By AngelDawn30

Second Saturday

Wendy and Jane

As Wendy was sipping her fourth glass of wine, Jane was driving through the gates to the Corleone estate... surprised that she did not have to stop.... “Good... now I can surprise that bitch!” A couple of minutes later she had parked her car... she lifted up her hips and tugged her cover up shorts off, then pulled the t-shirt that was covering up her sheer top up and over her head before she shook out her long blonde hair. She stepped out of her BMW and began walking toward the front door of Wendy's home. ... A moment later the doorbell rang.

Wendy stood up ...It was Angel! Wendy could not wait to fuck Angel... to fuck her with the magic that both of them would share together. Wendy quickly hurried toward the front door, smiling as she unlocked the door and repeated the magic words in her mind three times … “Beautiful one, become one with me” … “Beautiful one, become one with me” … “Beautiful one, become one with me.” Wendy was opening the door as she finished repeating the words the third time ... …. “Jane!”

The two practically naked hot bitches glared at each other …. their eyes locked for several moments before Jane's eyes drifted down and stared at Wendy's hot body. Wendy was wearing a see-though charcoal camisole with a scooped neckline that barely covered the tips of her over-sized nipples. Jane stared in awe at Wendy's massive tits.. tits that were noticeably bigger than she remembered them being. Something strange was going on.... and Jane was puzzled as she gazed at Wendy's enormously big round dense tits. She had just been with Wendy a couple of days earlier... but Wendy's huge rack was definitely bigger now than it was before.

As Jane's eyes focused on Wendy's big stiff nipples through the see-through camisole she could see those big ridged nipples throbbing and twitching. Wendy's nipples were moving up and down and back and forth.. not much.. but easily enough for Jane to notice.. and it made Jane's clit spasm. “Unnnnn”, Jane quietly moaned as her deep blue eyes lingered for a few moments …. gazing at Wendy's incredible nipples.. nipples that were so very hard and so very long. Jane held back her need to gasp as she looked at the tips of Wendy's powerful nipples.. watching them vibrate up and down and back and forth on her big tits ... watching Wendy's milk holes opening and closing as if they wanted to latch on to her own huge nipples and suck her own nipple-cum right out of her big tits. Jane shivered at the thought.... the thought of Wendy's extraordinary nipples sucking the sweet nipple-cum out of her own over-sized tits. As Jane's eyes drifted lower she noticed that Wendy's camisole extended down to about the middle of her buttocks which left her naked shaved pussy exposed. As her eyes drifted lower she saw Wendy's naked pussy... glistening with moisture. “Oh God, what a fucking hot bitch you are' Jane thought to herself as she slightly turned to her side to get a better view of Wendy's hips. She stared at the side of Wendy's hard buttocks.... buttocks that were so firm and hard. Jane was mesmerized by Wendy's sexy body and she felt her clit twitch. Jane wanted to fuck Wendy soooo bad... but it was much more than 'want' .. Jane needed to fuck Wendy.

At the same time Wendy's eyes were drifting up and down Jane's incredibly body. Like Jane, Wendy's eyes could easily see Jane's long erect nipples through her black sheer see-though top... the thin stretchy sheer material clung to Jane's body like a second layer of skin. It was tight.... and it was it was definitely see-through. The wide scooped neckline exposed almost all of the huge upper swells of her big round globes, showing off a maximum amount of her impressive cleavage. In fact, the neckline was so low that a tiny fraction of the top of her areolas were showing. Not much... perhaps an eighth of an inch... but that eighth of an inch was uncovered and naked above the neckline... and Wendy noticed.... and she felt her clit spasm as the fire began to burn in her pussy as she stared at Jane's nipples and areolas. Wendy could clearly see the tiny little bumps and every craggy detail of Jane's areolas. She looked a little closer and could even see the puckered milk holes on the tips of Jane's amazing nipples... milk holes that appeared to be opening and closing.. nipples that were ready to suck... nipples that were anxious to suck at her own huge nipples. As Wendy's big brown eyes lingered for a moment on Jane's incredible nipples, she noticed that Jane's huge nipples were twitching.. barely moving up and down on her over-sized tits. She felt a sudden rush of heat flow through her pussy as her clit spasmed and she quietly gasped .. “Ahhh.” As her beautiful brown eyes moved lower she noticed that Jane's sheer top stopped a couple of inches above her navel... exposing Jane's sexy bellybutton.

Wendy then stepped back.. and slowly turned around.. giving Jane a good look at her hard tight naked ass... Jane stared... trying not to gasp as Wendy flexed her buttocks a few times for Jane's viewing pleasure... and it pissed Jane off. She knew what Wendy was doing.... Wendy was trying to intimidate her... but Jane's ass was just as tight.. just as firm... and as Wendy turned back around with a sly smile on her lips, Jane twisted herself around... giving Wendy the opportunity to stare at her own perfect ass. Jane was wearing a red pair of incredibly short, tight, yoga shorts that left a little bit of her ass cheeks exposed and as Jane leaned forward and pushed her ass out she heard Wendy gasp ... 'Fuck!' Wendy thought as she stared at Jane's hard buttocks. Wendy wanted to fuck Jane sooo bad... but her desire was much more than 'want'. Wendy needed to fuck Jane.

As Jane turned back around, their eyes slowly moved back up each others bodies until they were once again staring at each other... eye to eye. Deep blue eyes glaring into Big brown eyes. For more than a minute they glared deeply into each others eyes in an incredibly hot sexy stare down ... their eyes began speaking to each other … eyes that were saying 'I am a better woman that you and I am willing to prove it' …. eyes that were saying .. 'Angel loves me, not you.' … eyes that were saying 'We need to fuck it out … we need to decide who gets Angel.' Both hot bitches knew exactly what was happening... and both fiery bitches knew what each other was saying with their eyes.

Several minutes had went by before Jane finally spoke with her eyes still glaring.. “Are you going to invite me in bitch?”

Wendy's mouth formed into a snarl as she answered .. “Come in bitch.”

Jane stepped inside, brushing shoulders with Wendy as she stepped past her and walked halfway across the foyer before she stopped and turned around and placed her hands on her hips. Wendy turned around and began walking toward Jane.. totally unaware that she had left the front door open. As the two beautiful blondes slowly converged on each other, they both realized what a perfect physical match they were for each other. They were the same height.. both women were blessed with massive tits.. tits that were big and round and firm .. tits that were sticking straight out toward each other.. firm and dense and proud. Their big extended twitching nipples were exactly level with each other was obvious that their long ridged stiff nipples would line up perfectly with each other. Wendy stopped a couple of feet in front of Jane and assumed the same pose.. placing her hands on her hips as she defiantly glared at Jane. Jane suddenly felt a hot rush of sexual energy flow through her body … it was unlike anything she had ever felt before. You see, Wendy, thinking that it was Angel at the door, had repeated the magic words three times, and had inadvertently shared her magical sexual power with Jane … and the magic was slowly transforming Jane's body.

Jane's big heavy tits felt warm.. and she felt the skin began to tighten around her huge tits... it felt like her tits were expanding... slowly growing … gradually getting bigger... and firmer … and more dense .. more solid .. and getting heavier. She sensed something else too.... something that she could not explain to herself.. her big heavy tits felt like they were filling up on the inside.. as if fluid was being pumped into her big tits. Jane also felt her nipples burning and aching... as if they were trying to stretch the right skin that covered them... as if they wanted to reach out... to extend... to widen and lengthen. Jane kept staring into Wendy's eyes.. glaring at her.... she wanted to look down at her own big tits.. she wanted to see what was happening... but she was not going to lose this stare down with Wendy... so Jane focused her mind... glaring at Wendy as Wendy returned her glare. For several minutes they tormented each other,, slightly turning their bodies from side to side... thrusting their huge weighty tits at each other... glaring constantly into each others eyes with their hands on their hips.

Jane finally spoke with a haughty voice … “Angel loves me.”

As soon as she said those words, Jane could see the anger and hate being manifested in Wendy's eyes... anger that was so intense that you could feel it... anger so vivid that it had to be released … “You fucking little liar... Angel loves me!”

Jane's eyes instantly filled with hate and anger as she raised her voice.. glaring at Wendy .. “You goddamn fucking liar! Angel told me that she loved me!”

Wendy's voice was firm as she raised her voice … “You are the dirty fucking liar.. Angel told me that she loves me.. you fucking bitch!”

Jane took a small step toward Wendy.. so that their twitching nipples were only about six inches apart. She squinted her blue eyes and snarled at Wendy.. “Are you calling me a liar?”

Wendy snarled back at Jane as she inched a little closer to her... “No, I did not call you a liar... I called you a dirty fucking liar!”

Jane was really pissed off by now as she shouted at Wendy .“You fucking whore!”

Wendy shouted back … “I am a whore! I am a nasty filthy fucking nympho whore!.. but you are a fucking liar!”

Jane was enraged as she opened her mouth and spit on Wendy's face. Her hot spittle splattering on Wendy's lips and chin as she yelled.. “Fuck you!”

Wendy immediately spit back... a big glob of her hot spit landing on Jane's upper lip and oozing down across her lower lip. “Fuck you! .. Angel loves me!”

Jane licked around her luscious lips .... capturing Wendy's spit with her tongue, and quickly spit on Wendy's mouth again... “Angel loves me you little bitch!”

Wendy was mad. She leaned her face forward until their huge twitching nipples began to jerk at each other through the thin see-through layers of cloth. Jolts of extreme lustful energy raced through their bodies as their swollen nipples flicked up and down and back and forth against each other... separated by only the thinnest layer of cloth that you could imagine. Their noses were almost touching as Wendy continued to yell … “She loves me you fucking slut!”

“Fuck you!” Jane shouted as she leaned her face forward so that their noses were bumping together. Their huge over-sized tits were now pushing into each other as Jane shouted .. “Angel is mine! You can't have her!” Their long hard nipples were jerking wildly against each other .... wanting to mate with each other.. wanting to suck together … wanting to cum together.

With their hands still on their hips and their eyes wide open, they cursed at each other.. yelling and screaming every vile dirty nasty word that you have ever heard... Spitting and cursing... as they swayed their heavy tits back and forth.. just close enough to allow the front of their big swollen tits to push together... hiding their four huge twitching nipples that were frantically jousting with each other through the two very thin layers of Wendy's see-though camisole and Jane's see-though top. Another couple of minutes passed as they cursed each other with their hands still defiantly on their hips.. glaring at each other. Finally Jane reached out and placed her hands on the front of Wendy's shoulders and pushed her back... her very soul was overflowing with anger and lust... “Fuck you!”

With her hands still on her hips... Wendy continued to sway her huge heavy tits back and forth.. her big long hard nipples constantly jerking under the thin see-though camisole. “Fuck you Jane!” She was becoming even more angry as the pleasure they were giving to each other became more intense.

Jane's eyes drifted down to Wendy's bare naked shaved cunt again... as she felt the hot burning raw lust flowing through her body. She had to join with the hot bitch standing in front of her. Wendy was also consumed with raw animalistic lust for Jane. She was furious with her... she wanted to rip her hair out... but she also wanted to fuck Jane until neither one of them had enough strength left to move. Wendy slowly raised her hands up and placed her hands behind her head, locking her fingers together with her elbows out as she continued to gently sway her tremendous tits back and forth in front of Jane. “Like what you see, bitch?” Wendy smirked. They both wanted Angel... and the only way they were going to decide who would have Angel was with their bodies... it had to be a sexual battle between the two of them... tit to tit... nipple to nipple .. and cunt to cunt. That is the only way these two hot bitches were going to resolve this issue... they had to fuck it out.

Jane quickly assumed the same pose as Wendy with her hands behind her head and her elbows out.. swaying her equally huge swollen magical tits back and forth in front of Wendy.. “You are so fucking jealous of my body, aren't you whore?”

“I might be.. but then I cannot see everything you have.” Wendy responded as her eyes locked on the front of Jane's tight yoga shorts.

“Then maybe you need a better look.” Jane smirked as she lowered her hands down to her yoga shorts and slowly peeled the stretchy shorts over her firm hard buttocks... she then leaned forward, her huge tits gently wobbling as she slid her yoga shorts down her firm thighs and past her knees before stepping out of them. “Now you can get a good look at the hottest, wettest, juiciest cunt you have ever seen.”

Wendy mocked her .. “You stupid little bitch... you think your pussy is hotter and wetter than mine?”

“I know it is.”

“You don't know shit!”

“I know that I am hotter and wetter than you.. and I can prove it!”

Wendy raised her voice again … “God! I fucking hate you!” She reached out with her right hand and swung at Jane... slapping her huge left tit... 'Smack!' As soon as the open palm of her hand connected with Jane's huge dense tit, Wendy's eyes opened wide as her anger became even more intense. She had expected her slap to wobble Jane's tit... to hurt Jane.. but Jane's big firm tit barely moved from the blow. It felt so fucking hard against Wendy's palm that it stung Wendy's hand. As her mind was still racing about how incredibly firm Jane's over-sized tit felt she heard another 'Smack!'.. Jane had slapped Wendy's huge left tit with the palm of her right hand with the same results. Wendy's big dense tit barely moved from the hard impact as Jane's hand literally 'bounced off' of Wendy's swollen tit.

“Ohhhh goddamn fucking whore!” Jane yelled as she felt the stinging in her hand. Both hot bitches had slapped each others tit hard.. .. their hands were left stinging.. but their big tits had only wobbled a fraction of an inch!

Wendy sarcastically toyed with Jane.. “Awww, did the little bitch hurt her hand?”

“Fuck you!” Jane yelled as she slapped Wendy's enormous left tit again with her right hand.. 'Smack!' Again, Jane's hand stung from the blow.. but this time Wendy grimaced as her big left tit wobbled slightly from the hard impact.

“Oh! You fucking bitch!” Wendy yelled back at Jane as she slapped Jane's huge swollen left tit as hard as she could ..'Smack!' Now it was Jane's turn to grimace.. her facial expression revealing the discomfort she felt from the blow to her big tit... but Wendy's hand was stinging as she pulled her arm back, shaking the sting out of her hand.

The two hot sluts glared at each other for a moment before they resumed their slapping of each others left tit... their hands were a blur as they slapped each other again and again..

'Smack!' .. “Unnnnn.”

'Slap!' … “Ohhhh.”

'Whack!' .. “ Ahhhhhhh.”

'Smack' … “Ouuuuu.”

They landed blow after blow to each others massive left tit... slapping with their right hands as hard and as fast as they could. There were like two Amazon warriors... slapping each others big tit... neither one of them making any attempt to defend themselves. More than a minute elapsed before Wendy reached out with both of her hands and pushed Jane away... “Bitch!” Their right hands were stinging... and now their big left tits were also stinging form the constant slapping.

“Whore!” Jane hissed.


“Fuck you Wendy!”

“You dirty fucking whore!”

“You are the fucking whore Wendy!... Angel loves me!”

“Angel loves me! You goddamn fucking cunt!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!” Jane screamed as she leaped at Wendy with her hands out... grabbing Wendy's long blonde hair and jerking as hard as she could. Their huge tits slapping together as Jane jerked Wendy's silky blonde hair

“Owwwwwwwwwww!” Wendy screamed as she grabbed Jane's long blonde hair and began jerking Jane's head back and forth.

