By AngelDawn30

Second Saturday

Emily and Jennifer

Emily had been thinking about Jennifer all day.. about how she was going to put that little bitch in her place.... but Emily was also a little concerned about her meeting with Jennifer. Although she had been in quite a few titfights, she did not have a great deal of sexfight experience... but then again, since she and Jennifer were both eighteen, she assumed that Jennifer did not have much sexfight experience either.

She was supposed to work til nine, and had texted Jennifer, telling her that their sexfight would have to be postponed until ten o'clock.... but about eight-thirty, the manager at Hooters told her she could leave for the evening. Thirty minutes later she was at her apartment... so she had an hour before Jennifer would be there. She removed her Hooters outfit and stepped into the shower.. thinking of how much she hated Jennifer and how she was going to fuck that little slut into submission.

Jennifer had left her Mom's home a few minutes after nine o'clock and drove to her apartment... her wicked little nasty mind thought of what her Mom and Aunt must be doing by now... no doubt they were fucking.. or soon would be. She imagined herself peeking through the door and watching the two sisters smacking their huge tits together... and then scissoring their legs together and fucking each other pussy to pussy. As the those thoughts filled her mind, her pussy became wet again.. and she began squirming as she parked her car and walked to her apartment. She was supposed to be at Emily's apartment at ten... and it was now about nine-fifteen..which gave her thirty minutes to get ready and another fifteen minutes to drive to Emily's. If she hurried, she would be there on time. She and Emily had been rivals for several years... and it was finally time to settle their differences... as only two hot eighteen year old girls can do... cunt to cunt.

After showering and touching up her make-up, she looked through her clothes. Emily had told her to wear a skirt with no panties.... so they could start fucking immediately.. with no foreplay.. and, as Emily had said, no bullshit …. which was fine with Jennifer. This was not about making love... this was not about kissing and hugging and touching. This was about fucking pussy to pussy. This was about making Emily cum first. This was about sexually dominating her hated rival.

She did not bother to put a bra on as she slipped a light purple t-shirt over her head. The Tee was a little tight across her chest.. making her big nipples very visible. She then found her favorite flirt skirt... which was very short.... short enough that when she would bend forward, you could see her panties... or, in this case, see her pussy.... because Jennifer was not going to be wearing panties. She slipped on the plaid skirt.. giving her that school-girl look.. slipped on a pair of black three inch heels, grabbed her purse and headed out the door.... it was 9:40.

After finishing her shower, Emily spent a little extra time in front of her make-up mirror... she had to look sexier and prettier than Jennifer. When she was finally satisfied that she looked exceptionally hot, she began to get dressed. She had told Jennifer to wear a skirt with no panties, and that she would be waiting for Jennifer on her bed. But she did not want to be waiting there naked... after all, there was something very sexy about a girl in a short skirt. She picked out a very short plaid skirt.. almost identical to the one that Jennifer had chosen to wear. After stepping into her skirt, she grabbed a low cut red stretchy top with a scooped neckline that displayed her abundant cleavage and pulled it over her head and shaking her hair out. She thought for a few moments about shoes..... heels or no heels? Since she and Jennifer were about the same height, she choose to wear heels.. thinking that Jennifer would not be wearing heels, which might give her a little psychological advantage. She slipped on her black heels, grabbed her phone.. and went and laid down on her bed … waiting for Jennifer's text.

A few minutes before ten o'clock... 9:57 to be precise, Emily's cell phone buzzed..

Jennifer: Parked in front of ur apt

Emily: U fingering ur pussy (Emily had been rubbing her pussy for several minutes)

Jennifer: Yes U? (Jennifer had been parked for about five minutes before she sent the first text to Emily. She had been rubbing her clit.. getting herself very wet. She wanted to have an orgasm before she walked inside Emily's apartment)

Emily: Yes

(There was several minutes of silence after the last text, before Jennifer received another text)

Emily: U wet yet? (Emily was very wet as she stroked her wet pussy with her fingers)

Jennifer: Not wet enough (Jennifer was, however, very wet as she pumped her fingers in and out of her wet pussy.. with the fingers of her other hand rubbing and stroking her clit... She was going to make herself cum.. which would give her an advantage in the sexfight)

Emily: Don't take all fucking nite (Emily was also nearing an orgasm as her fingers frantically worked her pussy. She wanted to cum before they began sexfighting.. which, she reasoned, would give her an advantage over Jennifer.)

Jennifer: Fuck U

Emily: Whore

Jennifer: Slut

Emily: Bitch

Both hot teenagers were pumping their fingers in and out of their wet pussys and rubbing their swollen clits .... pausing only long enough to send texts to each other.

Jennifer: U better b rilly wet

Emily: U better b dripping

Jennifer: Gonna make u cum

Emily: U will come first

Jennifer: U will

Emily: U will

There were longer and longer pauses between their texts as they fucked their hot cunts with their fingers.

Emily: U there

Emily: Hello

Jennifer: Whore

Emily: Slut

Another few minutes quickly went by.....

Jennifer: U will cum first

Emily: Fuck U

Jennifer: I hate you bitch

Jennifer: I fucking hate you

Jennifer: Answer me bitch

Emily: Fuck U

The two young bitches had been fingering themselves for more than ten minutes... and Jennifer was about to cum. …. and so was Emily. Jennifer began gasping.. arching her back.... pushing her feet out as far as she could as she sat in her car... her clit was throbbing... and as the waves of pleasure flowed through her body, she moaned... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Her wet pussy gushed all over her fingers and on the drivers seat.... “Ummmmmmmmmmmm.”

Emily was cummming too.... working her fingers as fast as she could... rubbing her clit hard.. and then her legs began to spasm.... her nipples twitched... and she gasped... “Ohhh Shit!” … her wet cunt gushed all over her fingers and the sheets on her bed as Emily thrashed about on her back... gasping and moaning...”Ohhhhhhh yessss!”

It had been almost three minutes since the last text... then Emily's phone buzzed again.

Jennifer: I am wet rilly wet

Emily: Me too bitch

Jennifer: Want to fuck U now

Emily: Cum inside lock door want to fuck U

Jennifer was still breathing deeply as she put her cell phone back in her purse and stuffed it under the seat. She stepped out of her car, locking it with her remote, and walked toward the door of Emily's apartment.. pushing the door open and stepping inside. The lights were on as she raised her voice and hollered . ...“Are you here?”

