By AngelDawn30

Second Wednesday

Jane finished putting on her make-up and fixing her hair as she tried to make up her mind as to what she was going to wear tonight. Jane always needed a few minutes to look through her clothes, waiting for the one dress or outfit to 'speak to her.' Tonight it was a red mini dress... Perhaps you could call it a micro mini dress as the hemline barely covered her buttocks. It was short... very short... the kind of dress that would easily show off her panties if she bent forward. .. the kind of dress that an exhibitionist would wear. She slipped it on .. the low cut top barely covered the top of her matching red bra. She turned around a few times admiring her figure in the mirror as she spoke to herself … “Plenty of leg showing... plenty of ass cheeks showing if I lean forward just a bit,, and plenty of cleavage showing... it's perfect. She had a plan that hopefully would entice Olivia to wear the seven carat diamond ring. She searched through her rings and found the biggest one she owned. It was an emerald... three carats.. which looked huge on her size 6 ring finger. 'This should work just fine.'.. she thought to herself as she slipped on a pair of 4 inch red heels, one of her cover-ups and grabbed her clutch purse and left her apartment. She had chosen to wear a cover-up because her dress was just showing too much for anyone at the apartment complex to see.

Jane intentionally arrived twenty minutes early at Olivia's apartment. She rang the doorbell and a few moments later Olivia opened the door to let Jane in. Olivia had not finished dressing yet as she was wearing a black bra and a black thong as she opened the door to let Jane in. “Sorry I am a little early... of all nights, I ran out of eye-liner and was hoping that I could use something that you had”

“Of course.” Olivia answered as she gave Jane a long hug, which caused Jane's nipples to twitch. “It's in here.” Olivia spoke as they walked into her bedroom and she pointed to her dressing table. “Use whatever you need....I just need to finish drying my hair... oh and remember I was telling you about the girl I sometimes work with?”

“Yes.. you said she was out of town.”

“She was... but she came back early...she had a fight with her boyfriend... he's a fucking dickhead!”

“Is she all right?” Jane asked with a concerned voice.

“Yes, she is fine .. she got back in town a few hours ago and wants to go with us tonight.”

“Well... uh … I only brought the amount that you said to bring.”

“It's ok Jane... it will be fine... and there is something else you should know about her.. her name is Sophia.. and she is my sister.”

Jane's eyes opened wide .. “Your sister?”

Olivia answered with a wild wicked grin on her face .. “My identical twin sister.”

“You mean you look just alike?”

“Identical.” Olivia smiled.

“Oh my ….Soooo.... so how do I tell you apart?”

Olivia turned to the side and brushed her long black hair back.. revealing a birthmark on the back of her neck. “This is the only difference... I think it looks like a Z.”

“Yes it does.”

“Sophia tells me it looks like a 2.”

“It's definitely a Z... besides...Z sounds much more exciting than a 2.” Jane laughed.

“It does, doesn't it?” Olivia laughed as she answered.. “Anyway, we are going to stop and pick her up on the way.”

“That's fine... this is really going to be exciting!”

“That's the plan.” .. Olivia said as she picked up her hair dryer and began blow drying her hair. Jane tried not to make it very obvious but she finally managed to get Olivia to notice her ring as she applied the eye-liner. “Oh what a beautiful ring.”

“Thank you... I wish it was a diamond, but emeralds are very pretty.” Jane said as she held up her hand, allowing Olivia to get a closer look. “Can I tell you something?”


“Ok, but promise you won't laugh.”

“Oh come on Jane, it can't be that bad.”

“Ok... you see, I kinda have this little warped fantasy.”

Olivia laughed.. “We all have warped fantasies Jane.”

“Yeah, I guess so, but you are going to think this is kinda silly.”

“I won't know unless you tell me what it is.”

“Right... well... ok … I love the feel of a ring inside me... like when someone fingers my pussy.. it absolutely drives me crazy to feel a big ring inside me.”

“I have never thought about that.. I usually take my rings off.”

“Leave your rings on tonight... like I said, it just makes me go crazy... especially big rings... and even more so if it's a diamond ring... the bigger diamond, the more it drives me crazy.”

“Hmmmm ok.”

Jane finished applying her eye-liner as Olivia slipped on a black micro-mini dress that was as short as the one Jane was wearing. The squared neck was very low cut which maximized her deep cleavage. Olivia looked incredible. As she grabbed her clutch purse she paused for a moment... “The bigger ring the better?”

“Oh God yessss!” Jane gasped as she watched Olivia slip on the seven carat diamond ring. “My God Olivia … is that real?”

“Yes it is.” Olivia smiled.

“No.. really … seriously .. is that a real diamond?”

“Yes it is real.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh … may I see it?”

Olivia held her hand up to Jane as if she were showing off her engagement ring... “Would you like to wear it Jane?”

“Oh... ahh .. no .. I would be so afraid of losing it.. no .. but will you wear it? .. and .. you know... use it on me... please?”

Olivia smiled as she replied .. “Of course I will.... are you ready to go?”

“I am now!! Jane exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Jane, if it's ok with you, we need to take separate cars... I am going to go spend the night with Sophia and help her pack up a few things tomorrow morning.. she is going to come and stay with me for a few days.. and it will save me some time by not having to drive back here before we go to where she is staying.”

Jane pulled her cell phone out of her purse ...“Sure, that's fine with me... I am texting you the address and will wait for you in my car until you get there... it's a black BMW.”

Olivia waited for the text.. “Ok.. I have it. I should be there in about thirty minutes.”

