By AngelDawn30


Angel and Jane

Angel Unicorn in leather
Jane Unicorn in leather | Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Jordan Carver, Jordan's and Hot Blonde

Mapquest told Jane it was an 18 minute drive.. so she drove out of the parking garage at 7:30. Her leather dress rode high up her thighs as she drove to Angel's home thinking about what they would be doing tonight.. how many ways could they fuck each other? She reached down and placed her left hand under her black leather dress and rubbed her already wet pussy lips.. Since she did not have panties on, it was easy to slip a finger up inside her vagina as she drove. She began to think again about Angel's tits.. she had thought a great deal about those tits the last few days.. still wondering how they compared to hers... Were they bigger?... she did not think so.. were they harder? … she did not think so... Were her nipples as big as hers.. Jane did not think so... but she still wondered as she thought about Angel's massive tits and fingered her wet pussy.. She was beginning to moan .. Jane was really getting turned on... and the top part of her dress suddenly felt soooo fucking tight... As she approached Angel's home she removed her finger from her wet cunt and sucked the juices from her finger. She tasted so fucking good... so sweet..

As she slowed her car down she noticed the houses in the neighborhood. They were big homes...most everyone was two stories and they all looked so elegant. Large old oak trees lined the streets... forming a canopy over the brick avenues. It was like a storybook. She turned right on Cherrywood Lane.. it was a cul-de-sac.. number 40 was at the very end of the street facing her as she drove toward the address. It was a large white house.. with huge Roman pillars across the front.. Jane thought it looked like one of those Southern mansions in “Gone With the Wind'. There was a balcony all the way across the front of the house.. and it appeared to go down the sides as well... with doors opening into the second story rooms. Jane also noticed a second smaller house to the left of the big house... she thought it must be a guest house. It all looked like something out of a fairy-tale. She got a lump in her throat as she drove up in the circular driveway that was lined with huge oak trees that seemed to touch the sky. …. Angel lived in a mansion.

Jane parked and stepped out of her car... “Shit!” She spoke out loud to herself.. “I forgot to bring any extra clothes.”... she took a couple of steps toward the front door.. “Fuck! .. I did not even bring a toothbrush.. or make up or anything! .. Shit! Then she thought.. “Oh well... I will worry about that later.” She walked across the brick circular drive... her heels clicking on the reddish-brown bricks... then walked up the three steps to the porch area in front of the door. It stretched all the way across the front. She noticed one of those old time swings with chains attached to the ceiling of the porch. Two large double doors awaited her. Jane took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Angel walked to the door in her heels.. and peeked in the little peep hole... It was Jane. Angel unlocked one of the heavy oak doors and pulled it open... their eyes met. .. and both women felt something as they gazed at each other. Angel spoke first.. “Hi Jane.. please.. come in... You look … Wow!”

Jane stepped inside.. looking at how hot Angel looked... and amazed at the inside of Angel's home. “Your home is lovely.. and you look sooo fucking Hot!!”

Angel closed and locked the door and took Jane's purse... sitting it down on a table near the entrance. She turned around and walked up to Jane.. They took a few moments to stare at each other... looking up and down each others flawless bodies... finally focusing on each others massive tits that were mostly exposed to each other. Angel closed the final distance between them.. pressing against Jane.. the upper swells of their huge tits touching.. firm tit-flesh touching firm skin melting against hot skin.. It caused both women to take a big gulp of air into their lungs.. which pushed a little more of their skin together. Angel placed her arms around Jane and pulled her close.. parting her lips.. and leaned forward to kiss Jane. Jane parted her lips as well and their lipstick covered lips met in a long deep kiss.. their tongues wrestling inside their mouths.. their lips remained locked for several minutes.. tongues exploring as they hugged tightly.. each feeling the heaviness of the others massive tits. They slowly broke their long wet kiss.. their glossy lipstick sticking a little as they pulled their lips apart with a few shiny strands of their mixed saliva stretching between their mouths. “Oh Jane.” Angel gasped.

“Mmmm Angel, I love your perfume.. Pure Passion?”

“Umm Hummm.”

“”Mmmm, that's my favorite. It makes me week in the knees.”

“Mmm I am glad you like it Jane …..I want to touch your tits Jane... it's all I have thought about all day”

“Oh Angel... yesssssss.... and I have been dying to touch yours”

They two incredibly beautiful women took a tiny step back and moved their hands to the front of each others dresses... Jane began palming and squeezing Angel's big tits.. the palms of her hands feeling the delicate Chantilly lace of Angel's dress. Angel's hands were lifting and squeezing Jane's huge tits.. feeling the softness of the black leather that covered them. Again they moved their mouths toward one another and began to kiss as they fondled each others massive racks. Their tongues licking at each others lips as they kissed.... taking turns to suck each others tongues deep into their mouths.. licking the front of each others teeth... licking the roof of each others mouths.. twisting and turning their long hot wet tongues together... until a little of their mixed saliva was drooling from their lower lips. “Ohhhhh Angel.” Jane gasped as they kissed deeply.. their lips touching and sliding together.. and sticking together each time they leaned back.. the sticky lipstick lightly pulling on their lips before they separated.. their tongues flicking together in the empty space between their open mouths.

“Mmmmm, Jane.. you are such a nasty kisser.” Angel moaned as they touched and twisted their tongues against each other in every way that you could possibly imagine.

“I love nasty, Angel.” Jane moaned as they licked and flicked their tongues together again and again.. the saliva was now drooling from their mouths in a wet string that fell onto each others tits as they continued to fondle each others tits with their hands. Angel and Jane were in a dream-like state... kissing as they squeezed and played with each others big tits... it was 'tit heaven'. They kissed for ten minutes before Jane broke their last deep kiss.. stringing spit between their mouths.. they watched the string of their mixed saliva loop.. before finally breaking apart and falling down on their naked skin. Jane stepped back from Angel.. and slowly reached up to the pull tab on her black leather dress.. and held it between her fingers... licking her lips as she gazed into Angel's eyes. Angel placed her fingers on her ring pull she also licked her lips as she looked into Jane's beautiful eyes.

