By AngelDawn30

Second Saturday

Amber and Jennifer

Amber's doorbell rang... it had to be Jennifer. She walked to the door in her white blouse, red skirt and a pair of flip-flops.... unlocking and opening it … “Hi Sweetheart.”

“Hi Mom,” Jennifer answered as she slipped past Amber and waited for her mom to turn around. . Jennifer looked sexy as hell in her cut-off jeans and a pair of hot pink athletic shoes that matched her hot pink t-shirt.

Amber closed the door, turned around and approached her daughter. Before Amber could speak, Jennifer stepped into her and wrapped her arms around Amber, pushing their big tits together. Amber instinctively returned the hug as their heavy tits mushroomed against each other through their clothes... then Amber felt something... she felt Jennifer's hard nipples twitch against hers... and a second later Amber felt her own long thick hard nipples twitch against Jennifer's. It was a very awkward moment for Amber, but Jennifer seemed to think nothing of it. As they looked at each other, Amber spoke. “You said you wanted to talk about something .. what's up?”

Jennifer released their hug and stepped back ...“I am meeting this girl... and... we... well... ah... well... it's like …..”

“Just tell me Honey.”

“We are going to sexfight.”

Amber's eyes opened wide.. “You are going to do what?”

“Oh come on Mom.... you know what I am talking about.”

“I... well … I...”

“Don't ask me how I know... but I know that you have had sexfights and titfights.”

“Jennifer ….”

“Just listen... I am going to have a sexfight with this bitch... and I want you teach me how to sexfight.”


“Don't bullshit me Mom.” Jennifer said as she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her hot pink t-shirt and tugged it up over her head.. shaking her hair out as her big naked bra-less tits wobbled on her chest.... “ I have had a few sexfights.. but I really need to win this one... this is very important to me... and I need you to teach me.”

Amber was staring at her daughters huge tits... “Teach you..... exactly what do you want me to teach you?”

“I want to fuck you... I want you to show me exactly how to move.. how to wiggle.. how to drive her out of her fucking mind!”

“Ohhh Honey... I don't think I ….” Amber's sentence was interrupted as Jennifer stepped back toward her, once again ballooning their huge tits together.

“I am going to be meeting this bitch in two hours... and I know that you are a skilled sexfighter. I want you to teach me how to fuck with my pussy.”

Amber's big nipples were throbbing against Jennifer's.. separated only by Amber's thin blouse.. and it was turning Amber on.... but it was not right... not with her daughter.. “Jennifer... we can't do this!” Amber gasped.

Jennifer's voice became very sexy as she stepped back just a little from Amber.. “Of course we can... Would you rather I go see Ashley?”

“You wouldn't!”

Jennifer smiled as she began unbuttoning her mom's white blouse. “Oh yes I would.”

“Jennifer! You are my daughter!”

Jennifer moved her face toward Amber's face as she whispered.. “We are going to kiss... and then we are going to fuck.”

As their lips met, Amber quietly moaned as her clit twitched. As Jennifer's wet tongue licked across Amber's lips, Amber pulled away... “Jennifer … I can't!” Jennifer grinned as she reached out and grabbed her mom's wrists, pulling Amber's hands to her big naked tits … “I should not be doing this.” Amber whispered as her hands made contact with Jennifer's large bare tits. She quickly tried to pull her hands away, but Jennifer slid her hands over the top of Amber's hands and brought Amber's hands back to her full round tits... squeezing the back of her mom's hands as she forced Amber's hands to squeeze her big tits.

“Ummm, doesn't that feel good?” Jennifer purred as she moved Amber's hands around on the front of her abundant tits

Amber's clit twitched again as she questioned herself... 'Why is my clit twitching? This is wrong!' “Jenniver, we shouldn't be ….”

Jennifer interrupted... “Of course we should... Don't you love my big sexy tits?”

“Oh God!” Amber gasped as she squeezed her daughters huge tits.. they were so fucking firm... so fucking dense... and so fucking big. Amber was having a difficult time resisting her eighteen year old daughter... but she managed to push herself away again.

