and earthy gyrations. By this time I suppose I shouldn't have been shocked by much of anything, but Sally definitely caught me off guard. While bouncing around quite obviously bringing attention to her heavy tits, she bounced between Gwen and myself and pushed her tits directly into my chest. Bent at the waist she now did a double. She wiggled her ass at Gwen as she rubbed her tits sideways across my chest. I could see the fuming anger burn a short fuse and in moments she was beside us with her tits buried in James' chest and rubbing with the sort of wild abandon I had rarely witnessed in nearly 30 years of marriage.

They pulled back at the same time and with the bluesy beat still thumping in our ears and making our feet move, they banged their asses together again and again. Somehow this focus on their asses was a bit perplexing to me. I had always thought of my wife's tits as her best assets, and Sally obviously had a rack of which to be proud, but it seemed that they were spending an awfully lot of time battling with their butts. Not that I'm complaining mind you. But it was somewhat surprising. It looked really great seeing their lovely asses pushing and grinding away at each other, knowing all the pent-up anger hidden behind the seemingly innocuous action.

Sally certainly knew how to use her body. She was matching Gwen in every sexy move, and playing to her audience of three perfectly. What she did next upped the ante in an instant. As Gwen was thrusting her ass backwards at Sally's pretty butt, Sally twisted around in a flash and grabbed my wife by the waist and thrust her hips forward at the tight ass. She nailed it perfectly and then holding on firmly, she ground her pussy mound hard into my wife's ass-crack. It only lasted three or four seconds before my wife had the presence of mind to pull away. Sally got in about 5 solid whacks with her groin slapping my wife's ass before Gwen righted herself and turned around to see Sally with a wicked wide grin, gloating over the fact that she had simulated a nice butt-fuck upon her. The obvious expression of dominance couldn't go unpunished from Gwen's point of view. I know she seethed when the song abruptly ended without her having a chance to retaliate.

"You liked that didn't you slut?" Sally sent a zinger flying at my wife. "You like it in the ass don't you?"

"You've crossed the line now whore. I'm not here for games any more. You don't EVEN know what you've done!"

"Oooooohhhhhh. I'm shaking in my boots. I think I just might do that again, and again, and again, if you know what I mean."

Her reference to fucking my wife's ass made Gwen turn beet red. She fumed at the daring and haughty bitch in front of her. I knew if my wife could she would make Sally pay for her remarks.

The next song came out much like the last and this time the two hellcats made no pretense of dancing with us. Several of the dancers were now ogling the action as the two thrust and parried with their hips. Gwen pulled her dress up for more freedom (not really) and began to gyrate low to the floor, spreading her legs wide and by twirling the long material of her gown from side to side she could display plenty of skin up the inside of her legs. Unfortunately for me her aim was directly towards Sally. I'm sure that Sally must have been catching glimpses of my wife's crotch as the pink shiny dress flew around under the guidance of her hand. Of course it didn't take long for Sally to retaliate in kind. Her creamy dress flowed smoothly across her skin and as she bent low to the ground and planted one hand on the floor and began thrusting her hips skyward as she tossed the material back and forth. She provided Gwen with at least as good a view of her panties as Gwen had for her. But Gwen was ready for that. In an instant she sprung up and stepped over the top of Sally, who still was leaning back and holding herself up off the floor with only one arm. Lifting her dress up to her thighs so she wouldn't trip over Sally she grabbed her head with one hand and pulled it up into her waiting crotch. Wow! Gwen magnificently gave about 8-10 quick thrusts of her pussy into Sally's face.

Hot Damn! I almost feinted from the sight. The revenge must have been very sweet for Gwen. The look on her face was one of perfect contentment. She had face-fucked her rival Sally right there on the dance floor in front of her husband, myself, and about two-dozen other patrons who were fortunate enough to have been in position to see the show. Of course Sally was now the recipient and she was none too happy. It wasn't easy for her to get up with the way she was practically on the floor, and when Gwen stepped back, she had pushed Sally's face away, causing her to fall on the floor. At that moment I thought a rip-roaring catfight was about to break out. But somehow Sally had a reserve of control that allowed her to get up and just saunter over and declare to the three of us, "Its TIME we go!"