(By HGHunt)

Jenny v Lynn

By now Jenny was having second thoughts about her clit ring. When she discreetly went to that adult novelty shop and talked to the girl working there one of the points of discussion was body piercing. The girl told Jenny that she had a clit ring and that she loved it. Her partners loved it too, both men and women, admitting she was bisexual. Jenny became instantly intrigued by the idea, figuring she could use it to her advantage in the sex competition she was so engrossed in. She had found out where the girl had hers done and went quickly to the nearby shop and asked to have a clit ring. She was told it wouldn't hurt much, except right at first. That had been true enough, but after losing pussy fights with both Sue and Rose she doubted the value. If she could, she would have removed the ring right then, but she thought it would probably be safer to ask the expert to do it later. Only thing was, she had an imminent pussy fight with Lynn, whom she knew would be just as determined to beat her as Sue and Rose had. Now Jenny wasn't a woman to often have doubts about her prowess, but in this case the doubts were about trying to use trickery for an advantage instead of meeting these women "head-on." She also felt that Sue and Rose probably fought her harder BECAUSE of the ring than if she hadn't snuck away to surprise them. In any case, her doubts were about her tactics, not about her inherent sexuality and power. By passing off her two losses in a row to foolish tactics she was ready to go into battle with Lynn a fully confident woman. She was still fatigued, however, and that she knew would certainly work against her. She hoped that her slightly larger size would compensate and allow her control over Lynn. Rose had showered first and Jenny actually took time to bathe in the tub instead of showering, hoping that the soothing hot bath would relieve the aches and pains in her muscles. She knew she would need every reserve of power she could draw on in facing the determined Lynn.

As Lynn, Sue, and Rose finished a quick meal; Jenny came out of the bath looking much refreshed. Lynn took a last big gulp of ice water and walked to the center of the living room. With the furniture pushed back out of the way they had an area about 17 feet by 20 feet of clear space. The bigger furniture had been pushed up against the outside wall, fronting the window with the view. With the upper floor location within the hotel they felt safe leaving a bit of a crack in the drapes to let in some natural sunlight. So far they hadn't had anyone complain about the noise from the occasional orgasmic and catfighting yells. Evidently the walls and floors were well soundproofed. The sun was lowering itself out over the bay and its rays were shining in between the cracks on the drapes as Jenny followed Lynn into the "fight room." Sue and Rose had preceded them and rearranged the furniture just a bit to keep the sun from shining directly on them. They wanted some natural light in the room and so they left that crack in the drapes. "Timer ready," chimed Rose, "time has started."

For a few seconds both women just stood a few feet apart eyeing each other. So far neither had taunted the other. Each was focused on the inner-self. As Jenny took her first step toward Lynn, Lynn spoke "What'll it be girl? You think your pussy can whip mine in an orgasm duel? I don't. Or do you think you have to whip the shit out of me so you can have your way with me? Me. I don't care. I can't decide whether I'd rather kick your fat ass first or just pussy fuck you to death right away."

Jenny stopped in her tracks when Lynn taunted her now. "No way it makes any difference. Your pussy is mine anyway. If you want to live in some fantasyland, that's your business. But here in this room, my pussy will Queen yours no matter what route I choose to get there. So suit yourself, because that is what I'm going to do: suit myself at your expense!"

While no other of the fights had started with a discussion of tactics before this one, nothing had been cleared up this time either. Neither woman knew the mindset of the other as they cautiously approached. Would Lynn's straight-up pussy victory over Sue cause her to want to try the same tactics here? Would Jenny's fatigue cause her to avoid the high-energy demands of a fighting duel? They approached closer. The sun shone in on Jenny's freshened skin. It glowed and created beautiful curvy shadows on the far wall as she stepped into the direct sunlight. Her profile in shadow was awesome. Legs looked exceedingly long, tummy flat, breasts high and far forward. Her nipples were not protruding but even without that touch, her breasts were a succulent sight to behold. Her graceful arms moved gingerly in preparation for intimate uses. Lynn watched Jenny's slow approach still debating her next move. Deliberately she brought her hands up to her own breasts and tweaked her nipples quickly and with firmness. Her quick pulls caused them to instantly stand at attention, awaiting Jenny's approach. Finishing her nipple pull, she put her hands under each of her tits and slowly moved them side-to-side in a teasing way. As she spoke she continued her tit-swaying, "Here Jenny, come to Mama." Her taunt grated on Jenny. It was if she was telling Jenny that she (Lynn) was the mother and that Jenny was the child coming to suckle. Jenny stopped her approach a second time. A challenge like that cannot go unaccepted she thought, and so Jenny took the last step toward Lynn. She lowered her head as if to actually put her mouth on Lynn's sexy left nipple. Lingering there just an inch away for several seconds, blowing softly over the engorged nipple, Jenny lifted her head without making contact with Lynn's breast. Instead, she used both hands to grab her own right breast, and without ever taking her eyes off Lynn's eyes, she pulled her breast far upward. Keeping her gaze firmly on Lynn she lowered her head far enough to take her own nipple into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around made it grow instantly to hardness. Jenny continued to suck her own tit for half a minute. Lowering her boob from her mouth she looked firmly at Lynn and spoke, "No dear. These are the tits of a mother, a woman, a real woman. I don't think yours are worthy, just like the rest of you!"