Ten minutes later they were leaving Park Place Towers.. Jane on her way to Angel's home and Olivia on her way to pick up Sophia.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Angel already knew what she was going to wear. As soon as she arrived home, she showered and redid her makeup and eyeliner and brushed her hair out... she found the right wig.. she was going to have long black hair tonight. She picked out a black dress that was low cut and short... showing off plenty of tit and thigh. And she chose not to wear panties or a bra underneath her black dress. Angel also had to have the right shoes for the occasion and chose a pair of black heels... She found a black catwoman mask that she had worn to a Halloween party a couple of years ago... “This should hide my identity.” She walked downstairs to the living area and placed the mask on the mantle above the fireplace before pouring herself a glass of white wine as she sat down and waited. It wasn't long before her cell phone rang... it was Jane.

“Hi Jane.”

“Hi Angel … I miss you.”

“Aww, I miss you too Jane.”

“I wanted to tell you that I am on my way.. will be there in a few minutes.. Olivia .. aka Kiera will be here in about ten or fifteen minutes... she is on her way to pick up her twin sister.. her name is Sophia.. she is also going to be joining us tonight.”

“I have met Sophia.”

“Yes, you told me about that.... so are you disguised?”

“I think I can pull it off.. yes... Does Kiera have the ring?”

“Yes she is wearing the ring.”

“You are amazing Jane... when you get to the front door, enter the code 777 and the door will unlock ...I will be waiting for you.”

“Ok... see you soon Angel... oh, and when they arrive I will let them in.. then I have to go place an envelope with cash in it in your bathroom.”


“See you soon Angel.”

“Ok.. and Jane? .. thank you very much.”

“You're welcome.. bye.”

“Bye Jane.”

Angel took another sip of her wine as she waited.

Angel, Jane, Olivia and Sophia

Angel Unicorn in leather
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It was not long before Jane arrived. She parked her car and waited for Olivia and Sophia. It was only a few minutes later when they arrived, parking behind Jane. As they all stepped out of their cars, Jane was amazed that Olivia and her sister Sophia looked just alike... in fact, she did not know who was who. Sophia was wearing a black micro-mini dress that was identical to the one that Olivia was wearing.. very short with a squared neck which was very low cut showing off her abundant cleavage. Even their black heels were the same.

Olivia began to speak as they approached Jane .. “Jane, this is my sister Sophia.”

Jane smiled.. “It is nice to meet you Sophia... damn, y'all look exactly the same.. it's amazing!”

Olivia and Sophia laughed as Olivia spoke again.. “Just so you know, my name is Kiera and Sophia's name is Kandy.. with a K.”

“Got it... Kiera and Kandy.”

“This is only for two hours....Are you ready?”

“Yes Kiera... I am ready.” Jane answered as they walked to Angel's front door, Jane entering the code and opening the door. They all walked inside where they saw Angel sitting in a chair with a glass of white wine on the end table next to her and wearing her catwoman mask. Angel stood up as they approached her.. “Dawn, this is Kiera and Kandy.. as you can see, they are identical twins.” Angel smiled and nodded. “If you would excuse me for a moment, I need to borrow your restroom.” Again Angel nodded and pointed to her left. Jane turned to the twins and said, “Ill be right back.” Jane went to the restroom and placed the envelope on the vanity in plain sight, then returned to the living room.

Olivia spoke to Jane as she returned .. “I need to go to the restroom too.” They all waited a couple of minutes until Olivia returned with the envelope in her purse. She leaned toward Jane and whispered .. “She is hot.”

Jane replied with a smile .. “Told you.”

“Why the batman mask?” Olivia whispered to Jane

Jane giggled as she replied with a whisper.. “Batman does not have big tits … she's Catwoman.”

Olivia quietly laughed .. “Of course... catwoman …. pussywoman … meow.”

Angel reached for her wine glass and took another sip as the three women stepped closer to her until they were about ten feet away... Angel noticed the big emerald ring on Jane's finger...and yes, Angel had also noticed the huge diamond ring on Olivia's hand as Olivia spoke to her sister in Spanish, “Vamos a empezar por el baile entre sí” as they turned toward each other and placed their arms around each other and began slow dancing.. rubbing their big tits together as they slowly turned around in a tight circle... the upper swells of their deep cleavage was touching.. burning skit to hot skin as they pulled each other tight and began swaying back and forth slowly as Jane and Angel watched. Within a few minutes they began kissing.. licking at each others identical lips and tongues.. it looked like someone was kissing themselves in a mirror. Even though getting the ring was her priority, Angel was getting turned on by the two twins kissing each other. Jane was also getting wet as she watched from a distance. They kissed and licked each others mouths for a few more minutes before Oliva motioned to Jane to come and join them.. as Jane walked toward them, they separated and Olivia reached out and pulled Jane between them. She was facing Sophia and Olivia was pressing against Jane's back as all three of them begin to sway with each other... Olivia's bit tits were pressed against Jane's back as Jane's huge tits and Sophia's big tits were rubbing together as they began to kiss... tongues tracing around each others lips as Olivia leaned her face forward, brushing Jane's long blonde hair to the side and begin to kiss the back of Jane's neck.

“Ohhhhh.” Jane moaned as she shifted her massive tits back and forth against Sophia's dense globes.

“Oh Jane, tiene tantas buenas tetas grandes.” Sophia whispered as they licked each others tongues. Jane knew enough Spanish to know that tetas meant tits and grandes meant big.

