By AngelDawn30


It was late in the afternoon as Wendy and Sara continued to stroll down the street, peeking in and out of some used furniture stores and thrift shops. One never knew when they might find that one of a kind item. Sara found a glass slipper that she thought was cool. It would make a nice paperweight on her desk when she started working next week for Ashley. They spent about an hour browsing in various antique shops until something caught Wendy's eye. It was a magic shop.

“Hey, lets check this out Sara.”

“Maybe we can get one of those hats that has rabbits in it.” Sara laughed as they stepped inside. There was an assortment of magic tricks that you could purchase. Sara picked up a magic wand and waved it in the air at Wendy … “Abra cadabra .. Poof!.. You're going to fall in love with someone.”

Wendy smiled.. “I am?”

“Un huh.” Sara smiled as she batter her eyes at Wendy.

“Perhaps …. someday.”... Wendy spoke as she noticed a sign that read.. 'Crystal Ball Readings Twenty dollars.' She pointed to the sign as she spoke .. “Let's do that Sara.”

“Oh come on Wendy.. they are just going to tell you what you want to hear and charge you twenty dollars for it.”

“Maybe... but I want to do it.” Wendy walked over to the older lady behind the counter.. “Crystal Ball Reading?”

She stared into Wendy's eyes for a long time..... “I have been waiting for you... thought it may be days.. but is now... today... come with me.” She walked over to a curtain and pulled it open. There was a table with a black crystal ball in the center with chairs on either side of the table. “Sit.”

Wendy sat down as the woman looked at Sara. “You wait.. she be back soon.”

Sara frowned but Wendy smiled at her.. “You don't mind do you?”

“No, of course not.” Sara responded.. “I just wanted to see what it was all about.”

“I do reading for you free... after her.” the woman said to Sara.

“Oh.. maybe.. I don't really believe in all that stuff.”

The old woman shrugged her shoulders.. “As you wish.” She closed the curtain and sat down across from Wendy.. “I am Voodoo Queen ...You place hands on crystal ball.. I look and see what crystal ball says to me.”

Wendy placed her hands on the crystal ball as she was instructed. The woman closed her eyes and began to hum a song. Wendy did not recognize the melody, but as the older woman continued to hum, suddenly the words came to her from out of nowhere. “If I had wings I could fly with you.” … Wendy looked at the woman as she continued.. “What does that mean?'

“Listen to me.. you are searching... you search for special one.. your twin.”

Wendy was puzzled.. “I don't have a twin.”

She stared into the crystal ball ...“Not twin from same parents. No... I see someone.. it is woman in the mirror” There was a very long pause before she continued .. “I know this.”

Wendy responded quickly ...“A mirror of me?”

“Yes.. the woman you see in the mirror ...You listen.. listen good.. you spend life looking for twin.. yes?”


“You do not find twin.. no?”

“Not yet.”

The woman smiled... it was a very long big smile before she spoke. “You will not find her.. but she will find you.”

“Who will find me?” Wendy asked.

“The one you search for..”.. then she said something that sent a chill up Wendy's back.. “The one you talk to ... the one in the mirror.”

Wendy's eyes were wide open and she could feel her heart beating in her chest.. how could this woman possibly know about the many times that she had stood in front of her mirror and talked to her mirror image.. had kissed her mirror image.. had made love to her mirror image.. How could she know?

“You search for woman in mirror.. she will find you.”

Wendy gulped as she whispered.. “When?”

“Soon. You dream about her last night... yes?”

'Oh My God' Wendy thought... 'How could she know about my dream?' ….“Yes, I had a dream last night... yes.”

“You were submissive to girl in dream. Yes?”

“Yes.” Wendy's heartbeat had quickened.

“You search for this girl who will use you and control you, yes?”

“Yes! .. I want this girl to own me.”

“You want to belong to her.... be her piece of property, yes?”

Wendy shuddered.. “Oh my God, yes!”

Once again the old woman peered into the crystal ball... looking … searching... and finally speaking.. “You are nymphomaniac.. yes?”

Wendy was surprised as her eyes opened wide... and she whispered to the old woman.. “Yes.”

“You search for this woman who will use your sexual energy for mutual pleasure. She will control you and use you and own you. This is your desire.. you look for woman.. but you not find her.... because she will find you.”

“How will I know that she is, you say.. the woman I am searching for?”

“You will know. There will be stars in her eyes.”

Wendy's heart was beating fast and she was breathing deeply... “Can you tell me her name or what she looks like?”

“Can not tell name. .. but can tell you this.. she could pass for your twin.”