“Bedroom bitch!” Came a reply from down the hallway.

Jennifer closed and locked the door, placing her keys on the entry table and then walked down the hallway toward the open door of Emily's bedroom. Emily was laying on the bed with her skirt bunched up around her waist... her top was pulled up over her tits.. and her big nipples looked enormous. Jennifer stared at her for a moment... her eyes moving back and forth between Emily's big tits and her wet pussy.. she had to admit to herself that Emily looked hot... very hot. As Jennifer strolled over toward the bed, she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her top.. crossing her arms as she pulled it up over her head and tossed it on the carpet. As Emily was watching, she grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head and threw it on the floor. Jennifer crawled up on the bed and sat down on her ass with her legs parted and stretched out in front of her... she then lifted her ass and pulled her skirt up around her waist, exposing her wet naked pussy to Emily. “You don't know how long I have waited for this moment.”

“As long as you have.” Emily replied as she stared at Jennifer's pussy. For a long time Emily quietly gasped as she gazed at Jennifer's naked cunt.. it looked so fucking hot... and it was soooo fucking wet. She then spread her legs open... letting Jennifer get a good look at her pussy. “Like what you see bitch?” Emily smirked.

“Fuck you.” Jennifer replied as she kept staring at Emily's naked moist cunt. It looked so hot and wet... so tasty... so inviting... As she gazed at the blonde's pussy, she licked her lips in anticipation.

Emily taunted her … “You're jealous of my pussy.”

“You wish! You can't keep your eyes off my pussy.” Jennifer smirked.

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!... you piece of whore trash!”

Emily raised her voice.. almost shouting at Jennifer... “You think you're so fucking hot.... well, you ain't shit!”

“Hotter shit than you!”

Jennifer and Emily glared at each other for a moment before Jennifer spoke again, “Are we gonna fuck or not?”

“What about the rules?” Jennifer asked as she glared into Emily's eyes.

“What rules?”

“Sexfight rules you stupid bitch! ... so I know you wont cheat.”

“Fuck you bitch!” Emily hissed.. her voice full of hate and anger. “I don't cheat!”

Jennifer hissed back at her … “Yeah right!! That is why there are rules.... so fucking whores like you wont cheat!”

“God dammit!... what rules do you want?”

“First one to cum is the loser.”

“Fine!” Emily replied in a hissy voice as she swiveled her hips to the right, then slid off the bed.

“Are you running away all ready?” Jennifer asked.

Emily reached down, and pulled her skirt down, sliding it down her legs and kicking it off. “I don't want any of your stinky cunt juice on my skirt, you fucking whore!”

Jennifer slid off the bed and quickly removed her skirt... “I don't want any of your nasty cum on my skirt either.... it smells like ass.”

They glared at each other for a few moments before they climbed back on bed and positioned themselves again.. with their legs spread out in front of each other.

Jennifer then continued.. “The winner gets to facesit the loser... and the loser has to eat the winners pussy 'til she cums.”

“Mmmmm,” Emily smirked, “I am going to love grinding my pussy on your fucking ugly face!”

“Do you agree with the rules?” Jennifer asked in a haughty voice.

“You fucking ugly bitch!!! I am gonna cum so fucking hard on your ugly fucking face!”

Jennifer raised her voice ...“Do you agree with the fucking rules!?

Emily glared and hissed .. “Yes.”

They glared at each other for several more seconds before Jennifer continued … “So are we gonna fuck or not?”

“Are you afraid?” Emily teased her.

Jennifer laughed at Emily... then she teased her ..… “You probably will lose on purpose.. so you can lick my sweet pussy.”

Emily squinted her eyes ….“Your pussy stinks!”

“Your pussy has cooties!” Jennifer smirked.

Emily then screamed at Jennifer ..“You fucking bitch!... Are we gonna fuck or not?”

“You fucking bitch!” Jennifer yelled at her as she leaned back, bracing her upper body with her arms extended behind her and her hands on the bed.. then Jennifer pushed herself forward until she smacked her juicy cunt against Emily's wet cunt making a wet smacking sound causing both teenagers to gasp. It felt so hot... so fucking wet... so delicious … it was hotter than they thought it would be and juicer then they had imagined.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Jennifer moaned.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” Emily gasped.

Jennifer and Emily kept their wet slurping pussys pushed together for more than a minute... feeling each other for the first time.. feeling the stiffness of each others big clits and the wet stickiness of each others dripping vaginas. Oh yes, it was much much more than they had hoped it would be. Jennifer finally come to her senses... looking into Emily's eyes and snarling ...“Let's fuck it out you whore!”

“Come on you fucking cunt! Let's fuck it out!” Emily yelled at her as she pushed herself up on her arms and pushed her wet pussy hard against Jennifer's and began to rotate her hips... grinding their wet slippery pussys together... spreading their pussy lips out between them... grunting and cursing at each other ..



“Fucking whore!”

“Fucking bitch!”

They were grinding into each other as hard as they could push together... moving their hips from side to side... flicking their big sensitive clits back and forth across each other.
“Feel how big my clit is bitch?” Jennifer hissed.

“I can barely feel it whore!.. but I know you can feel mine!” Emily shouted at her.

“Fucking liar.. you know my clit is bigger than yours! Jennifer yelled back as she pushed against Emily... thrusting hard with her hips as their juicy wet cunts began to make squishing sounds.

“You are the fucking liar!” Emily gasped as she lifted her hips up off the bed and began pushing into Jennifer with her legs.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God! I hate you!” Jennifer moaned as she lifted her hips up.... their cunts were now locked together in mid-air... pushing and shoving into each other.. their sensitive clits rubbing together constantly.

“I fucking hate you more!” Emily gasped as she pushed hard against Jennifer … forcefully pushing her back a few inches.

“You fucking piece of shit!” Jennifer screamed as she pushed back hard... using her buttocks and legs to push Emily back. Their cunts were as close together as any two cunts could possibly be... plastered together... like they were glued together.... sooo very fucking tight... and they continued to rotate her cunts against each other. For the next five minutes they kept sliding their hard clits back and forth and around and around each other until both girls were gasping and moaning from the mutual pleasure they were giving and receiving from one another.

