(By HGHunt)

Rose v Sue

Four deliciously naked women were in the room. Jenny and Lynn, their sexy competition over for the moment, took a seat. Rose and Sue strode to the center of the room. Their womanly charms proudly displayed, giving the impression of Goddesses preparing to wage war. Sue's thick black hair contrasted nicely with Rose's auburn locks. The wonderful firm breasts advanced in glorious beauty from their chests. Chiseled faces shown beauty even in sternness or anger. Hips rounded in exquisite proportion to shapely legs and waists. Thick curly fuzz adorned their lower abdomen, promising delight to those fortunate enough to venture there and beyond!

Venturing there was just what Sue had in mind as she gazed lustily at Rose's bush. Remembering the erotic ass battle between Jenny and Lynn with fondness, she was aching for the challenge presented by Rose's pussy and ass. "You'll never get what you don't ask for," thought Sue, and so she came right out and asked, "You think your ass is ready for a challenge? Mine is."

Rose piped right up, "You better believe it. My ass is anxious for the chance to knock your ass clear into next week. Let's get at it." Now, contrary to most of the warm-up periods, there seemed to be more agreement than disagreement. Evidently the intoxicating brew stirred up by Jenny and Lynn had left the other two so horny as to dispense with the confrontational aspect of foreplay and they appeared ready to accept the challenge head-on. Jenny let them know that there were 14 minutes left. Their prancing and talk had used up about a minute.

Sue looked about the room for a quick moment, and noted the two big easy chairs. She spoke to Lynn, "Why don't you and Jenny let us have the two big chairs. I have an idea. I'd like to be able to move my ass as much as possible without having to worry about keeping my balance. I think Rose probably does too. If we pull those two chairs over here and face them towards each other at the right distance apart, we'll be able to rest our arms and upper bodies on the chairs. That way we can focus more easily on our asses. Does that make sense to you?" she asked. Rose said. "Sure. The better for me to grind your flat ass into hamburger." Lynn let her know that it was all right with her and Jenny as long as they situated the chairs so they could watch.

Rose and Sue quickly moved the chairs into position and then approached each other between the chairs. They came together for a kiss, a long slow wet kiss. Arms wrapped around their upper bodies. Each had a hand behind the head of the other. Breasts slid deliciously into each other. Was this a new chapter in competition? Both women, whether for real or an act, were totally tuned in to the erotic language their bodies were sharing. The tongue wars were replaced by complete acceptance of the other woman's kissing technique. Maybe by transmitting the feeling of total acquiescence to the other woman's body, they could elicit a faster and more forceful arousal from their sex-opponent. Sue shot her tongue deeply into Rose's mouth. Instead of trying to forcefully remove the invading tongue with her own she chose to close her lips on the long snake-like tongue and try sucking it even deeper into her mouth. They worked their tongue sucking into a beautiful rhythm. Rose would suck Sue's tongue deeply into the back of her mouth, lips tight around the tongue. She sucked so hard it felt to Sue like it would pull her tongue right off at its roots. Then Rose would let up on the suction and Sue would slide it back out, Rose keeping her lips clamped tightly around it. She would slide it out just so the tip of her tongue pressed up against Rose's puckered lips. Then she would press the tip of her tongue firmly up against Rose's closed lips. That was the signal for Rose to loosen the tightness and allow Sue's invading tongue to penetrate between her wet juicy lips, followed by another deep sucking, during which Rose would make sure to press her tongue upward against Sue's fucking tongue. They were both fully aware of the likeness their tongue dance had with real male-female fucking. Sue was lustfully motivated to keep fucking Rose's mouth with her tongue. It made her feel all warm inside. The delicious texture and taste of Rose's mouth was adding to her already advancing state of arousal. They kept up this Sue-fucks-Rose's-mouth-with-her-tongue-rhythm for at least five minutes. Rose was succumbing to the same highly charged kiss-fuck as much as Sue. Rose pulled away and said to Sue, "My turn." Sue just nodded her head. In an instant they found the same rhythm in reverse. Rose would push the tip of her tongue up against Sue's closed lips, then as Sue loosened the tightness just enough, Rose's tongue would slither inside, to be met by Sue's powerful sucking, bringing the tip of Rose's tongue nearly back to her tonsils. Out it would slide, in it would slide. If anything, Sue was even sucking harder than Rose did, trying to out-lust her. From each woman's perception, though, this let-me-show-my-lust routine had its downside. They each recognized the incredibly fast feelings of arousal coursing through their bodies. "Five minutes," Jenny finally informed them.

