(By HGHunt)

Last Match: Rose vs Jenny With Clubs

The contests with these women had all been hard fought, sexy, and in some cases dramatic. The high opinion that each had of herself, in all things, especially in sexiness and sexual prowess had turned out to be well warranted. As much as each thought that she was superior, it hadn't really been a surprise that the tally had turned out to be so even. Jenny's slight lead over the others wasn't what any of the others would have wanted, but with only one point separating them all with one match to go, it spoke volumes about the parity they shared. Lynn = 7 points Sue = 7 points Rose = 7 points to face Jenny = 8 points.

Rose had a chance to tie Jenny with a win. Jenny could convincingly claim the championship with a final victory. Sue and Lynn might end up in a three-way tie for second or be relegated to a two-way tie for 3rd. Either way it would be only a small sliver of sexual performance that separated these hot 30-ish women.

A few bites to eat and some liquid refreshment preceded the last encounter. It was early evening by now and the ladies all needed some replenishment. The gathering in the living room began with similar preparations as before. Clubs were greased or oiled. Hair was combed and prepped. Makeup was touched up. Talk was minimal again. Lynn and Sue seemed calmer than before, but Rose and Jenny were wound up really tight. The notion that their overall group competition was basically an even match hadn't really settled in their heads. They were very much motivated by their own desire to be the champ! Jenny was aware that a victory would insure a championship. Rose knew that a win would only bring her into a tie with Jenny, but she had already planned to demand a tie-breaker match when she won. She knew that Jenny's sense of competition and fairness would practically demand that she accept. Rose didn't let that thought get in her way of focusing on the immediate future. She wanted to dominate Jenny right from the start. She wanted to never let Jenny have an ounce of control. She was psyching herself up for the demands that a totally aggressive strategy would place on her. She wondered just what the best method of golf club stimulation would work the best on Jenny. She remembered that Sue and Lynn had reached their explosive finale without the golf clubs having been directly stimulating since much earlier in the match. The rules were broken then, obviously, maybe she should plan a bit of a departure from the rules herself. "Should I?" she wondered.

Before Rose had finished her deliberation, Jenny was approaching her, invading her space. Rose had to actually step back a bit, but Jenny kept coming, golf club in hand. Jenny was obviously ready to go and Rose was taken by surprise. When Jenny had taken a couple more steps forward and Rose backed up an equal distance, Rose had no further back to go. She was up against one of the big chairs. But Jenny came right up to Rose and gave her a shove. Rose was forced down into the chair. She immediately tried to get up but Jenny leaned down over her to prevent her from getting up. Rose's counter move was to bring her club between them and she used both hands held horizontally across Jenny's tits and pushed back, much like a cross-check in hockey (where it would be a penalty). "Get off bitch!" Rose was angry at Jenny 'jumping the gun,' and also with the degree of aggression she had used.

With Rose's club across her chest, cutting deeply into their massiveness, Jenny shot back "What's the matter, girl, not ready for ME?" She leaned back up a bit to relieve the pressure from the club in her tits, but she didn't step back either. She brought up her own club towards Rose's tits as Rose crowed, "I'm ready for you. I've always been ready for you. I can take anything you can dish out and return it multiplied. I'll have you squirming like a worm on a hook and there won't be anything you can do about it either!"

Jenny responded with just one word, "Dreamer."

Jenny's greased 7-wood engaged Rose's big tits: first the left and then the right. Jenny held the club gently and rubbed it across Rose's nipples, back and forth, around and around. She was still above Rose and leaning down a bit. Rose used her shaft to flick across Jenny's nipples, which were distinctly hard and protruding, as were Rose's. She flicked up and then down, catching both nipples simultaneously with the greased steel shaft, and with just the right amount of upward or downward pressure she could bend her nipples back until they snapped back out as the shaft worked its way past. Rose moved her hands very quickly forcing Jenny's nipples to bend and spring back over and over again: probably 20 or 30 times in a minute. The rapid stimulation and pressure reddened her tits a bit, but her nipples seemed even harder than before. Jenny ignored the tit attack she received to focus her own tit attack. She rubbed and rubbed Rose's nipples with her club head until they too were erect, firm, and standing tall.

