(By HGHunt)

Sue vs Lynn With Clubs

"It's time." Rose spoke softly, but it seemed like shouting to Lynn, Sue, and Jenny, who were nearly in a trance. It took a second time for Rose's announcement to sink in before any of the others stirred. Lynn and Sue moved slowly, but inside they were ready.

The Vaseline jar, opened on the floor, was nearly empty. Its contents were being smeared over both golf clubs, each girl appearing to massage her precious club. Lynn purred like a kitty as she stroked her driver, watching Sue sensuously apply the Vaseline to her own 5-wood. She didn't really notice the fierce look of determination on Sue's face. Lynn watched but didn't 'see' Sue at all. She was thinking about Jenny's 1-point lead and her goal of pulling even with her. Sue was absolutely gorgeous, the resolve within, transmitted to her face a calm but stern beauty. Her dark hair and eyes framed her chiseled features magnificently.

"Let's get this started with a kiss," Sue then lowered her voice to an almost inaudible whisper, "bitch!"

By now of course the women were used to trash talk from each other and it didn't faze Lynn to hear, barely, Sue's last word. But what it didn't do either was give her the warning she should have taken seriously about Sue's resolve. Lynn stepped to within arms length of Sue and waited. It didn't take long and Sue stepped right up to Lynn. Their breasts met, compressed together a bit, and held their ground. Sue took a deep breath and leaned in close as Lynn matched her move symmetrically. Their mouths met and Sue tasted the healthy feminine lips, the shiny white teeth, and the pink dancing tongue. Sue drove her tongue inside Lynn's mouth and etched a path around her pearly teeth. She examined every square millimeter of Lynn's gums, every square millimeter of her teeth, every square millimeter of the roof of her mouth, and every square millimeter (several times over) of her tongue. It seemed at first to be a routine kiss, but the delicacy and obvious lusty exploration into every reachable corner of her mouth made Lynn's breathing become just a little more ragged and erratic.

Lynn slithered her tongue inside Sue's mouth too, of course, and she lavished considerable attention on her counterpart's tongue. Their tongues spent nearly four minutes devoted to continuous liquid dancing. Each still held her golf club in one hand while using the other to wrap gently around the waist of her partner. With the tongue kiss lingering too long to suit Lynn, she backed away and brought her club head up to her lips for a quick kiss, before cupping it in her hand and holding the club in a fashion similar to a computer mouse, pressed it into Sue's crotch. "Feel that girl? I know you want it." She rubbed it firmly over Sue's bushy black hair, and then pushed it lower to grind against Sue's plump pussy lips. Sue just stared at Lynn, measuring her demeanor and planning her next move. "Yeah, I feel it. I feel your club. I sure do want it, but not as much as you want it. You're the one that wants it more. You're the one that wants me more." With that Sue brought her own club up to her hand and with a move similar to Lynn's began palming it across Lynn's crotch. She pressed it into Lynn's blonde pubes. Moving it in small circles, ever-widening, she compressed Lynn's flesh just enough to assure her of the power behind the club, but only enough to elicit the first erotic sensations. Sue could feel Lynn's club rubbing across her pussy, but it was more than a minute before she lowered her club head to Lynn's vulva.

The two were still standing, about a foot apart. The clubs glided effortlessly and deliciously over the tender skin of each woman's labia. The natural energy of lusty libidos had its switch turned on. The old phrase is a well-chosen moniker. Both women were now 'turned on.' There seemed to be some awkwardness to their movements though. The long shafts of their clubs, dependent on the particular way they held their clubs, made for less than graceful exploration. Each shaft protruded nearly upward, angling between them and bumping each other and basically getting in the way.

In a surprise move, Sue grabbed Lynn's club out of her hand and tossed it aside. Lynn, stunned a bit, just stood there as Sue thrust her hips forward, her fuzzy mound bumping the heel of her club, and forcing the toe of the club a bit deeper between Lynn's legs. Sue drew her hand up higher on the club, holding it just enough to keep it from falling, and reached around Lynn's waist and grabbed her ass. Pulling Lynn forward, and thrusting her own hips out, she felt the mass of the club pressing into her crotch as it met Lynn's crotch equally.

Looking into Lynn's eyes, Sue said, "Lets get on the floor with this."

"Suits me just fine."

The two spent a few seconds arranging themselves on the blanket. They brought their crotches together by throwing one leg over the leg of the other. In a sitting position their crotches were now cuddling up to each other and their torsos and faces were within reach of each other. Sue brought the club into the narrow confines of the region between their pussies. She nestled her bushy crotch up against the club as Lynn did the same with her blonde bush.

Lynn cooed as she felt the bump and pressure that traveled through the club from Sue's wiggling hips. While not the shape of a double dildo, the club head was in position to transfer pubic gyrations between the two. Their pussies were locked to the well-greased device and were wiggling and squirming against each other, trying diligently to direct their thrusts and parries to best advantage against the other. They bumped and humped against each other for a few minutes, eventually both became frustrated with the lack of stimulation they seemed to be able to generate. The friction of club against pussy felt pretty nice, but there was very little penetration possible this way, and their sexy vulvas were kept apart by the thickness of the club head. Lynn was the first to become discontented with the progress and so she slid apart for just a moment and swapped the club 180 degrees, so that now the grip was between their pussies. Sue allowed Lynn to pull the switch uncontested.

