By AngelDawn30

Previously on Saturday (Highlights)

Angel and Jane share breakfast and a lot more.
Angel and Jane go shopping and meet a Voodoo Queen who gives Angel a magic spell
Angel and Jane stop at Bob's burgers where they met Rocky
Lisa and Amanda make plans to go to Girlfriends Saturday night
Sara called Wendy to confirm their date that evening.
Angel, Jane, Lisa and Amanda all met at Girlfriends
Sara visited Wendy at Wendy's estate
Angel, Jane, Lisa and Amanda have some fun at Angel's home


It was very early Sunday morning... Wendy turned her head and glanced at the alarm clock.... trying to focus her eyes on the numbers... everything was blurry as she tried to focus... it was 5 AM. “Ugh” she whispered to herself as she tried to roll over.. but she couldn't move... something was wrong. Everything seemed so cloudy... so out of focus. Once again she tried to roll over... that is when she discovered that her wrists were bound. There was a black silk scarf tied around her wrists... she looked up and saw that the silk scarf was tied to her bedposts. Wendy tugged a little bit, but it was hopeless. Looking down she was shocked to see that her ankles were also tied with two black silk scarves that were attached to the two bedposts at the foot of her bed... then her eyes opened wide as she saw the woman standing at the foot of her bed. Everything was still so blurry as she squinted her eyes at the woman. She could tell that she was dressed in black..... wearing what appeared to be a leather bustier with open cups that exposed her enormous tits. They were huge... full and round with extremely long and thick nipples. The leather bustier only covered her body from her waist up.... her pussy was exposed and it was bare … completely shaved. Wendy continued to squint... she felt light-headed and dizzy as if she had been drugged. She tried to focus on the woman's face but it was all cloudy.. as if the woman was in a fog.

“Who are you?” Wendy asked, but the woman did not answer. Wendy peered at her again... she was blonde... gorgeous blonde hair that flowed around her face and down over her shoulders... the woman was wearing a pair of thigh high leather boots and was holding a black whip in right her hand. Again Wendy asked...”Who are you?” But there was no reply. Wendy tried to make out her facial features but everything was just so fuzzy. She tried to move her arms and legs but she was completely restrained. She tugged and pulled... but to no avail. The blonde woman raised her right hand high into the air and snapped her wrist . ... the whip waving in the air and cracking loudly. Wendy jumped.. her heart began to race “What do you want?” The blonde did not respond as she slowly climbed up on the bed... crawling between Wendy's spread legs. Wendy was getting nervous as she tried her best to focus her eyes on the woman... then she noticed that the blonde was wearing a mask... it covered her face with cutouts for her eyes. .. the mask forming points on each side at the top of her head that looked like ears.. . . . It looked like a Catwoman mask. Bondage Cat Mask | Cat Mask, Masks and Halloween Costumes

“Holy Batshit! She's a dominatrix!” Wendy gasped. Her huge tits wobbled on her chest as she began squirming and tugging at her restraints.. the woman crawling closer and closer to her until her face was over Wendy's pussy. She placed her whip down on the bed as she began licking her lips and slowly lowered her face down between Wendy's legs .. extending her long tongue and licking up the entire length of Wendy's slit. “Ohhhhh.. what are you doing?” The blonde woman began stroking Wendy's slit... sliding her long wet tongue up and down Wendy's wet crevice. … stroking … licking... up and down... slowly... teasing … tormenting …. up and down. Wendy was squirming as she felt her pussy beginning to flood with moisture.... and the licking continued... slow … steady.... relentless … up and down... plowing between her pussy lips... from the bottom of her slippery slit all the way to her clit … pausing to flick her clit with the tip of her tongue.. again and again … over and over and over and over... licking up and down... sliding her long tongue deeper and deeper into Wendy's wet gash. Wendy began to moan as she strained at her restraints. … trying to free her arms and legs... but it was utterly hopeless. “My God,” Wendy whispered to herself.. “What kind of drug did she give me... everything is so blurry and cloudy.” The tongue kept moving... kept sliding.... and licking... and probing... pausing at the top of each long stroke to flick her clit a few times before burrowing between her pussy lips and licking all the way down... up and down... lapping … tasting … licking. Wendy was moaning more and more... and she wanted more and more and more. Who was this woman?... she looked down at the face buried between her thighs... she did not know who it was... everything was so fuzzy and blurry... as if water had been spilled on a fresh painting... the colors running together... the fine details washed out. She only knew that this masked blonde was pleasuring her... and she was responding... moaning.. her hips began to undulate, moving in a sinuous motion... rocking her open cunt against the blonde's tongue. Her hips began a slow rhythm ..moving like waves.. up and down … side to side... rising and falling as that wonderful tongue licked her wet cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God!” Wendy gasped as she felt lips on her clit... wonderful wet lips.. rubbing her clit... sliding up and down and around and around her throbbing clit... then she felt the tongue once again... flicking her clit... stroking … rubbing.... up and down and around and around her clit. Wendy's pussy was leaking... overflowing with her sweet honey as the wonderful mouth between her lets fucked her cunt. “Ohhhhhh.” Wendy whimpered as she felt suction.... those luscious lips captured her pulsing clit... sucking it … pulling and tugging …. the tip of her tongue stroking her clit as she sucked it deeply between her lips and into her wet mouth. It was driving Wendy crazy with lust as she breathed deeper and deeper.... the pleasure building in her clit.... “Unnnnnn.” She heard the sweet sucking and slurping sounds as the blonde tortured her clit with her amazing mouth. Sucking and licking …. Wendy wanted to reach down and grab that lovely silky blonde hair and pull her mouth even tighter to her throbbing clit. She was getting close to an orgasm as she rocked her hips... fucking that incredible mouth with her pussy..... it was magical. Who was she? And why was she here?