The physiology of sexual excitement was present, but neither was bothered by it, they just let it slip into their subconscious and each concentrated intently on the arousal of the other woman. Rose, hindered by her position underneath Jenny, who was still leaning over her from above, let her club slide off to her left and she grabbed Jenny's hair and pulled her down close, face to face. With a good grip on Jenny's hair and her face just three or four inches away, Rose licked her lips in an attempt to entice Jenny to kiss her. It worked. Jenny lowered her face agreeably and their lips met. Jenny had moved her golf club aside and let her body slip lower, touching parts of Rose's body with her own. Her kiss from above was soft and tender. She used her lips to pinch Rose's lips and pull them towards her as Rose used her lips in similar fashion. Neither was fooled by the mock tenderness. Rose ached to just lash out at Jenny, to rearrange their position, to force her to submit to her own powerful sex. Her predicament though didn't offer much. She managed to slide her left leg between the thighs that were pressing down towards her. She wedged her knee further up Jenny's crotch until she could feel the soft smooth pussy, with just a touch of moisture rubbing off on her knee. Wham! Up went her knee, jamming itself hard against Jenny's pussy. Jenny rocked forward from the impact, crushing her face against Rose. The kiss turned intense. Jenny reacted quickly to force Rose's mouth open, diving her tongue inside and attacking Rose's tongue with her own. The slippery eels danced and jousted together as Rose set up a rhythm of pussy attacks with her knee. Over and over again she bounced her knee against Jenny. Surprisingly Jenny didn't try to stop the knee to crotch action, but instead opened her legs just a bit, availing herself of Rose's assault.

It took a few minutes, but the repetitive action from Rose's knee, pressing and rubbing against Jenny's pussy began to invade the control Jenny was trying to maintain. She needed to remove her pussy from the attack and so she ended the kiss and stood up for a moment. It was just enough for Rose to take advantage. Rose leaped up and wrapped her arms around Jenny and began to quickly hump her hips at Jenny's pussy. Jenny humped back for a moment but then she pried Rose's arms from around her and stepped away, towards the chair, where she found the golf club and picked it up. Rose, sensing a break in the action went to pick up her club.

Rose said to Jenny, "Lets get on the floor and find out what we are made of."

"Fine. I know what I am made of: hot sex! What are you made of?"

"Quit talking bitch, get down on the floor and I'll show you." She glared at Jenny as they dropped down to the carpeted floor. Jenny smiled at Rose as she nestled up to Rose in a prone position. From appearances it seemed they were about to open their sex up to the other and just see who could do the better job. Rose lay on her left side head to the south and Jenny was on her left side with her head to the north. Each girl lifted her upper leg, bent at the knee, allowing a superb view and delicious access to her own moistened cunt.

For just a moment of delicious tension, the two just stared at each other's pussy. Rose bent low and let her eyes follow the delicate contours of Jenny's now well-shaved pussy lips. She could tell that Jenny was close to her own pussy, but she didn't feel anything just yet. Close enough to absorb Jenny's feminine aroma, she inhaled deeply, loudly, murmuring an "MMMmmmmmmmm," when she finished her long slow breath sucking. She made sure that it was all loud enough for the others to hear, especially Jenny. Wanting to milk a little more erotic motivation from the moment she sucked in another deep breath of air from the damp humid region between Jenny's legs. "It is delicious," she thought to herself as she murmured again for effect. She heard Jenny match her action with a deep inhale of her own, to be followed by an even louder "mmmmmmmYeah."

Jenny was inhaling and making her erotic intentions known with her noises, her little wiggles that she imparted, almost inviting Rose to 'get with it.' Even though she had seen Rose's pussy up close and personal before, she now gave it a close up visual exam. She noted again the wispy strands of fuzz that hugged her puffy labia. The fine strands of pubic hair were thinly placed around her lips were in gorgeous harmony with the rose-pink lips that adorned her crotch. Jenny withheld her touch, savoring the sight and smell of Rose's center of femininity. A few fine hairs grew low beneath her pussy, slightly encircling her puckered anal hole. As her eyes swiveled upward they focused on the upper region of Rose's pussy. Her clitoris poked invitingly out from the soft folds, a few stray hairs lingering in front. Higher yet, the shimmering dark red hairs thickened considerably. Fanning out to the sides, following the contours of the fold between thigh and groin, her pubic mound prominent with its thick furry covering. Many of her lush hairs grew to several inches in length. The temptation was finally too much for Jenny. Her right hand glided into the thicket of Rose's mound. Her fingers rolled the hair around and around, pulling gently, parting the hair from side to side, and pushing through to the floor of the thicket. She traced a path of hair-play all over Rose's entire mass of auburn hair. No hair went untended by Jenny's exploring digits. She noted how much thicker Rose's pubes were in the very center of her mound. It was impossible to delve deeply to her skin in the very center without using both hands to pull the hairs enough apart to expose a route. The thickness of her hair dwindled slowly out to either side towards the edges, eventually tapering to the soft white skin of the 37 year old beauty.