The two angry frustrated bitches wobbled around the room.. jerking each others heads back and forth... their four massive tits pushing and thrusting together as they stumbled around in a circle.. cursing and screaming. They were beginning to sweat... tiny beads of perspiration forming on their faces and between their huge tits. “Let go of me whore!” Jane screamed.

Wendy released her tight grip on Jane's long blonde hair and then immediately slapped Jane's face with her left hand.... Jane's face jerking to her left.. 'SLAP!'

“Owwww! Fucking bitch!” Jane yelled as she released Wendy's hair and slapped Wendy's face hard... 'SLAP!' They began trading blows... slapping each others face back and forth..... their faces jerking to the side with each hard painful slap.

'Smack!' … “Bitch!”

'Slap!' … “Fucking Whore!”

'Whack!' .. “Goddamn Slut!”

'Smack' “You Fucking Bitch!!”

Again the two angry bitches made no attempt to defend themselves. .. each of them slapping each other several times before they finally stepped back from each other.. their cheeks red from the hard blows. Panting and gasping, they glared at each other .. their eyes filled with hate and contempt.

“I fucking hate you!” Wendy panted.

“I hate you more, you fucking slut!” Jane gasped as she spoke.

They continued to glare at each other.. filled with rage and jealousy … both of them wondering what to do. They wanted to rip each others heart out... but as their eyes began to look up and down each others bodies.. they also knew that they wanted to fuck. By now, the magic spell that Wendy had evoked was completed... Jane's massive tits were as big as Wendy's... huge.. round .. incredibly dense.. and sticking straight out .. capped by her two huge swollen nipples that were almost two inches long.. and as big around as a roll of nickels. Wendy's heart began to pound in her chest as she stared at Jane's amazing tits. She wanted to touch them... she wanted to squeeze them... lick them.. kiss them.. suck them. Lust flooded through her veins as she stared at Jane's huge tits and her small tight waist.. and those perfect buttocks.. so hard and tight. “Fuck.” Wendy whispered.

A moment later Jane whispered .. “Fuck.” as she gazed up and down Wendy's flawless body... staring at Wendy's huge tits.. and those unbelievably big thick nipples.. as big around as her own.. and sticking out just as far. “Ohhh Fuck!” Jane gasped again as she stepped toward Wendy.. reaching out with her right hand and grabbing the front of Wendy's camisole and tugging Wendy toward her. Wendy also reached out and placed both of her hands on Jane's sheer top as she parted her lips and extended her long wet tongue. Jane's tongue slipped out from between her parted lips as they moved their faces toward each other.. the tips of their tongues touching in the space between their lips... “Ahhhhhh.” Jane moaned.

“Unnnnnnnn.” Wendy moaned with her as they pushed their tongues together.. causing them to flatten out against each other until the underside of their tongues were touching their own chins... the flat top surface of their long tongues were mashed together and they just stood there... feeling each others tongue with their own tongue. Wendy began slowly sliding her tongue up Jane's tongue.. then back down... then Jane slid her tongue up Wendy's tongue.. then back down... letting every tiny little nerve ending in their tongues caress each other. It was raw lust. Lust that was a burning fire.. a fire that was about to flame out of control. They held their tongues together for more than a minute before they slowly pulled their faces back.. leaving a couple of thin strands of spit looped between the top of their tongues. “Unnnn .. you hot sexy fucking bitch!” Wendy whispered.

“Ohhhhhhh you goddamn dirty fucking whore!” Jane moaned as she pulled hard with her hand that was grasping Wendy's camisole.. Jerking hard... 'Ripppppppp'. A split second later Wendy's hands were tugging and ripping Jane's see-though top. They slowly stepped back from each other.. shredding the thin material and exposing their big swollen naked tits and their hard erect jerking nipples.

“You fucking piece of shit!” Wendy screamed at Jane as she tugged the remains of her camisole off and threw it at Jane.

“You goddamn fucking piece of whore-trash!” Jane spit her words as she ripped what was left of her see-through top off and threw it on the floor.

As Wendy and Jane stared at each others huge tits and big nipples, they were overwhelmed with anger and jealousy. Suddenly their anger, frustration and jealousy erupted as they leaped at each other.. their huge naked tits slapping together with a deep 'thud' as their hands went to each others throat. They could see the hate and anger mixed with jealousy in each others eyes as they began choking each other... squeezing their hands around each others neck as tight as they could. Within seconds they could also see the fear in each others eyes as they desperately held on to each others throats. The intensity was horrifying … they quickly knew that this was not how they intended to settle their differences... this was not how they wanted to decide who would have Angel... but neither one of them was going to be the first to let go. As their need for air became increasingly urgent, Wendy kicked Jane's shin with her heel as she released her choke hold on Jane and quickly reached for Jane's hands and yanked them from around her own throat.

“Owwwwwww! Fucking Bitch!” Jane yelled at her in pain. … Before Jane could retaliate, Wendy reached out and grabbed Jane's hair once again and spun her around.. causing Jane to lose her balance and stumble across the hard surface of the marble floor. Within seconds Jane was falling down.. her hard ass cheeks slapping against the floor. Wendy quickly stepped toward Jane, and as she reached down toward Jane, Jane extended her right leg and tripped Wendy.. causing her to fall down face first on the hard floor. Somehow Wendy managed to get her hands in front of her falling body to break the fall and as she quickly rolled over toward Jane, Jane was also rolling over toward her. They grabbed each others hair as they plastered their bodies together tit to tit and began rolling back and forth across the white marble floor.. kicking and screaming and cursing at each other.

“Oww! Fucking Cunt!”

“Fucking Bitch!”


“You piece of Shit!”

Their bodies were in constant contact as they rolled over and over.. their thighs were rubbing together.. their huge tits were sliding back and forth against each other.. long hard nipples flicking past each other and digging into each others huge firm tits.. their hair was tangled together as they rolled from one side of the foyer to the other side of the foyer.. each of them frantically trying to gain the top position... but they were so evenly physically matched that neither one of them could secure an advantage.

“I hate you!”

“I hate you whore!”

As they slammed their tangled bodies against the wall, Jane managed to free herself from Wendy... their tangled hair painfully pulling apart and leaving a few strands of hair on the floor as she rolled away. They quickly scrambled to their feet.. glaring with hate and jealousy at each other. This wasn't about determining who was the strongest... nor was this about who could physically overpower the other... they both knew that this was about Angel. Wendy was in love with Angel …. and Jane was in love with Angel .. and both of them were hell-bent on having Angel all to themselves. As they glared at each other they both knew that there was only one solution... only one way to decide who would have Angel for herself... Wendy and Jane both knew … there was only one way to settle this... they had to fuck it out. As their eyes locked again.. Deep blue eyes staring into big brown eyes.. Wendy was naked except for her heels.. Jane was also completely naked except for her heels.

Wendy spoke softly... “Let's take it to the bedroom bitch.”

“Let's go fuck it out you whore.” Jane replied in her quiet sexy voice.

Squinting her eyes, Wendy gave Jane one final glare.. . before turning around and walking toward the staircase that led upstairs to her bedroom. Jane followed.. stopping at the bottom of the stairs as she watched Wendy sway her naked ass up the steps. As Wendy sauntered up the stairs, Jane could see the outer swells of Wendy's huge tits.. the big huge round outsides bulging out beyond her armpits from behind … 'Fuck.' Jane Wendy reached the top of the stairs and turned around. Wendy widened her stance as she ran her hands down across her abs and down toward her glistening wet pussy. As Jane watched with lustful eyes, Wendy spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers and squeezed her powerful kegel muscles.. letting Jane see her wet vagina opening and closing as if it were sucking. As Jane watched, she licked her lips.. her mind recalling how sweet Wendy's pussy tasted. “God Damn... you are such a fucking whore!” Jane gasped.
“Ouuu.. you nasty fuck toy.” Wendy moaned as she looked down at Jane's incredibly sexy body. “I am going to fuck you soooooooooo fucking good.”

“You filthy nympho whore.” Jane gasped as she began her ascent up the stairs toward Wendy. “I am going to fuck you sooooooooo fucking hard!”

Wendy watched Jane take a few steps,, watching how Jane's huge tits gently bobbled up and down with each step... 'Holy Shit.' Wendy thought to herself as she turned away from Jane and walked to the end of the hall and through her sitting room, and into her bedroom. … the same bedroom where she and Jane had fucked just a couple of days ago... fucking and cumming together over and over. But this time it was different. Jane was trying to steal Angel.. and Wendy was not going to allow that to happen. When she reached the foot of the bed, Wendy turned around just in time to see Jane walking into the bedroom. She stopped when she was about three feet in front of Wendy.

Again they stared with lust and anger at each other for a couple of minutes.. letting the hate build up inside them... allowing the lust to take total control of their emotions... “Until one of us surrenders.” Jane spoke quietly.

“Until one of us admits the other is the better woman.” Wendy replied.

Jane took a very small step toward Wendy.. “The winner gets Angel.”

Wendy took a small tiny step toward Jane... “And the loser will not pursue a relationship with Angel.”

“I agree.” Jane whispered. “We will fuck until one of us surrenders.. and the winner gets Angel.”

“I agree...” Wendy was panting.. “The winner gets Angel.”

They glared at each other with hate and anger and lust in their eyes... and they knew... both of them knew.... that all hell was about to break loose!

The two incredibly beautiful bitches stepped toward each other ... in the middle of the bedroom ... and slowly and warily brought the flared tips of their big swollen morphed nipples to within an inch of each other ... and then stopped. They looked down into the space between them ... their huge nipples were jerking up and down and back and forth... and you could see how incredibly excited they were getting with their big heated nipples so fucking close together. Wendy and Jane could feel the heat of each others nipples ... radiating into their own ... their big, round, flat tips ... all moist and bumpy and swollen to the diameter of a nickel ... all of the ridges and furrows on their big, round areolas ... all hard and taut and clenched up into these tight little bundles ...and their huge big round massive globes ... hovering right out in front of each other ... heaving up and down with every breath ... all moist and glistening with their sexual secretions mixed with their sweat. Deep blue eyes... Big brown eyes .... wide open … and their perfect mouths … with saliva drooling from their luscious lower lip... all puffed out.. so full and moist. ... and then Wendy began to moan. “Oh my God.” she whispered. She could feel it... flowing... and she could not stop it. “Ohhhhh Fuck!” Wendy's tits began to jiggle... her abs tightened... and her pussy contracted. She was having one of her uncontrollable orgasms. She was breathing deeply.. and she could feel her powerful glutes begin to spasm. “Unnnnnnnnnn.”

Jane watched in awe.. she thought it was so fucking sexy that Wendy could have orgasms without any self stimulation. “Shit.. you are cumming! You hot whore!”

Wendy gasped.. “Yessssss.. oh fuck yesss.. Cummmming!” Her clit jerked hard.. her nipples were still twitching like crazy.... and her pussy squirted... shooting a jet of sweet hot girl-cum... splashing the front of Jane's thighs. “Unnnnnnnnn.”

“You dirty nasty fucking nympho whore!” Jane whispered.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God yesssssssssssssss.”

Jane thought about dropping to her knees and tongue fucking Wendy's hot pussy... but she wanted to nipple fuck this hot whore. Jane waited a couple of minutes,, her own juices flowing down the inside of her thighs.. mixing with Wendy's hot cum as she watched Wendy slowly come down from the crest of her orgasm. Wendy finally regained some of her composure as she whispered... “Ummmm that was soooooo fucking good.”

“Just wait until we are fucking.” Jane smirked.

Wendy gasped .. “I want to fuck you soooooooo bad, you hot sexy bitch!”

Jane was panting with sexual excitement.. “We are going to fuck and fuck and fuck.. until one of us surrenders.”

“Mmmmmm.” Wendy cooed as they both looked down again at their big hard twitching nipples... the view was sooooooo fucking hot. … each of them staring at those huge swollen nipples... and feeling all of the lust and need flowing through their bodies.

Perhaps you don't understand the deep sexual emotions that flow through a woman's body... maybe you do not know how they feel when they see another woman's big hard erect throbbing nipples so close to her own ... to compare them to each other ... to be lining up their huge swollen nipples directly against each other ... to be getting ready to touch them together ... touching them so they can feel each other ... and fight each other ... and to out-nipple-fuck each other ... and to prove once and for all who has the sexier nipples... the harder nipples and the stronger nipples. The sexual pleasure of touching your nipples to another woman's nipples is so incredibly erotic... When the flat tips of the nipples touch.. it can burn with lustful heat.. a heat that flows through the entire length of both nipples ... and then begins to spread out to the areolas... and then the fiery heat begins to warm up your tits... and it feels like your tits are expanding from the heat ... morphing... getting bigger.. firmer... tighter... heavier. .. your tits feel like they are filling up... swelling with an intense liquid heat from the inside... a liquid heat that needs to be released. It is sexual euphoria. It is erotic bliss.

Wendy and Jane felt their clits began to throb as they looked down at their four huge throbbing nipples.. watching them as they moved up and down and back and forth.. as if their nipples were challenging each other. Their hot sweet pussy juice was now running like a river down the inside of their firm smooth thighs..

“You are such a nasty filthy whore!” Jane whispered.

“Mmmmm .. yes I am... a nasty filthy whore who loves to fuck.”

“God! You fucking hot cunt!”

“Now I am ready.” Wendy quietly moaned.

Both of them were ready.... Wendy and Jane were ready to touch their amazing nipples together.. they were ready to nipple fuck each other.... but there was one more thing they had to do before they touched their big powerful nipples together. Wendy and Jane had to feel each others big round tits. Jane remembered when they had recently been together.. she remembered how swollen and huge Wendy's tits were.. so fucking big.. so fucking firm... so fucking heavy... she remembered how tight Wendy's areolas were ...and she remembered Wendy's amazing tits being bigger than her own... but now, as she looked down at their massive tits.. suspended between their bodies... she realized that her own big tits were just as big as Wendy's. .. just as heavy.. just as firm.. sticking out from her chest just as far. Their massive tits were mirror images of each other... the only difference was the color of their nipples and areolas. Wendy's nipples and areolas were a rosy pink... where as Jane's nipples and areolas had more of a light coffee-brown hue... and although technically Wendy's long hard nipples were a small fraction of an inch longer than Jane's amazing nipples... the difference was insignificant.

They slowly moved their hands toward each others mammoth tits... placing their fingertips on the outside of each others big tits. It was an amazing sight … their hands looked so small as they gently and carefully spread their fingers apart and placed the palms of their hands on the sides of each others huge tits. Their hands began to move up and down around the outer expanse of each others over-sized tits... feeling each other.. feeling how tight the skin was.. delicately pushing their fingers into the dense mass of each others magnificent tits. .. lightly rubbing and stroking … tracing their nails over the taut unyielding tight flesh of each others big round tits. Jealousy raised it's ugly hatred as they slid their fingertips up and down and around each others incredible abundance of solid dense tit-meat. The two hot sluts were jealous of each others big tits. Yes, of course, their own tits were just as big... just as firm... just as amazing... but that was not the point. It was more like .. 'How dare you have tits as big as mine' .. 'How dare you have tits as solid and firm as mine.'

