(By HGHunt)

Round 3-1

Sue had called for the tit-fight and now it was time for one of the others to propose the challenge they would engage in. The name pulled out of the hat this time was Lynn. Lynn had put her competitive spirit on hold for the afternoon but it was back in full force tonight. She assuredly wanted to show these women that she was the best one of them at sex and so she chose a challenge she thought she stood a good chance of picking up all three points. She was sure she could bring every other woman to orgasm with her mouth better than they could her. She had always felt a lot of control when it came to cumming and she expected that would be to her advantage. She spoke up, "I don't think any of you can compete with me in the event I propose, I am confident of winning three more points. I propose that we fight to see who can stimulate to orgasm the other woman, using only our mouths for stimulation. We can wrestle, we can throw each other around, we can be a little bit rough, no punching, scratching, biting, etc, but when we attack each other's sex organs we must use only our mouth and tongue. First lady to orgasm loses. Agree?" Since they each had just witnessed several climaxes apiece, and since they were each quite proud of their own prowess with their mouth, and since they didn't really have a choice anyway, they agreed to the rules. Next would be the roll of the dice to see which pair would begin the third round robin event. They rolled the die and number four showed on the top face. This meant the order of fights would be as follows: 1) Sue v Rose, 2) Rose v Lynn, 3) Suz v Jenny, 4) Suz v Lynn, 5) Jenny v Rose, and finally 6) Lynn v Jenny. The women couldn't wait to get started. They made sure the room was opened up so that any wrestling wouldn't likely result in injury. They tossed extra pillows around the room and moved the furniture as much out of the way as possible. They were ready to go.

Sue and Rose went to the center of the room, still dressed in casual clothes from dinner. They kicked their shoes off. Obviously, if either were going to have an orgasm they would need to get out of those clothes. Lynn spoke from the sidelines, "Why don't you begin by taking each other's clothes off?" "Good idea." Said Rose. She sauntered up to Sue, put her arms around her and proceeded to give her a big kiss. This kiss was not a reenactment of their competitive kiss two days before. This kiss was designed to generate as much sexual excitement in her partner as possible. Mashing their mouths together they began unbuttoning each other's top. Sue finished first and pulled the shirt back as Rose allowed her the privilege of pulling it off and tossing it aside. Rose got Sue's shirt unbuttoned and opened in the front and immediately dropped her head from Sue's mouth to her chest. Sue still had her bra on, but with plenty of her breast exposed, Rose began kissing all over the exposed cleavage. She kept Sue's top around her arms and then without removing the shirt, reached around behind her, under the top to begin unclasping her bra. Her expert fingers accomplished the job in a few seconds and Sue's bra slid away from her tits. Sue was allowing Rose pretty much full access to her and when Rose began kissing Sue's nipples, she just pushed them forward into Rose's mouth. Sue meanwhile had successfully reached around Rose and undid the four clasps of Rose's 38D bra. She tossed it aside. Sue, being sexually excited was looking forward to a fair fight. She was actually looking forward to sharing beaver munches with Rose. Rose was not thinking about 'fair play.' With Sue's bra and shirt still around her top, Rose, lips still sucking Sue's left nipple pushed her right leg around behind Sue's left leg and she leaned forward pushing and tripping Sue. She fell backward, her fall absorbed by a couple of strategically placed pillows. Rose was on top and she immediately tried to roll Sue over. Sue, still stunned by the quick fall, couldn't stop her. With both her arms at her sides and her shirt still on, Rose tried to pull Sue's hands behind her back and with a quick move bind them up by wrapping the loose bra around her wrists. Sue struggled against the agile Rose, but could only delay Rose's successful knot. Sue's shirt was still around her upper arms, and her wrists were bound up tightly by her own bra. Rose sat up and watched Sue struggle and try to break free of the binding garment, but no apparent slippage occurred. Sue was shouting filthy things at Rose, telling her she was a dirty cunt and that she would get her back for what she had done. Rose was unmoved and proceeded to turn Sue over on her back and using her arms to hold one of Sue's legs and another arm around her neck, thus preventing Sue from using any leg leverage to roll back over, began sucking on Sue's nipples again. Sue continued her verbal sniping at Rose but it didn't slow down Rose. She sucked on the left tit for about 5 minutes and then switched over to the right. Her sucking began to affect Sue. She still struggled to try to break the bonds but she also watched as her nipples grew to full erection under Rose's sucking and tonguing. After five minutes of sucking Rose began to undo the top of Sue's pants and pull them down. This set Sue off. She twisted, squirmed, kicked, rolled, and shouted, "You fucking bitch, you will regret you ever tried such a dirty trick. I'll get out of this and turn you inside out, you cunt." With much effort Rose was able to get Sue's pants off and soon followed by removing her panties as well. Desperate to avoid being dominated, Sue pulled as hard as she could on her bra-restraint. The tight knot from before had become looser and with one final pull, she extricated her arms from their bondage. Just as Rose pulled Sue's panties off she saw Sue's arms break free. She leapt up to lay on top of her to try to keep her in some semblance of submission, but even with her shirt not completely off, Sue was able to get her hands around Rose's waist and roll her over. She jumped up and quickly removed her shirt to become totally naked. Rose was on her feet in a flash to confront her. Rose still had on her pants and panties. Sue screamed at Rose, "I'm going to make you regret you ever laid your hands on me, girl. Now that I am untied, I'll bet you're not woman enough to even things up and fight me naked. If you were a REAL woman and weren't afraid of a fair fight, you'd take those clothes off right now. I dare you!" Rose responded confidently, "Have it your way, bitch. I'll make you cum any way you please. My mouth has already turned your nipples into excited little daggers. There is no way you can compete with me. I'll have you begging me to quit before this is over." With that, she undid her belt and slid her pants down to the floor and tossed them aside. Next, in a sexy undulating, make-a-stripper-proud move, she slid her panties down to the floor and kicked them up at Sue, barely missing her head. She stood there erect, breasts pointing straight forward, their mass seeming to defy gravity by showing no sag at all. "You know you want my body, but you can't have it! I'll be the one forcing you to lose all control. Now get ready to meet the better woman."