Jenny noted the small wiggles that accompanied her pubic exploration. Rose's hips didn't move much more than a millimeter, but it was enough to assure Jenny that her teasing exploration was definitely enjoyed by Rose. Now that she had spent several minutes with an aromatic, visual, and fingering exploration of Rose's bush, she was ready to advance the game. She was already beginning to feel something tempting and teasing her own pussy. She felt Rose's finger (she didn't know which one) pull her left labia lip off to the side for a few centimeters. She felt Rose let go and while her labia, under tension, pulled slowly back towards its home. Just then Rose's finger pulled the right lip off to the side in the opposite direction. Back and forth went Rose's fingers, Jenny could feel the lips parting and springing back. But with each little pull, the shallow depths of her pussy became more and more open. She knew Rose would eventually begin to explore a bit more deeply or forcefully, but she was intent on not advancing any faster than Rose. As much as she felt a burning desire to win and to force a massive orgasm from her friend and foe, she knew Rose had the same intent for her. Controlling her opponent by doing 'less,' she was challenging Rose, with her own slow action, to do the same. Finding a single long pubic hair growing from the edge of Rose's labia, Jenny pinched it between her fingers and pulled it slowly away and to the side. Careful not to jerk or pull too swiftly, she continued to pull, watching the follicle pull the labia aside. She 'ooohed' at the sight of her pretty pink puffiness being stretched. "Mmmmmmm, nice pussy."

In response to her own small talk, Rose answered, "You have a very pretty pussy, Jenny, I can tell it really wants me to fuck it. It's just aching isn't it?"

"Yeah, bitch. It's aching all right. It's aching to prove that you can't control it!"

"We'll see. We'll see."

With that comment Rose let a long drool of spittle fall to Jenny's lovely slit. Dripping a second line to her pussy, she reached for her club. Using the very end of her grip she stirred the spit. Pushing it here and there she adorned Jenny's entire pussy with wet spit, mixing it with the sticky secretions dribbling out of her hole. The slippery, gooey mixture allowed the club to slide effortlessly all around. She pushed it up and down Jenny's slit. Her labia parted easily, just enough for the very end of the club's grip to slide up and down the length of her slit, just inside her lips. The lubrication was superb, coming from both vegetable oil, spit, and natural juices combined. Soft squishy sounds could be heard as she wiggled the device around the entrance to Jenny's creamy hole. Using fingers of her left hand to pull her lips apart, she could see the drenched soft folds of her vagina. Using the utmost care she guided her club between her own fingers and between Jenny's labia to penetrate a small portion of the available depth: just an inch or two. With wickedly slow gyrations she began to twirl the golf-club-dildo in circular and elliptical orbits. The pressure against Jenny's vagina walls would shift from anterior to left to posterior to right and continue around and around. Rose, with her eyes wide open to absorb the intimate advance she was perpetrating, let out a little sigh. It was a sigh of contented arousal, caused by the lovely probing with which she was totally immersed.

Jenny was still examining Rose's pussy closely, very closely. Finally satisfied that she had discovered all she needed to know about Rose's womanly thatch, she began to refocus her attention on the wonderfully splayed lips just below her chin. Rose's adornment, so different than Jenny's, since Jenny had shaved, was certainly a lovely source of desire for Jenny. But those lovely labia and the hidden depths inside were now drawing Jenny's attention.

Jenny's fingers got busy. She probed, pulled, rubbed, pinched (gently), kneaded, and explored Rose's cunt. Her enjoyment of the current situation was sincere. Yet she fully expected to win her match. She could feel the lovely gyrations in her own pussy as Rose's club circulated around the outer regions. Jenny let out a sigh of her own and from this point on she and Rose both were quite verbal: lots of sighs, moans, and exclamations. Her excitement was real and Rose's tempting pussy made her drool, literally. Now it was her turn to let a long stream of drizzle spill down onto Rose's pussy. Jenny parted the upper lips and she aimed expertly for her stream of spit to fall directly onto Rose's clitoris. "Mmmmmmmm!" Finally she brought her own club to bear on the crotch of her rival. Jenny however chose to use the working end of her club. The shiny 7-wood nestled comfortably into Jenny's hand. Positioning it carefully on Rose's clit, she rubbed Rose's clit with slow circular motions. Rose's clit excitedly responded to the pressure. In moments her hips were gyrating slowly to the rhythm generated from Jenny's manipulations.