As they began to tire from constantly lifting their hips up, they dropped their asses back down on the bed, but kept pushing and grinding into each other... clit to clit.... rubbing … fucking …. grinding …. pushing … minute after minute... gasping … fucking … squishing … humping … cursing … fucking... on and on for almost fifteen minutes ...then Jennifer squeezed her pussy... something that she knew how to do. You see, Jennifer had much more experience in sexfighting than Emily... Jennifer had fucked Wendy... and Angel .. and had learned a great deal from both of them.. and she had learned some very strategic moves from her Mom. Jennifer was prepared... she was ready... and when she clamped her cunt down on Emily's, she heard Emily gasp. Now Jennifer's kegel muscles were certainly not developed like her mom's... but she did know and understand how to use them,,, and as she squeezed her pussy against Emily's pussy, Emily shuddered from the suction.

“Feel that bitch?”

“Unnnnnnnnnn.” Emily moaned.

With her arms slightly behind her and her hands firmly on the bed, Jennifer used her arms to push even harder against Emily as she slowly slid her pussy upward.. until she could feel Emily's big clit lodged between her pussy lips. Jennifer wiggled her hips a few times, making sure Emily's clit was exactly where she wanted it.. then Jennifer flexed again... sucking on Emily's clit with her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh God!” Emily wailed.... her clit was burning.... she was approaching an orgasm and Jennifer knew it as Emily cried out, “Ohhhhh FUCK!”

“Cum for me whore!” Jennifer yelled at Emily.

“Nooooooooooooooooooo!” Emily gasped.

“Yessssssssssss!” Jennifer responded.

“Nooooooooooooo!” Emily moaned as her breathing became faster and deeper.

Jennifer kept sucking Emily's clit with her pussy lips as Emily desperately tried to wiggle her hips and move her clit from between Jennifer's sucking pussy lips, but Jennifer had a good lock on Emily's throbbing clit and kept pushing and grinding against her... pulling and tugging on her clit. “Cum for me Bitch!”

“Ahhhhhh ah ahh ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Emily's body began to tremble.. her big tits were shaking on her chest …. her nipples were twitching... she was almost there.

For another minute, Jennifer used all of her strength... pushing and grinding.. forcing Emily to slide backwards a few inches..... Jennifer kept flexing her labia around Emily's swollen clit as she pumped her cunt hard against Emily's pussy. Of course, Jennifer was also approaching an orgasm... but she was not as close as Emily was. A few more seconds went by... grinding … squishing …. fucking … sucking... and Emily began to scream . .. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!”

“Yessssssssss!” Jennifer screamed at her.

“Noooooooooo Nooooooooooooo No No!” Emily gasped as she trashed about on the bed. “Fuck!!!” As much as she wanted to delay the inevitable, Emily lost control... humping wildly as her hips began to jerk.. her big tits shook.... her clit throbbed violently..... Emily was cummmming! “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!”

As Jennifer felt Emily's pussy gush against her own pussy, she knew she had won.. she had beaten that bitch! She had out-fucked Emily.

“Ohhhhhhh My God!..... FUCK! Cummmmming!” Emily moaned deeply as her vagina kept contracting... gushing against Jennifer's wet cunt.

Jennifer continued to scream at her ..“Yessssss! Yessssss! You fucking bitch! Cum for me!”

“Ohhhhhh SHIT! .. “Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!”

Jennifer kept grinding through Emily's orgasm for another couple of minutes.... feeling Emily's pussy cumming two more times..... bathing herself in the sweet knowledge of knowing that she had made Emily cum first..... As Emily's orgasms faded, Jennifer slid her pussy down Emily's pussy until their clits were jammed tightly together again... and she began rocking... moving her hips from side to side as Emily continued to moan and groan.... flicking their big clits back and forth across each other... grinding … fucking .. pushing … their wet sticky pussy lips sliding back and forth against each other.. pulling and tugging in their mixed sticky wetness.... until Jennifer felt her orgasm beginning. She tossed her head back...... her big tits quivering on her chest as the pleasure flowed through her clit..... it was so intense.... the sweet pleasure of victory... “Ummmmmmmmm Yesssssss! .. YESSSSSS!... “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Jennifer's hips jerked as her body tensed... her big tits trembling..... it was such a sweet release … “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

She pushed against Emily a few more times... before scooting back on her ass.... and unwinding her legs from Emily. It only took a moment for Jennifer to get to her knees and knee-walk herself up Emily's body.... kneeling down just a bit to drag her wet cunt across Emily's big right tit.... then humping Emily's tit a couple of times before she raised herself up again on her knees and moved her dripping pussy above Emily's face. As Emily was still somewhat woozy from her orgasm, Jennifer leaned forward, reaching down and grabbing Emily's wrists in her hands... pinning Emily to the bed.

“I fucking beat your sorry ass you bitch!”

Emily mumbled … “Fuck you!”

“Yeah?.. well that is what I am going to do... Fuck you …. Fuck your face with my cunt, you fucking bitch!”

“Nooooooo!” Emily gasped as she looked up and saw Jennifer's wet pussy slowly lowering down toward her face. .. “Noooooooo! Get your stinking cunt away from me you fucking whore!”

Jennifer yelled at Emily … “You lost bitch!!! Now you are gonna eat my cunt!”.. Before Emily could answer, Jennifer dropped her open wet pussy down over Emily's mouth with a wet splat …. and began grinding up and down... rubbing her sticky wet cum drenched cunt up and down Emily's mouth and chin... grinding … humping... as Emily struggled to free herself. “Lick me!” ….. Emily moaned something into Jennifer's cunt.. but it was unintelligible. … and Jennifer kept grinding.... kept rocking …. sliding her big hard clit up and down and back and forth across Emily's mouth.... rubbing … grinding …. “I said fucking LICK my pussy!”

Emily reluctantly extended her tongue and held it in place as Jennifer rocked up and down her tongue... rubbing her big clit up and down and up and down Jennifer's long tongue..... Jennifer was fucking Emily's tongue... rubbing up and down.. grinding... thrusting … moaning as she ground her wet pussy and hard clit up and down Emily's long wet tongue... minute after minute.. rocking her hips... holding Emily's arms down... her big tits swaying back and forth on her chest as she rocked up and down on Emily's wet tongue. “Ummmmmm yes... yes! Lick my cunt like a good little bitch!”