Minute after grueling minute passed... Wendy on the verge of an orgasm... and every time she was about to crest... each time she was about to give in to the unstoppable wave of pleasure... that mouth and tongue would slip away... leaving her wanting more.. leaving her begging for more.... Wendy began to whimper more and more … “Please .” Wendy begged. …. “Please don't stop.” She pleaded. Again the tongue flicked her clit as those full moist lips closed tightly around her clit and sucked.... then there was the finger... pushing into her vagina... wiggling around inside her... and as Wendy drew closer to her orgasm, the finger slipped out of her pussy... and the mouth pulled back... leaving Wendy a squirming mess... leaving her pleading for release.... “Please.... please fuck me... I need to cum soooooooooo bad.” Wendy tossed her head back and forth.. still tugging at the black scarves that were binding her... trying to free herself for her bondage.. but she could not break loose. Again she felt the finger inside her vagina... it was more than before... perhaps two fingers... maybe even three... she squeezed her powerful vagina around those invading fingers... gripping them tightly between her pussy lips as the blonde's mouth once again began tormenting her hard clit... licking and sucking... then she felt her teeth... nibbling on her clit.... “Ohhhh fuck!!!” Wendy panted as the blonde nibbled on her clit and twisted her fingers around inside her pussy.... Once again Wendy was getting close to an orgasm... and this time the blonde kept sucking... kept licking... kept twisting her fingers around and around inside Wendy's clenching vagina. She felt that lovely mouth clamp down hard on her clit.. pulling it deep into her mouth as she sucked... then the teeth … dragging back and forth across her clit... with the fingers moving around and around in a circular motion inside her vagina... Wendy was sooooo very close to having an orgasm …. then the blonde's mouth and fingers vanished... leaving Wendy frustrated beyond belief.

Wendy shuddered as the blonde reached over and picked up her whip.. and Wendy got a good look at the whip for the first time. Even though she appeared to be looking into a dense fog, she could see that the leather handle of the whip was shaped like a phallus. It was a big black cock.. easily nine or ten inches long, with a very large head. .. and the masked woman was licking it... sliding her tongue up and down the length of the black dick … wetting it with her saliva. She licked the handle of the whip for several minutes before parting her full moist lips and sucking on the head of the black cock … slowly inserting more and more of the leather phallus inside her mouth... until the blonde dominatrix was deep throating the whip handle... almost the entire length of the black leather cock sliding in and out of her mouth. The blonde looked so vulgar and nasty... yet so powerful and dominating. As the masked woman pulled the whip handle out of her mouth, Wendy could make out spitty strings of her saliva stretching from the head of the cock to her tongue and lips … Wendy moaned and once again squinted her eyes.. trying to focus... but she was drugged … and the cloudy mist that hovered in the room kept her from seeing the details of the blonde's face and body... It was like they were in a thick heavy fog. Once again Wendy pleaded … “Please.” …. and a few seconds later Wendy felt something big pushing against her pussy... spreading her lips... sliding up inside her vagina.. She gasped as she looked down... “Oh my God!!” It was the handle of the whip.. and the blonde was pushing it up inside her vagina... she was being fucked with the handle of the blonde's whip. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

