By AngelDawn30


Jane and Ashley



Ashley was still fuming about Mark as she made her way out of the bar. Suddenly there was a woman walking straight toward her.. looking down at her cell phone. The woman was Jane and she was checking her appointment calendar for tomorrow. Ashley stopped.. and just before Jane ran into her, Jane looked up,... just in time to avoid Ashley as she instinctively quickly stepped to the right.

“Sorry.” Jane was apologetic.

“It's ok.”

At the same time Ashley stepped left and Jane stepped right.. as they almost bumped into each other again... They looked at each other.. this time Jane moving left and Ashley moving right.. and almost bumped again.. Jane laughed... “I am so sorry.. It's just.. well, my evening has not turned out like I thought it would.”

“My evening has been a big disappointment too.” Ashley responded. Jane then tried to walk around Ashley, but Ashley was moving the same direction as Jane was.. Again. This time Ashley laughed.

“I think the front of my dress wants to meet the front of your dress... Why else would this be happening?” Jane's voice was sincere and sweet as she checked out Ashley's hot body.. and her big tits... Damn.

“You may be right.... It's as if there is am invisible magnet drawing us together.” Ashley was well aware that this woman in front of her was extraordinary. From her head to her toes and everywhere in between, she was a perfect 10.. except for those two huge mounds on her chest.. They were like a … 12! “I'm Ashley.”

“Jane. Nice to meet you Ashley.”

“Would you like to have a drink with me, Jane?”

“I would love it.” Jane responded as she reached out and took Ashley's hand in her own as the two breath-taking beauties walked over to the table where Ashley had been sitting and sat down, facing each other and checking out each others massive racks.

Jane ordered another glass of white wine for herself and one for Ashley. As they sipped their wine they spent the next twenty minutes girl talking. They told each other what they did for a living.. shared some funny stories about the workplace, .. talked about clothes and shoes... until Jane asked .. “You said your evening had been a big disappointment?”

“Yes... my 'X' boyfriend from Chicago was going to be here tomorrow, but I found out that he arrived today... and I caught him fucking another woman.”

“Oh Ashley.. I am so very sorry. ...Men are just lying cheating dirty bastards!” Jane responded as she began to get into her 'Pussy Warrior' mode.

Ashley held up her glass of wine,.. “To men... nothing but lying cheating dirty bastards”. They clinked their glasses together and drank more of their wine.

“Well... I know you are hurt.. but better you find out now than later.”

“You are so right Jane... and you said that your evening did not turn out like you thought it would.”

“Yeah.. it was going to be a really hot night... but she had to go.”


Jane smiled... “Yes... She.. I am a lesbian... and she was soooo fucking hot!”

Ashley lifted her glass again.. “Here's to fucking hot women.”

“To fucking hot women” Jane responded as they clinked their glasses together again, finishing off their wine. They ordered another round as they continued talking, sipping more wine.. Jane finally asking the question that she had been wanting to ask... “So.. Ashley.. have you ever been with a woman?”

“Oh yes.. many times... I am bisexual … I mean .. I 'was' bisexual. I am through with men forever.” Ashley again lifted her glass... “Lying cheating dirty bastards.”

“Lying cheating dirty bastards!” Jane clinked her glass with Ashley.

“From now on.. nothing but women for me.... besides... I really prefer fucking women anyway.....'To fucking women!”

“To fucking women.” Again they clinked their glasses and finished their drinks as they laughed together. Jane leaned her face forward,, lowering her voice.. “I love fucking women... fucking is my favorite thing to do... I love to fuck.”

Ashley leaned forward and whispered to Jane.. “I love to fuck too. There are times when all I want to do is just fuck and fuck and fuck....”

“And then fuck some more!” Jane exclaimed.

“Yesss fucking until you just can't fuck anymore.”

“Soooooooooo Ashley … wanna dance?”

“Sure.. I would love to dance.”

They stood up and walked to the dance floor. Being a Wednesday night it was not very crowded.. only a few couples were dancing. They danced to a few familiar rock tunes, twisting and shaking their bodies for each other. Then a slow song began to play.. They stepped together and for the first time their big tits meet each other.. Ashley and Jane smiled at each other as they pressed closer.. and then even closer.. feeling their massive tits merge together through their dresses... Holding each other around the waist, they slowly moved around in a circle on the dance floor.. all the time pressing their tits together.. each of them getting a good feel of each others big tits. Jane moved her face toward Ashley's and placed her left cheek against Ashley's left cheek.. whispering in her ear.. “Your tits are so fucking big.. I love them.”

