By AngelDawn30

Second Saturday

Angel and Jane

As Angel was sipping her cup of coffee, the doorbell rang.... She stood up and walked toward the door, thinking it was Wendy. .. perhaps Wendy had left something. Angel unlocked and opened her door and was surprised to see Jane standing there in her hot little light blue dress. “Jane!... Hi.”

Jane did not speak as she noticed Angel was not dressed and still wearing her robe ...she just stared into Angel's eyes and Angel could tell that Jane was upset about something.

Angel tilted her head... “Is something wrong?”

“Is something wrong? Is something fucking wrong?” Yep. Jane was pissed about something. She paused for a couple of seconds then continued … “Are you going to invite me in? Or are you too busy?”

Angel stepped away from the door as she held it open for Jane. “What's going on?”

Jane stepped inside as she slightly raised her voice ...“What is going on? …. Did you ask me what the fuck is going on?... ok... ok... all right.. I'll tell you what the fuck is going on!” Angel reached out to place her hand on Jane's shoulder but Jane stepped back... “Wendy. That's what the fuck is going on! .. Wendy!”

Angel answered with a quite voice ...“What are you trying to say?”

Jane's voice was filled with frustration … “Are you and Wendy an item?”

Angel calmly answered .. “I don't know if item is the right word.”

Jane looked into Angel's eyes … “I thought you and I had something special.”

“We do.”

“Then what the fuck was Wendy doing here all night?”


“Don't Jane me.”

“What do you want me to say Jane?”

Jane unloaded on Angel … “You tell me that you really like me... a lot … and that you have feelings for me … real feelings... deep feelings …. I thought we had something very special between us... a connection … chemistry …. and then you spend the night fucking that bitch!”

Again Angel spoke with a calm voice ...“Wendy is not a bitch.”

“Oh! So now you are defending her!”

“There is nothing to defend.”

Jane was definitely upset … “Soooo.. it's ok for you to just fuck anyone you want... it's ok for you to go whoring around.... what about me?”

“Jane.... are you jealous of Wendy?”

“You goddamn right I am... I am jealous of anyone who would try to take you away from me!”

Angel's voice remained calm... “You have no reason to be jealous.”

Jane raised her voice again... “Then why did you spend the night fucking her?”

Angel took a deep breath …. “Jane... you know that I care about you.”

“Well apparently you care about Wendy.... a lot!”

“Yes I do... I care very much for both of you.”

“Well if you care so fucking much about me... what were you thinking when you fucked her all night?” As Angel was about to respond, her cell phone rang... there was an awkward moment for a few seconds as Angel's phone rang again.. and Jane spoke.. “You better answer it... it's probably Wendy wanting to know what we are doing.” Angel sighed as her phone rang for the third time... “Well... don't you want to know what she wants?”

“Fine.” Angel said as she turned around and walked the few steps to the table by her chair and picked up her phone … “Angelica Johansen.... Oh, Hi! .. No, I am just surprised... I assumed you that you were... well you know, Ronnie Scott .. I just assumed....... yes! Obviously not!….. I know! …... . awww... no, it's all right, I understand ….... a couple of hours? … about three o'clock….. sure, that would be fine... just call or text me when you are ready to meet...... it will take me about fifteen minutes to get there..... ok ….... see you later, bye.” Angel placed her cell phone back on the table and began walking toward Jane.

“So you and Wendy are making plans to hook up in a couple of hours?... is she spying on us?”

“It was not Wendy.”

“Right. And I am the Easter bunny.”

Jane was almost out of control... and Angel had to take over.... She stepped toward Jane and stared into Jane's lovely blue eyes... she did not raise her voice, but her voice was firm... “Stop it!”

“Stop it? …. Think about what you are doing Angel.... it certainly appears that you and Wendy are trying to hide something from me.... you can't even admit that it was Wendy on the phone!” Angel reached out and firmly grabbed Jane's shoulders. Jane quickly reached up and placed her hands on Angel's arms and tried to pull Angel's hands off of her shoulders, but Angel had a strong grip.. “Let go of me!”

“No!... Listen to me!”

“I don't want to listen to you lie to me.”

Angel shook Jane for a second ...“Ok... That is enough!... now shut up and listen! ... That was not Wendy on the goddamn phone... It was an attorney calling to tell me she had a flat tire and was going to be late for the deposition that we had scheduled.... Her name is Ronnie... short for Veronica. She is driving from Houston and will let me know when she is driving into Dallas so we can meet.... and I have never lied to you!... I will never lie to you!...I really like you... in fact, I have deep feelings for you... so stop all of this fucking bullshit!”

Jane took a deep breath... “I don't want to lose what we have together.”

“Dammit Jane!... nothing has changed between me and you... Don't you know that I am falling in love with you?”

Jane's eyes opened wide... “What?”

“I said I am fucking falling in love with you!”

Jane's eyes began to get a little misty as she stepped closer to and wrapped her arms around Angel, hugging her tight. .. “Oh Angel... I am falling in love with you too.” They held their hug for a minute until Jane stepped back from Angel and placed her hands on the belt that was holding Angel's robe together. Jane unbuckled the belt and then placed her hands on Angel's robe and slipped it off.. letting it fall to the floor. Jane then stepped back from Angel, her blue eyes taking in all of Angel's beauty for a brief moment. Jane then reached behind her back and began unzipping her dress... “I want to fuck you Angel..... I want to fuck right now!” Jane wanted show Angel that she was a better fuck than Wendy.... and she was going to prove it right now. She was determined to give Angel the best fuck that Angel had ever had.

