(By HGHunt)

Monday - Jacuzzi

The women slept like babies and didn't rouse from their beds until nearly 2 pm in the afternoon. They had slept right through their scheduled tee time at the golf course, and they didn't even care. Tired aching bodies made it into the kitchen for coffee and into the living room where they slumped down onto chairs for sipping their coffee. When the women had all made it out and were awake they began talking. This was a highly unusual morning for them. When they came north to this Michigan resort for a relaxing week of golf, none of them had any idea that the competition would change from chasing that little white ball into the intensely physical, erotic encounters they had shared the previous afternoon and evening. Oddly, not one of them ever questioned the propriety of what they had done or the legitimacy of continuing their sexy wars. Each had a few tidbits to recall, usually their cherished moments of victory, but each also admitted just how exciting the whole atmosphere was and that it made them feel energized. They also admitted to extreme soreness, particularly Jenny and Sue. They each had tits that had blotches of black and blue from the pounding they gave each other late the night before. Even though they had been buzzing with anger at each other last night, this morning their discussions were just the kind of matter-of-fact talk that they might have had discussing the morning news back home. Jenny, being the most psychologically in-tune of the ladies made a suggestion: "Why don't we spend the next few hours recuperating a little more? We'll get dressed casually and just go down to the hotel restaurant and have a light lunch. We can come back up here and put the Jacuzzi to use. We've been here a day and a half and haven't even turned it on. I am pretty sure that it is big enough for all four of us to use at once. We can sit in there and soothe our bodies with the hot Jacuzzi action. Who knows we might even find some other ways to soothe our bodies too? We can open a couple of bottles of good wine and loosen our heads a little bit, and then after relaxing like that for a couple of hours we can resume the titfights right where we left off last night." Sue and Lynn were very quick to affirm Jenny's idea. After all they were to be the next match in the rotation. Rose wasn't particularly beaten up, but the thought of lounging in the Jacuzzi with the other women, who she saw now in a very different light than just 2 days before, was sounding very pleasant to her, and she consented too.

So off to the casual hotel restaurant they went. They ate enough to satisfy their hunger and came back up to their 8th floor room. They opened the windows and could see that it was another beautiful day. The sun was reflecting off the bay to the west and gentle warm breezes kissed the trees all around the golf course. They kept the air conditioning on and congregated in the luxurious bathroom. Rose had turned on the water and the Jacuzzi was filling. Jenny once again took the lead and took off her clothes and was just about to step into the water when she remembered the wine and before she left to get the bottles and glasses, she told the other three, "You better all be naked and in the tub by the time I get back." She said it with a definite sparkle in her voice. Rose, Lynn, and Sue all quickly disrobed and stepped into the tub. While it was a large Jacuzzi it was clearly going to be pretty tight quarters for four women. Lynn reached over and dumped a large amount of bubble bath into the tub and lowered herself into the tub between Sue and Rose. The jets were turned on, sending powerful soothing streams of water against their bodies. The bubbling heat was definitely relaxing. Jenny returned with two bottles and four glasses on a tray. She set one bottle and two glasses on each side of the tub and immediately joined her sexy companions. The tight confines of the tub, the warm relaxing water, and the leftover sexual energy from their highly charged battles of the day before set them each in a playful, erotic mood. Lynn would reach for her wine glass and rub her tits across Rose's arm every time she needed a sip of wine. Rose would return the favor while Sue and Jenny let their bruised tits join the game by performing the same ritual with each other as well.

Underneath the water sexy legs would rub against each other, not in heated pushing matches but in sensual, tingly skin against tingly skin erotic wet touches. The bubbles prevented seeing underneath the water and so a small amount of anonymity existed when one foot would trace a path across or up the smooth calf of one of the other women. The size of the tub was such that if women on opposite sides leaned way back, sliding their asses closer to the middle of the tub their knees would touch. Jenny and Lynn were the first to discover this and when their knees met, slightly askew, they dropped even lower, sliding knees up the alternating thighs of the other. In fact, when they stared at each other directly across the water, four eyes only inches from the water, they each took a deep breath and slid forward further, totally immersed. Holding their breath, their knees traced opposing paths up the sides of the other's thighs. Jenny's right knee kept going until it could go no further. It stopped only by bumping into Lynn's drowned pussy. Lynn's right knee found Jenny's exposed and open pussy at the same time. A gentle rubbing began. Their motions were exact mirror motions of each other. As Lynn rubbed her knee up and down the length of Jenny's hairy pussy, Jenny's knee was doing the same to Lynn's shaved slit. The feeling was delicious for both of them. The other two could feel the motion since their own legs were out in the middle of the water, providing support for Lynn and Jenny's bodies. When their air supply ran out, after a long 45 seconds, they came up for air, and slid back to their usual seat, grinning from ear to ear. Not to be outdone, Rose and Sue took another sip of wine and, following Lynn and Jenny's lead, did their own sliding, dunking, knee to pussy dance. They weren't going to be outdone in the sexy shenanigans department by Jenny and Lynn and so they did the identical underwater dance the other two had done. Their bodies were beginning to feel better. The aches were diminishing. The wine was loosening up their inhibitions, much like the beer had done the day before. This time however the wine wouldn't have really been needed. It was just a nice bonus that they enjoyed.

