By AngelDawn30

Second Monday

It was a little after eleven in the morning when Wendy arrived home from her doubles tennis match with the girls at the country club. As she drove her Lamborghini up to her home she saw the two black limousines parked in the driveway. She had seen limousines at her home before... It was always members of the Corleone family who had business with Carlo. Sometimes they would stay a few hours, sometimes a few days. Wendy was never invited to these meetings, which was fine with her. She was more than happy to assume her role as Carlo's 'trophy wife' when it was time for dinner or evening entertainment. She remembered opera singers performing in the home.. once there was a well know magician.. a concert pianist.. a string quartet... well know artists who would come and perform for the Corleone family. … but this was the first time the limousines were here when Carlo was away. It seemed odd. She parked her car and made her way to the front door. She was still wearing her white tennis outfit as she walked to the front door and pushed it open. Charles greeted her. “There are gentlemen here to see you Ms. Corleone.”

“Thank you Charles. You may go.”

“Yes Mrs. Corleone.” Charles turned and walked past the four men before heading down the left hallway and out of sight.

As Wendy walked through the foyer and into the living area, they all stood up. Wendy smiled and spoke softly.. “Lorenzo …Ricco … Giovanni …. it's always nice to see you.”

“Mrs. Corleone.” “Ma'am.” Mrs. Corleone.” They all nodded their heads as they greeted Wendy.

She took a couple of steps toward the fourth man .. “I don't think we have met.”

“Howard, Mrs. Corleone.. named after my mothers grandfather.”

“It is nice to meet you Howard.”

“Yes Ma'am .. thank you Ma'am.. the pleasure is mine Mrs. Corleone.”

Lorenzo was in his late fifties. In spite of being Carlo's younger brother, Lorenzo was the head of the Corleone family. Their father had chosen him over Carlo, which was actually ok with Carlo. He never wanted all the headache's associated with living in New York. Ricco was a distant cousin that was married to Carlo's younger sister. He was in charge of the Chicago operations. Giovanni was in his mid eighties. He was the younger brother of Carlo and Lorenzo's father.. Uncle Giovanni lived in Italy. Wendy did not know who Howard was or what he did. Lorenzo motioned to an empty chair.. “Please, sit down.” Wendy walked to the chair and sat down. “Would you like a glass of wine.. or anything.?”

Wendy wondered why they were here as she answered the question ..“A glass of white wine would be fine Lorenzo.”

He turned and spoke to Howard, “Get Mrs. Corleone a glass of white wine.” Howard nodded and left the room as Lorenzo turned back around and spoke to Wendy. “I am sure you want to know why I am here.”

“Has something happened to Carlo?” There was concern in her voice.

“Not exactly.” He turned his head away.. “Howard?... Howard... Mrs. Corleone is waiting for her glass of wine.” Lorenzo paused for a few moments until Howard walked back in with a glass of wine which he gave to Lorenzo... who in turn leaned over and handed it to Wendy. “Your wine.”

“Thank you....What has happened to my husband.. is he all right?”

“My brother is fine.” Lorenzo paused, then continued. “Carlo is getting married in Florence on Sunday.” He paused again.. Wendy just stared at him, but remained silent. “It's the daughter of an old friend of the family... Carlo is going to retire and live in Italy.” There was a longer pause... nothing but silence.. Wendy finally speaking..

“But Carlo is married to me.”

“Yes he is... and that is why we are here.”

“Oh My God' Wendy thought.. 'They are going to kill me so they can get rid of me.'

Lorenzo continued on as if he were giving Wendy an order.. “You are going to divorce Carlo, so he can re-marry. We have arranged a nice settlement for you.”

“Don't I have a say in this?”

Lorenzo continued, ignoring Wendy's question as Ricco reached inside his coat and pulled out several pieces of paper. “Our attorneys have some papers for you sign...You may keep all of your personal belongings, your wardrobe and any jewelry that Carlo gave to you.” Wendy listened carefully. “You may keep the Lamborghini... and the family will continue to take care of your membership at the country club ... In addition, we will give you five million dollars in cash... in return for all of this, you simply need to sign these papers... so Carlo can remarry... Do you have any questions?”

There was a very long silence before Wendy spoke..”I want my husband.”

“No, He is going to marry someone else... It's family business... you should understand.”

“I did not sign any prenuptial agreement. I am entitled to half of everything.”