“Mmmm .. You want to fuck me?

“Oh God yes!” Jane panted as she slipped out of her dress.

“Then fuck me Jane... fuck me right now!” Angel whispered as she smiled. As Jane quickly took her bra off, stepped out of her panties and slipped out of her heels. When Jane was naked, Angel stepped toward her.. their big tits meeting and mashing together as Angel reached down and began running her fingers up and down Jane's wet slit … feeling …. probing ... exploring … sliding her now wet fingers up and down between Jane's wet sticky pussy lips. Within seconds, Jane placed her fingers on Angel's hot cunt and a moment later Angel and Jane had inserted two fingers inside each others burning wet pussy... fucking each other as they stood tit to tit … staring deeply into each others eyes… a minute later there were three fingers inside each others pussy as they plunged their wet fingers in and out of each others hot fuck holes... swishing .. sloshing …pumping... thrusting.... squishing wet sounds could be heard as they finger fucked each other .. Their big tits, already covered in a sheen of their mixed sweat, were quivering together as their nipples slid back and forth across each other... the long hard stiff swollen steel-like rods flicking against each other.

They were moaning as they began to grind the palm of their hands against each others swollen clits.. Angel and Jane were gasping... moaning …. panting ….and their fingers kept pushing... thrusting … pumping... plunging in and out of each others wet fuck-holes... again and again and again.... in and out... in and out... their fuck juices were running down their inner thighs as they moved their faces toward each other, extending their long wet tongues... and pressed their lengthy tongues together... flattening their tongues out against each other... pressing and grinding their wet tongues against each other.

Their big heavy tits were mashed so very tightly against each other... their long stiff nipples were locked together.. tip to tip... hidden from view deep inside their enormous mushroomed tits. They finger fucked each other for several more minutes... pressing the heels of their hands against each others clits... grinding and pushing... applying pressure to each others big sensitive clits until both hot lesbian whores were on the verge of cumming.

Jane reached down and grabbed Angel's hand.. pulling Angel's fingers out of her pussy. “Get down on the floor... on your back.”

Angel was a little surprised that Jane was taking control... that was Angel's role... but Angel decided to play along as Jane slipped her fingers out of Angel's pussy and sat down on the floor, extending her long lovely legs out on the tiled floor and laying down on her back. She thought that Jane wanted to fuck her cunt to cunt, but Jane laid down between Angel's legs with her mouth positioned above Angel's wet pussy.

'”I am going to eat your cunt like it has never been eaten before!” Jane panted as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and covered Angel's dripping pussy with her wide open mouth.... extending her tongue up inside Angel's wet tight vagina.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Angel moaned as she draped her thighs over Jane's shoulders locking her legs around Jane's neck as she reached down and twisted Jane's long blonde hair around her fingers... “Fuck my pussy!” Jane pushed her long tongue in and out of Angel's pussy for several minutes until Angel was about to cum... then she moved her mouth away... “Ohh Jane.. you fucking bitch!”

“You love that don't you Angel? You love my mouth on your sweet pussy.”

“Unnnnnnn Fuck yes!”

Jane lowered her mouth down on Angel's cunt again … and with her lips sealed tightly around Angel's wet extended pussy lips, Jane sucked..... sucking Angel's sticky labia up inside her mouth... sucking... tugging and pulling on Angel's extended pussy lips as Angel began moaning again. With Angel's labia sucked inside Jane's mouth. Jane began shaking her head back and forth... her mouth tugging on Angel's pussy lips.... stretching Angel's labia.... tugging and yanking on Angel's pussy lips... quickly moving her head back and forth... side to side. The tugging and pulling was intense... left and right... back and forth... shaking her head as she sucked hard on Angel's cunt lips... sucking and tugging until Angel's pussy lips 'popped' free from between Jane's lips.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Angel gasped as she squeezed her thighs tight around Jane's face.

Jane teased her … “You love that slut?”

“Ohhhhhh Fuck!”

Jane moved her mouth up a couple of inches and wrapped her sucking lips around Angel's big clit.... and sucked.... sucking as hard as she could on Angel's big throbbing clit. Angel pulled on Jane's hair... forcing Jane's mouth tight to her burning clit. Jane's tongue was licking and flicking Angel's hot love bud as she sucked Angel's hard sensitive clit between her lips and into her hungry mouth.

Angel began to moan louder... Jane was sucking the shit out of Angel's big clit.... a clit that was throbbing …. trembling …. vibrating …. and ready to explode with pleasure. As Angel moaned and gasped, Jane slipped three fingers back inside Angel's tight vagina and began wiggling them around inside Angel as she felt the powerful suction from Angel's magical pussy. Jane was amazed at how tightly Angel's cunt had sucked around her pumping fingers.. making it difficult to rotate her fingers around inside Angel. After each deep thrust of her fingers into Angel's sucking fuck-hole, Jane had to use a lot of strength to pull her fingers almost all of the way out of Angel's pussy. “Goddamn Angel... you have the most amazing sucking cunt ever!” Minute after minute passed.... Jane constantly sucking on Angel's big throbbing clit as she pumped her fingers in and out of Angel's clenching pussy.

“Ohhhhh Jane! You sweet fucking whore!” Angel groaned.

Jane's mouth felt like a vacuum cleaner hose had been placed on Angel's clit... sucking and pulling... Angel began squirming... her hips began rocking... thrusting up against Jane's sucking mouth and thrusting fingers.. Angel curled Jane's hair in her fingers... her huge tits wobbling on her chest.... Angel was going to cum... she was going to cum all over Jane's face!