The whip began to slide in and out of her pussy.. pushing deeper and deeper with each hard thrust... The blondes mouth once again sucking her clit... her teeth nibbling.. Wendy began to tremble... The long leather handle of the whip was thrusting in and out as far as it could go... the mushroom head of the big black leather cock was pushing up against her cervix with each hard thrust.. Wendy was being fucked hard.. she was being used... she was being violated. ….and she was going to cum... she was going to gush all over the blonde's face.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy panted and gasped... then the waves began... the first one was powerful... her vagina spasmed hard... filling up with her sweet cum.. then contracting.... squirting out her girl-cum... splashing and spraying out around the whip handle ...splashing the blonde's face with her juices.. squirting hard... her vagina contracting hard... her clit twitching between the blonde's lips... jerking... vibrating... Wendy screamed loudly... “Cummmmmmming!” She was thrashing on the bed.... her body jerking wildly... “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmming!!! Oh FUCK Cummmmmming!!!”

Wendy panted and groaned... it was the most intense orgasm she could remember ever having..... she continued to cum... over and over... screaming and yelling as loud as she could... “Cummmming!!... I am Cummmmmmming!!! Oh Fuck! Cummmmming!!”

She looked up as the leather clad blonde straddled her face... as if she was going to lower her wet naked pussy down toward Wendy's mouth.. The blonde reached down and placed her hands on Wendy's shoulders and began to shake her... shaking her shoulders hard..

“Wendy! .. Wendy! Wake up!” It was Sara's voice.... She was shaking Wendy.. “Wake up!”

Wendy was in a daze... she realized that her fingers were buried deeply inside her pussy as she looked up at Sara … moaning … “What?”

“You were dreaming! Wake up.”

“Oh.... Oh my God.... Oh Sara.” Wendy moaned as she slipped her wet fingers out of her pussy... “Ohhhh.. oh my.”

“Are you ok?” Sara was concerned.

“Yes....” Wendy was catching her breath.. “Yes I am fine.” She looked around the room... there was no one there except for Sara and herself.

“That must have been quite a dream... you were screaming that you were cumming.”

“Yesssss... yes it was amazing.”

“You're sure that you are all right? … Do you want to talk about it?”

“Yes … No … I mean... Yes I am fine.. I just feel soooooooo drained... so tired.”

“What were you dreaming Wendy?”

“Oh.. it's ok Sara... really.”

“All right ...It's almost five in the morning... go back to sleep and get some rest.”

“Mmmmmm ok.... rest …. yes ….. nite Sara.” Wendy thought for a few seconds about her dream... and the blonde … before quietly fading into a deep slumber.

Sara snuggled up next to Wendy and whispered ..“Nite Wendy.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was a little after ten Sunday morning when Wendy woke up.... she quickly moved her arms and was relieved that she was not tied up... her dream had been so real... and so incredibly hot. She turned over and noticed that Sara was gone.... then heard the sound of water running and guessed that Sara was in the shower. Wendy rolled out of bed and walked over to the bathroom... opening the door... “Sara?”

“In the shower... almost finished.”

“Ok.... are you hungry?”

“Yes! I am starving!”

“They have a Sunday brunch at the Country Club... it's really good... want to go there?”

“Sure. Sounds good to me.”

An hour later they were getting out of Wendy's Lamborghini and walking into the dining room at the Country Club. Wendy had worn a dark navy dress that was perhaps a little too short and a little too low-cut... but it looked great on her flawless body... Sara had slipped back into her little black dress and she also was getting a few stairs as they each picked up a plate. The brunch was a buffet... and it had about anything you would want. Sara got some scrambled eggs and ham with a few strawberries and some grapes... and of course she had to have a glass of champagne. Wendy choose mostly fruit.. a couple of slices of cantaloupe, a piece of watermelon along with some blueberries, cranberries, strawberries and some cheese. She also picked up a bagel that was covered in cinnamon cream cheese that was covered with chocolate sprinkles, and, of course, Wendy also had to have a glass of champagne. As they were talking and enjoying their breakfast, a tall, very attractive woman with dark hair who was holding a very tiny white toy poodle approached them. She was absolutely beautiful.. wearing a short black skirt and a pink blouse which was cut low enough to expose a little of her enormous tits. Wendy looked up … “Well, I guess this is not going to be a perfect day after all.”

Michelle put on her fake smile as she spoke.. “Well... good day to you to Wendy... and who is your lovely friend?”

Sara immediately sensed that Wendy and Michelle did not like each other as Wendy answered … “She is with me.”

“Ohhhhhh.. having another affair are we?”

“That is none of your business.”

“Oh,.. well... I just assumed... I mean... that is what whores do... right?”