"You are one blind bitch, you know that? I've got the prettiest face, the prettiest hair, the firmest tits, the longest nipples, a prettier bush (this, a biting remark since her pubic hair ripping of Jenny earlier was what had caused her to shave it bald), sexier legs, a sexier ass, and for sure, a finer pussy that doesn't need any cheap jewelry to spice it up."

"Like I said before, you are dreaming in some childish fantasy. You think that just because you are blonde that you have some sort of built-in sexiness? I've got news for you sister. Blondes don't have anything over brunettes or baldies. In fact I'm going to prove it to you right fucking now." Jenny spoke in an angry menacing tone. Thoughts came out about Lynn that pre-dated this vacation. Pent-up frustrations that would have been smilingly ignored before were now boiling over. "I hate to interrupt your lovely conversation, but you only have ten minutes left girls," Rose broke in embarrassingly, not really wishing to spoil the vengeful mood. Her own temperature was rising as she could recognize the same faults in Lynn and Jenny that they were now venting on each other. Ditto for Sue. They were sexily enjoying the foreplay, even if it was just verbal jousting. Certainly they could tell that neither woman lacked for bravado in anticipation of their "showdown of loins."

Lynn waited a moment before acting. Rose's interruption had calmed the last words of Jenny enough to allow Lynn to think more deliberately. Stepping back just a foot or so, and keeping a sharp eye on Jenny, Lynn was sure that what she did next would set Jenny off completely, cause her to lose her cool and attack. She said as she turned around to face the opposite direction, making sure to stand so the sunlight came through directly on her backside, "Jenny, keep your eyes on this for a real treat." With that she elegantly bent down at the waist, spreading her legs apart about 18 inches and grabbed her ankles. Her lithe motion was reminiscent of her days as a cheerleader. The difference was that now her puckered ass hole was pointing directly at Jenny and shining brightly in the setting sun. "You can kiss my gorgeous ass!" She spoke in the sour-sweet voice she just knew would probably result in Jenny attacking her. To her surprise however, Jenny made a very measured response.