Jennifer stepped forward and placed her hands on the front of Amber's blouse.. she was determined... and it was now obvious to her that she was going to have to take charge. With her fingers firmly grasping the front of her mom's blouse, she yanked hard.. ripping the buttons off and opening Amber's blouse, revealing Amber's huge full firm F cup tits. Before Amber could speak, Jennifer stepped forward, pushing her hard throbbing nipples into her mom's hard ridged spikes as she exclaimed … “Wow!”

“Ohhhhhhhh.” Amber moaned... her resistance was become futile as Jennifer placed her hands on Amber's shoulders and pulled their big heavy naked tits together.. forcing their long hard throbbing nipples from view as their over-sized tits mushroomed together. Amber relented as she placed her hands on her daughter's shoulders and began to push into Jennifer. Although it only lasted about a minute, it seemed like eternity... the two big-titted women pushing their massive tits together.

“Mmmmmm” Jennifer sighed as she removed her hands from Amber's shoulders and stepped back.. breathing hard.... her nipples were swollen … her tits rising and falling on her chest from her deep heavy breathing... Amber was turned on as she moved her hands from Jennifer's shoulders and stepped toward Jennifer again.. their tits meeting head on again as Amber wrapped her arms around Jennifer's waist.. pulling her close. Jennifer had also moved her hands around Amber's waist and moved closer to Amber.. their big tits mushrooming together. They slowly began to turn around slowly.. moving their feet just a few inches at a time.. as if they were doing a slow dance... the two tit warriors made several complete circles as they held each other gently … keeping their big tits pressed together... Amber finally stepped in the opposite direction and dragged her tremendous tits across Jennifer's..

“Ohhhh.” Jennifer moaned as they began a slow rocking motion together.. Jennifer moving right and Amber moving left.. their big tits would mushroom.. then Jennifer's left tit would slide between Amber's big tits.. then slide out.. as her right tit slid between Amber's tits ..only to slide back... again sliding between Amber's tits, then past Amber's right tit. Back and forth their tits dragged across each other.. sometimes their heated nipples would get caught against each other before springing apart. It was slow and erotic... and both women were getting turned on..... their pussys were wet... they were breathing deeply... and they wanted more.

Amber stepped back … her nipples as big and swollen as she could ever remember … She looked down at their tits heaving … their arms were still around each other as Amber carefully moved closer to Jennifer.. She was going to line up their nipples.. and Jennifer was ready... After a little adjusting, they were ready to press them together tip to tip. “Ummmmmm.” Amber moaned as the tips of their nipples met.... Jennifer gasped with her as they watched their nipples slowly disappear beneath their mushrooming tits.. Amber tightened her hold around Jennifer's waist and pushed forward.. Amber's big tits pushing into Jennifer's massive rack.. Jennifer got a better hold around Amber's waist and pulled herself closer.. Their tits were as close as they were going to get.. mushroomed out at the top and sides... Then the pumping began... moving their upper bodies they pushed and released.. pushed and released.. Jennifer's huge E cup tits pushing into Amber's big F cup tits ….their tits were in constant contact as they pumped them together.. their arms at their sides were squeezing their huge tits together as they jerked their upper bodies together... compressing their big tits then releasing.. then pushing them tightly together then releasing .. mushrooming them together, then releasing.

“Mmmmm do you know about nipple orgasms?” Jennifer asked seductively.

“Un huh.” Amber moaned as she removed her hands from Jennifer's shoulders and stepped back.. Amber was beyond caring that it was her daughter standing in front of her.... her mind was over-taken with the need to cum. She lined up their big extended nipples tip to tip... and then pushed into Jennifer. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh” Jennifer squealed as they began nipple fucking... pushing their thick nipples together... again and again... pressing .. pushing …. fucking... thrusting … sweat was running down into their deep cleavage... they were delirious with pleasure... it was so deliciously dirty... so fucking nasty.... so fucking obscene … mother and daughter nipple fucking. Minutes went by... neither hot bitch was able to penetrate the others big firm tits with their hard nipples... but that had no effect on the immense amount of pleasure that was flowing from the tips of their nipples... flowing through their enormous tits.... flowing all the way to their big pulsing clits... clits that were screaming for release.... pushing .. thrusting... the front of their big tits sometimes gently slapping together as they tit-fucked each other with their big hard nipples.... on and on... minute after minute.. their hands were on each others buttocks... squeezing... kneading each others firm ass cheeks... Jennifer's fingers were digging into her mom's red skirt and Amber's hands were running up and down the back of Jennifer's cut-off jeans. “Mmmmmm yes,” Amber whispered between deep breaths.