“Mmmppphhhh!” Emily moaned.

Soon, Jennifer was nearing her climax.. and she began humping against Emily's tongue faster and faster... her big tits swaying back and forth as she rocked her hips.. fucking Emily's tongue until she reached her sweet release … “Ohhhhhhh yessssss!” Jennifer moaned loudly as she began to cum... gushing her girl-cum all over Emily's face... her big clit was throbbing against Emily's tongue as her pussy clenched several times in succession... gushing cum each time... “Fuck!!!!! Cummmmmmming!”

Emily moaned beneath her as her mouth overflowed with Jennifer's hot gushing cum.

“Ummmmmmmmmm you hot little bitch!” Jennifer gasped as she kept rocking and humping through her orgasm until she finally slowed down. She had out-fucked her hated rival... she had the better pussy...... she was the top bitch. She stayed on top of Emily for another minute before she released Emily's wrists and pushed herself up... rolling off and getting to her knees before stepping off the bed. As she turned her back toward Emily, Emily picked up the first thing she could get her hands on... a pillow. She grabbed the pillow and swatted it at Jennifer, hitting her on her side.

Jennifer turned around and grabbed the pillow out of Emily's hand and threw it across the room as she yelled at Emily.. “Really? A fucking pillow? How pathetic!”

“Fuck you!”

“You sorry piece of shit!.. I out-fucked your worthless ass!” Jennifer continued to yell at her.

Emily crawled off the bed and stood up …. “Get our of here!.. Get the fuck out of my apartment!”

“Or what? You gonna kick my ass?”

“ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!” Emily screamed as she lunged at Jennifer with her arms extended out.. her hands landing on Jennifer's shoulders and driving her back against the wall with a 'thud'.

“Fucking Bitch!” Jennifer screamed as she grabbed Emily's hair and began shaking her head back and forth... and a moment later Emily's hands were in Jennifer's hair jerking and yanking her head back and forth!



Yelling and screaming at each other they stumbled around for a couple of minutes, both girls losing their heels before they fell back on the bed with Emily on top.. but Jennifer bucked her hips up and rolled them over as they continued to yank on each others hair... tears welling up in their eyes from the pain. Their legs were kicking wildly as they rolled over again.. rolling off the bed and landing on the floor in a tangle of arms and legs. There was very little space between the edge of the bed and the wall as they struggled on the floor, side to side, their big tits jammed together with their hands tightly wrapped around each others hair. “Fucking Cunt!” Jennifer hissed as she spit on Emily's face.

“Ohhhh you filthy bitch!” Emily yelled as she spit back on Jennifer's face. “Let go of my hair!”

Jennifer tugged even harder on Emily's hair as she screamed at her blonde rival.. “Fuck you!”

There was just not enough space for the two fighting girls to roll over and they soon discovered that they were trapped on the floor, laying on their sides, facing each other tit to tit. As they kicked with their legs, they finally found themselves with their thighs pressed against each others naked pussys and as they continued to move and wiggle against each other, Jennifer and Emily could feel the wetness flowing from each others wet cunts. Their fight was turning them on. .. and they finally released each others hair from their hands and moved their hands to each others buttocks and began to squeeze each others ass cheeks as they started humping together. Their brief catfight had transformed into a fuck-fight as they ground their big tits into each other nipple to nipple... with their cheeks pressed together they began cursing into each others ear.

“You fucking cunt!”

“Fucking bitch!”

Jennifer then licked Emily's ear .. “You want me to make you cum again, you nasty little whore?”

Emily gasped, “I'm gonna make you cum, you whore!”

“You just can't get enough of my sweet pussy, can you bitch?”

“God! I fucking hate you!” Emily panted as she licked at Jennifer's ear. Jennifer wiggled closer to Emily then used all of her strength to roll her against the wall, wanting to mount the blonde bitch, but Emily jerked her body to her left and somehow ended up on top of Jennifer. “Now I got you where I want you bitch and I am gonna show you how to fuck.”

Jennifer hissed again, “I fucking hate you, you blonde whore!”

“Hate fuck me bitch! Come on! Hate fuck me!” Emily was gasping as Jennifer spread her legs and their wet dripping cunts melted together.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around Emily and began thrusting her hips up.. grinding their wet open cunts together in a squishy slurping fuck... flicking their big clits together as their big tits began to slide up and down each other, their hard nipples flicking with each thrust. Still cheek to cheek, both hot eighteen year olds began licking at each others ear as they tormented each other.

“Let me feel your pussy bitch!” Emily gasped.

Jennifer flexed her cunt against Emily's... tugging at her pussy lips.. “Feel that you fucking whore?”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnn, you nasty bitch.”

Jennifer was gasping as she whispered, “Let me feel yours.”

Emily squeezed her pussy as hard as she could... squishing against Jennifer .. “Ahhhhhhhh.... feel that whore?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck! I hate you!”

“Hate fuck me bitch!” Emily moaned.

“I'm hate fucking you... you fucking slut!” Jennifer gasped.



Emily was sliding up and down on top of Jennifer.. their big heavy tits rubbing up and down against each other as Emily rocked on top of her. .. sliding … up and down... nipples flicking …. clits grinding up and down against each other … moaning … gasping …. hate fucking each other.... minute after minute ? groaning … cursing... their fuck juices running down the crack of Jennifer's ass as they rocked and humped together in their fuck-fight.

“Cum for me whore!” Emily was breathing deeply.

“Cum for me bitch!” Jennifer moaned.