With just as much grace and agility as Lynn had shown, Jenny turned to face the opposite direction wall also. She backed up close to Lynn and spread her legs an equal 18 inches apart. She bent over to grab her own ankles. There they were, their asses spread just inches apart, balanced tenuously on their feet, with hands grabbing ankles. "I'll be happy to kick your ass.....with MY gorgeous ass," Challenged Jenny. She put her hands forward onto the carpet for balance and then backed her spread ass cheeks up to Lynn. Lynn, anticipating the next awkward move, put her own hands onto the floor. Jenny lurched backwards, slamming her ass directly into Lynn's firm butt. The alignment was perfect. The hard bones just under the skin of their pretty butts were not protected by much soft tissue at that angle, and the impact was jarring. Lynn had stiffened to meet the challenge, but could not help but lurch forward on impact. With her hands in front of her she was able to catch herself before hitting the floor. Righting herself quickly she launched her own ass-attack on Jenny. Wham! She was met by Jenny's equally powerful ass-thrust. This time both women rebounded towards the floor, catching themselves with their hands. The awkwardness and energy use necessary for such a stiff legged battle was immediately apparent. Both women lowered their bodies by bending their knees. This gave them both more control, and balance, and power. Sue and Rose, sitting on the couches couldn't believe their eyes. "How cool. They are fighting with their asses!" they thought. Rose had let the clock slip past the five-minute warning without remembering to tell them. When she noticed the time there was only two minutes left in the warm-up period before pussy fighting should commence. She announced her apology and the time. Neither Jenny nor Lynn acted as though they heard. They just continued. Jenny slammed her butt into Lynn's again. This time the alignment wasn't as perfect and the hard protrusions of their hip bones lined up with each other's ass hole. Exquisite! This time, with the added balance, neither woman lurched and they maintained contact. Lynn could feel Jenny's hipbone pushing directly on her little brown hole and she wiggled in response. Jenny began wiggling too as she felt Lynn's hip pushing firmly against her own anus. They wiggled and ground their asses together for several minutes, interrupted only by Rose announcing the end of the fifteen minutes. While they weren't exactly pussy fighting yet, it was pretty damn close. There weren't any referees to tell them to stop anyway. The spectators were just that. It was never intended that the two non-combatants would act as referees. The two fighters would have to duel this out on their own. Both women had always been fond of anal stimulation (remember the beach) and this unusual activity was actually spurring them onward in the lust department. Lynn would try to capture one of Jenny's ass cheeks between her own and then squeeze her cheeks together, tensing her muscles enough to actually cause Jenny's right cheek to be stretched out towards her when they parted. Jenny caught on to what Lynn was doing and retaliated in the same way. Wow! What a sight. Each woman squeezing one of her opponents ass cheeks between her own, stretching them outward a tiny amount from the squeezing power in their butts. Through all this, the friction against their ass holes was deliciously invigorating to their libidos. Lynn was enjoying this unexpected and sexy battle. No winner was obvious. Both were enjoying the new sport while it was making a grand spectacle for Sue and Rose.

One problem surfaced in the legs and arms of both women. This was tiring. Looking back at Lynn to make eye contact, Jenny lowered her knees to the floor. Lynn followed suit. Now with much more support from their thighbones, they didn't have to use as much muscle power just to stay in position. Lowering her upper body to the floor, Lynn rested her arms on her elbows. This presented a new and different angle for contact. Jenny saw the advantage of that and she too matched the position. Grinding backwards now, the women found that their pussies actually came into direct contact. Exquisite all over again. Jenny yelled at the two spectators, "get us a couple of pillows." Sue quickly tossed each a large pillow that they used under their arms and so they could actually rest their heads on. The sight now presented was very much a "doggy style" meeting of their bodies. Contorted as they were, their pussies were now in delicious contact. Jenny and Lynn simultaneously began the gyrations of lust. They couldn't see what was happening. Their fight was fought totally by feel. Lynn slid her shiny lips across Jenny's shiny lips. Neither of these two women had any pussy hair around their labia, so the 100% skin contact was excruciatingly pleasant. Jenny extended her right leg far out so she could open up farther to better aim her clit into Lynn's inviting hole. Lynn, for balance and to also free up access to her clit did the same. Now with each body tilted they were totally open for each other. Lynn began a seek and destroy mission. Jenny's mindset was identical. They were out to find the other clit, pummel it, rub it, pummel it, and finally make it to submit to her own desire. Bumping and grinding continued minute after minute. The awkward position didn't allow perfect clit-to-clit contact at all times, but the seeking was half the fun. Jenny used her clit and the big ring to really pummel Lynn's pussy, but if it was hurting Lynn she sure didn't show it. In fact her vigor at slamming directly into Jenny's clit and ring made Jenny wonder if Lynn maybe "liked" pain. No matter. They just kept humping each other from behind. Ten minutes went by. Fifteen minutes went by. All the time the only sound was the slapping of ass flesh and the squishing of wet labia and the moans and whimpers of pleasure from Lynn and Jenny. Lynn had a favorite move she discovered. Whenever she could find Jenny's vagina opening with her clit and wiggle firmly against it, she noticed Jenny get just a little more verbal with her moans and groans. Never focusing on that technique completely she made sure to come back and fuck Jenny's hole with her clit often. Jenny was trying to achieve much the same tactic with her clit/ring but her aching muscles wouldn't let her keep up with the quicker movements Lynn could manage with her pussy. Twenty minutes had elapsed and this was turning into a real fuck-marathon. Jenny's tired legs and back were begging her to quit. She wouldn't dream of that of course. But she could tell that Lynn was just as much of a horny bitch as she was and she decided to risk a full clit-to-clit attack. Finding her clit was easy (she had a lot of practice by now) and away she went, grinding forcefully into Lynn's excited clit. They pushed against each other in a test of wills. It was almost as if their clits were in control and demanding the surrender of the other's attacking clit. Wham, slip, slide, push, turn, grind, and hump. Again and again they met. Moans grew louder. Squeals began to be heard. And then it was over. Jenny soared into orgasm to be followed almost instantly by Lynn. Jenny had screamed first, never shouting any words as she had with Rose, but nonetheless Lynn, Sue, and Rose heard it. They saw the convulsions. Lynn felt them. It was clear to all (except Jenny) that she had lost. Lynn's loud explosive orgasm was so powerful and so close behind Jenny's that they definitely shared orgasmic moments, feelings, and juices for some time. Lynn screamed, wordless, like Jenny and shook with uncontrollable fever at the intense orgasm.