Both women began to slowly pull their zippers down... slowly... teasing each other.. until their pull tabs were even with their navels. … then Jane removed her fingers.. stepped closer to Angel.. and reached inside her white dress with her hands... lightly touching Angel's huge tits.. as she slowly moved her fingers across Angel's big tits. Angel had slid her hands inside of Jane's leather dress and was moving her hands over Jane's extraordinary tits when suddenly... at the same moment in time.. as they were looking into each others eyes... their eyes popped wide open. “My God!” Angel gasped. “Holy Shit! Jane whispered. Two of the most beautiful women in the world had just touched each others nipples for the first time.

Angel's voice was trembling.. “Jane.... God.. they are so big.”

Jane fumbled with her words.. “Oh my Angel.. your nipples are fucking huge!”

“I want to see them.” Angel whispered.

“Oh yesssss... and touch them and squeeze them.” Jane panted as she took a step back and reached for the pull tab on her black leather dress and pulled it down another foot. Angel grabbed the ring pull tab on her white dress and unzipped it about another twelve inches as well... then she moved her hands to the top of her dress.. and pulled it open.. slowly exposing her huge E/F cup tits in all their glory. Jane gasped, “Holy shit Angel.. I knew they were big.. but... holy shit.” Angel twisted her shoulders back and forth a few times, her massive tits gently swaying on her chest. Jane was mesmerized by Angel's tits as she slowly pulled the front of her leather dress open.. her huge E/F cup tits spilling out in all their wonder as she also swayed back and forth a few times.. her extraordinary tits slightly wobbling back and forth.

“Jane....” Angel whispered. … “Your tits are fucking huge... and your nipples... Fuck.”

They stepped closer together... their massive tits almost touching, and again they reached out with their hands and palmed each others tits... their lengthy nipples pressing hard against the palms of each others hands. They squeezed... and lifted... and moved each others tits up and down... back and forth... lifting and squeezing. Angel and Jane were holding the firmest, most dense tits that either had ever felt.... Ever. Jane was the first to place her fingers around Angel's throbbing nipple.. she slowly rolled the hard cylinder between her fingers as Angel closed her eyes and took a deep breath.. As Jane began to lightly pinch and twist Angel's nipples back and forth, Angel began to softly stroke Jane's incredible nipples... nipples that were long and thick and hard. They were like two little girls in a candy store... but the candy they wanted was not chocolate.. it was each others tits and nipples. For the next several minutes they toyed with each others nipples as they gasped and moaned with pleasure... pleasure from having their own sensitive nipples stroked... and pleasure from touching another pair of nipples that each of them had dreamed of for such a long time.

“Oh Angel.” Jane moaned softly, .. “I could play with your tits all weekend.”

“Mmmmmm,” Angel groaned quietly .. “I just want to hold them and squeeze them.”

“And kiss them.”

“And lick them.”

“And suck them”

“And make them cum.”

“Unnnnnnnnn.” Jane was lost in the moment as she palmed and squeezed Angel's big tits.. she had placed Angel's nipples between her two middle fingers as she palmed and pushed Angel's tits around on her chest. Angel could not believe she was touching and playing with such an incredible pair of huge tits.... Jane's tits... tits that were so big and round and heavy. Jane continued to palm and squeeze Angel's heavy tits and then she cupped the outside of Angel's massive tits and began to push them together... making them 'slap' against each other... 'slap' … 'smack' … 'smack '… 'slap' and Angel began doing the same thing with Jane's huge tits … 'slap' … 'smack' … 'smack '… 'slap'. They continued this lewd action for several minutes.. palming each others tits and slapping them against each other.

Angel finally released Jane's tits and stepped back as she finished unzipping her dress.. letting it fall to the floor as Jane looked at her perfect naked body for the first time... Angel was beautiful beyond words. Jane's eyes drifted down to Angel's pussy.. it was shaved... her pussy lips were extended.. wet and swollen with moisture … and Jane could see Angel's hard inch long clit protruding from it's hood. She wanted to fuck Angel more than anything in the world.... As she reached down and unzipped her leather dress, letting it fall to the floor behind her, Angel licked her lips as she took in Jane's stunning beauty. Like herself, Jane was shaved.. and her pussy lips were wet and swollen with desire,... her inch long clit was already extended from its sheath and Angel could see it twitching with anticipation.

“Let's go play” Angel whispered to Jane as she took her hand and pulled her along toward the staircase. As they walked up the circular staircase, they paused a few times.. as they took off their heels one a time... all four heels on various steps by the time they reached the top... then it was down the hall and through the double door entry that led into Angel's bedroom. … Angel had a huge custom made bed.. it measured nine feet by twelve feet.. the mattress was also custom made to fit on the huge bed. There was a canopy over it with lots of ruffles. It looked like a bed that a princess would sleep in. They walked over to the foot of the bed, Angel releasing Jane's hand as she turned to face her... they looked into each others eyes.. then down at each others huge tits.. then back to each others eyes... they knew what was next.. they had to touch their big tits together... it was the only thing on their mind.. to feel those huge firm dense heavy tits against their own.. naked skin touching naked skin ...and the time was now as they both stepped toward each other.. lined their nipples up... and touched them tip to tip... Fire ran through their nipples, through their big tits and all the way to their pussys as they each felt their clits spasm. It was electric.. it was more than electric... it felt like a bolt of lighting.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Jane moaned.

“Ummmmmmm.” Angel moaned with her.

“Oh God Angel.. I feel like I am on fire.”

“So do I Jane.... Ohhhhhhhhh.”

They pushed into each other a little more as about half of their nipples were pushed back into their areolas... they could feel the pressure on their nipples as they struggled to keep them tip to tip.... the pleasure was almost unbearable ….. Jane felt weak in her knees.. Angel was getting dizzy as they pushed into each other a little more until their pebbly areolas touched. “Jane!... do you feel it?” Angel gasped.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss... I think I am gonna cum, Angel.”

“Fuck yessssssssssss... so am I!”

Jane placed her arms around Angel and pulled her tight... their massive heavy tits mushrooming as they began to tremble. Angel wrapped her arms around Jane, forcing their huge tits tightly together.. their nipples began to spasm together as they both threw their heads back.. Angel's long blonde hair and Jane's long strawberry-blonde hair swaying behind them as time stopped. It only took a few more seconds for the flood gates of their orgasm to overtake them as they cried out together... “Cummmmming!!... “Cummming with you!!” They stumbled a few steps around the floor.. holding each other tight.. their huge tits jerking together.. their nipples burning inside their deep cleavage as they gasped and moaned. It had taken just a little more than a minute for them to reach their orgasm from the moment they had touched their thick hard sensitive nipples together. Neither Jane nor Angel had ever had an orgasm that quick. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Jane!! God!!”

