(By HGHunt)

Rose v Jenny

Last up would be the other two monster-titted women. Rose's 40Ds would go up against Jenny's 38Cs. Since the draw had been made earlier they knew they would be up next. They didn't do any posturing with each other during Lynn and Sue's battle, just watched intently, trying to learn as much as they could about tactics for their own battle to follow. Five minutes went by while Lynn and Sue caught their breath and took a drink. They took the spots on the couch being vacated by Rose and Jenny.

They stared each other down, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Without taking her eyes off Rose for a second, Jenny quickly walked out into the kitchen and opened the top drawer near the sink. She reached in and withdrew a large clear bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil. Returning to the living room and staring Rose in the eyes, she proceeded to squeeze two long streams of oil over her heaving breasts. She used her other forearm to cup underneath both of her breasts to lift them and catch the excess oil. She set the bottle down and rubbed the oil into her breasts with both hands. Rose watched in disbelief as Jenny rubbed the oil all over her chest and then twisted both of her hard nipples like the knobs on a radio. A thin ribbon of excess oil flowed down Jenny's flat stomach and saturated her thick rich brown bush.

Without hesitation, Rose then grabbed the oil bottle, and squeezed copious streams of oil all over her tits, using nearly half the bottle over her upper chest. The oil flowed over her tits and she too used her forearm to catch as much excess oil as she could. Rose massaged the oil into her now aching breasts while simultaneously bending her inch long nipples over with her index fingers. A copious amount of oil flowed like a river down between Rose's boobs and over her stomach. It completely saturated her bush, dripping off her red pubic curls and rolling down the inside of both thighs. The feeling of the oil dripping over her pussy and down the inside of her legs was too much for Rose to stand and while still rubbing the oil into her left boob with one hand, she reached down and roughly rubbed the oil into her heavenly bush and over her labia.

Rose looked up to again find Jenny frozen like a statue with her eyes fixed on her oil soaked pussy. Snapping out of it quickly, Jenny got down on her knees and dared Rose to do the same. Rose followed suit, dripping baby oil as she got down on her knees in front of Jenny. Jenny then walked on her knees to face Rose at a distance of about six inches apart. Both women now faced each other on their knees with hands on hips, totally nude, glistening with oil, breasts thrust out.

"Ok, first one to give in loses." Jenny proclaimed between ragged breaths.

Rose nodded and both inched forward on their knees, looking down to line up their rock hard, throbbing nipples. Instead of hammering forward with full force, the first contact again came gently in an erotic fashion. Staring down at each other's oil soaked tits, the women moved forward ever so slowly until the tips of their nipples just touched. It was like touching two live wires together and sent a simultaneous shock wave through both of their bodies. Rose felt a chill run through her boobs and down her back to her groin, making her feel like she needed to pee. Jenny felt a similar jolt and could feel her legs go rubbery. Both girls instinctively pulled back like when you touch something hot. This must be a normal reaction since it is exactly what happened to Lynn and Jenny earlier.

Quickly regaining their composure, they locked eyes again and moved toward each other holding their breath. This time, when their nipples met, each let out a little gasp, but neither retreated and the contact was maintained. Looking down now, Rose moved her upper torso ever so slightly trying to trace little circles around Jenny's areolas with the long hard knobs of her engorged nipples. To counter, Jenny moved her shoulder slightly back and forth, flicking her nipple knobs against Rose's knobs like a sword. With each pass, Rose's nips would bend Jenny's down painfully like bent nails. Seeing her nipples bend so easily against Rose's caused Jenny to panic momentarily and she moved in, thrusting her tits downward across Rose's slippery soft tit flesh, slicing a dry trail through the thick layer of oil. Jenny now tried to avoid Rose's attempts to stab her tender areolas with her long sharp nipples. Rose immediately mashed upward, scraping across Jenny's areolas, wiggling to grind her nipples deep into the top of Jenny's tits. Grunting now, the girls ground their breasts together roughly, up and down and back and forth and with each pass their nipples would flick across one another. With shoulders now swaying back and forth matching thrust for thrust, their breasts bulged out to the sides as they cleavage wrestled. As the pace picked up, each girl emitted little high-pitched squeals each time they met each other's thrusts. This continued for several minutes, neither girls' tits yielding to the others. The intensity of their rubbing steadily increased and finally, losing control, the girls suddenly screamed and threw their arms around each other in a painful bear hug and mashed their boobs together head on.