Ashley whispered back.. “Your tits are fucking huge, Jane. They feel so fucking good against mine.” She then licked at Jane's ear causing Jane to squirm.

“I would love to get tit to tit with you Ashley.” Jane whispered as she licked Ashley's ear.

“We are tit to tit Jane.” Ashley giggled as she licked at Jane's ear again.

Jane giggled with her.. “I meant naked tit to tit.”

“I can't think of anything else I would rather do than push our naked tits together.”

The slow music stopped and another fast song began to play.. it was one they were familiar with. The music was loud as it filled the bar … and pounded out its beat.

“Because you know I'm all about that bass,
'Bout that bass 'bout that bass, no treble
I'm all 'bout that bass,
'bout that bass, no treble
I'm all 'bout that bass,
'bout that bass, no treble
I'm all 'bout that bass,
'bout that bass.

They danced with each other.. smiling and having a great time and when the chorus began to play again.. they started to sing along... as they changed the words...

Because you know I'm all about those tits,
'Bout those tits 'bout those tits, no treble
I'm all 'bout those tits
'bout those tits, no treble
I'm all 'bout those tits,
'bout those tits, no treble
I'm all 'bout those tits,
'bout those tits.

Each time they would sing 'bout those tits' they would bump together.. slapping their huge tits together... over and over.. laughing as they sang their new lyrics to the beat of the music. They were having fun.. and they were getting turned on. When the song finished.. they yelled at the D.J. “Again! Play it again!” Obviously he was more than willing to play it again for the two hot women that were dancing together. Once again they sang 'bout those tits' as they bumped their big tits together each time they sang those words. When the song was finished they were a little winded.. and walked back to their table.. Jane picked up her purse, leaned toward Ashley's ear, licked it again and whispered.. “Lets do it again... without any clothes on.”

Ashley then kissed her, touching tongues together.. then stepped back. “Tit to tit Jane.” as she picked up her purse. They walked out of the bar holding hands. “Where are we going Jane?”

“Lets get a room here at the hotel... I can't wait to get naked with your hot body.”

Ashley reached into her purse, finding the key to room 3025 and waved it in the air. “We already have a room.”

“Mmmmmmmmm... let's go.”

Ten minutes later they were walking into the room... “Don't mind the mess.” Ashley said as they walked into the bedroom.

Jane looked at her ...”Is this where.... you know.”

“Yep” Ashley answered as she pointed at the messed up bed.. “That's where I caught the dirty lying cheating bastard.”

“You want to get another room?”

“No, we can just throw the comforter over the sheets.”

“I'm ok with that if you are.”

“It will be fine Jane... really... but right now I really need to go pee! Ashley laughed.
When she came out of the bathroom she was completely naked. Jane was wowed by Ashley.. She was strikingly beautiful... and her tits... they were not only fucking huge, but they were sticking straight out... as if there were invisible wires holding them up... and Ashley's nipples were long and fully erect.. “Holy Shit you are so fucking hot!” Jane wanted to touch her tits.. but she also needed a bathroom break.. and a few minutes later she walked out of the bathroom.... she was now also naked.

Ashley looked at her huge tits.. they looked as big as her own.. maybe even bigger.. capped with giant nipples that were begging to be touched and squeezed. “Jane, .. you look fantastic.” Ashley was hot for Jane.. and Jane was hot for Ashley.. there was no time to waste. They stepped toward each other without stopping until their mammoth tits slapped together.. then pressed together.. there was a slight mushrooming as their nipples and areolas disappeared from view and the front of their big tits flattened out against each other.. but only slightly.. their tits were just too fucking firm and dense to completely mushroom out to their sides.