“Oh my God!” Wendy whispered. “She looks like me?”

“Very much look like you.. not identical.. very close.”

Wendy was curious and had to ask more questions.. “She is blonde?”

“Blonde like you.. not exactly same color blonde.”

“How tall is she?”

“You … her ... same.. same tall.”

Wendy leaned forward and whispered.. “What about her boobs?”

The old woman looked into Wendy's eyes.. “What you want to know about her breasts?”

“Well,” Wendy continued to whisper.. “You see, I kinda have this weakness..”

The woman interrupted her.. “Is not weakness.. is strong desire for breasts... very large breast important to you, yes?”

Still whispering Wendy answered.. “yes.”

“Crystal ball will give answer.” She moved her hands around on the crystal ball.. “Answer is coming.... yes.... she same as you.”

Wendy gasped.. “She is the same size as me?”

“Same … no difference... everything same... exactly same. ... This please you?” the old woman asked.

“Yes very much so. It pleases me.”

“She could pass for your twin.. she almost look same as you.. face a little different.. color of hair a little noticeable difference.”

“What is that?” Wendy asked.

“Her eyes not brown like yours.”

“What color are her eyes?” Wendy asked.

“Blue.. blue as sky... blue as ocean.. and green.. as green as emerald. You will get lost in her eyes....she also has special sexual power.”

“Sexual power? .. what kind of sexual power?”

“Her nipples can suck.”

Wendy smiled at the old woman... “So can mine.”

“No no no.. no... is different... much suck.”

“I am not sure I understand.”

“I give you same sexual power.. but you tell no one... no one.”

“Ok... I will tell no one... so tell me more about this sexual power.”

“Your nipples will suck.. more suck than you imagine.. nipples get stuck for long time when magic happens.”

“Soooooo.. when this magic happens, my nipples will suck and get stuck to whatever they are touching for a long time?”

“Yes.. long time.. not get nipple unstuck.. except orgasm.”

“I have to cum before my nipples will get unstuck?”

“Yes.. cannot pull them loose any other way.. must have orgasm.”

Wendy was intrigued … “Yes, I understand.”

“Spell also make pussy suck.”

Wendy raised her eyebrows... “What?”

“Spell is magic... suck magic... nipples suck.. and pussy suck.”

“Ahh.. ok... but I can do some of that already..” Wendy leaned a little closer to the old woman and whispered... “I exercise... you know.... down there.”

“Is not same... pussy have powerful suction... powerful vacuum … more than you can imagine.”

“I can imagine a lot.”

“No no... this is much more than that... is very much suction.”

Wendy pondered what the woman said for a moment before replying ..“Ok.”

“But warning... when you meet woman in mirror.. be careful with nipples. If your nipples and her nipples touch.. very much suck.. powerful suck.. stick together for long time without separate.”

“How long?”

“Do not know.. take many orgasms to break magic.. many times you cum before magic goes away.”

“Oh my.” Wendy gasped. “So the magic only works once?”

“No no no.. magic comes and goes.. never know when.. sometimes have magic in nipples, sometimes no magic. No way to know.”

“Do I have this magic now?”

“Yes, but will not work for first few days.. maybe five six days then magic is ready.”

“Hmmm.. ok.”

“You will know when magic happens.. much suck... much pleasure.”

“All right... and you say that the woman in the mirror has same power?”

The old woman grabbed Wendy's hands in hers and squeezed very tightly.. “Yes..same suck magic ... be careful if touch nipples with her.... last long time... and heed what I say.. this is warning... strong warning.. if you and other woman touch pussys together.. much suck... strong suck.. suck together.. make unbreakable vacuum...may last many hours... may need many orgasms to break spell... not know for sure... this never happen before.”

“You have never given this magic to anyone else before?”

“Yes... before... yes... several times I give special suck magic... but never to two who are destined to meet.”

“This other woman... and me... we are destined to be together?”

“Yes... it is written in the stars.” Wendy smiled as the Voodoo Queen continued..“You understand what I say.. you understand warning?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“You tell no one of magic... tell no one ever ...or magic goes away... never come back if you tell anyone.”

“I understand..... thank you”


“Is there anything else you can tell me about this other woman?” Wendy asked.

“She will find you... there will be thunder.. and lighting ...and you will see stars in her eyes. ….there is no more to see... you go now.” She released Wendy's hands and leaned back in her chair... covering the crystal ball with a black silk cloth.

“Ok... thank you.” Wendy stood up and walked out from behind the curtain.

“What was that all about?” Sara asked.

“Magic.” Wendy smiled.

“Oh?... well … are you going to tell me?”

