By AngelDawn30

Hi Everyone,

It has been brought to my attention that the “magic” that takes place in the story is a little confusing to some of you... so please allow me to explain how and when the magic works.

Angel and Wendy have magic that allows their nipples and pussys to suck. This magic gives Angel and Wendy much more sucking power that is much more intense that what a woman would normally have, and only Angel and Wendy have this sucking magic. This magic is not always active. Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it does not work.

Michelle was give magic that makes her breasts morph. Her breasts expand and become at least a full cup size larger. (it is possible that her breasts could expand a little more than a full cup size). This magic also increases the size of her nipples. Michelle's nipples will be longer and thicker. This magic also allows Michelle to squirt massive amounts of nipple-cum from her nipples when she has a nipple orgasm. When the spell was given to Michelle, it was activated when she had her first orgasm. After the orgasm, Michelle's magic would last twenty-four hours. After this twenty-four hour period expires, the magic will be activated and last for another twenty-four hour period when she has an orgasm with a different partner. After these two twenty-four hour periods, the magic becomes dormant. It will re-appear at some point in time.. perhaps a few days.. maybe a few weeks... or even longer.

When Michelle was given this magic, the magic was to be “passed on” from woman to woman until four women had obtained the magic. (the first person Michelle had sex was Wendy)... The magic inside Wendy would not be activated until she had sex with someone else. When that happened, the magic was activated inside Wendy and would last for twenty-four hours. Like Michelle, Wendy would have this magic available to her for two different twenty-four periods... then the magic would become dormant.

Once the magic inside Wendy was activated, Wendy “passed” the magic to Angel. In today's chapters, Angel will pass the magic to Jane. The magic will work for Angel and Jane the same as it works for Michelle and Wendy. This is where the chain ends. Jane will not pass the magic on to anyone else. So, all four women will have this magic... but only for two different twenty-four hour time-frames... then the magic will become dormant.

Wendy also has a very special magical power. Wendy can activate this “twenty-four” hour magic anytime she is with another woman .. by repeating the magic words three times. When she does so, she will activate the above mentioned magic. This magic will also be activated inside the woman she is with. .. so both Wendy and the woman she is with will have this special magic sexual power. When Wendy does this, it may or may not last for twenty-four hours. It could last an hour, or a few hours... As the old voodoo woman said, “You never know how magic will work.”

I hope I have explained this well. I liked the idea of introducing magic to the story... but I obviously got carried away with it... If you have any specific questions about the magic and how it works, please send me a private message and I will try to explain it as best as I can.

Again, let me personally say “Thank you” for following my story. As I have said before, It has been my pleasure to write for you.


Angel ^i^

Previously on Friday (Highlights)

Jane and Wendy continued getting more acquainted
Michelle visited the Voodoo queen and acquired a very special magic
Ricco delivered twenty million dollars to Wendy
Ashley and Joy learned that they would be fighting each other for the Titfight Championship
Angel called Charles to confirm that his “employer” would be picking up the ring that Angel had recovered
Wendy and Michelle met again at the Country Club
Wendy returned to the Magic Shop where she visited again with the Voodoo queen who gave Wendy some very special magic
Emily texted Jennifer and they made plans to meet Saturday night
Joy and Ashley met at the Hotel Texas
Jane went to Michelle's office to discuss a legal matter
Wendy went to Angel's home to pick up her stolen ring

The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye
Chapter 59
Second Saturday

Angel and Wendy

Wendy pointed to Angel's vast selection of toys.. “Can you show me how the hot pink one works?”

“The hot pink one?” Angel asked.

“Un huh.”

Angel slid off the bed, hot gooey nipple-cum dripping off her body as she walked over to the desk against the wall and picked up the hot pink vibrator... her eyes glanced at the clock... it was almost four o'clock in the morning. They had been fucking for hours. She swayed her hips as she walked back toward the bed ... “This one?”

“Yes, that one.”

“Ummmm … ok.” Angel replied as she swayed back to the bed. “I think you will like this one.” Angel spoke softly as she crawled up on the bed. As Angel was getting into position between Wendy's spread legs, she looked up. Wendy was covered in nipple-cum. The gooey syrupy substance was splattered all over her amazing tits and tummy. She laid the vibrator down on the bed and slid her hands up and down Wendy's inner thighs before she slipped her hands under Wendy's hard tight buttocks. Angel then slowly moved her face toward Wendy's wet pussy. When her open mouth was only a couple of inches away from Wendy's wet pussy, she gently blew hot air on Wendy's vulva. Wendy's body shuddered as she squirmed. As you already know, Angel was incredibly skilled at eating pussy... it was one of her favorite things to do. She extended her tongue and licked from the bottom of Wendy's slit all the way up... slowly... ending when her tongue reached Wendy's clit. She then formed her luscious lips into a perfect “O” and placed them over Wendy's hard swollen throbbing clit and began sucking … gently at first as Wendy reached down and wrapped her fingers around Angel's long blonde hair, tugging Angel's face closer to her wet cunt.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Wendy purred as Angel sucked her clit. “Oh Angel, that feels so fucking good.”

With her hands squeezing Wendy's ass and her lips wrapped tightly around Wendy's pulsing clit, Angel began flicking Wendy's clit with her tongue... flicking up and down... back and forth …. up and down... left and right... flicking and flicking as she sucked Wendy's clit between her full wet lips and into her mouth. Wendy began to undulate her hips... slowly rocking her hips in an up and down motion... a fucking motion... Wendy was fucking Angel's hot mouth with her wet pussy as Angel's lips made wet slurping and sucking sounds on Wendy's clit. Then, as Angel's lovely mouth was sucking hard, she slowly raised her head... her lips pulling and tugging on Wendy's heated clit until her lips 'popped' off with a wet smacking sound.

“Ohhhhhhh God yes!” Wendy panted as Angel quickly fastened her incredible mouth around Wendy's clit again and began sucking... sucking hard... flicking Wendy's clit with her tongue as she slowly moved her face back and forth.. tugging and pulling on Wendy's hard swollen extended clit until once again Angel's lips 'popped' free. Wendy gasped again .. “Unnnnnnnnnn yes!”

“You like that Wendy?” Angel teased her as her tongue flicked Wendy's clit a few more times.

“Ohhhh yessss .. yes .. I love it Angel. .. your mouth feels sooo fucking good.”

Angel blew hot air on Wendy's clit again as she whispered to her .. “You want me to suck your clit some more?”

“Unnnnnnn,” Wendy moaned as she wiggled on the bed … “Yessssssssss!”

Angel extended her very long tongue again and flicked Wendy's clit a few more times before she again wrapped her lips around Wendy's clit and began sucking... sucking very hard … her cheeks were hollowed as she sucked and sucked and sucked. Wendy's hands were tugging on Angel's hair … trying to pull Angel's sucking mouth even tighter around her throbbing clit. Minute after minute went by … slurping and sucking sounds filling the room with sweet pussy music. Angel would suck hard on Wendy's sensitive clit... 'popping' her lips off of Wendy's clit every now and then as Wendy continued to move her hips up and down.. fucking Angel's mouth with her cunt. As Angel kept mouth fucking Wendy's pussy, she kept squeezing Wendy's amazing ass cheeks... digging her fingers into Wendy's hard dense glutes... deeply kneading Wendy's powerful ass muscles.... constantly squeezing … continually grabbing … her mouth was relentless... sucking Wendy's clit hard … her tongue kept flicking Wendy's clit .. again and again as Wendy squirmed and panted with pleasure. Again Angel 'popped' her lips off of Wendy's engorged clit with a loud slurping sound.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!” Wendy moaned.

Angel's voice was so sexy … “Mmmm... do you like being my personal whore?”

“Oh Angel, I Love being your whore.”

“Mmmmm.” Angel smiled as she moaned and slipped her hands out from under Wendy's hard buttocks and slowly slid her fingers up both sides of Wendy's body... letting her nails lightly trace over Wendy's tight skin.

“Ouuuuuuu.” Wendy panted.