Jane “popped” her lips off of Angel's clit with a loud slurping sound.. 'Slurrrrrrrrp Pop!'

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnn oh yeahhhhhhhh!”

Jane wrapped her mouth around Angel's clit again... sucking hard as she raised her head.. pulling hard on Angel's vibrating clit...... until …. 'Slurrrrrp! Pop!”

“Ohhhhh shit! Jane!... Fuck!”

Jane did it again....... and again... and again... sucking Angel's clit between her lips and slowly lifting her face.. pulling and sucking and tugging on Angel's big clit until it popped free from her sucking mouth... Angel was moaning and groaning louder and louder with each suck/slurp/pop. With her fingers still shoving in and out of Angel's pussy, Jane deep sucked Angel's clit one final time... sucking as hard as she could... jabbing her fingers deep into Angel's pussy as hard as she could... Angel could not hold off her orgasm any longer....She bucked her hips up against Jane's mouth and fingers... lifting her buttocks off the floor...The back of Angel's firm thighs began to spasm on Jane's shoulders... Angel was so fucking close to cumming.... only a few more seconds.... but then Jane's mouth pulled away... and Jane slowly pulled her fingers out of Angel's sucking cunt...

“Ohhhh.... Ohhhhhhh Jane... ohhh you teasing little Bitch!”

Jane got up on all fours and crawled around and sat down on her ass and extended her long lovely legs... she wanted to scissor with Angel... Jane wanted to trib. “I don't want you to cum on my fingers......I want you to cum inside my pussy.... . Do you remember when we played the promise game?”

Angel gasped as she remembered the promises that she and Jane had made to each other.... “Mmmmmmm yes... yes I remember.”

“We promised each other that we would fuck each other pussy to pussy.. and that we would cum together at the same time.... squirting into each others pussys at the same time.”

“Ohhhhhh God yes Jane.”

“I want to fuck you with my pussy Angel... I want to squirt my cum inside your pussy.”

“Ohhhh Fuck Jane... I want to squirt my cum inside your pussy!”

“Let's fuck cunt to cunt Angel, … you hot bitch.”

Angel quickly dropped to the floor and assumed the same position as Jane. “Pussy to pussy, Whore!”

Jane began to scoot forward on her ass.... “Clit to clit .. you dirty nasty slut.”

Angel scooted toward Jane, their legs scissoring .. until their wet extended swollen pussy lips were almost touching … “Fuck hole to fuck hole... you filthy bitch-whore.”

“I'm gonna fuck your brains out Angel.”

“I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you Jane.”

They closed the final distance as they closed their eyes ... their wet swollen extended pussy lips touched and slowly melted together.. spreading out against each other until their vaginas were lined up … wet fuck-hole to wet fuck-hole … another push from each of them sealed their steaming hot fuck-holes tightly together as they shared their wet pussy juice... “Ohhhhhhh Fuck!” Angel moaned.

“Mmmmmm yesssss.” Jane moaned with Angel.

Jane wanted to sexually dominate Angel.. She wanted to prove that she was the best fuck that Angel had ever had … Jane wanted to cum with Angel... at the same time Angel was cumming... she wanted them to squirt into each others sucking cunts at the same time. As they pressed their hungry open cunts together, they began grinding together slowly... wanting to make this last as long as possible... they not only wanted to give each other pleasure … they wanted to fuck for their own selfish pleasure. They entered into a slow grind... twisting and pulling their pussy lips together … up and down …. back and forth ... around and around …. smearing their wet pussy juice all over each others cunts … their clits meeting as they completed each circle... moving around and around against each other... grinding … pushing tighter and tighter against each others hot steaming cunts.. again and again their clits would meet, catch, and flick apart causing them to moan and gasp with pleasure. Angel and Jane were sitting up with their arms out to their sides ... hands on the carpet as they watched each others huge tits wobble on their chests. Fucking ... grinding … circling … sliding their clits together... it was hot … the aroma of their fucking was filling the room with the intoxicating scent of their pussy juice.. squishing together... again and again … this went on and on... the grinding … the squishing sounds … the aroma … the moaning …. they were locked in an incredibly hot fuck-battle. Angel leaned her upper body forward just enough so that she could reach out with her right hand and grasp the back of Jane's thigh... right below her knee.. As Angel began pulling and tugging on Jane's thigh, Jane reached out with her right hand and grabbed the back of Angel's thigh.... They were grasping each other tight.. pulling with their arms... grinding their wet cunts together as hard as they could... then the suction began.

Angel and Jane flexed their powerful kegels... squeezing and sucking at each others pussys... slurping... sucking … tugging and pulling. Jane was using all of her experience that she had acquired over the years... twisting her wet open cunt hard against Angel's sucking pussy.... grinding … rotating …. squeezing. They fucked each other for another ten minutes... slurping and sucking at each other...the pleasure slowly building to a crescendo as they fucked and fucked and fucked. “You hot bitch!” Angel moaned.

“Ohhhhhh You nasty fucking whore!” Jane gasped as she wiggled her cunt against Angel's until their clits were grinding together... head on …. non-stop …. clit to clit fucking. “You want to cum don't you Angel?”

“You want to cum too, don't you Jane?”

Jane gasped... “Unnnnnnnnnn.. I want to squirt my hot cum deep inside your sucking pussy.”

“Oh God Jane! I want to feel your pussy squirting your hot nasty girl-cum deep inside me!”

Jane was moaning loudly... “Ahhhhh Angel... are you going to pump your hot cum inside my pussy?”