“Thank you, your tetas are also grandes.” Jane responded as she felt her dress being unzipped by Olivia. Jane reached behind Sophia and unzipped her dress and then turned around facing Olivia and reached behind her and unzipped her dress. The three hot bitches looked at Angel as they slowly slid their dresses off their shoulders... then reaching down, they all grabbed the bottom of their dresses and pulled them up over their heads at the same time, tossing them onto the closest chair. Jane, Olivia and Sophia looked hot … sexy … whorish … bitchy … standing, facing Angel, in bra's panties and heels. Angel was definitely turned on by the sight of the three stunningly beautiful women standing in front of her as she felt her pussy spasm with lust... but the show was just beginning. Part of Angel wanted to walk over and take the diamond ring from Olivia....and part of Angel wanted to fuck all three hot bitches before she confiscated the ring... Guess which part won?... Yep.

Olivia spoke to her twin .. “vamos a hacer un tres vías para que pueda ver”
(Let's do a three way so she can watch.) Sophia nodded as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.. a couple of minutes later all three women had removed their bras.. Olivia and Sophia had amazing tits.. big.. round.. full.. capped with large nipples that were hard and pointing straight out from their incredible tits. Jane's massive tits were slightly bigger.. and her thrusting nipples were slightly longer... it was an incredible threesome. Angel sat back down in her leather chair and watched as they slowly swayed their bodies back and forth for her viewing pleasure. Olivia and Sophia moved to the front and back of Jane and knelt down on their knees.. each one reaching for Jane's panties and slowly pulling them down over her perfect ass and sliding them down her firm smooth thighs until Jane lifted her heels one at a time allowing the two twins to slip her panties off. Still on their knees, Olivia moved her face toward Jane's shaved pussy and began kissing her pussy lips as Jane widened her stance... light soft kisses.. her lips barely brushing at Jane's labia. Sophia reached out with her hands and began to squeeze Jane's firm buttocks.. kneading and massaging the tight skin of her ass cheeks.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Jane moaned as Oliva parted her lips and began lightly sucking on Jane's pussy lips.. gently tugging and pulling on her already swollen extended labia.... sucking... pulling her face back and stretching Jane's pussy lips as Sophia squeezed Jane's ass. “Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Jane gasped as Olivia tugged back even more until her pussy lips 'popped' free from Olivia's sucking lips. She then reached up and grabbed Jane's hand and pulled.. she wanted Jane to lay down on the floor and Jane was eager for more of the twins attention. As she stretched out on the carpet, Olivia scooted around on her knees before laying down between Jane's legs with her face hovered over Jane's cunt. Sophia was moving over Jane's body from the opposite direction.. dragging her huge tits over Jane's until her face was also above Jane's naked wet pussy. Once again, Oliva began sucking on Jane's pussy lips as she inhaled Jane's sweet scent. Sophia had tilted her face to the side so she could also get her mouth close to Jane's pussy and she extended her tongue and began flicking Jane's clit which had already extended from it's hood. Jane moaned quietly as Sophia flicked her clit and Oliva sucked on her pussy lips.

Olivia had not forgotten what Jane had said about using her ring... and she reached up to Jane's right hand and tugged her big emerald ring off of Jane's finger and slipped it on her middle finger, next to her ring finger where she was wearing the huge seven carat diamond ring. As Sophia continued to flick and lick Jane's swollen clit, Olivia began dragging her tongue up and down Jane's wet slit.. sliding up and down between her pussy lips.. licking and stroking up and down.... teasing her .. sexually tormenting her .. sliding her tongue up and down.. long slow strokes... up.. down.. up... down... Sophia sliding her tongue back and forth across Jane's clit... sometimes, at the top of Olivia's tongue stroke, her tongue would touch Sophia's and they would flick and lick their tongues against each other before Olivia would slowly slide her tongue back down the length of Jane's wet slit. The twins continued to lick Jane's pussy for several more minutes until Jane was squirming with desire. “pus de Jane sabe muy bien” (Jane's pussy tastes very good.) Olivia whispered to her sister.

“si muy bien” (Yes, very good.) Sophia whispered back.

“Quiero que chupar su clítoris mientras dedos en su coño” (I want you to suck her clit as I finger fuck her pussy.)


Olivia placed her fingers in her mouth and sucked.. getting them wet.. drooling saliva over her two middle fingers and wetting the two rings she was wearing. As Sophia placed her full moist lips around Jane's hard clit and began sucking, Olivia slid both of her wet middle fingers inside Jane's pussy... pushing them all the way inside Jane's vagina.. as far as she could reach... “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Jane gasped as she felt the two big rings spreading her vagina. As Olivia began to slide her fingers in and out of Jane's cunt, Jane could feel the gemstones.. dragging up and down the inside of her vagina.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Sophia kept sucking.... Olivia kept finger fucking …. slurping sounds... squishing sounds …. Angel began to squirm in her chair as she watched Olivia's fingers pushing in and out of Jane's cunt.. the two big rings twisting around inside her vagina. Jane was moaning more frequently now as Sophia sucked on her aching clit. The hot threesome was totally unaware as Angel stood up and walked to the kitchen, returning ninety seconds later holding a white cotton towel in her hand. As she once again witnessed the sucking and fingering, she unfolded the towel and placed it in her leather chair before she hiked her dress up around her waist and sat back down on the towel. She watched as Jane reached up and cupped Sophia's buttocks and pulled her wet cunt down to her face. As Jane began to lick Sophia's pussy with her talented tongue, Angel reached between her legs and began to stroke her throbbing clit with her fingers.