They slumped to the floor. Now laying there with their heads on those pillows, the sun shining in across their joined-at-the-loins butts, they made a beautiful sight. Sue and Rose just looked at each other, smiling, but without comment. It took four or five minutes before either girl moved. Both were breathing irregularly and in need of much oxygen to replenish the burned out supply. Surprisingly the first move came from Jenny. It was not a move to extricate her. She wiggled her ass, which was still in intimate contact with Lynn's ass and pussy. She stopped for a few seconds. Then she wiggled again! "What is this?" thought Lynn, "Is she still horny or is this a challenge?" Not wanting to assume the former, Lynn wiggled back. Jenny wiggled back. Lynn wiggled right back. Sue and Rose gave each other another startled look, but prudently said nothing.

Jenny wiggled her sticky cunt firmly against Lynn's equally sticky slimy cunt. In an instant these two pussies that had just worn each other out were acting as if they wanted a second go of it right now. Wiggle from Jenny. Wiggle from Lynn. No mistaking the intentions now. "Whatever you can do, I can do better" was what those two pussies were saying so intimately to each other. Jenny may have lost the original pussy fight (she would argue the point later), but she had no intention of giving up. Wiggles came in cycles. First Jenny would wiggle and then Lynn would duplicate or try to exceed whatever wiggling stroke or intensity she had felt from Jenny's pussy. Quickly, without conscious thought, these two women found a surging rebirth of lust. Neither had ever been multi-orgasmic before but each could tell by the powerful aching in their pussies that another orgasm was not only possible but also likely. Able to rest on the floor, but with pussies perfectly and intimately aligned they danced to their own competitive beat. Much like jazz trumpeters dueling solos in a dark nightclub, these two women sang out with their pussies the power of womanhood within them. Jenny found Lynn's clit with her clit/ring and ground deeply into it for fifteen straight seconds. Lynn instantly returned the favor, lasting for 20 seconds. But Jenny didn't wait for Lynn to finish this time. She attacked as fervently and as directly at Lynn's clit as she had done on any previous occasion. Now both women were grinding forcefully against the other's pride and joy. The intensity was as much as if this had been a catfight. Every nerve and muscle in Lynn's and Jenny's bodies was focused on one thing: Victory. In much less time than the first orgasms had taken they were overtaken again with the awesome power in their loins. Smash! Like a freight train hitting a mountain head on they were in overdrive when the orgasms hit. Their screams came out, louder than any yet heard. Was it a dead heat? No. Lynn's scream had actually left her lips about one second earlier than Jenny's. Photo finish. Dead heat. It didn't really matter. Both women had just proved something to the other. Jenny had proved that it isn't really over until SHE said it was over. Lynn had proved that she would accept any challenge. And that ended their match in this round of the round robin sex-fight event.

Exciting wasn't the word for what Rose and Sue had just witnessed. They looked at each other dumbstruck. Each had actually been rooting for Lynn to win, because she was behind Jenny going into the match. The main thought in each of their brains however, was the intensity and stamina and will power shown by both women. Even with their unyielding intentions of victory for themselves, they couldn't help but respect the will within their opponents.

Jenny and Lynn slowly pulled apart to the congratulations of the other two. "Nice win, Lynn," spoken by Sue were the only words for a few minutes as the girls lay on the floor for a few minutes. The next event would begin as soon as Lynn and Jenny could gather up enough energy to be 'spectators,' for this time it would be Rose and Sue aiming to hook up their loins in battle. Four pussy fights down, two to go. "Lets get ready for them." Said Jenny. She and Lynn went into the bathroom together (?) to freshen up. They came out in five minutes; still looking tired, but cleaned up and with hair brushed, still looking as sexy as ever in their naked glory.