“I can't tell anyone or the magic will go away.”

“Well that sucks.”

Wendy smiled as she looked into Sara's eyes.. “Yes... yes it does.”

“Do you really believe all that stuff Wendy?”

“Yes... this time I do believe.”

“Oh come on Wendy.. really?”

“Yeah... I really do... I guess I'll find out, huh?”

It was early afternoon and the smell of burgers on an open grill filled the air. Wendy and Sara were suddenly aware that they were hungry and Wendy knew where the aroma was coming from. “Let me take you to this little hole-in-the-wall cafe... best burgers in Dallas.. and they have these amazing cheese fries... kinda crispy and not mushy.. you will love it.”

“Sounds yummy.”

“It's one street over... this way.” A minute later Wendy and Sara were sitting at a table at Bob's Burger Bar.

Sara looked up at the huge umbrella that provided shade at their table.. “It's like being at the beach... without the water.”

“I know.” Wendy noticed a handsome young man approaching the table.. he had a name-tag pinned to his shirt … It was Rocky and he was smiling as he arrived at their table.

“Hi.. welcome back.. it's nice to see you again.”

“It's nice to see you too....uh …... Rocky.” Wendy was puzzled.

“Y'all want cheese fries and cokes again?” Rocky waited for a response and as Wendy and Sara remained quiet he continued.. “I'm sorry.. I thought that since that is what you ordered yesterday, you might want the same thing again today.”

“We were not here yesterday.” Sara replied politely.

Rocky looked at Sara... with her long black hair.. “Oh yeah... right.” He then turned to Wendy... “But you were here... we had that conversation about.. well.. you know.”

“About?” Wendy inquired.

“You know.” He leaned over toward Wendy and spoke softly... “Boobs.”

Wendy's eyes popped wide open.. as Sara quietly giggled. Wendy frowned and squinted her eyes at Rocky and replied .. “What did you just say?”

Rocky took a good look at Wendy and realized that she was not the girl from yesterday... “Oh shit.. Oh, I shouldn't have said shit. Oh shit, I said it again .. shit...I am sooo sorry … I thought you were one of the two girls that was here yesterday... You look just like her. I am soooo going to get fired. I am very sorry.”

Wendy was somewhat amused and also curious.. “There was someone here yesterday that looked like me?”

“Oh yeah.. y'all could be twins... same hair.. same.. y'know... everything.”

“Everything?” Wendy asked Rocky.

“Yeah.. you know” Rocky answered.

“What do you mean by everything Rocky?”

Rocky leaned forward a little bit and whispered.. “Boobs.”

Wendy smiled.. “You mean like mine?”

“They were freakin huge!” He whispered.

“And you and this 'girl' had a conversation about boobs?”

“Please ma'am.. please don't say anything to my manager. I am really sorry.. I'll pay for your lunch out of my own pocket. .. and you don't have to tip or nothing.”

“Calm down Rocky... tell me about this conversation.” Wendy smiled at Rocky then turned and winked at Sara.

He leaned a little closer to Wendy and whispered.. “These two girls.. one of them looked so much exactly like you.. anyway they were here and they asked me who had the bigger boobs between them.”

“You're kidding...” She looked at Sara, “Did you hear that Sara?”

“Yes I did.” This was becoming very funny to Wendy and Sara as Sara added.. “So who had the bigger boobs?”

Rocky answered Sara, “It was a tie...” He then turned to Wendy.. “Well .. maybe the one who looks like you... but it was real close.”

“And were their boobs as big as ours?” Sara asked as Wendy snickered.

“Yeah.. well.. maybe yes.. Oh.. I don't know.... but yeah, they had some really big.. you know.”

“What were their names?”

“Oh I don't know... have no idea.” Rocky's face was red and he really wanted to change the subject... “What can I get you?”

“I'll take the cheeseburger.. lettuce and tomatoes and mayo only.” Wendy answered.

“I want mine with pickles and mustard.. and lettuce and tomatoes.” Sara responded.

“And to drink?”

“Diet coke.”

“Same for me... oh.. and cheese fries.”

“Ok.. be back in a few... and please.. I am sorry about that.”

“It's ok Rocky.” Wendy answered. When he was out of hearing distance she looked at Sara and said... “How funny.”

“I know... he could not take his eyes off our boobs.. did you notice?”

“Un huh... how old do you think he is?”



Five minutes later he was back with the burgers, fries and drinks. “Hey Rocky.. did you take any pictures of the two girls who were here yesterday?” Wendy asked.

“God I wish... manager won't let us have cell phones at work.”

“Ok thanks.”