Jane was the first one to squeeze. With her hands cupped on each side of Wendy's big morphed tits.. she slowly... deliberately slowly... painstakingly slowly .. began to squeeze.. pushing in with the palms of her hands... pushing Wendy's huge tits together. A moment later, Wendy began to lightly apply pressure on both sides of Jane's enormous tits. They were in no hurry. This was not a race. They took their time to gradually and methodically apply more pressure... squeezing a little more .. with small incremental increases in the pressure. A minute drifted by... then another minute.. they were squeezing a little more firmly now as they both began to moan. As angry and jealous as they were... both hot girl-whores could not resist the overwhelming lust that was burning through their bodies like a river of hot fiery lava. As they unhurriedly applied more pressure on their big tits ... Wendy and Jane could feel it..... they could feel their huge over-sized magical tits swelling up even more... they could feel their big tits filling up.... filling up with an enormous amount of nipple-cum... nipple-cum that would have to be released. ... it was an amazing feeling.

As they began to squeeze each others over-sized tits with more determination, they were equally surprised at what they were seeing. You would think that as you squeezed from the side, that the upper and lower swells of their big tits would kinda bulge out a little bit.. and, if fact, they did... but it was so inconsequential that Wendy and Jane could barely see any difference. Their heavy dense tits were that solid.... they were that tight. It was certainly apparent that as they began squeezing more firmly, that their fingers were only able to push into each others dense tit just a little... it was, for all practical purposes... trivial. This only added to their jealousy and anger. It was not enough to be equal... each hot bitch needed to be better... to be superior. As they kept squeezing each others huge tits with both of their hands.. the pressure on those big round globes began to increase... more and more … and more... until Wendy and Jane were gritting their teeth.. scowling at each other with their facial expressions.. and squeezing each others big tits together harder and harder.. as if they were trying to make each others nipples touch together … squeezing each others massive tit-flesh as hard as they could... the pressure on their enormously over-filled tits was intense... and then both Wendy and Jane felt something... they felt heat.. burning hot heat.... burning every little part of their areolas from the inside... then the inside of their huge nipples began to burn at the base where they were attached to their areolas.. and the burning flowed.. slowly .. gradually... a fraction of an inch every second.. slowly flowing up the length of their extraordinarily long hard nipples... burning the inside of their nipples all the way to the big flared milk holes at the tips of their nipples.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Jane moaned as the fire flowed through her big nipples.

Wendy's nipples were burning too... like a river of fire that was making it's long journey through the inside of her ridged nipples. “Unnnnnnnnnnnn.”

Their eyes then opened wide.. their hearts pounding in their chests... their vaginas seeping sweet pussy honey.. as they saw the tips of each others hard nipple cylinders began to ooze... a cloudy milky substance... oozing out of their puckered milk holes.. and it burned. It was pre-nipple-cum. .. and it was forming a syrupy string as it oozed from the milk holes of the nickel sized width of their thick nipples... stringing from the tips of their nipples.. down between their bodies. It was hot... it was fucking insanely hot! As they kept squeezing each others big tit, their nipples continued to ooze.. more and more.. as the strings of nipple-cum became thicker and heavier as it dangled from their oozing nipples.

“You nasty whore!” Jane gasped.

Wendy panted her response .. “God! What a filthy dirty cunt you are!”

They gave each others big tits one last deep squeeze.. forcing a little more nipple-cum out of each others huge tit before they moved their hands away and stood there.. breathing deeply... their eyes burning with the powerful combination of lust, hate and jealousy.. . Jane then reached under Wendy's big left tit.. her fingers twirling around the string of nipple-cum that was drooling from Wendy's long hard nipple... she wound the tacky string of goo around her fingers several times before bringing her fingers to her mouth and licking... licking Wendy's sweetness off her fingers before inserting her fingers into her mouth and sucking.. tasting every last drop. As she was sucking on her fingers, Wendy had placed the palm of her hand under Jane's over-filled big left tit and let the gooey string of Jane's sweetness that was stringing from Jane's hard nipple slowly pool in the palm of her hand. Wendy then lifted her hand up to her mouth... the syrupy sweetness stringing from her hand to Jane's nipple before it finally snapped. Wendy began to lick Jane's sweet tit honey from the palm of her hand as their eyes locked again. They were two nasty lesbian whores... dirty.. filthy … vulgar lesbian whores.

After they had teased each other for another minute.. licking and sucking on their fingers, Wendy and Jane slowly moved their hands forward, placing them on the sides of each others hips with their eyes locked together.. and they could see the lust and sexual urgency in their eyes... Deep blue eyes... Big brown eyes... staring into each others souls... eyes that were burning into each other.. signaling each other... eyes that were saying... “I need to fuck you... I need to fuck you right now.” It was time. With their hands on their hips... they moved the final distance toward each other.. the two hot sexy blonde bitches closed the gap between their big hard throbbing dripping nipples and touched the broad wide flat tips of their bare, unprotected nipples ... flush against one another... mixing their hot nipple honey together... and then they heard the sound coming from their big nipples … slurping sounds … their nipples were sucking at the sweet tit honey that was drooling from the tips of their big nipples .... slurping and sucking ...and they could feel every little suck and slurp. The pleasure was extreme. They stood there... their pussys leaking.. their big clits throbbing ... as they watched in awe at their huge nipples slurping and sucking at each other... then Jane took a half step back.. her big sucking nipples 'popping' free from Wendy's big sucking nipples.. leaving a string of their hot shimmering nipple sweetness stringing between the wide flat tips of their enormous nipples. The two hot bitches stood there... their hands still resting on the sides of each others hip bones... staring down at the sexy nasty sight of the two strings of pre-nipple-cum that was connecting the tips of their big wide nipples.

“You fucking cunt!” Jane whispered as she swayed a little to her left.. causing the two thick strings of tit honey to jiggle between the tips of their big nipples.

“You are such a fucking nasty bitch!” Wendy whispered as she barely swayed her huge tits... watching with lustful eyes as the two strings of tit syrup swayed back and forth as they moved their big tits from side to side. She then leaned back just a little more.. stretching the gooey strings until they snapped apart... leaving four strings of tit-goo hanging from the tips of all four of their incredible nipples.

Jane arched her back.. thrusting her huge tits out a little more.. and then leaned her upper body back just a little more until her nipples were pointing up... pointing directly at Wendy's big brown eyes. Jane focused... tightening her big tits... and Wendy felt her clit twitch as she looked at the big swollen flared tips of Jane's nipples. Wendy could see Jane's milk hole opening and closing.. as if it were breathing.. as if it were trying to suck. “Unnnn Ohhh you nasty vulgar slut!” Wendy whispered as she arched her own back and thrust her big over-sized tits out even more than they already were. She leaned her upper body back.. just as Jane had done... causing her big swollen morphed nipples to aim straight at Jane's deep blue eyes. Wendy could feel the milk holes on the tips of her long thick nipples opening and closing.. and Jane gasped …

“Ummmmmm... God! My big nipples hate your big nipples!”

“My fucking nipples hate your fucking nipples!” Wendy gasped in response.

They stood there.. holding their pose... each of them jealous of the others huge tits and big nipples... Jane whispered again.. “My nipples want to fuck your nipples.”

Wendy was panting .. “My nipples want to nipple fuck with your nipples.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck ….yesss .. my nipples want to make your nipples cum.”

“Your nipples are gonna cum first you fucking slut!”

Their nipples were throbbing.. and they felt bigger... and harder... and thicker... than they had ever felt before.... They raised their eyes to each other... glaring with hate and lust and envy... and once again slowly brought their hungry nipples toward each other … until they touched....

Wendy groaned from the heat that raged through her big nipples as they made sweet sticky contact with the tips of Jane's big nipples.. .. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck!”

Jane moaned with a deep guttural voice... “Ummmmmmm Ohhh Fuck!”

Their eyes were transfixed on their four huge nipples... it was such a hot sexy sight. The tips of their big long thick hard nipples were touching... yet the space between their pebbly areolas was a little more than three and a half inches. …. think about that for a moment …. more than three and a half inches separated their hot sticky areolas as the front of their swollen ridged nipples were touching.... that is how huge their nipples were.... that is how long their rock hard nipples were. If only you could have been there... if only you could have taken a picture... so that you could burn the memory in your mind forever.... the memory of four of the biggest.. thickest .. hardest nipples on the face of the earth... touching tip to tip... with almost four inches of space between their areolas!

Now think about this.... Nipple fucking. Perhaps some of you do not completely understand the purpose of nipple fucking. Yes, of course, the reason two girls engage in any type of fucking is to reach an orgasm.. .. but nipple fucking is much more than what may appear to be the obvious. Nipple fucking is not just swaying from side to side and flicking your nipples back and forth across each other... and no, it's not a contest to see who can be the first one to induce a nipple orgasm from her partner... and no, it is not a competition to discover whose nipples are bigger... or longer... or thicker. The objective of nipple fucking is to completely dominate her nipples with your own. You want to push her nipples completely back inside her own tits.... you want to completely invert the her nipples..... that, in itself, is a difficult task.... but you also want to completely and utterly dominate her nipples... to conquer her nipples with your own nipples... you not only must subjugate her nipples.. but you must completely penetrate her tits with your own nipples. You must push her nipples completely back into her tits... Plus … you must also force your nipples completely inside her tits. Think about that for a moment. Think about how a woman would feel to have her own nipple pushed completely back inside her tit.

Now think about this … try to imagine how a woman would feel if her nipple was hard and erect.. and imagine how she would feel if her hard erect nipple was completely pushed back inside her tit. Oh sure, there is pleasure... a woman's nipples can be very sensitive.. and any type of stimulation can induce pleasure... but if her nipples were big... like Wendy's and Jane's … and if her nipples were enormously long... like Wendy's and Jane's .. and if her magically morphed nipples were as big around as a roll of nickels.. like Wendy's and Jane's … imagine what they would feel to have almost two inches of rock hard erect flesh pushed completely back inside their dense firm tit-meat. As you can imagine, there is some discomfort. When a nipple is hard and erect, it is supposed to stick out... not be pushed in. Now that you have that image in your mind.. try to imagine how Wendy or Jane is going to feel when either one of them not only has almost two rock solid inches of their hard nipples pushed back inside their dense tits.. but in addition to that... how do you think they are going to feel with the additional length of the other girl's nipples pushed all the way inside their heavy tits? Can you imagine that? Can you try to imagine what they must be feeling to have almost four inches of rock hard nipple cylinders pushed all they way inside their big heavy tits? Almost four inches! …. four inches of steel-like flesh... four inches of unyielding hard strong powerful nipples .. completely buried inside dense firm tit-meat. This is what Wendy and Jane were about to do... to see whose nipples could completely dominate.. and penetrate into each others massive over-sized tits.

With their hands still resting on the sides of each others hip bones, they both knew it was time.... time to fuck each other with their nipples. Looking down, they could see drops of their tit honey still oozing from their milk holes as they carefully moved their big heavy tits toward each other... lining up the broad flat tips of their over-sized nipples... then Wendy and Jane moved the final inch... and once again, their long hard nipple cylinders mated with each other.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Jane tossed her head back, her long blonde hair flowing down her back as she moaned with pleasure.

Wendy also tossed her head back.. her long blonde hair also flowing around her shoulders and down her back as she moaned with from the intense burning pleasure... “Ummmmmmmmmmmm.”

The tips of Wendy's big sensitive rosy-pink nipples made hot sticky contact with Jane's huge sensitive light coffee-brown nipples.... hot burning sensitive skin touching hot burning sensitive skin … Their over-sized nipples began slurping at each other... sucking at each other... until their big throbbing nipples had sucked up all of the gooey sweetness. Then they felt the heat.... hot heat... intense heat... burning … burning like a welding torch.. welding the tips of their nipples together with intense sexual fire.



Their heads were still snapped back... ... long, thick, silky blonde hair tumbling down all across their naked backs … “Ohhhhh Fuck!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnn Yessssssssss!”

Wendy and Jane did not push into each other.. ... they did not lean into each other.. they just stood there with their hands on their hips.. right in front of each other.... nipple to nipple... and you could see their nipples slowly begin to stop twitching... and you could see the tips of their nipples flaring out more and more... and then all four nipples jerked against each other.. it was a hard jerk... they were latching on to each other... and they both felt it at the same time …. suction. Deep intense suction. It was hot... it was burning hot... it was molten lava hot.... two absolutely gorgeous women ... both of them blessed with the biggest, firmest .. most dense tits that you could possibly imagine ... standing face to face with their hands on one each others hips.. glaring into each others eyes.. with four of the biggest.. thickest.. hardest nipples in the world... huge morphed nipples that were glued together at the tips... Big hard nipples that were having sex with one another.. huge lengthy nipples that were sucking each other... incredible amazingly powerful nipples that were fucking each other.

Their faces revealed the lust and desire they had for one another as they challenged each other with their eyes and ever so gently swayed against each other.. Wendy's big thick juicy pink nipples sucked tightly to Jane's big thick juicy creamed coffee nipples... the big swollen flared tips of their huge nipples sucked together as tightly as was possible.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned with pleasure as she felt the milk holes of Jane's huge juicy nipples opening up and sucking on her big juicy nipples.

Jane was moaning with her … “Ohhhhhhhhhh.. Ummmmmm.” as she felt Wendy's powerful nipples sucking at her own sucking nipples.

Wendy and Jane could actually feel the milk holes on the tips of the each others big swollen morphed nipples opening up ... latching on to the tips of their own huge nipples like little suction cups ... tugging and pulling their sensitive flesh even more tightly together than ever before .. tugging … sucking … and locking their big nipple firmly in place.

Standing face to face, with their hands on the sides of each others hips ... Wendy's massive globes of dense tit-flesh … and Jane's equally swollen big globes of firm tit-meat began to shudder in unison. Wendy and Jane could feel each others sexual power gushing straight through their milk holes ... deep into their big over-filled tits ... and flowing like a river of hot lust through every part of their bodies.

They could feel each other through the thin membrane on the tips of their nipples ... they could feel each others sexual heat... flowing... radiating... through their hard thick nipples... into their sticky areolas.. through every little part of their big weighty tits.. and all they down to their most private parts. Their pussys were suddenly flooded with their hot wetness.. and their big clits began to throb... Wendy and Jane began to moan in unison... moaning helplessly ....... moaning as if something was happening deep down inside of their bodies ... something that they had no control over...

“Ohhhhhh fuck!” Wendy gasped as clit jerked and her pussy gushed... She was cumming. “Ahhhhhhhhh you fucking bitch!” Wendy tossed her head from side to side... her long silky blonde hair flying around her face.. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhh God!... You nasty fucking whore!” Jane gasped as her clit throbbed with the deepest pleasure and her vagina clenched and gushed.. “Cummmmmmming!”