Sophia began to moan as Jane ate her pussy... slurping and sucking and tonguing Sophia's cunt with her mouth as Sophia kept her lips wrapped tightly around Jane's clit. It quickly became a very wet juicy 69 as Jane and Sophia licked and tongue fucked each others sopping pussys. Olivia was pumping her ringed fingers in and out of Jane's vagina faster and faster and a few minutes later Jane and Sophia were reaching the crest of their pleasure. Squish... squish... squish... Olivia pumped her fingers in and out of Jane's cunt.. pausing every few deep thrusts to spin her fingers around inside Jane. Twisting the two large rings around inside her dripping cunt. Jane and Sophia began to gnaw on each others pussy lips.. slurping and sucking.. and as they felt their orgasm approaching, they once again locked their lips tightly around each others protruding clit and began to suck the hell out of each other. Angel was rubbing her clit harder and faster as Olivia was pumping Jane's cunt with the rings harder and faster. It appeared that Olivia was the only one who was not going to cum in the next couple of minutes.

The sweet aroma of the essence of pussy filled the room with an intoxicating fragrance. Sophia began to gasp... Jane began to moan louder... Angel was squirmier on her towel.. and Olivia's fingers were pushing as deep as she could reach with a quickened rhythm. Jane clutched and squeezed Sophia's buttocks hard... Olivia jammed her fingers hard inside Jane and twisted them around and around.. the rings rubbing against Jane's vaginal walls... Angel pinched her burning clit... and they began to cum together. Sophia was first.... gasping for air between deep sucks of Jane's pulsing clit.. “Ohhh Dios Jesús mierda .. Cumming”

Angel pinched her clit hard again and gasped with pleasure. Being somewhat of a voyeur, she was very sexually turned on by the sight in front of her as she quietly moaned and her body spasmed... “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.”

A few seconds later Jane was thrusting her hips hard against Olivia's fingers and Sophia's mouth as she gushed... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”.. her cunt spraying her sweetness on Olivia's fingers and hand as Sophia licked her hard throbbing clit. “Yesssssssssss Cummmmmmming!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnn.. Cummming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Angel moaned as she watched the nasty threesome laying on the floor in front of her chair. Jane, Olivia and Sophia gasped for a couple of minutes.. Olivia finally replacing her fingers with her mouth... sucking and slurping Jane's sticky fuck juices.. She leaned her face a little to the right and tilted her head so that she and Sophia could lick and slurp at Jane's wet cunt together... their tongues touched as they both licked and sucked at Jane's dripping pussy. For more than a minute they drank up Jane's juices before they tilted their mouths toward each other and began kissing... their pussy juice covered lips sliding together as they licked and sucked on each others wet tongues.. moaning and groaning. All of their faces were wet as they rolled apart and looked up at Angel.

“Did you like that?”

Angel only nodded.. her head moving up and down as she stood up and walked toward the stairway. She turned toward the three hot bitches and motioned with her index finger for them to follow her as she strutted up the stairs... pulling her dress up over her head as she reached the top and laying it over the railing. They all stared at her perfectly shaped buttocks as she clenched her strong glutes a couple of times for her own amusement.

“Dios omnipotent , ella tiene un culo caliente” (God almighty, she has a hot ass.) Sophia whispered.

“Si, ella lo hace” (Yes she does.) Olivia whispered back to her twin sister.

Angel strutted toward her bedroom, swaying her hips as Jane, Olivia, and Sophia followed.. walking up the stairs side by side. Their big tits jiggling with each step. As they entered the bedroom, Jane was once again amazed at the sheer size of Angel's bed.. So was Olivia and Sophia.

“Esa es la cama más grande que he visto” (That is the biggest bed I have ever seen.) Olivia said.

Sophia replied ..“Usted podría tener una orgía docena de personas en esta cama” (You could have a dozen person orgy on this bed.)

Angel removed her heels and motioned to the other three women to also remove their heels... and a couple of minutes later they had all kicked off their heels leaving themselves completely naked... except for the bling they were wearing.

Angel opened up her arms.. like she wanted to hug.. Jane stepped toward her... but Angel stepped back and held up four fingers, then made a circular motion with her hand. They all understood.. it was to be a group hug... a group hug with four naked hot sexy big-titted bitches.

Angel did not want to speak, because of concerns that Olivia and Sophia might recognize her voice as they formed a tight circle. Olivia positioned herself to the left of Angel with Sophia to Angel's right and Jane moved to the left of Olivia.. straight across from Angel. Angel moved forward toward Jane as she reached out to Olivia and Sophia and pulled them closer until they were standing very close to one another. Smiling at Jane, Angel closed the distance between them until their massive tits were almost touching and a moment later Olivia and Sophia also took the final small step forward until all four women were almost touching each other tit to tit.

Jane spoke with her quiet voice to Olivia, “I think she wants us to all rub our tits together.”

“I would like that.” Olivia replied before speaking to Sophia in Spanish. “Acérquese a fin de que todos podemos frotar nuestras tetas juntos.” (Move closer so that we can all rub our tits together.)

“Si.” Sophia answered as they all pushed into each other.. and their four sets of huge tits all met. “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

“Ahhhhhhh.” Jane gasped as her right tit was pushed up against Olivia's left tit.. Jane's left tit was squished against Sophia's right tit and Sophia's left tit was nuzzled against Angel's right tit. Olivia's right tit and Angel's left tit made sweet contact to complete the 'tit circle' They slowly began to sway their upper bodies back and forth.. sliding their hard long nipples against each other... It was not possible for any of the four hot girls to get their nipples tip to tip with anyone, but they did manage to push them together shaft to shaft, and as they wiggled, they would flick against each other from the side. It was a very erotic sight as Jane began to move her huge tits up and down.. sliding the outer swells of her magnificent tits against Olivia and Sophia. Angel soon began moving up and down.. her huge tits also sliding up and down against the outer swells of Olivia's and Sophia's big tits. Back and forth and up and down, the four hot bitches moved and squished their over-sized tits together with an occasional gasp or moan. Just think about it.. four hot naked women, all with huge tits and long hard nipples... and each one of them with a tit/nipple fetish. It was a special kind of nasty decadence.