When Angel's arms were completely stretched out, she slowly began to slide her open palms up Wendy's sides... higher and higher until her hands were moving up the outer swells of Wendy's massive tits... tits that were swollen with desire.. tits that were swollen with magical powers... tits that were bigger than any tits Angel had ever touched. Higher and higher her hands moved up …. up.... up.... 'Fuck!' Angel thought to herself as her hands finally began to slowly slide inward.... inch by inch … until her fingers were sliding over Wendy's spectacular nipples... nipples that were almost two inches long... nipples that were as big around as a roll of nickels... huge, enormous fucking nipples.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh shit!” Wendy whimpered as her tits trembled and her nipples began twitching as Angel slowly slid her index finger over each of Wendy's gigantic nipples... then Angel's middle fingers flicked across Wendy's extraordinary nipples... then her ring fingers... and finally her pinkies.... sliding over and flicking Wendy's huge nipples. “Ahhhhhhhhh.” Wendy gasped with pleasure. Angel thought about placing her fingers around Wendy's incredible impressive nipples, but she had other plans for those unbelievable nipples.. and she slowly slid her hands down between Wendy's massive tits.... between the enormously deep cleavage.... her nails tracing downward across Wendy's hard tight abs... around her navel and down toward her wet pussy as Wendy moaned deeply. Angel 'popped' her mouth off of Wendy's sizzling clit again with a slurping pop sound... then she reached over and picked up the hot pink vibrator. The vibrator was about nine inches long and two inches in diameter. It was also slightly curved.... not curved as much as a banana … but there was a definite curve. Angel turned her head to the side and placed her wet mouth over the vibrator and pushed in inside her mouth.. deeper and deeper until about six inches of the hot pink vibrator was in her mouth. Angel could have probably deep-throated the vibrator if it had not been so big around. She moved her lips up and down then vibrator several times before pulling it out from between her wet lips... strings of her hot spit stretching from the tip of the vibrator to her wet lips.

Wendy's eyes were watching every erotic second of what was happening and when Angel placed the tip of the vibrator between her wet sticky pussy lips Wendy moaned … “Unnnnnnnnnn.” Angel slowly.... ever so slowly … pushed the vibrator against Wendy's vagina... slowly applying more and more pressure, until the vibrator pushed inside Wendy's vagina. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” ….. one inch... two inches... three inches.... Wendy began to tremble as she wrapped her legs around Angel's back. Four inches …. five ….. six ….. “Ohhhhhhhh God!” …... seven ….. eight … “Fuck!” Angel had the vibrator inside Wendy as far as she could push it... only about an inch was still outside Wendy's pussy.. just enough for Angel to hold it between her fingers... then Angel began pulling it back out.... until the tip was barely inside Wendy.. then she placed the heel of her hand against the flat surface on the end of the vibrator and pushed... Angel pushed hard! “Ahhhhhh ah ahhhhhhhhh!” Wendy gasped.

“You like that whore?”

“Ohhhhhh fuck yes!”

“Mmmmmm.” Angel smiled as she began slowly thrusting the vibrator in and out of Wendy's wet pussy.... in and out... in … out … in out in out in out … over and over. The curved shape was working it's magic inside Wendy's pussy... stretching her... stimulating her. The pleasure was intense. Wendy was lost in the moment and had forgotten that it was a vibrator..... Oh yes... it could vibrate. There were two switches on the flat end of the vibrator.... Angel flicked the first switch on and the curved hot pink vibrator began to vibrate with a very soft humming sound. … buzzing inside Wendy's vagina.

“Oh my God!” Wendy exclaimed as she clutched Angel's hair between her fingers. “Oh Angel … Fuck! That feels so fucking good.”

Angel resumed pushing the now buzzing vibrator in and out of Wendy's hot pussy.. thrusting... pulling … pushing …. in and out as Wendy closed her eyes and moaned. In and out... thrusting … pumping the humming vibrator in and out of Wendy's tight vagina. As Angel continued to fuck Wendy with the vibrator, she noticed that it was becoming more difficult to pull the vibrator back.... Wendy was sucking it with her magical pussy.... a pussy that was making slurping sucking sounds as Angel pushed the vibrator in and out... over and over … again and again.... as Wendy's suction increased to the point that Angel was having to pull really hard to get the vibrator to slide out of Wendy's cunt. Angel was impressed... and she sensed that Wendy was approaching her orgasm. It was time to flick the second switch. She placed her finger on the switch and pushed up... feeling it click …

“Ohhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy moaned wildly. The vibrator was now spinning.... around and around.... the curved hot pink vibrator was turning around and around inside Wendy's sucking vagina. “Ohh My God Angel!” Buzzing … humming .. vibrating … around and around... one complete revolution every second … around... around … buzzing …. around and around … spinning … humming …. continuous.... second after second.. minute after minute … Wendy was going to cum. She was going to cum hard.

“You like that bitch?” Angel toyed with her.

“Ohhhhhhh Fuck yes!!! Ohhh God … I am gonna cum!”

“Cum for me Wendy!”


“Show me how my whore cums!”

Wendy's hips began jerking as Angel moved her lips over Wendy's clit and began sucking … sucking her clit very hard! “Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK yes!!!!!!! … un un un Ahhhhhhhhh ah ah ah ahhh Ohhhh Fuck! Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Yessssssss Wendy!”

Wendy tugged and pulled on Angel's long silky blonde hair as her clit throbbed violently between Angel's sucking lips … “Cummmmmmmmmming!” Her vagina gushed... squirting her hot sweet girl-cum out of her pussy... squirting around the spinning vibrator... splashing on Angel's face .. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Mmmmmm” Angel hummed with her lips firmly attached to Wendy's vibrating clit.

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” Wendy's cunt squirted again... spraying her sweetness out around the rotating vibrator... spraying Angel's face again with her sweet pussy honey.

“Ummmmm”, Angel purred as she 'popped' her sucking lips from Wendy's vibrating clit and slurped Wendy's sweet pussy-cum into her mouth... licking and lapping at Wendy's juices. “You taste so fucking sweet.”

“Ummmmmmmmmm Angel.” Wendy purred... “That was wonderful.”

“Yes it was.... it was very wonderful.”

“I want to try another one.” Wendy whispered.

“Oh do you now?”

“Un huh.” Wendy answered as she removed her grasping fingers from Angel's long blonde hair. She placed her hands on the bed and lifted her upper body up as she gazed over at Angel's inventory of vibrators and dildos. “How about that big black one?”

Angel turned her head to the side and looked over to where the vibrators were... there were several big black dildos … “Which big black one?”

“The double headed one.... that looks like fun.”

Angel rolled over from between Wendy's thighs as Wendy unwrapped her legs from around Angel's back. Wendy gasped as she once again got a good view of Angel's amazing tits.. they were swollen almost beyond belief.. big and round and full... the skin looked like it was stretched so very tight on her enormously huge tits... and then there was those nipples... as big as her own... sticking straight out almost two inches.. as big around as a roll of nickels .. and looking like they were welded on the front of those huge round spheres. Although most of their nipple-cum had been rubbed in and absorbed into their skin, there were still little splatters here and there on their bodies. “I want to do something else first.” Angel grinned at Wendy as she crawled around on the bed before laying down on her side in the opposite direction from Wendy.

Wendy rolled over toward Angel as Angel scooted down a little on the bed until their faces were staring at each others naked shaved glistening pussys. “Mmmmm” Wendy quietly moaned … “Are we going to suck each other off?”

“Actually, I had something else in mind, but sucking each other off is a good way to begin.” Angel spoke softly as she reached underneath Wendy with her left hand and grabbed Wendy's right ass cheek, pulling Wendy's dripping cunt toward her face. Wendy lifted her right leg and draped her thigh over Angel's face as she pushed her sweet pussy against Angel's mouth. A moment later, Angel lifted her right leg and placed her right thigh over Wendy's face as Wendy slid her left hand under Angel's tight ass and grabbed her ass cheek. Within seconds their thighs were wrapped around each others faces and their hands were squeezing each others buttocks as they began licking each others hot cunts.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned as Angel began sliding her long wet tongue up and down the length of Wendy's sticky slit... plowing the tip of her tongue between the wet folds of Wendy's pussy lips. Angel was also moaning as Wendy's long tongue began spreading her own pussy lips apart... burrowing up and down between her own wet sticky swollen pussy lips. They licked each other up and down.. sliding their tongues between the swollen folds of each others labia.. licking.. lapping... probing … their lengthy tongues entering the interior of each others pussys... sliding up and down... moving slowly... licking … tasting … their elongated tongues sinking deeper and deeper into each other with each slow lick. They began wiggling their extended tongues back and forth... up and down... caressing the smooth tender insides of each others pussy lips... exploring … discovering … lapping and licking … stroking their large tongues up and down and around and around and back and forth between each others swollen extended pussy lips.

Angel purred … “Ohhhhhhhhhh Wendy... your tongue feels sooooooo fucking good.”

