(By HGHunt)

Veronica Vanderkerler was anxious to begin her senior season as a front line hitter on her college's volleyball team. She was an excellent player on a very good team. She and the rest of the girls on her team got along well and many of the players returned from a team that had nearly won a regional championship the year before. The team spirit and camaraderie were great and besides the fact that all the best players returned was the prospect of a tall and talented junior college transfer who had led her JC team to the national finals the year before. Veronica and her teammates were very upbeat about the upcoming season. Coach Becka Winslow had the girls working out on their own before the practices began the first week of school at the end of August.

Veronica was the second tallest player on the team, standing 5 feet 11 inches tall. She was of Dutch descent and her long blonde hair framed a chiseled face with high cheekbones and startlingly beautiful blue eyes. She was slender, as were nearly all of her teammates, and shapely. She wasn't bountifully large in her breasts, but they were certainly "big enough" to set off her trim waist and long, long muscular legs. Yes, she was shapely if not top-heavy. On the volleyball court she was known as a terrific leaper and could jump well enough to compete successfully with girls several inches taller. She had played all three years before and had steadily moved up in the university's all-time statistics for kills and blocks. If she were to manage a terrific senior season she might well accede to the very top of the record book in both categories. She was really a solid team player, but in the back of her mind she was excited about the prospect of holding top honors in the school's volleyball record book.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Veronica had a pet name in the locker room, and sometimes accidentally outside the locker room. It stemmed from the fact that about halfway through her freshmen season, at only 18 years of age, one of her teammates made a chuckling comment about Veronica's body. The girls changed together, showered together, and some even lived together. So it was no secret that Veronica was blessed with a very thick, glossy, and bountiful thatch of pubic hair. In contrast to her blonde hair above, her curly-haired bush was very deep dark brown. It was dense, very dense, and shimmered in the light. Unlike most of the other girls who trimmed much of their pubic fuzz into much smaller shapes and even hairless, Veronica enjoyed the natural look. The only accommodation to grooming was to shave the outermost hairs that grew far out to either side and down her leg. She was able to wear fashionable bathing suits without tipping off anyone of her fuzz-thicket underneath. She didn't wear high-cuts or thongs but she could cover her thatch with many different suits. Well, as the girls were showering one day during that season two and a half years before, in a jovial mood, the girls were discussing various things, when the topic of pubic hair came up. Sally, a girl since graduated, jokingly said that maybe she should go all natural, like "Queen Bush over there." She was referring to Veronica of course, and all the other girls knew it. Veronica blushed and the other girls laughed, but it was all in fun and Veronica took no offense.

From that day on the girls, when others weren't around and usually in the confines of their locker room, referred to Veronica as "Queen Bush", or "QB" for short. Most of the girls on the team had nicknames and this one stuck to Veronica. Sometimes they would even forget and use the "QB" moniker out in public or during a match. If anyone asked about it they just shrugged their shoulders and said they didn't know how the nickname had been acquired. Veronica actually took a bit of pride, deep inside, from the acknowledgement of her girlfriends that she was the Queen of Bush. Occasionally in the showers, as the girls joked around with each other, and Veronica joined in, she would prance around and do a little dance, grabbing her groin with both hands just to either side of her immense bush and pull her skin a bit wider, causing her already large bush to appear even larger. "Queen Bush sure took it to them tonight didn't she?" She had even taken to calling herself QB in the locker room and she felt it was not being conceited to do so. After all, it hadn't been her idea. She felt good about herself and her volleyball talent.

Well, well, well. Now that it was her senior season and the first day of practice had finished the girls headed to the showers as usual. The joking around among the girls was evident, but so was something else. When Chelsea Stoddermeyer strode in to the showers, after impressing all the girls with her obvious volleyball talent, the other girls took notice right away. Not only was Chelsea 6 feet 1 inch tall and a good leaper, shapely in every way, but Chelsea came through the door TOTALLY NATURAL. She was a very pretty brunette, with long shiny hair that fell to nearly halfway down her back. Her dark brown eyes were big and peered out from under long sexy lashes. She was striking in both looks and height. She had transmitted an aura of great confidence out on the court, and she carried that confidence with her into the showers as well.