Sue was still fuming angry at the dirty trick Rose had tried. She took a single step straight towards her in defiance and spoke up one more time, "There is no way a cunt like you could ever defeat me in a fair woman to woman sexfight. I am the one you want, and I am the one you are going to get, just not in the way you dream of. I'll be all over you. My mouth and tongue will have you inside out and if you don't get over here right now and kiss me, then we will all know what a pussy you are. I said get over here and kiss me, bitch!"

"You better be prepared Sue. You just might get what you asked for." She took the next big step and the two women were now toe-to-toe and tit-to-tit. Their spoken words had definitely fueled the flames of anger between them, but neither lost track of their objective. Outright sexual domination was the goal. They each just had to figure out how to arrive at a point where they could use their mouths to perform the coup-de-grace. They leaped into each other's arms and mashed their mouths together in a heated kiss. They plastered their bodies together, each sensing that the more stimulation they could generate in the other would give them the best chance of victory. Legs wrestled against each other for positional advantage. Pubic bones and hair mashed together, seeking to mutually excite. Breasts were compressed to distorted remnants of their shape just moments before. Their mouths, yes their mouths were busy trying to generate as much opposing passion as they could. Each was fully aware that their actions brought risk to themselves. Rose could feel the change in her loins as she pushed against Sue and as Sue's tongue invaded her mouth, running circles around her own tongue. Sue felt her head begin to lighten as if she was swooning over a big rock star at a concert in her younger days. Her pussy was seeking to push against Rose's almost as much of its own accord as for its owner's motives. Sue now used her powerful skiers legs to push against Rose in an attempt to throw her off balance, hoping to gain a dominant position on the floor. Still locked in an embrace, the women landed on the floor, Sue on top of Rose. They landed quite hard, knocking the wind out of Rose. Sue was unaware at first of the damage done and she continued to grind her full body against Rose's, still mashing her mouth against Rose's. When in a few seconds she realized Rose wasn't actively kissing back she decided to go for some beaver munching. She quickly slid down Rose's body, and with Rose trying to regain her breath, she parted Rose's legs and quickly positioned her mouth directly on Rose's hairy cunt. She began kissing and licking that cunt with wild abandon, trying to generate as much sexual desire as possible before Rose got her wind back. Rose tried to resist with her legs in a squeezing motion against the sides of Sue's body, but she didn't have the strength without her breath. Gasping for air, Rose knew she would have to act quickly to recover from her current deficit position. She was feeling the effects of Sue's knowledgeable tonguing. Sue ran her tongue up and down both sides of Rose's pink labia. She followed the contours of her pussy around and around in a big oval loop. When she reached the top she would bite on the thick auburn hairs at the very top of her pussy cleft and pull them upward. She pulled hard, causing Rose much pain. Sue was hoping a combination of pleasure and pain would keep Rose from retaliating. She assumed Rose would mount a counter attack of some sort whenever she got her breath back, but she wasted no time trying to take advantage of the current state of affairs. After her hair pulling with the teeth she darted back down to stick her tongue as far up Rose's cunt hole as she could. She had the labia parted widely with her fingers (hope that wasn't breaking any rules) and literally fucked Rose with repeated and forceful motion of her tongue. All this happened in about 90 seconds before Rose regained enough of her breath to mount a challenge to Sue's cunnilingus advantage. All the while she was recuperating, all she could think about was regaining her breath. She wasn't able to plan any retaliatory strategy. So even after her breath returned she didn't execute any counter attacks. The one good thing was it felt really good to have Sue's mouth buried deep in her pussy. It was definitely an exquisite feeling. She just lay there for nearly another minute more while Sue continued her oral attack unabated. Rose knew some body rearrangement would be necessary if she were to catch up and make a cum from behind victory.