Wendy purred with Angel … “Sooooooooo fucking good.” .. as she nudged her long tongue between Angel's swollen extended pussy lips.. pushing deep inside Angel's pussy.

Angel gasped ...“Ohhhhhh fuck! I can feel your tongue sooooooooo fucking deep inside my pussy.” Angel then wiggled her tongue deeper and deeper into Wendy's tight vagina... thrusting her lengthy tongue as deep as she could reach... until her lips were wedged between Wendy's swollen wet pussy lips.

“Ohhhhh God!” Wendy moaned as she felt Angel's tongue reaching deep inside her burning pussy.

With their extraordinarily long tongues buried deep inside each other, the two hot bitches began to tongue fuck each other... pushing and thrusting their very long tongues in and out of each others wet pussys... in and out... reaching … thrusting … forcing their long tongues as deep as they could reach... their mouths pressed very tightly against the sweet opening of each others vaginas.... tongue fucking... sliding their hot wet tongues in and out of each others wet pussys... licking... tasting … wiggling … in and out... again … and again …. and again... slurping …. in and out .. over and over... their mouths locked firmly to each others cunts as they tongue fucked each others wet cunts. Their enormously swollen over-sized tits were pushing against each others abs... tits that were so huge and engorged with magic that the undersides of all four tits were rubbing against each other... their big thick nipples pushing against the firm tight skin of each others abs. On and on they tongue fucked each others dripping cunts... hot sweet pussy juice drooling out of their mouths ...wetting their cheeks and chins as they gasped and moaned into each others pussys.

Then Wendy felt something... her tongue was being sucked by Angel's powerful pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss!” Wendy mumbled with her lips plastered tightly to Angel's vagina. “Suck my tongue.” A moment later Wendy felt her own magical pussy began to flex and suck at Angel's tongue... and in less than a minute, their tongues were being pulled and sucked by each others vaginas. The suction was intense... much more intense than having their tongues sucked by a mouth.. the suction was deep and the suction was constant.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Angel moaned as her tongue was being pulled and sucked very deep inside Wendy's hot cunt. She tried to pull her tongue back, but her tongue was trapped. Wendy's pussy had a vice grip on her long tongue... tugging and pulling.. sucking and slurping. Angel's magical pussy was also sucking hard on Wendy's extended tongue... sucking and tugging Wendy's tongue deep inside her hungry cunt. Their tongue fucking had transformed into an extraordinary enchanted suck fight. Two long tongues were trapped inside two miraculous sucking pussys... neither girl was able to pull her tongue free from the deep powerful suction.. and they both realized what was happening. It was the voodoo magic. Their pussys were locked in an eerie spellbinding suck fight... clamped down hard around each others wet tongues... sucking and tugging and slurping hard on each others tongues... tongues that were buried deep inside each others tight wet sucking vaginas. It was an incredible feeling... something that neither girl had ever experienced before.. and they both knew and understood that only an orgasm... or perhaps several orgasms would be the only way to stop the magical suction of each others tongues.

“Ummmmmmmmm.” Wendy moaned as Angel's pussy was now sucking at her lips.. sucking hard on her lips... so that she could no longer speak. Angel's full moist lips were also being sucked into Wendy's mythical pussy. Their tongues and mouths were trapped. Trapped in a deep sexy suck fight that was amazingly hot.

Angel moaned as her lips were sucked harder and harder .. “Unnnnnnnnnn”... She was able to wiggle her tongue just a little.. and she felt Wendy's long tongue began to wiggle just a little... but that was all either one of them could do... there was no way for them to pull their long tongues out of each others thirsty sucking cunts. They were going to have to cum. … and cum …. and cum. At the same time, Angel and Wendy removed their right hands from each others ass cheeks and slid their hands toward each others cunts... forcing their fingers under their chins until their fingertips found each others hard throbbing engorged clits. As they simultaneously began rubbing each others swollen clits they began moaning louder into each others sucking cunts. Several minutes elapsed …. their tongues were aching from the constant never-ending suction as they rubbed and pinched each others clits... rubbing and stroking .. their wet fingertips sliding up and down and back and forth across each others big pulsing clits. Moaning and gasping they fingered each others burning clits as their pussys kept sucking and slurping on each others long tongues... fingering.. pinching... rubbing … stroking... their left hands were squeezing each others ass cheeks hard.. their thighs clamped down tightly around each others faces. The lower swells of their huge expanded tits were rubbing against each other... thick hard swollen nipples pushing hard against each others abs... their breathing was deep and rapid... their hips began to jerk... their legs tensed... they arched their backs... pushing their huge massive morphed tits even tighter against each others bodies... Angel and Wendy were going to cum. They dug their fingernails into each others vibrating clits... and they began to cum!

“Unnnnn unnnn unnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Angel moaned loudly.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmm!” Wendy moaned with her.

Their bodies trembled together... their tongues felt like they were going to be sucked out of their mouths as they began cumming together.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Angel cried out into Wendy's sucking cunt as she began cumming. Her vagina pumping hot sticky girl cum.. squirting out around Wendy's tongue.

“Unnnnnnnnnn!” Wendy's body shook with pleasure as her own vagina squirted.. her hot girl-cum squirting out around Angel's tongue.

Their pussy-cum gushed around their trapped tongues... squirting on each others cheeks.. cum running down the side of their faces as their fingers kept rubbing and pinching each others clits hard. .. rubbing... stroking .. pinching... their left hands digging hard into each others firm tight buttocks. … their inner thighs were sticky wet with each others cum as their pussys clenched and squirting again.... hot pussy-cum gushing from their erupting vaginas... squirting out around their tongues and lips... spraying each others faces with their heated sweetness.



Their tongues were still hopelessly sucked inside each others spewing cunts as they kept wiggling their tongues inside each other... their fingers dancing and massaging each others clits.. rubbing and stroking... their faces wet and sticky with each others sweet juices... again they came together.... humping each others faces with their cunts.. their thighs twitching.. their well developed firm glutes spasmed.... fingernails digging into each others hard tight ass cheeks.... cumming together.

“Ummmmmmmmmmm!” “Mmmmmmmmmmm!”

Angel and Wendy gasped and moaned as their cunts sucked each others tongues for another thirty minutes... cumming together over and over... multiple orgasms flowing through their bodies continuously. The bed was soaked with their pussy-cum... pussy-cum that was dripping and running off their thighs and faces. The huge lower swells of their expanded tits were covered with sweat as they rubbed and pushed against each other. Cumming and cumming... in what seemed to be an endless itinerary of multiple orgasms. Finally, Angel felt Wendy's strong powerful kegels relax as her long tongue slid out of Wendy's soaked pussy... liquid ropes of sticky hot pussy-cum and saliva stringing between her lips and tongue to Wendy's pussy. Wendy's tongue was also sliding out of Angel's tight vagina... thick sticky ropes of spit and girl-cum stringing from her face and mouth to Angel's wet cunt... and for the first time in almost an hour they could speak … “Ohhhhh God Angel!... that was amazing!” Wendy panted.

“Mmmmmm, yes you are.” Angel whispered as she began inching her body downward, her huge morphed tits dragging down against Wendy's taut tummy.. lower and lower as she felt Wendy's spectacular tits sliding over her sweaty abs. The inside of their left thighs slowly slid against each others hot skin as their big heavy tits inched closer and closer toward each others pussys. “I want to nipple fuck your pussy.” Angel whispered.

“Fuck!” Wendy moaned in response as Angel's massive tits with those huge hardened nipples slowly moved lower and lower against Wendy's firm skin... until Angel's nipple was flicking against Wendy's clit. “Oh Fuck!”

“Unnnnnnnn.” Angel gasped as she felt Wendy's hard throbbing extended nipple flicking against her own clit. Both hot bitches reached down and cupped their huge right tit in their hand as they glided their big thick nipples up and down each others big swollen clits … rubbing …. stroking … flicking each others clits up and down.. minute after minute until they were once again panting with pleasure. “You know what I want to do Wendy?” Angel whispered.

Wendy moaned … “Un Huh... You want us to nipple fuck each others cunts.”

“Mmmmm yes I do... but I also want our nipples to cum inside each others pussys.”

“Fuck yes! .. Oh Fuck Yes!” Wendy gasped as Angel moved the final couple of inches so that her huge nipple was poised against the opening of Wendy's soaked fuck-hole. As Angel wiggled herself into place, Wendy's big over-sized nipple was pressing against the entrance to Angel's wet pussy.