Jane and Ashley's eyes met... Jane smiled as she began to sing.. “It's all 'bout those tits, 'bout those tits” as she pushed her tits into Ashley's... Ashley stepped back with an evil grin on her face and then pushed herself forward, lightly slapping their big tits together.. “ 'bout those tits, 'bout those tits” Then, as if by mutual agreement, it was Jane's turn as she stepped back and thrust her big tits into Ashley's... 'Smack'. Then it was Ashley's turn again... 'Smack'.. Jane grabbed Ashley's shoulders with her hands and Ashley reached out and placed her hands on Jane's shoulders and they pulled themselves together at the same time ..'Smack'.. then again .. 'Smack' “bout those tits” .. 'SMACK' 'bout those tits' .. SMACK! They were really slamming their huge tits together now.. stinging .. slapping … smacking … it was a contest .. who would give in first? … Smack … Smack .. Slap .. Smack … Slap … Smack … Smack … They began to make little sounds each time their heavy tits smacked together … “Unnnn” …. “Ahhhh” … SMACK … “Ohhhh” .. SLAP …. “Ouuuu” …. SMACK …. “Mmmmm” Their tits were stinging from each heavy impact as they slapped their big tits together over and over.. yanking each other together.. again .. and again … Smack … Smack .. Slap .. Smack … Slap … Smack … Smack … Ashley moved her hands down to Jane's waist and wrapped her arms around Jane... as she slammed her tits into Jane's and then held her close.. Jane also locked her arms around Ashley as they turned their tit smacking into a bear hug. Both hot bitches used their upper arms to force their tits together... and they began to squeeze.. applying more and more pressure against the front of their massive tits. Slowly, they forced their chests closer and closer together until they could no longer push their tits into each other any further. Their tits were mashed as tight as they could be.. as they continued to squeeze each other together... “Unnnnnnnnnn” Ashley moaned. “Ahhhhhhhhh” Jane gasped. There was only one thing on their mind... to squeeze their tits together until one of them could no longer take the compression. Four big heavy tits... firm tits... dense tits.. were being compressed together with all the strength they had. .. And Jane's tits were winning.. As they looked down at their massive racks swelling up against each other, they both could see the results. Jane's E plus tits were slightly bigger than Ashley's E cup tits... just enough of a difference to be evident.... . but what they were also discovering was that Jane's tits were also firmer.. Ashley's tits were beginning to spread out a little bit.. then a little more... while Jane's tits were just as jutting.. just as big … just as dense as they were when then began their bear hug. Jane had the biggest .. firmest tits Ashley had ever felt. And those big heavy tits were slowly wearing hers down. Jane's huge tits were powerful …. and Ashley was beginning to feel her proud heavy tits began to break down... She let go of Jane.. stepping back... an act of surrender.. and act of submission... “My God Jane.. you have the best tits I have ever seen.... They are incredible” Jane smiled at her as she leaned over, cupping Ashley's big right tit in her hand and extended her tongue and began licking Ashley's ridged nipple... stroking it with her tongue. Ashley reached down and took Jane's silky strawberry-blonde hair into her hands as Jane began to suck on Ashley's nipple … drawing it deep into her wet mouth.

Jane sucked on Ashley's nipple for several minutes and then tongued her way over to Ashley's big left tit... and began sucking it deeply into her hot mouth.. sucking it hard as Ashley moaned with pleasure.. a few more minutes went by.. until Ashley could not stand it anymore.. with her fingers still wrapped in Jane's hair she pulled Jane's sucking lips off her nipple with a 'pop'.. moved her hands to Jane's shoulders and pushed Jane backwards toward the bed.. step by step.. until the back of Jane's knees touched the bed and she fell backwards landing on the bed... She spread her legs, giving Ashley a good look at her shaved glistening pussy. Ashley practically jumped on the bed next to Jane and rolled over facing her as Jane rolled herself so that she was facing Ashley. They began to kiss each other deeply as their legs intertwined and their over-sized tits crushed together again. Sliding their legs back and forth against each other they began to moan into each others mouths as their tongues licked at the inside of each others wet mouths. Minutes went by as they kissed and hugged.. their wet tongues dancing together as they licked wildly at each others lips and tongues.

Jane then rolled her body a little.. keeping their two tits that were closest to the bed together but separating the other two tits as they lay facing each other. Jane then cupped her big right tit with her hand... directing her incredible nipple toward Ashley's. Ashley knew what Jane wanted to do... they were about to do some nipple fucking.. and Ashley was more than willing to match her steel rods against Jane as she cupped her big left tit and lined up her strong hard nipple with Jane's so they would meet tip to tip. They slowly rolled their shoulders toward each other as their nipples met head on. Ashley gasped and Jane moaned as their nipples touched. “Mmmm, Ashley.. Your nipples are so fucking big.”

“Your nipples are fucking huge Jane!”