Rose's left breast wetly pressed into Jenny's right and squished out to the side, while her right breast struggled with Jenny's left and pushed upward. Struggling for dominance, both girls toppled over landing face down on the carpet, tangling their long oily legs like nude oil wrestlers. Not wanting this to degenerate to a catfight, Jenny slipped free and quickly bounced back to her knees, saying, "No! This is about our tits!" And it was.

Inching forward again on their knees, their breaths were deep and labored, breasts heaving and swaying. Glancing down to assess any sign of weakness, both noticed that the brief wrestling on the floor had soaked up much of the baby oil that had coated their breasts and bellies. This time, they came together slowly and grabbed each other's biceps, just above the elbow, and pulled their now dry breasts together. Rose took dead aim at Jenny's hard pink nipples with her long cherry-colored daggers. Again, Jenny maneuvered to avoid Rose's nipple attack by trying to slide her nipples down to stab at the underside of Rose's tit flesh. But to Jenny's horror, her dry breasts no longer slid with ease over Rose's tits and their breasts almost clung together. Unable to slide her nipples out of the way, Rose's lethal weapons stabbed deeply into Jenny's buds, bending her nipple knobs over, burying themselves in Jenny's swollen areolas. This elicited a high-pitched gasp from Jenny as she contorted her face, futilely trying to slide her nipples away. Exploiting her obvious advantage, Rose let go of Jenny's arms, reached around her waist, locking her hands just above Jenny's clinched ass cheeks. With no other option available, Jenny did the same to Rose. Before squeezing, Rose backed off a little and used the insides of her biceps to squeeze the outside of her breasts together, forcing them to expand forward with nipples protruding like battering rams. Before Jenny could duplicate this move, Rose squeezed Jenny's lower back and stabbed her long hard nipples directly into Jenny's bulls-eye's. This time, instead of bending Jenny's nipples to the side, Rose's nipples pushed them directly inward, literally backwards into her boobs. Jenny let out a loud scream as her nipples felt like they were going to detach around the edges of her areolas. Relishing in Jenny's reaction, Rose ground her nipples in little circles deeply into Jenny's now concave nipples as her substantial breast flesh bulged upward.

"These are the nipples your puny little nipples should have never confronted!" hissed Rose, staring into Jenny's pain racked face.

Rose then pulled back just slightly creating a small space between their nipples and when she saw Jenny's nipples pop out, took aim and drove her nipples into Jenny's now soft buds again. Over and over, Rose slammed her nipples into Jenny's, grinding in circles during full compression then pulling back and stabbing again when she saw Jenny's nips pop out. Jenny tried to tighten her grip on Rose's back and use her biceps to squeeze her own boobs together to meet Rose's thrusts, but Rose's arms were inside of Jenny's in the bear hug, preventing her from squeezing her own boobs together.

Rose's nipple stabbing thrusts were now having a devastating effect on Jenny as both her breasts throbbed with pain from her stinging nipples all the way down to her rib cage. After several more grinding stabs, Rose noticed that Jenny's nipples no longer popped out when they separated. Sensing the end, Rose scraped her long nipples back and forth across Jenny's painful areolas and now flat nipple knobs. Sobbing, Jenny's arms fell to her side and her legs went limp. Instead of letting her fall to the floor, Rose continued to scrape Jenny's nipples with her sharp sticks until Jenny begged for Rose to stop. When Rose let go, Jenny's face fell across Rose's right breast, her face scraping over Rose's still hard nipple. Jenny fell to the floor a defeated fighter.