Wendy glared at Michelle... “Why are you here with a pig?”

Michelle answered, “It's a tiny toy poodle.”

“I was talking to the poodle.” Wendy replied as Sara snickered.

Michelle glared back at Wendy and mouthed her words... 'Fuck you.' as she put her pet down on the floor.

Wendy carefully took her napkin off her lap and placed it on the table.. then stood up and stepped toward Michelle who was holding her pet's leash in her left hand. Wendy leaned close enough so that the front of navy dress brushed up against the front of Michelle's pink blouse. Wendy glared at Michelle and whispered … “Fuck you.”

Michelle leaned in closer... their tits mushrooming a little as she whispered back.. “Fuck you.”

Sara was still seated... watching this confrontation between the two big-titted women.

Wendy reached out with her arms.. placing them around Michelle and pulling Michelle closer to her.... their big heavy tits shifting against each other under their clothes as she spoke loud enough for those close by to hear... “Michelle! It is so nice to see you.”

Michelle took advantage of the opportunity to wrap her arms around Wendy as they pulled each other tightly together in a deep hug... their massive tits pushing together enough so that the naked skin of the upper swells of their dense tits touched... skin to skin.... and it burned... “It is so nice to see you to Wendy!”

Wendy leaned forward more.. feeling her heavy tits pushing deeply against Michelle's extra-large tits.... She moved her face close to Michelle's ear and whispered.. “We need to settle this... woman to woman.”

Michelle leaned in more... creating a great deal of pressure on their four huge unyielding tits as she whispered back into Wendy's ear … “You want a fuck-fight, don't you bitch?”

Wendy squeezed a little tighter with her arms … still whispering.. “A fuck-fight until one of us begs the other to stop.”

“Until one admits that the other is the better woman.”

As they whispered to each other they were slowly swaying from side to side within their hug... slowly pushing and sliding their huge tits against each other.

Wendy continued whispering ...“As long as it takes, you fucking whore.”

“Until you can't cum anymore, you whoring slut.”

Wendy responded ...“Cunt to cunt, you dirty nasty filthy bitch.”

“I'll be waiting... I am sure we will bump into each other around here sometime.”

“I am sure we will.”

“I can't wait.” Michelle whispered as she felt her pussy twitch.

“Neither can I” Wendy whispered as she also felt a twinge deep inside her pussy.

Michelle released herself from Wendy.. with her voice returning to a normal volume.. “Well, it was nice to see you... enjoy your day.”

“You too.” Wendy answered as she stepped back and sat back down.”

As Michelle walked away, tugging her pet behind her, with her hips swaying, Sara looked at Wendy.. “Who is she?”

“The bitch from hell.”

“I guessed that... what is her problem?”

“She was born with a corn cob stuck up her ass.”

Sara gasped... then they both broke out in laughter.

“Hey Sara... when we finish, lets go antiquing... I love to look at old stuff... sometimes you can find a real treasure.”

“I would love that Wendy.”

They finished eating their brunch... enjoyed another glass of champagne, and left the Country Club... they were going to have a great time together.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Lisa and Amanda had slept in....their Saturday night adventure had left both of them exhausted and it was already a little after eleven o'clock when they finally woke up. They reminisced about the prior evenings activities as they ate breakfast … which consisted of oatmeal and some orange juice... and then it was time for Amanda to go visit her parents. She had a standing invitation on the first Sunday of each month... . Sometimes they would just talk and spend time together.. sometimes she would go shopping with her Mom... sometimes the three of them would go to the movies... and almost always they would all prepare and share an evening meal together. It was a nice change of pace in Amanda's busy life. After taking a shower and getting dressed, Amanda kissed Lisa 'bye' and headed out the front door.. “I'll be back about 8.”

“K. Have a good time.”

As soon as Amanda had left, Lisa's cell phone rang... it was her younger sister, Emily. “Hey Emily.”

“Hey... are ya busy?”

“Not really... what's up?”

“Oh, nothing... Hey.. want to catch a movie this afternoon?”

“Oh, .. I have some reading to do....”

“Oh,.... well … … ok.”

Lisa could hear the disappointment in Emily's voice. .. “I have an idea.. why don't you bring a movie with you and we can watch it here.”

“That would be great Lisa!.. what do you want to watch?”

“Surprise me.”

“Ok!”... Around three this afternoon?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“K. See ya later.”

“Bye Emily.”

Emily smiled to herself.... she knew that Amanda would be gone for most of the day, which would leave her and Lisa alone. She was going to seduce her older sister... and she had a fool-proof plan.

To be continued