“Yessssssssssss.” Angel moaned deeply as they tried to push their long hard thick nipples between the wet sticky folds of each others pussy lips and inside each others dripping wet vaginas.... but the angle was not quite right. They quickly discovered that in was not possible to push their nipples into each others cunts at the same time. All they could do was slide their nipples up and down against each others pussy lips, which they did for several minutes. “I think we are going to have to take turns.” Angel whispered as she rolled away from Wendy. Wendy rolled over on her back as Angel crawled around and laid down between Wendy's spread legs. Angel then inched her way up until her huge swollen right tit with it's big long nipple was rubbing against Wendy's pussy lips. Angel reached down and placed her right hand underneath her enormous right tit and guided her long hard nipple spike between Wendy's wet pussy lips.. sliding her big nipple up and down between the sticky cum-drenched lips of Wendy's cunt. She slowly pushed forward with her huge tit as her nipple pushed inside Wendy's pussy

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy quivered as Angel pushed her almost two inch long nipple deeper and deeper inside Wendy's wet cunt until her areola was pressed tightly against the entrance of each Wendy's vagina. It was time for Angel to fuck Wendy's hot wet cunt with their enormously swollen rock hard nipple. With Angel's huge nipple as big around as a roll of nickels and almost two inches long, Wendy could easily feel her inside her pussy. They squirmed against each other as Wendy lifted her left leg and draped her left thigh over Angel's body as Angel's tongue licked Wendy's lower tummy.... then the fucking began. With Angel's hand holding as much of her tit as she could hold, Angel began pushing her cock-like nipple in and out of Wendy's vagina.. nipple fucking her sweet pussy ... minute after minute.. sliding the entire length of her hard solid nipple in and out of Wendy's wet vagina.. pushing .. fucking … sliding … thrusting .. in and out.... pushing her taut pebbly areola flat against Wendy's pussy with each thrust. … jamming her big over-sized nipple inside Wendy as deep as she could with each thrust. In and out … pushing … thrusting … fucking Wendy's cunt with her long swollen thick nipple. Angel's big hard left nipple was pressing and rubbing against the outside of Wendy's right thigh, and as Angel pushed her over-sized right nipple in and out of Wendy's pussy, Wendy began moaning … “Ohhhhhhhhhh God!”

“How does that feel?” Angel spoke softly as she pumped her huge thick nipple in and out of Wendy's wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhh God!” Wendy responded with a gasp.

“Does it make you feel like a whore?”

Wendy moaned as her hands cupped and squeezed her massive swollen tits...“I am a whore! I am your whore! …. fuck me Angel! .. Fuck your whore!”

Angel kept thrusting and pushing her long hard nipple in and out of Wendy's pussy as Wendy began rolling her enormously thick nipples between her fingers. For the next twenty minutes, Angel fucked Wendy with her big hard nipple as Wendy began moaning louder and louder. In and out.... pushing … thrusting... Angel's taut areola pushing slightly between Wendy's swollen extended pussy lips with each deep thrust of her big nipple. As Angel looked up, she saw Wendy toying with her incredible nipples. 'Holy Shit!', Angel thought to herself as Wendy pinched and tugged on her gigantic nipples. Angel was amazed at the size of Wendy's immense tits. They were big... really big … bigger than any tits that she had ever seen... sitting high on her chest... her long hard nipples pointing straight up into the air... and although her huge tits had spread out, it was minimal. Even though Wendy was laying on her back, those huge round firm globes had kept almost all of their shape. It looked like there had to be some kind of invisible force field holding them in place. Yes, Wendy's tits were perfect. … Solid … dense … firm …. like two over-filled volleyballs.. and although Angel was not an expert in judging cup sizes, she guessed that Wendy's huge globes would easily fill a big G cup. 'Oh my God!' Angel thought as she gazed with lust at Wendy's impressive tits.

As Angel kept thrusting her long hard nipple in and out of Wendy's wet pussy, she saw Wendy move her fingers to her mouth... wetting them with her sweet saliva until her fingers were dripping with spit. As Wendy moved her fingers down to her huge nipples, Angel felt her clit begin to twitch. Wendy was stroking her long nipples... her fingers moving up and down the incredible length of her monster nipples and it was driving Angel crazy with lust. She wanted to suck on Wendy's nipples... she wanted to suck on those huge spikes until Wendy's big nipples were squirting hot nipple-cum into her mouth... and just as she was about to pull her swollen nipple out of Wendy's cunt and slide her face up to Wendy's thick nipples, Angel felt Wendy's cunt tugging on her nipple. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Angel quietly moaned as the tugging increased. Wendy was sucking Angel's long hard nipple with her magical pussy!! “Ohhhhhhhh Fuck!”

“Unnnnnnnn”, Wendy sighed... “Can you feel my pussy sucking your nipple?”

“Yessssssss Yes I can.”

“I want your nipple to cum inside my sucking pussy.”

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck yes!!!!” Angel gasped.

Wendy was jerking off her nipples as her unbelievable pussy sucked harder and harder on Angel's long hard nipple... a nipple that was now throbbing with sex-crazed lust. Angel was amazed at the tremendous amount of suction on her big throbbing nipple. .. it felt like Wendy had wrapped her fingers around her rock hard nipple and was squeezing it … squeezing it hard. Both hot women were panting and gasping as they drew closer and closer to what was going to be a very intense orgasm. Wendy's fingers were moving faster and faster... stroking up and down the almost two inch length of her huge nipples …. nipples that were pulsing and trembling between her wet fingers. Up and down... sliding up and down... over and over and over... up down up down up down up down. Angel noticed that her pebbly areola had now been sucked up inside Wendy's pussy.. as it was now hidden from view. Wendy's wet cunt was sucking the hell out of Angel's big nipple and Angel began to woman and gasp with pleasure. Wendy was making sweet little whimpering sounds as she jerked off her huge nipples. As Angel's eyes watched, Wendy's already enormously huge tits seemed to expand even more, as if they were filling up with sweet hot gooey nipple-cum... which is exactly what was happening. Angel was also aware that her own mammoth tits were also expanding.. swelling up more and more until she thought they were going to burst. She knew her over-sized nipples were going to pump a tremendous load of nipple-cum because she could feel her incredibly huge tits filling up... expanding bigger and bigger. Wendy felt like her huge tits were going to explode!! Angel felt like her huge tits were going to burst!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Angel screamed as Wendy's sucking pussy tugged hard on her lengthy rock hard nipple.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnn Oh God!” Wendy screamed as her impressive nipples began to twitch.

Angel's big clit began to jerk. Her hips began to jerk. Her huge tits tightened up. Angel was going to cum.

Wendy's sensitive clit began to throb with pleasure. Her hips also began jerking as her cunt locked even tighter around Angel's huge nipple. Wendy felt her huge tits tighten up... she was going to cum.

Then they both froze.... as if time was standing still.... the burning hot rush of pleasure flowed through their bodies.... and then they screamed wildly at the same time.



Angel's pussy gushed and she felt her huge magically swollen tits contract... and an incredible massive amount of nipple-cum squirted out of her nipples... her right nipple squirting hard into Wendy's sucking cunt... the first burst of hot gooey nipple-cum completely filling Wendy's vagina as Angel's big left tit exploded... shooting an equally massive amount of nipple-cum against Wendy's thigh... splattering between them. “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy's huge nipples jerked hard and shot a tremendous load of nipple-cum five feet straight up into the air... falling back down and splattering all over her face, tits and abs. Her pussy contracted hard around Angel's squirting nipple as her vagina unleashed its own raging torrent of hot pussy-cum... squirting hard and meeting Angel's squirting nipple-cum head on inside her contracting vagina. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”



Their hips bucked wildly … their clits were twitching out of control.... as the two huge pair of tits erupted again... squirting a vast monumental amount of hot sticky syrupy nipple-cum. Angel's colossal right tit once again squirted it's huge load of nipple-cum deep inside Wendy's hot sucking pussy.... an amount that Wendy's pussy could not contain as the gooey nipple-cum squirted out around her big tit.. splattering all over her tit and face. Angel's huge left tit shot am immense amount of hot nipple-cum that hit the underside of Wendy's enormous right tit, splattering all over her abs and tummy. Wendy's two huge throbbing erect nipples shot another excessive volume of her syrupy nipple-cum straight up into the air again... almost five feet straight up before it fell back down on her face, tits and tummy... running down her sides in a slow moving gooey river.