“Mmmmmmmm Angel.”

They looked into each others eyes as they kissed again.. it was an even longer kiss than before, lasting at least five minutes.. tongues licking and slurping at each others lips and mouths ..saliva was drooling out of the corners of their mouths and stringing off their chins. It was a wet kiss that left both of them a little light-headed. “Oh Angel.. I love the way you kiss” Jane gasped.

“You mean the way 'we' kiss.” Angel whispered back.


“Jane look at you.. You are sooooo fucking hot.”

“And you.. you look sooooo incredible.”

“Jane, I have an idea.”


“Tomorrow night.. lets go to a lesbian bar.”


“Yes, that's the one... what do you think?”

“I would love that... would you also like to do something kinky while we are there?”

“Like ???”

“Hump each other as we dance.”

“Until we cum?”

“Oh God Yes Angel... I would love to cum with you on the dance floor in front of other women.... that would be soooooooooo fucking hot.”

“Then we will do just that... only we wont wear any panties.”

Jane giggled.. “I love it.”

“But right now.. all I want to do is fuck you all night.”

“All night?”

“Until we fall asleep.”

“Mmmmmmm Angel.”

Once again they embraced tightly.. pressing their big tits together as they kissed... long wet kisses.. that seemed to last for hours. Jane had never been kissed like this before... and neither had Angel... their tongues were licking and lapping at each other as they moaned and gasped in each others arms. Their legs began to get a little wobbly.. as they slowly moved toward the bed... then as they broke apart from one of their long deep kisses Angel grabbed Jane's shoulders and pushed her backward on the bed. As Jane looked up she noticed the huge mirror that was under the canopy.. “Mmmm you have a mirror... I love it.” Angel smiled as she widened her stance and reached down and spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers. Jane gazed at Angel's beautiful hairless pussy. It was a perfect pussy. Her large clit was already poking out from it's hood.. her pussy lips were full... not huge and floppy.. but not tiny either.. they were just right for sucking... and they were glistening with moisture... Jane scooted back on the bed until her head was almost touching the mammoth headboard.. she spread her legs as Angel crawled up on the bed between Jane's thighs and lowered her beautiful face down toward Jane's pussy..

“Are you going to eat me Angel?”

“I am going to eat you and suck you and lick you until you cum on my face.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm” Jane moaned.

Angel placed her full lips on Jane's pussy.. and slowly began moving her lips up and down Jane's wet vulva... coating her lips with Jane's wetness until they were shiny with Jane's juices. Up and down … using just her lips... such full beautiful lips.. up and down. Angel reached up with her hands and palmed Jane's huge tits as she extended her tongue and began to drag it up and down Jane's slit.. letting it slide just a little between Jane's pussy lips as she flicked her tongue up and down.. up .. down .. up … down.. her hands began to squeeze and play with Jane's heavy tits.. ... Angel continued licking up and down for a few more minutes until Jane was squirming. Angel knew how to eat pussy.

She began turning her head slightly to the left and then to the right as she moved her tongue a little deeper into Jane's pussy.. licking up and down as she turned her face back and forth.. moving Jane's huge melons up and down and back and forth on her chest.. 'Damn, Jane's tits were huge.' Angel stopped moving her face.. and pushed forward.. feeling Jane's pussy lips spreading around her lips.. she pushed harder.. as if she wanted to bury her mouth deep inside Jane. More and more of her lips squished their way inside Jane's wet slit until Angel's mouth was pressed as tightly as it could be to Jane's pussy, pressing against Jane's vagina.. then Angel slowly opened her mouth, moving her lips apart.. and spreading Jane's pussy lips wider and wider. Jane was moaning deeply... She was so ready for Angel's tongue.... and Angel gave her what she wanted as she slowly pushed her tongue into Jane's vagina.. an inch.. and another inch.. and a third inch.. Jane was moving her head back and forth as she grabbed the top of Angel's hands and pulled Angel's hands harder against her big tits.. Angel squeezed them hard... very hard.. her fingers digging into Jane's massive tits.

Angel withdrew her tongue then pushed it in again... twisting it inside Jane's wet vagina... she withdrew again and pushed forward again.. this time extending her tongue as far as she could reach.. easily at least four inches inside Jane's vagina... Angel felt Jane's vagina spasm and squeeze her tongue. 'My God', Angel thought.. “Jane has a powerful pussy.' She wiggled her tongue around inside Jane as Jane's hot cunt sucked on her tongue.. “Mmmmm.” Angel moaned. Then the tongue fucking began.. Angel pulled her tongue back then pushed it inside Jane.. then out.. then in .. tongue fucking Jane's hot cunt. In and out .. in ...out ...out ...out ...out … again and again as Jane released her grip on Angel's hands and grabbed the comforter.. pulling on it tightly as she squirmed and began moving her hips in a fucking motion. Angel was fucking Jane's pussy... and Jane was fucking Angel's mouth. in ...out ...out ...out … over and over Angel's tongue was penetrating Jane's pussy... invading.... probing .. drilling deep with each long thrust. Angel's tongue was like magic.. as she began moving her tongue faster and faster... Jane was moaning more and more and it was time for Angel to add something new.. She gave Jane's heavy tits one last good hard squeeze... causing Jane to whimper.. and then moved her hands down to Jane's pussy.. her fingers easily found Jane's extended clit and began rubbing it.. using two fingers.. one on each side of Jane's clit.. she rubbed up and down... jacking it off like it was a tiny cock.. sliding her fingers up and down and up and down.. her fingers pressed tightly to Jane's clit which began to pulse under Angel's fingers.

