Chapter 3 - Elegance and Beauty

The party was just underway and we joined about 40 other couples already there. Another 60 or 70 couples eventually filled the ballroom over the next hour and half. Most were dressed similarly to us, with the gentlemen dressed in suits and elegant dresses or gowns on the women. A handful of couples were dressed a bit more casually, but none to the point of distraction for those dressed to the 'nines.' There seemed to be a broad mix of ages, with a handful of couples that barely looked to be out of college, and another handful of elder folks beyond 75 years old. The majority seemed to be handsome couples between 35 and 55. I guess that shouldn't be surprising considering the kind of hotel it was and the advertised theme of the party. A long bar was set up along one side of the room with at least three bartenders. The band was about to play their first set. Approximately 9-10 musicians were ready to give us an evening's worth of stellar jazz and favorites. A young blonde woman fronted the group. She had a wonderful voice that was true to every genre of music she tried. The dance floor wasn't as large as I thought it might have been, considering the size of the crowd. Tables were set up in cozy, but not cramped, arrangement around the dance floor on two sides. Some of the tables were for small groups, while many were tiny and intended just for two. A waterfall with a fountain, heart shaped swing, flowers, and other appropriate decorations added romantic touches to the look and atmosphere of the party. Both Gwen and I were happy to see, hear, and smell the overall beauty of the room.

It only took a moment to adjust our eyes to the lighting, which was low, and to take it all in. As soon as we were accustomed to the low, but sufficient light, we took a walk around the room to gaze upon the details of the place. It was on this 'tour' that I became aware of the looks we were receiving. Many short furtive glances fell our way. Some of the people blatantly stared, without a hint of bashfulness. It was a first for me. I just knew they were focused on my beautiful wife. I had no illusions at all that they even noticed me. Gwen walked proudly beside me, her sexy aura like a shimmering cloud that radiated out from all her pores. I was ecstatic to be able to walk beside her; fully aware of the admiring glances she was receiving, from both the men and the women. I knew she felt the stares and was surprised that she didn't respond in her usual humble way. She carried herself regally, accepting the looks as though they were her due. The newfound pride in her looks was a surprise for me; even though it was obvious she deserved to be proud. The newness of it just added another layer of pent-up eroticism to my already over-stimulated libido. "God, this is great!" I thought to myself as we completed our sweep of the room and found a table, just for two.

As we sat together and shared some small talk, we noticed that nearly every new couple that entered generated at least a cursory glance from most that were nearby. Some couples made a circuit as had we. Some stopped to have their picture taken by the hired photographer. She was positioned by the swing and the fountain where a number of posed settings would look great. My pride swelled as I let my eyes, now fully used to the dimness; wander across the room, checking out every female within range. Of course I tried to hide my glances from my wife, like many of the men had tried to do the same when we walked by, but I couldn't fool Gwen. She called me on it and I had to confess. This was a game we had played many times before, but now I could say without qualms, that my wife took a back seat to none of the other women in the beauty department. Well, at least among those 35 and older. There were some truly gorgeous women among the younger crowd. But I shared with my wife that I was just checking to be sure that she was the most beautiful woman in the room. So I didn't really feel that I was lying when I told her that. She smiled her sexy smile, allowing just a hint of her humility show through. But it was obvious that she liked to hear my compliments and it was also obvious that she liked the attention she was receiving from so many of the other patrons of the ball. One thing was for sure. Doing something like this made me take my mind completely off the thoughts that usually permeated my everyday life. I never once thought about the dogs, the bills, our kids, my teaching, shoveling snow, my wife's ornery boss, or anything else. I was totally focused on our event. She was just as focused and even remarked about it to me. She mentioned that she was so proud of me, she loved me, and that tonight was going to be one of the most exciting of our lives, "whatever happened."

I didn't know what she meant by 'whatever happened.' All I knew is that my body and mind were like one single lump of lustful flesh. I felt the most delicious anticipation I had felt since my wedding night! "Yummy," I thought.