Jenny continued to enjoy the feeling of her pussy being gently filled and distorted by Rose's club. Her hips began to rotate in response to the delicious feeling in her pussy. Her focus began to shift back and forth from the wonderful feelings in her own crotch to the need to lift Rose's excitement level higher. Rose was now caught between the same two competing moods. On the one hand she just wanted to relax and let Jenny perform her sexual miracles, and on the other, she demanded herself to get Jenny off first.

While Rose was gathering momentum with her club-head vibrations inside Jenny, she felt Jenny's 7-wood move lower. She recognized the toe of the club parting her lips, where moments before Jenny's fingers had paved the way. As she noticed the toe dive deeper between her cunt's puffy pink lips, a happy gasp escaped her mouth. Another gasp followed a moment later. Her pussy was being spread apart slowly and surely by the shiny metal wood. Within 45 seconds she had been impaled by the now invisible club. It had disappeared completely into the depths of her vagina, only the shiny stainless steel shaft protruding from the entrance. "That feels Goooood," Rose blurted. "Yeah baby, do me with that thing." The lovely full feeling inside her twat made her ooohh and aaaaaahhh. She was excited, again, by the kinky action. It had ratcheted her arousal up another step on the stairway and she was determined to bring Jenny along. She decided that Jenny should get 'filled up' too.

Before she swapped ends of her club though she began to use her mouth. She charged her tongue into Jenny's slimy crevice, joining the club head already there. Probing her orifice for a few moments, she followed up by aiming at Jenny's clit. Her tongue twirled expertly the little nub of erectile tissue as she pulled the club from Jenny's hole and brought the other end to bear on Jenny's desirable hole. Using care so as not to hurt her, she gradually pushed and guided her 5-wood into Jenny's slippery cunt. Jenny was obviously very ready for the intrusion as it entered with relative ease. Now it was Rose's turn to hear Jenny moan and groan from the exquisite feeling of mass inside her. Rose's last action brought Jenny that step higher so that both were now feeling the perfect flush of sexual fulfillment and desire. Neither was quite ready to slip over the edge, but both women knew that it would be very unlikely to retreat from the powerful desire welling up inside.

Jenny felt sort of like a Charles Lindbergh, who, when crossing the Atlantic, passed the midway point and noted in his journal that his home was now Europe instead of America. Jenny knew she couldn't go back. She knew she had to plunge forward and reach the orgasm her body was demanding of her. She knew all this and yet she knew she hated the thought of succumbing so fully to the power of desire that Rose had kindled in her breast. Her ooohhs and aaaahhhhs mixed with similar sounds from Rose's mouth and the two each felt the heated passion emanating from the body of the other. Jenny and Rose simultaneously began to move their hips in sporadic, jerking thrusts of fucking. Each wanted to feel the power of that golf club push deep inside and then pull back.

Jenny felt one of Rose's fingers probe lower until it found her puckered asshole. She felt the tip part the opening and dive inside. The slippery oil, pussy juice, Vaseline mixture made it an easy target to penetrate. That gave her an idea. She loved the feeling of having both her holes plugged and she loved Rose's exquisite timing. She also knew that Rose was having a hard time holding back, since her hips were bucking and grinding against the club and Jenny's mouth with a firm vigor.

Jenny risked much by making her thought known. Her suggestion required a bit of help from the other two women on the sidelines and she wasn't totally sure that Rose was amenable. Her gut feeling was that Rose would agree to the idea. "Here goes," Jenny thought. "I want a golf club up my ass. I want this one to stay right where it is, but I want one up my ass too. Rose, what do you say we get a little kinky and line up facing away from each other on the floor on our hands and knees, and with a little help from our Sue and Lynn we can stick the grips of each club into our asses and keep the heads buried inside our pussies? That way we can fuck each other with both ends at the same time. I bet I can make you come first!"