Their hot cunts sprayed each other... spraying each others pussys and the front of each others firm thighs... “Cummmmmmmmming!” … “Cummmmmmmmmming!” Their pussys were gushing at the same time... their hot girl-cum running down the inside of their thighs like a river. Their bodies were trembling as their big heavy swollen tits shook.. their huge cemented nipples jerking as they sucked together.

Breathing deeply... gasping and panting... with their hot sticky pussy cum running down their legs, Wendy and Jane slid their hands up each others sides.. until their hands were resting on each others shoulders as they once again looked down at their huge throbbing nipples.. listening to the slurping sounds.. watching the four huge tips of their nipples pushing and sucking and slurping at each other. … then they pushed into each other.. pushing a little of their huge nipples back inside each others incredible dense tits.



“Ohhhhh you dirty nasty vulgar whore!” Jane hissed as more and more of their big hard nipples disappeared from view.

“Ohhhhhhhh you fucking bitch!” Wendy moaned as she pushed against Jane... watching as even more of their hard lengthy nipples pushed back inside each others huge tits.

About half of the combined length of their nipples were now pushed back inside each others swollen tits.. and it hurt. It was not a sharp pain... but each hot bitch could feel the pressure... they could feel their own big round swollen rock hard nipples being pushed back inside their amazingly dense tit-meat. They then eased their tits back from each other just a little.. and then they pushed together again... more of their hard nipples disappearing into each others massive tits. “Ohhhhhhhhh.” … “Unnnnnnnnn.” And the nipple fucking began.

Grasping the top of each others shoulders, they began pumping their tits toward each other.. pushing their nipples from view just a little more with each forward thrust.. time and time again they pushed more and more of their lengthy nipples back inside each others big tits... again... and again.... and again... panting... moaning... thrusting together... pushing.... again... and again.... gasping.....

Jane hissed at Wendy... “How does that feel whore? How does that feel to have your big fat nipple being pushed back into your big tits?”

Wendy was panting... “How does your big nipples feel bitch? Huh? Does it hurt?”

“Fuck you... you nasty whore!” Jane gasped as she lunged forward... their areolas almost touching.

“Ohhhhhhhh you dirty bitch!! So you wanna mash 'em huh? .. I'll show you how to mash!” Wendy gasped as she pushed hard into Jane.. and their large sticky areolas touched for a brief moment before they leaned back from one another. They had just pushed all of each others huge nipples completely back inside each others dense tits.. and it was uncomfortable... but it also sent a current of electric pleasure flowing through their enormous tits. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Unnnnnnnnn... God!.... You fucking nympho whore!! I'll show you how to nipple fuck!” Jane yelled at her as she gave her tits a hard forward thrust... lightly smacking their sticky areolas together... then it was Wendy's turn.. again their areolas smacking together... then they pushed together at the same time.



They kept their big tits plastered together... their sticky areolas fitting together perfectly.. until they eclipsed each other and disappeared between the front of their massive tits.. grinding.... pushing.... leaning forward into each other... more than three and a half inches of rock hard ridged nipple cylinders buried inside their big meaty tits.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck!” Wendy gasped.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh … Ummmmmmmmm.... Ohhh God I fucking hate you!”

“Oh you little fucking tramp.. I am gonna make your tits cum soooo fucking hard!”

“You nasty slut!” Jane whispered as she moved her hands from Wendy's shoulders.. sliding her nails down Wendy's side and placing her hands around Wendy's body.. the outer swells of Wendy's enormous tits brushing against the inside of her forearms. A split second later, Wendy had also moved her arms around Jane. The outer swells of Jane's over-sized tits were brushing against Wendy's forearms. There they were.. with their hands on each others back... .. just a little past each others sides... and those four huge tits were pushing against the inside of each others forearms. Wendy and Jane then slowly slid their hands completely around each others back and tightened their grip.. which pushed each pair of huge tits closer together, mashing and grinding them together … creating a tremendous amount of cleavage on each hot bitch. Jane then pushed her right leg forward.. wedging it between Wendy's firm thighs. A moment later Wendy's right thigh was pressing between Jane's thighs and it only took a few more seconds for the front of their firm tight athletic thighs to make hot sticky contact with each others pussys.

“Ummmmmmmmmm... I hate you soooo fucking much!” Wendy groaned as she moved her right thigh against Jane's soaked cunt and began rubbing the smooth skin of her thigh against Jane's dripping pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Jane whimpered with lust as she pressed her own thigh into Wendy's soaked cunt... squishing her firm thigh against Wendy's wet pussy.

They continued to grind their heavy tits together.. keeping their areolas out of sight.. and their big swollen tits began expanding even more... filling up on the inside.. filling up with an enormous amount of hot gooey nipple-cum. … then something began to happen … Jane began concentrating... focusing her mind on her nipples … completely making her big nipples the focal point of all her energy... to the exclusion of everything else. Her entire being was consumed with one thought... one desire … her attention entirely concentrated on her big nipples... and she felt them move... Jane felt her nipples move forward... penetrating inside Wendy's mammoth tits about half of an inch... and Wendy felt it too as Jane toyed with her … “Ahhhhh... do you feel that whore! .. Huh? .. Do you feel my big hard nipples pushing inside your tits?”

“Ughhh! You dirty bitch!” Wendy gasped as she centered every bit of her sexual energy on her huge nipples …. condensing all of her lust and anger into her powerful nipples... and suddenly, she felt her big hard throbbing nipples surge forward.. pushing Jane's thick nipples back out of her own tits... and then she felt her own huge thick nipple push inside Jane's huge solid tits... “Ahhhhhhh feel that you fucking slut!”

“Ohhhh you goddamn fucking whore-slut!” Jane moaned as she felt Wendy's huge over-sized nipples pushing inside her heavy dense tits.... A moment later, Jane's huge nipples were pushing back inside Wendy's enormously swollen tits.

“Fucking Cunt!” Wendy screamed at Jane.

“Fucking Bitch!” Jane yelled back.

Then the strangest... sexiest... most erotic thing that you could ever imagine happened. As the two big-titted bitches stood there with their eyes locked together … with their firm thighs pressing against each others wet dripping cunts .....with the front of their huge weighty tits pressed together... their big long hard nipples began fucking each others massive tits.... all by themselves … as if they had a mind of their own... as if they had realized their purpose... as if they knew what they were supposed to do. It was unbelievable … it was astonishing.... first, Jane's huge nipple would push into Wendy's heavy tits... then Wendy's swollen nipples would push inside Jane's over-filled tits... then Jane's... then Wendy's.... Jane's … Wendy's … their nipples were fucking... penetrating inside each others tits... and Wendy and Jane were amazed at what they were seeing with their eyes. Each time Jane's big hard nipple would penetrate inside Wendy's huge tit, you could see the front of Wendy's big tit expanding.. as if it were swelling up... as if something was being pushed inside her big tit.... and something was being pushed inside her big tit... Jane's big fucking nipple was now pushing all the way inside Wendy's dense tit... almost four inches of their combined nipple length.. all of it squeezed inside Wendy's big tits... puffing the front of her tit out... and then you could see the front of Jane's heavy tit expanding as Wendy's big nipple would push Jane's big nipple out of her own tit and all the way back inside Jane's big tit... followed by Wendy's own huge nipple thrusting completely inside Jane's heavy tit... causing the front of Jane's huge tit to swell up and expand as their combined nipples were filling up the inside of Jane's over-sized tits.

Back and forth... again and again... first the front of Wendy's huge tit would expand.. then it would return to it's original shape as the front of Jane's huge tit would expand.. their big steel-like nipples were pushing back and forth inside each others heavy dense tits.. and they could see it happening right before their eyes. Their big nipples were fucking... fucking each others big tits.... the wide broad tips of their hard thick nipples were sucked together.. and they were thrusting in and out of each others dense heavy firm tit-meat.... fucking … and fucking... and fucking.... thrusting... pushing … drilling into each other.... again and again... over and over and over as the two hot sexy blondes gasped and panted with extreme pleasure that flowed from their nipples into their areolas and deep inside their big over-filled tits.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God!” Wendy gasped as she began sliding her thigh more firmly against Jane's soaked pussy … rubbing and stroking Jane's swollen throbbing clit.

Jane was whimpering with pleasure... her nipples were burning so very hot... “Ummmmmmmmmm.” Her right thigh was now rubbing up and down Wendy's huge clit... stroking... rubbing.... up and down.

Minute after minute their long hard nipples fucked each others big tits.. thrust.. thrust .. in and out... over and over.... again and again... in .. out.. in .. out... in.. out.. the fronts of their big tits in constant contact... the only movement was at the front of their tits which would pooch out each time their own big tits would fill up with almost four inches of rock hard nipple cylinders. In and out.... in and out.... first Jane.. then Wendy.. then Jane.. then Wendy... fucking each others big tits with their big nipples..... faster and faster their lengthy nipples penetrated inside each others massive tits until they were 'ooohing' and 'ahhhing' with each deep thrust from each others expanded nipples. They were getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Their thighs were pressing and rubbing each others vibrating clits... their big nipples were drilling all the way inside each others big morphed tits.... first Jane's.. then Wendy's. Their moans became louder and louder...

“Ohhhhhhhh I am gonna fuck you soooooo fucking good you slutty nympho whore!”

“Unnnnnnnn... not half as much as I am gonna fuck you.. you dirty piece of whore-trash!”

The two hot bitches were really rocking their thighs into each others cunts... squishing and pushing and pressing.. and they could also hear the slurping and sucking sounds coming from inside their heaving tits as their big hungry nipples continued to slurp and suck at each others nipple-cum... their starving hungry wet cunts were making slurping sucking sounds as they ground their firm thighs hard against each others sensitive swollen clits... they were very close to cumming... their pussys were going to cummmm and squirt... and spray.... and their huge fucking tits were going to cummm... their big swollen nipples were going to shoot a massive amount of nipple-cum.. splattering each other with their hot syrupy gooey sweetness. They locked their eyes...

“Fuck you!” Wendy gasped as she felt her huge nipples drill all the way inside Jane's big tits.

“Fuck you!” Jane panted as she felt her nipple push Wendy's nipples out of her own tit and then surge forward... penetrating Wendy's huge tit with her big hard nipples.

Their nipples were fucking in a sustained rhythm.. and each time their nipples would plunge deep inside each others tits they would pant ...“Fuck you!”...

“Fuck you!” Wendy hissed as her big swollen nipples pushed all the way inside Jane's dense tits.

“Fuck you!” Jane moaned as her big nipples pushed back inside Wendy's heavy tits.

“Fuck you!” Wendy gasped.

“Fuck you!” Jane hissed.

“Fuck you!”... “Fuck you!”... .. they screamed at each other over and over as their orgasm began to flow through their bodies. Their sloppy wet cunts were pouring hot fuck juices... their sweet sticky pussy honey was running down each others thighs as they humped each other... rubbing and mashing each others big sensitive clits with their well developed quads … grinding their powerful thighs against each others pussy. Then they felt the hot heat... hotter than they had ever dreamed of... and as they looked down. Wendy and Jane could see their big heavy tits swelling up even more.. billowing out... expanding... the pleasure began somewhere deep inside their over-filled dense tits.. and flowed toward their nipples... it felt like a river of hot burning fire was flowing through their big tits.. flowing to their big nipples. Their throbbing clits began to jerk against each others humping thigh... their wet vagina's sucking at the firm tight skin of each others thighs as the heat from deep inside their bodies flowed to their clits... they thought their clits were on fire... the heat was so fucking hot. Their big weighty tits began shaking.... their clits began twitching violently... and the fiery burning sensation flowed down the length of their thick rock-hard nipples... and ignited the wide flat sucking tips of their morphed nipples... Wendy and Jane were going to cum... they were going to cum right now! Hell was at hand.

The two amazingly stunning hot girls tossed their heads back... grinding hard into each others pussys with the front of their thighs... and then their vagina's clenched... and their clits felt like they were going to burst. Their huge nipples expanded even more... and they began to cum.

“Ohhhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy screamed as her cunt exploded... squirting her hot pussy cum against Jane's thigh... her hot fuck juices squirting out around her pussy lips and Jane's thigh... “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

Jane was cumming with her … “Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Her hot pussy juice squirting against Wendy's pumping thigh... and then Jane felt her nipples cumming... she felt the hot flow of nipple-cum rushing through her big hard nipples.. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy also felt the pressure and release of her hot gooey nipple-cum... Gushing from inside her big swollen tits.. through the hard shaft of her big nipples... and squirting... squirting with a tremendous amount of pressure. “Cummmmmmmmming!”

They lowered their faces down to their huge heaving tits... gasping and panting... but all they could see was the front of their joined tits pressing together... their areolas still hidden from view.... their nipples were cumming... They knew their nipples were cumming... but there was no cum. As their big clits jerked against each others thighs, their wet cunts began to squirt a second stream of girl-cum.. splashing against the firmness of each others quads as their nipples burned together with an insane fire.

“Cummmmmmmmmming!!” … “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

There was an unbelievable amount of pressure in their cumming nipples... and it hurt. They quickly tried to step back from each other.. their hot sticky areolas peeling apart and revealing what they already knew.... their nipples were sucked so tightly together, that there was no place for the cum to go.... gasping with wide open eyes they looked at the incredible sight before their eyes... their enormous nipples were at least as big around as a quarter.... pulsing … trembling.... sucking... and they could feel the tremendous pressure in their nipples... and then they felt their nipples cumming again.

“Ohhhhhh My God!” Wendy screamed.

Jane was screaming with her … “FUCK!!”

Another huge amount of nipple-cum was flowing from their huge tits.. and this time, the pressure was too much.... nipple-cum squirted out from between the huge tips of their gigantic nipples... gooey nipple-cum squirting up into the air... and out to the sides of their morphed throbbing nipples.

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” …. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

They quickly placed their hands on each others shoulders as their bodies were convulsing with immense pleasure and pushed each other apart.. their squirting nipples finally breaking free from each other as their four huge swollen tits unloaded a massive amount of nipple-cum … drilling each others chest with the powerful streaming pressure. The stream was so intense... so powerful.. that it knocked Wendy and Jane back a half step from each other... Wendy moved her hands to her huge squirting tits... and cupped them.... squeezing them together... as another huge load of nipple-cum gushed from her heavy tits... hitting Jane right between Jane's big tits and driving her back on her feet another step... almost causing Jane to lose her balance.

“Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy was wailing.

Jane's mammoth tits unloaded again.. shooting a huge amount of nipple-cum into Wendy's chest.. the force was so great that Wendy stumbled backwards as the syrupy gooey nipple-cum splattered all over Wendy's chest and tits. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Their cunts were gushing again.... their hot pussy-cum running down their thighs ... flowing like a river of sweet honey down past their knees. Their clits were throbbing sooooo fucking violently... jerking and twitching.

Their chests, tits and abs were splattered with nipple-cum as they stepped back toward each other just as their extraordinary tits erupted again... their nipples squirting like a high pressure hose ...squirting gooey tacky nipple-cum at each other.. splattering each others bodies with their honey-like sticky gooey nipple-cum... Again, the blast was so intense that both hot bitches stumbled backwards from the tremendous force of the jets of cum.

