Chapter 2 - We Prepare for the Day

I called and made reservations the very next day. I inquired of the hotel about the room, the dining in the area, and a few other details. Our room would have two king sized beds, a heart-shaped Jacuzzi tub, plush furniture, wet bar, and other niceties. When they mentioned that for an extra $125 per night I could have a two-room suite containing an audio system and living room furniture and a gas fireplace I didn't hesitate to give her my credit card number. I knew it would turn out to be an expensive weekend, but I expected the dividends in our love life to be well worth it. It sounded great to me and to Gwen. She just smiled when I told her about the room.

Gwen spent the next two weekends shopping. When I asked about her gown, she told me that I would have to be surprised. She didn't want me to see the dress until the last minute. She was actually getting motivated to excite me a little bit. After all, the tease is half the fun, right? I really was anxious to see the dress, but even after she came home with it in a box one day she wouldn't show it to me. When I inquired about what she planned to do with her hair and makeup, I was met with just as much secrecy. She just said that she had some friends who pointed her in the 'right direction.'

I knew I was just about as excited and anxious about the getaway as anything since our wedding, but I wasn't sure about Gwen. She was going along with the idea just fine, but it wasn't until another evening, just two weeks before Valentine's Day, when she approached me with a question and I caught on that she was getting pretty excited about this venture too. It made my heart leap when she asked "Honey, are you sure two nights up north will be enough? I was thinking if we really want to make the most of this opportunity for romance, don't you think we should spend more time at the hotel, away from it all back home? Why don't we call and add another onto the end of our stay. I'm sure they won't be booked up for Monday evening."

I practically creamed my pants right then and there. The sexy tone in her voice as she spoke gave away the erotic intensity hidden beneath her usual cool demeanor. "Yes!" I shouted to myself inside as I spoke outwardly in more muted tones. "Yes, I think that would be wonderful. Can you get off work for Monday and Tuesday? School will be on winter break that week and so it will be easy for me. I think it would be fun to just explore each other for three or four days!" I was letting the excitement creep into my voice. I didn't want to scare her with the hot-blooded and horny thoughts I was conjuring up. As motivated as I now knew she was I still wasn't imagining that she had any idea how much pent-up sexual energy I had, and how many kinky ways I had dreamed of releasing it with her. Lest I scare her out of her commitment, I just kept quiet after that episode.

The call was made and her work situation taken care of. I found myself jittery with nervous anticipation as the day drew near. Even though I had had sex with my wife hundreds of times, maybe thousands, I couldn't help but feel the newness of our 'date' scaring me to death. I desperately wanted this to end up with continuous hot juicy sex, compliments of my lovely wife. Her delightful body had me drooling at the thoughts of such wanton couplings. I knew in reality my body would never keep up with the dreamy fantasies inside my head, but that was ok. Even 10% of what I was dreaming would be wonderful. Even in the middle of lectures in class I sometimes found myself dreaming of my sexy wife, wishing I could bury my head between her lovely large tits. I could hear her begging me for one kinky thing after another. It was all in my head, and it was lovely. It was difficult to keep on-topic with my lectures, but somehow I managed to not embarrass myself in front of all those 20 year-olds.

Friday came not a moment too soon. We planned to drive up on Saturday midday, check in, get ready in our room slowly and head to the ball right as soon as it started. We wanted to dance, drink a little, and focus on having a really good time. She had arranged for a special morning appointment with a hair stylist and makeup professional across town. I already had a number of good suits to wear, so my preparation wasn't as intense as hers. I just did a few odd jobs around the house to keep me occupied while she was out.

As much as I knew I had a beautiful wife, I was not prepared for what met my eyes when Gwen arrived home at about 1:00. Talk about a transformation! It was as if another 10 years had been sliced off her appearance! Besides gorgeous nails, she had a completely new hairdo. Instead of lying flat and smooth it had been cut shorter, colored a darker shade of reddish brown that was more auburn or almost dark red, and given a perfect look of wildness. It must have been held in place with magic, it shot up and out at all angles, and looking like it had just survived a 50-mile trip in a convertible. It was the kind of hairdo you commonly see on girls in their twenties and teens: wild and ragged looking but immensely sexy. Halle Berry occasionally wore her hair like that. Not that my wife was a challenger for Ms. Berry, but it certainly made her look younger and sexier than ever before. Her eyes now glowed with an enchantment that rivaled most cover girls. True, my wife was still 50 years old, but she was SPECTACULAR. My jaw must have dropped clear to the floor, because my wife finally said, "Aren't you going to say something?"

"Uhhhh. My God! You're so delicious, just incredible. I always knew you were beautiful, but this is amazing. I'll feel like an old mop next to you."