Her tongue was darting in and out of Jane's pussy... Angel could still feel Jane's vagina sucking at her tongue.. it was incredible... Jane began bucking her hips up more and more as her breathing became faster and faster.. her hands clutching at the comforter. Her head tossing back and forth... her pussy was soaked with Angel's saliva and her pussy juice.. Angel was relentless with her tongue and fingers.. she kept stabbing Jane's cunt with her tongue ...out ...out … as she rubbed and jerked and pinched Jane's throbbing clit... Jane was close to an orgasm. Angel could tell... she was an expert in reading people.. it was like a sixth sense.. and she knew Jane was about to reach the summit. She pulled her tongue out of Jane's sucking pussy and quickly inserted one, then two, and then three fingers inside Jane's pussy.. reaching as far as she could.. and twisting them back and forth as she jammed her fingers hard in and out of Jane's soaking vagina.. she was finger fucking Jane like Jane had never been finger-fucked before. It was now time for Angel to do her magic... something that no one else on earth could do quite the way she did... as she continued thrusting and twisting her fingers in and out of Jane's twitching vagina, Angel moved her lips to Jane's vibrating clit. Angel pouted her wet lips... forming a perfect “O” with her amazing lips... and placed that perfect “O” over Jane's clit... holding it tight between her sensuous lips... and sucked. No one on earth could suck a clit like Angel.. Maybe it was her luscious lips... perhaps it was because she could really suck hard with her mouth.. maybe it was the way she used her tongue as she would flick and lick as only she could do... whatever the reasons.. Angel was an extraordinary clit sucker. And right now she was using her amazing skills on Jane's hard clit.

Angel's perfect lips... formed in an amazing “O”.. was sucking and sucking on Jane's clit as her tongue stroked and licked... her fingers slamming in and out of Jane's vagina... Jane began to convulse. Her body jerked... She was going to have one of those mind-bending orgasms that shakes your entire body from your head to your toes. Angel sucked very hard.. lapping at Jane's clit.. her fingers a blur as they pumped in and out of Jane's cunt... Jane began to whimper... moaning... and then her body went rigid. Her eyes rolled back in her head... she screamed....... “Cummmmmmmmmming!! Angel quickly pulled her fingers out of Jane's pussy and slid her mouth down,, covering Jane's vagina tightly with her mouth and sucked...Her fingers moving back to Jane's clit and pinching it with her fingernails.. pinching it Hard!! Angel sucked very very hard as Jane screamed again.. “CUMMMING!!!”

Jane's hot pussy squirted.. a blast of her hot pussy cum.. followed by another.. Angel was sucking it up.. into her mouth.. as Jane's cunt juiced a third time.. “CUMMMING!! … Oh FUCK Angel!! ... GOD!!!” Jane's body was jerking and quivering.. It was the most intense orgasm she had had in a long time. “Cummmmmmmmmming!!”

Angel kept sucking Jane's hot sweet pussy cum into her mouth.. It was sweet.. it was like a well of honey.. and Angel wanted every drop. Jane was in heaven.. This beautiful blonde woman who was sucking her pussy truly was an 'Angel'. Jane whimpered for a few more minutes.. as Angel withdrew her fingers and slowly licked up and down Jane's clit. Jane did not know it yet, but Angel had not swallowed any of Jane's pussy cum.. it was still in her mouth.. and as Jane came down from her powerful orgasm, Angel moved up Jane's body on all fours until she was above Jane's face with her own face. Jane looked up as Angel squished Jane's cum around in her mouth.. Jane knew what was next as she opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue.. Angel lowered her face until her mouth was a couple of inches above Jane's... then she parted her lips and let Jane's cum, mixed with her saliva, drool out of her mouth.. stringing down to Jane's tongue.. it was a thick bubbly string of cum and spit as it pooled on Jane's tongue then slid into her open mouth. Angel held her mouth above Jane's for a few seconds as she moved her face back and forth.. causing the string that was connecting their tongues to wobble back and forth.. It was nasty and kinky.. and Angel and Jane loved it. Angel slowly got up on her knees.. and reached out and pulled Jane up to her knees... Angel lowered her head and Jane raised her mouth above Angels and parted her lips.. the cum stringing and drooling out of Jane's mouth onto Angel's long tongue and into Angel's mouth.. Angel then moved her mouth to Jane's. they both opened their mouths as wide as they could.. and as they angled their faces... they brought their mouths together.. closing them tightly.. and swished and swapped the cum-saliva mixture back and forth between their mouths.. their tongues twirling around in the spit and cum that was trapped inside the cavities of their mouths. It was a long cum swapping kiss.. finally they moved their mouths apart.. pussy cum and saliva drooling out of the corners of their mouths,, several ropy strings connecting their lips and tongues.. It was so fucking dirty. So fucking nasty... so fucking whore-like.. and they both loved it.

They stared at each other.. “No one..” Jane gasped... “No one... ever.. no one in the whole fucking wide world or out there.. universe... or whatever.. since the beginning of time... no one like you Angel.... no one ever ….that was fucking amazing.”

Angel smiled as she licked her lips and spoke quietly “Yes you are.”

Jane smiled as she rolled out of the bed and stood up. She beckoned to Angel with her index finger as Angel got up off the other side of the bed. They slowly walked around to the foot of the bed toward each other. Angels face and cheeks still damp with Jane's sweet pussy juice. As Jane approached Angel she stopped a few feet away.. staring at the incredibly beautiful woman in front of her.. Angel closed most of the distance between them as her eyes looked up and down Jane's body. Jane looked drop dead gorgeous. Jane took a small step until the front of their dense tits were only a few inches apart.. then she looked down at the front of Angel's body. Angel's tits were huge.. her cleavage was deep.. and Jane began to drool as she stared at Angel's long nipples. Angel's eyes were admiring Jane's massive tits with their deep cleavage. She took the final tiny step toward Jane.. the front of their tits almost touching.. then she took a deep breath and while they were both looking down and watching, the tips of their hard nipples barely touched. Jane shivered... and so did Angel. They stood there for several minutes without saying one word.. just breathing in and out... they had timed their breathing, so they both would breath in at the same time.. the air that each of them took into their lungs was enough for their nipples to touch and brush against each other, then when they would breath out they would barely separate.

As you already know, Jane had this thing for big tits. And she was looking down at two of the biggest tits she had ever seen.. as they breathed in and out, sometimes her pussy would twitch as their rock hard nipples touched.. She kept staring at Angel's naked tit-flesh .. 'God', Jane thought.. 'Angel's tits are so fucking big.' Angel also had a thing for big tits. She was addicted to big tits.. and Jane's tits were amazingly big. Angel stared into Jane's deep cleavage.. it was remarkable. Angel finally whispered.. “Bigger'

Jane smiled as she looked at Angel's tits then her own, then Angel's again and whispered back .. “I don't think so.” .. and as she was still whispering, Jane moved a little closer.. the fronts of their over-sized tits pushing together.. then Angel moved a little closer.. their cleavage deepening. Then Jane moved another inch their areolas disappearing from view. Angel's pussy twitched and she gasped at the naked skin to skin contact.