Angel and Wendy were screaming loudly as their hot wet pussys gushed... Wendy's sweet girl-cum mixing with Angel's hot nipple-cum and squirting out around Angel's tit as Angel's hot cunt gushed all over Wendy's leg.

“Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy moaned.

Angel was gasping and panting as her tit slipped out of Wendy's cunt... pussy-cum and nipple-cum flowing like a river out of Wendy's pussy. … “Oh My God!” With her body still shaking, Angel crawled up on top of Wendy as Wendy moved her hands and reached up and wrapped her arms around Angel's neck. Angel was holding up her upper body with her outstretched arms.... their huge swollen tits were so big that their nipples and areolas pushed into each other.. hiding them from view. As Angel lowered her wet cunt down on Wendy's flowing pussy with a wet slurping sound, they came again. It was incredible. Wendy's pussy spewed the sweet mixture of her pussy juice and Angel's nipple cum as Angel's pussy squirted sweet girl-cum.... gushing into each others wide open cunts and spraying out between their pressed vaginas... splashing hot sticky wetness all over their tummys and thighs. A second later, their huge extended nipples that were mashed into each other tip to tip erupted for a third time... once again squirting an extreme amount of gooey sticky nipple-cum... the hot gooey cum squirting out around their tits... splattering on their necks and running down their sides in a syrupy river of pleasure. “Cummmmmmmming!”


“Ohhhhh FUCK Wendy!! Cummmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmming Angel!”

Angel lowered her upper body down an Wendy's as they began grinding their sticky gooey sloppy wet pussys together with slurping squishing sounds. An incredible amount of nipple-cum squished out from between their huge grinding tits as Angel lowered her face down, extending her long wet tongue, and began licking and sucking goody nipple-cum off of Wendy's face. There was a big glob of nipple-cum dangling from Angel's right cheek, and Wendy extended her tongue and licked it into her wet mouth. With their mouths full of nipple-cum, Angel parted her lips and drooled a big wad of nipple-cum, mixed with spit, down into Wendy's open mouth. Angel then placed her wet sticky lips on Wendy's gooey lips and they sealed their mouths together... swapping spit and nipple-cum back and forth between their mouths. It was wild... it was dirty … it was nasty... it was messy... and Angel and Wendy were overwhelmed with every precious moment. As their long deep kiss ended, Angel sucked all of their shared spit and cum out of Wendy's mouth and lifted her face up.... several thick cum strings were connection their lips as Angel parted her lips again and drooled all of their mixed gluey wetness back into Wendy's waiting mouth. Then they deep kissed again for several minutes... again swishing the gooey messy cum-spit back and forth between their mouths. It was so fucking messy and nasty. Angel shifted her hips and their big clits met. … clit head to clit head. “Ohhhhhhh fuck!”

“Unnnnnnnnn fuck yes.” Wendy gasped with strings of cum connecting her upper and lower teeth.

As they began rocking their cunts together, more and more of the copious amount of nipple-cum smeared and squished between their hot bodies.. driving them into an unquenchable burning lust for each other. Their huge heated nipples sucked together... their clits began to ache from the intense pleasure. Wendy wrapped her legs around Angel's pumping ass as they fucked their hot cunts together. It was wild hot uninhibited fucking. The only thing that mattered to them was the need to fuck... and fuck … and fuck. And they did.... another hour passed and their magical bodies that had unlimited energy and stamina were still fucking... grinding .. rubbing …tribbing ... fucking... their nipples burned together.. searing their milk holes together... their throbbing clits welded together and their magical pussys vacuumed together... sucking hard at each others fuck holes. The suction was intense... it was incredible... it was overwhelming. It was almost like a dream.... the mutual deep sucking between their pussys was more than they had ever imagined. .. Powerful .. Forceful …. Potent …. their fuck juices swishing and slurping back and forth between their sucking vaginas. Angel and Wendy moaned and gasped with a deep pleasure... a pleasure that neither one of them had ever known...

The deep suction was constant... continually tugging.... unremittingly … incessantly .. on and on... minute after minute … the vacuum between their sealed pussys was airtight … it was euphoria … it was the purest form of ecstasy... the pleasure was excessively intense … to the point that Angel and Wendy were agonizing with a pleasure that was excruciatingly endless. The very depths of their souls were being sucked into each others bodies as they shared their most intimate joy with each other. Everything they had dreamed of... all they had ever hoped for... it was all coming true.. Their dreams had become one.... their bodies had become one... their hearts and souls had become one.. and the incredible constant physical pleasure, coupled with the deep emotional bonding, had taken Angel and Wendy to a place they had never imagined.

“Ohhh Fuck Angel... Your pussy is soooo fucking hot!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn.. I can feel your pussy sucking with mine.” Angel panted.

Wendy was gasping ...“Ummmmm Fuck! I can feel your pussy sucking mine!... Ohhhhhh my God!”

With clits grinding and nipples sucked together and pussys sucked together, Angel and Wendy fucked like two bitches in heat... panting and moaning, they forced their sucked cunts together as hard as they could... their hands were squeezing each others buttocks as they fucked and fucked and fucked... until they were cumming again.... their nipples exploding torrents of nipple-cum... gushing and squirting out around their swollen over-sized mushroomed tits.... their hot cunts erupting in a squirting ejaculation of pussy-cum.. squirting into each others sucking vaginas until their hot fuck juices began spewing out from between their sucking cunts... splashing against their hot skin.. skin that was bathed in cum... nipple-cum and pussy-cum. They screamed together as the powerful orgasm rocked their trembling bodies.....

“Cummmmmming!” …. “Cummmmmmming!”


“Ohhhhh God!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmming!”

“Ahhhhhh ah ah ahhhh ahhhhhh Cummmmmming!”

They kept sliding their hot sexy bodies together.. squishing in the abundant cum that covered their bodies. It was fuck heaven. It was all they had ever dreamed of... to meet the one... the one in the mirror... to meet their twin... and fuck... and fuck … and fuck until they were cumming together again.... gushing and gasping … squirting and moaning as their potent nipples ejected another incredible amount of nipple-cum... gushing out around their big heavy mushroomed tits …. their cunts spurted their sweet girl-cum into each others pussys as their bodies shook and trembled in each others arms... fingers digging into each others hard buttocks. It was magic.

They held each other for a long time... until their sucking cunts finally 'popped' apart. Snuggling together... holding each other ... purring and glowing with deep emotions... emotions filled with love. Angel and Wendy had discovered something very special.. and both of them knew it. They eventually rolled apart, thick gooey strings of their nipple-cum and fuck juices stringing between their bodies as Wendy turned her head and looked at Angel... “It's my turn.”

“Your turn?” Angel panted as she rolled over on her back.. her huge abundant cum covered tits rising and falling with her deep breathing.

“Un huh.... my turn.” Wendy whispered as she crawled over Angel and lowered her upper body down between Angel's spread legs... “I am going to fuck your cunt with my nipple... just like you did to me.” Wendy placed her left leg on the outside of Angel's right leg and lowered her dripping cunt down on the top of Angel's right foot..

Angel moaned .. “Mmmmmmmmm..... you nasty bitch... push your big sexy nipple inside me so I can suck it with my pussy.”

Wendy cupped her huge right tit with her hand... and guided her long thick hard nipple between Angel juicy pussy lips.... “Ohhhhhhh yes.. yessssss, just like that!” Wendy gasped as she felt Angel's pussy sucking on her nipple. Wendy tried to move her big nipple... trying to pull it free so she could nipple fuck Angel... so she could thrust her hard long nipple in and out of Angel's cunt... but the suction was too great... too strong... too powerful. Wendy looked down.. her eyes filled with wonder and awe as all of her long ridged nipple, including all of the circle of her areola, disappeared inside Angel's sucking pussy. “Ohhhhhhhh fuck!” It felt like Angel's wonderful mouth had latched around her nipple... sucking and tugging... pulling and slurping. Wendy reached over with her left hand and began to pull and twist on her huge left nipple as Angel began jerking off her own gigantic nipples with her fingers. Wendy had extended her long wet tongue and was licking the sticky mixture of nipple and pussy cum from Angel's tummy as they moaned together... fingers pumping nipples... Angel's pussy sucking Wendy's nipple... both women rushing toward another incredible mind-blowing orgasm.