“Fucking Whore!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Fucking Slut!” Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“I fucking HATE you!” Wendy screamed as her tits began to cum again.

“I fucking HATE you!” Jane screamed with her as her huge tits erupted again.

Their big enormous tits jerked as their big powerful nipples squirted... squirting so fucking hard that their nipples were forced back inside their tits as they shoot another massive stream of nipple-cum at each other..... all four thick gooey streams of nipple-cum hitting head on... splattering up into the air... splattering in their long blonde hair... on their shoulders.... some of the cum running down their back.... their big heavy tits kept pumping nipple-cum at each other... splattering.... gushing …. streaming … their bodies practically covered with their mixed slimy gooey nipple-cum as the powerful streams of their nipple-cum forced them backwards again... almost knocking them off their feet.

Again, their wet cunts erupted.... gushing hard... squirting hard... Wendy and Jane were out of control.... “Cummmmmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmmmming!!!”

“Ohhhh you fucking whore!” Jane screamed at Wendy.

Wendy was screaming back at Jane... as loud as she could .. “Fucking Cunt!”

Jane reached for her big swollen nipples and began tugging on them... jerking them off.. she wanted to squirt even more hot gooey nipple-cum on Wendy. Wendy had also placed her fingers on her own thick hard nipples and was jerking them off as they continued to curse each other. Their fingers stroking up and down the incredible length of their huge over-sized nipples... stroking... pulling and tugging.... jacking off their big nipples as they stood a few feet apart in front of each other.

Wendy was still yelling ...“I am going to drown you bitch.... drown you in nipple-cum!”

“You nasty filthy whore!! I am going to completely cover you with my nipple-cum!” Jane yelled back.

Wendy closed her eyes... concentrating.... focusing … and she said the magic words again in her mind.... three times … “Beautiful one, become one with me” … “Beautiful one, become one with me” … “Beautiful one, become one with me.” Suddenly she felt something she had never felt before.... heat. … constant sustained heat... flowing through every part of her body.... and then she heard a voice.. it was a voice she had not heard before.... it was the voice of the beautiful sexy woman in the crystal ball, although Wendy did not know that. The mysterious voice spoke to her …. “I am with you.. I am one with you.” Then her body jerked.... she felt her pussy spasm... she felt her clit began to throb with a deep steady pulse.

Jane also heard the voice... “I am with you.. I am one with you.” Jane had no idea what was happening to her... or where the voice was coming from... she only knew that something strange was happening to her body as she also felt the constant heat flowing through her veins. Her pussy began to spasm.. and the same deep steady throbbing pulse that was pounding in Wendy's clit began to pound in Jane's clit. Wendy and Jane were unaware that a tremendous amount of magical sexual energy was flowing through their bodies... an extraordinary amount of sexual energy.. then … at the same moment... they felt like someone was inside them. .. like another being had joined with their bodies. They looked at each other with their mouths wide open... gasping with wonder and amazement as their enormous tits began to swell even more.... becoming bigger... and bigger... at least another full cup size bigger than their already massive magically morphed tits... and their nipples were growing... becoming bigger... and longer... and thicker... and both hot bitches could feel the intense sexual energy inside their heavy tits... flowing all the way to the swollen tips of their enormous nipples.

Wendy gasped as she jerked on her nipples… “My tits can cum more than your tits.”

Jane moaned deeply.. her fingers sliding up and down her lengthy hard nipples... “No fucking way.... my nipples and tits are going to cum so fucking hard that I am going to knock you down on your ass!”

They were breathing faster and deeper as Wendy taunted her … “Bullshit! My stream of cum is going to be more powerful than yours!”

“Fuck you Wendy! .. I'll match streams of cum with you.. you nasty whore!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy moaned … “Ohhhhhhh God! I can feel it... My nipples are going to shoot sooooooooooooo much fucking cum!”

Jane's panted her words .. “Fucking... whore! … My nipples are going to shoot more cum than yours!”

“Oh yeah?” Wendy continued to taunt Jane … “My stream of cum will push yours back!”

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!

“You wanna match cum streams with me whore?”

“Fuck yeah!” Wendy panted … “You goddamn right I want to match cum streams with you!”

“I am gonna knock you on your fucking ass!” Jane yelled.

“Bring it on Bitch!! Show me how much your tits can cum!”

Wendy then heard the voice inside her again .. “We are going to cum so fucking much!” Wendy's body shuddered... what was happening to her?

Jane's body was shuddering too.... the voice inside her was also speaking .. “We are going to cum more than you could ever imagine!”

They hissed at each other.... growling with hate and jealousy as they jerked off their huge nipples... each of them getting closer and closer to another orgasm. A couple of minutes went by as they jerked and pumped and stroked their big nipples with wild abandon... jerking and stroking... until their nipples and tits were once again filled with liquid heat.. both bitches thought their tits were about to burst! The pleasure was beyond anything they had felt with each other before..... then they both heard the voice again.. “My tits and nipples are joining with your tits and nipples.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jane moaned as her tits trembled and shook... and she could feel something inside her huge tits... sexual power... enormous sexual power … magical sexual power.

Wendy was moaning with Jane as her huge heavy tits began to shake... filling up with tremendous sexual power.... it was indescribable … it was pure eroticism.. and she could feel something hot inside her hefty tits and hard nipples. “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

Their fingers were jerking off their big swollen nipples.. and then something else extraordinary happened … their nipples began to glow... like a magical aura...No, it was not a bright light... it was more like a deep glowing... as if their huge nipples were burning with fire on the inside... and the fire was radiating from the inside of their huge nipples... causing the outer layer of skin on their nipples to be magically transformed into a faint heated glow. Then all hell began to break loose .. their orgasm was beginning.... red hot heat flowing from their enormous tits through their outrageously long hard nipples.... Wendy and Jane cupped their heavy tits... as if they were aiming at each other... as if they were about to open fire on each other.... they were about to shoot each other with the tremendous torrent of their sticky gooey nipple-cum. They could feel the intense pumping from deep inside their heavy tits.. they could feel their nipple-cum forcing it's way into their huge nipples.... their big clits jerked... their vaginas twitched.... they were going to cum together... they were going to shoot an unbelievable volume of nipple-cum from their huge nipples....

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Wendy moaned.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Jane gasped.

Cupping their four huge morphed tits with their hands, their four long thick nipples exploded..... It was like four cannons firing... an unbelievably copious amount of nipple-cum jetted from their thick nipples simultaneously.... Jetting with an intense amount of pressure, the heavy streams met head on between them... splattering everywhere... high up into the air .. splattering big globs of nipple-cum on each others faces... in each others hair.... all over their bodies...

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!” Jane cried out loudly... her big clit jerking wildly as her pussy gushed an incredible amount of pussy-cum... her hot pussy-cum jetting from her contracting vagina.

Wendy was screaming wildly... her head tossing back and forth as her big clit throbbed and jerked... and her pussy squirted... jetting her sweet hot girl-cum from her twitching cunt. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Both hot angry bitches lifted their big tits with their hands as their magical nipples continued to squirt an enormous amount of nipple-cum ... hitting each other in the face and knocking their heads back. Wendy and Jane were gasping and panting with their mouths wide open as the thick heavy streams of nipple-cum jetted into their mouths... and on their cheeks.... the overflow oozing out of their mouths as they cursed each other with garbled voices.... the intense heavy stream of nipple-cum was continually erupting from their heavy tits... blasting each other in the center of their chest... nipple-cum splattering everywhere.. the powerful gooey jets hitting each other with enough force that both angry bitches stumbled backward.. .. Wendy and Jane's enormously huge tits continued to gush... the intense streams of nipple-cum slamming each others chest with extraordinary force... knocking both hot bitches backwards as what seemed to be a never-ending orgasm continued.

They screamed together ..“Cummmmmmmmmmming!” … “Cummmmmmmming!”

Still cupping their massively morphed tits, they aimed their streams of nipple-cum at each other.... the thick heavy streams once again hitting head on.. splashing their nipple-cum everywhere... up in the air... on the carpet .. on their faces... in their hair... all over their big tits as the constant stream of nipple-cum gushed from their four nipple canons...the powerful thick streams of nipple-goo blasting head on into each other as they desperately tried to push each others stream of cum back with their own powerful stream of cum. Again they were screaming as their clits continued jerking wildly and their cunts continued to gush hot sweet girl-cum....

“Cummmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmming!” They yelled at each other as thick gooey nipple-cum drooled out of their mouths... stringing down to their huge tits.

Their powerful streams of nipple-cum were hitting each other head on in the space between them... splashing and splattering everywhere! Then Jane's expression turned into a wicked evil grin as her jetting stream of nipple-cum began to push Wendy's stream of nipple-cum backward... closer and closer to Wendy's huge tits as her unending orgasm continued to flow through her body … “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy was still cumming with Jane... her clit jerking relentlessly.. her pussy gushing non-stop... as her heavy powerful stream of nipple-cum began to push Jane's jetting nipple-cum back... closer and closer to Jane's enormous tits. “Cummmmmmming!”

For the next minute the two ultra hot vixens kept cumming... their bodies shaking... their hips jerking.. as they cupped their heavy tits and their magical streams of nipple-cum continued to jet out of their glowing nipples with tremendous force .. fighting each other.... the forcefully potent steams meeting head on. Wendy's thick stream of nipple-goo would push Jane's stream back... then Jane's impressive stream would push Wendy's back.... back and forth the four jetting streams of immense nipple-cum fought each other... their bodies completely covered with the splatters of nipple-cum... and their orgasm continued.... their cunts gushing continually!

“Fucking whore!! Cummmmmmming!”

“Fucking slut! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Another minute went by... with seemingly no end to the massive amount of nipple-cum that was constantly jetting from their huge tits and nipples... and their orgasm continued... it was like multiple orgasms... only it was one continual constant orgasm!

“Cummmmmmmming! Cummmmmmmming”





Then a final eruption began... their already powerful streams of nipple-cum increased... becoming heavier... and more powerful... and more forceful... to the point of being omnipotent. … blasting head on... the gooey tacky splatters shooting several feet up into the air... forcing both hot bitches to take a step backward.. and it so doing... Wendy and Jane momentarily lost their balance.. so that their heavy powerful streams of nipple-cum were no longer hitting each other head on. Instead, they blasted each other right in the center of each others chests... right between their enormous cleavage.. knocking both of the stumbling girls backward as they both fell on their asses... with the massive streams of nipple-cum jetting several feet straight up into the air before falling back down and splattering all over their bodies... practically drowning themselves in nipple-cum as they continued to cum... “Cummmmming!” … “Cummmmming!”

“You fucking SLUT!”

“Fucking WHORE!”

They laid there on their backs for several seconds.. gasping and moaning.. their hips jerking.. tossing their heads back and forth before Wendy screamed .. “Angel loves me!!!”

“Angel loves me, you fucking CUNT!” Jane screamed as her huge cum covered tits rose and fell on her chest.

“You goddamn liar!! Angel loves me!!!” Wendy shouted as her huge tits wobbled on her chest from her deep breathing.

They continued to curse each other for several more moments until Wendy quickly rolled over and crawled toward Jane who was still laying on her back .. landing on top of her with a wet splat! Their hot gooey nipple-cum gushed from their big tits for another ten seconds before it finally stopped … the sticky nipple-cum splattering between them as their goo covered bodies splatted together. Their huge tits mushroomed together.. sliding in the syrupy nipple-cum as they wrestled with their legs... pushing and sliding their wet sticky thighs against each other.. until Wendy managed to slip her legs between Jane's legs as she lowered her wet dripping cunt down on top of Jane's heated pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned as their naked wet cunts kissed together.

“Unnnnnnnnnnn Fuck!” Jane gasped as Wendy reached underneath her... grabbing her hard buttocks in her hands as she reached down and cupped Wendy's tight ass cheeks. ... squeezing themselves tighter against each other.... Gooey syrupy nipple-cum oozing out between their pressed bodies. Strings of slimy nipple-cum was stringing down from Wendy's mouth and face as she looked into Jane's deep blue eyes. A moment later the end of the gooey strings had touched Jane's lips and face.. connecting them together.. As Wendy began to thrust with her powerful glutes... sliding her open sloppy cunt against Jane's open soaked cunt... as their lower abs began to rub together... making squishing sounds... sliding in the messy tacky nipple-cum that covered their bodies... their wet sticky pussy lips clung to each other as if they were glued together... and they both moaned and sighed as their big clits began to rub against each other with each upward and downward movement of Wendy's amazing ass. Wendy and Jane were fucking... sliding their hard throbbing clits back and forth over each other... grinding .. rubbing... sliding.... fucking.... As they fucked, the gooey strings of nipple-cum were jiggling between their lips. It was so fucking nasty and filthy... gooey sticky strings of nipple-cum shimmering and wiggling between their panting mouths.

Wendy and Jane worked themselves together in a circular grinding motion... their pussys were so wet from their orgasms that it made it easy to slide and move with each other. They pushed hard against each other.. as if they wanted to push their pussys inside of each other... mashing and twisting and grinding their wet sticky cunts together.. sounds of their heavy breathing and moaning filled the bedroom along with the sweet melody of pussy music and the constant squishing and slurping sounds that came from their big tits grinding together in all of their nipple-cum. It felt so good to each of them.. to grind their heavy tits together.. to feel their firm smooth thighs sliding against each other in all of their mixed sweat and cum... and it felt so fucking good to have their wet cunts squished tightly together. It is such an erotic emotion for a woman to feel her hot sticky pussy lips sliding and tugging and pulling against another woman's hot sticky pussy lips. You are sharing the hottest … sexiest.. juiciest part of your body with the hottest … sexiest .. juiciest part of her body … the euphoria was overwhelming. Jane's clit was on fire..... Wendy's clit was vibrating as they pushed into each other.. their hips working at the same tempo as they smeared their hot cunts together. … their pussy lips grabbing and sticking and peeling apart as they slid them up and down against each other... their fingers digging hard into each others hard toned buttocks.

Their eyes were locked.... and then they both felt something that neither one of them wanted to feel.... and Wendy and Jane became angry with themselves.... because this was not supposed to happen.... This was not right. ... This was wrong. As their over-sized tits squished together.... as their long hard nipples.. buried deeply inside their huge mushroomed tits sucked together .. as their blazing hot pussys mashed together.. and as their big throbbing clits rubbed together.. they felt it. Wendy and Jane felt deep emotions flooding through every part of their bodies. They were in love with each other.. and they both knew it.... and it made them even more angry with each other. Wendy and Jane did not want to be in love with each other... they only wanted to be in love with Angel... and both of them wanted Angel all to themselves.

Wendy slowly lowered her mouth down toward Jane's mouth... both of them instinctively extending their long wet tongues toward each other. When their sexy tongues touched if felt like electricity was flowing through their tongues... the only thing missing were the sparks. It jolted both of them... hot sexy slutty emotions racing through their minds... both of them knowing that they were cunt to cunt with someone who was special... very special.... someone who was hot... sexy … stunningly beautiful and someone who loved to fuck. What more could any girl ever dream of? What more could any girl ever possibly imagine? ….... Yet, there was Angel … and both of them wanted Angel. ….. and despite their deep feelings for each other... they both felt betrayed. Wendy believed that Jane was lying... and Jane was sure that Wendy was lying.... betraying each others trust... to the point that the true overwhelming need was to sexually dominate each other.. to conquer each other sexually... to out-fuck each other... and thus win and earn the right to claim Angel as her own. It was emotional. ... Jane wanted Angel …. Wendy wanted Angel...and they had to fight for her.