“Mmmmmmm.” Jane whispered.. that feels so good.

Angel moved closer.. their big tits pillowing up a little more with more skin touching. “Ohhhhh.” Angel moaned and then whispered.. “I love big tits Jane.”

“I love big tits too, Angel”

“I love your big tits Jane”

“I love your big tits too.”

Their eyes were still locked on the two massive pair of tits that were pressed together between them. “Your tits are amazing Jane... they feel so good.”

“Mmmmmmmmm, Angel, your tits are so big and round.. they feel so good against mine.”

Angel leaned back just a little and then moved forward.. pillowing their tits together.. the tight skin of their big tits touching... skin to skin. “Ahhhhhhhh.” Jane moaned as she leaned back a little and then moved forward.. once again their huge tits mushroomed up together.

“Ohhhhhhh that feels sooooooooo fucking good.” Angel gasped. They began to move together.. pushing in and leaning back.. their movements were gentle.. pushing together just enough to allow their massive tits to mushroom a little.. up and out.. then back until their huge tits were barely touching.. “Let's pump tits together Jane.”

“Yessssss.. I want to pump tits with you Angel.” And they did just that.. they moved their hands to each others asses and for the next ten minutes they would press and release.. pillowing their tits together.. feeling their skin touch with each little push.. their eyes constantly looking down and watching.. looking to see whose tits were mushrooming more … but they were pillowing against each other equally. They began to feel the heat in their cunts as they played their little tit pumping game.. before too long the hot skin of their tits began to get a little damp.. and sometimes when they would pull back from each other some of their skin would stick and peel away.. it was such a wonderful thing to watch as they would moan and gasp .. pumping their tits together. Their breathing was beginning to get a little quicker.. Then Jane felt was her nipples... they were super-excited.. and had that tingling sensation. The sensation she always got when she was nipple fucking.. the sensation that was a prelude to a nipple orgasm. “We were talking the other night about nipple orgasms.” Jane whispered to Angel.

“Mmmm, yes we were.. I love them.”

“Ummmmm, me too Angel.”

“And we were talking about how our nipples sometimes 'cum' when we have a nipple orgasm.” Angel's nipples had that burning sensation.. the sensation she always got before she had a nipple orgasm.

“Umm hmmm.. yes we were.”

They were still slowly and deliberately pumping their tits together.. “Do you think we could cum together that way?”

Jane gasped... she loved to nipple fuck.. “You mean have a nipple orgasm together?”

“Yes.. but I meant....”

Jane interrupted Angel.. “That our nipples could ejaculate cum.. into each others tits.. at the same time?”

“Yessssssssss... oh Fuck yesssssss.”

“Mmmmmmmm I would love to do that with you Angel... but remember, we promised to give each others nipples a blow-job until we would cum that way with each other at the same time.”

“Mmmm, yes we did... and we will do that.. but first, I want us to nipple fuck until we drain our nipples inside each other.”

“Oh God Angel.. that sounds so fucking nasty and kinky.”

All this time their eyes had never left each others tits as they continued to pump against each other. Angel leaned forward and this time she kept her tits pressed against Jane's as Jane leaned forward at the same time.. with their hands on each others asses they kept their big tits mushroomed together.. “Fuck Angel, I cannot tell you how much I love pressing my tits against yours.. You have such huge tits.”

“Mmmmm Jane, your tits are sooooo fucking big and I love pressing the them against mine.” Jane slowly reached down .. placing her hands on Angel's naked ass cheeks and squeezing.. Angel moaned, and then she grabbed two hand fulls of Jane's naked ass cheeks. “Ahhhhhhhhh” Jane gasped... They slowly began to rock back and forth as if they were slow dancing as they kept their big tits pressed together and began to fondle and squeeze each others hard tight buttocks. “I love your ass Angel.”

“Mmmmm Jane, your ass is sooooo fucking hard... I love it.”

They began to turn around in a very tight circle, clutching and grabbing at each others naked buttocks as their tits remained mushroomed together.. “Angel.. have you ever had an ass fight?'

Angel smiled at the question as she dug her fingers into Jane's steel-like buttocks.. “I am not sure what that is.”

Jane gave Angel's ass a very hard squeeze which brought a moan from Angel's lips as she whispered.. “It's like a titfight.. only with your asses.”

“Oh, ok.. so do you grind them together.. or slap them together..”

“Both” Jane replied.

Angel was really feeling up Jane's hard ass... “And how does one win an ass fight?'

Jane giggled as she slowly swayed with Angel.. “I don't think anyone wins an ass fight.. that's not the point Angel.. the point is to grind and slap your buttocks together.. it's for fun.”

Angel quietly laughed.. “It does sound fun.. and you do have such a fine ass.”

“Your's is fine too... the finest ass I have ever squeezed.” And with that comment, Jane gave Angels ass a very hard squeeze.

“Ahhhhh.” Angel moaned as she felt Jane's fingernails digging into her hard ass cheeks “We will have to do that before the weekend is over.”

“Yes we will Angel... and Angel?”


“My ass is tighter than yours.”

Angel laughed....

Jane could not help but laugh with her.. “What's so funny about that?”

Angel was still laughing.. “I thought you were going to say 'bigger'”

“Oh Angel!” Jane responded as she slapped Angel's right ass cheek with her left hand.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” Angel gasped as she slapped Jane's ass with her hand.

“Ouuuu.” Jane responded with another slap to Angel's hard ass. They they both slapped each others ass cheeks.. their slaps getting harder and harder... smack .. slap .. slap … slap … smack … they moaned and groaned each time the other would slap their hard buttocks... smack .. slap .. slap … slap … smack … smack .. slap .. slap … slap … smack … It was turning both of them on. Jane gave Angel's ass one last hard slap then dug her fingernails deep.. forcing a moan from Angel's lips.. Angel looked up from their tits for the first time in the last twenty minutes and moved her mouth toward Jane's. Jane realized what was happening and tilted her face up and parted her lips for Angel as their mouths closed together in a burning hot kiss.. Jane sucked hard on Angel's invading tongue.. trying to swallow it... they turned their faces back and forth as Angel pulled her tongue free.. and as Jane's tongue entered her mouth she sucked it hard.. trying to suck it down her throat... they began to lick wildly at each other.. moaning and panting.. they were both so turned on and hot for each other.. for the next ten minutes they continued to hold each other close.. grabbing and kneading each others buttocks as they deep kissed with wild abandon.. tongues lapping and licking.. saliva drooling from their lips and tongues.. stringing down to the deep cleavage between their massive tits.. It was hot and nasty … filthy kissing... swapping spit and licking anything that they could reach with their tongues. Finally they stopped kissing... they were panting.