Rose finished her glass of wine, poured half the remainder into Lynn's glass and made a bold suggestion. Well, at least it would have been bold anytime before the last 24 hours. "Why don't we each wash the girl next to us? I'll wash Jenny, Jenny can wash Sue, Sue can wash Lynn, and Lynn can wash me. There is still enough wine left to spend some more time in the Jacuzzi, and besides, I feel like loosening up my fingers." The women leaped to concur. Rose jumped quickly out of the tub to get extra cloths and shampoo and soap. Tossing one to each woman the lathering began in earnest. Beginning with the hair of the woman seated next to them, fingers massaged scalps, pulling hair smoothly in slippery movements. When all the heads were fully lathered, they turned to the soap and bodies. Rose cupped the soap in her hand and began rubbing it all around Jenny's back, then reaching around to soap Jenny's still sore tits, she began a gentle rubbing motion, stopping to make sure each nipple got the clean that it deserved. Likewise as Rose was doing this to Jenny, Lynn was accomplishing much to clean the body of Rose, Jenny to Sue, and Sue to Lynn. Soap and fingers found ways to dive deeply under the water to find stomachs, hips, thighs, legs, and after all other areas were washed, pussies! Lynn's wet bar of soap rubbed deliciously over Rose's labia, forcing them apart, and with deft aim, slid the bar of soap half way up into Rose's accepting cunt. Rose immediately clenched her pussy muscles and shot that bar of soap right back out into Lynn's hand. Lynn probed Rose's cleft with her fingers, rubbing up into her wet hair and back down all the way to Rose's delicate puckered ass hole. With her soapy finger darting all around, and with Rose wiggling in delightful acceptance, Lynn pushed her index finger knuckle-deep into Rose's ass. She rotated it around and around, but didn't penetrate any further. Rose just kept wiggling and wiggling as Lynn realized she was on to one of Rose's 'hot-spots.' Meanwhile, Lynn's own pussy was getting stroked and stroked by Sue's expert fingers. Sue's pussy was wide open under the parting fingers Jenny shot down into Sue's crotch. Rose nearly stopped her ministrations of Jenny when she found Lynn's finger up her ass, so when Jenny wiggled her own ass back towards Rose she was reminded to begin again. Rose used two fingers to trace up and back again on each side of Jenny's labia. They slid easily through the water and along Jenny's long slit. She traced back and forth until Jenny's labia began spreading apart, allowing Rose's fingers to drop smoothly inside her pink pussy. Rose knew an expectant pussy was waiting, and she didn't disappoint. She stuck both fingers as far as she could into Jenny's now gaping hole. Jenny shuddered and squeezed those fingers as hard as she could. Rose could definitely feel the pressure Jenny's powerful pussy used to compress her fingers. She slowly removed them and finished her washing with gentle pulls on Jenny's nipples. Jenny had spent much time in fingering and pulling Sue's nipples. The same nipples she had tried to destroy in her battering attacks yesterday. Jenny was definitely spending a lot of time with her hand running through Sue's curly black pubic hairs, the same hair her brown patch had gone up against yesterday as well. She twirled hairs around her finger, pulled gently on them, traced paths down through that thick mass until she too discovered Sue's clit poking out from between her labia lips. Slow circular motions with her index finger all over Sue's clit could be made without even pushing apart her puffy lips. Sue's clitoris was quite long, with an obvious 'head' on it. While Jenny had never seen it close up, she had been able to take advantage of its size yesterday in obtaining that last-second orgasm from Sue in what was supposed to be a titfight. Discovering that clit now under her finger, she quickly gave it the kind of workout she only wished her husband could give her own. Deftly she trailed circles around it, pushed it from side to side, slipped her finger under it and pulled it back and up, stretching it to its fullest extent. "Damn," she thought, "that clit is nearly an inch long. Mine isn't even half that big!" Sue was breathing very hard. Jenny stopped. She didn't think it would be right to take her all the way to orgasm here in the Jacuzzi, what with the titfight coming up next. Sue for her part had quit completely her washing of Lynn. She did a nice job, got some real feels of Lynn's womanly assets, but hadn't sought the degree of arousing actions the other three ladies had. After all, she was going to have to go up against Lynn in an honest-to-goodness titfight shortly after they left the tub. Her mind was already beginning to focus on that titfight when Jenny's clit-work had disrupted her thinking and nearly caused her to orgasm right there in the tub.

The 'washing' wound to a halt. They all dropped into the water to rinse off their hair, and then exited. Each went to her room, did her hair up, just like she had been going out for the evening, and returned to the living room. Here they were again. Four naked goddesses, standing proud, erect, a wet-dream for millions of men. But too bad for those men, these ladies only had eyes for each other. They were well rested, not too sore any more, and ready for battle.