Back together they came. This time the much narrower end of the club allowed their labia to distend out to the side and envelope the grip enough to touch on opposing sides. This was better, but within a couple of minutes this seemed too tame as well. The club would tickle their clits, but it wasn't enough. Their labia could snake around the grip and touch, but it wasn't enough. Sue leaned forward to kiss Lynn again, even as she ground her pussy against Lynn and the club for the last time.

Lynn responded to Sue's kiss by grabbing the golf club and discarding it off to the side. Oh, no! She was breaking the rules! Mock anguish!

What a relief thought Sue. Now I can get after her without that crap in my way! Jenny and Rose, on the sidelines, didn't say anything. They just left it up to the two girls to decide for themselves. Sue urged her body forward a bit on the floor, pressing her pussy firmly up against Lynn's orifice. Sue lifted her right leg and bent the knee to wrap it around Lynn's back. With her heel she could pull Lynn forward even more, which is what she did. Their kiss continued, picking up where the earlier kiss had left off. Tongues swirled around inside their mouths. Lynn's leg reached around Sue and pulled Sue closer to her. Sue used her left hand to grab her own right ankle around Lynn's back. She pulled her ankle towards her, pinning Lynn and her pussy deliciously up against her own cunt. Lynn felt the squeeze, and being symmetrically positioned she managed to do the same thing. Giving a quick yank on her own ankle she plastered her pussy up against Sue's dark thatched pussy. Sue grunted at the impact, but it only made her pull even harder herself.

Body versus body: Dueling tongues, breasts, nipples, pussies, and legs they devoured each other with every millimeter of skin that could find another millimeter of skin of the foe. The raggedness of their breathing was more and more evident. Sue was ready to up the ante. She let go of her ankle and leaned just a bit to her left and reached the recently discarded golf club. She pulled the club behind Lynn and worked the grip into her ass crack. She wormed the blunt end of the club around and around Lynn's puckered hole.

Lynn, in her arousal, felt the probing of her asshole. Wondering if Sue could jam it up into her or if it was just teasing. She found herself wanting to be probed by the shaft. Sue noted the shift in Lynn's breathing, the gasp that came out of her mouth, and the anxious wiggling that accompanied the near intrusion. Lynn leaned back for a moment, readying herself to raise the ante, swirled a large mouthful of saliva around, and then let it fly at Sue's face. The spit landed squarely in the center of Sue's face, dead between her eyes. "You bitch!" Sue didn't let that go unanswered and she returned the favor with a big splat across Lynn's right eyebrow. Back and forth they each spat three more times, covering their pretty faces in drizzly, bubbly, saliva. A few more trash talking barbs passed between them before Sue thrust her upper body against Lynn, knocking her over on her back.

As they tumbled to the floor Sue gained superior position and immediately began humping Lynn's pussy with her own. She gritted her teeth in determination to force Lynn closer and closer to an orgasm. Lynn fumed at the superior fucking position Sue had found and she fought to throw her off. But the combination of fatigued muscles and her own horniness prevented her from accomplishing anything more than bouncing Sue around a bit. She felt Sue's slippery pussy grinding downward against her own, missionary style. She watched and felt her own spit dripping down off of Sue's face onto her own. She didn't like her predicament one bit and she was determined to turn the tables on Sue. But of course Sue had other ideas.

Sue thrust her hips wildly against Lynn, banging her fuzzy mound against Lynn over and over again. Lynn began to moan from the delicious and furious pounding her pussy was receiving. She tried repeatedly to throw Sue off but each time all that was accomplished was a more furious pounding from Sue's determined pussy. Sue dropped her spit-covered face lower to Lynn and went after her mouth with her own open mouth. Lynn could hardly resist and she returned the favor eagerly. Lynn knew her arousal was surging and it was imperative that she do something to slow down the momentum that Sue had built, but what?

She remembered the golf club. Sue's 5-wood was lying close to them and Lynn grabbed it and she aimed to use it on Sue's butt, much like what Sue had done with her a few minutes earlier. It wasn't easy with Sue continuing her kiss and hump action on top of Lynn. Somehow Lynn managed to reach around behind Sue far enough to get the club's shaft/grip aimed roughly at Sue's gyrating asshole. Sue didn't stop her fucking but she didn't try to thwart Lynn's probing either. She felt the tip of the same grip that had moment before been probing Lynn's behind. Sue felt both kinky and in control for the moment and she didn't think a little ass-play would hurt a thing.

Lynn got her index finger a knuckle deep inside Sue's butt. She felt her sphincter loosen a bit as she pushed it deeper. Then with her finger about 1" inside she felt the anal contraction pinching her finger. "She's ready now," thought Lynn. With some difficulty she replaced her finger with the club. It took some doing to control it well enough to work past the tight entrance, but Sue seemed obliging by slowing her pushes somewhat to allow for Lynn to accomplish what she wanted. As motivated and intensely determined as Sue was, she had felt an ache for her ass to be plundered and it felt really good to have Lynn work the club into her tight ass. "Mmmmm," Sue murmured into Lynn's mouth as she felt the slippery grip work past her opening and give her stretchy hole a nice full feeling.