With Sue's mouth and face buried so deeply in her snatch, Rose knew she had to come up for breaths occasionally, and when she did, Rose would be ready. Sue meanwhile could tell her oral ministrations were having an effect, since the liquid she was licking up was becoming more significant. What had started as a pretty dry pussy was now flowing quite liberally. Even though she had that single sorority fling with a cute little coed about 15 years before, this was the first time in all that time she had actually eaten another woman's pussy. She admitted to herself she liked it. If it weren't for this competitive thing she might even wish to eat pussy just for fun. She wasn't thinking about what Rose might try. She was just enjoying the present advantage when, as she raised her face to catch a breath, Rose brought her legs up straight to the sky and squeezed her upper thighs hard around Sue's head. It hurt like hell, and Rose quickly locked her legs at the ankles to try to keep the pressure on. Sue tried to pry those strong thighs from around her head. The pain was intense, but she couldn't budge those legs. The problem for Rose was that even though she had Sue's mouth a short distance away from her pussy, she was nowhere near to returning the favor. She knew she would have to have some sort of follow-up move if she wanted to get back on the offensive. Her breath had totally returned and she was feeling strong, but she couldn't keep squeezing Sue's head indefinitely. She started rocking her legs from side to side to try to get some momentum, and then with a quick push swung over 180 degrees. To keep her head from twisting off, Sue followed suit to find herself face first on the floor with her head cocked sideways and Rose's powerful legs still wrapped around her head in a tight noose. From this position Rose saw a chance. It meant letting her head go and making a quick move. She let go and quickly tried to reverse her body as Sue herself recovered. She leaped towards Sue's ass and tried to swing her legs around and away from Sue's arms, but she was just a little too slow. She got a good grip on one of Sue's legs, around her thigh, but Sue had managed to grab Rose's right leg before it got out of her reach. The women scrambled around on the floor, each trying to gain a better hold of the other's leg. Sue had managed to get her arms locked around Rose's upper thigh just as Rose's were around hers. They found themselves in a stalemate of sorts, each spending quite a bit of energy trying to push for some sort of advantage. Rose quit trying to scoot along the floor seeking advantage and did a quick roll to get on top of Sue. In doing so she had to spread her legs very wide for leverage, but she managed to get on top of Sue. Quickly she let go of the one leg she held and wrapped her arms all the way around Sue's hips. Sue now had better use of her legs and quickly tried to roll over again. In doing that move her grip came off of Rose's right leg and Rose quickly used it to lift off the floor as Sue rolled over underneath her. When Sue rolled as far as her back Rose quickly dropped down on top of her. Here they were. After all that wrestling and maneuvering they found themselves in perfect 69 position. Rose was on top and instantly planted her mouth on Sue's pussy. Sue was only an instant behind, finding herself pointing the other direction but still able to delve deeply into Rose's cunt with her probing tongue. There was no tactical advantage for either woman now. They had both gone through different things to get to this stage, but now it appeared that defensive moves were over and whichever woman could mount the best oral offensive would win. The tonguing and licking they shared were fast and furious at first for both women. As the minutes ticked by they slowed their pace down for two reasons. First, their tongues were tired, and second, they each wanted to concentrate on the physical responses to their actions to try to better gauge which exact technique might rip her opponent into orgasm.

