By AngelDawn30

Second Thursday

Wendy, Jane and Olivia

It was a little after six o'clock. Olivia had already applied her makeup and fixed her hair as she thought about what she should wear. She certainly did not want have the 'Kiera' look... no way could she go to apologize to Mrs. Corleone and look like a call girl. Looking through her dresses, she found one that was somewhat conservative... certainly conservative by her standards... a light sky blue dress with a high scooped neckline that concealed her big double D sized tits. The dress snuggled around her waistline before flaring out around her magnificent ass with the hemline about three inches above her knees. She had a matching pair of three inch heels that would look nice with her dress. Olivia slipped on black bra and a pair of black panties before slipping on her dress and shoes. Early in the day, she had her nails done... a French manicure... clear nail polish with white tips. She could not apologize with red nail polish.

Throughout the day she had entertained the idea of not going to see Mrs. Corleone... but she was afraid that Angel would indeed call the police. Olivia could not afford for the authorities to learn about her 'evening' activities. She took one last look at herself in the mirror and thought she looked like she was on her way to a Catholic wedding. It would make her look less like the lesbian whore that she was.

She left her apartment at 6:45 and a few minutes before seven she arrived at the Corleone estate where she had visited Carlo several times before. Charles was watching the security video screen ...waiting for her. There were several cameras at each gate and he recognized her. He had seen her before and knew who she was. He had always wanted to say something to Wendy... but Charles was the keeper of secrets... and he did not want to destroy the trust that he had earned with Mr. Corleone. As Olivia approached the first gate, Charles opened it for her.. and then the second gate opened allowing Olivia to drive through as the gates closed behind her. She drove to the front of the house, parking in the circular drive. Stepping our of her car, she was a little nervous as she walked up the steps to the front door and rang the doorbell. Charles opened the door.

Charles did not like her.. and it was evident in his voice ..“Miss Marquez.. or should I call you Kiera?”

“Miss Marquez is fine.” Olivia answered.

“This way Miss Marquez.” Charles turned and walked into the house and Olivia followed him. He stopped at the stairway … “Upstairs and to the right.. I believe you know the way.... Ms. Corleone is expecting you.”

Olivia nodded as she walked up the stairs, turned right and walked to the bedroom that she had visited on more than one occasion. She knocked on the closed door and waited. A minute went by and she knocked on the door a little louder... and this time Wendy faintly heard the knocking sound. Jane was still passed out as Wendy rolled away from her. She was still a little groggy as she sat up on the edge of her bed and stood up. Wendy quietly walked through the open doors of her bedroom toward the closed doors that led to her sitting room. She peered through the peephole in the door and saw a woman standing there as Olivia knocked on the door a third time. 'Shit!” Wendy pushed the intercom button ...“Give me just a minute.”

The voice on the other side of the door answered... “Ok.”

Wendy walked back to her bedroom and slipped on a white robe, tying the belt around her waist. She stopped in front of her mirror, picking up her brush and brushing the tangles out of her long blonde hair before walking out of her bedroom, quietly closing the double doors behind her, then returning to the sitting room doors. Wendy took a deep breath as she unlocked the doors and pulled them open. The two women stared at each other for a few seconds. Olivia had seen Wendy's picture throughout the house several times and knew she was attractive, but she never knew just how stunningly beautiful Wendy was until now. Wendy took a few seconds to look up and down Olivia's body before stepping back and motioning for Olivia to step inside. Closing the door, Wendy turned around and faced the thief that stole her seven carat diamond ring.

Wendy's voice was firm, yet controlled ...“So you are Kiera.... the bitch that stole my ring.”

“Yes, Ms Corleone.”

“I understand you have something you want to say to me.”

Olivia was obviously nervous as she stared at the floor and began to speak softly.. “Yes Ma'am... I want …

Wendy interrupted her … “Look me in the eyes bitch!”

Olivia looked into Wendy's deep brown eyes... “I want to apologize for taking your ring.”

“You mean stealing my ring.”

“Yes Ma'am... I apologize for stealing your ring.”

Wendy closed the distance between them until their heavy tits were only a few inches apart.. “Why did you steal my ring?”

“I am very sorry.. I know it was wrong.. it's just... well .. I had never seen a ring so beautiful... and .. it was just there... and... Oh Mrs. Corleone, I am soooo very sorry.”