Lorenzo ignored her comment as he reached out toward Wendy with his hand holding the papers... “If you would just sign the papers Wendy.” For the first time he did not refer to her as Mrs. Corleone.

Wendy stood up... “Carlo is worth at least a hundred million.. maybe more.”

Lorenzo again said .. “Sign the papers Wendy.”

“No. No, I will not... I was good to your brother. Every time he needed me, I was there. I did everything he ever asked me to do.. I represented Carlo and the Corleone family with dignity and grace. Your brother was proud of me. He loved me.. and you know it to be the truth... No. I will not sign.”

Lorenzo turned around to the other three men.. “Give us a few moments.” They all walked toward and out the front door. “Wendy.. look .. it's five million dollars.. cash .. tax free.”

“No. There are laws.. I have a legal right to half of Carlo's wealth. That is the law. And you know that Lorenzo.”

He looked seriously into Wendy's eyes.. “What do you want?”


“That is not going to happen.. You do understand who you are talking to, don't you?”

“Are you threatening me Lorenzo?”

Lorenzo smiled for the first time.. “No.. of course not... I am sure we can come to an agreement.... now tell me... seriously... what do you want?”

“Fifty million dollars.”

Lorenzo's voice was firm... “Not gonna happen.”

“Twenty-five, and my home.”

“There is no negotiation for this home Wendy. The estate belongs to the Corleone family.”

Wendy stared at Lorenzo … her eyes like lasers. “I have become a very powerful woman in this city. If I cannot have my husband.. if you are going to take him away from me.. then I want what is rightfully mine... or I swear I will get a lawyer and we will go to court …. it's just business.. you should understand.”

“Wendy... look... if you want to go to court.. the litigation will string out for years.. and you don't want that... Here is what I am willing to do.... this is my final offer.. all of your personal belongings as we discussed earlier... and twenty million dollars....You will have 90 days to move your things and vacate the premises.”

“I want the money in cash..under the table... tax free. .. and access to the private suite at the country club.... and the home on Lake Grapevine.”

“There is a home on Lake Grapevine?”

“I have agreed to purchase a home there... and I want you to pay for it.”

“How much is this home?”

“We have not negotiated a price yet.. but I am guessing about eight hundred thousand dollars.”

“Done. You will have the money on Friday. I will have our attorneys draw up new papers and will FedEx them to you in a couple of days so you can review them.”

“And I will have my attorney review them before I sign.” Lorenzo smiled and nodded as Wendy continued. “I will still be considered a part of the Corleone family?”

Lorenzo nodded... “You were good to my brother.... of course you will be part of the family... However, you will have no part of the family business.. and there will be no more money.. but when we have family get-togethers.. you are more than welcome to attend. You married into our family.. and I understand that this divorce is not your choice... You are a Corleone. Are we good with that?”

“I am good with that.” Wendy replied.

“Good.. Ricco will contact you Friday. If you ever need me.. you can call me... I mean that Wendy... You have been loyal and faithful to Carlo and have never been an embarrassment to the family... if there is ever anything I can do for you... call me.” Lorenzo turned and began walking toward the front door, then he stopped, turned around and respectfully gave a slight bow to Wendy.. “It was good to see you ...'Mrs. Corleone'.” Lorenzo turned around and walked out the door... A minute later he was gone.

Wendy was stunned. She was going to have twenty million dollars... but would no longer be Carlo's wife. She felt sad,.. she also felt somewhat relieved. Her world was about to change... Her life was about to change. .. and although she did not know, .. her life was going to be more wonderful and exciting than she could possibly imagine.

Wendy had a few things she needed to do... she and Carlo had a few joint savings and investment accounts, and since they were 'joint accounts' she had full and legal access to them. She picked up her phone and called the bank, inquiring as to what she needed to do to close out the savings account. She was told that they would be happy to take care of it … she would have to come to the bank and sign some papers and Wendy said she would be there before they closed today. Her next phone call was to her investment broker Amber Jackson. As you know by now, Wendy was a titfreak.. and Amber had an impressive rack. For whatever reasons, Wendy had not ever hooked up with Amber and her mind suddenly was filled with images of Amber's cleavage. That is what titfreaks think about... tits … especially big tits. After being placed on hold for about a minute Amber answered the phone.

“This is Amber, how may I help you?”

“Hi Amber, Wendy Corleone.”

