(By HGHunt)

Rose vs Lynn With Clubs

They waited an hour, as per former agreement, before they readied themselves for the next match. The outcome of the last two matches had served to narrow the gap among the four women in total victories. Now only a single point separated all of them. Lynn and Rose, coming off losses were well aware of the clock ticking. Whoever lost this next match would have lost two in a row and might find it hard to capture the magic and win the final match. Both knew what was riding on this fight. If Lynn won she would have earned 8 wins and if Rose won she would tie Jenny and Lynn with 7. The impact of this outcome was known to all of them.

Rose contemplated the differing style she had watched Lynn and Jenny engage in during their first match, as opposed to the style she had fought with Sue. Even though both matches were quite competitive, Rose felt that her straight ahead attacking style was superior to the teasing, slow to engage, mode that Lynn had used with Jenny. She readied herself for another quickie. She knew if she started right in on Lynn that Lynn would reciprocate, much like Sue in her last match. Rose and Lynn both knew that bravado and false taunting would get them nowhere. Each just steeled herself for the upcoming race, determination etched in their faces.

They headed to the blanket in the center of the room and with a quick kiss on the lips for initiation the two intent ladies went directly to work on each other as soon as they lay down on the blanket. Rose was surprised but Lynn took control of the club head end and used it to toy with Rose's crotch. She slid it over her auburn curly pubic hair and around her inner thighs and finally settled it over her pussy lips.

Rose had cooperated fully, opening up her legs wide to provide easy access. Lynn allowed the same efficient access to her pussy for Rose's exploration. Lynn prodded her Big Bertha across Rose's lips and even pushed its oiled surface in wormlike fashion between her outer lips. Rose's lips splayed wide apart, hinting at the possibilities of further exploration. As Lynn contemplated her tactics, she postponed her probing with the big club and swapped ends for the shaft and grip. She had plenty of vegetable oil nearby that she used to douse the sticky grip, making it very slippery. Leaning low to put her face just a few inches away from Rose's already pungent pussy, Lynn loaded up a large mouthful of saliva and spit into the midst of Rose's red-haired forest of pubes.

"You bitch!" Rose yelled. Within moments she had jetted a stream of spit into Lynn's pussy fur in retaliation.

Lynn used the butt end of her club to push that spit all around Rose's bush and when she had it spread out as much as she could she let loose another volley, followed by another and another. As much saliva as she could produce she was smearing all over Rose's forested cunt. Lynn heard and felt Rose retaliate in kind. Their kinky exchange had both infuriated Rose and heightened her resolve to make Lynn pay for all her transgressions. Rose hadn't forgotten any of them and she wanted badly for Lynn to suffer under her own hand.

Lynn felt Rose plunge her shaft inside her pussy now for the first time. It glided in effortlessly and the combination of oil, personal lubricant, and saliva made for a very slippery slew. Up to now Lynn had been so focused on her goal that she really did not notice any libido escalation, but with the penetration and the luxurious wiggling that followed she couldn't help but realize that Rose was having success. Lynn spit some more and she too wiggled her driver's grip past Rose's plump, pink, and very wet lips. Stopping only two or three inches deep she twirled the shaft in ever-increasingly wider circles of pressure to all sides of Rose's woman-cunt. She lowered her mouth and suckled Rose's distended lips into her mouth and tongued them all the while the club/dildo was stretching and pushing Rose's vagina wider and wider. Rose responded enough for Lynn to know that the violation was reaching Rose's pleasure centers.

Rose's hips rocked in slow pulsing tempo. Lynn heard tiny sighs of pleasure escape Rose's lips and she knew that she was not losing the race up to that point.

Rose meanwhile had been paying equally close attention to Lynn's vibrations and she was sure she detected shivers of delight with many of the gyrations she sent into the depths of Lynn's pussy with her own 5-wood grip. The intoxicating aroma produced by Lynn made Rose sure that Lynn was 'all charged up' with hormonal production. But she was just as aware that her own juices were flowing and providing plenty of nose heaven for Lynn as well.