"Oh my God!" mumbled Linda, one of the other girls on the team. "She has the biggest hairiest snatch I've ever seen." As the first to notice Chelsea, Linda took a quick glance over at "QB" to make a quick comparison. Veronica hadn't noticed right away as she was shampooing her hair and her eyes were closed. It took only a moment to realize that Chelsea was at least the match of Veronica in every fuzzy way. Chelsea was brunette with dark brown hair covering her groin practically halfway up to her navel. It spread out and away from her mound in a thick carpet. It was also evident that she did NOT trim or shave the edges as there were long dark pubic hairs growing along her upper inner thighs and off to the side of her mound. If she were to wear any sort of fashionable bathing suit she would be showing off a ton of thick dark hair all around the lower edges. In fact, even the short shorts worn by the volleyball team might not completely cover the hairs growing on the lowest extremity of her thatch. "Amazing!" thought Linda. As Chelsea stepped under the shower, unaware of the looks she was beginning to draw from the others, Linda reached over and nudged Amanda. "Would you look at that?" Pointing at Chelsea she added in artificially bad English, "Me thinks there might be a new QB!"

All six of the other girls in the shower eyed Chelsea's furry snatch and then without any shame turned their gaze to Veronica. Back and forth went six pairs of eyes. They were in the last group to shower as several girls had finished quickly and left. First they would look at Chelsea and then return to stare at Veronica and her hefty bush. It only took 20 or 30 seconds of this before Veronica became aware of the quiet in the room. She asked Tesha, "What's going on?"

"Well, Veronica. It looks like that bush of yours has some competition now." Only the sound of the showers was evident. The small talk had all ended. In fact, the air felt heavy with a sliver of tension. Chelsea had also become aware that they were talking about her, and noticed Veronica develop a frown of disdain as she looked in her direction.

Rashelle piped up, "Yeah, QB. I'm not sure you really ARE the QB any more!"

Finally Chelsea spoke up. Addressing Rashelle she asked, "Why did you call her 'QB'?"

Tesha blurted forth before Rashelle could answer and told the story of Veronica obtaining the nickname back in freshman year. Chelsea just smiled as Tesha concluded her story. "Well, well, well. Isn't that interesting. Maybe Veronica USED to have the best bush around here. Maybe she USED to have the nickname "Queen Bush", but it's obvious that a new queen has arrived."

Chelsea spoke with a venom tongue and as she finished she held her arms above her head and did a quick twirl around to give every girl there a good look at her prodigiously thick bush. She dropped her hands to her crotch and then slid her long slender fingers into her thicket from above. Slowly extending her fingers downward through her pussy fur she pulled the hair outward very slowly away from her mound. This stretched many of her long hairs out straight and away from her skin. This emphasized the length and thick consistency of her pubic growth for all who stared. EVERYONE was staring as she preened her soaking wet thatch. Damn, they realized, her hair was indeed very long and dense.

Veronica spat out a snarling retort, "No fucking beanpole JC bitch is going to come in here and take ANYTHING that is mine. That includes my nickname, my spot on the front row, or anything else. I've had that nickname for two and a half years, and I'll KEEP IT. Thank you just the same." It was obvious the comments had lighted a fuse inside Veronica that was very short. Her competitiveness would not stand for an interloper like Chelsea to get in her way. Now it was her turn. She exaggeratedly mimicked the previous actions of Chelsea. Turning around slowly 360 degrees, wiggling her hips as she rotated, she gave all the other girls a good view of her splendid tall body. Following Chelsea's lead, she too slid her fingers deeply down into her wet, glistening patch of fur and drew the hairs out in front of her own mound for the others to admire. They too were very long. The girls all stood in dumbstruck awe at what they were watching. It had never occurred to them before that there might be such a contentious issue surrounding pubic hair, but it was obvious that these two girls were very serious. Certainly there were other issues involved (like who would be the "go to" player on the front row), but the focus of their rivalry had now definitely arrived right at the V between their legs.