Amber's mind was instantly filled with images of Wendy's massive tits... she had always wanted to get her tits and Wendy's tits together but had never made a move on her... mostly because her last name was Corleone. “Hi Mrs. Corleone... nice to here from you.. how can I help you?”

“First of all, we keep saying that we need to have lunch together sometime... we really should do that.”

“Yes we do.”

“We certainly do!... I have a feeling that we may have a lot to talk about.”

Amber wanted her to expand on her comment.... “I am sure we do...was there something in particular that you wanted to discuss with me?”

“Let's talk business first.....As you know Carlo and I have several investments accounts with you.”

“Yes you do... you and Mr. Corleone are two of our most valued customers.”

“Thanks.. and by the way, it's ok to call me Wendy.... here is what I want to do... I want to close the joint account and move the money to my personal account.”

“Sure, I can do that for you... I will need you and your husband to sign off on the account.”

“I can't close the account without Carlo's signature?”

“No, I'm sorry... regulations will not allow me to do that.”

“Well shit.”

“However, there is something that you can do.”

“What's that?” Wendy asked.

“Our accounts require a minimum of ten thousand dollars... you can legally take out any amount that is in excess of ten thousand dollars.. you just can't close the account unless Mr. Corleone also signs off on the paperwork.”

“Ahhhhhh... ok... that will be fine... what I want to do is withdraw everything over ten thousand and roll it over into a new account with only my name on it... Can I do that?”

“Yes you can.” Amber answered, her mind still occupied with images of Wendy's huge tits.

“How much is in the account?”

“Let me get that figure for you Wendy.. give me a minute.”

“Ok, thank you Amber.”

“It's my pleasure... just a moment. …... …. ok... got it... the joint investment account has a current balance of $482.440.25... so you can roll over four hundred seventy two thousand dollars and some change.”

“Great... I will have to come in and sign something?”

“Yes.. will tomorrow be a good time for you Wendy?”

“I would like to take care of this today... can you make that happen for me?”

“I am the only one who can sign off on this much money.. and unfortunately, I am going to be out of the office for the rest of the day.”

“I can come down there now.”

“I am already late for a meeting... however... I can drop by your home tonight and you can sign the papers.. as long as they are signed and dated with today's date then it is legal... will that work for you?”

“Yes.. that would be wonderful Amber.”

“What time should I come over?”

“About seven?”

“Seven will be fine Wendy.”

“Ok.... when you get to the first gate enter the following code 4455. Then call this number 555-8842.. You will speak to Charles who will open the second gate for you... and thanks for helping me with this Amber... see you at seven.”

“Ok... bye Wendy.”

As soon as Wendy ended her phone call with Amber, she researched Jane Love. She needed an attorney and remembered meeting Jane at the Fine Arts Gala. Finding her phone number she dialed the number....calling Jane.

Judy, Jane's secretary, answered the phone … “Jane Love's office.. how may I help you?”

“Hi. This is Wendy Corleone, may I speak with Miss Love?”

“One moment please.”

Wendy waited about thirty seconds before Jane picked up the phone. “This is Jane.”

“Hi Jane, Wendy Corleone, we bumped into each other last week at the Fine Arts Gala.”

Jane's mind immediately brought up the memory of her and Wendy pressing their huge tits together.... the thought made her squirm in her chair as she replied .. “Yes, I have played that moment back in my mind several times... How may I help you Mrs Corleone?”

“I need an attorney.”

Jane knew that she probably had an entire staff of attorneys at her disposal...“I am sure you have many very well know attorneys that could represent you Mrs. Corleone.”

“I am getting divorced from my husband... the Corleone family has offered me a settlement which I have verbally agreed to... I want someone I can trust. I want you to represent me.. and make sure everything is in order as it should be.”

“You want me to draw up some settlement papers for you?”

“No, the Corleone family will do that.. I want you to look the agreement over and make sure it is what I agreed to.”

“Oh. Mrs. Corleone.. I don't know...”

“Jane... please.”

“All right... when do you want to meet?”

“I should have the papers in a couple of days.. I will have then delivered to you.. you can look over them and then we can meet and go over the details.”

“All right.”

“Let's meet at noon on Friday at Armando's”

“Ok.. I will see you there.”

“Thank you very much … Jane.”

“You're welcome … Wendy.”

A vision of Wendy's huge tits filled Jane's mind as the conversation ended. “Damn” Jane said to herself.