“Ohhhhh Fuck yes... I am going to squirt inside your pussy!.. I want you to squirt inside my pussy at the same time!”

They began to move their hips faster.. concentrating on their clit fucking. Grinding their throbbing clits together hard... pushing and shoving them together as they each lifted their free hand off the carpet and grasped each others hand. .. pulling themselves into a more upright position..... their big weighty tits were almost touching as they wobbled on their chests. They jerked their pussys together.. again and again... and then Jane let go of Angel's hand and reached out... placing her arm around Angel's neck.. pulling Angel closer as their long hard stiff nipples met together perfectly ... nipple to nipple.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Jane!”

“Mmmmmm Angel!”

They kept grinding their hard clits against one another. Angel leaned forward, their big throbbing nipples disappearing inside their huge mushrooming tits as she licked across Jane's lips with her tongue.. Jane returned the lick as they began licking each others tongues. Their lips were not touching.. only their tongues, as they flicked them back and forth and up and down against each other... their enormous tits were swollen and jiggling as they mashed tightly together.. humping each others cunt with their own cunt.. their clits fighting head on against each other... they were moaning more and more.. gasping for air.. as they fucked with their tongues, nipples, tits and clits. Angel was close to an orgasm... Jane was close to an orgasm. They were pushing their clits together as hard as they could as their big tits remained pancaked together.. their tongues lapping at each other.. fucking and fucking and fucking....

Mixed spit was drooling from their tongues... stringing down to their mashed tits as they rocked against each other... their cunts sucking at each other... slurping their sweet sticky fuck juices back and forth between their hot cunts. Jane tossed her head back... spit stringing between their wet tongues as her body began to shake... “Wait for me Jane!” Angel moaned.

“Hurry Angel.... almost there!” Jane gasped as she flexed her cunt against Angel's with all of her strength and skill... sucking as hard as she could.

“Oh yes Jane!! Just a few more seconds.... Ohhhhhhhh FUCK! .. Cum Now.... Cum Now!!”

“Cum with me Angel!!” Jane felt her entire body spasm... she began to jerk her cunt wildly against Angel's cunt.

Angel and Jane felt each others big clit jerking... they felt each others vagina sucking.... they felt each others big nipples begin to spasm. They gazed with lust into each others eyes as their bodies began trembling....

“Yesssssssss Jane, .. you Whore!!!”

“Yessssssssss Angel, you sweet Bitch!!!!!”

Angel's pussy clenched hard... Jane's pussy clutched hard. “Squirt with me Angel!”

“Squirt with me Jane!! Now!!!”

Their pussys ejaculated at the same time... squirting hard into each others sucking vaginas... the two streams of hot girl-cum hitting head inside their pussys.

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” 'Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Angel felt the hot gush of wetness.. the gush of pussy cum.... the hot sticky juices from Jane's pussy... “Yes Jane!!!. .. FUCK! I am Cummmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmming!!! Oh god I am Cummmmmmmmming !!!!” Jane moaned... as she felt her pussy being flooded with Angel's hot pussy-cum. Their pussy-cum squirted up between their two grinding sucking pussys.. squirting up and splattering the undersides of their mushroomed tits... spraying all over their abs and tummys and thighs.

“Cummmmmmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!”

Again their pussys squirted... and again their shared pussy-cum squirted out from their grinding cunts.... once again splashing against the lower swells of their huge grinding tits.... pussy-cum spraying out to their sides.. all over their tummys and abs and on the floor. Angel and Jane were cumming at the same time... they were squirting into each others sucking cunt at the same time! … and something else was happening... The special voodoo magic that had been given to Michelle... who passed it on to Wendy.. who, in turn. passed it on to Angel, was now being passed on to Jane... and it would activate inside Jane the next time she had sex with someone.... and it was being activated right now inside Angel.

Angel and Jane kept fucking and cumming... sharing multiple orgasms with each other for another thirty minutes until the floor was wet with puddles of their mixed cum. Angel finally pulled herself away from Jane and pushed Jane down on her back... and quickly straddled her... her knees on either side of Jane's chest... Angel slid forward... her dripping pussy over Jane's face... and lowered herself down onto Jane.... face-sitting her. Jane was moaning as Angel began to slide her wet cunt up and down Jane's mouth.. feeling Jane extend her tongue up into her pussy. As Angel rocked her wet cunt on Jane's mouth, Angel felt something happening to her body.... it was the same feeling that she had felt when she was with Wendy. As her hips continued to thrust her wet cunt against Jane's sucking mouth, Angel noticed that her big tits were getting bigger.. just as they had done before.. and her nipples were getting thicker and longer.. just as they had done with Wendy. Angel did not understand what was happening to her... she recalled her visit with the voodoo woman.. and remembered what the old woman had told her.. about how her nipples and pussy would have magical sucking power... but this was different... her already huge tits were now easily a full cup bigger... which meant that Angel's massive rack was now somewhere close to a G cup! Angel's big tits were enormous and her nipples were like two pieces of lead pipe that had been welded on her tits!

It did not take Angel much longer before she was about to cum again. She reached down and began rubbing her clit hard.... grinding against Jane's tongue and mouth,.... “GOD!! .. Angel gasped loudly... “God !!!!!! Gonna …. Oh God yess... Cummming !!!” Angel gushed her hot pussy cum into Jane's open mouth... Jane licking and lapping at the wetness... “FUCK YES!!! Angel continued to moan loudly... as she flooded Jane's mouth with her sweet cum. “Unnnnnnnnnnn”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” Jane moaned as she licked and sucked at Angel's twitching cunt.. swallowing her hot cum. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

Angel rocked on Jane's face for a few more minutes before she slid off and laid down on her side, facing Jane in the sticky cum that was pooled all over the floor. “Oh Jane... that was incredible!”

