(By HGHunt)

Each of the other six girls headed home having been thrilled beyond belief by all they had witnessed. Their pussies and minds had been subjected to more intense erotic and wicked delight than they could have ever imagined. Each came away with the feeling that they personally were Chelsea's favorite. She had so vigorously enjoyed her couplings, and so movingly adapted to their desires, that each thought the she alone was the special one. Six girls had developed powerful crushes on Chelsea today. Every one of them, even as soon as the walk home, had felt stirrings inside that were clearly the horny aspirations to fuck and love and have sex with Chelsea again. Besides their obvious lust for Chelsea came a new appreciation for competitive sex.

Sexfighting: God how fun. Every one of them had thrilled at their competition with her counterpart in the preliminaries. Ooooooohhhhhh, it had been delicious. Tesha and Linda, by virtue of being roommates talked continuously about their day. Over and over again they recounted events that flooded into their memories. They, like the others took refreshing showers and went to bed. They were in limbo between continued horny lust and the overpowering need to rest. Rest won out.

Monday was their day for recovery. Labor Day saw many of the students returning from their long weekends and Chelsea and Veronica couldn't avoid questions that arose about their appearance. Chelsea still had a marvelous shiner under her left eye and her numerous contusions hadn't disappeared completely. Veronica avoided others as much as possible, but she too had to answer many questions. "Had she been in a fight?" "Yes." "With who?" "It doesn't matter." "Did you win?" "She looks just as bad as me or worse." Those were the kinds of questions and answers Veronica gave. She volunteered no more.

Chelsea of course proudly claimed she had won when she was asked about her fight. The other girls simply couldn't stop thinking about what had gone on. Tesha and Linda took advantage of their sharing a room to go into mock sexual combat again and again. The others would have to wait.

Becca Winslow had been wondering before the weekend just what was wrong with her team. When Tuesday's afternoon practice rolled around she didn't have to wonder any more. The physical effects of the beatings Veronica and Chelsea had given each other did not escape the watchful eye of their coach. Yes, Veronica had shown up. Her scholarship was too valuable. At least that was the reason she brought up when one of the girls asked why she hadn't packed up and left the university.

When Coach Winslow had contemplated her upcoming season, she worried that the obvious conflict between Veronica and Chelsea would damage team chemistry. It was now apparent that the lackluster practices from the week before stemmed from the animosity between the two tall athletes. No matter what she tried to do to salve the obvious wounds from that first week of practice, and the fight, she was having a hard time getting the team to gel.

Then, surprisingly, two weeks into the season she noticed a difference in the girls. Chelsea and Veronica didn't share hateful glances between points any more. The other girls seemed to pick up on the attitude change and their passes became less tentative and more precise. They won more than half their games during the early portion of the season, but by the midway point they were clobbering many strong teams. They lost just a couple of matches to powerhouse teams. When the tournament rolled around they made a strong run, winning their regional championship and not losing until the national semifinals. Becca was very proud of her team. It was the farthest their program had ever advanced in the playoffs and it was a tribute to the girls and their coach that they had overcome their early season problems to succeed at that level.

To the girls on the team, at least for seven of them, it was the most fun they had ever had. Those road trips to tournaments and the adjoining suites in the hotels gave seven girls more opportunities than enough to satisfy their newfound love and lust for sexfights. They contrived all sorts of events and partner combinations, with spectators and in private, for their horny pleasure. Chelsea was usually at the center of attention and it was obvious that she was the best at most every contest. Who could last the longest? Who could make the other come first? Who could whatever? You name it. Usually it was Chelsea who was the answer to their questions.

Over the semester and season they each had become emboldened in their aggressiveness in sexual situations. Each girl had seduced at least one other girl into some sort of sexplay or sexfight. A couple of occasions were actually pretty serious confrontations between one of the girls and a non-volleyball counterpart. Tesha in fact, had become adept at contriving situations where she could evaluate a girl very quickly to determine if she might be a hot-headed and hot-blooded type who might accept the kind of sexual challenge she would throw down. Linda, her roommate was not jealous, since she too had found a couple of girls who she had whipped in a sexfight. They shared their experiences and were even beginning to cooperate and work together to coerce sexy girls into their clutches.