Angel's fingers were moving up and down her hard thick nipples.... jacking them off... Wendy was jerking off her left nipple... and Angel's pussy was sucking off Wendy's right nipple... giving Wendy's huge nipple a blow-job with her sucking pussy as she sucked it deep inside her slurping cunt. Wendy's hot dripping pussy was riding the top of Angel's right foot as they moaned and gasped... their bodies glistening with sweat and cum...

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy yelled. She was going to cum.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssss!” Angel moaned loudly... She was going to cum.

Their four huge magically swollen tits expanded.. filling up with an unprecedented amount of nipple-cum... four big hard throbbing nipples began jerking... their big clits twitched and jerked... fingernails digging hard into the firm dense flesh of each others buttocks. Time stood still for a second.... then their bodies erupted … an explosion of pleasure.... a magical burst of copious ecstasy that was beyond anything they could have ever possibly imagined. Four huge thick nipples jerked uncontrollably, ejaculating a tremendous volume of gooey nipple-cum as jolts of extreme sexual pleasure thundered through their big clits.. their vaginas clenched hard, squirting and pumping a capacious amount of hot sticky girl-cum. … Wendy's pussy gushing and spewing sweet pussy-cum over Angel's foot as Angel's squirting pussy gushed against Wendy's big hard vibrating nipple. Angel and Wendy were screaming together.....

“Cummmmmming!” …. “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Angel's enormously big swollen tits shot a huge volume of gooey sticky nipple-cum several feet straight up into the air... “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy's massive left tit unloaded an excessively large amount of hot nipple-cum.. shooting the gooey stream up between Angel's huge over-sized tits... splattering the firm taut undersides of Angel's amazing tits ….“Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy's heavy right tit ejaculated an immense amount of syrupy nipple-cum directly into Angel's sucking cunt... flooding Angel's pussy with an excessive abundance of her hot sticky sweetness. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Angel's viscous nipple-cum was raining down on her body.. splattering on her face.. on her swollen tits … and on her tummy …as her throbbing nipples ejaculated a second time... squirting another huge load of gluey nipple-cum straight up.... several feet high.. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy's extraordinarily huge nipples were cumming again... her massively over-sized tits pumping another excessive amount of cum through her jerking nipples … her big left tit squirting her gooey nipple-cum all over Angel's chest... splattering Angel's heavy tits with sticky sweetness as her big swollen right tit erupted inside Angel's sucking cunt... overflowing Angel's sucking pussy and spewing out around her big tit that was still sucked inside Angel's magical vagina. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Their pussys were cumming again.... Wendy gushing on Angel's foot... Angel gushing on Wendy's big tit... “Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Panting and moaning, their bodies trembled with a burning hot fever until they were cumming again... gushing and squirting... pussy-cum and nipple-cum drowning their heated bodies with a glowing warmth leaving them gasping for air. Gooey nipple-cum completely covered Angel's enormous morphed tits and was running down the sides of her upper body as Wendy raised her upper body, her equally enormous morphed tit finally 'popping' free from Angel's tight sloppy wet pussy as a river of their mixed pussy and nipple-cum flowed from Angel's cunt. Wendy slid her right leg back between Angel's legs and slowly began inching her body upward, sliding her mammoth tits in all of the sticky mucilaginous sweetness that was splattered all over Angel's body.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Angel moaned as Wendy dragged her hard extended nipples through the wetness that covered Angel's hot skin.

“Oh Angel... that was so fucking hot!” Wendy whispered as she slid higher and higher up Angel's sticky sexy body until the upper swells of her amazingly firm tits were pressed against the lower swells of Angel's heavy dense tits. Wendy then had to extend her arms... placing the palms of her hands on the wet sheets so she could lift her upper body. With her arms fully extended, she slowly moved upward, smearing their gooey fuck-cum on each others tits as her extraordinary big tits slid up Angel's massive rack, squishing out an excessive amount of tacky cum from their mushrooming heavy tits until their burning nipples flicked together and the sweet tender folds of their soaked pussys mashed together.

“Unnnn Wendy.”

“Ohhhhhhh Angel.”

Wendy slid her sticky tits back and forth across Angel's wet tits for several minutes as they slowly came down from the intense heated climax they had shared together. A few moments later they had rolled onto their sides with their arms around each other... holding each other... caressing each other... lovingly sharing their afterglow with each other …. their bodies sticking together in the gluey cum ooze that covered their hot skin.
Angel and Wendy held each other for several more minutes sharing quite joy and warm fuzzies... you know, … girl stuff.

As they lovingly clung to each other, Angel suddenly realized that she needed a bathroom break... “Wendy... I hate to say this... but... I need to ...”

Wendy laughed … “Me too Angel... you go first, I can wait.”

Angel laughed with Wendy.. “Ok... don't go anywhere.. I'll be right back.”

Wendy laughed again as Angel rolled off the bed and walked to the bathroom.. “And exactly where would I go?”

Angel turned and smiled ...“I was just sayin'”

A few minutes later, Angel had finished her bathroom break, As Angel walked out of the bathroom, nipple-cum was still stringing from her huge nipples... She looked so fucking nasty.... As she began walking toward Wendy, Angel noticed that it was after eight o'clock Saturday morning. They had been fucking all night long! As Angel strutted back toward the bed, Wendy got up and walked passed her, slapping Angel's ass as she passed.

“Hey!” Angel laughed as Wendy kept walking until she reached the bathroom. Several minutes later Wendy swayed out of the bathroom toward Angel, both of them staring at each other... taking a couple of minutes to take in each others beauty. Their bodies were covered in gooey nipple-cum and sweat and pussy juice... their hair was mussed... their lipstick had worn off... yet they both thought that the woman standing in front of them was the most incredibly beautiful woman that either of them had ever met. Wendy finally spoke … “Soooo, what is the plan for today?'

Angel stepped toward Wendy... “First, there is something I want to know.”

Wendy knew exactly what Angel wanted to know because she also wanted to know. She stepped toward Angel and they paused when their big over-filled tits were several inches apart. This was just a confirmation of what they already knew. Looking down, they smiled as it was obvious... their nipples were spaced apart exactly the same.. and as they slowly inched their huge nipples closer together, the evidence was there.. their nipples lined up perfectly... exactly... and when the wide round tips of their nipples touched, Angel and Wendy gasped …. it was as if they were touching their nipples to a mirror. It was a perfect match... It was what Angel and Wendy had always dreamed of. Wendy whispered ...“We are a perfect match.”

“Yes we are.” They slowly pushed their heavy abundant tits together until their huge nipples disappeared from view... “Ummmmmmmm, I could do this forever.”

“Me too Angel.” Wendy moaned as they began slow dancing together.. slowly moving around the floor as they wrapped their arms around each other.. their enormously morphed tits sliding against each other as they mushroomed together.

Angel leaned her face toward Wendy's ear... “You asked about today's plans.”

“Um hmm.”

Angel began to drag her huge expanded tits back and forth across Wendy's equally enormously huge tits.. their lengthy hard nipples flicking across each other which caused each of them to gasp each time they crossed and sprang apart. “Ohhhhhhhh.”


Angel whispered into Wendy's ear as they rubbed their tremendous tits together .. “Unfortunately, I have a deposition that I have to do this afternoon involving a case that I have been working on.. I have an appointment with Ronnie Scott, an attorney who is driving up from Houston. We are meeting at my office at one o'clock.”

Wendy whispered back in Angel's ear, flicking Angel's ear with her tongue as she spoke.. “And how long will that take?”

“It all depends on how many questions the attorney has... it could take fifteen or twenty minutes.. or a few hours... you never know.” Angel replied as she kept licking at Wendy's ear … “He is driving up from Houston and I have to meet with him at one o'clock. … I promise to get away as soon as I can so I can spend the rest of the day with you.”

“Mmmmmm.” Wendy continued to flick her tongue in and around Angel's ear … “Ok... how long will it take you to drive to where she is?”

“We are meeting at my office... about fifteen minutes from here.”

“And it will take you a couple of hours to get ready.”

“Yes, about that much time.”

They were still sliding their huge tits back and forth against each other as they danced slowly in a tight circle... “Soooo, we have about a couple of hours.”

Angel smiled .. “Un huh.”

“And when you are finished with your deposition we are going to spend the rest of the day together?”


“Ummm, and fuck some more?”

“Un huh,”

“Perhaps you could come to my home?” Wendy asked.

“I would love to.”

“Mmmm, ok.... Soooo... Angel ….Whatever shall we do for the next two hours?” Wendy purred.