Jenny and Rose watched from the nearby couch as the two hot, desperate women ravished each other, jostled for position, and took all the other could dish out. Sue looked pretty strange actually, her bouncing butt looked quite peculiar with a golf club, embedded a few inches inside her ass, rapidly gyrating and bouncing around in crude response to her humping motions that still did not let up.

Sue felt her ass take the club. She felt it wickedly probe her hole, and she felt it push against her bowel wall as the weight of the club head prevented the shaft from following her body motions directly. Lynn had made sure it was deep enough to stay inside and she removed her hand from the club and she grabbed Sue by the hair and pulled her head and face down towards her own mouth as their kissing continued. Lynn's pussy had been pummeled for nearly 15 or 20 minutes now by Sue's bushy mound and pussy and it was beginning to take its toll. Lynn was trying hard to maintain her aggression and pulling Sue's hair was another way to try to maintain some small level of control. Predominate now though for Lynn, was the fact that her pussy was burning with desire. Her clit had been jostled and rubbed for so long, her pussy lips so deliciously enflamed, that the battle for control was being lost. With her hands still firmly gripping Sue's hair she pulled her head up and away from the exhaustive kiss and began to scream her submissive demands. "Fuck me more! Fuck me harder, bitch!" She yanked on Sue's hair, first to one side and then the other, but Sue just kept pounding and rubbing her pussy and clit down, down, as deeply as she could into Lynn's wide open crotch. Quickly, Sue reached around behind and pulled that damn golf club from her ass so that she would have more freedom to pound away at Lynn. Wham! Wham! Wham! She smashed her pussy again and again down into Lynn. Lynn began to moan and groan. Sue spat in her face from above another time and all Lynn did was scream, "More! More! Give me more!" Sue felt her own pussy begin to vibrate with the rousing electricity of her impending orgasm. Sue had been in control for so long, and her confidence that she would have Lynn orgasm first so powerful, that it was a bit of a surprise to feel her own orgasm approaching. She knew that Lynn had to be very close, and so as not to risk letting Lynn's arousal fall backwards in any way, Sue forged full speed ahead, risking her own loss of control. Grinding and rubbing her soaking pussy down and into Lynn, she felt her clit match up with Lynn's clit and putting every last ounce of her sexual energy into her motions she pushed and wiggled her hips to force as much lovely friction as possible across Lynn's erect clit.

Screams of joy rent the air. Orgiastic control was lost and the two women bashed and banged their wet pussies together in pure writhing ecstasy. Sue felt wonderful, now that Lynn had flashed past her barrier first. The cries and screams were Lynn's and she let her pent up rage, anger, and lust, all come bursting out. "Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh God! Youuuu Biiiiiiiiiiiitch! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Make me cum. Make me cum hard! Pound your pussy into me. Fuck, fuck, fuck." Sue of course was in no mood not to oblige Lynn's orgiastic demands. As Lynn shuddered and screamed her way through a powerful orgasm, Sue let herself go. She used her clit to grind again and again into Lynn's clit, dipping occasionally a bit lower to push it in between the soft wet folds of her labia, relishing the freedom to be totally sexual and totally in control all at the same time. Her orgasm followed Lynn's by about 30 or 40 seconds and it was absolutely heavenly. She lowered her spit-covered face to Lynn again and kissed her lips ravenously as she powered her pussy against Lynn's still gyrating gash. Sue didn't yell or scream, but her hearty moans and whimpering made it clear to Jenny and Rose that her orgasm was indeed at hand. Their thrashing bodies eventually slowed. Their whimpering and moaning diminished to a feeble shadow of moments before. Sue remained atop Lynn and Lynn returned Sue's kiss, now tenderly, unlike before. Their perspiration-soaked bodies became notably active only from their heavy breathing. Several minutes went by before the kiss ended and they pulled their bodies slowly apart. When Sue finally rolled off the top onto her back beside Lynn the others could see the huge warm smile spread across her face.

Vindication! Sue had finally gained her second win over Lynn and moved up to 7 points on the match total, matching Lynn. It was her first victory over Lynn since the very first event, the kiss over at the golf course that caught Lynn by surprise. Sue was blissful with her win, even knowing that she would not be the overall champion. She had tied Lynn in points and matched Rose as well. Jenny was one point ahead of all the other three with only a single match left: Rose vs Jenny.

Lynn ached over the loss, since it ended her chance of equaling Jenny's point total. But she certainly did have to admit (to herself anyway) that the intense orgasm Sue had squirmed out of her was wonderful. She didn't say much. Just one word came out, "congratulations."

The two finally sat up to hear the kudos from Jenny and Rose. Both of the final combatants gave hearty congratulations to Lynn and Sue: probably a bit more for Sue, since she had emerged victorious. The sexual energy of the room remained as they took their break. Sue and Lynn needed showers and Rose and Jenny obligingly allowed them to clean up before they took center stage.