“You know you could go to jail for this, don't you?”

“Yes Ma'am... I was told that you would not press charges if the ring was returned to you.”

Wendy squinted her eyes …. “I am thinking about changing my mind.”

“Oh please Mrs. Corleone... please .. I will do anything you ask.”


“Yes.. anything you want.”

“Hmmmmm.” Wendy turned around and walked over to a large leather chair in the corner of her sitting room. Turning around and facing Olivia, she untied her white robe, letting it fall to the floor... Olivia's eyes were wide open and her jaw dropped as she stared at Wendy.... she was absolutely stunning... Olivia's eyes looked Wendy up and down, finally stopping at her massive tits with those incredible wicked nipples. “Like what you see bitch?”

Olivia's voice was barely more than a whisper as she answered .. “Oh yes.”

Wendy sat down and moved both of her legs up on top of the leather arms of the chair. Placing her hands on the arms of the chair behind where her legs were resting, she lifted her ass up and inched forward until her shaved naked pussy was off the front edge of the chair. Wendy then moved her hands back to her massive tits and began squeezing and kneading her dense tit-flesh. Olivia stared at her... looking at Wendy in the chair with her legs spread wide open and hanging over the arms of the chair... and Olivia felt her clit twitch. Wendy was hot … smokin' hot. “Come here.” Wendy said as she removed her right hand from her right tit and motioned to Olivia.

Olivia slowly advanced toward Wendy.. stopping a few feet in front of the chair.

“What did you and my husband do together?” Wendy asked.

“I did a striptease for him and danced for him.”

“Take off your clothes … take everything off.... and dance for me.”

Olivia nodded as she began swaying as if she were dancing to silent music. She reached behind her back and unzipped her dress... then wiggled out of her dress.. letting it fall to the floor … all the while moving and swaying … dancing silently. Olivia had a great body, and Wendy noticed as Olivia spun around a few times as she danced. Her ass was magnificent... her waist was small and tight.. and her big tits were amazing. Not quiet the size of her own tits.. but they were plenty big. As Olivia unhooked and slipped off her bra, holding it in her left hand. Wendy got a good look at just how amazing Olivia's tits were …. big and round.. sitting high on her chest with just a minimum hint of sag. Capped by two very large nipples, they were awesome. Wendy watched as Olivia held the end of her bra with her left hand behind her back and reached down between her legs with her right hand and grabbed the other end of the bra. She then began sliding the bra back and forth between her legs... rubbing her panties .. stroking the front panel of her panties with her bra as she rocked her hips at Wendy in a fucking motion. A couple of minutes later Olivia dropped her bra to the floor and turned around with her ass facing Wendy. As she swayed her hips she reached inside the waistband of her panties and slowly shimmed them down over her hips, letting them fall to the floor as she stepped out of them. Olivia was now dancing totally naked except for her heels... As she reached down to slip one of her shoes off, Wendy stopped her.

“Leave your heels on... it makes you look more like the whore that you are.”

Olivia nodded as she continued to dance... swaying .. undulating her hips … cupping her big tits … turning around and shaking her ass. … with her ass facing Wendy again, Olivia leaned forward until she was completely bent over ...and touched the floor with her left hand to support her body as she moved her left hand between her spread legs. Wendy gasped.. Olivia was making her wet. Olivia was a very good dancer and she was putting on quite a performance for Wendy's viewing pleasure. As she remained bent over, swaying her ass in front of Wendy, Olivia moved her right hand down her abs to her pussy and began stroking her wet pussy.. her fingers sliding around and over her wet pussy lips. Wendy was squirming as she watched Olivia slide her hand from her pussy up over her buttocks and then down back to her cunt. She was now fingering her pussy.. sliding her finger in and out of her wet slit as she continued to shake her ass back and forth. Several more minutes went by before Olivia got down on the floor on all fours. She leaned forward, placing her elbows on the carpet as she rested her cheek on the floor between her outstretched arms.. with her buttocks up in the air... and then Olivia began to make fucking motions with her hips.. as if there was a man under her and she was riding his big cock.. her hips moving up and down.. faster and faster ...until she stopped and rolled over on her back … spreading her legs wide open for Wendy.. and again she began undulating her hips. It was quite a performance. Wendy's pussy was getting wetter as she allowed Olivia to dance for a few more minutes before she had enough as she spoke … “Get down on your knees in front of me and kiss my pussy with your whore lips.”