Their wet tongues slithered against each other.. like two wet venomous snakes... sliding and rubbing.... licking … tasting .. pushing the wide sexy flat top of their tongues against each other and then pulling them apart.. leaving spit strings between their wicked tongues. Wendy moved her lips to Jane's cheek.. sucking up a glob of nipple-cum into her mouth. Jane had also extended her extraordinary tongue and was licking up nipple-cum from Wendy's face... sucking the hot goo into her sexy mouth. As they turned their tongues toward each other... their eyes could see the abundance of sticky syrupy nipple-cum... mixed with their saliva... pooled on each others tongues... and as they brought their tongues together again... another jolt of pleasure surged through their bodies... flowing through their huge mushroomed tits .. all the way down to their constantly grinding clits.

“Ummmmmmmmmm.” Wendy moaned as they stroked their drooling tongues together.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Jane gasped as she rolled her tongue against Wendy's hot tongue, swirling and swishing the gooey spit-cum around each others tongue before closing their full wet lips together... trapping their gooey tongues inside their locked mouths... their tongues wildly licking each other... making their cheeks flutter with constant movement as their tongues licked and lapped deep inside each others mouths. When the long deep wet gooey kiss ended.. and they separated their lips and tongues.. there were a number of thick sticky bubbly cum-spit ropes.. stretching and dangling … connecting their open mouths. Wendy and Jane were panting with lust for each other as they squeezed and kneading each others hot ass cheeks …. their big tits squishing together ...their cunts continually and constantly grinding.... continually pressing.... continually rubbing … big throbbing sensitive clits continually rubbing... continually grinding. They were moaning .... breathing deeply … gasping with pleasure... emotional pleasure... physical pleasure... rubbing and grinding … and fucking.

Jane had lifted her perfect hips up... driving her open cunt hard against Wendy's exposed pussy ...their heated clits were completely and fully exposed to each other.. and as they slid their hungry cunts together, their big throbbing clits would catch against each other.. sliding against each other length to length before flicking past each other... causing both of them to gasp and moan. For more than fifteen minutes they fucked.. their hips constantly in motion... grinding … sliding ..... their sensitive clits continually rubbing and grinding against each other .. rubbing together... from the top of their clits to the bottom of their clits.. rubbing and stroking ... they were driving each other crazy with lust. Their sucked nipples were on fire... their huge mashed tits burning with lust and passion.

Wendy began to move faster.. and in a few seconds they found the their perfect rhythm .. sliding.. grinding... rubbing... fucking to clit to clit.. they were rocking... humping... gasping … rubbing their swollen clits up and down against each other … fucking … grinding … rubbing … moaning … again and again Jane's clit would move up the length of Wendy's clit... then down the length of Wendy's clit.. up and down.. clit fucking.. their hips moving faster and faster... their powerful glutes pressing and pushing harder and harder.. their gasping was becoming louder and louder …. their breathing was deeper and faster.... Wendy's scorching pussy burned against Jane's blazing pussy as they pumped and rubbed their hard clits together over and over. Jane was squeezing Wendy's amazingly hard tight buttocks... Wendy's hands were clutching Jane's hard tight ass cheeks hard... they were rushing toward another orgasm. The two sex starved lesbian whores pushed against each other as hard as they could.., their pussy lips squishing sooooooo fucking tightly together. As they neared the pinnacle of sweet release, they began a very rapid movement of their hips.. rubbing and grinding their big hard throbbing clits together at quickened pace... it was almost time.

Jane closed her eyes... . and she began to moan loudly.... “Ohhh Wendy! You hot fucking whore!”

“Jane!!!” Wendy cried out. “You nasty fucking bitch!”

Jane was gasping for air as she kept moving her clit up and down against Wendy's. ..the friction of their rubbing clits was intense.. Jane's legs began to spasm... her nipples began to twitch.. she was going to cum... Wendy had closed her eyes as she pressed her big clit against Jane's.. rubbing and grinding frantically ..up and down … over and over... then Wendy's entire body tensed.. she jammed her hard clit against Jane's as tight as she could.. Jane also stopped moving as she pressed her sensitive clit against Wendy's... their big hot throbbing clits melted and fused together.. becoming one. . .throbbing and jerking .. their bodies began to spasm. .. their powerful glutes began to spasm... their buttocks began jerking... their legs began to spasm...their strong quads began to spasm.. ..their powerful hamstring muscles began to spasm... their huge tits began to jerk against each other... their nipples twitched together like two burning embers between their big ballooned tits ... two big clits throbbed together... two big clits jerked together.. and then the final jolt of pleasure hit them.. igniting their jerking clits with the purest ecstasy as their vagina's opened and closed together... then clenched hard before erupting... squirting... gushing... Wendy and Jane were cumming together.

“Cummmmmmming!!” “Cummmming!” their voices screamed together in unison as their clits jerked together.. throbbing... pulsing … cumming together.

“”Ohhhhhhhh you fucking slut!! I'm Cumming soooo fucking hard!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn Ohhhhhhhhhh Cumming with you... you fucking whore!!”

Their clits were exploding with pleasure.. as intense pleasure flooded their bodies... “Ahhhhhhhhh... Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhh yessssssssss .. Cummmmmmming!”

They held each other tight... as they shared their hot intense orgasm. It was incredible .. It was overwhelming... it was magical. As they were still jerking and trembling together, Jane arched her back and jerked up hard with her hips.. rolling them over and assuming the top position as they continued to grind their pouring cunts together... squishing.. slurping... their bodies covered in sweat and cum as they began to thrust their big hard clits together... rubbing and grinding... sliding … pushing … fucking and fucking and fucking... kissing each other wildly.... squishing their cum covered bodies hard against each other.... with only one thing on their mind... the need to cum again.. the need to feel the overwhelming pleasure of each other again... and it did not take long...

They screamed together.... they trembled together... every part of their hot sexy bodies jerking together.... “Cummmmmmmmmming! Cummmmmming!”

“Cummmmmming you whore!!!”

“Cummmmmmmmming you bitch!!”

Their pussys gushed... shooting their hot sweet cum inside each others cunts... their big vibrating clits felt like they were welded together... welded together and forming one huge throbbing clit!

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” Wendy gasped as her pussy erupted again... squirting into Jane's fiery pussy again.

“Cummmmmmmmming!” Jane gasped as her pussy squirted again... flooding Wendy's vagina with her burning girl-cum.

They panted and gasped together... but the voodoo magic that was flowing through their veins made them only want to fuck more... the magic was a fire that would not be quenched.... a fire that would not end until it ran it's course.

They held each other for several minutes... loving the feeling of their hot sexy incredible bodies touching and rubbing together.... until they rolled apart... breaking another long deep wet kiss and stringing more ropy threads of cum and spit between their tongues before the strands finally snapped. The two hot bitches laid there on the carpeted floor... until Wendy rolled over and stood up and walked to her dresser.. opening the top drawer and pulling out the two big black double headed dildos that she had purchased earlier. As Wendy turned around facing her, Jane stared at her big heavy tits .. huge fucking tits that were gently swaying on her chest with strands of gooey fuck-cum mixed with spit and saliva and nipple goo dangling from practically everywhere on her flawless body. Wendy walked to her bed and tossed both of the double dildos on the silk sheets. “Let's see who has the tightest pussy, you bitch!”

Jane stood up... strings of mixed nipple-cum and fuck juices and sweat drooling from her body as she walked over to the bed and crawled on top of the silk sheets... moving to one end of the big king size bed before she turned around on her perfect ass and spread her legs out in front of her and began stroking her burning clit with her fingers. Wendy crawled up on the opposite end of the bed... and sat down on her perfect ass and spread her legs and began rubbing her own swollen clit. The two hot whores glared at each other as they began trading insults.

“I am gonna fuck you soooo hard.”

“You wish... my hot pussy is going to push every fucking inch of that black monster inside your big pussy.”

“You cheap whore!! I can't wait to hear you scream when my tight pussy pushes that big black cock all the way inside your cunt!”

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!”

Jane reached over and grabbed one of the identical eighteen inch long double headed dildos as she inched forward on her ass... moving toward Wendy. Wendy was also scooting forward on her ass... their wet sticky thighs sliding against each other as they brought their fuck-starved pussys closer and closer together... their huge heavy tits meeting and spreading evenly against each other. They remained in a sitting position as they scissored their legs together and inched their pussys closer and closer together. Still holding the double headed black dildo in her hand, Jane brought one of the big cock-heads toward her mouth... she then parted her lips and opened her mouth as wide as she could and pushed a couple of inches of the dildo inside her mouth. Wendy reached out and grabbed the other end of the rubbery silicone cock and wrapped her puffy sexy lips around the big head. As they glared into each others eyes, they slowly moved their faces toward each other... more and more of the big black dildo disappearing from view. They sucked and licked as they pushed more and more of black cock with two heads into their wet mouths. It had now become a contest. A contest to see who could out deep-throat the other... to see who could take the most cock inside her mouth... and it was going to be easy to tell, because there was a white stripe around the center of the double headed dildo...... they continued to take more and more of the long silicone into their mouths... their eyes coming closer and closer. It was an amazing sight. Two of the hottest, sexiest fuck-whores on the planet... sucking on opposite ends of the huge eighteen inch long double headed black dildo.

As they forced more and more of the dildo into their mouths and into their open throats, their big enormous tits met head on and mushroomed against each other.... their lips were getting closer and closer... with the white stripe still between their mouths.... their lips were so close to each other as their eyes began to water... and they knew they had to force the remaining amount of the dildo down their throats. With their massive tits plastered together, they blinked their eyes at each other as a signal then they lunged their heads forward and their lips touched. Still holding the double headed cock in their mouths, they slowly twisted their faces and pressed their wet lips tightly together and slid their tongues out from underneath the big black cock in their mouths.... touching their tongues together. Now it was a new contest... to see how long they could hold the double headed dildo inside their mouths and throats. A minute went by... spit drooling from their lower lips and landing on their big pressed tits. Wendy and Jane were fighting the urge to gag... there was nine inches of silicone cock inside each of their mouths!

Another minute elapsed and they blinked their eyes again... signaling a truce.. as they flicked their tongues together one last time and slowly slide their faces back from each other... the big heads at both ends of the double headed dildo slipping out of their wet mouths... stringing thick bubbly strings of spit from their mouths and tongues to the cock heads on each end of the double dildo. It looked so filthy... so nasty … all of that slimy spit stretching from their mouths to the end of the cock-heads.

“Nasty Cunt!” Wendy gasped as the ropy spit strings from her mouth jiggled.

“Dirty Slut!” Jane whispered... the spit strings connecting her mouth to the cock head shimming and wiggling. As they stared at each other, the slimy strings of spit drooled down.. snapping and falling on their huge mushroomed tits.

Wendy pulled the double headed dildo away from Jane and brought one wet end of the dildo to her pussy and pushed it inside … “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” She moaned as her tight pussy stretched around the thick rubbery cock.... she slowly pushed more and more inside her until she had about six inches of the thick black cock inside her hungry cunt.

Jane moved her ass forward, reaching down and grabbing the other end of the double headed dildo and placed the big head against the tight entrance to her vagina... she then wiggled her ass forward as the spit covered cock pushed inside her wet pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh God.”

When Jane had an equal amount of rubbery cock inside her, she reached out with her right hand and grabbed Wendy's thigh. Wendy was also grabbing Jane's thigh... and they pulled each other closer together... more and more of the eighteen inches disappearing from view... more... and more... they wiggled their hips... turning slightly them slightly to the side so they could complete the scissor. Once again, it was time to fuck.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Jane gasped as she pushed forward with her hips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Shit!” Wendy whimpered as she forced her pussy forward... until the double headed dildo disappeared... hidden from view.... lodged deep inside each others pussys. It was tight... it was a little uncomfortable.... neither hot bitch used toys very often.. and it had been a struggle for both of them to insert all of the big black two headed cock inside their cunts. They squirmed against each other... flicking their big hot clits together as they pushed together and their amazing... powerful... well developed kegel muscles began to squeeze the cock... sucking it... tugging and pulling on it... each one trying to out suck the other with their talented pussys. Their hips began to move in a fucking motion.. as they began to fuck the shared double headed cock. Each time they pulled apart.. they could see the white stripe.... and they could also see an equal amount of the double dildo... which began to frustrate both of them. The object of their little sex game was to pull the dildo out of the others cunt... proving that their own cunt was tighter... and had more suction.

They began fucking in earnest... slapping their wet sticky pussy lips together with each hard forward thrust of their hips... banging each other.... fucking each other... minute after minute... rocking... pumping their strong hips.... pushing … thrusting … boinking ... fucking... but neither cunt was able to pull the other end out of their adversary. Their huge tits wobbled on their chest... nipples throbbing … cum slowly drooling from their big tits and faces … After almost twenty minutes of constantly driving the big dildo inside each others pussys, they were close to cumming again... their big hard clits were continually slapping and smacking together... their fuck juices spraying each time they slapped their pussys together.... and then the internal pressure that had to be released broke free. They jammed their clits together as hard as they could... forcing the two big throbbing clits to vibrate against each other... their wet cunts were sucking hard at nine inches of thick black cock...and their vagina's began clenching and squeezing wildly around the big double headed cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy screamed as their two big throbbing clits burned together.

“Ohhh My God!” Jane was screaming with Wendy... “Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhh Jane.. you slut!” Wendy yelled as her pussy squirted.. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy and Jane's pussy-cum squirted out around the big black double headed dildo... squirting up into the air... on their thighs... all over the silk sheets... squirting and gushing as they came together again … “Cummmmmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

They released each others thigh and wrapped their arms around each others neck and kissed deeply... licking and lapping at each others lips and tongue. The pleasure they were giving each other was almost unimaginable. Their nipples burned together as their four huge tits squished and quivered against each other. They kissed for several minutes before finally separating their wet mouths from each other.. once again leaving several slimy strings of spit dangling between their lips. Wendy slid backwards on her ass... as her end of the dildo began sliding out of her pussy.... her hot fuck-juices flowing out of her vagina as the black cock-head slipped free of her tight cunt. “Ahhhhhhhh.”

Jane reached down and grasped the double dildo and tugged it out of her tight pussy.. moaning as her sweet pussy juice flowed from her cunt as she slipped the double dildo from her pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Jane then leaned over, her heavy tits slightly wobbling as she picked up the other double headed dildo.... and then …. with a huge black double dildo in each of her hands.. she whispered to Wendy … “Let's use both of them.... at the same time.”