“Oh Angel!” Jane whispered as she rolled over on her side and hugged Angel... their slippery bodies sliding together in their cum. “That was sooooo fucking good.” As Jane hugged Angel she quickly became aware of Angel's tits... they were noticeably bigger than they were when Jane had arrived at Angel's home.

Angel purred... “Yes it was.”

As Jane squirmed her big tits against Angel's she whispered.. “Angel, what is going on?”

Angel looked into Jane's eyes... “What do you mean Jane?”

“Your tits... they are bigger! What is happening to you?”

Angel giggled.. “I don't really know... but it's kinda cool, huh?”

“No shit! Damn Angel.. they are fucking huge!”

“I know!” Angel did not want to tell Jane that her big tits had grown earlier when she was with Wendy... “I have no idea what is happening... but I love it!... Maybe it's voodoo magic!”

Jane quickly remembered when she and Angel were in the magic store.. “Really? Do you think so?”

“Maybe.. I honestly do not know why they are so much bigger.”

“And your nipples Angel... Good God Almighty!... Look at them!”

Angel rolled away from Jane and looked down... “Damn!”

Jane stared into Angel's eyes as she whispered .. “Let's fuck again.”

“I would love to Jane... but I really have to get to my deposition... and I have to take another shower!”

Jane nodded... “Maybe later today?”

As you know, Angel had already made plans to visit Wendy later today... “I'll call you later... ok?”

Jane smiled again... “All right.” They laid there together for several more minutes, hugging and caressing each other until they finally got to their feet. “Promise you will call me later?”

“Yes.. I promise.”

Jane got dressed and they shared a few more kisses before Angel walked Jane to the front door.... “I really am falling in love with you Angel.”

“I really am falling in love with you too Jane.”

“Mmmmmmm..... I'll see you later.”

As Jane left, Angel closed the door behind her and quickly headed upstairs where she took another shower.... thinking about how all of this was going to work out between herself and Jane and Wendy.

As Jane drove away.... she decided that she had to confront Wendy... and she had to confront her today. She was going to go to her apartment, shower and get dressed and was then going to go to Wendy's home and tell Wendy that Angel was in love with her.

Angel took a quick shower and began to get dressed.... none of her bras fit... and although Angel did not know... none of her bras were going to fit for the next twenty-four hours. Angel slipped on a short black skirt and pulled a stretchy low cut white top over her big sexually charged tits.... the top fit very snug, revealing an ample amount of her tremendously deep cleavage... however, her almost two inch long nipples were as hard as two pieces of iron... sticking straight out... stretching the fabric of her top.. and it was very obvious that anyone would be able to see those two huge spikes on her big tits. She thought for a moment, then slipped a red blazer over her white top.. “There.” Angel said as she slipped on a pair of black heels..”That will hide them.”

She sat down for a moment and opened up her laptop. She wanted to see this Veronica Scott. It only took a couple of minutes to find what she was looking for. “Damn!” Angel whispered to herself as she looked a few pictures of Veronica. Angel then repeated what she had said a few days before... “Why is everyone I am meeting the last couple of weeks have such big tits?” Angel stared at the photos for a few seconds. Veronica Scott was a brunette.... very pretty... she looked tall... and had a pair of really big tits.... “So you are Ronnie... and it appears that we have a couple of things in common.... you have an amazing rack.... I am ok with that.” Angel smiled as she closed her laptop. “This deposition may take longer than I expected.” A few minutes later Angel was backing her white Corvette out of her garage. Just as she was about to drive away and head to her office, her cell phone rang. It was Ronnie.

“Hi Ronnie..... great! I am on my way to my office. You know where it is? ….. Yes, that is correct.... ok, I will be there in about ten or fifteen minutes. …... Yes, I am looking forward to meeting you too. …... Oh that is very sweet of you, but I have plans for the rest of the day...... maybe.... I guess it depends on how long the deposition takes. ….. ok... we will see how much time we have..... . Yes, of course. …. ok Ronnie. Bye.” As Angel drove to her office she began to think that this deposition was going to take much longer than she had anticipated.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As Jane was on her way home, she began to think more and more about how huge Angel's tits were... It had to be magic. What else could it possibly be? … There was only one way for Jane to find out... she was going to go to the Magic Shop that she and Angel had visited a week ago.

It was almost two o'clock in the afternoon and the old woman at the Magic Shop had been standing on her feet most of the day. She told one of her employees that she was going to sit down and rest for a few minutes as she walked toward the curtain at the back of the store. She parted the curtain with her wrinkled hands and walked toward the table to pick up the cup of ice tea that she had purchased on her way to the store this morning. As she sipped her now watered down tea, the crystal ball began glowing. The voodoo woman sat down in her chair and softly placed her hands on the glowing crystal ball as the image of her Queen appeared. Gazing into the crystal ball, she spoke softly.. “Yes my Queen?”

“I see that you have been toying with one of our prospects.”

“Yes Ma'am, I have. I was attempting to bring the Adult novelty store to her attention.”

“Yes you did... and you succeeded.”

“I hope you are pleased.”

“I am pleased. It was a very clever idea.. to have her nipples begin twitching.”

“Her nipples twitch more than I had expected.. a lot more …. do they twitch too much?”