Olivia smiled for the first time.. she wanted to taste Wendy... and licked her lips in anticipation as she knelt down on her knees in front of the sitting Wendy. She leaned forward and placed her hands on the inside of Wendy's thighs and moved her face to Wendy's sweet pussy...inhaling her wondrous scent. Parting her lips she blew her hot breath on Wendy's pussy.. watching as Wendy's pussy lips fluttered.

“Ohhhhhhhhh.” Wendy gasped as Olivia placed her mouth on her pussy lips.. touching ...kissing .. rubbing … and finally she felt the wetness of Olivia's tongue.. sliding up and down her wet slit.. licking and stroking .. up and down. Wendy moaned again as Olivia licked her cunt... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssss.”

Jane was waking up from her slumber... still a little woozy... it took her a few seconds to remember where she was. She rolled over, but Wendy was not there.. then Jane heard moaning and groaning as she rolled out of the bed and stood up. “What is going on?” She whispered to herself as she walked toward the double doors that connected the bedroom to the sitting room, turned the doorknob, and pushed the door open. There was Wendy, sitting in a chair... her legs draped over the arms of the chair.. with a woman kneeling in front of her and obviously eating Wendy's pussy. 'Oh My God!' Jane thought to herself... 'The ring does belong to Wendy .. Oh my God!' She stepped toward them, remembering that Olivia was suppose to come and apologize to Wendy... and it sure looked like she was apologizing in a very intimate manner. Wendy was quietly moaning with her eyes closed as Jane knelt down next to Olivia, nudging her over just a bit. When Olivia turned her face to see who it was, she was somewhat shocked to see Jane. They turned toward each other just enough so that the outer swell of Jane's big left tit was pressed against the outside of Olivia's big right tit... Jane extended her tongue and began licking the inside of Wendy's left thigh... Olivia watched for a couple of seconds before moving her mouth to the inside of Wendy's right thigh.. then the two hot kneeling bitches slowly licked their way up Wendy's inner thighs... licking their way toward Wendy's pussy. By now, Wendy had opened her eyes, moaning as she saw Jane kneeling next to Olivia between her legs.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yes.” Wendy moaned as the two tongues slowly licked up her inner thighs.. all the way to her pussy. Jane and Olivia's cheeks were touching as they both opened their wet mouths and began sucking Wendy's pussy lips.. Jane was sucking on the left side of Wendy's pussy.. pulling and tugging on Wendy's pussy lips with her mouth as Olivia had sucked the right side of Wendy's pussy lips into her hungry mouth. Sucking and slurping sounds along with gasping and moaning filled the room as Wendy reached down and placed her hands on the back of each of their heads. Jane and Olivia sucked on Wendy's pussy lips for a long time.. tugging .. pulling … moving their faces back until Wendy's labia would 'pop' out from between their lips with a slurping pop sound. “Unnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy moaned as she wrapped her hand around Olivia's long black hair and pulled Olivia's face away from her pussy. As Olivia looked up into Wendy's eyes, Wendy spoke to her .. “Lay down on the floor, on your back.”