“I want you to cum with me.” Jennifer panted as she began grinding her huge tits harder against Amber's big round globes.

“Oh God!” Amber panted as she felt the rush of heat flowing through her body.

“Yesssssssssssss fucking yes!” Jennifer groaned as her own orgasm was about to shower her body with wet pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Amber gasped.

“Fuck yes!” Jennifer gasped with her as she began to cum... her sweet tight pussy gushing... squirting.... quickly soaking her already wet panties. “Ohhhhh I am Cummmmmmming!.... fucking Wow! God!”

“Cummmmmmming with you!” Amber cried out as her pussy clenched and jerked and spewed her hot girl-cum into her own wet panties.

Their big tits were cumming... sweet tacky nipple-cum spraying from the tips of their huge nipples... nipples that were buried beneath their big tits that were jammed together so tightly.... and they felt it... they felt the hot heat from each others nipple-cum as their big tits pumped against each other.

“Ohhhhhhh SHIT! Cummmmmmmming!” Jennifer was bucking her hips wildly as her pussy gushed a second time... her fuck-cum leaking from her panties and wetting her cut-off jeans.

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm” …. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

They held each other for another minute... squeezing each others buttocks... trembling together..nipple-cum oozing from between their huge mushroomed tits .... undulating their hips.... Amber and Jennifer were on fire.... burning with their taboo need for each other.

Jennifer pushed her mom away... nipple-cum sticking and stringing between their huge tits for a brief moment until the gooey strings snapped apart. “Hurry!” she gasped as she turned and began quickly walking to her mom's bedroom... “Hurry!”

Amber hesitated for a moment as her brain flashed the warning message .. 'This is your daughter!' ….. then she began unzipping her red skirt … “Fuck it!” she whispered to herself as she shimmed out of her skirt and quickly slipped her panties off. By the time she walked into her bedroom, Jennifer was already naked, laying on the bed with her legs stretched out in front of her.... “Teach me mom.... show me how to pussy fuck.”

Amber loved to fuck women.... and this hot eighteen year old was fuckable... she looked hot... beautiful long light brown hair... a small tight waist.. luscious hips... and tits to die for.. big.. round .. full globes gently wobbling on her chest.. but still sticking almost straight up into the air..... capped with those big treacherous nipples... nipples that were still oozing nipple-cum. Yes, Jennifer was most definitely fuckable.

Amber slid onto the bed..sliding forward on her hard round ass as she spread her legs. … unveiling her hot juicy pussy in all luscious glory. Amber had a delicious pussy.. juicy and wet... with full moist pussy lips.... pussy lips that protruded almost an inch in front of hot naked fuck-hole... pussy lips that were glimmering with light-catching droplets of her sweet pussy syrup. Jennifer could see her mom's big clit... pushed out between the wet sticky folds of her amazing pussy.... jutting …. throbbing... bobbing up and down. As Jennifer watched in awe, Amber quickly opened her labia .. revealing the sweet pink inner private parts of her wet pussy.

“Wow” Jennifer moaned.. ..Then it was Jennifer's turn... her pussy lips were not as extended as her mom's.. but they were glistening with moisture... and Jennifer used her kegel muscles to open her sexy cunt lips.. spreading them apart... and giving her mom a good view of the sweet insides of her hot pussy.

“Ohhhh God!” Amber moaned as she advanced toward her daughter... scissoring their legs together... smooth firm thighs sliding against each other as they brought their open cunts closer and closer together... Amber looked down... Jennifer's big clit was every bit as big as her own.. and it was sticking out... throbbing … bouncing up and down at the top of Jennifer's wet slit. Amber adjusted her hips.. rolling slightly to her left.. lining up their big jerking clits... then she pushed forward...