They looked down at their nipples touching. Jane compared their nipples in her mind. She thought Ashley's nipples were about the same diameter as hers... maybe her own nipples were a little bigger around, but it was hard to tell.. it was close... however her own nipples were definitely longer than Ashley's hard spikes. Jane had the longest nipples that Ashley had ever seen... and they were hard... rock hard … like an iron cylinder... and had expanded to their full 1 and ¼ inch length. Ashley gasped as they began to push their nipples together.. “Jane …. Damn girl … you have the biggest nipples in the world.” Jane smiled as their nipples merged together at the tips. When they were both sure that their nipples were going to stay together and not slip past each other, they began nipple fucking... rolling their shoulders toward each other ..pushing their nipples together and then rolling their shoulders back... then forward … then back.. as the nipple fucking began.

For several minutes their nipples would get pushed back into their own tits equally, then slowly, as the seconds went by, Jane's powerful iron cylinder began to push more and more of Ashley's nipple back into Ashley's tit. Jane was winning. .. but Jane did not just want to prove that she had superior nipples.. she wanted to devastate Ashley's nipples. She rolled over on top of Ashley as Ashley rolled on her back.. Jane wiggled her legs between Ashley's until their mounds were in direct contact ...then, with her arms extended and her heavy tits suspended above Ashley's she slowly began to lower her massive tits down toward Ashley's huge pair. Ashley was still wanting nipple to nipple contact and as she laid on her back her big tits spread out,,, barely … but it was just enough to keep their nipples from lining up tip to tip … so she moved her upper arms so they were pressing against the outside of her big tits.. forcing them together enough so that their nipples would be in perfect alignment. Ashley watched as Jane lowered her nipples toward Ashley's until they once again met tip to tip. Ashley's nipples were still rock hard.. but she gazed at the sight before her with amazement as Jane's nipples pushed hers back inside her own tits.. It was the most amazing thing she had seen in a very long time. Her own nipples were not going soft... they were still fully erect and hard as ever.. but Jane's nipples were pushing hers back until all Ashley could see was the inch plus length of Jane's nipples pressing against her own areolas. How in the fuck could she be doing that? With her arms still extended, holding her upper body up, Jane began to do push-ups on top of Ashley.. lowering herself enough to completely force Ashley's hard nipples back into her tits as Jane's own nipples remained fully extended from her tits. Up and down Jane moved as she fucked Ashley's nipples with her own... pushing Ashley's nipples back into her tits more and more as the minutes clicked by... up … down … pushing … thrusting her nipples against Ashley's... each time Jane would lift herself up, Ashley's jutting nipple would reappear from her tit.. as long and as hard as ever.. but when Jane lowered herself down.. Ashley's nipple would sink back inside her tit.. Ashley began to moan... no one had ever done anything like this to her nipples before... She thought that Jane's nipples must be made of titanium.

As Jane continued to fuck Ashley's nipples with her own.. she also began to moan.. As you know, Jane's nipples were ultra sensitive.. and she was easily capable of having nipple orgasms.. after all, as you have probably already guessed , it was Jane who years ago defined, in legal terminology, the definition of a nipple orgasm. Jane's nipples were not penetrating Ashley's tits. Not only was her strong nipples forcing Ashley's all the way back inside Ashley's tits, but her own nipples were pushing inside Ashley's tits... more and more and more... until Jane's nipple was completely disappearing inside Ashley's tit. Can you imagine how Ashley felt?... with a little more than two inches of their combined rock hard nipples inside her own tit … It was causing Ashley some discomfort.. but it was also giving her enormous pleasure as they continued to nipple fuck... But Ashley wanted more... she spread her legs wide open and locked her ankles behind Jane's knees as she reached down and grabbed Jane's hard ass with her hands.. pulling Jane's pussy tighter against hers. They both shuddered as their wet cunts slid together.. their swollen extended pussy lips spreading out against each other... Ashley lifted her cunt against Jane's as they began to fuck each others pussy with their own.. Jane was drilling her hard nipples all the way inside of Ashley's tits each time she lowered herself as they began to gasp and moan together...then Jane moved her hips up enough to drag her hard clit over Ashley's. Again they shuddered together.. Jane could not stand much more... as she completely lowered her upper body on top of Ashley.. their big tits mushrooming.. with Jane's incredible nipples all the way inside of Ashley's tits... Ashley could feel Jane's nipples throbbing inside her tits.. it was a sensation she had never experienced before.. This woman that was fucking her was incredible beyond words.