Olivia scooted back on the carpet before she leaned back, sat down, and extended her legs out in front of her. Jane had moved out of the way as Wendy lifted her legs from the arms of the chair before standing up and staring into Olivia's dark eyes.. “Jane is going to sit on your face ...I want you to eat her pussy.” Olivia nodded as Jane turned around and crawled toward Olivia and placed her knees on each side of Olivia's face, facing Olivia's feet. She reached down with her hands and spread her pussy lips open as she slowly lowered her wet cunt down on Olivia's face. As soon as she felt Olivia's mouth on her pussy, Jane moved her hands out of the way and reached down in front of her and grabbed Olivia's long hard nipples and began rolling and twisting them between her fingers. Wendy had already dropped to her knees between Olivia's thighs and was lifting Olivia's right leg high in the air as she lowered her wet pussy down toward Olivia's wet cunt.... straddling her... squishing their open wet cunts together. Jane was rocking her cunt on Olivia's lips and tongue as Wendy began rocking her pussy on Olivia's pussy. All three hot women began to moan as they fucked each other. Olivia's tongue was licking Jane's wet pussy.. stroking … her tongue moving up and down Jane's dripping cunt as she rocked her hips up toward Wendy's pussy... grinding their open cunts together in a sea of wet pussy juice as Wendy leaned forward toward Jane. A moment later Jane was leaning forward toward Wendy and their lips met .. their wet tongues touched … and they moaned into each others mouths as they kissed. Wendy and Jane's big tits were slightly wobbling on their chests as they rocked their hips, fucking Olivia. As the minutes passed, Wendy and Jane's saliva began to drool from their mouths as they swished their tongues back and forth across each other.. their mixed spit drooling down from their joined tongues... stringing down in ropy spit strings and landing on Olivia's big tits... sometimes the spit would land in her deep cleavage, right between those huge heavy tits... sometimes it would fall on one of her hard jutting nipples and other times it would land on the upper or lower swells of her amazing tits. Wendy and Jane were moaning louder as they fucked Olivia.. and Olivia was moaning with them.

Jane was getting close to an orgasm... and so was Wendy... and so was Olivia. Wendy was grinding down hard against Olivia's cunt.. rocking and thrusting... pushing and grinding.... her tongue was still licking Jane's tongue... the spit was still drooling down on Olivia's huge tits... Olivia was thrusting against Wendy... grinding and rubbing her wet cunt against Wendy as she darted her tongue in and out of Jane's wet cunt. Their moaning was getting louder and all three sets of huge tits began to tremble... Wendy began jerking her hips faster.. and so did Jane … and do did Olivia. They were racing toward a three way orgasm... and the finish line was drawing nearer and nearer with each thrust of their hips.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes!” Jane moaned.

“Unnnnnnnnnnn.” Olivia's gasp was muffled by Jane's pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy panted against Jane's wet mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!” Jane tossed her head back and began rocking furiously on Olivia's mouth .. “Ohhhhhhhh yes yes !!”

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmm.” Olivia moaned deeply into Jane's cunt.

Wendy reached down and cupped her enormous tits and squeezed them hard as the waves of pleasure washed through her body … “Ahhhhhhhhhh ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh.. FUCK!!! Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” Her pussy spasmed several times in succession... her clit jerked hard... and her pussy gushed... gushing her sweet hot cum all over Olivia's pussy.... “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Olivia moaned into Jane's cunt as she began cumming. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmming! Jane groaned as her pussy gushed into Olivia's mouth... her hot sweetness overflowing Olivia's mouth and running out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmming!”



They all shook with pleasure... hips jerking.... tits wobbling... legs tensing … panting and gasping …. cumming together.

They caught their breath for a couple of minutes before Wendy and Jane got to their knees and crawled around Olivia's body... changing places. Wendy lowered her dripping cunt down on Olivia's face as Jane straddled and mounted Olivia's cunt with her own soaked pussy.... and the fucking began again... grinding... rocking … licking... thrusting … sucking … sliding … Jane and Wendy reached out with their hands and began toying with each others long hard nipples.. rolling and pinching.. tugging and pulling as they rode Olivia's body.... Wendy rocking her cunt all over Olivia's wet face.. Jane pumping and grinding her wet cunt against Olivia's wet cunt.. grinding and thrusting.. sliding up and down.. licking and slurping.. fucking … pushing … Wendy and Jane jerking off each others nipples with their fingers... they moaned and groaned … gasped and panted... fucking their way to another orgasm.

Wendy and Jane seemed determined to 'jack-off' each others nipples as they slid their fingers up and down the entire length of each others huge over-sized nipples.. stroking and pulling.... “I want to see your nipples cum.” Jane gasped.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm God yes!!” Wendy moaned.... Olivia was now sucking Wendy's clit... sucking and licking and slurping... Wendy was grinding her clit hard against Olivia's mouth as she jerked and tugged on Jane's sensitive nipples. Jane was grinding and rubbing Olivia's cunt with her own wet cunt as she stroked her fingers up and down the incredible length of Wendy's throbbing nipples.... they were delirious with pleasure and lust. Sucking .. fucking .. twisting.. grinding .. fucking ...pulling.. rocking.. pushing... tugging... squeezing...fucking ... licking... moaning … rubbing … gasping .. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy squirmed... her huge tits quivering.