“I can feel my pussy juice running down the inside of my thighs.” Angel whispered.

'So can I Angel.. I am sooo fucking wet.” Jane was gasping.

“We can nipple fuck later... right now I want to pussy fuck you, Jane.”

“Oh yessssssssss Angel.. I have wanted to fuck you from the first time I heard your voice on the phone.”

The two hot women stepped away from each other and slowly began to sway in front of each other... but as much as they wanted to fuck each other.. they wanted to tease each other for a few more minutes. Jane's mouth was gaped wide open as Angel moved her shoulders back and forth.. her heavy tits shifting back and forth on her chest.. her nipples were fully erect and pointing straight out.. big and round .. and thick ...way more than an inch in length. A little saliva drooled out of the corner of Jane's mouth as she stared in disbelief at Angels tits and nipples. Big tits were Jane's passion and she was mesmerized by Angel's tits.

Angel moved to her right.. placing her hand on Jane's left shoulder and turning her around.. . Angel reached around and cupped Jane's naked tits.. feeling how huge they were.. feeling how tight they were... Angel loved big tits... she really loved big tits.. and to feel Jane's huge tits sent a jolt to her pussy... she moaned.. Jane moaned to as Angel's hands squeezed her tits.. but as she was squeezing she felt something else.. something very hard pressing against the palms of her hands... Jane's nipples. Angel leaned forward and kissed the side of Jane's neck as her fingers wrapped around Jane's nipples. Again, Angel's pussy twitched and contracted... Jane's nipples were huge.. thick.. and they were long... very long.. Angel rolled them with her fingers.. lightly pinching them as she kissed and licked at Jane's neck. Jane's nipples were hard.. when she pinched them, they did not squeeze in … they kept their full roundness. Angel's cunt jerked again... and so did Jane's as Angel toyed with her nipples.

Jane turned around as Angel released her tits. She stepped back as they once again stared at each other. Jane's nipples were on fire.. she really wanted to nipple fuck Angel.. but she also wanted to feel Angel's hot pussy rubbing against her own. She would let Angel lead .. which is exactly what Angel did as she walked toward Jane.. “There is something that I want to know.” she whispered as she approached Jane.. both of them bare-footed. She stopped before their nipples touched and looked down. The tips of their nipples looked like they would line up perfectly... it was what Angel always wanted.. someone whose tits and nipples would perfectly match up with hers when they were bare-footed. She moved closer.. “We will nipple fuck later Jane.. I just want to see if our nipples line up perfectly.”

Jane smiled and whispered.. “If we touch our nipples together Angel.. they might get stuck.”

“I know” She stopped when the tips of their nipples were an inch apart.. and as they both looked down something strange happened.. something neither had ever witnessed before. The tips of Angel's nipples flared out.. forming what looked like suction cups. This had happened to her before,, but what made it different this time was that Jane's nipples had also flared at the tips.. and had formed little suction cups.. but the most amazing thing was this … all four nipples began to twitch.. you could see them slightly moving.. all by themselves... twitching.. quivering... vibrating... and Jane and Angel could feel it.. it was erotic. “I think our nipples want to suck at each other.” Angel spoke softly as she watched the four nipples pulsing and twitching.

“Oh my God Angel.. I think so too. I can feel my nipples wanting to suck at yours sooooooooooooo fucking bad.”

“Do you want to touch them together Jane and see what happens?”

“Yesssssssssssssssss” Jane gasped

Angel was sooooo fucking wet as she gasped, “So do I Jane.. I have always dreamed of matching nipples and having them suck together at the same time... it's one of my fantasies.”

Jane moaned as she spoke, “Oh God Angel … it's one of my fantasies too.”

Angel moved forward.. the tips of their nipples almost touching.. then her eyes opened wide.. and so did Jane's .. as their huge nipples extended themselves and touched tip to tip.. and welded themselves together. “Oh Fuck!!” Angel moaned.

“Fuck Yes!” Jane moaned with Angel. Their nipples had sucked together.

They slowly pushed together … their nipples being pushed back into their tits equally. It was the most wonderful feeling... Jane and Angel watched until their nipples disappeared from view and their areolas were touching.. They were already approaching an orgasm. “Nipple fuck me Jane.” Angel whispered.

“Mmmm nipple fuck me Angel.”

“Fuck my tits with your big fucking nipples Jane.”

“I want to feel your big nipples fucking me Angel”

“Oh Fuck yes.”

“Fucking and fucking and fucking!”

“God yessssssssss fucking and fucking.”

Angel and Jane began to nipple fuck.. pushing in and out.. watching their nipples appear and disappear... when they would pull back they could feel the suction from each others nipples.. neither had felt something this intense before... ever. It was soooo fucking hot. Angel's nipples had sucked another pair of nipples many times... and Jane could not count the number of times that her nipples had sucked another pair of nipples... but neither Angel or Jane had ever had someone else's nipples suck their own.... not like this … not this intense... not with this much suction ... this was magic. This was euphoria.

They began pumping their tits together.. their areolas disappearing from view as they drilled their nipples into one another.. they kept pumping and pumping as their pussy juices ran like a river down the insides of their thighs. Angel and Jane were not pulling back enough for them to even see their areola's …. keeping their enormously long and thick nipples buried between them … feeling them sucked together... feeling their pussys began to twitch and pulse... their clits were swollen as big as they could possibly be as they nipple fucked.. Neither one could tell if her nipples were penetrating into the other's tits.. all they could feel was something hard and long being pushed into each of their massive tits. .. and they assumed it was their own nipples being pushed back. Their big tits were mushrooming up at the top and out to their sides each time they pumped them together... Angel and Jane were in awe of each others tits.. never had either of them ever pumped tits with anyone who was a dense and firm. It was amazing. Yes, their weighty tits were mushrooming.. but there was no way they would ever be able to pancake them together... too much firmness... too much density.

Their nipples were on fire. They gasped and panted together as they began to whisper... “My nipples are burning. Jane.”

“Mine are burning too Angel.”

“That ever happen to you before?”

“Not like this.. I think they are going to catch on fire.”