The bitter hate they had for each other was fueling their bodies with an incredible lust for each other.. a lust that could only be quenched by their dirty hate-fuck as they continued grinding and humping.. then Emily moved her face above Jennifer's and extended her long tongue out of her mouth.. wagging it back and forth in front of Jennifer's eyes. As she slowly moved her face down, Jennifer parted her lips and opened her mouth and Emily lowered her face the final distance and pushed her long tongue into Jennifer's waiting mouth. Jennifer wrapped her lips tightly around Emily's tongue and began sucking it... sucking it deep inside her mouth as Emily moaned with pleasure. Their hips were still rocking... strong glutes working to grind their cunts harder and harder against each other.. their big firm tits mushroomed between their sweaty bodies as they fucked each other with all the hate that was inside them... grinding deeply into each other... their thighs rubbing together... Jennifer's hands grabbing and clutching Emily's firm ass … Emily's arms and hands reaching underneath Jennifer and grabbing her tight buttocks.. as they both pulled their wet cunts and sweaty bodies together as tightly as they could... squeezing each other in a constant strained embrace as Jennifer kept sucking Emily's tongue. The two hot sluts were fucking.. grinding... crushing their big tits together … gasping … their big clits sliding up and down and up and down.. rubbing together.. grinding together … their bodies shivering... panting... fucking … moaning.

Jennifer finally let go of Emily's tongue and they began kissing... dueling and fighting with their tongues. As Emily kept sliding up and down on top of Jennifer, Jennifer began flexing her kegel muscles each time Emily would slide down... catching Emily's clit between her pussy lips and squeezing it for a brief moment before Emily would slide up again.. and each time she would give a little suck on Emily's clit, Emily would gasp from the pleasure. Time after time Jennifer would suck at Emily's clit until Emily was on the verge of another orgasm. “You want to cum so fucking bad, don't you whore?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck you!” Emily moaned as she kept rocking and fucking Jennifer. She knew she should do something... anything .. but the pleasure was just too intense.. and Emily could not resist.

“Cum!” Jennifer gasped, as she herself was getting close to an orgasm.

“Nooooooooooooo... you cum!” Emily moaned.


“You cum!”

“You cum bitch!”

“You cum whore!”








“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Emily moaned loudly


“Noooooooooooooooo Noooooo!”


“Ohhhhhhhhh I fucking HATE you!” Emily gasped as her clit began twitching out of control.

As Jennifer felt Emily's big clit twitching wildly at her own big clit she felt the rush of pleasure begin to flow through her body. Jennifer would not be able to hold off her orgasm more than a few seconds... but fortunately for Jennifer, Emily's orgasm was already flowing …

“Fucking WHORE!!!” Emily screamed as her cunt contracted hard against Jennifer's cunt.. her body was shaking.. and her pussy squirted! Gushing her hot girl-cum into Jennifer's sucking cunt. “FUCK!! Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Yessssssssssssssssssss! Yesssssss! Cum for me!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh I fucking … ahhhhh... HATE … Unnnnnnnnn you! … Ohhhhhhhhhh.... Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

Emily's hot pussy squirted again as her body thrashed on top of Jennifer. They were dripping with sweat... moaning and groaning from the mutual pleasure they were giving each other.. and as Emily's pussy contracted and gushed a third time, Jennifer began cumming.. her hips jerking as she gasped and panted and her pussy gushed .. “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!” Jennifer was delirious with pleasure.
They dug their fingers into each others buttocks as hard as they could as they humped their juicy pussys together.. squishing out cum with each hard thrust of their cunts.. their big swollen tits mashed together so hard that it made their deep breathing somewhat difficult as they gasped for air.. moaning together as Jennifer's hot cunt gushed again... which triggered a second round of orgasms in Emily.

“Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” .. “Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!”




Jennifer bucked her hips up and pushed Emily over.. pushing her back against the wall as there was not enough space to roll her completely over. They were both experiencing sparks of pleasure from the orgasmic aftershocks that were racing through their bodies as Jennifer placed her right hand on the floor and lifted herself up to her knees as Emily's aftershocks quickly escalated into a full-blown orgasm. She was gasping and moaning as her clit throbbed and her pussy flooded with more of her hot pussy-cum. As Emily was lost in the moment, Jennifer reached down and grabbed her leg.. pulling her away from the wall as Emily rolled over on her back. Jennifer had out-fucked her hated rival for the second time and was going to facesit the blonde bitch again! Before Emily realized what was happening, Jennifer had once again grabbed her arms and pinned Emily to the floor and had sat down on top of her, squashing Emily's big tits with her ass.

“Auggggghh! Get off of me you fucking dyke!”

Jennifer did not respond as she inched her way forward and planted her dripping wet pussy on Emily's face again with a wet splat.

“Mmmmmmppphhhhhhh!” Emily moaned as she started kicking her legs, but Jennifer had her pinned and Emily began to whimper as Jennifer began sliding her wet cunt up and down and back and forth across Emily's face... smearing her wet cum all over Emily's chin, mouth, nose and cheeks. “Ummmmppphhh!”

“You fucking tramp!” Jennifer moaned as she began grinding all over Emily's wet face.. sliding and humping her. “I out-fucked you twice! .. You pathetic loser!” Emily moaned as Jennifer kept insulting her .. “Loser! … Fucking loser! … Fucking piece of shit Loser!”

“Ummmpphhh!” Emily's eyes began welling up with tears.. she felt humiliated.. she was embarrassed... and she felt like Jennifer was now violating her body... raping her.

Jennifer was already turned on and it only took a couple of minutes for her to reach another orgasm... not so much from the pleasure of rubbing her pussy all over Emily's face, but from knowing she was the top bitch.. she had beat her hated rival... she had sexually destroyed Emily, and now she was humiliating the blonde bitch that she hated with every breath she took. “Unnnnnnnnn you fucking whore!.. I am cumming on your fucking ugly face! … Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... Cummmmmmmmming!” Jennifer was gasping and moaning as she gushed again on Emily's face .. “Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmmming! …. unnnnnnnnnn... ohhhh.. how does it feel cunt? Hmmmm? How does it feel for my pussy to cum all over your fucking ugly face?”

Jennifer rocked her cunt a few more times before lifting herself up, getting to her knees then standing up. Tears were flowing down Emily's face as she began to sob. “What's the matter little girl? You going to go crying to your big sister?”

“Fuck you!” Emily whimpered between deep breaths.