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Jennifer moaned as their wet sticky pussy lips touched... burning together with their raging taboo heat.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Amber moaned as she pushed a little more... their pussy lips spreading out together... the tender sexy pink flesh of their inner lips kissing as they pushed into each other a little more.... it was so fucking hot! It felt like they were burning each others tender skin... scorching heat flowed through every nerve in their wet cunts. Then their big sensitive bouncing clits touched.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Jennifer gasped.

“Unnnnnnn un unnnnnnnnn FUCK!” Amber moaned as their big throbbing clits pushed together..... it was too much.... their sexual senses were already stretched to the limit... and just touching their huge pulsing sensitive clits together was enough.. it was more than enough.... they were going to cum together.

“Ahhhhhh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhh YES! Cummmmmmmming!” Jennifer screamed.

“Ohhhh FUCK!” Amber was screaming with her daughter.. “Cummmmmmmming!”

They jammed their squirting fuck-holes together... their wet cunts emptying their hot girl-cum into each other... gushing … squirting... their hot cum splashing several feet up into the air between their grinding cunts... spraying their thighs and tummys... even splashing on their big shaking tits..... and as soon as it stopped.. it began again.. another powerful flood of pussy-cum squirting from their cunts.. pumping straight into each others vaginas... shooting straight up into the air once again... spraying and splashing all over their bodies...

They screamed together ...“Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming!”

It was, by far, the quickest orgasm that either had ever experienced.... their juicy pussys were touching for no more than fifteen seconds before the flood gates opened and their pent up pussy-cum squirted freely from their gushing cunts.

They screamed together again … “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” Gushing and squirting together again... the bed was soaked with their fiery juices. They were gasping and moaning.. thrashing on the bed.. shaking their heads from side to side... the intensity was insane. … their hot cunts were boiling over.... gushing and squirting as their orgasms continued.. one after the other... screaming and cumming... gasping and cumming..... gushing and cumming.. .. panting and cumming. Several torrid minutes seemed much longer to the two hot women... almost constant orgasms... leaving them almost breathless and gasping for air.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Jennifer!” Amber panted.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Jennifer purred.
They laid there on their backs for several more minutes... their wet cunts dripping into each other... their throbbing nipples leaking sweet drops of gooey nipple-cum.... until Amber finally spoke.... “I don't think you need a lesson is sexfighting.”

Jennifer giggled,, and Amber laughed with her.... then Jennifer whispered to her mom.. “Show me how to squeeze with my pussy... y'know what I mean?”

“You want to learn how to suck with your pussy?”

“I can already do that a little... but Yessssssssssssssssss show me... oh please... please teach me how.”

Amber smiled... “Ok …. watch and learn.” She scooted back on her ass a few inches.. gooey pussy-cum stringing between their wet cunts.... “You know about your kegel muscles?”

“Un huh.. yes.” Jennifer answered.

“Ok.. good... it's just a matter of flexing... like this.” Amber flexed her powerful pussy... you could hear the air being sucked inside..

“Wow!” Jennifer squeaked.

“You have to practice squeezing your pussy... for years... to develop a strong sucking cunt.”

“I don't have years.. I have to match pussys with her tonight.”

“Don't worry.. she wont be able to suck this much with her pussy either... like I said. It takes many hours of practice” Jennifer nodded as her mom continued.. “So let me show you some things that you can do... to make her cum like a fountain.”

“Mmmmmmmmm” Jennifer smiled.

Amber pushed her cunt against Jennifer's again.. “It's in your hips.. you have to roll your hips... I'll show you.” Amber began twisting her hips in a fluid rolling motion.. dragging her clit back and forth across Jennifer's.. “Feel that? Feel my clit flicking yours?”

“Wow... God yes!”

“You can control how hard you want to press.. or how fast you want to flick your clits together.”

“Ok... I see that.. let me try.” Jennifer began to rotate her hips.. flicking her big hard clit back and forth across her mom's equally big hard clit. “How's that?”

“Ummmmmmmmmm it feels wonderful! But be careful.... remember, you are also stimulating your own clit at the same time.”

“Gotcha” Jennifer nodded.

