Chapter 7 - Don't forget the Photos

I smiled at James and he smiled right back. He didn't seem fazed much by the degrading actions forced on Sally. In fact he seemed quite happy with the events. I led the way back to our table as James and Sally headed for theirs. I ventured over to their table after they returned, while Gwen glowed in triumph back at our table. I noted Sally still upset, but she seemed in control, considering she had just had her face humped in public by my wife. I leaned over close so they could hear me above the music that continued. I looked at my watch and saw that it was a quarter to midnight. "Perfect" I thought. "James, as long as Sally is still willing, I think now would be a good time to let our ladies settle their differences in their own way. Are we still on?"

James didn't even have to check with Sally, he just assured me that we were 'still on.' So I asked him "How about we head together over to the waterfall and have our picture taken? I'd hate to leave here tonight without a photographic record of the evening, wouldn't you?"

"Why sure, Hal," James continued, "I think it would be sweet to snap a few. Don't you think so Sally?"

"Fine by me!" she steamed.

I returned to our table and told Gwen about the decision and I was met with one of her "Oh, do we have to?" looks. I explained that not only could we get a picture of ourselves as a couple but that maybe it would be appropriate to have she and Sally pose together for a couple. It took a moment, but that brought a sparkle to Gwen's face. She licked her lips and just said, "Yummmm, lets get going."

We circumnavigated the dance floor to arrive in the far corner of the ballroom where the decorations were ebullient and gorgeous. The fountain was quite spectacular and fronted by a nice garden arch covered in flowers and vines. A bench sat nearby, as did a couple of chairs. I approached the photographer, a young woman of about 29 or 30, dressed in a conservative business suit. She was quite pretty, with shoulder length blonde hair. She wore glasses that only partially hid her beauty. While not the first girl one might notice at a party, she seemed to become prettier and prettier the longer one's eyes lingered. Sally and James were still on their way over from the far side of the room as I began to question the photographer. I whispered as low as I could, hoping that Gwen wouldn't hear, but I had to whisper loud enough to be heard over the music. One of the questions I asked her was her name. She told me it was Julia. My other questions sort of startled her, I think, because she had to turn and look at me with a big 'are you serious?' sort of look. When I assured her I was, she looked over at Gwen and then at Sally as she and James approached. After two looks at the ladies and then back at me, she nodded her head in the affirmative. "Yes!" I couldn't believe my good fortune. Well, maybe it was my sweet talking negotiation skills I should be appreciating, but either way, I was delighted with the potential business transaction.

"Come on lets get going. The photographer closes up shop in just 15 more minutes." I suggested, hoping to be gallant and cordial, that James and Sally go first for a couple shot. Sally had recovered enough to act quite graciously. "Sure Hal," she said as she flashed me a sly smile. "We'd be happy to go first."

Julia motioned the two of them to the bench in front of the waterfall. She took a couple of nice posed shots with her state of the art digital camera. "Ok, it's your turn now," she was referring to Gwen and myself. As we approached the bench, Sally made sure to get in Gwen's way a bit, forcing her to brush by her with some force. Apparently her tactics of threat and intimidation hadn't been forgotten. We managed to have our picture snapped successfully. It was now or never, I thought. "Say ladies, I think it would be splendid to have the two of you together in a pose." I silently looked at Julia who nodded her willingness to take a few more. "Gwen, why don't you and Sally stand under that arch and let Julia snap a picture of the two real beauties here?"

I'm not sure if she read my mind or not, but it only took an instant for Gwen to agree. Sally, unwilling to be seen backing down from anything that Gwen was willing to do, must have felt some sort of competitive obligation and she consented as well. James just smiled his now common wide grin. I think James was a man who thought a lot like me!

Julia was by now quite aware of the cool animosity between the women, but she steamed ahead with the first pose. She positioned them facing mostly towards the camera, but with their bodies at a slight inward angle toward each other. Julia told them to look at the camera and smile. Somehow the smiles lacked that full genuine smile that might have been expected at another time. She took two shots of them posed like this.