Jennifer reached down and picked up her heels, slipping them on before reaching for her top and pulling it over her head. Emily was now sobbing almost uncontrollably as Jennifer leaned over and grabbed Emily's skirt. “Since you were not wearing panties, I will take this as a trophy. A trophy to remind me how I out-fucked your worthless little pussy.” Jennifer then leaned forward and spit on Emily... her spit wad landing on Emily's stomach. She then turned her head, flipped her hair, and strutted out of the bedroom as Emily watched with tearful eyes. As she heard the door slam, she slowly got to her feet and staggered to the door, locking it with the dead bolt and safety chain.
Emily was hurt... she was humiliated. … she felt violated … and she was as angry as she had ever been in her life. Suddenly she felt ill... sick... like she was going to throw-up. She ran to the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face and then stood there with her hands on the sink for several minutes, breathing deeply... afraid to look at her face. Within a couple of minutes, the sick feeling passed and she opened her shower door and turned the water on.. waiting a minute for the water to get hot before she stepped into the shower to wash all of Jennifer's filth off her body. She scrubbed herself for a long time, making sure she was clean and had washed all of Jennifer's scent from her body.

She began to cry again as she picked up her shoes from off the floor. She needed to be comforted... she needed to go see her sister Lisa. She quickly blow-dried her hair and slipped on a pair of red shorts and a black top. She stepped into a pair of flip-flops, grabbed her keys and purse and headed out the door, not taking any time to put on make up.

Fifteen minutes later she was ringing her sisters doorbell. Lisa was about to go to bed and was already dressed in her nightshirt as she peeked through the peephole and opened the door letting her sister. Emily began crying again as she wrapped her arms around Lisa.

“What's wrong Sis”?

Emily was sobbing … “Ohhhhhh Lisa.. it was horrible.. just horrible!”

Lisa ran her hands up and down Emily's back as she hugged her sister close.. “Are you hurt? Are you ok?.. what happened?”

Emily stepped away from Lisa and began talking between sobs... and, as you might expect from most eighteen year old girls she begin to stretch the truth, or, if you prefer, she began lying with an abundance of drama in her voice. “Someone I know.... she was a friend.. you may remember her … Jennifer....”

“Yes I remember Jennifer.”

“Well... she came over... and .. I opened the door for her.. cause .. like, I knew who she was and all... and .. then she attacked me! .. it was horrible!”

Lisa was startled ...“She attacked you? Did she hurt you?”

“She pushed me down and started slapping me and then she spit on me and cussed at me!”

“Why did she do this Emily?”

Emily began crying again .. “I don't knowwwww! I thought we were friends... and she just came in and began beating on me!”

Lisa reached for and grabbed Emily's hand... pulling her toward the sofa.. “Sit down Sis.”

Emily sat down and put her face in her hands as she wept.

“Did you call the police?”

“Noooooooooooo.” Emily whimpered.

Lisa walked over and picked up her cell phone .. “We need to call the police.”

Emily jumped up and grabbed Lisa's hand .. “Noooo.. please... it's ok.”

“We really need to call the police Emily.”

“Nooooo... No, I have a better idea.” Emily sat back down on the sofa and patted the cushion next to her .. “Sit here Lisa.”

“Are you sure you are not hurt?” Lisa asked again as she sat down next to Emily, looking into her eyes.

“Yes, I am ok... just angry.”

“And you have no idea why she stormed in and began attacking you?”

“Nooo.. I don't know why.”

“Could it be over a boyfriend?”

“No, … nothing like that... I am not dating anyone.”

“I want to help you Emily.. but I need more information.”

Emily was sobbing again ..“That is all there is... I told you everything!”

Lisa reached out and held Emily's hand .. “Ok... all right... can I get you a glass of wine.”

“No,... I will be ok.... I'm just really mad, y'know?”

“I am angry too about this.”

Emily stared deeply into her sisters eyes.... “There is something you can do.”

“Tell me.”

“I want you to fuck that bitch!”

Lisa's eyes were wide open... “Do what?”

Emily squinted her eyes with anger ...“You know... talk her into a sexfight and fuck the shit out of that bitch!”

“Is this what it's about? Did you have a sexfight with her?”

Again Emily lied to her sister … “Noooo... listen to me .. I feel humiliated and embarrassed.. and hurt that someone I know.. and liked.. and thought we were friends.. would just break into my apartment and slap me … and curse at me … and call me ugly and hurtful names. She verbally abused me! . She bullied me!! .. I want you to fuck her and humiliate her like she humiliated me... then I want you to sit on her face and rub your pussy all over her ugly fucking face!”

“Oh Emily.. I don't know ….

Emily stood up, tears freely flowing down her face as she sobbed.. “She needs to be taught a lesson... I want her to feel like I do right now! … you asked what you could do for me... and I told you.. and now you don't want to help me!!

“I don't know where to find her.... I barely know her.”

Emily sat back down... “I know where she works... it's a bar.. you're old enough.. go there and get a drink and convince her to sexfight you... I know... I know ... you can beat her sorry ….. her sorry worthless ass.” Emily panted as she continued to cry.

Lisa could not remember her sister ever being this distraught. .. “All right Emily. I will go find this girl Jennifer.. and I will fuck the shit out of her and bring you her panties to you as a trophy.”

Emily leaned over and hugged her sister.... still sobbing .. “Ohhhhhh thank you Lisa.... thank you soooooooooo much.”

Lisa kissed Emily on her cheek before she stood up and spoke .. “You really do need a glass of wine.”

Emily smiled for the first time since she walked into Lisa's apartment .. “Ok … .Where is Amanda?”

“She is with some of her family at Lake Texhoma.. she will be back tomorrow morning.” Lisa said as she walked to the kitchen. A couple of minutes later she was walking back with a glass of wine in each hand. She extended her right hand to Emily, handing her the glass before sitting down next to her sister. They changed the subject as they talked about girly things for the next hour ... shoes... purses … clothes … diets … and a host of other things. While they were talking, each one of them would steal a glance at the others tits from time to time.. and it was having an effect on each of them. But, being sisters, they kept their feelings to themselves until they were having trouble keeping their eyes open... it was past midnight and they were getting sleepy.

“Since Amanda is not here, can I spend the night with you?”

“Of course you can Emily, if you don't mind sharing the bed with me... but I must warn you... Amanda tells me that I sometimes toss and turn in my sleep all night long!”

Emily smiled .. “That's ok. I just don't want to go home right now.”

They stood up and walked into the bedroom. Lisa pulled one of her chest drawers open.. “I think I might have something you can sleep in.”