For the next thirty minutes, Amber showed her daughter how to move her hips.. how to get her pussy lips over the other girls clit... and squeeze it... how to rub their clits up and down against each other... how to grind without losing control. She also taught Jennifer how to prolong her orgasm.... how to move in such a way as to stimulate the other girl's clit more than her own..... and Jennifer was a quick learner... showing and repeating everything that Amber had taught her... now it was time to put her new sexual knowledge to use.

“I think you are ready.”

“Really?” Jennifer smiled.

“Let's find out.... first one to cum loses.”

“Ok!” Jennifer replied..

Once again they pushed their wet pussys together.... it was incredible. “Ohhhhhhhhh!” … “Ahhhhhhhhhhh”

They slithered on the bed.. pushing and jamming their hot cunts together.. grinding and thrusting their hips... Jennifer wiggling her hips just as her mom had taught her.. dragging their big throbbing clits across each other again and again... sucking at each others pussy lips with their hungry cunts... squeezing their pussy lips together... pussy juice flowing down the cracks of their asses as they pumped their open cunts together with their strong glutes... their heavy tits bouncing on their chests... long hard nipples pointing to the ceiling.... gasping and moaning... grinding.... Jennifer would clamp her pussy lips around Amber's big clit and suck... yes, the suction was not like Amber's powerfully developed pussy.. but it was more than enough for Amber to feel the pulling and tugging on her sensitive clit. Then Jennifer would jerk her hips up and down... rubbing and stroking their pulsing clits together.... She had learned a lot... and was putting her new found knowledge to use. They fucked for almost thirty minutes.. stopping and resting when one or the other was about to cum. They wanted this to last a long time.

Panting and gasping they kept fucking for another thirty minutes... pausing each time one of them would gasp 'stop!”.... they would wait for a moment.. until they were back in control.. and then resume their fucking... an hour had passed... they had starved off several orgasms... but as they continued to fuck... they knew that could not contain the pent-up rush of their hot juicy cum much longer.... they had to cum... and they wanted to cum together.... they were so overwhelmed with their shared pleasure, that they had long forgotten about 'first one to cum is the loser'. This was all about pleasing each other.. pleasuring each other... and pleasuring themselves.

They moaned together as they fucked. … rocking and grinding … sliding and pushing … flicking their clits back and forth as they fucked each other.. it was intense fucking.. hard fucking .. trying to grind their own cunt inside of the others cunt... Minute after minute they pushed and shoved with their powerful glutes.. using their athletic legs to push against each other as hard as they could.. mashing their cunts together as they fucked. Another ten minutes of constant deep grinding elapsed and they were still pressing and straining together.. rubbing their open cunts together as they gasped and moaned with pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Jennifer!”


They continued to grind into each other for a few more minutes until both hot women reached out, grabbing the others thigh... clutching it for leverage as they pushed their open cunts very hard against each other ….their huge tits wobbling as they jerked their asses.. applying as much pressure on their cunts as they could …

Jennifer twisted her hips slightly and then pushed hard against Amber.. their heated pussy lips completely flattening out against each other.. she wiggled her hips just a little more until she was sure that her cunt was locked tightly to Amber's cunt, then Jennifer flexed her pussy.... squeezing and sucking at Amber's pussy... “Uhhhhhhhh.” Amber moaned as she felt the suction on her pussy. Jennifer had learned quickly as she flexed her pussy again causing her mom to gasp .. “Ouuuuu.”

“How did that feel?” Jennifer asked.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Amber gasped.

“That good?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssss!” Amber moaned as Jennifer squeezed her cunt... It did feel good... it felt very good. Amber's clit began to tremble with pleasure and her entire body began to spasm.... 'Ahhh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... FUCK!” Amber moaned as her clit vibrated against Jennifer's... and her vagina clenched hard.. then opened up and squirted all over Jennifer's cunt … “Cummmmmmmmmming! … Ohhhhh Jennifer... I'm Cummmmmmming!!” Her hips were bucking and her buttocks jerking as her pussy gushed it's sweetness all over Jennifer's cunt.

Jennifer was pleased... she had passed the test.... she had made her mom cum!!

“Ahhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmming!” Amber's body was burning with lust as her pussy gushed again against her daughters cunt. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She gasped as she slowly raised herself up on her elbows, grinding her wet soaking cunt against Jennifer's heated cunt .. “Unnnnnnn you are sooooooooooo good.”