Rose ached so much for victory she willed herself to think about everything else in the room. She contemplated the pattern of the carving on the furniture. She wondered who picked the colors for the walls. She discovered the tiny specks of color in the carpet. But she couldn't make it last. No matter how hard she tried she was forced by Lynn's expert masturbatory technique to feel her lust continue to grow. Her involuntary hip gyrations and moans gave it away. She knew Lynn could gauge just how far she had come along. With all the intimate exchanges these women had been having over the past week, it was very hard to keep secret their relative lust levels. Rose realized that it was important to always keep progressing towards her enemy's orgasm, and to do whatever she could to focus her opponent's attention away from those things that might bring her to orgasm. While she was thinking these thoughts she felt Lynn's fingers and lips joining the club head all over her pussy. It was as if Lynn was hoping to over stimulate her to the point that she couldn't help but have a flooding orgasm.

Rose kept up her variable penetration of Lynn's blonde pussy with her club but she sought to distract Lynn from the powerful success she was having. Rose knew she would blow her top if Lynn kept that up much longer.

As in many endeavors the risk/reward ratio underlies much of what we choose to do. Rose realized this just now and in order to hold off what she knew would be a powerful orgasm in a few minutes, she decided to try a ploy that she hoped would be subtle enough for Lynn not to see right through it. She knew that Lynn's expert clit sucking would inevitably be her doom, unless she could get Lynn to focus her attention in a slightly different way. She knew that Lynn had chosen that BIG BERTHA driver for a reason. It could have been the psychological impact of having her opponents worry about having that monster shoved inside them, or it could have been that she actually planned to use it! Whatever, she had noted Lynn's use of the driver to probe just millimeters insider her lips several minutes earlier, and maybe, just maybe Lynn might redirect her efforts along those same lines again.

"Ooooooohhh!" Rose let out a gasping sound.

"Uuunnnnnnnnnh!" another grunt escaped her lips.

Rose's legs shot out wider, wider, until they would have done a high school cheerleader proud.

She rocked her hips forward and back, keeping Lynn's shaft embedded inside her cunt, but her rocking was of such a random erratic pattern that Lynn had a hard time keeping her mouth attached.

"MMMMMmmmmmmmmm!" When Rose let out her third seemingly uncontrollable utterance, Lynn took the bait.

Rose firmly kept up her plunging action and she even spit on Lynn's pussy a couple more times as Lynn swapped ends of her club.

Lynn 'just knew' that what she had seen from Rose with the deep throat action she gave Bobby at the beach and the wild lusty contortions she was witnessing that Rose would be carried over the edge if she could force Big Bertha inside Rose's cunt. It sure was slippery enough! She had watched the opening of her cunt spasm and contract with all her tongue and finger work, but it certainly appeared that the hole she was looking at could accept a monstrous cock or even "Big Bertha."

Lynn was taking her own risk of course. She knew her own orgasm couldn't be more than a few minutes away, but she had a gut feeling that Rose would just rocket right away when she felt Big Bertha stuffed inside her. So Lynn gave Rose's pussy one last gob of spittle and a good lick from her tongue and then Big Bertha began to wedge up against Rose's petals. They splayed apart with no difficulty. Using the toe of her driver she wedged and wiggled it down and in so that nearly one-third of the driver was embedded in Rose's expanding cunt.

Rose gasped at the stretch to her vagina as Lynn wiggled and rotated it some more for half a minute before pressuring it down again. Deeper, deeper it went. Rose could feel her muscles being stretched out to the limit (?) and it was an exquisite, even though painful, condition she was in. Lynn was being very gentle, of course, not wanting to really hurt Rose, lest it destroy her lust. When Bertha was in just over half-way it was as though a giant vacuum cleaner had just been turned on inside Rose's cunt. "Schluuup." The sound it made as Big Bertha was sucked inside Rose completely sent shivers down Lynn's spine. "God," she thought, "Rose really did want that thing inside her."