I interceded again with the suggestion that "since you two ladies are so gloriously endowed with cleavage, why don't we let Julia take a shot of your gorgeous bosoms?"

Following my lead, Gwen instantly bent low towards the camera and squeezed her tits together with her upper arms, emphasizing the massive D-cup tits she was so proud of (especially this evening). Again, Sally found herself playing catch up. She followed suit, and James, Julia, and I were now quite vividly treated to an impressive, Jayne Mansfield type of tit display. Both ladies managed to get their gown to part farther apart at the same time as their boobs were compressed together. I was in cleavage ogling heaven. I leaned in to whisper to Julia, "I think the posed shots might be about over. Just keep shooting anyway, OK?"

It was apparent that both ladies were trying to outdo each other. Julia snapped and snapped again, with close-ups. When Gwen stood up she grabbed the underside of her tits and lifted them high and proud and waved them at her nemesis. Sally stood, putting her hands on her hips and spouted her venomous threat. "YOU shouldn't be flaunting your tits like that!"

"Why not? If you've got 'em, flaunt 'em."

"Well, you are one clueless slut, you know that. If you want to flaunt something you ought to at least have the best tits to flaunt, and YOU don't even have the best tits in this room. Those belong to me!" She mimicked Gwen's posture, lifting her tits up high and proud, pointing them at Gwen and taking a big menacing step towards her. Gwen instantly stepped into Sally's chest. Their four tits met head-on as Julia snapped away.

"Ladies, ladies, this is really nice." James finally interjected. "This is quite wonderful. I think another pose would be an excellent memento of some of your little dance routines. Let's see those butts together." His eyes shone at the thought.

I'm not sure why, but both ladies obliged and soon we were treated again to the lovely sight of two fine asses, covered in elegant dresses, bumping and grinding.....delicious. My compliment went out to James and he just bowed in acknowledgement. Julia looked over at me with a sly smile between shots. She had just kept her camera clicking right along, having assured me earlier that she had enough digital storage to keep several thousand hi-res photos.

The clock was nearing twelve. Ever the gentleman, James offered, "Thanks ladies. That was great. Since Julia needs to close up shop, do either of you two ladies have a pose you would like for posterity? When we finish that up we can go on upstairs and let the photographer be on her way."

I immediately responded, even as our two wives stepped apart and turned to stare at each other with their now usual daggers of hateful desire. "Oh, by the way ladies, since the two of you are both keenly intent on settling your differences, I thought you might like a photographic record of the entire event. Julia has agreed, since it is time for her to pack up anyway, to join is in our suite where she could continue an unobtrusive presence where she would record your meeting for us all to enjoy for posterity. Isn't that right Julia?"

"Sure is. Besides I would love to capture the furtherance and conclusion of your little war." She had used my phrase to refer to the battle that we all knew was coming. "I think it will be very exciting, and I can provide great pictures for you all to share later."

Sally loved the idea and she made it clear to all that she was going to cherish the photos for years to come, because they would remind her of her clear superiority and sexiness when compared to 'the bitch' Gwen.

Now it was Gwen's turn to keep up with Sally's expanding capacity for challenges. But since it was my idea, she might have felt obligated in that regard anyway. "Well, well, slut. I expect you might like these pictures in the future, but it will be because they will remind you of why it is so important to be humble in the presence of your betters. I'll fuck you up tonight, cunt. And that is for sure!"

I actually shivered in anticipation as the two of them traded barbs. I noted that Julia was very focused on her work, but somehow I imagined she was motivated by a bit more than the $500 I had offered her to join our little upstairs party for the rest of the evening. She began to dismantle some of her equipment, gathering her things. James and I helped while Gwen and Sally didn't lift a finger to help, but instead stood smugly nearby, each trying to display as much confidence and bravado as possible. With our help, Julia's cases of equipment were ready to go and we all left together through the lobby and up the elevator to our suite.