Several minutes went by and all four women were beginning to feel their huge tits swelling... the skin on their massive globes began to tighten.. this was a very special kind of turn on.... and they were all very much turned on... their pussys wet with their juices... their breathing was becoming deeper and quicker... then Olivia reached out with her arms, placing them around Angel's and Jane's narrow waists... and soon all four of them had their arms around each other as they pulled themselves even closer together so that all four pair of those wonderful, over-sized, huge tits were squishing and mashing against each other... they began swaying more and leaning in and out as if they were trying to pump their big weighty tits together... the gasps and moans became more frequent.. and their already hard nipples became even more rigid.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Olivia moaned as Jane reached out with her right hand and grabbed Olivia's left ass cheek... squeezing her hard tight flesh. Within another minute, eight hands were squeezing and kneading eight ass cheeks... then someone slapped someone's ass... and then there was another 'smack'

“Palmada a mi apretado culo perra” (Slap my tight ass bitch) Sophia groaned at Jane.

Quickly the sounds of palms slapping buttocks filled the bedroom ..'smack' . .'slap .. 'smack'... which was followed with moans and groans... they were grinding their huge tits together now.. pushing into each other.. sometimes Angel and Jane would force their huge tits head on into each other, only to get them pushed out of the way by Olivia and Sophia thrusting their heavy tits head on into each other … then Jane would turn to her right and literally slam her huge right tit against the side of Olivia's dense left tit.. then Angel and Sophia were slapping their tits together... then Jane and Sophia.. then Olivia and Angel … smacking sounds from the tight skin of their tits slapping together coupled with the sweet slapping sounds of palms smacking buttocks... “Ahhhh's and Ohhh's” could be heard between the slaps and smacks. Angel was going crazy with lust.. She grabbed Olivia and turned her so they were facing each other. She grabbed Olivia's shoulders with her hands and yanked Olivia forward as she pushed her enormous tits head on into Olivia's huge globes.. 'smack' Olivia grabbed Angel by the shoulders and together they yanked hard at each other.. driving their large firm tits together hard .. 'Slap!' Jane and Sophia watched for a few seconds before they turned toward each other, hands on each others shoulders.. and joined in the titfighting... pulling each other forward as they drilled their huge tits head on into each other with a loud 'Slap!' Each time their heavy tits would smack together all four women would grunt and moan.. gasp and growl...

'Slap' “Ouuuuuu.” “Ohhhhhhhh.”

'Slap!' “Ahhhhhhhh.” “Iiiiieeee”

'Smack!' “Unnnnnnnnn.” “Ahhhhhhhhhh”

'Slap!' “Fuck!” 'Ohhhhhhhhhh.”

'Smack!' “Ohhhhhhhhh.” “God!”

Three long hard minutes of slamming their meaty tits together was leaving them gasping for air.. and they finally stepped back... taking a few deep gulps of air.. then switching partners... Angel and Sophia … Jane and Olivia .. and the titfighting began again …

For the next several minutes Angel and Sophia slapped their dense tits together as Jane and Olivia smacked their heavy globes against each other … the smacking and slapping sounds echoed off the walls of Angel's bedroom … 'Smack' … 'Slap'.... 'Whack' .. 'Slap' … 'Smack' … 'Wham' .. 'Clap' … it was tit-busting at it's best.. and their pussys were getting very wet. It was time for some fucking. Angel stepped back and pointed to the bed and they all quickly climbed up on the bed and laid down in a tangle of legs and arms and began kissing each other... moving their mouths from one girl to the next as they rolled around on the bed, switching kissing partners until everyone had spent several minutes with their mouths and tongues glued to each other. Jane finally grabbed Sophia and rolled her over on her back, spreading her legs open with her hands. Jane then leaned back in the opposite direction and spread her own legs open and began to inch her wet cunt toward Sophia's wet cunt with Angel and Olivia watching. Jane and Sophia teased each other as they moved their cunts closer together, only to scoot back from each other. Jane brought her hands down to her pussy and spread her pussy lips open with her fingers and Sophia followed her lead as she also spread her cunt open with her fingers. Again they wiggled their buttocks on the bed as they inched toward each other with their cunts spread open. Olivia was licking her lips as she watched and Angel's eyes were glued to the two hot bitches as they closed the distance between their most private parts. Jane and Sophia gasped as their pussys touched.



They wiggled a little more, pushing their open cunts more firmly together.. the back of their fingers were rubbing against each other as they began undulating their hips.. rocking their wet pussys together. … as they mashed their wetness a little more, they moved their fingers out of the way as all of their cunts touched .. wet sticky skin merging with hot sticky skin .. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” Sophia closed her eyes as she moaned.

“Ohhhhhhhh yes.” Jane whispered as she pushed her cunt into Sophia's and they began grinding their fuck-holes together.. their sensitive clits flicking and rubbing as they squished their wetness all over each others cunts. Their heavy tits began to wobble a little as they mashed against each other.. and Olivia was definitely turned on as she leaned over and began kissing her twin sister. Their tongues sliding against each other as she closed her mouth on her sister's mouth and reached down with her hands and began fondling Sophia's firm tits. Angel had her own idea as she moved around on the bed and straddled Jane's face.. looking down at Olivia and Sophia tongue kissing. As Jane reached up with her hands and placed them on Angel's buttocks, Angel slowly lowered her pussy down on Jane's face, moaning as she felt Jane's tongue licking at her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Angel quietly groaned as Jane's tongue slipped up inside her vagina.