Chelsea shot right back, "Well, puny little thatch," making snide reference to Veronica's pubic patch, "where I come from, girls have to EARN their nickname. Why don't you have yourself a good look in the mirror before you decide that you can keep your "QB" title? I've obviously got the Queen Bush in this locker room, and there is nothing you can do about it."

Snarling right back at Chelsea, and taking a few steps closer Veronica retaliated, "Well I've already seen enough of you and your sparse little pussy to know that the Queen Bush title still belongs to me!" Placing her hands on her hips, water still dripping off her body, she thrust her thickly carpeted groin outward several inches in Chelsea's direction in direct challenge to Chelsea's claim.

The confident swagger Chelsea used as she took a couple of steps closer to Veronica actually surprised the other girls. They were used to viewing Veronica as a leader and watching Chelsea, apparently unimpressed, challenge her so belligerently came as a bit of a shock. Chelsea stopped about a foot and a half from Veronica. The two Amazons were quite a sight for the other girls. Tall, very tall stood the two athletic girls. Their hair was wet from the showers and drops glistened in the harsh fluorescent lighting of the shower room. Their tits stood out high and proud from their chests. But all pairs of eyes in the room were lower. Chelsea put her hands on her hips and thrust her furry mound far forward in angry acceptance of Veronica's challenge.

"Incredible, absolutely incredible," thought Tesha as she stared unashamedly at the two bushes pointing so menacingly at each other across the narrow space between them. Even with the saturation of their hair caused by the showers, the two patches stood out from Chelsea and Veronica's bodies thick and proud. As the two stared daggers of hate at each other they couldn't help but drop their eyes briefly to take a sneaky look for themselves at the relative merits of their bushes. Their bushes were only six inches apart and each girl could tell that the other girl across the inches was incredibly hairy down there and definitely a challenge to her own assets. All this happened very quickly and Veronica wasted no time in threatening Chelsea, "GIRL, I'll fuck you over so bad you won't ever want to lay eyes on me again. YOU can go back the fuck where you came from!"

"With THAT puny thing? Hah, don't make me laugh. Your hideous pussy couldn't fuck its way out of a paper bag. My pussy can out-fuck your jealous cunt without even working up a sweat!" Tesha, Linda, Rashelle, Liz, Amanda, and Dawn all noted the gleeful way that Chelsea taunted Veronica. She had actually even laughed as she spewed forth her hatred. They were very surprised to hear her challenge Veronica so directly. THEY would never have dreamed of talking to her like that. Chelsea had actually inched forward a bit as she finished. Again she thrust her pussy mound out in shameless challenge to Veronica. The thick dark patches lined up with each other perfectly. Chelsea was slightly taller, but evidently she had a longer torso. The girls' legs were identical in length and that placed their furry mounds exactly at the same level.

The hatred and venom in Veronica's voice sounded scary to the other girls. "You fucking beanpole bitch! MINE is the QUEEN BUSH and the QUEEN PUSSY here, and you are about to find out for yourself that my pussy could fuck you over a thousand times!" With that she edged her body forward a bit, thrust out her mound until the most extended and longest hairs from their bushes were actually touching and mingling slightly together. The breathless excitement in the room was evident and the other girls were wondering where this was going when they heard a shout from just outside. "Hurry up in there ladies, I've got to get out of here for a meeting and you are taking too long. Speed it up." It was Becka, who the girls called "coach" that was telling them to hurry.

The awkward moment in the showers was met with disappointment from the rest of the team. They had been wishing to see THIS confrontation through to conclusion. The coach telling them to hurry disrupted that. Before the two tall young women parted they each leaned forward and whispered threats to each other. "I will fuck you over!" Veronica whispered. Chelsea whispered back, "I will fuck YOU over!" With hateful eyes never leaving the other, they parted and finished their showers in silence.

An unusual silence hung over the locker room as the girls toweled off, changed into their regular clothes and departed. Becka thought it odd, since the usual atmosphere was one of jovial playfulness. She forgot all about it as the girls left and she closed the locker room and headed off to an athletic department meeting.