All during the pseudo-fucking with their tongues and mouths, their tits were continually mashing up against each other. While not the focus of their immediate attention, the added sensations helped to spur the women to greater motivation in their sex-drive. When Jenny called out the five minutes remaining, neither woman wanted to stop the intense kissing, but they did quickly make an alteration in the tongue-fucking style. They began to alternate tongue-fucks. Sue would probe Rose's full lips. Rose would tease for an instant by refusing access, and then slightly release the pressure of her lips to allow Sue's tongue to penetrate, which she would follow with that same intense sucking. Sucking deeply into her mouth, sharing saliva, never swallowing, just allowing the buildup of spit to increase, this making for a practically underwater experience for Sue's tongue. Finally releasing her powerful suction, she would let Sue's tongue erotically withdraw back into her own mouth. Then it was Rose's turn. She swirled her tongue quickly around the perimeter of Sue's lips teasingly. Then taking direct aim at the space between her red lips, she would poke her tongue at the closed opening. After a moment of forceful pressure she would feel Sue's lips lose their tension and her tongue would begin its own penetration, to be met by Sue's own vacuum action. She would feel her tongue be drawn far back into the wet reaches of Sue's mouth, past her teeth, over her tongue to touch the very back of the roof of her mouth. Incredible! Back and forth this slobbery foreplay went. Spit and drool was leaking out all over, running down their chins and dripping off onto the tops of their compressed tits.

Rose almost felt like if she continued like this her libido might even slam an orgasm at her without so much as a single touch to her pussy, and the time was drawing near that she knew she would have to accept that her pussy would meet up with Sue's pussy and her big clit. It was frightening to think how close she already was to total arousal. She knew that Sue must be very aroused as well. She could only hope it equaled or surpassed her own. "Time!" yelled Jenny.

Like Pavlov's dogs they reacted instantly to Jenny's bark. They pulled their lips apart, stared into each other's eyes with as much lust as they could muster (it was all real anyway). Rose caressed Sue's arms as she stepped back and pointed to the chairs. Sue didn't speak, but just nodded. The very last rays of the sun were now shining on the back of the chair by Rose. Rose went between the chairs and waited for Sue to do the same. In an instant they were back to back between the chairs. Legs spread apart and they dropped their upper bodies down to the cushions of the chairs. "Ready," challenged Rose. "Absofuckinglutely!" Sue was ready and anxious.

Wham! They slammed their asses together in perfect violent harmony. They bounced away from each other and the retaliatory ass slamming began. Since they weren't bent over as much as Jenny and Lynn had been at the very beginning of their ass fight, the angle of their fleshy butts was such that they had more flesh padding between their hip bones and therefore they could keep up this battering without as much pain. They slapped their asses together by leaning forward on the chair and then pushing back with a lurch. Even with the fleshy cushions of each hip absorbing the blows, the force was enough to compress their ass cheeks enough that their ass holes actually came into direct, if brief, contact. The kinkiness of the contact between their puckered anal openings was not lost on Rose or Sue. Relishing the forbidden nature of what they were doing they began to manipulate their hips at a skewed angle to allow for even more direct and continuous touching. "Hey Lynn, be a dear will you? Go get a bottle of baby oil from the bathroom. Pour it on our asses," Rose was really getting into the erotic friction and hoped the lubrication would make it even better. "That ok with you, Sue?" Sue responded, "absolutely."

Lynn hurried and arrived quickly with the bottle, pouring it over the conjoined asses, still rubbing vigorously against each other. Both women pulled apart for just a moment, long enough to use their hands to rub the oil all around the area. The slippery lubricant allowed them to slide their ass-holes easily back and forth against each other. Sue would line her brown hole directly up with Rose's and grind backwards with much force. After being initially pushed back by Sue's forceful push, Rose retaliated with an equal push and grind. With the angle they had to use in aligning themselves their pussies were each rubbing up against the interior of one of the other woman's ass cheeks.