“Yes yes yessssssssss!” Jane was gasping.. her clit and nipples burning with desire.

Olivia groaned deeply into Wendy's cunt... and then the orgasm switch was turned on. It was like a current of lightning.... their bodies tensed .. over-charged with sexual energy ..

Olivia's cunt clenched hard against Jane's... gushing … flooding their joined cunts with cum .. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Jane felt Olivia's pussy splashing her's with cum and she responded with a powerful gush from her own pussy... gushing and squirting all over their mashed cunts.. “Fuck! Fuck! .. FUCK! … “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy tossed her head back and forth, her long blonde hair swishing back and forth as the groaned deeply and gushed her hot pussy cum into Olivia's open mouth... “Oh God! Cummmmmmmming!”

All three hot women moaned and gasped... their cunts gushing and squirting cum.. Jane's swollen nipples began to jerk between Wendy's fingers. Her nipples were going to cum... and so were Wendy's nipples... four huge swollen hard nipples.. throbbing... jerking... and at the same time, all four nipples squirted... Nipple cum jetting out of their milk holes... squirting and spraying each other with their hot sticky sweetness. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmming!” Jane screamed as her clit jerked again and her pussy gushed against Olivia's... her hot nipple cum spraying all over Wendy's big tits and her hard abs... spraying down on Olivia's trembling tits.

“Yesssssssss!!! Cummmmmmming!” Wendy moaned loudly as her nipples ejaculated her sweet nipple cum.. spraying all over Jane's tits and Olivia's tits. “Ohhh Fuck!” Wendy panted as her cunt gushed again into Olivia's sucking mouth. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

They all spasmed together.. trembling.. shaking.. as their orgasms flooded every part of their bodies... moaning and gasping together. Wendy finally lifted herself up off of Olivia's face and got to her knees... her big tits and flat tummy were wet with sweat and cum. .. reaching down she held out her hand and helped Jane get to her feet... her huge tits and tummy were also wet with mingled sweat and cum. Looking down at Olivia, Wendy spoke to her .. “Get up and get out.. and never.... never come to my home again. If you do I will call the police ... understand?”

“Yes, I understand.” Olivia quietly replied as she got to her knees by herself and stood up and began dressing. A few minutes later she was dressed and began to walk toward the double doors that led out of the sitting room when Wendy called to her...

“Kiera.” Olivia stopped and turned around as Wendy approached her. “One more thing.” Olivia stood there waiting... and before she could say or do anything, Wendy's right hand was flying through the air and landing on Olivia's right cheek with a loud “Slap!” .. jerking Olivia's head to her left. She wanted to slap Wendy back, but she was afraid,.. she was scared of Angel.. and she turned away, walking through the double doors, down the hallway.. down the stairs and out the door.

Wendy had grabbed Jane's hand and had pulled her back into the bedroom... they stood there for a minute looking at each others incredibly hot body...It only took a few more moments before they had their fingers buried in each others wet vaginas.. pumping in and out.. finger fucking each other as they moaned together. .. twisting their fingers around inside each other as they moved the heel of their hands over each others clits and began grinding and pushing with the heel of their hands. Fingers were plunging in and out of their wet twats.. heels grinding hard on sensitive clits... their breathing quickened... Their jealousy was still present.. but their wild desire to fuck each other was overwhelming.. Wendy and Jane wanted to mate with each other. After several minutes of pounding each other with their fingers, Wendy pulled her fingers out of Jane's pussy and grabbed her arm, slinging her across the room toward the bed. As Jane stumbled backward, Wendy followed her and pushed her on the bed.. Jane falling down on her back. “Fuck me Wendy.”

Wendy climbed up on the bed and fell on top of Jane.. tit to tit as Jane grabbed her buttocks and the two of them rolled back and forth on the bed, cursing each other as their huge tits quivered together. First Wendy was on top.. then Jane.. then Wendy.. before they finally stopped rolling as they lay on their sides facing each other. Thighs slid against thighs as they moaned and groaned together... Wendy's left arm was under Jane's neck and Jane's right arm was resting under Wendy's head. They knew what they wanted to do next.. they were going to nipple fuck their huge nipples together.