They began thrusting with their hips... sliding and flicking their hard clits together, their pussy lips spread wide open and sticking together.. their wet pussy juice mingling. As they continued to fuck, Jane was moving her hips from side to side as she continued to thrust her pussy into Ashley's. Jane was searching for what she called “that sweet spot.” .. when she could get their throbbing clits lined up in such a way that they would constantly be together.. rubbing up and down the full length of each others clits with their own. When she finally got her hips in just the right place she moaned. Ashley moaned with her... as Jane begin to slide up and down against Ashley's hard clit with her own swollen clit. Jane's powerful nipples were still buried deep inside Ashley's tits as they fucked clit to clit.. their hot wet pussy lips sticking and clinging together .. stretching up and then stretching down as they rocked their clits together.. rocking an inch up.. then an inch down.. dragging and pulling their stuck pussy lips up and down as they fucked. Both women were getting close... “Cum for me Ashley.” Jane gasped as she fucked Ashley's clit with her own clit.

“Nooooo... you cum for me Jane.” Ashley moaned as they rocked together clit to clit.

Jane realized that it had now become a contest as they fucked. “Ahhhhhhh.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh God Jane!”

“Ohhhh Ashley.. you hot fucking whore!!”

Jane felt the waves of pleasure building in her cunt and tits.. and she knew that Ashley was feeling it too by the way Ashley was moaning.. It was going to be close, but Jane knew what she had to do... she had the ability to 'turn off' her mind … she had learned that a great deal of one's sexual energy was mental and it gave her an advantage as they fucked. Ashley was losing control... Jane began to move her hips faster.. rocking faster and faster.. she was really stroking Ashley's clit with her own... she was going to ride Ashley until she was cumming. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Jane!! … You nasty whore!!!” Ashley screamed as her body tensed.. her nipples, which were trapped deep inside her tits by Jane's huge invading nipples, began to spasm... Her pussy clinched... and contracted hard.. her legs squeezed Jane hard.. as her hips bucked up high in the air.. driving her clit hard against Jane's... “OHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSS!!!” Ashley screamed again... She was over the edge. “CUMMMMING!!!... I am Cummmmmming Jane !!!” Her body tensed for a moment and then she began to quiver and shake.. She was having one of those mind-bending orgasms. “Cummmmming soooooooo fucking hard!!!”

Jane continued to ride her.. driving her clit into Ashley's again and again as Ashley's orgasm exploded. Jane could not hold off her pleasure any longer.... She forced her hard clit against Ashley's... and held it there... feeling Ashley's clit vibrate against hers... then Jane closed her eyes and allowed the pleasure to engulf her body... It flowed from her clit and nipples at the same time …. “Ashley!!!!!!!!!” Jane gasped … “Cummmming!!” Jane's cunt contracted hard.. as her pussy cum squirted into Ashley's open pussy... gushing into her... splashing all over their grinding pussys... “Cummmmmmming!!” Jane shrieked as she felt her nipples cummming ….. Ashley felt it to... a sudden hot wetness inside her tits as Jane's incredible nipples came inside her tits... it was enough to send Ashley into another orgasm.

“Cummmmming!” Ashley whimpered... gasping for air.. “GOD YES Cummmming!!”

“Cummming!!” Jane gasped with Ashley as they fucked each other... Jane finally stopping and resting on top of Ashley... their big tits rising and falling against each other as their mixed pussy cum ran down Ashley's inner thighs. They kissed deeply, devouring each others mouths as they rolled over onto their sides.. Jane's huge nipples literally popping out of Ashley's tits as they rolled.. her sweet nipple cum dribbling out of Ashley's tits and running down the inside of her tits. They lay facing each other. Kissing .. snuggling … cherishing the sweet after-glow of their fucking.

Ashley finally spoke … “Never.... never … not like you... no one... ever.”

Jane smiled... “You're not so bad yourself.” ... then she kissed Ashley again. They snuggled for another fifteen minutes. It was almost 11:00... and Jane wanted to fuck again... Jane could fuck all night … but she had a 9 o'clock meeting at the office tomorrow morning with a very important client.. and she still had some planning to do before the meeting... She had to go. They talked for a few more minutes.. kissed a little more.. then Jane got dressed... said 'bye' and left. Ashley was exhausted.. she had never been fucked like Jane had just fucked her... Never. What had began as a 'shitty' evening turned out to be a memorable one. She laid back down on the bed and drifted off to sleep...