"Ooooooohhhhh God!" Rose exclaimed more from the delicious texture of the club wiggling inside her pussy than from the suggestion, but she heard everything Jenny had said and her instant reaction was to accept. She never doubted her own fuckability. She never doubted her sense of mastery over Jenny's body. She felt extremely confident that in any body to body match up she would be the superior. The fact that the idea was a bit odd or bizarre just made it all the more exciting as far as she was concerned. She looked over at the other two women, who were sitting on the couch with a look of surprise etched across their faces. "Well girls, what are you waiting for? We could use a little help over here!"

"Sure, why not?" Lynn grinned as she got up. Sue was not far behind and the two of them approached Rose and Jenny who were now parting a bit and, with the odd appearance generated from a golf club trailing behind each, protruding from their pussies, the two arrange themselves about 3 feet apart in a hands-and-knees position. Rose faced north and Jenny faced south. Rose shivered as she felt the club in her pussy wiggle and vibrate as she crawled across the floor. "Mmmmmmmmmm. This is going to be good. I hope you know what you are getting yourself into," she taunted Jenny.

"Don't you worry. I know exactly what I'm getting into. I also know exactly what is getting into me! Girls," referring to Sue and Lynn, "Why don't you give us each a heavy shot of that Vaseline. We don't want any 'chafing' now do we?"

Sue giggled a bit at the site below her. She bent to guide the shaft-grip end of Rose's club towards Rose's waiting ass. Lynn was doing the same with Jenny's club and Jenny's anxious ass. "Lean forward a bit would you?" Sue requested of both 'ladies.' As they leaned forward Sue oriented the grip perfectly up against Rose's anal hole while Lynn guided the other club the same way towards Jenny. Each little wiggle of a club from either of the two tenders had caused a lovely sensation inside the two women's pussies. Rose's 5-wood filled Jenny's pussy, spanned the gap between the two women's asses, crossing over to form a very small angled 'X' and then daggered its way inside Rose's butt. As Sue and Lynn made sure the two clubs were in perfectly symmetrical alignment Lynn said, "OK. You're all lined up. Just inch back slowly and you'll be all set."

Jenny wasted no time. With a quick backwards jab of her ass she both impaled herself and Rose all at once. Rose pushed back just a second later and now the two were many inches deep inside each other's dual openings. Both let loose a cascade of grunts and shrieks from the erotic fulfillment of their coupling. As they each had shoved their asses back towards each other the amount of visible golf club diminished. Sue and Lynn stepped back to admire their handiwork and to assess the status of the unusual battle about to take place. While the small pause in the action had momentarily caused their heated actions to subside, it only took a few moments for the two of them to get right back into 'drive.'

Rose actually seemed the more aggressive with her ass. She rotated it. She pushed back in sharp jabbing motions. She accepted the fullness invading her holes with gusto. She loved the feel of the club gliding into and out of her ass hole as her pussy was rewarded with its own brand of delicious pleasure. The slippery holes couldn't really grip on the clubs with any sort of command, so this turned into a total fucking frenzy. Jenny felt the club jab inside her twat, all the way up to her cervix. She hoped that the effect at the other end was at least as delicious as what she was feeling inside her holes.

A golf club is over 30 inches long, but with two pussies gobbling up as much as 9 inches at a time and an asshole nearly as much, the amount of visible shaft shining between them varied from as little as one foot to as much as two feet as the two women thrust and parried their 'swords' at each other. Jenny looked back over her left shoulder to watch, as best she could the penetration of the clubs into Rose's body. When Rose looked back over her right shoulder, their eyes met and hotly they held each other's gaze.

Little shrieks gave way to louder shrieks of pleasure. Small little grunts became loud boisterous grunts that were very unladylike. But neither cared. Each aimed to fuck her foe more and better than she could be fucked. The two clubs never fell out. Neither woman retreated from the fray. Sometimes the women would piston towards and away from each other symmetrically and at other times their bodies would just rock back and forth in tandem. Sometimes one would wiggle and rock her ass from side to side, which would usually be followed up with a payback from the other. Even though there was no clit work going on, the two women were feeding the flames of desire with their actions. They never took their eyes off each other and the mutual desire and competitiveness took them each a step upward. One step. Two steps. Three steps. Their motions became more out of control. The sounds they made became more like animals than human. The faces were faces of desire and determination. They glared at each other throughout the next several minutes.