“Ouuuuuuuu, you nasty slut.” Wendy whispered back as she got up on all fours and turned her cum drenched body around so her ass was facing Wendy. As she began to sway her perfect ass in front of Jane, Jane spit on one end of the unused double dildo before she brought it to her lips... licking around the big mushroom head of the dildo... spreading her wet saliva around the black cock-head.... Jane then turned the double headed dildo around and spit and licked on the other end.. getting it very slimy with her saliva before moving around and getting on all fours, facing the opposite direction from Wendy.. so that both of them had their buttocks positioned facing each other. Jane laid both of the huge eighteen inch long double dildos down on the silk sheets next to her and inched her ass cheeks back toward Wendy's hard tight buttocks until the firm hot skin of their asses were almost touching.

All of a sudden, Wendy pushed backwards.. slapping her hard buttocks against Jane's with a loud 'Smack!' … “Take that you bitch!”

“You fucking whore!” Jane gasped as she slammed her hard buttocks back against Wendy's equally toned ass cheeks .. 'Slap'

They began rocking on their hands and knees... slapping and smacking their firm tight butt cheeks together... 'Smack' …'Splat' … 'Slap' … 'Clap' .. 'Slap' … 'Smack' .. with each hard successive thrust of their hips, they were slamming together harder and harder until their buttocks were stinging... their big tits were wobbling … nipple-cum and sweat was stringing from their big tits... the dangling gooey strings shaking and quivering back and forth as they slapped their hard buttocks together again and again …

“Fucking Cunt!” …. 'Slap!”

“Whore!” .. 'Smack!'

“Bitch!” … 'Clap!”

“Ohhhhh you fucking Whore!” … 'Slap!'

Their well developed and powerful glutes slamming together... slapping together hard with each thrust of their hips as they tried to push each other forward with each hard smack of their asses. After a few more minutes of intense slapping, they smacked their lovely ass cheeks together a final time and began grinding against each other.. pushing and shoving their tight buttocks against each other.... desiring to push the other backwards with their powerful buttocks.

“Unnnnnnnnn. Bitch!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, Whore!”

After several minutes of struggling ass to ass.. with each of them not giving up any ground... they pulled away from each other. Wendy turned her head around and spoke in her sexy sultry voice .. “I want to fuck some more... I want to fuck you bitch.. I want to fuck you until you can't walk.”

Jane reached down and picked up one of the eighteen inch long black double headed dildos and brought one end of it toward her pussy. .. “There is nothing I would rather do... then to fuck you into submission.. you dirty tramp.”

“Bring it on Bitch!” Wendy gasped.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Jane moaned as she slipped one end of the double dildo inside her wet pussy and pushed it deep into her vagina... she then picked up the other double dildo and spit on the black cock-head... then turned it around and spit on the other end.. wetting both ends of the huge double dildo with her hot spit. As she gripped it firmly in her hand.. she placed the big head against her asshole... and pushed... “Unnnnnnnnn.” Jane whimpered as the huge head 'popped' inside her ass.

Wendy still had her head turned around as she watched.... she was not sure this was something she wanted to do... but there was no way in hell that she was going to allow Jane to 'out-whore' her. She reached down between her legs and grabbed the double dildo that was implanted in Jane's ass and wiggled backwards until the saliva coated head was pressing against her own anus. Wendy took a deep breath and pushed the end of the dildo inside her ass .. “Ohhhhh God!”

“You like that, don't you whore? .. you like that big black cock in your ass!”

“Fuck you!” Wendy mumbled as she forced a little more of the dildo inside her ass. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” She grabbed the other dildo and placed the other cock-head between her sticky wet pussy lips and pushed... feeling the big mushroom head slide into her pussy ... stretching her vagina … then they pushed backwards toward each other … both ends of both double headed dildos slowly easing into their cunts and asses as they moaned and gasped... it was about the nastiest dirtiest thing either hot bitch had ever done.

“Ohhhhhhhh Fuck!”

“Unnnnnnn God!”

Wendy and Jane knew that they needed some extra help as they both supported their upper bodies with one hand and moved their free hand to their faces... scooping up some of the gooey slimy nipple-cum off their chins and cheeks before reaching behind them and spreading the goo on the double headed dildo that was inserted in their asses. For the next minute they ran their fingers through the nipple-cum that was on their big tits.. getting several more globs of goo that was pooled in their deep cleavage.. and scooping some from their shoulders.. and their thighs... covering the double headed cock with their slimy cum.

“I am going to ream your fucking ass until you beg me to stop!”

“You are the one that will be begging me.. you fucking nympho whore!”

With both of their hands firmly planted against the silk sheets, they began rocking... pushing a little more of the two double headed dildos inside their bodies with each thrust … thrust after thrust... slowly pushing the two fuck monsters into their cunts and asses a fraction of an inch at a time.... minute after minute... sighing... moaning... pushing … thrusting... as inch by inch disappeared inside their hot sexy bodies... until their hard tight buttocks touched.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!”

“Oh My God!”

They continued rocking.. as the double dildos finally and completely filled their cunts and asses.... so that their ass cheeks were now slapping against each other with each thrust... slapping and smacking... making clapping sounds as they fucked each other as only two filthy nasty dirty fuck-whores can do. Their huge swollen tits were swinging from their chests as they pounded the two double headed dildos in and out of each others pussy and ass.







Rocking … slamming … fucking … banging their buttocks together hard with each forceful thrust.... reaming each others hot tight asses... drilling each others wet tight pussys. …. again …. and again …. over … and over... in … and out … in .. out.. in .. out … squishing … slamming …. asses slapping together …. moaning …. fucking … gasping … minute after minute … their four huge tits swaying... constantly rocking … continually fucking. Wendy and Jane were lost in the moment... totally oblivious to everything except their desire and need to fuck … and fuck …... and fuck!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

An hour earlier, Angel was stepping out of the shower. After drying herself off with one of her big fluffy towels, she sat down at her make-up desk and began applying her make-up ... making her lips and eyes absolutely gorgeous. Perhaps that last sentence should read 'more gorgeous' … Angel was always gorgeous... drop-dead gorgeous … stunning … beautiful... impeccably flawless... the 'dream girl' of your fantasies... she was, without question... one of the most beautiful girls in the world.

She was as excited and anxious as she had ever been as she searched through her clothes to find the right outfit to wear for Wendy. She finally decided on something simple.. yet hot and sexy. Her huge magically expanded tits were not going to fit in the big cups of any of her bras... which was ok.... she reasoned that it was just one more article of clothing that would have to come off. She quickly made the decision to not wear a thong... after all, it was just another piece of clothing that would have to be taken off. She sat down in her chair, smiling as she slipped on a pair of thigh high hose that had a sexy black lacy top... she reasoned that the hose could stay on... girls just look so hot when they are wearing thigh high hose as they fuck. Angel picked out a white stretchy top and slipped it on... her enormously over-sized tits stretching the fabric to the max. She was only able to fasten the two bottom buttons... showing off an immense amount of her incredibly deep cleavage. Angel then stepped into a black micro skirt that had a slit on each side... the skirt was so short that you could see the top of her thigh high hose plus a couple of inches of her bare toned athletic thighs. A pair of four inch black heels and a gold necklace with a diamond complimented her attire. “You are the bomb!” she whispered to herself as she modeled her hot sexy outfit. And she was right... she was the bomb... a bomb that was going to explode with lust and passion very soon.

After brushing her long silky platinum blonde hair... Angel grabbed her purse and headed out the door... sliding into her Corvette.... on her way to the Corleone estate.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Wendy and Jane were still smacking their buttocks together as they rocked on their hands and knees... deeply fucking each others pussy and ass. Thrusting the two big eighteen inch long double dildos in and out of each other... moaning...cursing... fucking... pushing … ramming... gasping... slapping and smacking their hard tight buttocks together again and again... the pounding was relentless... each hot dirty bitch wanting to drive her ass into her rival as hard as she could. They used all the strength in your powerful legs and buttocks... forcing the two double headed dildos all the way inside each other with each hard thrust.

'SMACK!' ...“Take that you fucking bitch”

'SLAP!' … “Fucking Whore!”

'SMACK! .. “Ohhhhhh”

'SPLAT! .. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

'SLAP!' .. “Vulgar Slut!”

'SMACK!” … “Nasty Whore!”

Pounding... smacking …. gasping … the two huge double dildos driving in and out of their cunts and asses … again and again... continually.

As Wendy and Jane were deep fucking each other... Angel had turned into the Corleone estate. As she approached the first gate, it opened.. and as she came to the second gate.. it also opened. A minute later Angel was parking in front of Wendy's mansion.

As Angel grabbed her purse and began walking, she noticed the front door was open. A few seconds later, she slowly opened the door.. looking around.. and then she heard voices... voices that appeared to be coming from upstairs. Angel had no idea what was going on as she clutched her purse in her left arm.. like a running back carrying a football. She unzipped the purse with her right hand... just in case she needed to reach for her Glock.

She slowly stepped toward the staircase... the voices were definitely coming from upstairs... and she recognized the voices... it was Wendy and Jane. As she quietly walked up the stairs, the voices became more audible.. they were cursing each other.. yelling and screaming. Angel stopped at the top of the stairs... the sound was coming from the end of the hallway. Again, she carefully and quietly stepped toward the open door and walked inside... only to find an empty room with another door that led to the bedroom. The door was halfway open as Angel approached. It was now obvious to her … Wendy and Jane were fucking... and not just fucking.. they had to be sexfighting.

Angel stopped at the door... wet slurping smacking sounds were coming from inside the bedroom... she peeked around the door and gasped at what she saw... Wendy and Jane were ass to ass... slapping their buttocks together... and then Angel noticed the two double dildos! “Oh my God!” Angel whispered to herself as she watched Wendy and Jane deep fucking each others pussy and ass. … and, of course, being a self confessed voyeur, Angel had to watch. She sat her purse down on the floor out of sight before lifting her short micro mini black skirt and began stroking her already buzzing clit. She parted her index and middle fingers, placing them on either side of her big clit... and began rubbing.. up and down... stroking her sensitive clit as she watched Wendy and Jane fucking.

“Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy gasped as they slammed their hot asses together again and again.

“Unnnnnnnnnnn.” Jane moaned as she dropped to her upper body down on the bed. Within seconds the fingers of her right hand were stroking her hard clit.

A few moments later, Wendy's face was turned sideways... her cheek resting against the silk sheets as she began to stroke her large clit with her fingers. They rocked together... their asses slapping against each other with each hard powerful thrust from their thighs and hips... their huge tits rubbing and sliding against the silk sheets.. panting and gasping … they were now slamming into each other so fucking hard that the back of their thighs were smacking together. Wendy and Jane were drilling each other with those two huge eighteen inch long double dildos... jamming them hard into each other with each vigorously forceful thrust of their hips.... completely driving the entire eighteen inches of big thick black silicone all the way inside each others pussys and ass.

Angel's watched in awe... thinking about how it must feel to have so much of the dildo pushing and thrusting inside their juicy pussys and tight assholes.

Wendy and Jane were fingering their burning clits faster and faster as their rhythm picked up speed. Faster and faster they smacked their hard ass-cheeks together... double fucking each other...

'Smack!' … “Bitch!”

'Slap!' … “Whore!”

'Smack!' … “Fucking Cunt!”

'Clap!' … “Slut!”

'Slap!' … “Oh you dirty Bitch!”

'Whack!' .. “Nasty Whore!”

Wendy and Jane were about to cum as they frigged their clits harder and faster.. their big tits sliding forward and backward against the silk sheets as they rammed their asses together again and again … and again …....... and again. Fucking … rocking … moaning …. pounding their ass-cheeks together … gasping … completely filling up each others sloppy wet cunt and tight asshole with each hard angry thrust of their hips.

“I fucking HATE you!” Wendy screamed.

“I HATE you BITCH!” Jane screamed with her..

Angel did not know what to make of this... what was going on between these two stunningly beautiful women? The two women that Angel was in love with.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!.. Gonna cum!” Wendy moaned deeply..

“Dirty fucking SLUT!” Jane screamed as her orgasm exploded... her clit jerking... as she slammed her ass hard against Wendy's and held it there. “FUCK! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy slammed her ass hard against Jane's... also holding it in place as the two huge double dildos completely filled their four hot burning fuck-holes... “Ohhhhhh SHIT! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Both of their asses began to shake... their firm buttocks jerking against each other as their juicy girl cum gushed out around the double dildo that was buried in their cunts.. spraying each others thighs and ass-cheeks with hot sticky pussy cum.

Wendy and Jane were screaming together … “Cummmmmmmmming!” … “Cummmmmmmming!”

Angel's breathing had become a little more deeper and quicker as she watched … her fingers continuing to rub her big clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned as she pushed her hard ass firmly against Jane's.

Jane was moaning too as she kept pushing and grinding her firm buttocks against Wendy's perfect ass. “Ummmmmmmmmm.”

For the next couple of minutes, the two ultra-hot bitches kept their asses in hot contact as they slowly caught their breath. Their faces were laying against the silky sheets... their hands had moved from their clits so that both of them now had their arms stretched out in front of them on the bed.... their big round tits pushed against the bed as they panted and gasped for another minute with the two big eighteen inch double dildos inside their bodies. Finally, Wendy and Jane pushed their upper bodies up from the bed and slowly inched away from each other as both of the double dildos began to slide out of their pussys and assholes. … inch by inch... their hungry vaginas still sucking on the dildo as it slurped its way out of their pussys.... until both dildos slipped out of their bodies with a slurping sucking sound... their hot fuck juices dripping from the dildos and from their cunts... strings of girl-cum oozing and dangling from their open pussys.

Angel's eyes were wide open as she peeked around the door... “Holy shit” she whispered to herself as she watched the two fuck whores crawl apart and then turn around facing each other on all fours. They slowly crawled toward each other until their faces were very close together and then, as Angel watched, they parted their lips and pushed their mouths together. It was a long deep kiss... and even though their tongues were hidden from view, Angel knew that their tongues were fighting and wrestling each inside their open mouths that were glued together. Angel could see the little ripples on their cheeks... as if someone was pushing against their cheeks from the inside with their finger... both of their cheeks were rippling and Angel knew it was their tongues.. pushing and shoving against each other as they licked inside each others wet mouths. The kiss lasted for several minutes... until they slowly moved away from each other... strings of spit connecting their upper and lower lips as their tongues kept licking in the space between their faces.... saliva was drooling from their fencing tongues.. stringing down to the silk sheets... it looked so fucking hot to Angel as she kept sliding her fingers up and down her throbbing clit. Wendy and Jane finally moved their tongues away from each other as they stared into each others eyes.. and then Angel heard Wendy speaking …

“You cannot have Angel.”

“Oh yes I can... I am going to fuck you until you surrender.”

“God dammit! .. Angel loves me... she told me that she loves me!”

“Listen you fucking whore! Angel told me that she was in love with me!”


“Fucking Liar”

“Oh my God!” Angel whispered... “They are fighting over me!”

Wendy and Jane quickly slid back from each other, both hot bitches getting to their knees as they faced each other. Then they slowly advanced toward each other until their big expanded nipples were almost touching...

“Whore!” Jane yelled at Wendy.


“You're the fucking nympho!”

“Which is why Angel loves me... you can't keep up with her!”

“Fuck you!