“No, that's ok.” Emily answered as she pulled her black top over her head, shaking out her blonde hair and tossing her top into the empty chair at Lisa's computer desk. Lisa could not help from staring at her little sisters huge tits as they swayed back and forth as Emily slipped off her red shorts. Lisa was even more surprised when she quickly saw that Emily was not wearing anything under her red shorts. Emily kicked off her flip-flops and crawled up on the bed, reaching down and pulling the sheet up over her body. Lisa's younger sister had grown up into a stunningly beautiful woman, with tits that appeared to be as big as her own.... well... almost as big as her own. Lisa still thought she had bigger tits than Emily... and Lisa was right. As she began to get into the bed, Emily spoke to her .. “Now you are making me feel under-dressed... perhaps you should throw me something to wear.”

Lisa suddenly felt a taboo sexual attraction for her sister as she replied … “Well, I would not want my little sister to feel under-dressed!” she then reached down and pulled her nightshirt up over her head, her big tits catching in the shirt for a split second before bouncing free and wobbling for a brief moment on her chest. And yes, of course Emily was watching as Lisa reached down and slid her panties over her ass and down her legs before stepping out of them. She then crawled into the bed and laid down, pulling her half of the sheet up over her tits as she laid there.. her mind filled with thoughts about her sisters tits. Lisa sighed a few times and closed her eyes.. but a minute later she felt something very warm pressing against her back.. and then an arm moved across her side as Emily squirmed up next to her sister.. pushing her over-sized tits against Lisa's back.

Lisa was not sure how to respond.. perhaps Emily was just snuggling as she was about to fall asleep.. and then she felt something wet on her buttocks... Emily had pressed her pussy up against Lisa's ass.. and Emily's pussy was definitely wet... Lisa could feel the moisture and the heat from Emily's pussy. Still not knowing how of if she should respond, she closed her eyes again and laid there for several minutes.. then she felt Emily moving her hips.. .. slowly sliding her pussy up and down against her ass.. It wasn't much... moving up and down very slowly about a half of an inch in each direction.. but Emily was certainly humping her. Was Emily trying to seduce her? Was Emily having a wet dream?

A few more minutes went by and then Emily's arm that was resting over her began to move upward.. and then she felt Emily's hand on her big right tit... Lisa tried to justify what was happening... and she began to sort through several different possibilities, but when Emily's hand squeezed her tit, she knew. She knew that her sister wanted to cuddle or be held.. or maybe Emily wanted to fuck. She quickly went through the reasons why fucking was not a good idea... then Lisa began thinking that her sister might need a good fuck because of the terrible experience she had just been through, so Lisa whispered .. “Emily?”

“Hmmmm? Emily replied

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Umm Hmmm.”

Lisa wet her lips with her tongue before she rolled herself over facing her sister. There was just enough light from the nightlight to allow them to see into each others eyes.

“I really need for you to fuck me.” Emily moaned as she stared into Lisa's beautiful blue eyes.

Lisa stared back into Emily's lovely light brown eyes .. “I really need for you to fuck me too.” Lisa whispered as she moved on her side toward Emily until their huge nipples meet head on... tip to tip... and sucked together.... causing both of them to gasp.



It always felt so good for either of them to touch nipples with another woman.. but there was an extra slutty feeling about touching nipples with your sister and they both felt the wild lust.. taboo lust … forbidden lust that was flowing back and forth between their tits through the tips of their sucking nipples. They reached down and grabbed each others buttocks.. both of them squeezing the hard firm ass cheeks of her sister. They moaned as they moved their faces toward each other, parting their moist lips and entered into a long intoxicating deep kiss, slowly moving their tongues around each other inside their locked mouths.....moaning into each others mouths as they slowly pushed their tongues together and around each other, underneath each other.. on top of each other.. in every way that you could imagine.

As they shared their lustful incestuous kiss, Lisa, who was laying on her right side began rocking her left shoulder forward and backward.. pumping her huge left tit into Emily's huge right tit. It only took a few seconds for Emily to match her sisters movements as she began rocking her right shoulder in and out toward Lisa. The two hot sisters quickly found a steady rhythm as they pumped their two big tits together. Each time they would push forward, their long hard throbbing nipples would disappear between their heavy dense mushroomed tits and then when they leaned their shoulders back, their nipples would become visible again. As their nipples remained sucked together, they would stretch out from their areolas until they felt a little pressure.. as if they were about to 'pop' apart, only to be forced back into each others dense tit-meat.

They rocked their big tits together for several minutes.. still engaged in their slow tongue wrestling... moaning and groaning into each others mouths as they kept their lips sealed together. Their nipples were really sucked together now.. and they would pull and tug on their own areolas each time they would rock their shoulders backward. Their pussys were dripping wet as they moved their firm thighs between each others legs and began humping each other. As Lisa and Emily continued to fuck each others cunts with their thighs, and rhythmically push their nipples into each other, their other two big tits remained plastered tightly together.. grinding nipple to nipple and soon their other pair of nipples had found each other and had also sucked tightly together.

Emily finally pulled her mouth away from Lisa, gasping .. “I love you Lisa.”

“Mmmm I love you to Sis.” Lisa moaned.

Emily trembled as she whispered ..“Fuck me!”

“Fuck me Emily.”

“Fuck me Lisa.”

“Yesssss fuck me.” Lisa gasped.

Yes, perhaps it was wrong... it was certainly taboo... and it was unquestionably incestuous... but neither girl cared. … they just wanted to fuck... then needed to fuck... they had to fuck... there was no choice. Their minds and body were not going to be denied the lustful pleasure that only comes from fucking.

“Oh God Lisa.. your pussy is so fucking wet!”

“Mmmmm so is yours Emily... and your nipples..... soooo fucking hard against mine!”

“Ouuuuuuuu yes.... yes I can feel your nipples fucking mine.”

“Ohhhh Emily …..... Yesssssssssss ….. Fuck my nipples! Fuck my pussy!”

They were still pulling back as far as they could before feeling the tugging on their areolas, but when they pushed in, if felt like they were thrusting their nipples deeper and deeper into each other as they pushed their rock hard lengthy nipples into each others dense tit meat... again and again ….. over and over ….. push … push …. push.... For the next five minutes they mashed those heavy firm dense tits together …. again and again.... hard ridged nipples thrusting against each other over and over.. their thighs humping each others wet cunts as they kissed and licked at each others tongues and lips.