Wendy was also thinking about Jane's big tits... as she also whispered, “Damn”. The next item on Wendy's agenda was to close out the accounts at the Bank. Carlo always took care of the bank accounts so she did not personally know anyone at the Wendy quickly googled the bank to see the list of loan officers and there she was.. her name was Joy Antonelli … she had to be Italian... and Wendy liked the name 'Joy' ..She closed the window on her desktop... she was going to go meet this Joy Antonelli.... she smiled as she thought to herself... 'What if she is a lesbian? .. and what if she has big tits?'

Wendy took a shower, put on her make-up and searched through her extensive wardrobe for the perfect outfit to impress Joy. She selected a dark blue mini skirt... the hemline was about eight inches above her knees... it's true that she had shorter skirts, but she was going to a bank.. and even though the skirt really was too short for an outing to the bank ... she thought it would be just fine. ... thinking it best not to wear one of her sexier shorter skirts. She would still show plenty of leg,, especially when she sat down. Now she had to find a blouse... but before she could do that she had to walk over to her mirror and talk with her twin. “Tell me what you think,” Wendy spoke to the image in the mirror.. “Bra? .. or no bra? … what? .. you say it depends on how tight the top fits?.. and how thin the material is?... what else?.. oh, of course.. it also depends on how clingy it is... but isn't that the same as how tight it fits?.. Hmmm.. ok.. well, lets look at some tops.... buttons or pull over? … ok.” Wendy searched through her assortment of tank tops.. low cut tank tops... ultra low cut tank tops... finally choosing a white one.. thin cotton... with two narrow straps over the shoulders and very low cut.. with a deep scooped neckline.. Wendy preferred a scoop neckline over a 'V' neckline.. the 'V' covered up too much of the top of the breasts.. perhaps a little more cleavage was visible with a 'V' neckline but a deep scooped neckline really showed off the amazing size and fullness of her huge E cup tits. She stretched the tank top over her tits... which required a little pulling and tugging... the tank top was tight.. and oh yes.. nipples on high beam.. which created a couple of inch long tents on the front of the tank top..even the little bumps on her areolas were visible. She looked at herself in the mirror... “Yes, that will certainly draw Joy's attention. She knew she could not walk through a bank lobby with her tits on such display.. but it was an easy fix... she found a vest that matched the color of her skirt and slipped it on.. it came down to where her lower back began to flare out into her hips.. it covered both of her tits... of course there was still that amazing cleavage showing , but the vest did hide her nipples.. and it would be easy to slip it off if it became necessary. Matching leather blue heels finished the look. She was stunning.. Wendy was always stunning... but today she was 'knock your lights out' stunning.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Joy was in a great mood today.. feeling just a little more sexy than usual and her choice of attire was a testimonial to her mood. Her black skirt was a little shorter than usual... a couple of inches shorter than the bank's dress code but no one was going to complain about it... after all, she was provided plenty of 'eye candy' for all the bank exec's. She had intentionally left a couple of buttons undone on her tight fitting white blouse which certainly brought attention to the cleavage between her huge tits.

Wendy parked her Lamborghini in the bank parking lot and strutted to the front door, walking in with her hips swaying just a bit and her massive tits bouncing just a little as her heels clicked across the floor... Unlike the newer banks with glass walls... this was an old building... on the Texas Historical Buildings list.. and so it was not updated... the offices had solid wood doors without windows... doors that could still be shut.. Wendy liked that. She was already getting quite a few looks as she stopped at the information desk.. “Joy Antonelli please.”

“One moment please.. let me check to see if she is busy... may I have your name?”

“Wendy Corleone.”

The receptionist's eyes opened wide... seems like everyone had watched all the Godfather movies... “Yes Ma'am.” She picked up the phone and dialed Joy's extension. Lisa, Joy's receptionist, answered the phone.

“Joy Antonelli's office, this is Lisa.”

“There is a Mrs. Corleone here to see Ms. Antonelli.... . . . .. ok, thank you.” She stood up and motioned to Wendy.. “Right this way Mrs. Corleone.”

“Thank you.” Wendy replied as she followed her to Joy's office.

“This is Lisa, Ms. Antonelli's secretary ….Lisa … this is Mrs. Corleone... here to see Ms. Antonelli.” She then turned and walked away as Wendy looked up and down Lisa's body, paying particular attention to Lisa's massive tits. Lisa was wearing a navy dress.. it looked almost black.. it had a so-so conservative look.. the neckline was not too revealing and the dress was not extremely short.. perhaps a few inches above her knees. White buttons on the front of the dress looked nice... as did the white heels.