As Jane parked her car at her apartment complex, she thought of sending Angel a text message.. then decided that Angel's phone might buzz at the wrong time... As she locked up her BMW, she whispered to herself .. “Goodnight Sweet Angel .. I will see you tomorrow.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

About two hours earlier, Angel had arrived at the address on Cheyenne street. Her informant was parked across the street and Angel parked behind his car. He told her that the rental car could not be traced.. the place where she rented it was closed for the evening and they would not be able to find out her name until tomorrow morning. The woman she was looking for was wearing jeans and a yellow pull over top. Angel told him to wait here as she walked up to the house. She quietly made her way to the front door.. it was locked.. “Dammit.” She whispered to herself... “Breaking and entering.” She carefully and quietly picked the door lock and opened the door, hoping it would not squeak and that there were no yap-yap dogs in the house. She stepped inside... so far, so good. There was a lamp that was on providing enough light for Angel to survey her surroundings.. … moving through the living area and into the hallway... being quiet as a mouse... she stepped carefully down the hallway.. and heard sounds coming from the door at the end of the hallway.. the closer she got, the better she could hear... until she got to the door. Angel brushed her hair out of the way and placed her ear up against the door.. She heard moaning... Not painful moaning.. this was moaning like she had heard hundreds of times before... It was the sound of fucking. The next step was to open the door. The doorknob was not keyed from the outside.. meaning that if it was locked from the inside.. there was no way to get in without breaking the door down. Angel could not risk that. She put her left hand on the doorknob and began to turn it... it was not locked. There was a slight little click... she froze in place for a few seconds... she could still hear moaning from inside.. she was safe as she finished turning the knob and gently cracked the door open. Fortunately, when she peeked through the narrow opening, she could see the bed and the two women who were on it. Angel tried not to gasp... two beautiful women, with absolutely huge tits … were on the bed,... naked... on their knees, arms wrapped around each others neck... kissing and moaning as they ground their big tits against each other. 'Well they are sure as hell having a good time,' Angel thought to herself. 'I think I will just watch for a little while.'

Olivia and Sophia were locked tightly together.. tit to tit as their tongues licked and sucked at each others open mouths.. moaning together... the front of their thighs touching and gently rubbing against each other. By the amount of moaning and heavy breathing, Angel knew that the two hot bitches had been going at it since their mystery woman had arrived at this address thirty minutes earlier. There was a light sheen on their light brown skin... as the perspiration from their sizzling hot bodies allowed their extraordinary tits to slip and slide against each other as they kissed and moaned together. Angel could hear them whispering to each other.. it sounded Spanish. their whispering was soft .. and Angel could only make out a word or two here and there. 'Damn.. those girls have some really big tits' she thought to herself. From where she was, those two pair of tits looked about as big as Jane's. .. And Jane was fucking huge!

As Angel watched, the two hot bitches began to titfight... smacking their big tits together.. the smacking and slapping sounds were pretty loud... meaning that there was resistance in their tits. Two pair of soft tits don't smack very much.. it's more of a 'plop' .. but when two pair of firm dense tits meet head on.. the sounds are louder.. almost like clapping your hands.. it's more of a slapping, smacking sound. A good analogy would be the sound that two steel balls make when they collide compared to two soft pillows colliding … The sound coming from these two hot bitches was like two steel balls, without the 'ringing'. They kept up their smacking and slapping... sometimes they would grunt as their tits slapped together... sometimes it would be an 'Ahh' sound.. or an 'Ohh' sound.... sometimes an “Unnn” sound. Those tits were busting each other hard... very hard... Angel had been in a few titfights that were rough.... where she was literally slapping and popping her tits with another woman as hard as she could.. those encounters had never lasted very long... Angel's massive rack was way to dense and firm.. way to heavy for another pair to endure such an assault for very long. .. That is what these women were doing... really popping their tits together hard... They were now yelling at each other... It was in Spanish.. Angel recognized a few curse words... then she heard a name … 'Sophia.' For the next ten minutes they slapped and smacked their heavy globes together again and again.. Angel began to fantasize about being in such a titfight. She had certainly matched tits with some firm women... women who had really big dense tits … but even those encounters did not last as long as the one she was witnessing. Usually, even when Angel was bouncing tits with another impressive rack, the titfighting did not last for more than ten minutes. But then again, Angel had never been in a titfight with a woman who was her equal.. perhaps, she thought, these two women were equal. She watched as they made a final few slams into each other, yelling and screaming... then the slapping turned into a bear hug... that is when she got her first good look at one of their faces. She was pretty... very pretty. .. Hell, she was fucking hot. It appeared that their huge tits were mushrooming together with neither pair of tits having an advantage.. they slowly turned around on the bed and Angel good a good view of the other woman's face. “My God!' Angel could not believe her eyes. The second woman looked identical to the first woman. 'They were fucking twins!' … or sisters … or cousins … they looked just alike. Angel thought it was about the most kinky thing she had seen in a long time as she began to take pictures with her phone.