"Nonsense Ron, you are as handsome a man as any. I think we'll make a splendid couple. I just hope you like the way I look." She had already heard me compliment her, but she still harbored a bit of insecurity. She just wanted me to say it again. I didn't have any problem with that. Hell, I couldn't stop telling her how beautiful she was the whole rest of the afternoon. We ate a quick lunch at home and then hopped into the car with our luggage and my laptop for the drive. It was a sunny February Saturday and the drive went smoothly. We found the small town with the hotel, drove around the town for just a few minutes, and then checked in.

The hotel was exactly as we had hoped. It was luxurious without being 'stuffy.' It was warm and cozy and the staff was very pleasant. The view out the windows was really nice, overlooking a wonderful New England winter scene. The lake, the hills, and the town reminded one of a Norman Rockwell painting. My thoughts weren't much into Rockwell, but it certainly seemed to put one's mind at ease when looking out our third floor window.

We each took a short nap before I got up and showered. I dressed while she went into the bathroom for the finishing touches. She wanted to surprise me with her dress, so I turned my back and looked out the window until she told me I could look. Finally she said, "OK. You can look now." I turned around to a vision of loveliness that I instantly felt undeserving of. Her pink dress hung and clung to her body like a satin glove. The shiny satin material looked very soft and sexy. My wife has wide shoulders so the straps were on the wide side to minimize the width. It plunged sexily between her large 44D breasts. From the look it appeared that she was wearing no bra. I couldn't quite imagine that, since her breasts didn't have the upright stature of their younger days. They would have sagged a bit more than what was apparent in the gown if there hadn't been a bra. Something must have been providing support. It turned out that she had a minimal half-bra that was well concealed. It did a marvelous job of promoting her natural anterior assets. As the dress descended down, it clung to her tummy, revealing only a tiny bulge; it clung syrup-like to her skin. It followed the curve of her hips and fell shimmering to her ankles. A single long slit ventured up the left side, so that at least two thirds of her left thigh would be exposed in certain postures. Glittery gold sparkles made the dress radiant. Those sparkles were mirrored in her high heels. The same color as her dress and with the same sparkly brilliance, they made her feet look sexier than I ever imagined. Now it was clear why her nails had been done the way I had seen them earlier. They carried the pinkish tone of her dress and heels, and were adorned with golden roses on every nail, all 20 of them. Her mascara was mostly pink but with just a touch of gold, to accentuate her elegance. I could see that she was wearing some sort of sheer hosiery, but whether it was pantyhose or not, I couldn't tell. My mind was racing with the possibilities of what she might (or might not) be wearing underneath her gown.

I was so awestruck I had to sit down. "What's the matter honey?" she said.

"My God, Gwen: You are the most stunning woman. You look incredible. Can I just eat you now? Forget the ball!" It was mostly a joke, but my lust and pride at the way my wife looked made me say it.

"Oh Ron, you know there will be plenty of time for that later. I really want to have a ball at the ball. Can we get going?"

I was like putty in her hands now. I would have done anything she asked. Of course it had been my plan all along to do this. I just was so spellbound by my wife's beauty I was barely able to control my speech. I was glad I wouldn't have to lecture for several days. I was sure I wouldn't be able to put two words together properly the way I was so wickedly tortured by my wife's beauty.

We headed out the door of our room and made our way towards the ballroom downstairs. As the elevator door closed behind us I couldn't let my excited curiosity go unexamined. "Hey sweetie, I almost forgot to ask. What are you wearing underneath your dress?"

"Wouldn't you like to know? Hah! You don't think after all the trouble I went through to get all dolled up like this that I'm going to spoil the surprise by telling you, do you?"

"Please!" I actually begged.

"Not a chance. You've always told me that you wished there was a little more 'tease' in our relationship. Well, tonight you'll get a lot of tease."

"Oh, all right. But you know I probably won't be able to concentrate on anything besides what you look like under that sexy dress."

Gwen slowly turned to me, leaned close, blew a soft breath of air on my neck and whispered in my ear. "Remember how you always told me that you wished I would take a more aggressive role in our sexual play? Well, whatever happens tonight, just go with the flow. Maybe you'll finally get your wish." She let her perfumed head rest on my shoulder for just a second before pulling slowly away. "Maybe!" she added again for emphasis, just as the elevator doors opened. Considering how little teasing Gwen usually did in our daily lives, it certainly wasn't because she didn't know how. Her little show had the exact anticipated effect. I was turned into 165 pounds of horniness. I don't think I had ever been any hornier in the past 15 years! Thank you Gwen!

Neither of us had planned any agenda for the actual ball, other than to try to have the best time together that we could. I presented our tickets and we went inside.