"Fuck me!" "Fuck MEEEE!" Back and forth went the lusty commands. Each begging the other to do it more or do it better or do it harder. At this point they were both anxiously approaching the precipice. Knees began to have a harder time keeping up the rhythm. Arms barely could hold up their torsos. But onward they went. Fucking and fucking and fucking. Asses and pussies went at each other through the phallic fill-ins of their golf clubs. "Harder, come on bitch, harder!" Jenny humped back at Rose convinced that she was going to win. She felt the clubs wiggling and vibrating and filling her holes. She felt the arousal close in towards her orgasm, but she somehow knew that her orgasm wasn't imminent and she wondered if Rose might not be quite there either. As exciting and erotic and nasty as their connection was, neither was ready to lose control and have an orgasm in that arrangement. While Jenny was thinking about the implications, knowing that even though she didn't feel likely to have an orgasm this way she suspected Rose might be the same. Her suspicions were confirmed when a moment later Rose suggested haughtily, "Lets fuck without these damn sticks in our asses: woman to woman, and pussy to pussy. We'll settle this once and for all."

"Hey Rose girl, I can't wait to fuck your pussy into submission." With that comment she pulled away from the connection. The clubs pulled out of their butts and then with a little help from their hands they extricated the clubs from their pussies.

In seconds they had turned around to face each other and the approach was without delay. Their muscles were a bit sore from the length of time they had been jousting, but the motivation overshadowed whatever fatigue they were experiencing. "I'm gonna fuck you good!" "We'll see who fucks who." The two exchanged a few 'pleasantries' as they neared each other. Sinking to the floor together they opened their legs wide and arranged a meeting of crotches from a seated position. Right legs were high and left legs were low and the two sexy torsos moved closer together. Arms held on to each other for support and they began immediately to get it on. Rose's thickly furred pussy hammered Jenny's slick and shiny pussy only to be hammered back with a vengeance.

Rose was glad to be able to link up with Jenny face-to-face and body-to-body. The kinky excitement of their odd golf club coupling had been a big thrill, but somehow there hadn't been enough intimacy for the pinnacle to be reached. She realized Jenny had come to the same conclusion when she so readily consented to the switch. Now it was down to the real thing: woman on woman and pussy to pussy. Rose leaned forward, diminishing the degree of sexy contact between her groin and Jenny's pussy, but she was intent on forcing Jenny back to engage in a dom/sub fuck session. Rose intended to be the dominant fucker. She knew Jenny wouldn't just allow that to happen without a contest and she was proved right as Jenny pressed back. Rose had managed the first advance and Jenny wasn't overcoming the few inches she had been forced back, but she maintained a static position where her back was bent just slightly backwards while Rose was able to lean forward just a tad. Their tits had squeezed together between the compressing torsos. Arms wrapped around each other's backs for leverage and support and to squeeze. The squeezes weren't the type to steal the breath from either woman, but enough to cause some compression and generate the awful contradictory message. Fight or fuck, which was it to be? Their lovely pussies maintained contact throughout most of this. Some bouncing and shoving and huffing and puffing caused them to slip apart momentarily more than once, but they invariably found their way back into intimate contact. Rose felt Jenny's slippery juices and her puffy protruding labia. She recognized Jenny's clit when it thrust its angry message at her own enraged and engorged clitoris. The clits dueled between their legs, testing each other with their slippery friction. She knew her labia were splayed far apart and that Jenny's cunt was wide open also. After all, the golf clubs had done a great job of opening up their inner passageways. This round of competition was less verbal than the last, but the occasional groan and grunt and shriek was still evident.

Sue and Lynn continued to sit transfixed by the ongoing battle between their friends. They watched intently as Jenny eventually began to push Rose back a bit. Slowly, ever so slowly she managed to return to a vertical position with her upper body. She humped and ground her pussy against Rose's delicious auburn crowned mound, delighting in the wonderful texture of her gushing puffy lips, surrounded by the forest of pubic hair. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" "That feels goooooooooood." "God I just want to fuck her into oblivion." "I know she is going to come. I just know she is." Jenny's thoughts raced and her loins continued their work, pushing and twisting for as much wicked contact as she could muster. Her humping pussy made contact with Rose's retaliating pussy, but the most delicious and desirable contact was elusive. Maintaining their upper bodies in contact was a barrier to the best angle of attack and Jenny was bent on lining up her soft vulva tissues with her counterparts for the delicious joy she knew she would both be able to give and receive. Somehow she couldn't allow herself to just lay back for the scissoring position she desired. The problem got solved, but not in the way Jenny had hoped for.