As they laid there, their blonde hair tangled together and their legs rubbing against each other, Jane and Wendy reached down between them and adjusted their tits so that their two nipples that were closest to the bed were tip to tip.. then they pushed together, burying their hard nipples inside their bountiful tit-flesh. Then Jane cupped her huge left tit with her left hand and aimed it toward Wendy's big right tit. Wendy reached down and cupped her enormous right tit with her right hand and aimed her long hard nipple straight at Jane's ridged lengthy nipple. They rolled their upper bodies toward each other as they guided the swollen tips of their nipples toward each other until they were almost touching. As they looked down at their prominent nipples they noticed that the tips of their nipples had flared out.. as if they were puckering their lips for a kiss. Jane gasped as Wendy slid her thigh up against her wet pussy... and she slid her own thigh tightly against Wendy's wet cunt. They moaned as they began to hump each others leg.

“Ohhhhhhhh God Wendy... oh that feels soooooo fucking good.”

“Mmmmmm Jane... yessssssss.”

Wendy and Jane could already feel their other nipples sucking together as they rolled their shoulders toward each other, closing the final distance between the flared tips of their nipples.. and just as they were about to touch.. their heated nipples closed the gap between them by themselves. Wendy's nipple reached out toward Jane's and Jane's nipple stretched forward toward Wendy's.. and as the swollen tips of their fiery nipples touched, they latched together...and sucked tightly to each other.

“Ohhhhhh my God!” Wendy gasped as she felt her nipple burning.

Jane felt the burning too... “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.”

Moving their hand to each others buttocks, they rolled their upper bodies toward each other until the front of their shoulders touched as their sucking nipples disappeared from view.. trapped inside their mushroomed tits... but the sucking continued... they could feel it... the constant pulling and tugging. It was incredible. Their hips were rocking against each others thighs as they began to fuck with their clits rubbing up and down on each others thighs and their heated nipples sucking wildly at each other... For each of them.. to be locked tit to tit with a big-titted bitch was heaven.. and to have your nipples engaged in a suck fight was pure bliss. They slowly began rocking their shoulders back and forth .. pushing their heavy tits together again and again.. each time they would roll all the way back, their hard nipples would come into view.. still sucked together .. milk hole to milk hole... then they would disappear from view as they rocked their shoulders together.. Wendy and Jane could feel the hard length of their nipples being pushed back into their dense tits as they mushroomed their heavy globes together each time they rolled their shoulders toward each other. Their free hand squeezing each others ass cheeks as they slid their thighs wetly up and down each others dripping cunt. Minute after minute they kept sliding their wet cunts and throbbing clits up and down each others firm toned thighs as they pushed their tits and nipples together again and again. The sexual tension was building.. like a coiled spring.. winding tighter and tighter.. and that spring was going to snap!

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Jane!” Wendy gasped as she moved her mouth toward Jane's mouth.

“Ummmmmmmmm.” Jane whispered as her lips touched Wendy's. .. melting together with heat and lust.. their clits twitching as their tongues touched and began to swirl around each other. Their kiss quickly became very intense and very wet. You already know that Wendy could salivate rather quickly, and her mouth was already wet with her saliva as they mashed their full lips tightly together.. moaning into each others mouths as their tongues slopped together in their mixed spit. It was a dirty kiss... nasty .. wet … their shared spit drooling out of the corners of their mouths and running down the side of their faces as they lay on the bed, facing each other. Their nipples were sucked sooooo fucking hard together as they pushed them together again and again and their wet pussy juice was running down their thighs as they eagerly ground their wet cunts against each others firm thighs. They were going to cum... and it was going to happen quickly.

As Jane closed her lips around Wendy's tongue, sucking it deep inside her wet mouth, Wendy began to moan... her hips began to jerk... sliding her cunt up and down on Wendy's leg faster and faster ...she squeezed Jane's buttocks even harder … she began to pant with her tongue trapped inside Jane's sucking mouth.. Wendy was going to cum. Her hips began bucking wildly as she pulled her tongue out of Jane's mouth.. strings of spit connecting their lips and falling down to the bed between their faces.. Jane was panting with lust and need.... the water was already boiling.. and it was about to boil over.