Angel reached down and grabbed Wendy's amazing ass with her hands and squeezed Wendy's perfect buttocks. “I was thinking we should spend the time fucking.”

“Mmmmm Angel, I love to fuck. It's my favorite thing to do.”

Angel slowly slid her tongue from Wendy's ear.. down her cheek and toward her mouth where Wendy's tongue was waiting for her. With their mouths wide open, they sealed their lips together, moaning, as their tongues licked together inside each others wet mouths. They kissed deeply for several minutes until they parted their lips from one another.. strings of spit looping between their mouths as they panted with lust for each other. With lust and need in her eyes, Angel grabbed Wendy's arm, spinning her around and pushing her back toward the bed before she pushed Wendy backward... Wendy falling down on her back on the bed with her legs dangling off the end of the bed. Angel reached down and grabbed Wendy's legs, pulling Wendy toward her until her ass was barely on the edge of the bed. Angel then reached over and lifted Wendy's right leg straight up into the air.. then placed her own right leg over Wendy's left leg.. and stepped forward.. pressing her own naked cunt into Wendy's... and began fucking her. She held Wendy's leg up as Angel stood on one leg pumping her hips forward and slapping her cunt against Wendy's... their clits meeting head on with each slap... Angel was holding Wendy's right leg against her incredible tits and Wendy's hands were gripping Angel's right thigh as they fucked their sloppy wet cunts together.





They moaned and gasped as they fucked pussy to pussy. It was a hard fuck... they were slapping their cunts together with forceful energy... smacking and slapping and slamming their wide open cunts together over and over and over. Hot wet sticky pussy lips were smacking together, spraying their fuck juices on their thighs and tummys as they fucked each other hard..





Angel's massive tits were bouncing on her chest with each hard thrust of her hips... Wendy's incredibly abundant tits were shaking with each upward thrust of her powerful hips...their big swollen clits would slap together and when they pulled back their pussy lips would cling together.. sticking...stretching.. tugging ...before quickly peeling apart... only to be mashed tightly together again with each hard thrust of their hips. They slammed their wet cunts together again and again.. minute after minute. It was if their hot naked wet pussys were engaged in an intense slap fight. five minutes turned into ten minutes... then fifteen minutes... wet cunts continually slapping together... pussy juice constantly spraying their thighs and tummys with each hard smack. It was a rough fuck.. their open dripping pussys were slapping together violently. .. savage and vicious ... dirty and nasty … filled with energy and passion. Their clits were constantly twitching... throbbing... vibrating … and as they were approaching their orgasm, Angel suddenly paused as she stopped slapping her wet cunt against Wendy's soaked pussy and pressed her big hard clit against Wendy's big hard clit and then she began jerking her hips up and down.. almost bouncing on her foot.. jerking her sensitive clit up and down against Wendy's sensitive clit ... quickly... up and down... clit to clit... faster and faster .. Angel's huge dense tits slightly bouncing up and down as she fucked Wendy.... then suddenly, their mutual magic re-appeared as their hungry cunts sucked together in a deep vacuum.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!” Wendy moaned as she felt the intense suction on her pussy.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnn God!” Angel panted as Wendy's cunt tugged and sucked at her own sucking pussy.

The suction was immense... their hot sweet pussy juice was being slurped back and forth between their powerful vaginas... sucking and sucking and sucking. The pleasure was incredible and they both were going to cum again... right now.

“Ohhhhhhhh Angel... gonna cum again...... Yessssss Angel!!!” Wendy's body was shuddering as her pussy convulsed violently... her hips jerking.. her fingers digging into Angel's thigh .. “Ah ah ahhh ah ah ahhhhh ... Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy's cunt gushed.. squirting her sweet girl-cum between their grinding pussys. “Ohhhh My God Angel! … Cummmmmmming!”

Angel groaned as Wendy came again... she was thrilled that she had finally found her mirror image and that Wendy was so fucking hot. … a few seconds later Angel's throbbing clit began jerking against Wendy's throbbing clit as Angel's pussy erupted.. gushing and squirting her own hot sweet fuck-cum between their mashed cunts... Angel screamed ... “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Angel's orgasm triggered another orgasm from Wendy … “Cummmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmming!” They were gushing together.. shaking and trembling together... twitching together … jerking together ... Their minds, hearts and souls were one and they were sharing the same orgasm … “Cummmmmmmming! … Cummmmmmmming!”

Their juicy wet cunts were locked together in a desperate suck fight as they continued to fuck for another hour ...cumming together a second time, then a third time... and finally cumming together a forth time before the magic faded and their pussys released their magic grip on each other.

Angel lowered herself down on top of Wendy as they kissed deeply .. what was left of their shared nipple-cum smearing into each others hot skin... aftershocks storming through their bodies for several more minutes. “Mmmmm.” Wendy moaned as their tongues lovingly stroked together.

“Ummmm Wendy.” Angel moaned as she raised her face up and looked deeply into Wendy's big brown eyes. “This is so wonderful.”

“Soooooooo fucking wonderful.” Wendy replied as she peered deeply into Angel's beautiful blue-green eyes.

“Sooo very fucking wonderful.”

“Sooo incredibly very fucking wonderful.”

“Sooooo amazingly incredibly very fucking wonderful.”

They both began to giggle... as girls sometimes do. “You need to get ready for your appointment with the attorney.”

“I know... I wish we could fuck all day.”

Wendy smiled, “Me too... I wish we could fuck forever. You are going to come to my home when you are finished, aren't you?”

“Of course I am... as soon as I can hopefully it will not take very long.” Angel answered as she rolled off of Wendy and stood up next to the bed.

Wendy nodded. “Angel, I wanted to say something about what happened earlier.. about the Dom/Sub thing we did.”

“All right.” Angel answered as Wendy rolled off the bed and stood up facing her.

“I know it was only a role-play … something that was fun … but I must admit, it was soooo fucking kinky... I loved it”

Angel smiled. “I loved it to.”

Wendy continued.. “I mean I really really really loved it. The way you took control and used me.. God! It was hot! I want to do it again.. anytime you want me to be your bitch.. to be your personal whore.. to use me for your pleasure... anytime you want me to be your sub, just say so. It was incredibly erotic.”

“Yes it was Wendy.”

“And when you told me that I would fuck someone for you if you told me to... My God Angel... that sounds so fucking hot! I would love to do that for you!”

Angel smiled … “Then we will definitely play our little Mistress/Sub game again.”

“Mmmmmmmmm yes... anytime as often as you want... and Angel?”


“Sometimes... I want to be the dom.”

Angel smiled, “Oh, do you?”

“Mmmmm yes.. it would be so hot.”

Angel thought about the idea for a few seconds... She had a dominate persona.. that is who she was... and the thought of ever being submissive to anyone was something that she had never considered... and she was not sure she could even perform as a sub in a role-play. Finally she responded to Wendy … “Maybe … I'll think about it. Ok?”

Wendy nodded... “Ok.... but it would be hot.”

“Anything with you would be hot.”

Wendy took a deep breath. “Mmmmmm.”

Angel looked at the clock on the wall... it was almost eleven o'clock. They had been fucking for more than twelve hours. “I need to take a shower and get ready.”

“Want some company in the shower?” Angel did not even answer. She grabbed Wendy's hand and led her our of the room, up the stairs... then up the stairs to the second floor and into Angel's bedroom. “My God!” Wendy exclaimed when she saw Angel's huge bed. “We could have an orgy on your bed.”

“Un huh.” Angel answered as she tugged on Wendy's hand, leading her into the bathroom. A few minutes later they were taking a shower. They washed each other and then washed each others long blonde hair... and yes, they shared another orgasm as they stood face to face and tit to tit and fingered each others pussys until they were cumming together again. After stepping out of the shower, they sat down in front of Angel's makeup desk which was large enough for both of them. They dried their hair and put their makeup on as they talked.

As the minutes went by, Angel noticed that her enormous tits were shrinking down to her normal size... if one considers F cup tits normal. She also noticed that her nipples were also returning to their normal size... again, 'normal' for Angel's nipples were well in excess of an inch in length. “Wendy, what is happening to me? Is it about the... the 'you know what' that you wrote down on the note?”

Wendy smiled as she looked into Angel's lovely eyes... “What note?”

“Oh yeah... well... right... soooo why are your tits and nipples still so fucking big?”

“It's PFM.”

Angel had no clue as to what Wendy meant ...“Ohhhhhhh... ok... PFM.”

Wendy tried to keep a straight face, but within a couple of seconds, she burst out laughing.