Olivia noticed what Angel was doing and she also wiggled around on the bed until her wet pussy was hovering over Sophia's mouth. As she looked at Angel, she dropped her cunt down on her sisters face as Sophia began licking and slurping at her pussy. There they were... Jane and Sophia were tribbing... grinding their hot wet cunts together as the masked Angel and Olivia faced each other and rocked their cunts on Jane and Sophia's faces. Angel and Olivia were too far apart to reach out to each other... but they soon had another idea as they both leaned forward at the same time.. moving their faces to where the two tribbing bitches were grinding into each other. They had to tilt their faces a little to give them enough room to extend their tongues and begin licking at the grinding pussys that were in front of their eyes. By now, all four girls were moaning and sighing as Jane and Olivia fucked each other pussy to pussy... Jane was licking and slurping at Angel's pussy, and Sophia was licking Olivia's cunt... with Angel and Olivia licking the two fighting cunts that were below them. It was kinda like Jane and Angel were doing a 69 with each other.. as well as Sophia and Olivia also in a 69 as Jane and Sophia continued to thrust and grind their wet cunts together.

Olivia and Angel would suck at the moving clits.. occasionally managing to briefly trap a throbbing clit between their lips.. their tongues were almost always in contact as they licked at the joined cunts of Jane and Sophia. Now and then, Angel and Olivia would lift up their faces and share a long wet kiss with each other as they shared the mixture of Jane's and Sophia's pussy juices... Angel's catwoman mask was wet and shiny with pussy juice as the moaning was becoming more constant as all four hot bitches fucked and sucked each other.

“Ohhhh ... la lengua es muuuuuy buena” (Ohhhh... your tongue is sooooooooo good.) Olivia moaned.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” Angel whispered.

Jane and Sophia were groaning with pleasure as they slid their wet cunts all over each other.. rocking their hips and pushing against each other. Four pair of huge tits were squirming and sliding and pushing at four sets of well defined abs. Minute after lustful minute they rocked and licked and slurped together with Olivia and Angel finally moving back a couple of inches so Jane and Sophia could wrap their lips around throbbing clits. Angel and Olivia were still licking at Jane and Sophia's pussys as they continued tribbing with each other. Jane and Sophia were sucking clits with their hungry wet mouths... slurping and squishing and sucking sounds were constant. It was some of the most erotic pussy music that you could imagine.. moaning and gasping added to the slurping and sucking sounds to create a symphony of lustful pleasure. A few more minutes passed and they were all getting close to cumming.

Olivia gasped .. “Oh perra sucia .. sí chupar mi clítoris que maldita puta !” (Oh you dirty bitch.. yes suck my clit you fucking whore!)

Angel just moaned... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Sophia and Jane were gasping together... “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” .. “Ouuuuuuu.” “Unnnnnnnnn.” … “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

Olivia began to cry out with pleasure .. " Ohhh Dios soy a eyacular ... Oh puta puta sucia .. va a correrse en su puta cara! " (Ohhh God I am gonna cum... Oh you fucking dirty whore.. going to cum on your face bitch!)

Sophia gasped between sucks on Olivia's clit .. “Cum para mí PUTA ! Cum en la cara.” (Cum for me whore! Cum on my face.)

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuck yes!!!” Jane panted as they all began to cum at the same time. .. their bodies shaking.. their tits pushing hard against tight abs..... mouths sucking .. pussys grinding.

Their hips jerked.. their bodies tensed... clits began to spasm … they all moaned and gasped with pleasure …

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Angel groaned as her clit twitched and her pussy clenched hard .. “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.”

“Cummmmmmmmmmming!… Cummmmming … Cummming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

“Yessssssssss Cummming!”

“Oh you sweet bitch!.. Cummmming!”


“Yes yes yesssssssssss fucking whore yessssssssssss! Cummmming!”



They laid there.. Angel and Olivia sprawled out on top of Jane and Sophia for a couple of minutes.. breathing deeply .. gasping and moaning … panting … catching their breath.. until Angel and Olivia rolled away.. eight big tits gently rising and falling on their chests. They all rested for another couple of minutes before Olivia moved herself around on the bed.. she wanted to trib with her twin sister... and a minute later they had spread their legs as they lay on their backs and quickly squirmed toward each other.. There was no teasing .. they wanted to lock cunts now.. and they both gasped as they pushed their wet pussys into one another.. spreading each other wide open as they had done so many times before. Jane and Angel had got up on their knees and were fingering their soaked cunts as they watched Olivia and Sophia fuck-fight and it was not long before they wanted to join in on the fun.

Jane leaned over and licked her tongue across Angel's lips and whispered to her .. “I want to fuck you pussy to pussy.” Angel moaned as she gave Jane a wicked evil grin and laid back down on her back, but Jane reached out and grabbed Angel's hands, pulling her back up.. “On top of them.” she whispered. Angel was not sure what Jane had in mind until Jane crawled over on top of Sophia, her huge tits swaying as she braced herself with her hands and lowered her body down on top of Sophia... face to face and tit to tit.. their big tits meeting nipple to nipple as they spread out against each other. Jane wiggled her hips back and forth a few times and Angel caught on to what Jane wanted to do. As Jane and Sophia began to kiss each other with their mouths open and their tongues swishing back and forth across each other, Angel slid over on top of Olivia and lowered herself down as Jane had done... so that she and Olivia were face to face and tit to tit. Olivia gasped as Angel covered her tits with hers.. their over-sized globes melting into each other as they mushroomed. Angel stuck out her tongue and began to swipe it back and forth across Olivia's mouth and soon Olivia and Angel were swapping spit as their tongues dueled in mid air between their parted lips.