Occasionally the upper swells of their huge tits would make a little smacking sound as they pumped their meaty tits together.. again and again... their nipples buried inside their tits... they stopped their tit pumping for a moment and leaned back.. looking down as the tips of their huge nipples came into view... fused together... welded together.. stuck together from the suction. They pulled back a little more and their nipples stretched out from their areolas.. pulling and tugging on each others areolas. Then they pushed together again until their areolas touched,, then back until they could feel the tugging on their areolas as their welded nipples pulled at each other..

Jane whispered.. “Nipple fuck me until we cum together Angel.”

“I want you to cum with me Jane.”

They began pushing and pulling.. their nipples once again buried in each others tits as they would move forward until their areolas touched and them pull back until their cemented nipples would tug at their areolas.. again and again.. it was the most erotic nipple fuck that either had ever had.. their nipples were glued together as they fucked each other. Their lengthy hardened nipples locked together tip to tip... Neither one of them wanting to cum... they were overwhelmed with the pleasure and did not want it to ever end.. but as they continued to nipple fuck their cunts began to twitch and spasm.. they were close to cumming and wanted to cum together..

“I'm about to cum Angel!”

“So am I Jane!”

They were panting deeply.. their nipples on fire. “Ohhh God Angel.. my nipples are burning sooooo bad.. GOD!!!”

“Cum with me Jane... I am going to cum!” They squeezed each other in a tight bear hug.. mashing their massive tits together as their heated cunts gushed at the same time.

“Yesssssssssssssssssss Angel!!!!!!!!!”

“Yessssssssssssssssss Jane!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmming!!!” “Cummmmmmming!!” “Cummmmmmming!!” “Cummmmmming!!!” “Cummmmmmmmming!!!! “Cummmmmmming!!” Angel and Jane screamed at each other as their nipples exploded together.. ejaculating together.. pumping nipple cum into their big tits. “Ahhhhhhhhhh” “Ohhhhhhh”

“Ohhhhhh FUCK Angel.. I can feel your nipple cum... GOD!!!

“Jane!! Ahhhhhhhhhh I can feel your nipples cumming with mine!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” Jane gasped as her cunt contracted again and again.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Angel moaned as her pussy jerked and shuddered.

They held each other for several minutes.. keeping their over-sized tits pressed together tightly as they moaned and purred together. They could feel the hot sticky nipple cum running down the lower swell of their tits ... Jane finally gasping, “That was an official legal nipple orgasm.”

Angel giggled, thinking that only a lawyer would say such a thing. “Yes it was... official … and legal.”

Angel began to step back.. the tight skin of their ample tits peeling apart as if they had been glued together.. Jane also leaned back.. until the outer edge of their areolas were visible.. they were stuck too.. and slowly peeled apart from each other.. this had never happened to either one of them... and though neither of them could see it, they felt their mixed nipple cum stringing and stretching between the lower portion of their huge tit globes as they separated more and more. As their areolas peeled apart they began to see the clear sticky remains of their nipple cum.. it roped between their areolas. little strings of stickiness. until finally the tips of their nipples appeared.. there was clear tacky nipple cum spread all over their nipples. It was such a nasty whoreish sight. As Angel leaned back more the tips of their nipples pulled at each other... they looked down and noticed that their nipples were still moving against each other.. still sucking at each other.. and they could feel the suction.. It was wonderful. As they leaned back more their nipples begin to pull out from their areolas and then their areolas began to pull out from their big tits.. “I think we are stuck together Jane.”

“I think so too.”

“What do we do?”

“This.” Angel responded as she pushed her massive tits into Jane's. mushrooming them tightly together and placing the palms of her hands on the front of Jane's shoulders. Jane copied her and placed her hands on the front of Angel's shoulders. “On the count of three... ready?”

“Un huh.”

“One... two … THREE!” They both stepped back and pushed each other away at the same time.. their nipples stretched out as far as they could before 'popping' free. “Ohhh.”

“Ahhhhh.” Jane moaned as she looked down at their nipples.. they were enormous.. and there was clear nipple cum still seeping from the tips of all four of their nipples.

“God Jane.. that was incredible.”

Jane smiled as she looked into Angel's eyes.. “Yes you are.”

Angel quickly grabbed Jane's hand and pulled her toward the bed.. giving her a push with her other hand and tossing her on the bed. “Whoa!” Jane exclaimed. Angel quickly got at the other end of the bed and laid down on her back.. parting her thighs and moving toward Jane as Jane rolled over on her back and parted her legs and scooted toward Angel.. They were not interested in anymore foreplay... or teasing... they wanted to fuck each other. ...they scissored themselves together and pushed forward mashing their wet pussy lips together. When a woman touches her pussy to another woman's pussy for the first time, it is a feeling like no other. To feel her pussy lips against yours for the first time.. to feel the heat... to feel the wetness... to feel the juicy folds of your swollen moist pussy lips merging and blending together.. it is something that women love.. and Angel and Jane were loving this as they began to rock and grind against each other... at last they were fucking... it was something they both had wanted to do from the first time they heard each others voice... it was something they desired to do from the moment they gazed into each others eyes.. it was something they had dreamed about since their first kiss.. it was their fantasy... to fuck.. and now they were fucking.. and their bodies were overflowing with passion and desire for each other.. they were fucking and they were going to fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck!!

They worked themselves together in a circular grinding motion... their pussys were so wet from their orgasms that it made it easy to slide and move with each other. Angel and Jane were pushing hard against each other.. as if they wanted to push their pussys inside of each other... mashing and twisting and grinding their cunts together.. Sounds of their heavy breathing and moaning filled the bedroom along with the sweet melody of pussy music. It felt so good to each of them.. to have your most private parts squished tightly against her most private parts.. to feel your hot sticky pussy lips sliding and tugging and pulling against her hot sticky pussy lips. Jane's clit was buzzing. Angel's clit was vibrating as they pushed into each other.. their hips working at the same tempo as they smeared their hot cunts together.