“At first I thought the same thing when I saw how much they were moving.. that perhaps her nipples were twitching too much... but now that I have considered it, I will allow it to be as it is.”

“Yes Ma'am.”

“I am going to add something else to this new gift that you have given to her... the one named Wendy.”

“As you wish my Queen.”

“When we want to get her to focus her attention on something.. .. her nipples will twitch as they did today. Once her attention has been acquired, the twitching will cease. I am also going to give her this additional gift …. .. Her nipples will also begin twitching.. almost violently.. when she is very near another woman who wants to nipple fight.”

“And when will this additional nipple movement stop, my Queen?”

“The twitching will stop when she has a nipple orgasm.”

“And if she does not engage the other woman in a nipple duel?”

“If she does not engage the other woman in a nipple duel, the twitching movement will go away in a few minutes. We can't have her nipples jerking around on her chest all the time.. although it would be somewhat amusing.” The old woman smiled as her Queen continued... “One of our prospects will visit you in the next few minutes. You may give her two more magical spells that we have withheld from our girls so far.”

“The Squirt Magic?”

“Yes. Explain it to her.”

“As you wish my Queen... and the second magical spell?”

“When her breasts are morphed... when they become bigger... let's allow her breasts to ooze nipple-cum when they are compressed or squeezed.”

“That could be messy.”


“It will be as you desire, my Queen.”

“The magic you have given to Wendy.. and the magic that you are going to give to someone else in a few minutes has now been given to all four of our girls.”

“All four? I am only aware of three.”

“Angel, Wendy, Michelle and someone new. You have already met her. She will be walking into the store in five minutes.”

“Yes Ma'am.”

“And one last thing.... I want to be clear about this ...there will be no more magic until they are with us.”

“Of course. I understand.” As the old woman finished speaking, the image in the Crystal Ball faded from view. She stood up and walked out of the room and into the store where she waited to see who was going to walk in. The old woman smiled a few minutes later when she recognized Jane walking into the store. Jane made eye contact with the voodoo queen and approached her, not sure what exactly she was going to say.
Jane was somewhat cautious about this.... she had not ever believed in magic ... but here she was.... with her mind full of questions.

“Jane. A pleasant surprise to see you.”

“Thank you... I am surprised you remembered my name.”

“Never forget name... never forget you.... you are Angel's friend.”

“Yes... yes I am.”

Before Jane could begin speaking about why she was here, the old woman began talking. “I know why you are here.”

“You do?” Jane was skeptical. “So, tell me... why am I here?”

“You desire magic.”

“I admit I am curious about it.”

“You doubt magic... even though you have seen it.”

“I have reservations... yes.”

The old woman shook her head... “You see Michelle's breasts get bigger.. yes?”

Jane's mind was whirling... How could she possibly know about that? Jane took a deep breath and answered .. “Yes.”

“And you see Angel's breasts get bigger... yes?”

Jane nodded yes.

“And you see Wendy's breasts.. they were also bigger, yes?”

Jane frowned when the old woman mentioned Wendy... “Yes.”

The voodoo queen grinned … “You have same magic inside you.”

“Well if I do, it is not working.”

“You not understand how magic work... I tell you... you must tell no one... understand?”

“Yes. I will tell no one.”

“Magic was given to Michelle... she transmitted magic to Wendy. Wendy transmitted magic to Angel.. and today, Angel transmitted magic to you. Magic stops with you. It is done.”

“It is not working.”

“Magic will work next time you have sex. You will see.”

Suddenly Jane understood how it worked... and she smiled. “Sooo.. you are telling me.. that my breasts will get bigger?”

“Yes.. Bigger .. Yes.”

“And my nipples too?”

“Yes. .. Nipples... Bigger.”

“And... what about all of that cum that squirts from the nipples?”

“Yes.. you will do.”

Jane took a deep breath. “Damn.”

The old woman smiled at Jane... “Two more gifts I give to you.. it is the gift you desire... I give to all four of you... you will all have gift.”

“You mean that... ah .. well... that... my vagina will squirt like a fountain?”

“Yes. Much squirt. Much cum. More than you can imagine.”

“I can imagine a lot.”

“Then so shall it be... as you have imagined. It is done.”

“And the second gift?”

“Your breasts will ooze nipple-cum when they are compressed or squeezed.”

“I am an attorney.. I work with facts... and I do not understand how this... how this magic works... Can you explain it?”

“Magic works like this... When the magic makes itself present in you, your breasts will swell... they get bigger.”

“Ok.. but how do the breasts ejaculate so much... ah... so much.. so much nipple-cum?”

“You listen to me. When breasts expand, it is like implants have been placed inside your breasts.”

“I do not want implants.”

“Shhhh! You listen... It is not an implant.. it is magic... it will feel as if there is an implant. Magic will expand your breasts... breast do not fill up with silicone or saline... breast fills up with your nipple-cum. When you have nipple orgasm, then nipples squirt cum. That is how magic works.. and why there is so much nipple-cum that squirts from nipples... I also have added to this magic.. so that a nipple orgasm is no longer required for your breasts to ooze nipple-cum. If breasts are squeezed or compressed then breasts will ooze nipple-cum. When magic rests, then breasts and nipples return to normal size. You go now.”

Jane quickly responded … “Wait! I have a question... will you answer it?”

“Depends on question.”

“Please tell me you will answer this question.... this... this magic.. it is all so confusing.”

The old woman smiled. She liked Jane. “Ok.. one question. I will answer.. but one time only.”