Jennifer raised herself up on her elbows as they made eye contact.. “Mmmmm.” Their eyes stared at each others big tits jiggling on their chests as they kept pushing and grinding their cunts together, then, with their eyes locked together, Jennifer felt suction on her pussy.... Amber was sucking her pussy with her own pussy.... sucking deeply... pulling and tugging at Jennifer's cunt.. “Oh my God!” Jennifer squealed. With her pussy mashed tightly to Jennifer's …. vagina to vagina .. Amber flexed her talented mature pussy again as Jennifer's eyes opened wide with amazement. She gasped deeply.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” as Amber continued flexing her cunt. Jennifer could hear the rush of air being sucked up inside Amber's cunt as her pussy lips were being pulled and tugged up inside Amber's amazing pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssss!!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD! Cummmmmmmmmming!” Jennifer was panting.. her hips bucking wildly as her pussy gushed into Amber's sucking cunt. “Ohhhhhhhh... Cummmmmmmmmming!”

As Jennifer bucked her hips wildly against Amber, she managed to move her gushing vagina up over Amber's hard throbbing clit, catching Amber's big clit between her pussy lips.... and flexed … sucking Amber's big clit between her pussy lips as she squeezed Within seconds, Amber was cumming again.. screaming with deep pleasure.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!!!” Her hot cunt spraying hot juices on their mashed cunts as she ground her cunt hard against Jennifer's. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Shit!!!”

The feel of Amber's cunt contracting against hers was enough to send Jennifer over the edge again as she began to cum …. “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... yessssssss!”

Jennifer was cumming hard... her body shaking.. her clit felt like it was going to explode with pleasure ... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” Amber screamed as her vagina squirted again on Jennifer's pussy …. splashing cum all over their cunts and thighs.

Jennifer was cumming again.... her cunt exploding as she felt Amber's hot cum spraying their grinding cunts .. “Cummmmming soooooo hard!!!”

They laid there for a few minutes .... bodies writhing. ….gasping and moaning with their cunts mashed together.. their lower abs and thighs wet and sticky with all of their pussy cum … “Mmmmmmmm that was so wonderful.” Amber moaned.

“Mmmmmmmm it was... it was.... like …. like Wow!” Jennifer gasped as she inched back from her mom.. rolled over to her tummy and crawled toward Amber... laying next to her as they kissed for a few minutes... Mother and daughter tongue kissing.

Minutes later Jennifer had put her clothes back on and was about to leave .. “Thanks Mom... for everything.”

Amber smiled at her daughter.. “I'm going to hop into the shower... just close the front door behind you.”

“Ok.” Jennifer answered as she walked out of her mom's bedroom... down the hall and to the front door. As she opened the door, Ashley was getting out of her car. “Hi Aunt Ashley!” Jennifer waved as she walked toward her.

“Jennifer!” Ashley smiled as she stepped toward her niece with her arms open. Jennifer opened her arms as they met and hugged... and both of them were immediately
aware of their big tits pressing and pushing together.

Jennifer held the hug a little longer than was necessary before finally stepping back. “What are you doing here?”

“I just came by to visit with my sister. How is my favorite niece?”

“Well... you know... busy busy busy!”

Ashley laughed... “Good.. it will keep you out of trouble!”

Jennifer smiled with a wicked grin ... “Mom is in the shower... you should join her.”

“What?” Ashley had that surprised look on her face.

Jennifer leaned a little closer and spoke softly .. “She was teaching me a few things about sexfighting.”

Ashley's eyes were wide open … “What???”

Jennifer grinned again as she continued talking … “Oh don't kid me... you know what I am talking about.... she is hot and ready for you.... go get her!”


Jennifer smiled as she turned and walked away toward her car.. “Y'all have fun.”

Ashley was speechless as she watched Jennifer get into her car and drive away. What was going on? She walked inside Amber's home and closed the door behind her... walking through the house looking for her sister... as she approached Amber's bedroom she heard the shower running. She quickly undressed and stepped into the bathroom, opening the shower door..


“Want some company?”

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Amber purred.

to be continued ….....

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And now... a brief preview of Chapter 66 …...

