(By HGHunt)

Sue vs Rose With Clubs

"Lets get it on, slut." Rose got things going with her first challenge.

"Bring what you got, cunt."

"Don't worry about that. I'll bring more than enough to have you screaming."

The four women traded places as the jibes flew between Sue and Rose. Back and forth went those challenges and many more besides. With the outright challenges and the associated tension between them, these two wasted no time on golf club foreplay. They assumed the position that Lynn and Jenny had just assumed and they tackled each other's pussies with their greased up clubs the moment they hit the floor.

Both girls had witnessed the victor in the last match use the grip of her club for more effect than the Big Bertha club head had produced, so these two each went with the grip end of their club to jab, poke, rub, and slide all around their respective fuck-holes. They didn't tease, cajole, taunt, or delay. Realizing this was nothing more than a race they both challenged each other to hold back just by the vigor with which they went after each other's pussy.

Lubed shafts plunged inside wet holes and rotated around and around (having seen the success of Jenny's tactic against Lynn). Rose used her grip like a dildo and alternated plunging in and out strokes with wiggles in every direction. Whenever she pulled it out of Sue's cunt she would produce a loud popping sound from the vacuum created and she could hear the same result from Sue pulling her grip out of her pussy. Pop, pop, pop. It almost sounded like popcorn popping. The noises might not have been very erotic, but both girls were forced towards orgasm by the effectiveness of the mutual masturbation.

Sue felt her pulse rate rising and she quickened her efforts with Rose. She felt good about her efforts, because she could tell Rose was headed in the right direction as well. Sue used her fingers to ply Rose's labia apart as she fucked her juicy cunt with that golf club. She used her fingers on her clit also, rubbing it, flicking it, teasing it, and playing with it in every way she could imagine.

Shock! Sue felt Rose's mouth plop down on her clit just as a moment of diminished club-fucking had subsided. At that same instant Rose wickedly fucked her cunt in rapid bursts of in and out plunging action. Sue was feeling like she might lose as Rose's aggressive combination took its toll on Sue. Sue reacted like a trooper though and brought her own mouth to Rose's pussy and now the two were heavily woven together by their mouths, fingers, and golf clubs.

Moans, groans, and writhing hips. Tongues danced across clits and inside cunts. The clubs plunged in and out and wiggles all around and the two heaved and recklessly bore full steam ahead. Lynn and Jenny watched the closeness of the race and were surprised to see Rose go off first. It had seemed like she had the advantage, but somehow Sue had held off her impending orgasm and had beaten Rose at her own game. Rose's hips bucked wildly as her orgasm surged over her. She felt the hot glow radiate out from her pussy to every extremity. The spasms were intense, she felt her legs jerk and her body lurched so much that Sue could barely keep Rose impaled for the duration. Rose stopped fingering and club-fucking Sue's pussy until her orgasm subsided, but she went ahead and resumed her attack on Sue's cunt so that just two or three minutes later Sue had her own lurching orgasm.

It felt so damn good to have that golf club probing her depths as Rose sucked her clit into her mouth and rolled her tongue in circles around and around and around. Pushing that tongue forcefully against her clit made it so damn exciting. Her orgasm flooded through her and even though Rose had lost the race she had a look of satisfaction on her face with the way she had forced Sue to come so hard.

Sue glowed with the aftermath of her own orgasm and the fact that she had beaten Rose. "Thanks babe. That was good. Pretty damn intense." Sue thanked Rose for the orgasm but went on to say, "I whipped your ass anyway. I thought for a moment you might have me but I wasn't about to lose another match. Lynn and Jenny better take notice. They will be in for the same fate as Rose: second place."

Sue had caught up with Rose in points and they were in turn only 1 point behind Lynn and Jenny. This was certainly turning out to be a set of contests between very evenly matched women. Now Rose would have to come right back and take on Lynn in the next match. This would pit the two losers of the last two matches against each other. One of them was bound to win and gain a victory. Who would it be?