“Thank you. This magic... when it becomes effective... when it... when it activates... how long does it last?”

“Twenty-four hours. This will happen twice... The next time you have sex, the time will begin. When twenty-four hours expire, magic go away. Magic will begin again the next time you have sex. This happen twice.. two twenty-four hour time periods.. then magic rests.. maybe a few days... a few weeks.. several months. Never know how long magic rests... I have nothing more to say … You go now”.

“But... I want to know about ...”

The voodoo woman interrupted Jane.. “There is nothing more I can tell you.”

Jane smiled.... “Thank you.”

“Welcome Jane. Come back and see me sometime.”

Jane nodded, then turned and made her way out of the store. It was few minutes after two o'clock in the afternoon. Fifteen minutes later Jane was taking a shower at her apartment. When she finished, she quickly re-touched her makeup and redid her eyes as she thought about what she would wear when she confronted Wendy. No doubt you are thinking.. 'What difference does that make?' If you are a girl, it is very important. It presented Jane with an opportunity to toy with Wendy. You see, girls do not dress sexy to impress men.... girls dress sexy to antagonize other women.... to make them jealous and envious. Looking hot is a way of saying... 'Look at me. I am hotter than you. I'm sexier …. my tits are bigger. … my ass is tighter... and you are jealous!'

You already know that Jane is an ultra exhibitionist. She loves to show of her body.. and the more she shows... the hotter she feels. This was one of those moments when she not only wanted to show off her assets.... she had to show of her assets. She wanted Wendy to feel intimidated... she wanted Wendy to feel inferior.... so Jane spent several minutes looking through her club and party dresses... searching for the most daring dress she could wear. It had to be the skimpiest … …the most low cut.... the shortest .. the sexiest ... something that would hug every inch of her incredible body... something that was even sexier and more whorish that what she had worn when she met Wendy at Armando's. A few minutes later Jane found what she was looking for. A black sheer see-though top.

Jane slipped it on and looked in the mirror. The thin stretchy sheer material clung to her body like a second layer of skin. It was tight.... it was definitely see-through. The wide scooped neckline exposed almost all of the huge upper swells of her big round globes, showing off a maximum amount of her impressive cleavage. In fact, the neckline was so low that a tiny fraction of the top of her areolas were showing. Not much... perhaps an eighth of an inch... but that eighth of an inch was uncovered and naked above the neckline. Jane could also see the circle of her areolas... she could even make out the tiny little bumps and every craggy detail of her areolas. She looked a little closer and could even see the puckered milk holes on the tips of her amazing nipples. The top stopped a couple of inches above her navel... exposing Jane's cute bellybutton. “It's perfect” Jane whispered to herself. “If this does not intimidate Wendy... then nothing will..... I can't wait to see the look in that bitches eyes when she sees me.”

Jane already knew exactly what she was going to wear to cover her bottom. She had a red pair of ridiculously short, tight, yoga shorts. Jane had to squirm a little to get the stretchy shorts up over her tight ass... and when she had them on, she turned around and looked at her hot ass in the mirror. “Damn!” Jane was pleased. A little bit of her ass-cheeks were showing as the yoga shorts deliciously clung to her buttocks. She bent over forward and spread her legs as she looked between her legs into the mirror. Oh yes, Jane could clearly see her vulva and she loved it! And, of course, there was no need to wear panties underneath her ultra mini yoga shorts. Jane spun around a couple of times in front of the mirror ...“If this does not intimidate Wendy... then nothing will..... I can't wait to see the look in that bitches eyes when she sees me.”

Jane had only one more thing to do... she slipped on a pair of loose fitting shorts that easily covered up her yoga shorts, then found an old baggy t-shirt and pulled it on over her sheer top. Jane then slipped on a pair of four inch red heels.... who does not love to see a woman in shorts and heels? … Hmmm? ….. A few minutes later Jane was driving out of the parking garage at the Park Place Towers and on her way to confront Wendy. It was almost three o'clock on a hot sultry Saturday afternoon in Dallas.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Several hours earlier, as Wendy was driving home... something very strange began to happen... her big magically enhanced nipples began to twitch against the black fabric of the over-sized t-shirt that she had borrowed from Angel.... Actually, twitching was not quite the right word... Wendy's nipples were moving... back and forth.. from left to right.. the swollen tips of her enormous nipples brushing against the cotton t-shirt she had on... twitching back and forth... like two windshield wipers on a windshield. Wendy had to see what was happening, so she turned into a parking lot and parked her car. She pulled the t-shirt out as she looked down inside.. “Damn!” Wendy gasped as she looked at her big hard nipples.. twitching back and forth.. moving to the left, then moving back to the right.... the tips of her nipples moving a full two inches... about an inch to the left from the center of her areola... and then all the way over to the right.... about an inch to the right from the center of her areola.... back and forth... on their own.. “Damn!”

As she started her red Lamborghini she noticed the Adult novelty store across the street. .. 'Paradise Adult Store'. Wendy read the signage on the front of the building.. 'Adult Videos, Books, Novelties, Lingerie.' .. and she had an idea. She drove across the street and parked in front of the store. A minute later she was walking inside, strolling around, looking... until she saw what she was looking for. She was curious about all of the adult toys that Angel had in her basement and she wanted to purchase some for herself. As she walked over to the display of adult toys, a young attractive girl, in her twenties, approached her.. she was wearing a pair of jeans and a black 'Paradise Adult Store' t-shirt which did little to hide the fact that she had a very nice sized rack. “”May I help you?”

“I'm interested in some of your adult toys.”