“What is so funny?”

“You are.” Wendy giggled.

Angel just smiled at her... “Ok.... all right.... what is PFM?”

Wendy leaned over and kissed Angel on her lips and whispered .. “Pure Fucking Magic.”

Angel laughed.... “Of course... I should have known.”

They continued talking... about shoes... about lingerie.... and other “girl stuff.' When they finished getting ready, Wendy wrote down her address and gave it to Angel and told her that she would leave both gates to her estate open so that Angel could just come on inside her home when she arrived. Angel slipped on a robe and Wendy borrowed a pair of panties and a pair of jeans from Angel and an over-sized t-shirt that was big enough to pull over her huge magical tits. Before Wendy was about to leave, they walked back down the stairs into the basement so Wendy could get her purse and her heels. She asked if she could leave the clothes she had worn last night and pick them up later and Angel said that was fine.... then Angel asked if she could keep the note that Wendy had written about the magic and Wendy replied once again, saying.. “What note?” They laughed for a moment as Angel picked up the note and placed it in her purse. That note was going to come in handy very soon.

A few minutes later they were walking to the front door where they shared another long deep loving kiss. As Angel was about to open the door for Wendy, Wendy reached out and grabbed Angel's right hand with her left hand... “Angel ?….”

Angel's eyes were twinkling as she answered ...“Yes?”

“I need to talk to you about something.”

“All right.”

“I know that I said this last night.... but I want to say it again....I am falling in love with you Angel.”

Angel squeezed Wendy's hand... “Oh Wendy... I am falling in love with you too.”

Wendy's eyes sparkled with joy.... “You are so perfect for me.”

“I feel the same way Wendy.” There was a long pause as they looked lovingly into each others eyes.

Wendy nodded her head in agreement as she said .. “I know you have to get dressed.... I'll see you later today.”

“Yes you will.” Angel replied before they shared another long deep kiss before Angel opened the door and Wendy walked out with Angel staring at Wendy's perfect ass in those skin tight jeans for a few seconds before she closed the door and walked into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. … not that Angel needed a 'pick-me-up.'.... Angel just loved coffee.

As Wendy was about to step into her Lamborghini, a black BMW was approaching. She paused for a moment as the BMW parked behind her car on the cul-de-sac. As she watched, Jane Love stepped out of the BMW and began walking toward her. Jane's mind was racing …. What was Wendy doing at Angel's home? Had Wendy spent the night with Angel? Had they been fucking all night? Were Angel and Wendy becoming a 'couple'? Jane had feelings for Angel.... very deep feelings... but she also had deep feelings for Wendy.... and now it appeared that Angel and Wendy were hooking up with each other... and Jane did not want to be left out. Yes, it was a problem for Jane.. She did not want to choose between the two of them. She wanted to be with Angel... and she also wanted to be with Wendy... but how was that possible? Her emotions were running wild as she continued walking toward Wendy. Why was she feeling this way about Angel and Wendy? .. after all, she had fucked both of them... and she had been fucking other women too... Why was this jealousy flowing through her being when she had also been 'hooking up' with other women? Jane was becoming angry... angry with Angel.. angry with Wendy... and angry with herself. How could a relationship with Angel and Wendy ever be worked out? Jane was jealous... jealous of Wendy... and jealous of Angel.... and she was determined not to be the odd woman out.

Jane strutted the final few steps toward Wendy, wearing a very short sexy light blue dress that was low cut and showing off her magnificent cleavage. She looked hot as hell as Wendy smiled and held out her arms to give Jane a big hug as she approached, “Jane! It is so nice to see you!”

Jane stopped a few feet in front of her, ignoring what Wendy had just said as she asked .. “What are you doing here?”

Wendy lowered her arms and politely answered, “Angel and I were getting acquainted.”

Jane raised her eyebrows … “Oh?”

“Un huh.... we had a great time... it was ….”

Jane interrupted Wendy ... “I am not interested in anything you have to say.” Jealousy was surging through Jane's body as she asked another question, “Did you sleep with her?”

Wendy was surprised that Jane would ask such a personal question but she shrugged it off... changing the subject... “You look wonderful.”

Jane was insistent … “I asked you a question. ...“Did you sleep with Angel?”

Wendy had deep feelings for Jane, but she did not like where this conversation was going fact, it got under her skin and made her a little angry... “That is none of your business.”

Wendy's answer pissed Jane off and Jane stepped forward until her huge tits were pressing against Wendy's enormous rack. Jane immediately noticed something... something different... Was it her imagination?... or were Wendy's big tits even bigger than Jane remembered. As Jane pressed against Wendy it became more and more obvious. Wendy's tits were bigger.... noticeably bigger... and it added fuel to the fire of jealousy that was burning inside Jane.... They stared into each others eyes as Jane repeated the question... “Did you sleep with Angel?”


Jane squinted her eyes, glaring at Wendy ...“You are telling me that you did not sleep with her?”

Now you know, that even when two people care for each other deeply... even when they are in love with each other... or falling in love with each other... you know that there are times of disagreement... there are times when there are misunderstandings... there are times when they become upset with each other... and there are moments when anger and jealousy become the dominant emotions. Unfortunately for Wendy and Jane, this was one of those moments. Wendy narrowed her eyes and glared back as they moved their faces closer together until their noses were only a few inches apart. “No, I did not sleep with her. We were too busy fucking each other all night to get any sleep.” Jane did not respond... she just kept glaring at Wendy as anger and jealousy continued to build up inside her. Wendy could tell that her response bothered Jane as Wendy continued ... “So what are you doing here?”

Jane responded as Wendy had a few moments earlier … “That is none of your business.”

“Do you have a fucking problem?” Wendy's voice was firm as she pushed her huge swollen magical tits into Jane's enormous pair.

“Do you have a fucking problem?” Jane replied as she pushed back.


“Maybe?... I think it is rather obvious.”

“Look, you little bitch.... You are the one with an attitude.”

They continued to push and grind their huge heavy tits together as Jane gave Wendy a dirty look … “Did you just call me a bitch?”

“You're acting like one.”

Jane spit her words out... spraying Wendy's mouth with a mist of her saliva ..“You're the one who has been whoring all night!”

Wendy was mad... “You told me yourself that you had fucked Angel.... so what is your fucking problem?”

Both hot bitches were using their powerful legs to push into each other.. their massive tits mushrooming and grinding against each other as Jane raised her voice ...“You are my fucking problem!”

“Oh my God! You are jealous.... you are fucking jealous!”

Jane snarled at Wendy … “Fuck you Wendy!”

“Fuck you Jane!”

Jane realized that this was not the time or place... she certainly did not want to get into it with Wendy right here in the street in front of Angel's home. “I have some legal work to discuss with my client.”

Wendy also knew that this was not the time or place... and she also knew that Angel would be leaving for her deposition appointment in a few minutes and that the possibility of Jane hooking up with Angel was not going to happen. She pushed hard into Jane one last time... mashing their huge tits together and causing Jane to stumble back a step.. .. “Enjoy your visit.... Bitch!”

Jane quickly stepped forward.. smacking her huge tits into Wendy's and forcing Wendy back a step..., “I will.... Bitch!” They pushed into each other for a few more seconds before they stepped back from each other at the same time... their eyes still locked and glaring at each other for a moment before Wendy turned around and stepped into her car as Jane walked toward Angel's front door. As Jane approached Angel's door, she turned around and waited for Wendy to drive away. “Bitch!” Jane whispered as the red Lamborghini drove away.

As Wendy turned the corner and disappeared from view, she spoke out loud to herself .. “Cunt!” Wendy was upset... she was angry... and she was also feeling the fury of jealousy. Angel had just confessed to her that she was falling in love with her and she wanted Angel... Angel was her mirror image …. Angel was her 'twin'. But Wendy was also wrestling with her feelings for Jane. “Damn!” Wendy whispered to herself as she drove to her home... “I am falling in love with Angel... but I think I am falling in love with Jane too... what if Jane is falling in love with Angel? .. what if Angel falls in love with Jane?... Where does that leave me?” Then Wendy realized that she truly was jealous of Jane.... “I will have to settle this with Jane … I am not going to be the odd woman out!... no fucking way!”

Jane had turned around and had taken the final few steps forward until she was standing at Angel's front door... She was going to give Angel a piece of her mind.... she took a deep breath and pushed the door bell button.

Angel had sat down and was sipping her cup of coffee when the doorbell rang.

To be continued in Chapter 61