Angel watched Wendy and Jane kiss for several minutes until it was time. With her sweet hot girl-cum dripping from her wet pussy and running down the inside of her thighs, Angel slowly stood up and knocked on the door, attracting Wendy and Jane's attention. As both hot cum drenched girls looked toward the door, they quickly scooted away from each other on their knees... strands of glistening nipple-cum stretching and looping between their big tits and nipples. Angel pushed the door open and stepped inside.

“Angel!” Jane exclaimed with her panting voice.

“Angel!” Wendy gasped.... “How long have you been here?”

“Long enough.” Angel answered with her sexy voice as she scooped up a dangling glob of nipple-cum from her cheek and placed her finger into her mouth. Angel then moved her hands to the front of her stretchy top and ripped it open.. the buttons flying through the air as she began removing her top.. exposing her enormously big tits.. She tossed her top on the floor and began sauntering toward the bed... her massive tits gently jiggling...wearing nothing but her thigh high hose and her heels.

She stopped a few feet from the bed the night stand.... and lifted her right leg .. placing her four inch heel on the table. Wendy and Jane silently watched as Angel unstrapped her heel.... removed it from her foot, and laid it on the table. As Wendy and Jane moved their eyes up and down Angel's flawlessly perfect body, Angel placed her bare foot back on the floor and lifted her left leg.. placing her heel on the night stand and unstrapping her left heel... removing it from her foot and placing it on the table next to her right heel. She then stepped back and stared at Wendy and Jane with 'the look.'

Angel sometimes had this aura about her... a certain 'presence' …. an unmistakable authority. … this was one of those moments … and Wendy and Jane were quickly aware of her powerful authoritative persona as she spoke … “So what the fuck is going on?”

Wendy and Jane were still on their knees, facing each other ..nipple-cum mixed with sweat was splattered on their bodies with a few shimmering strings still looping between their big tits. Wendy and Jane's faces were turned toward Angel... staring at her... not knowing what to say.


Jane spoke first .. “She is a lying bitch!”

“She's the one who is lying!” Wendy quickly responded.

“Stop!” Angel commanded … “I asked what is going on.”

“Well...” Jane spoke softly... “Ah.. well..”

Angel moved her piercing eyes toward Wendy .. “Well?”

“It's all her fault Angel!” Wendy muttered.

Angel's voice was stern and to the point. “Dammit! I asked you what the fuck you were doing!”

Again they looked at her.... remaining silent.

“You were fighting over me. ...weren't you?” ….. Well?”

“Yes.” Jane replied.... “But only because she called me a liar!”

Wendy raised her voice as she spoke to Jane ...“You are the fucking liar!”

“No! you're the fucking liar!” Jane raised her voice as she shouted back at Wendy.

“That's enough!” Angel yelled at them.

“But Angel ….” Wendy began to speak.

“I said that's enough!” …... You could have heard a pin drop to the floor. It was dead silence. …. “You were fighting over me …. to determine which one of you would be with me... right?”

Jane and Wendy nodded as Angel directed her eyes toward Jane .. “Sooo... you are fighting Wendy... and if you win.. then you and I are going to be a 'couple'? Is that what you think?” Angel quickly moved her eyes toward Wendy... “And you think that if you win, that you and I are going to be together?.... Did it ever occur to either of you what I might want?... Did it ever enter your mind what I care about?.. or are the two of you just selfish bitches concerned with only what you want?”

Again, there was silence... and then Angel continued. “If the two of you are going to decide what I want.. then go ahead.... go ahead... fight each other!” She was pissed off... and Wendy and Jane knew she was pissed off.

Wendy quietly whispered … “Angel ….”

“I said you are going to fight each other …. Go ahead! Fuck each others brains out... fuck each other 'til one of you quits... 'til one of you surrenders... if it takes all night!”

“But Angel ...” Jane spoke softly....

Angel quickly interrupted Jane .. almost shouting as she spoke … “The two of you... purposely... intentionally … have agreed to fuck each other for the right to be with me... and that is exactly what you are going to do!.....You are going to fight over me! ... And ...” Angel paused for a few seconds before continuing …. “And …. ... The two of you are going to fight with weapons.”

To be continued