Wendy's entire body tensed... her big tits jerked against Jane's... her hot nipples swelled even bigger than they were before... her cunt clenched... and sucked at Jane's thigh.. she dug her nails hard into Jane's hard buttocks... and began to gasp as she felt the liquid fire of pleasure rush through her body like a tidal wave... building higher and higher until it began crashing over itself. Wendy was cumming!

“Fuck!!” Wendy screamed. “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!! Cummmmming! Her cunt clenched hard and gushed hot sticky cum against Jane's thigh.. her nipples exploded.. squirting cum between their huge mushroomed tits.. her hips jerked.. her tits quivered against Jane's … Wendy was cumming hard. “Cummmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhh you sweet whore!!” Jane gasped as her pussy contracted violently... her hips jerked.. she slapped Wendy's ass hard with her hand.. and her nipples ejaculated.. gushing her nipple cum between their plastered tits... mixing with Wendy's nipple cum. .. her pussy gushed... pussy-cum jetting against Wendy's thigh as she came .. “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Wendy moaned loudly as her body kept jerking against Jane's .. “Cummmming with you bitch!”

“Ohhhhhhh fucking whore!! Yessssss .. Cummmmming! Cumming with you!”

“Ohhhhhhh yesssss!”

“Yes yes yessssss.”

Their mouths locked together again in a deep kiss as their bodies trembled and shook together... they moaned … they sighed …. their tongues licking wildly together as they rode their orgasm to completion.

“Mmmmmmmmmm Jane... oh Jane.” Wendy purred.

“Wendy.... oh Wendy... Wendy .. Wendy.” Jane whispered as they licked at each others wet tongues. Jane finally pulled her face away... and as she looked into Wendy's eyes, she gasped.... she felt something... the same thing she had felt when she looked into Angel's eyes.... feelings. 'No', Jane thought to herself... “This is not suppose to happen. Angel is the one I want.' … but the feelings were there for Wendy... and Wendy felt it too as she leaned her face forward again and kissed Jane lovingly. Jane was not prepared for this... this was unexpected... this was not part of the plan.

When the kiss ended, Jane rolled away from Wendy and rolled off the bed.. standing up.. she had to change what was happening... “Wendy, I was thinking... let's take care of this settlement.. it will only take a few minutes if all is in order..”

Wendy answered as she rolled off the bed and stood up. “All right Jane... then we can devote all of our time and energy to other things on our agenda.”

“Other things?” Jane asked.


Jane wanted to leave... she was unsure about what was happening inside herself. .. but Wendy was too irresistible. “Mmmm Wendy.. God, I love to fuck.”

“I love to fuck too Jane.”

Jane purred ...“This will only take a moment.” Wendy frowned.. but Jane was right. This needed to be done. Jane handed Wendy a copy of the document as she spoke.. “I am going to read this out loud and you can follow along.. please interrupt me if something is not as it should be.”

“Ok.” Wendy replied as sat down in a chair, holding the document in her left hand and reached for her hard nipple with her right hand and began rolling her hard nipple between her fingers.

Jane wanted to drop the document on the floor and suck on Wendy's tits... but she regained her composure.. and began reading until she reached the end. “Is everything written just as you had agreed?”

“Yes. It .. is … just as...we .. agreed” Wendy answered between deep breaths.

Jane smiled as she laid the document down on the table and signed her name. “Now, if you would be so kind as to remove your hand from your tit and sign on the line right above where I signed, then our business is finished and we can fuck some more.” Wendy could not help but giggle as she stood up and walked over to the table and signed the document. Jane picked it up, folded it and placed it back in her briefcase before speaking.. “Now, as you said earlier...”Where were we?”

“We were about to fuck..... again”

“I am ready to fuck.”

“I really want to fuck you Jane.” Wendy whispered as she laid back down on the bed.

“I want to fuck you too Wendy.” Jane answered as she crawled up on the bed and laid down on top of Wendy, face to face, tit to tit, nipple to nipple.. pussy to pussy and clit to clit. .. “I want to fuck you sooooooooo bad.”

“Ohhhhhhhh Jane... I love your big tits.”

“I love your big tits too Wendy.”

“I just want to mash them together... and slide them back and forth.. and press them tightly against each other... I love to feel another pair of tits against mine.”

“I think we were made for each other Wendy.” Jane was surprised by what she just said.

“I think so too Jane.”