They finally pushed themselves out of their bear hug.. their amazing tits still sticking straight out as if they had not compressed them together at all. One woman pushed the other on her back and mounted her.. forcing her legs apart with her own and lowering her body down, mashing their huge tits together and pushing her pussy into the other girls pussy.. As they began to pussy fuck, Angel once again heard the name 'Sophia', But which one was Sophia? .. and where in the hell was 'Kiera'? She watched as the two bitches fucked like crazed whores... slapping their cunts together.. rolling over then rolling back again.. as if each one was fighting for the top position. Their moaning became louder and louder as did the squishing and slurping sounds that were coming from their cunts... once again, they separated.. and moved themselves together, sitting on their asses as they scissored their legs.. reaching out and grabbing each others hair.. and began fucking their cunts together again as their big tits merged together... They were really into it.. fucking each other with all the strength they had.. kissing each other wildly as they yanked on each others hair... their heavy tits wobbling together... Angel could hear them moaning and she again heard the name.. several times … 'Sophia'. It was now very obvious to Angel that these two women were related.,, they had to be sisters.. and maybe even twins. She kept taking pictures with her phone … she knew that they were getting close to cumming.. as they released each others hair and leaned back from each other.. their big tits separating.. as they placed their hands on the bed behind them.. arms stretched out to support their upper bodies.. their asses lifted up off the bed as they began to grind their cunts hard into each other.. rotating their hips.. mashing their cunts together hard.... moaning... gasping … Then they tensed at the same time... they threw their heads back... their long black hair waving in the air .. Angel could see the trembling in their tits... then there was the shared scream.. 'Ahhhhhhhh' .. then Angel watched them freeze.. their asses still lifted up from the bed... the grinding had stopped.. it looked like their bodies were frozen …. Angel heard the word 'Cumming' from both of them as they yelled together … then she witnessed an amazing sight... right where their cunts were locked together.. there was a fountain of cum that shot up into the air about six inches.. splashing back down on their tummys and thighs. 'Holy Fuck' Angel thought.. these bitches were squirting together... a moment later another squirt escaped their locked cunts.. it did not gush as high as the first one... but still enough to spray their pussys. These women knew how to fuck... and certainly knew how to cum. Angel watched for a few more minutes as their asses dropped to the bed and they laid down on their backs.. those two pair of heavy tits rising and falling on their chests as they breathed deeply...

Angel was not sure what to do... She was looking for someone named 'Kiera'.. what she had found was two women, one named 'Sophia'. She could only assume that one of them used the name 'Kiera'... but which one? … there was one way to find out. Angel always kept a police badge in her clutch purse. It was a detective badge. .. Yeah, she could get into big trouble for impersonating a police officer... and had been caught a few times … The police had always 'overlooked' these illegal acts, because Angel always found the criminal... As Angel looked at the two women, she was not sure which one was the criminal... She held the badge in one hand... opened the door... and yelled.. “Police!”

Sophia and Olivia jumped out of the bed... one of them yelling. “No hablo inglés” … the other woman yelled, “No entiendo inglés” as they both reached for their clothes. “¿Qué quieres?” … “No hemos hecho nada incorrecto.” they were frantically pulling on their jeans.

“Police. Which one of you is Kiera?”

“No sé que Kiera.” … “Soy Sophia”

Angel repeated the question.. “Which one of you goes by the name Kiera?”

Sophia reached for the yellow t-shirt and quickly pulled it over her head.. and ran into the bathroom that was in the master suite. Angel quickly thought.. 'She is the one.. yellow top.. and she is running.” Angel ran after her, but Sophia slammed the door and quickly locked it. As this was happening, Olivia ran out of the bedroom.. holding another yellow top on as she ran down the hallway. Angel banged on the bathroom door with her fist. “Kiera!! … Police!”

“Sophia!” she yelled back.

Olivia had slipped on a pair of shorts and her yellow top as she was running out the front door and jumped into the rental car... in a few seconds she was driving away.. the car was moving fast ... Angel's informant started up his car and followed her as Angel continued to bang on the door... Sophia yelling and screaming. “No he hecho nada mal, ¿qué quieres?”