Lisa extended her hand... “Mrs. Corleone... It is nice to see you.”

“Thank you Lisa.... have we met?”

“Not really... I did see you the other evening at the Fine Arts Gala,, but we did not have a chance to chat.”

Wendy smiled at Lisa ...“Oh, that's too bad.. I would have been nice to have spent some time with you.. so we could have gotten acquainted.”

Lisa had also been checking out Wendy's enormous rack with her eyes... “Let me tell Joy that you are here.” She knocked on the door and a moment later Joy opened the door and Wendy could tell that she was trying hard not to gasp as her eyes immediately went to Wendy's massive rack. Wendy was also staring at Joy's huge tits. It had probably been years since two such well endowed women were standing so close together within the walls of the bank.

Joy spoke softly ...“Please come in Mrs. Corleone... I'm Joy”

“Thank you... and please, it's all right to call me Wendy,” she politely replied as her eyes wandered up and down Joy's body... “It is a pleasure to meet you Joy.”

“The pleasure is mine Wendy.”

The office was a typical office with a desk and chair.. there were also two chairs in front of the desk... Joy pulled the two chairs out and pointed to one of them .. “Please have a seat Wendy ”

Wendy gently tugged her dress up slightly as she sat down so she could expose as much of her thighs as possible... which was an immense amount of bare flesh... about ¾ of her thighs were showing as she crossed her legs and smiled.. “Thank you.”

Joy went over and locked the door so that they were now alone in a private office...... her dress not as short as Wendy's but she did manage to pull it up at the waist before sitting down in the chair next to Wendy..... so that when she positioned herself and crossed her lovely legs.. she was showing almost as much of her bare thighs as Wendy was showing. Wendy felt her pussy spasm and by the look in Joy's eyes, she was having a little contraction in her pussy as well. Neither of the two hot women said a word for the next thirty seconds as they both stared at the massive amount of cleavage that each girl was showing.. slowly moving their eyes down to the smooth skin of each others thighs, then back up to each others eyes. “How may I help you Wendy?”

“I want to withdraw money from a joint checking account... can you help me with that?”

Joy's voice was low and sultry as she replied.. “I can help you with anything you need Wendy … all you have to do is ask.”

“Anything?” Wendy grinned.

Joy licked her lips slowly, making sure that Wendy was watching.. “Anything.”

Wendy turned a little toward Joy so that her left knee was pressing against Joy's right thigh... she ran her tongue over her lower lip as she asked.. “Could you define anything?”

Joy turned slightly toward Wendy.. pushing her thigh a little tighter against Wendy's knee... “Anything and everything.”

“That presents lots of possibilities.”

“Yes it does Wendy.”

“I think we should have dinner together sometime.”

“Sometime soon.”

Wendy smiled.... “Very soon.... now, about the joint accounts?”

“Yes, of course.” Joy answered as she stood up and walked back around her desk, sitting down and looking at her desktop.. “Let me get the account information for you ….. ah.. there are several joint accounts... checking, savings... and a couple of joint cd's. You can close out the certificate of deposit accounts... but you cannot close out the checking and savings accounts.. You can, however, leave a minimum of fifty dollars in each of those accounts.”

“That is what I want to do.. and I want to open up a new checking account in my name with the proceeds from those accounts.”

“Of course... I can do that for you Wendy.”

“How much money is there?”

“Let me add it up....... ok …..... the total is 772,925.13.”

“Fine... I would like to transfer that to a new checking account.”

“I need you to fill out this information.” Joy said as she handed Wendy a pen and the form for opening a new checking account. “Fill in all the blanks and sign it and we will make the transfer.” Wendy filled out the requested information and handed the form back to Joy.

“I'll be right back... is there anything you would like to drink while you wait? We have coffee, sodas, water...”

“A diet coke would be nice.”

“All right.” Joy answered as she walked to the door of her office.... opening the door she spoke to Lisa... “Lisa, Mrs. Corleone would like a diet coke.”

“Yes Ma'am.”

A couple of minutes later Lisa walked into Joy's office with a bottled diet coke and handed it to Wendy.. “Here you are Mrs. Corleone.”

“Thank you Lisa.. and please.. it's all right to call me Wendy.”

Lisa inhaled before she spoke... the buttons on her dress threatening to rip apart... “Thank you Wendy.. is there anything else I can do for you?”