Even with the anal focus of their fighting, their pussies were definitely involved in sloppy fighting friction. Sue grunted as she pushed her hole firmly against Rose's puckered orifice. Rose gritted her teeth and pushed back. Leg and hip muscles strained as each woman tried to push her ass right straight through her opponents ass. Sue pulled apart and slammed her ass directly back against Rose's ass, producing a sloppy slapping sound as the oiled skin came into contact. By her second slam, she was met with equal force from Rose's attacking ass. The noise was even louder. Their ass-slapping went on for several minutes, with breaks from the violent slapping to rub and grind together in slippery ecstasy. Both women's arousal came from the dual impacts and grinding of asses and pussy-on-cheek. As the accuracy diminished from a bit of fatigue, their pussies would occasionally meet in heat. With only a small subtle shift of body position and alignment they could match pussy to pussy quite nicely from this position too. After about six or seven minutes of kinky ass-hole war, they just sort of migrated to pussy against pussy. With all the juices from their own secretions combined with the baby oil, they really had a slippery mess down there. The skewed angle of their groins allowed them to rub vulvas across each other, producing wonderful sensations. What the position didn't do very well was allow their clits to bump up against each other in direct contact. With Sue figuring out the difficulty she lifted her right leg up and threw it over the arm of the chair in front of her and pulled the chair back a little closer to Rose. This added twist brought her clit into a more open and available position. Seeing that, Rose followed suit in rotational symmetric fashion. Now with their legs opened even wider by force of their legs way up on the arm of their chairs, they resumed the cunt war. Sue began to take advantage of her larger clit and slide it up and down the length of Rose's open lips, spreading her labia out farther from the size of her clit. Rose was attempting to accomplish the same thing, occasionally succeeding, but since her clit wasn't as big as Sue's, the effect wasn't equal. Both women were moaning more and more.

Sue anticipated a few more minutes before she might have to release her inhibitions totally and succumb to an orgasm. Rose kept trying to fuck Sue with her clit in the sideways-slide across Sue's pussy, but it always seemed that Sue was out-maneuvering her and she began to feel frustration. When Sue slid her clit up the entire length of Rose's opening and allowed it to come to a stop right on top of Rose's very wet knob, Rose knew she was in trouble. Sue wasted no time in attacking Rose's clitoris by pushing at it from the side with her own. She would push on it firmly, bending it over and causing it to lay to one side, then sliding across it she would pull her inch-long clit back across the other way, flipping it over and bending down flat in the opposite direction. To Rose this wasn't a losing proposition, but a "better than a man can do" excitation of her very sensitive clit. She actually began helping Sue by grinding compatibly with Sue's thrusts. Both women's muscles were now beginning to burn a little from the awkward positioning, but it didn't slow them down a bit. Those clits kept up their pushing and shoving in the slippery confines of their pussies. But finally Rose's leg (the one allowing her to stand on the floor) just gave way. Down she went in a heap. She immediately got up and pulled her chair closer to Sue's chair. Sue had extricated herself from the awkward position. They rearranged themselves and each sat in their chair but pulled their legs up high, allowing full access to each other's gash. Wiggling forward they mated their pussies again in this new, seated position. After only a couple of vigorous grinds though, Sue took matters into her own hands. She leaped forward, pulling Rose's legs far back by her head she mounted Rose. Putting her feet on either side of Rose's hips, and with Rose's legs under the control of her arms she began fucking Rose's pussy at will. She had total freedom to move in any direction and she took advantage. She humped wildly at Rose's pussy, using her clit to fuck into, through and over the top of Rose's sopping wet cunt. She was fully enjoying the dominant position for two reasons. First it was the dominant position and second it felt wonderful. She just hoped that the acquiescence and moaning from Rose were indicators that she was rapidly approaching orgasm. Sue threw her whole body into it. Her tits swing wildly as she humped with a very rapid pace across Rose's slimy slew. Ninety seconds into her frenzied fucking she heard "Hell yes! Ooooooh, hell yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me fast, fuck me faster, fuck me hard. Oh you bitch, fuck me good. Aaaaaaaahhhhh!" Rose cried out in orgiastic pleasure. She shook with joy as Sue continued her frenzied fucking, angry with herself for allowing Sue to have such easy access to the top position. But she couldn't help herself. She had lost and she knew it. Sue, as was totally expected, actually turned her rapid piston-like fucking into an even more frenzied and fast paced action. Her hips were a blur as she slid them rapidly across Rose's now spent pussy. In about two more minutes she shot herself right into her own orgasm. She was thinking how wonderful Rose's ass and pussy were and how great it was to be able to fuck her to her hearts content. "Glorious!" she thought. So it ended. Sue had bested Rose in their pussy fight.