Angel and Jane's clits were fully exposed to each other.. and as they moved together, their clits would catch against each other.. pressing against each other length to length before flicking over each other... causing both of them to gasp. For twenty minutes they fucked.. their motions were constant.. grinding … sliding ..... their clits flicking across each other every few seconds... they were driving each other wild with pleasure. Jane began to move faster.. abandoning the circular motion for a more up and down movement.. it took her and Angel a few tries before they found the perfect position to fuck clit to clit.. as they began rocking... humping... gasping … rubbing their swollen clits up and down against each other … fucking … grinding … rubbing … moaning … again and again Jane's clit would move up the length of Angel's clit... then down the length of Angel's clit.. up and down.. clit fucking.. their hips moving faster and faster... gasping louder and louder …. breathing deeper and faster.... Angel turned until she was laying on her side.. her left shoulder against the bed... Jane moved with her.. her left shoulder also on the bed as they pumped and rubbed their hard clits together over and over... Jane was not going to last much longer.. Angel was only a few heartbeats behind her as they pushed against each other as hard as they could..,their pussy lips squished sooooooo fucking tightly together.. Angel began a very rapid movement of her hips.. rubbing her clit against Jane's at a quickened pace... it was almost time.

Jane closed her eyes... trying to turn off that switch in her mind,,, but it had no effect. She was lost in the moment... and she began to moan loudly.... “Ohhh Angel, Angel.”

“Jane!!!” Angel cried out. “Hurry Jane!!”

“Almost there.” Jane was gasping for air.. as she kept moving her clit up and down against Angel's. ..the friction of their rubbing clits was intense.. Jane's legs began to spasm... her nipples began to twitch.. she was going to cum... Angel had closed her eyes as she bucked her clit against Jane's.. up and down … over and over... then Angel's entire body tensed.. she jammed her hard clit against Jane's as tight as she could.. Jane also stopped moving as she pressed her sensitive clit against Angels... their throbbing clits fused together.. they became one... The two clits throbbed together... the two clits jerked together.. and when the final jolt of pleasure hit them.. it ignited pure ecstasy in their two clits at the same time …. together... as they screamed each others names..

“Jane !!!” “Angel !!!” “Cummmming!” their voices screaming in unison as their clits jerked together.. throbbing... pulsing … as they came together.

“I'm Cumming soooo fucking hard Angel!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn Ohhhhhhhhhh Cumming with you Jane!”

Their clits were exploding with pleasure.. as another wave flooded their bodies... “Ahhhhhhhhh.” “Ohhhhhh yessssssssss” … They began to move against each other and discovered that the slightest friction on their clits was all it took to induce yet another orgasm. “Oh FUCK... fuck fuck fuck fuck... Cummming again!”

“Yesssss Cumming again.”

Their bodies were covered with a fine sheen of their sweat as they lay there for several minutes catching their breath. Angel finally scooted back.. her pussy lips were stuck to Jane's and they tugged at each other until they began to peel apart, finally separating. Angel got on her knees, reached down and rolled Jane over on her back.. lifted her right leg high in the air and placed her calf between her own huge tits as she straddled Jane .. lowering her dripping pussy down on top of Jane's … their fleshy swollen pussy lips merging and uniting with each other once again. Angel held Jane's raised leg close to her body as she began rocking her pussy forward and back in a humping fucking motion.. Jane thrusting with her.. her eyes were closed.. she was in a dream-like state of mind as Angel fucked her.. riding her.. rocking on her.. driving her pussy over Jane's again and again.. their open cunts slurping at each other as Jane began to moan.. it was not long before Jane was squirming, her hips undulating wildly as Angel fucked her.. Jane's body began to tremble as her swollen throbbing clit began to twitch violently.. she was going to cum again.. and there was no way to stop the rush of pleasure that began to flood her body.... “Angel!!” Jane gasped between each deep breath.. “Angel … going … to …. Cummm …. Fuck!! …. Cummming! ….. Cummming!”

Angel kept pumping her hips like a crazed wild animal.. continuing to hump Jane's soaked cunt.. sliding.. grinding.. thrusting.. humping... fucking … a few minutes later Jane was cumming again... “FUCK!!!” Jane screamed as another orgasm washed through her body... her big tits quivering on her chest.. her nipples swollen and extended as much as they had ever been... and Angel kept fucking her.. sliding and grinding.. like she was Supergirl … squishing … pumping... grinding.. fucking Jane like Jane had never been fucked before.... until Jane was cumming again!! “Angel!! Angel !! Fuck !! Angel !! Cummming !!! FUCK I am CUMMING!!” Jane was gasping and panting.. her hips had slowed down until she was barely moving as Angel continued to pleasure her.. again and again and again.. minute after minute Angel pumped her pussy up and down against Jane's.. the comforter was soaked with their pussy cum.. Jane was tossing her head back and forth... Lust had taken over her body.. and all she could do was cum and cum and cum as she began to have multiple orgasms.

“Cummming!” Her voice was not as loud.. her strength was waning.. She could only gasp out her words .. “Cumming again Angel!'' Their clits were on fire.. their pussy lips were burning... their hearts were racing as Angel was relentless.. she was like a machine.. her hips working hard... her clit stroking Jane's clit over and over and over.. Jane's orgasms continued... she was cumming about every minute... gasping.. tensing.. barely moving.. cumming again... and again... and again... She must have had at least 15 or more orgasms... her body was flooded with pleasure... as Angel fucked her. Angel kept jerking her clit against Jane's for another couple of minutes... Jane's body convulsing into another orgasm as Angel released her pent up pleasure.. cumming hard.. grinding her open cunt against Jane's … Her pussy gushed.. flooding their joined cunts with wetness.. and heat .. and pleasure.. Angel moaned deeply as she was cumming. Jane was moaning. They had fucked like neither of them had fucked before.

They were frozen in time for the next few minutes until Angel forced herself up off of Jane.. releasing her leg and lowering it down to the bed.. Jane was tired... She looked up at Angel... and whispered her name .. “Angel.” She then rolled over on her side.. her eyes closed.. and lay there, breathing deeply. Angel scooted up to the head of the bed.. pulled the comforter back.. grabbed two pillows.. gently lifted Jane's head and placed a pillow under her head.. she placed the other pillow next to Jane's pillow and laid down on her back... her big tits rising and falling with her breathing.. Angel was exhausted.. Jane was spent. Angel closed her eyes.. a few moments later Jane rolled over on her side facing Angel.. she lifted her leg over Angel's legs and laid her head down on Angel's shoulder.. her cheek resting on the upper swell of Angel's left tit. Seconds later Jane was asleep. Angel leaned her face over and kissed the top of Jane's head.. her lips brushing softly against Jane's lovely hair. Angel laid there for a little while before whispering “Goodnight Jane.” She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

To be continued