“God! I HATE you Jane!”

“I Fucking HATE you Wendy!”

Hate rage flowed through every vein in their bodies as they glared at each other.. then the blink of an eye, they swung their open hands at each others faces at the same time... slapping each other simultaneously... 'SLAP!' ... Both of their beautiful faces snapped to the side and as they quickly turned their faces toward each other, they immediately slapped each other again... 'SLAP!' .. and their heads snapped to the side again.

Angel was about ready to push the door open and put an end to this.. when Wendy spoke again.... her voice was loud and clear.

“I thought we were going to fuck it out!”

“Then let's fuck it out Bitch! Once and for all!”

“Winner gets Angel!”

“You goddamn right.. winner gets Angel!”

They threw their arms around each other.. splatting their big heavy tits together with a loud 'smack' as they pushed their right thigh between each others legs. They quickly began grinding their huge tits together as they began thrusting their thighs against each others dripping cunts again. They were together cheek to cheek and began gasping into each others ear....

“I can out-fuck you bitch!”

“No fucking way!”

“Yes fucking way!”

“Bullshit!.. you know I can fuck better than you!”

They began pumping their over-sized morphed tits together.. their nipples drilling into each others dense tit-flesh as they rocked their cunts on each others thighs... sliding.. rubbing … gasping.

“I am gonna fuck you until you pass out!”

“You're the one who is gonna pass out.. you fucking slut!”

“Fucking Whore!”



Wendy and Jane began sliding their huge tits back and forth across each other.. their long hard nipples catching against each other then springing apart with each pass... and as the minutes went by, they began to feel the heat filling up the inside of their enormous tits once again... and they both knew what was cumming... their nipples were swollen almost beyond belief... throbbing... jerking against each other as they flicked past each other again and again... they felt the skin on their huge tits began to tighten... and they knew that their big round tit globes were once again filling up with cum...

“I am gonna drown you bitch!”

“I am going to squirt sooooooo much fucking cum from my tits!”

“Not as much as my tits are gonna squirt!”

“You better get ready whore.. cause I am going to squirt all over you!”

Their nipples were on fire... and they both knew they were getting close to cumming.. but they were too close together.... it wasn't enough to splatter each others tits with their hot gooey nipple-cum... they wanted to drown each others bodies... they had to back up from one another.

Angel had already slipped her micro mini skirt off... her fingers were still rubbing and stroking her hard clit.. as she stood there and watched... wearing only her white stretchy top, hose, and heels.

Wendy and Jane inched backwards.. moving away from each other on their knees until they were about four feet apart... their right thighs were wet with each others pussy juice. They were panting... breathing deeply... gasping... as they moved their fingers to their huge long thick nipples and began stroking... pulling and tugging on their big heated nipples... jerking them off with their fingers... sliding... rubbing... up and down... up down up down up down up down... stroking... jerking... they were going to cum very soon.... the pressure inside their tits was immense.... their nipples were swelling up even more... preparing for the massive amount of nipple-cum that would be gushing from their thick hard nipples.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy gasped as she jerked on her huge nipples.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jane gasped as she gasped and moaned.. her fingers pinching her hard long nipples.

“Get ready you fucking bitch!”

“Here it cums you fucking whore!”

Angel was panting as she rubbed her hard burning clit as fast as she could... she was about to cum with Wendy and Jane.

The fiery hot heat began to flow... they felt it flowing from their huge tits and through their long hard burning nipples.... the pressure was intense.... their clits were jerking... their vaginas clenched... and opened.... and squirted hot girl-cum! Wendy and Jane were cumming!

All four huge nipples jerked as their gooey nipple-cum squirted from their wide puckered nipples... “Cummmmmmming! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Angel's clit vibrated hard as her pussy began to gush.. squirting her pussy-cum.. She closed her eyes as the pleasure flowed through her body.. Angel was cumming with Wendy and Jane. “Unnnnnnnnnnnnn.”

The syrupy steams of nipple-cum splattered Wendy and Jane.. thick gooey globes splattering on their faces... on each others tits... splattering on their tummys...almost knocking them on their backs …. nipple-cum was shooting all over both of their bodies as they continued to cum together.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Ahhhh ah ah ah ahhh ahhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmming!”

Their faces were already dripping hot nipple-goo.. as they cupped their big heavy tits and aimed the constant magical stream of hot sticky cum at each other... lining up the streams of cum so they were meeting head on... splashing up into the air... on the bed.. on their thighs... they were fighting with their nipple-cum streams! Wendy's two powerful streams began to push Jane's streams back... then Jane's streams began pushing Wendy's two thick streams of cum back. Their pussys were constantly gushing.. their big clits constantly throbbing... their powerful glutes constantly jerking... It was one long sustained orgasm and the deep pleasure flowing through their bodies went on and on and on. Their huge tits were pumping out a massive amount of nipple-cum!

Then something even more magical began to happen... the burning hot nipple-cum that was shooting from their over-sized nipples began to glow... like a florescent light... glowing between them.... and as their powerful streams of nipple-cum kept gushing from their tits and hitting each other head on... the light was becoming brighter and brighter. Their orgasm seemed never-ending... they were cumming and cumming... their vagina's pumping girl-cum constantly … and their clits were on fire.... cumming and cumming and cumming.

“Ohhhhhhhhh YES! Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnn GOD! Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!”

Angel's orgasm had subsided.. leaving her panting and gasping as she watched with her eyes wide open... she could not believe what she was seeing... it was the most amazing sight she had ever witnessed.

The streams continued to meet head on... splattering gooey nipple-cum everywhere... in their hair.. on their faces.. on their shoulders... all over the bed... it was so fucking messy! The seemingly never-ending syrupy streams were glowing brightly now.. .. Wendy and Jane looked like they had two four foot florescent light bulbs between them... connected to their big tits at both ends. As they kept cumming and gushing and squirting... a bright light, about the size of a marble, appeared at each of their four squirting nipples. As Angel watched, the four brightly glowing lights began moving from their nipples... trapped inside their jetting streams of nipple-cum, the glowing lights began moving toward each other.... until they met head on where their streams of nipple-cum was splashing against each other. The lights became even more intense... to the point that Angel had to look away …. and then there was a tremendously bright flash! Like a flash of lighting! … and the streams of nipple cum literally exploded as the most intense orgasm that Wendy and Jane had ever felt rushed through their bodies.

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Gooey nipple-cum shot everywhere... splattering the ceiling.. the walls... on the furniture... on the carpet... a tremendous massive amount of syrupy sticky nipple-cum splattering Wendy and Jane... practically covering every inch of their bodies with goo cum. As Angel watched through the doorway, a blast of nipple-cum splattered on her face. “Oh my God!” Angel gasped.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck!” Wendy was panting.

Jane was gasping for air .. “Ohhhhhh my God!”

Their amazing orgasm had finally ended... and even though magic was still flowing through their bodies.. they momentarily felt drained and exhausted. As Wendy and Jane looked at each other.. panting and gasping.. they once again felt their deep feelings for each other begin to surface. They inched their way toward each other.. their knees sliding toward each other on the gooey silk sheets. Cum was drooling and stringing from their fingers... from their faces... from their heavy tits... they reached out with their arms and hugged each other... nipple-cum squishing out around their big tits as they mashed against each other.... their lips were dripping with nipple-cum as they moved their open mouths toward each other and shared a long gooey messy deep kiss... swapping their spit and cum back and forth between their mouths. As they pulled away from each other, their sweet mixture of cum and spit was stringing between their lips.. dangling between their mouths. Wendy then extended her tongue and licked up the side of Jane's face.... licking and cleaning Jane's cheek until her tongue was holding as much cum as it could... she then wiggled her tongue back and forth in front of Jane.

“Ummmmm, you look so nasty.” Jane whispered as she extended her own long tongue and licked some of the cum off Wendy's tongue... then the two hot bitches touched their tongues together... squishing some of the cum out between their pressing tongues before closing their mouths together again and sharing a deep French kiss... swirling the spit and cum around in their mouths before swallowing. Then Jane licked Wendy's cheek... slurping nipple-cum into her mouth.. then they kissed again... then Wendy cleaned Jane's other cheek with her tongue... followed by another deep long tongue kiss. Angel was watching every second of their nasty dirty kissing.

For several more minutes, they swapped cum with each other... stringing thick bubbly gooey ropes of spit and cum between their mouths until it was dangling from their chins and stringing down on their big tits that were mushroomed together. ...and once again they became aware of their feelings for each other. As several strings were wiggling between their lips, Jane whispered to Wendy … “What do you want?”

“I want Angel.”

“What about me? Don't you love fucking me?”

“Of course I love fucking you.” Wendy replied... the cum strings shimmering between their lips.

Jane then asked another question ...“Sooo, you don't want to have an exclusive relationship with Angel?”

There was a pause before Wendy answered .. “I don't know.”

“What do you mean you don't know?.. It was just a couple of days ago when we were telling each other about all the women we have fucked in the last couple of weeks... are you going to stop fucking other girls?

After another long pause Wendy answered.. “I don't know.. I haven't thought about that.”

Jane smiled at Wendy... “We could share Angel.”

Wendy just looked at Jane.. not sure what to say about that.

Then Jane continued... “It appears that we are sharing everyone else.”

“Yeah, but Angel is different.”

Jane was whispering now ...“Of course she is.... but so are you... and so am I”

“I really don't want to talk about that right now.... I just want to fuck.”

Jane smiled... “You nasty nympho whore.... let's fuck.”

A minute later they had moved into place... scissored their legs.. and were grinding their sloppy cunts together on the slime drenched silk sheets. They wiggled their hips until their hard throbbing clits were grinding together.... nipple-cum was squishing out around their legs as they pressed them together... it was incredibly messy and vulgar. Ten, then twenty minutes went by as they fucked and moaned and grunted and pushed and gasped. Angel was fingering her clit again as she watched Wendy and Jane tribbing. There was constant squishing and slurping sounds as they forced their wet gooey cunts together.. grinding hard... their clits slipping and sliding against each other in the tacky cum. As they approached the thirty minute mark, their hips began to spasm... their big tits were shaking on their chests.... vaginas sucking wildly together … nipples were throbbing... and their clits were burning into each other.... trying desperately to weld themselves together... a few more thrusts... a few more deep breaths... a few more moans... and they were cumming again... and Angel was cumming with them again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you hot bitch!” Wendy panted as her pussy gushed into Jane's open cunt. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Jane's pussy was gushing back into Wendy's cunt as their pussy-cum jetted up in the air between their locked cunts. “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

Angel managed to keep her voice quiet as she gasped and panted.. her pussy squirting... the hot cum running down the inside of her perfect thighs.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Wendy!!! You fucking whore!! Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmming with you Jane!... you nasty slut!”

Their bodies rocked with pleasure for several more minutes... multiple orgasms finally turning into aftershocks... as their bodies jerked and trembled and quivered together. They slowly pulled themselves apart and once again got on their knees facing each other and began kissing deeply.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Amber's doorbell rang... it had to be Jennifer. She walked to the door, unlocking and opening it … “Hi Sweetheart.”

“Hi Mom,” Jennifer answered as she slipped past Amber and waited for her mom to turn around. .

Amber closed the door, turned around and approached her daughter. Before Amber could speak, Jennifer stepped into her and wrapped her arms around Amber, pushing their big tits together. Amber instinctively returned the hug as their heavy tits mushroomed against each other through their clothes... then Amber felt something... she felt Jennifer's hard nipples twitch against hers... and a second later Amber felt her own long thick hard nipples twitch against Jennifer's. It was a very awkward moment for Amber, but Jennifer seemed to think nothing of it. As they looked at each other, Amber spoke. “You said you wanted to talk about something .. what's up?”

Jennifer released their hug and stepped back ...“I am meeting this girl... and... we... well... ah... well... it's like …..”

“Just tell me Honey.”

“We are going to sexfight.”

Amber's eyes opened wide.. “You are going to do what?”

“Oh come on Mom.... you know what I am talking about.”

“I... well … I...”

“Don't ask me how I know... but I know that you have had sexfights and titfights.”

“Jennifer ….”

“Just listen... I am going to have a sexfight with this bitch... and I want you teach me how to sexfight.”


“Don't bullshit me Mom.” Jennifer said as she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and tugged it up over her head.. shaking her hair out as her big naked bra-less tits wobbled on her chest.... “ I have had a few sexfights.. but I really need to win this one... this is very important to me... and I need you to teach me.”

Amber was staring at her daughters huge tits... “Teach you..... exactly what do you want me to teach you?”

“I want to fuck you... I want you to show me exactly how to move.. how to wiggle.. how to drive her out of her fucking mind!”

“Ohhh Honey... I don't think I ….” Amber's sentence was interrupted as Jennifer stepped back toward her, once again ballooning their huge tits together.

“I am going to be meeting this bitch in two hours... and I know that you are a skilled sexfighter. I want you to teach me how to fuck with my pussy.”

Amber's big nipples were throbbing against Jennifer's.. separated only by Amber's thin blouse.. and it was turning Amber on.... but it was not right... not with her daughter.. “Jennifer... we can't do this!” Amber gasped.

Jennifer's voice became very sexy as she stepped back just a little from Amber.. “Of course we can... Would you rather I go see Ashley?”

“You wouldn't!”

Jennifer smiled as she began unbuttoning her mom's blouse. “Oh yes I would.”

“Jennifer! You are my daughter!”

Jennifer moved her face toward Amber's face as she whispered.. “We are going to kiss... and then we are going to fuck.”

As their lips met, Amber quietly moaned as her clit twitched.

To be continued …..

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Veronica parked her car in Michelle's driveway and thirty seconds she was ringing the doorbell. As she waited, she heard Michelle's voice coming from a speaker near the door .. “The door in unlocked.. come in and lock the door behind you.”

Veronica opened the door.. looking around.. but did not see Michelle. She turned around and closed the door, then clicked the dead bolt into place before turning back around.. “Where are you bitch?”

“I'm right here you fucking tramp!” Michelle answered as she stepped from the hallway into the living room. Michelle was wearing a black thong and nothing else as she glared at Veronica.

Veronica slowly removed her blazer and unbuttoned her blouse, sliding it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. A moment later she had removed her skirt and kicked off her heels, leaving her with nothing on but her own black thong.

To be continued ......

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Angel watched Wendy and Jane kiss for several minutes until it was time. With her sweet hot girl-cum dripping from her wet pussy and running down the inside of her thighs, Angel slowly stood up and knocked on the door, attracting Wendy and Jane's attention. As both hot cum drenched girls looked toward the door, Angel pushed the door open and stepped inside.

“Angel!” Jane exclaimed with her panting voice.

“Angel!” Wendy gasped.... “How long have you been here?”

“Long enough.” Angel answered with her sexy voice as she scooped up a dangling glob of nipple-cum from her cheek and placed her finger into her mouth. Angel then moved her hands to the front of her stretchy top and ripped it open.. the buttons flying through the air as she began removing her top.. exposing her enormously big tits.. She tossed her top on the floor she began walking toward the bed... her massive tits gently jiggling...wearing nothing but her thigh high hose and her heels.

To be continued