Rose had not been happy when Jenny forced their torsos back into an upright balance. She ached for dominance, even as she ached for the same sizzling pussy contact as Jenny. She noted the pillow lying on the floor beside them and dared to make a quick move in hopes of unsettling Jenny. Her hand lashed out and grabbed the pillow and swung it at Jenny's head. Obviously there wasn't any hurt or pain involved, but the surprise forced Jenny to react by leaning slightly away as the pillow raced towards her head. In that instant Rose grabbed Jenny's ass with her left hand and as she lurched her own ass just an inch or two backwards, pulling Jenny with her. In the very next instant, as Jenny's torso leaned back, Rose pushed forward and with Jenny off balance, was able to force her back to the floor. Since the struggle had taken its toll on Jenny's energy she did not immediately fight back, but took the opportunity to let her muscles rest for a bit. Pillow still in hand, Rose lifted Jenny's ass off the floor and slid the pillow underneath. This raised Jenny's butt about 9 or 10 inches off the floor. Perfect!

Rose had Jenny just where she wanted her. It only took a slight adjustment of her body position, spreading her legs farther apart for balance on the floor, she was able to force her pussy down directly into mutual slippery contact with Jenny's waiting pussy. Jenny let her legs drift wide in a big 'V,' opening her hole invitingly. She felt with immediate sexual gratification Rose's hairy pussy descend on and into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," "That feels gooooooooooooood." "God I want to fuck her into oblivion." "I know she is going to come." Rose's thoughts raced through her head in echo of what had flashed through Jenny moments before. Now though, it was she who was in position to accomplish her mission. Rose thrust her hips down, grinding hard against the liquid heaven that was Jenny's twat. Twisting and rotating she felt Jenny twist and grind up against her own bushy heaven. Rose's breasts jiggled in the glow of the setting sun that had been shining in through the west windows. Drops of sweat trickled down her body, dripping off or spraying about whenever she shook vigorously. The sight was intoxicating for both Sue and Lynn. They watched as Rose's big boobs bounced and shook to the timing of her vibrations. Awesome! Even with the air conditioning on the room felt humid and close. Their noses absorbed the lush damp odor of sweaty females in heat, almost tasting the fermented intensity emanating from locked loins. The sun glowing off such a stunning pair of females with the contrast of shadows lengthening only served to heighten the erotic atmosphere of what had been powerfully sexy to begin with.

Both Rose and Jenny were immersed in a sea of lust. While their brains hadn't forgotten the competitive nature of their union, the hormonal surge was taking more and more control. Each movement, each sound, each pore of their skin, each cell in their body was dedicated to pleasure; pleasure for self and pleasure for the other. And now it seemed that pleasure for self was winning out over pleasure for the other. Rose's hips became a dervish of motion, twisting, grinding, pushing, aiming for the most intimate contact. She felt Jenny buck her ass up towards her own. She felt Jenny's clit invade her cunt and push her lips around and around. The lower clit and the upper clit banged their enemy clit without conscious intent. The clits were taking control. Rose felt Jenny's clit wiggle and thrust upward in defiance of her own downward force. It was glorious. Recognizing her own escalating arousal, she focused her actions directly at Jenny's clit. She ground her own juicy bud into Jenny with the most vigor she could muster. Her legs were wide apart, planted firmly on the floor, one on either side of Jenny. Jenny's legs were acceptingly spread very wide. Jenny could use her shoulders and arms for leverage to accommodate Rose's forceful advances with forceful upward advances of her own. The combination of the two women grinding and sliding their pussies against each other had them panting in desperation.

Jenny knew her orgasm was approaching. She could see Rose's facial expression of ecstatic joy and it gave away the closeness of Rose's impending orgasm. Even though she was in a gravity forced submissive position, her grinding motions and determination were anything but subservient. She wiggled and thrust her clit at Rose without letup. The sizzling friction of their two sensitive organs had both women panting, grunting, groaning, and making all sorts of less than ladylike noises.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck." Jenny kept repeating herself over and over and over.

Soon Rose joined in the verbal cacophony. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Oh God! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. NNNNNNoooooooooooo...... Fuck, Fuck. OOOOOOooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss."

Jenny couldn't stop herself any more. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Mmmmmmmmm! Yesssssssssssssssss. Nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo. Unh, Unh, Unh."