“Anything in particular?”

Wendy noticed the double dildos... they had some that looked like the ones that Angel had. “I like this one.”

“They come in several different sizes and lengths and colors.”

“Hmmmm... ok.... I am not sure which length I should purchase... what do you recommend?”

The girl smiled.. “It depends on how you are going to use it.”

Wendy knew exactly how she was going to use it, but thought it might be interesting to have a little fun with the girl.... She looked at her and grinned …. “Exactly how do you use it?”

To Wendy's surprise, the young girl had no problem talking about it... “Usually you insert one end inside yourself and the other end inside your partner... and I am sure you can imagine what happens next after both ends have been inserted.”

“Hmmmmm... soooo.. which length should I purchase?”

“That depends on how much you want inside you.... If you want the double dildo to disappear from view as it is being used you might want to consider one that is perhaps twelve or fourteen inches... or if you want to be stretched a little.. perhaps the sixteen inch size would be a good choice.”

“Sixteen inches?”

“Yes.. eight inches for you and eight inches for your partner.”

“I see that you also have eighteen and twenty inch lengths.”

“Un huh.”

“Ok... I will take two of the eighteen's.... in black.”

“All right.”

As Wendy finished paying for the two double dildos, the young girl placed them in an unmarked black plastic shopping bag and thanked her .. “Thanks... by the way, I'm Rachel.”

“Thank you Rachel.”

Rachel smiled as she handed Wendy her card.... “My personal cell phone number is on the card... Call me sometime.” Wendy took the card and placed it in her purse as she smiled. She then turned and walked out of the store and headed home.

Ten minutes later Wendy was parking her car in front of the Corleone estate. She grabbed her purse and her shopping bag and began walking to the front door. As she walked up the steps, Charles was walking out the front door.

“Ms Corleone … May I help you carry your bag?”

“Thanks Charles.. I've got it.” She noticed Charles was not wearing his suit. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a Rangers shirt and wearing a pair of white athletic shoes. Before Wendy could quiz him, he spoke....

“I am on my way to the ballgame with some friends.”

Wendy knew that Charles had a few friends.... friends who were employed as he was... butlers, housekeepers, cooks and nannies. It was not uncommon for them to get together now and then... “Have a good time Charles.”

“Thank you Ma'am. If you recall, I am taking the rest of the day and tomorrow off. I will return early Monday morning.”

“So you will be gone the next two nights?”

“Yes Ma'am.”

“Have a good time Charles.”

“Thank you Ms Corleone.”

Wendy walked inside, then turned around and hollered at Charles as he was walking toward the parking garage .. “Go Rangers!”

Charles turned around and waved as he smiled.

Wendy closed the door behind her and checked the time.... it was a little after twelve o'clock.. She was not sure what time Angel would be here.. her deposition was at one o'clock and she guessed it would take a couple of hours... but it could be sooner. She decided that she would get herself ready for Angel and then sip some wine as she waited. She took a shower and put on her makeup, eye shadow and eye liner ..and as she began to get dressed, she quickly discovered, like Angel, that none of her bras were going to fit around her enormous magical tits.... Then Wendy had an idea... she would just wear a negligee. She searched through her lingerie... and found the perfect one for the occasion... a see though charcoal camisole with a scooped neckline. The camisole extended down to about the middle of her buttocks. Wendy slipped it on and decided that she would not wear anything else, which left her naked shaved pussy exposed. How could Angel possibly resist her?

Wendy slipped the camisole on... she loved the sheer look which revealed her enormously swollen tits and her big thick huge extended nipples. She walked downstairs and disabled the two entry gates so that Angel could drive to her home without having to stop. She then walked to the front door and locked it... just in case. Wendy walked to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine, then carried her glass and the bottle back into the living room, placing the bottle on the table next to the chair where she sat down. Wendy loved the feel of the soft leather on her naked buttocks. She picked up her wine glass and sipped as she waited for Angel. It was almost one-thirty. She thought of Angel... and she also thought about Jane... and she felt the jealousy creeping into her soul again. “I am going to have to settle things with Jane. I wonder how she will feel when I tell her that Angel is in love with me?”

Her thoughts returned to Angel and she thought about how hot and passionate the sex had been with Angel. “Of course!” Wendy smiled as she talked to herself out loud.. “I will use the magic words again when Angel arrives... so she will have all of the magical powers that I have..... it will be so hot and nasty and messy!” The minutes went by.... Wendy had drank three glasses of wine... and was pouring herself a another glass of wine. It was now a few minutes after three o'clock.

As Wendy was about to take a drink from her fourth glass of wine, Jane was driving through the gates to the Corleone estate... She was pleasantly surprised that she did not have to stop.... “Good... now I can surprise that bitch!” A couple of minutes later she had parked her car... she lifted up her hips and tugged her cover up shorts off, then pulled the t-shirt that was covering up her sheer top up and over her head before she shook out her long blonde hair. She stepped out of her BMW and began walking toward the front door of Wendy's home. ...
A moment later is the doorbell rang.

Wendy stood up ...It was Angel! Wendy could not wait to fuck Angel... to fuck her with the magic that both of them would share together. Wendy quickly hurried toward the front door, smiling as she unlocked the door and repeated the magic words in her mind three times … “Beautiful one, become one with me” … “Beautiful one, become one with me” … “Beautiful one, become one with me.” Wendy was opening the door as she finished repeating the words the third time ... …. “Jane!”

The two practically naked hot bitches glared at each other as their four huge stiff nipples began to twitch.....

To be continued