“Y'all need anything else?”

“No, we're good.” Sara smiled at Rocky.

“Ok, well, let me know if you do.”

“Ok Rocky.” Sara answered as she looked at Wendy... “Soooo..... you have a twin.”

“I know!”

“Wonder who she is... maybe they have surveillance cameras... I'll ask Rocky.” Sara raised her hand and waved... sure enough Rocky was still checking them out.. in a few seconds he was back at their table... “Do you have surveillance cameras?”

“Yeah, but they don't work.”

“That's ok Rocky.. thanks.”

As they ate their burgers and fries, Wendy's mind replayed the many times she had stood in front of her mirror... talking to her mirror image... wanting to meet that special someone.. that someone in the mirror... her twin.

When they had finished, they left a nice tip for Rocky and left, walking down the street. Wendy and Sara were enjoying their weekend... so was Rocky.

“You know what would be fun Wendy?”


Sara smiled.. “What if we fucked Rocky?”

Wendy laughed... “Are you serious?”

“Why not?”

“I'm just don't want to.”

“I know that you have fucked guys before Wendy.”

“That was a long time ago Sara... I am just not into guys anymore.”

“Neither am I Wendy... we don't have to actually let him fuck us... we could put on a show for him.”

“Hmmmm.” Wendy was thinking.. and then said.. “He could titty fuck us.”

Sara giggled... “Now that would be fun... what if we gave him a blow job?”

“Oh.. I don't know about that Sara.. I don't think I want another dick in my mouth for the rest of my life.”

“Oh come on Wendy.. I've seen you suck a cock before.. back when we were in college.. remember Jason?”

“That was a long time ago Sara.”

“True.. but you used to give the most sloppy, nastiest blow jobs... remember we doubled on Jason one time?”

Wendy smiled.. “Oh yeah... Jason had a really big dick.. it was all I could do to deep throat it... and as I remember you managed to get most all of it in your mouth too.”

“Un huh.. and remember what we did when he came?”

“I'll always remember that Sara... we shared his cum together... I have to admit it was hot as hell kissing you and swapping all of that cum between our mouths.”

“Let's do it again with Rocky.”

“Ohhh.. I don't know Sara.”

“Please?” Sara looked at Wendy and batted her eyes.. “Pretty please?”

“Ok.. just this one time.”

“Oh Goody!” Sara responded in her happy voice.

“But there is no way I am letting him stick his cock in my pussy!”

“Of course not Wendy.”

“Mmmmmmmm you are such a slut Wendy.”

“Of course I'm a slut Sara ….And one more thing ... I will do this with you only if we can share his cum.”

Sara smiled.. “You mean like we just talked about …. cum-swapping?”

Wendy grinned... “Yeah... cum-swapping... snowballing.. whatever you want to call it.”

“I would love to do that with you Wendy.”

“”Mmmmm... okay! ...Let's go back and find out what time he gets off work.”

They turned around and walked back toward Bob's Burger Bar.... sure enough, Rocky was still staring at the two hot big-titted girls and when they got close enough Sara raised her voice slightly.. “Hey Rocky...I have a question for you.”

He smiled as he walked toward them.. stopping in front of them near one of the tables with an umbrella. “What else can I do for you girls?”

“What time do you get off work?” Sara asked.

“At six”

“Hmmm.” Wendy continued...”That's a couple of hours from now.. Do you have any plans for this evening?”

“Yeah.. kinda..”

Sara pouted her lips.. “Awww, that's too bad.” She turned to Wendy and continued.. “We'll have to find someone else to play with.”

“Ahh.. well.. uh.. what I mean.. what were you gonna say.. I mean.. I was just gonna go hang our with some friends.. you have something else in mind?”

Sara opened up her purse and found a pen as Wendy reached down and picked up a napkin off the table. Sara wrote down her address and handed it to Rocky. “You know where this is?”

“Uh.. Park Place Towers.. sure.. I know where it is.”

“Be there at eight o'clock... when you enter, there is a phone on the wall to your right.. pick it up and call my apartment number.. I will buzz the door open.. the elevators are straight ahead.”

“Yeah.. sure... absolutely... what are we gonna do?”

Wendy smiled.. “We are going to play... see you at eight.”

“Ok! I'll be there.” Rocky said as Wendy and Sara turned and walked away. “Hey!.. I don't know y'alls names.”

Wendy turned her head to the side as they walked ...“Does it matter?”

“Ahh.. No... that's cool.” He walked back to the front counter talking to himself . “Holy Shit!.. Holy Fuck!!.” Rocky was already getting a hard on.

To be continued