The approach to orgasmic explosion was obvious. Each knew what was about to happen, the only question was timing. Lynn and Sue were watching and listening intently. Two banshee screams split the air in the room. Two women were flooded by a Tsunami of an orgasm. Jenny and Rose screamed their delirious screams for nearly a minute before they died down. Jenny had exploded into her orgasm, in the next instant (milliseconds later) Rose lost all control and shuddered along with her screams, sharing a double tsunami event with Jenny. The two fucking women gradually slowed their motion, allowing for the pent-up energy of their union to dissipate. After another minute or so of pussy humping fun, slowing to a snail's pace, Rose finally fell off Jenny onto the floor. Her breathing was ragged and heavy, as was Jenny's. The two women lay there spent for a few seconds, eyes closed in dreamy pleasure. The heavenly union they just shared had been so powerful that even the thoughts of winner and loser had been displaced in their minds. Only the supreme satiation of their sexual appetites remained.

For Lynn and Sue, however, they did think about the results. Who had won? Lynn looked at Sue and could see the slight consternation on her face. "What are you thinking?" she asked.

"Well, that was sure fun to watch. But I'm not sure who came first. Could you tell?"

They were whispering softly. "It was god-awful close. I think Jenny might have let loose just a fraction before Rose, but I can't be sure. I think it was a tie."

Sue dared to speak up. "Well ladies, that was pretty damn good, that episode with the clubs stuffing your holes was pretty impressive. It looked like a tie. Awesome match girls!"

\Lynn confirmed her opinion. "I never expected that but it was a tie. It looks like Jenny eked out an overall victory. She managed to keep her 1 point lead."

"Damn! I thought for sure I had her. Are you sure she didn't come first?" Rose half-heartedly questioned their determination of the winner.

Jenny finally ventured her opinion. "Hell, all I know is that that was one helluva fuck. Yummmmmy! I always knew I was the best though. This just proves it. What was the final score anyway?" She questioned out loud even though they all knew perfectly well what the score was, including herself.

"Counting ties as half a point Sue and I each had 7 points, Rose ended up with 7 1/2, and Jenny had the most with 8 1/2. If Jenny wants to claim the win, that will be all right with me. But just remember girl, you didn't win by very much and the next time it could be completely different." Lynn was acting more gracious than usual, considering her usual haughty demeanor. But the score did tally up slightly in Jenny's favor.

Rose, as fiercely determined as she had been to win, felt deflated by the outcome, and her consternation at only managing a tie with Jenny prompted her to pick up on Lynn's last thought. "Next time. Next time could be very different. You were right Lynn. Next time it'll be me that gets crowned champion." She was already asserting and assuming that there would be another round of competition.

Sue grinned a little smile before adding, "Well, ladies, as it turns out our 'vacation' is only half over. I'm sure we could find something spicy to while away the days up here. I wonder if we can even find time to get out on the golf course again?"

"Before we make any plans for our private times, why don't we spend the next day with more usual fare? A little time off from our girly wars could be fun, and at the same time, make a return engagement all the more fun. What do you say we head out for a nightcap. After all it is not that late yet for a Saturday night. There must be some pretty nice bars in town. What do you say?" Lynn's ideas made sense, even for the tired battlers from the last match. The clock said 9:55 P.M. and they could be cleaned up and ready to go in less than an hour if they didn't go for a glamorous look.

Sue expanded on that a bit. "I'm famished. I don't want to get all dressed up. Lets just take quick showers and dress in something casual and go to that bar we went to last year. You know, the one down on Bayshore Drive that had good food and a dance floor. I think it was called Sammy's."

Jenny, still naked and sweaty finally stood up. She flipped her hair back and agreed. "Rose, congratulations, you put up a helluva a battle there. I don't know about you but it sure worked up an appetite inside me. What do you say we go over to Sammy's?"

"Fine. I'm hungry as a horse. A change of pace would be good. Let's go."

And so it was that the four hot women quickly readied themselves for the late evening outing. The fireworks of the last week were over. Jenny had come out on top, but the more important outcome of the week was that the sexual fires that burned within them had taken a very different turn than any might have imagined a week ago tonight as they finished packing back home. No way could they have predicted that the week would have been anything other than a fine golf, tennis, lakeshore, and dining vacation. With so many preconceptions evaporated by the events they shared, it now was apparent that the future held a much wider array of activities than they might have even dreamed of before. Already, with still a week to go, they were all thinking that this was the best vacation they had ever had. To a woman, they didn't want it to end. What would the future bring? Only time will tell.