Lisa was beginning to feel a burning sensation in her nipples. It was hot ….. burning …. It felt like the tips of her nipples.... at her milk holes ...were on fire. Emily's nipples were burning too... the heat radiating from the tips of her big nipples through her big tits.... Hot ….. Steaming ….. Burning.

Each time their huge tits pushed together, Emily and Lisa would moan together. The sounds escaping their lips in sync with their pushing.... 'ahhhh' …. 'unnnn' …'ahhh' …. Emily wanted more... She needed more ….. she was withering with pleasure ….. Lisa could feel her sweet hot pussy juices squishing against her sisters thigh …... and she felt an orgasm building …. Emily was also feeling her orgasm building …. they were fucking like whores.

“Ohh Fuck Emily!”

“Yesssssss Lisa.... Fuck me with your big fucking tits!!”

“Tit fuck me Emily!!!”

“Harder Lisa!!! Fuck my tits harder!!!” Emily's cunt was soaked as she pushed it harder and harder against Lisa's thigh.. humping her .. fucking Lisa as Lisa was fucking her.. sliding her wet cunt up and down Emily's thigh.. both hot sisters were so full of wetness …. so full of sweet pussy nectar. .. and they were smearing it all over each others thighs. Those two juicy cunts were twitching again and again .. one hard contraction after another.. each contraction lasting longer than the previous contraction.

'”Ahhhhhh Emily … you fucking whore!!!!” Lisa screamed as she slapped her sisters ass hard with the palm of her hand and jerked Emily's tits into hers as hard as she could....... and then she kept them pressed tightly to Emily's huge rack.

“God Lisa'' … Emily panted as she arched her back.. thrusting her big tits as hard as she could into Lisa's … She slapped her sisters ass as she moaned loudly .. “Ohhhhhhhh Fuck... my sister is a fucking whore!”

Their pussys were clinching and twitching … their vagina's sucking at each others thighs... their clits swollen and vibrating .. their sucking nipples forced deeply into each others tits ..

“I am going to Cummm Lisa!!!!”

“So am I Emily!!!!”

“Ohhhhh Lisa.. you hot fucking whore!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Unnn un unnnnnnnn Emily!”

They each inhaled one last deep gulp of air.... pushing their tits deeply together.... mating them together … welding those four huge tits and those four big twitching nipples... and then Emily and Lisa held on as the eruptions began. Those four huge heavy tits shook together … their cunts spasmed .. twitched … and gushed … they locked their eyes together and screamed at each other …

“Cummmmmmming!!!!” Emily cried out as her pussy squirted against Lisa's thigh.

“Cummmmming!!” Lisa gasped and panted.. her pussy was gushing all over her sisters thigh.

“Oh God”

“Oh Fuck”



They felt hot heat between their tits... their nipples were cummmming! All four long hard throbbing nipples spraying nipple-cum into each other, deep within their immense cleavage. Their hips were jerking... their thighs thrusting … they gasped and panted.. pussy-cum running down their thighs and wetting the sheets.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm YES!”

Their nipple-cum began to ooze out between their big mushroomed tits.. running down their big globes.... they were so lost in each other.. so caught up in the moment. Lisa rolled them over... their sucking nipples 'popping' free from each other. Emily was now on her back. As Lisa placed her legs between her sisters, Emily lifted her legs straight up into the air.. opening her pussy for Lisa's pussy.. and when Lisa leaned forward and squished her hot cunt down firmly against Emily's soaked cunt, Emily wrapped her legs around Lisa's back as they began fucking pussy to pussy... grinding their big clits together as hard as they could ..

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yes Lisa!! Fuck me.. Fuck you whore sister!” Emily groaned as she reached down and grabbed her sisters buttocks .. squeezing and pulling Lisa into her with each hard thrust from Lisa's hips.

“Mmmmmm” Lisa moaned as she began sliding up and down on her sister... sliding their two big trembling clits up and down each other... up … down … up … down... their heavy tits were mashed tightly together.. rubbing .. grinding … and they began kissing each other.. wet tongues licking and lapping at each other as they moaned and panted.

The two sex-crazed sisters fucked for more than twenty minutes... constantly kissing... continually grinding their wet pussys together ...consistently sliding their clits up and down each other .. it was perpetual fucking ...unceasingly grinding and humping... gasping and moaning as they licked and sucked each others tongues in wild deep forbidden lust. They were as wet as they had ever been.. their hungry wet pussys soaking the sheets with their hot fuck juice. It was the hottest fuck that either one of them had ever experienced... there was just something very hot and nasty about fucking your sister.. and the incestuous flames in their bodies was burning out of control with wanton lust.

“Ohhhhhhhh Lisa!” Emily panted into her sisters mouth.

“Emily! Cum with me Emily!” Lisa gasped and moaned.

Their hips were jerking... nipples throbbing against each other.. their huge tits compressed tightly between them... their legs began to spasm... their big clits jerked and throbbed together.. then they gushed... Gushing their hot girl-cum all over each other's wet pussys.. drowning their cunts in sweet sticky pussy-cum.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ah ahhhhh ahhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmming with you Emily!”

“Oh God Lisa! Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Lisa felt her big nipples leaking... oozing sweet gooey nipple-cum against Emily's hard twitching nipples. She moaned with a deep pleasure unlike any pleasure she had ever known as she pressed her burning clit against her sisters hot burning clit... pushing.. pressing .. the two of them feeling every throb.. every pulse.. every spasm. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Emily... Emily ….. Emily.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm Lisa … Lisa … Lisa!”

They gasped in each others arms... Emily holding her sisters buttocks tightly in her hands... kneading her hard firm ass cheeks... moaning.. whimpering with deep pleasure. Several minutes came and went as they snuggled together before they rolled over on their sides... holding each other... hands on each others asses... their lips gently caressing as they breathed together.. sharing each others sweet breath. Lisa was wanting to fuck some more, but Emily had drifted off to sleep.... she had been very busy the last several hours.... with Jennifer.. and with her sister. … and Emily was exhausted. Lisa kissed her sisters cheek and whispered to her .. “Nite Sis... and don't you worry about this girl named Jennifer. I'll take care of her.”

To be continued