Rose was now in treacherous waters. She had risked much and she herself had not known just what her bodies reaction would be to having that big thing plunged inside and fucking her hole. The reality was that it had hurt a bit, but Rose was a full grown woman and once it got past the entrance and was sucked inside, she realized it was a consummately wonderful feeling of joy to have her pussy stretched to the limit and to accept such an object. But, the best part was that it was more an emotional level of fulfillment and not as deliciously lusty as the previous tactics Lynn had been using. Rose wasn't about ready to say "mission accomplished," because Lynn had yet to orgasm, but Rose felt like she had leaped over the last big hurdle and she was in the home stretch (pun intended). Rose had paused just long enough during the giant penetration for her reaction to seem natural. But when she felt Lynn start rocking the shaft of the club, and she responded to the Bertha-fucking she was getting, she resumed her attack on Lynn's pussy with her own club.

Rose spit again at the confluence of pussy and shaft, adding even more lubricant to the already gooey, slippery, slimy area. Juices had covered much of Lynn's groin, thighs, and the blanket underneath. Rose began to wiggle her shaft inside Lynn in alternating fast and then slow vibrations. Her tongue found Lynn's clit and pressured it this way and that. She didn't suck it into her mouth but her tongue was like a possessed demon, never stopping, always moving, always pleasing Lynn's lucky clitoris. Rose found herself humping back at Lynn's club as Lynn carefully wiggled and moved it all around, giving Rose a continuous sensation of immense fulfillment. Both were getting close, really close.

As Lynn realized how far along she had come from Rose's tonguing of her clit, she decided to bring her own tongue into action. With Bertha still embedded far inside Rose's cunt and only the stainless steel shaft protruding out, Lynn tongued Rose's nub and she felt the shiver of excitement in Rose's response. She continued to fuck Rose gently with Bertha and she knew that the added tonguing action was bound to shoot her off at any moment. "Shit! It had better be quick," she thought. Her own orgasm was now just a cunt hair away from washing over her. She felt Rose's body reacting to her own loving and it just had to happen. It just had to happen. It just had to happen to Rose first.

But it didn't. Lynn was the one that succumbed to the inevitable. Her orgasm splashed through her and covered her body in shivers of delight. It rolled throughout her body and rolled back into her groin. She cried in disbelief at the outcome. She was 'sure' that she would have forced Rose to be bouncing off the ceilings with an orgasm. But it didn't happen. "God damn you. You bitch!" Lynn was mad as hell at losing. She knew it was obvious to them all that she had lost, but it didn't set very well with her. She didn't even try to finish off Rose, who was obviously just moments away form her own orgasm. Instead she recklessly pulled her Big Bertha from Rose's cunt in one big pull. She did twist it so that it came out in its narrowest orientation, but the quick withdrawal made Rose scream. Even though the lubrication was superb, it still hurt like hell to have that monster golf club yanked out of her pussy like that. She clutched at her pussy and rolled into a ball, crying in pain.

"What the fuck did you do that for?" It was Sue who challenged Lynn. They all knew that the stakes were high and that some unexpected things were bound to happen, but Sue was aghast that Lynn would act like that in her bitterness from losing.

"Fuck you!" Lynn retorted.

"Girls, please. I'll be ok." It was Rose. "She's just a sore loser that's all. If she wants to act like that let her. The only important thing is that I whipped her pussy good. Lord knows I can take it. Anything she's got, I can take it!" Rose's pride at having been impaled and fucked by Big Bertha was exponentially greater because she had been able to bring Lynn to orgasm even while she was being plundered so magnificently. "Don't give her a hard time. I'll be ok. Really."

Jenny looked at Sue who had looked for a moment as though she might have attacked Lynn for her perceived transgression. Rose's words had quieted the mood a bit. Lynn was still mad about losing, but she did now realize that she was still tied for the lead. It was a three-way tie. Lynn-7, Jenny-7, Rose-7, and Sue with 6. Only three more matches remained. Lynn would have one more match coming up, against Sue, but that would have to wait for Sue to take on Jenny. The final match would be Rose and Jenny. Lynn knew that Jenny and Sue, with two matches each yet to go, could end her chances. It bothered her immensely to think that SHE wasn't the one who had the most sexual prowess. She resolved to win her next match against Sue, no matter what happened in the other two matches.

Jenny and Sue were up next. With Rose's recuperation well under way, and at her suggestion that they take a break, they got some drinks and snacks and just relaxed for a few minutes before heading back to the living room.