With the season over, some of the strict team rules dropped by the wayside. They began attending parties and going to bars. Alcohol, rampant as it was on most campuses, made it that much easier to find a confrontational bitch to get all worked up over. All this didn't stop the girls from getting together in pairs and small groups among themselves for some action. One day when Tesha, Linda, Liz, and Amanda were relaxing after a sexy interlude that had every girl coupled with every other at least twice, they were talking and draining their second bottle of wine. Hanging out in Amanda's apartment they were totally relaxed.

Tesha began to talk about a conversation she had back at the dorm a few days before. Several girls from their floor had been hanging out in one of the rooms down the hall, listening to music, chatting, and downing a few beers. There had been about 7 girls in the room. Tesha and Linda, known since that day back during the first week of classes as kinky girls, were both there. As they got to talking in their half-drunk status Linda let slip about her interest in and competence with sex-fighting. A couple of the girls were a little shy and bashful about the talk. Some of the others were a bit intrigued. Tesha and Linda had to describe what it was to the shy ones. Blushing profusely, it had been apparent that their horny talk had lit a spark of imagination within the two. But what Tesha was anxious to tell Liz and Amanda about was this freshman blonde who had sat quietly throughout her descriptions.

Turning to Linda from time to time as she told the story, for confirmation that she was getting it right, she told about how finally, after much informational discussion of what sexfighting was, and after both Tesha and Linda had relayed a personal story of one of their sexfight victories (neither mentioned the Chelsea and Veronica war), this freshman had acted like she was some sort of Queen or something and had looked down her nose at them. Yes, literally she had looked down her nose at them as they relayed their stories and even at the conclusion she just stared at them with an icy coldness.

"What happened?" Liz wanted to know.

"Well, I could hardly believe this lying cunt. When I asked her what her problem was she had the audacity to tell me that I don't know anything about sexfighting. And then acting as haughty as you can imagine, she proceeded to tell us that 'she' was an expert sexfighter. Some of us laughed at her right to her face, because this girl is one of those nerdy smart girls. She majors in physics or computers or some damn thing. She is a nice looking girl, but she is almost always in her books. I can't imagine she would even have the balls to fight with her sex. In fact when she finished she went so far as to tell us the most ridiculous thing. She told us that she once had a sexfight and it lasted for 72 hours straight. Haaaa! Isn't that so ridiculous as to be totally preposterous? I laughed so hard I had to get up and leave or else I would have pissed my panties. I left and the little party broke up. I haven't seen her since. Is that how it went from the way you saw it, Linda?"

"Well, yes. But the most important part is the way she looked at you when you walked out. She looked at you with eyes that burned blue with hate. I could tell she wanted to just tear you apart, but somehow she managed to keep her cool. Those daggers of hate she shot at you as you left the room were REAL. If I were you I'd be careful around her." Tesha laughed at Linda's warning. Amanda and Liz were of course intrigued by this story. Any of the others would have been intrigued of course also. The notion of sexfighting, hell, fighting in general, had taken over so much of their thoughts in the past weeks.

Liz had questions for them. "What does she look like? How big is she? Is she pretty? Where is she from?" The questions came out all at once and Linda and Tesha tried to answer them.

Linda answered, "Well, she is actually a very pretty girl. She had long blonde hair that she keeps full and bouncy. It doesn't just hang straight. She wears reading glasses when she's studying, which is a lot, but when she takes them off you can tell she is really pretty."

Tesha interrupted to add, "I did notice she had pretty big tits and she is kind of tall too, possibly five feet eight or nine. I don't know what kind of shape she is in, but I don't think she is very athletic. I don't know where she comes from, out of state I think."

"God, Tesha. It sounds to me like you might be having a fight on your hands pretty soon." Liz had listened intently to all this and it made her pussy wet just thinking about this mystery girl. "Oh, by the way, what is her name?"

Tesha sighed and told them. "Oh, her name is Emily."