It took a minute for Jane and Angel to slide their legs together in such a way that would allow them to do some reverse tribbing.. their asses touched.. hard tight buttocks pushing against equally firm hard buttocks as they pressed their tight skin together and twisted and maneuvered until they could push their cunts together. It was an incredible erotic sight. Olivia and Sophia were laying on their backs, fucking pussy to pussy, and Angel and Jane were laying on top of them grinding their heavy tits into the hot bitches on the bottom as they began fucking pussy to pussy. Moaning and groaning the four stunningly beautiful and wild sexy girls pumped their wet cunts together.. grinding and pushing.. wiggling and squirming .. thrusting and sliding their open cunts all over each other as they moaned and panted. Catwoman and Olivia were locked mouth to mouth as they explored the depths of each others mouths with their wet tongues.. licking and lapping at the inside of each others mouths. Jane and Sophia were also deep kissing.. saliva drooling out of the corners of their mouths as they slid their wet slippery lips together and twisted their tongues around each other.. Angel's long hard nipples were throbbing against Olivia's long erect nipples as they mashed their huge dense tits together.. sliding them back and forth as they all fucked each other. Jane's big weighty tits were pushing and moving all over Sophia's abundant tits.. their nipples catching and pushing and twisting together as they withered against each other... and then there was the pussy to pussy grinding. Jane vs. Angel … Olivia vs. Sophia .. mashing and thrusting their cunts together... their clits vibrating against each other as they slid up and down each others wet slit with their own sloppy wet pussy.

They fucked like this for a long time.. when they could feel their orgasm building, they would stop their pussy to pussy grinding and just kiss and lick at each others faces.. then they would begin tribbing again.. rubbing and grinding .. pushing and mashing their hungry cunts together... squishing … twisting their swollen pussy lips against each other... Angel and Jane's pussys were soooo fucking wet as their fuck juices began to drool from their joined cunts.. stringing down and pooling on Olivia and Sophia's connected cunts.... which only increased the slurping squishing sounds their pussys were making as they fucked each other.. pushing into one another harder and harder. Jane and Angel had finally found the perfect position as they angled their hips and pushed their cunts against each other.. grinding deeply into one another... Olivia and Sophia were constantly rubbing and sliding their wet pussys up and down and around and around each other. They fucked in this position for more than thirty minutes.. stopping their pussy grinding several times as they would sloppily kiss and lick each others lips and tongues... and then when their approaching orgasm had faded, they would renew their deep pussy to pussy grinding.

They all began to moan... Angel's and Olivia's hair was wet and tangled together.. as was Jane's and Sophia's long hair ...they were gasping and panting as their huge tits rolled together.. their nipples flicking and straining against each other.. their tongues stroking together, clits flicking... vagina's sucking … it was a four way pleasure feast. Suddenly, all four hot sexy bitches felt their nipples being sucked... Angel and Olivia's nipples had sucked together tip to tip... welded tightly together... and Jane and Sophia's nipples had sucked together... glued at the tips. They continued to push and slide their over-sized tits together but their nipples were caught in a suck war.. and remained constantly stuck together.. pulling and tugging at each other as they fucked. Their clits were burning.. their labia sticking and pulling as they pumped their soaked cunts together.. sliding and grinding... they were all going to cum very soon.. there was no way to hold back the inevitable rush of pleasure that was about to flood through their bodies.

Sophia began to moan loudly as she arched her back.. driving her wet cunt hard against her twin sister and thrusting her big tits hard against Jane's massive globes.. “Oh, mierda .. oh Dios mío ... Ahhh esto se siente tan jodidamente bueno .. Ohh yesssss yesss " (Oh fuck.. oh my God... Ahhh this feels so fucking good.. yesssss Ohh yesss.)

“Mmmmmmmmm yes Sophia.” Jane whispered to her between their deep tongue kisses.

“Voy a cum puta .. Oh mierda .. Dios yesss Sí .. Oh sí” (I am going to fucking cum.. Oh fuck yesss.. God Yes.. Oh my yes.)

Angel moaned and gasped as her orgasm approached.. “Ahhhhhhhhh.”

Olivia gasped loudly .. as her pussy gushed.. pussy cum squirting out of her cunt.. splashing all over Angel, Jane and Sophia's cunt … “¡Ohh sí! ¡¡Ahora!! Sí cogida !! Estoy cummming !” (Ohh yes! Now!! Fuck Yes!! I am cummming!)

“Ohhhhhhhh Dios Cumming con usted! Cummmming ! (Ohhhhhhhh God Cumming with you! Cummmming!) Sophia moaned as her pussy began to squirt.. splashing against Olivia's pussy, and spraying Angel and Jane's pussy with her sweetness.

Angel and Jane began cumming at the same time.. gushing and squirting their hot wet girl-cum all over each others cunts... gushing and spraying each other.. their hot sticky cum streams splashing together and spraying all over Olivia and Sophia's twitching pussys. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!”


“Cummmmmmmmmming! … Cummmmmming!” .. “Cummmmmmming!”

Angel and Jane continued to gush their hot cum all over everyone's pussy.. Sophia and Olivia's pussys had drenched not only their own cunts but had squirted all over Angel and Jane's pussys... the bed was soaked with their mixed pussy cum as they gasped and moaned.. their hard nipples sucked together... and then they all came again.. sharing an intense orgasm again... Cumming and bucking wildly together.. hips jerking.. buttocks flexing … pussys wildly sucking at each other... gasping .. moaning .. bodies trembling together in their mixed sweat and fuck juices for another ten minutes before they slowly rolled apart, all four of them laying on the bed in various positions, panting and moaning.