“We should have dinner together sometime.” Wendy replied with her eyes surveying Lisa's huge rack.

“I would love that.” Lisa replied as her eyes were also taking in the incredible view of Wendy's deep cleavage.

“I'll call you tomorrow Lisa, and we can make plans to get better acquainted.” Lisa tore off a piece of paper from one of Joy's sticky pads and wrote down her cell phone number and handed it to Wendy. “Thank you Lisa.”

“You're welcome.”

She walked toward the door and was walking through it just as Joy was about to walk through the door... Lisa turned sideways and stood there as Joy squeezed by her... the front of their dresses began to swish across each other as their big tits mushroomed... Lisa could not keep from gasping ...“Excuse me Joy.”

Joy stopped and leaned a little more into Lisa.. their huge tits spreading against each other as she whispered .. “It's all right Lisa... in fact, we should do this more often.” She then squeezed by Lisa and walked to where Wendy was sitting as Lisa returned to her desk with thoughts of huge tits on her mind. Joy leaned over, giving Wendy an eye full of the upper swells of her large tits.... “Here you are Wendy.. the deposit receipt for your new checking account.”

Wendy continued to blatantly stare at Joy's tits as she spoke.. “Perhaps we can find some time to discuss moving some of this money into some cd's or a market investment account... perhaps starting a 401K.”

“We can talk about that anytime you want... even after hours... in fact, I am free this evening.”

“Oh, that is very sweet of you Joy.... thank you,, however, I already have plans for this evening.... but how about tomorrow evening?”

“That would be fine Wendy.”

“Good. How about my home... around seven?.. You have the address.”

“It's a date... tomorrow at seven.”

Wendy stood up and began to walk toward the door, then she stopped, turned around and stepped toward Joy.. extending her arms and pulling Joy into a tight hug. “Thank you very much for helping me with this.”

Joy hugged Wendy back... as they compressed their massive tits together.. “You're welcome Wendy.” They held their hug for about thirty seconds.. intentionally pushing their heavy tits into each other.. squishing them up and down and back and forth against each other... both women knew exactly what the other one was doing... they wanted to touch their big tits together.. to feel them... to mash them together.. and it was erotic... very erotic.

Wendy whispered as she pushed harder against Joy.. letting Joy get a good feel of how dense and firm her huge tits were... “We will continue this tomorrow night.”

“Mmmmm.” Joy moaned as they released their hug.

Wendy picked up her purse and walked to the door. She was about to place her hand on the doorknob, but changed her mind as she turned around and spoke to Joy in a very sexy voice.. “Perhaps a little preview might be in order.” Joy watched as Wendy walked back to Joy's desk and placed her purse down.. then turning toward Joy, she placed her hands on her vest and opened up her vest... the vest that was hiding her jutting nipples that were trying to tear two holes in her tube top that was stretched tightly over her massive tits.. Joy's jaw dropped at the sight of those two incredible tents that were on the front of Wendy's white tube top. They looked to be close to an inch long and Joy wondered how long they really were.. how far would those hard thrusting nipples stick out if they were unrestrained by the tight tube top.. “Want to touch them?”

Joy did not answer as she placed her fingers on those two amazing tents and closed her fingers around Wendy's hard erect nipples... She rolled them between her fingers for a few moments.. then pulled and tugged on them for a few seconds before pinching them.

“Unnnnnnnnn.” Wendy moaned. Joy took that as an invitation to continue as she placed the palms of her hands on Wendy's enormous tits and squeezed them which brought a gasp from Wendy's lips.. Joy moved those two huge tits around with her hands.. squeezing and lifting. .. she was amazed at how dense they were.. not hard like a bowling ball.... they felt more like a balloon filled to the max with water... they were squeezable.. but you really had to push with your hands and fingers.. Wendy's tits were the firmest, most dense tits that Joy had ever felt... simply amazing. After several minutes of fondling Wendy's huge globes, Joy moved her hands away and stepped back … whispering to Wendy... “We will definitely continue this tomorrow evening.”

Wendy pulled her vest back over her huge tits as she answered.. “I am looking forward to it Joy.” Wendy answered as she turned around and turning around and strutted out the door... waving at Lisa who was on the phone. Lisa smiled and waved back. A few minutes later Wendy was driving home as Joy and Lisa thought about her.... and those big fucking tits.

To be continued