Olivia made two right turns... sliding the Honda around the corners.. then turned into an alley.. speeding... then she exited the alley... turned right, ran through a traffic light, and made a left turn and sped away... leaving the informant behind. He had lost her. He stopped and called Angel's cell phone.. “She got away.”

“I've got her trapped in the bathroom.”

“I just saw her run out of the house and get into the rental car... who is in the bathroom?”

“The one with a yellow top.”

“Yellow top girl was the one in the car.”

“Shit!” Angel yelled at herself. The other one must have been Kiera. “FUCK!!” Angel screamed at Sophia through the door. “IS THE OTHER GIRL KIERA?!!!”

“No Kiera … Sophia!”

“Shit!!!” Angel asked her informant … “Are you sure the girl that drove away was the one you saw earlier?”


“Fuck! … ok, I'll talk to you later.” Angel had to make a quick decision. She had to get out of there. Breaking and entering and impersonating a police officer was not a good thing.... big trouble … She quickly walked out of the house... got in her car.. and drove away. She thought about sending Jane a text.. but it was late.. and Jane was probably already home and asleep. …...... She would call her tomorrow morning.

Angel decided to stop on her way home and get something to eat. She was a little hungry but was not sure what she wanted... until she past the Hooters billboard... next exit.. 'That is where Emily works', she thought.. She took the next exit, parked her car and went inside... since she was going to be eating alone she walked to the bar.. and sat down. Emily was working behind the bar, and within a few moments Emily approached her. Now you know that most Hooters girls have nice boobs... but this young girl was fucking huge!

“How may I help you?”

“A Miller Lite.”

“I need to see some I.D. Please.”... she then paused and smiled as she continued.. “Hey, I know you... you are the girl who was lost!”

“Well, you told me that you would buy me a drink.”

“I certainly did!”

Angel smiled.. she usually did not get 'carded'.. but she knew Emily was just doing her job.. .. Angel showed her drivers license to Emily. She looked at the license and handed it back to Angel.

“Angelica. … pretty name... I'm Emily.”

Angel smiled at the young girl ..“It's nice to meet you Emily.... Or, I should say, it's nice to meet you again. ... Now that you know how old I am.. how old are you?”

Emily smiled .. “Eighteen... need anything else besides the beer?”

Angel deliberately stared at Emily's big tits and Emily was well aware that Angel was staring at her over-sized tits as Angel replied.. “Yes... there are a couple of other things I want.. .but I don't think it's on the menu.”

Emily placed the palms of her hands on the outside of her huge tits and squeezed them together.. making her already deep cleavage even deeper as she leaned over the bar toward Angel and whispered.. “You never know unless you ask.” She replied as she winked at Angel and went to get Angel's beer.

Moments later Emily was back with Angel's Miller Lite. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” Angel answered.

“Have you ever hooked-up with another girl?”

Angel wanted to be absolutely sure that she was on the same page as Emily as she replied.. “Can you define .. 'hook up?”

Emily again leaned over the counter “You know.” she whispered.

“I know what?” Angel smiled as she replied.

She motioned to Angel.. wanting her to get closer so she could whisper very softly.. “Have you ever fucked a girl?”

Angel quietly laughed... “Have you?”

“Wouldn't you like to know.” Emily smiled as she answered.... “You are really hot!”

“So are you Emily. .. a little young.. but very hot.”

Emily was still whispering.. “I get off work at 2.”

Angel was not sure about 'hooking up' with an eighteen year old as she wrote down her phone number on a napkin and handed it to Emily as she whispered to her .. “Call me sometime.”

Emily took the napkin and smiled as she stuffed the napkin under her bra and walked to the other end of the bar and waited on another customer, and then a couple of young men sat down at the bar and started up a conversation with Emily. Angel sipped on her beer until her glass was empty. … Emily finally walking back to her .. “Is there anything else you need?” she asked.

“No, thank you Emily... It's time for me to go.”

“Are you sure you don't want to hang around til I get off work?” Emily cooed.

“I'm sure... perhaps another time.... call me.”

“I will.”

“Bye Emily... and thanks for the beer.” Angel smiled as she left a ten dollar bill on the bar.”

“Thanks for the tip... I'll call you sometime.” She stared as Angel walked away from the bar... 'Holy shit.' Emily thought to herself... 'that is one hot bitch!'

To be continued