Olivia was the first to roll off the bed and get to her feet.. whispering to Sophia ..”Es hora de que nos vayamos.” (It is time for us to go.) Sophia nodded as she slid off the bed with Jane and the masked Angel getting up a few seconds later. It did not take long for them to walk down the stairs to the living room. Angel had stopped and picked up her dress that she had draped over the railing and slipped it on and as she finished stepping down the stairs, the other three women were getting dressed. Angel walked over to the table next to her chair and picked up her glass of wine and took another sip as Jane, Olivia and Sophia finished dressing and slipping on their heels. …. It was time for Angel to get the ring.

Olivia looked at Angel.. “We had a great time... we should do this again sometime.”

Angel smiled and nodded as she stepped toward Olivia, holding out her left hand and then with the fingers of her right hand she slid them up and down the ring finger of her left hand as they all watched. Jane quickly caught on to what Angel wanted as she spoke to Olivia.. “I think she wants to try your diamond ring on for a moment.” Jane said as she moved toward Olivia with her hand out. Olivia was not to sure about this as she stepped back away from Jane. “Please?” Jane whispered. … and Olivia reluctantly slipped the seven carat ring off her finger and handed it to Jane. “Thank you.” Jane smiled as she turned around and slipped the ring on Angel's ring finger. It fit perfectly.

With the ring secured, Angel turned around with her back to the three girls and moved her hands to her mask, lifting it off and up over her face and tossing it toward her chair. She then grabbed her black wig,, and pulled it off, shaking out her long blonde hair as she tossed the wig toward the chair . Before Angel turned around to face 'Kiera' and 'Kandy' she leaned over and pulled out the drawer on the table next to her chair, removing a police badge and her gun, which was not loaded.. but Olivia and Sophia did not know that. As Angel turned around to face them it only took a split second for Sophia to shout, “¡Policía!”

Olivia instantly recognized Angel and turned and quickly ran the few steps to the front door where she grabbed the doorknob and tried to turn it.... it was locked. By now Sophia was at the door and they both desperately tried to open the door.. but it was sealed tight. Not only would the door not open from the outside, but it would also not open from the inside without the code being entered. Olivia and Sophia were trapped and Angel and Jane could see the fear in their eyes.

“Prohibido a la Policía !” (No Police!) Sophia was terrified as she and her sister backed up against the front door with no way to escape.

Angel did not point her gun at the two women... it was enough that she was holding it as she spoke in her firm voice. “I know you stole this ring.”

“No.. it was a gift. I did not steal it!”

“Do not lie to me Olivia Marquez.” … Olivia's eyes opened wide... Angel knew who she was. “Yes, I know who you are... both of you.. and I know where you live. Do you know what the penalty is for stealing something this valuable? .. You are going to prison for a very long time.”

“Noooo.. please... no!” Olivia pleaded.

Angel took a couple of steps toward them with her gun aimed at the floor. “I am going to give you an opportunity to do the right thing.. and you will not go to jail. Do you understand?”

Olivia nodded her head up and down. “Yes.”

Angel's voice was firm and full of authority ...“The person who owns this ring wants an apology in person.... Here is what you are going to do Ms. Marquez … you are going to go to the home where you stole the ring.. tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock. You are going to apologize and you are going to do whatever she asks you to do. … if you do not go there.. if you do not show up.. if you try to run... then she will press charges against you for theft and I will turn you in to the police and they will find you and arrest you and throw your ass in jail. Do you understand?”

Olivia answered softly.. “Yes.”

“Good. Now tell me exactly what I just told you to do.”

“I am to go to the house where the ring was.. and apologize to the woman....”


“And so whatever she tells me to do.”

“And if you do not do this?”

“You will call the police.”

“Good.. We understand each other.”

Jane stepped toward Olivia … “My ring?” Olivia slipped Jane's emerald ring off her finger and placed it in Jane's open palm.

When Jane had stepped back toward Angel, Angel spoke again .. “Step away from the door.” As Olivia and Sophia moved away from the door, Angel walked to the door and entered the code and unlocked the door, giving one last warning to Olivia as she opened the door .. “Don't fuck this up... you do exactly what I told you to do or you're going to prison.”

“Ok.. I understand.” Olivia then turned to her sister, grabbing her arm and pulling her toward the door .. “Vamonos' … Let's go.” As they walked through the door, Angel closed and locked the door behind them.

“Would you have shot her?” Jane asked.

Angel laughed.. “It would have been difficult to do without bullets.”

“Do you think she will show up tomorrow?”

“Oh yeah... she will be there.”

Jane stepped toward Angel .. “You are so wonderful.”

“Me? You are the one who found the ring.”

“Yes, but there is no way I could have done what you just did.”

“Aww, you're sweet Jane.” Angel replied as she closed the distance between them before they hugged and shared a long tongue kiss. “Can you stay for awhile?”

“Oh Angel, I really would love that, but I have a couple of briefs that I have to review before tomorrow morning.. I really need to get home. … You don't think Olivia will try to attack me or anything do you?”

“No. She is scared to death... but I would be glad to follow you home and make sure you get to your apartment safely.”

Jane smiled.. “No, it's ok.. but thank you for caring about me.”

“I do care about you Jane.”

“Mmmmm.” Jane moaned as they kissed again.. then they said 'goodnight' to each other and Jane left and drove home to her apartment. Angel stayed up for a little while, drinking another glass of wine before going to bed … with a seven carat diamond ring on her finger.

To be continued