“Let's do this until we cum.” Jane whispered as they began grinding their big tits together and pushing their soaked cunts into each other.

Wendy began rocking her hips.. grinding her juicy pussy against Jane's. “Until our tits cum.”

“Mmmm yes.. and until our Pussys cum.”

Jane leaned in just a little, pushing both of their nipples back into their areolas about a half inch... the tips still locked together and then Jane felt something on her nipples.. a tugging pulling sensation.. Wendy's nipples were sucking at her nipples.. “God Wendy, I can feel your nipples sucking mine.”

Wendy gasped as she also felt it.. suction on the tips of her hard nipples.. “I can feel yours sucking mine too.”

“Mmmmmmmmm Wendy.. let's let them suck until they cum.”

“Ohhhh yes Jane.... until they cum.”

As they moved their eyes from each others nipples to each others eyes.. Jane extended her long tongue from between her lips.. the tip of her tongue reaching down to the bottom of her chin as she held her tongue in place. Wendy also extended her tongue, which was already dripping with saliva out from her mouth and reached down to the bottom of her chin with the tip of her tongue which was coated with spit. They slowly moved their faces toward each other.. trying not to move their chests forward as they just wanted nipple to nipple contact at the moment. Slowly their tongues came closer and closer together until they touched... touching from the bottom of their chins all the way up to where their tongues went back into their mouths... it was easily three inches of the flat top surface of their tongues touching... and they held their tongues together as they looked into each others eyes.. it was hot. Jane's nipples were burning .. Wendy's nipples felt like they were on fire as they moaned together,, keeping their tongues touching for minute after minute.. staring at each other as their nipples sucked at each other.. spit began to string from their touching tongues... . Jane began to tremble as she pushed a little more into Wendy... and Wendy pushed back... most of their lengthy nipples were now inside their tits as the spit continued to drool from their touching tongues. Wendy began to moan more and more as she leaned just a bit more into Jane until their areolas touched... they had pushed over an inch of their hard firm nipples together.. each hot bitches nipples being forced back into her own tits. Wendy's tits began to shudder... quivering from the pleasure. Jane's tits began to spasm... she felt it all the way down to her clit as she felt her pussy juice gush from her vagina .. Wendy's cunt also gushed some of her sweet sticky wetness as their tits quivered together.. their nipples stuck tip to tip inside their tits. With their eyes wide open.. and their tongues still touching length to length Jane felt her orgasm began to flow.. from her nipples, through her tits … all the way down to her pussy.. her clit jerking hard as another gush of wetness sprayed from her pussy .. Jane was about to cum... and so was Wendy as she blinked her eyes several times at Jane as if to signal that she was going to cum. Jane could not hold her tongue still any longer as she began to lick at Wendy's tongue and gasp... “I'm gonna cum Wendy.”

“I am gonna cum with you Jane..... right now.... cum with me.”

“Cummmmmmmming with you Wendy.” Jane gasped as her cunt spasmed and gushed hot sweet cum all over Wendy's pussy.

“I'm Cummmmmming!” Wendy moaned... her body shaking as her cunt contracted and spewed girl cum all over Jane's wet cunt.

They held each other tight.. pressing their heavy E cup tits hard against each other as they were cummming.. their tongues licking at each other.. their nipples sucking and throbbing together. “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck.. Cummming soooo good Jane.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssss Wendy... cummmmming soooooo fucking good.”

They held each other for several minutes until Jane whispered.. “Let's do it again.”

Wendy gasped.. “For the rest of the night.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Jane purred

Wendy was panting . ...“How many times do you want us to cum together?”

Jane moaned ... “Two... three..”

Wendy whispered .. “Four... five..”




“God I fucking love it!” Wendy gasped as she wrapped her arms around Jane and pressed their huge E cup tits together.

“I want to cum until I can't cum anymore.”

“Mmmmm Jane... let's fuck!” Wendy moaned as she pushed her tits even more tightly against Jane's huge rack.... and the fucking resumed.... kissing … licking … fucking .. thrusting... humping... sucking . ... grinding … tribbing … moaning …. rubbing … cumming and cumming … fucking and cumming …hour after hour .... fucking and cumming.. until Wendy and Jane, tired and exhausted …. fell asleep in each others arms.

To be continued