"You'll never make me cum if that's the best you can do," Sue managed to say between deep insertions of her tongue inside Rose's slimy slew. "Fuck you, you've never had a licking so good, and your tongue acts like it just learned what a real woman tastes like. You can't get enough of my beautiful pussy, but it won't do you any good because you are gonna eat your words."

With that exchange they both resumed their vigorous pussy eating contest. Rose by now had discovered Sue's big clit and began sucking it into her mouth and running her tongue all around it. She pushed against it from the front, from both sides, from the top and then sucked it back in some more. Sue lowered her face a little and stuck her nose straight into Rose's snatch. She loved the pungent odor and was beginning to feel more excited by the moment. Slow waves of pleasure were radiating out from her clit. "God, I love what she is doing to me!" Sue thought. She began to wiggle her ass, the first sign of losing control. Rose instantly noticed but found herself uncontrollably beginning to hump back against Sue's invasive nose. Rose loved having her clitty sucked and so far Sue had given it only passing attention. Rose hoped Sue wouldn't switch gears and begin munching on her clit. Rose continued her slobbering attack on Sue's very wet cunt. She opened her mouth as wide as it would go and tried to inhale the entire pussy into her mouth. She was aware that she was very close to orgasm and she tried desperately to stimulate the grinding pussy underneath her into an orgasm of its own. They were climbing the mountain of pleasure together, Sue fucking Rose's hole with her nose and Rose trying to inhale Sue's beautiful pussy. They were each now moaning, pushing back against the invader, grinding deeply as their instinctive nature was begging each of them for release. Sue pulled her nose out of Rose's vagina and clamped down on her clit with her teeth. A soft gentle clamp, but one that came as a compete surprise to Rose, sending another rolling wave of pleasure through her clit. Then when Sue sucked that engorged clit into her mouth and tongued it as vigorously as she could Rose lifted off. It was like a Space Shuttle launch. Sparks and flames and fire exploded out away from her clit, reaching every corner of her body. She knew Sue was close behind and she tried to will the orgasm out of her as she herself was exploding into ecstasy. Sue maintained her will for about a minute before she rolled Rose off saying, "That's what you get cunt. No way are you a better woman than me. I'll out-tongue you any day, but you know what? I'm not done here." With that she rolled the recovering Rose over on her back, climbed up onto her face and began riding her face with wild abandon. "Eat me. Eat me. Eat me." Rose, still lost in her sexual abandon, complied. It only took a couple of minutes, but with Rose munching on Sue's cunt with almost as much enthusiasm as she had before, Sue recoiled in her own powerful orgasm. She ground her cunt down so hard onto Rose's face that Rose almost passed out from lack of oxygen, but as Sue's orgasm subsided she got up and strutted around the room with the proud march of an army in victory. She was thrilled to have beaten Rose, especially since Rose had chosen to use less than fair tactics at the beginning of the fight. She turned and spoke to Lynn, who was next up in her match against the victim lying on the floor, "better watch out for this bitch. She fights dirty. But it didn't matter to me. I showed her who the best oral woman is. ITS ME!"